Play! By Sephora November 2018 FULL Spoilers for Five Box Variations!

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We have FULL spoilers for five of the November Play! By Sephora boxes!

Each box will include:

Box #222 includes:

sephora play

Box #289 includes:

sephora play

Box #255 includes:

Box #248 includes:

sephora play

Box #609 includes:

What do you think of the spoilers?

Play! by Sephora is $10 a month. You have until 11/11 to sign up and get the November box as your first box. Check out our Play! by Sephora reviews, and all of our reviews of Cheap Subscription Boxes to find more similarly priced subscription boxes!

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  1. Wow I was so excited for my box to arrive this month for like literally everything it was supposed to have. I received my email from Sephora that says what I will get and it’s the worst box I could have imagined. I got none of what I thought I would be getting and now I could care less if my box even showed up. Did this happen to anyone else??

    • Yep : (

    • Got mine and the lid for the christoph robin (only thing I was excited to try) was COMPLETELY off, the pep start was inside of the jar, the whole thing was hard as a rock! From what I’ve read, they won’t do anything, haven’t even called cuz why waste my time on top of wasting my money. Macy’s box took care of any problems, replaced whole box before, and had great products. Im going to need to change back

  2. So my 214 was not what others stated, actually received exact items as 248 shown above and an like the box. Like, not love. Value is approximately $25.85, so it is a well spent tenner.

  3. Box 255 — missing the Laura Mercier setting powder. What do people do when the box is delivered but missing items? I called and they just offered me 200 points. If anybody knows how to actually get them to replace the item, by all means share your experience. Tyvm!

    • Mine was missing the Sephora cream lip stain and they only gave me 100 points, especially for their own product I don’t understand why they don’t replace them!

  4. Anybody have 383?

  5. Anyone with box # 263 have theirs yet? Mine just shipped out today. I haven’t even seen this number mentioned.

    It is still the last 3 numbers, right? Because my first 3 numbers are 214.

  6. I’m getting 214. There isn’t any info on this variation that I’m seeing. Has anyone received it yet?

    • I am getting that one too— I have no idea what to expect!

    • Box #214 Contents:
      Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain in ‘Pink Tea’
      Moroccanoil Protect & Prevent Spray
      Tory Birch ‘Just Like Heaven’
      Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Microfinishing Loose Powder
      Clinique Pep-Start Eye Cream
      Dr. Jart Ceramidin Cream

    • 214 is morrocan oil , tory burch, clinique pep start, Dr Jartt Ceramidin and makeupforevers trans powder

      • I was so happy to see the box when I got home today😊

        • Hi I’m also 214, can you tell me which lip brand/color you received?

          • Sephora Cream Lip Stain – Pink Tea / Shade 40

      • Hi I’m also 214, can you tell me which lip brand/color you received?

      • Mine says 214 – if what was stated above in thread is accurate I’ll be cancelling PLAY. First box sucked, looked at it, did not use a thing, still in box. If second box sucks, I won’t wait to see what box 3 has in store. I hate floral scents, despise clinique anything (reminds me of makeup you would see if you were dragged to a thrifty flee market), makeupforever powder is awful. UGH!!!!! Why is PLAY so bad?

      • Interesting. Mine is 222 and that is exactly what I got.

    • I got it and it sucks! 🙁

    • Have you received yours yet. I’m getting this one too. Mine will be here Friday I think.

  7. How can I find the box number in my account that I will receive? This is my first box, and I do not see such information 🙁

    • Log into your Sephora account, go to your orders. Find the last order (which should be your box) Click on order details and look for the “item #” which is usually to the right of the item picture. The last 3 digits are your box # 🙂

    • On the front of the box on the label look at CostCenter and the last 3 numbers. My experience is that you get items based on the sales of your area. I obviously live in the area of small sales because I always get the least costly items. And they aren’t really geared towards your likes since my daughter and I end up getting the same and we are opposite in coloring and skin care needs.

  8. I got box 297 which nobody has mentioned…Products are

    Laura Mercier setting powder
    Grande lip plumper in Desert Peak
    Clinique eye cream
    Ouai leave in conditioner
    Erborian cc creme’
    Commodity Gold perfume

  9. … Then she cancelled and never looked back.

    The end.

  10. 609 please! With smoked sherry lip. I’m one who actually likes Betty and red lips,

  11. box #230:

    1. Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder
    2. Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain in 40 Pink Tea
    3. Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser
    4. Lancome Hydra Zen Anti-Stress Gel Moisturizer
    5. Christophe Robin Rassoul Clay
    6. Commodity Gold

    • Thank you!

  12. For those who want to know what is in your box and it’s not listed above you can email Sephora CS and they will tell you what you got. I found out mine and I’m excited ! 🙂

  13. I am 214! Wonder what’s in it 🙂

    • Same! I’m always the box that doesn’t release spoilers 😫

  14. Of course mine isn’t listed. I’m #230.

    • Mine either. (#449) Perfumes in each of these so assuming each has one. So happy!

    • Mine either. Mines 510

    • Same here. Box #230 contains the following:

      1. Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder
      2. Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain in 40 Pink Tea
      3. Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser
      4. Lancome Hydra Zen Anti-Stress Gel Moisturizer
      5. Christophe Robin Rhassoul Clay
      6. Commodity Gold

      • Ahhhhh this is my box, but I actually wanted to get the Dr Jart Ceramide Cream….that’s coooool sephora >.>

        • I want the Lancome cream but I’m supposed to get the Dr. JART cream. I would be happy to swap.

      • Thank you! I’m getting #230, too! Looking at the other boxes, I was “meh”, but ours sounds great!

  15. About an hour ago I posted a comment suggesting an “opt in” choice for a voucher program with sephora brand products where we could CHOOSE THE COLOR. I don’t know why my comments don’t post anymore. But I think my idea is awesome and would cause people to be HAPPY to get sephora brand products in their box INSTEAD of feeling slighted.

    What do you all think?

    I am getting box 222 and am SUPER disappointed. Also, can we please stop with the clinique pep start? Blech. I wish sephora could do the no repeats thing like Ipsy. Here’s hoping this comment posts.

    • My suggestion of an “opt in” voucher for sephora brand, is because not everyone has a local sephora close enough to come in and choose their shade… so if we “opt in” , we would get a voucher either on our account or our play pass or just.. a voucher. And customers without a close sephora would still get a sephora product shipped out to them… BUT IT SHOULD BE FULL SIZE. I am stressing this point. The full size products will be at all sephoras, so a convenient way to let some of us choose their shade AND get more of us to come into the physical stores and spend more money on their products, right?

    • 222 is the worst box. Full of repeated brands. Third Pep Start this year. Third Flower Bomb fragrance. Fourth lippy in the same shade. Third Christophe Robin sample. I know it’s only $10, but c’mon.

      • Ugh, 222 here too, and this box sucks. I feel like this is the reject box that they didn’t know what to do with, so they threw them in here! ha.

        • Exactly, so disappointing. Again!

    • There is a comment below here where someone said that they were able to request which lip product they wanted. Has anyone else heard of a customization option for the lip products this month? I never heard anything.

  16. SEPHORA, if you are going to send us sephora products, you have GOT to do something to add value to them. I feel slighted every time I get them in my box for a few reasons:

    . #1, They are ALWAYS in a shade I would never wear.
    #2. They have a much lower RV than most other brands.
    #3. Even though they have a much lower RV than other brands, you still send minis
    instead of full size.

    I thought of a way to fix all the disappointment and I think it would be fairly simple to implement. You could give us an option to “opt in” to a voucher program to come into their local Sephora and choose the shade we want for sephora brand items. If you change to give full size instead of minis, then people that don’t have a local sephora will still be happier getting a full size… and that way the local stores will already have those products ready for play customers to come in and get them. Which of course, in turn would get more of us INTO your stores causing at least some of us to buy more stuff from you. And to prevent issues, the vouchers could even be tied to our accounts or play passes? Just a side thought there.

    All I know is if THIS was the way getting sephora brand products was done, I would actually be HAPPY instead of ticked off to get a sephora brand product in my play box! One in a shade of my choice that I could actually wear.

    What do you all think?

  17. ok, box 297 lets see it…

  18. I am getting 271. Why spoil some box numbers but not all??

    • I have the same box 271.

      • me too! 271 and no idea what I am getting 🙁

    • I even asked CS and they said they don’t wanna spoil it. 271 here

  19. I’m getting box 248 and I’m Super Happy with every Product!!💛 Sephora Play has been hitting right in the mark for ne lately!! I chose my lip preference as Sephora Cream Lip Stain..I’m pretty sure all of us who write in the Sephora Play site which Lip Product we it! I’m looking forward to my Play Box💚💛

    • I’m getting this box also, I’m good with everything except the setting powder, I have more than I and my 2 teenaged daughters will use in a lifetime… I need to figure out how to do this swap thing

    • Where are seeing a customization option on the site? Or was it email? I haven’t heard anything on customization for the lip products this month.

  20. Wow like I feel very disappointed and kinda let down because of the box im getting ughhhhh which is box 289

    • You wouldn’t happen to want box 222 would you? Cuz I really wanted box 289.

    • This is my box and I’m excited for the CC cream and the setting powder, but that’s it. I’ll try the dry shampoo and the Clinique Pep Start, but they’re kind of meh. The Grande Lips they’re sending isn’t my color at all.

    • Seriously? My box is 222 and your box is basically my dream box. I love it all, with the exception of the pep start that I already have plenty of!

  21. Oops, box is 263.
    Still don’t see it anywhere though.

    Probably the left-overs box. LOL.

    • Thumbs down on my momsbox. Wholly inappropriate for her profile, and super cheap for them to put store brand in the mix. Mine isn’t showing yest, so also probably leftovers. I was hoping gor better for holiday boxes. I’m giving it through Christmas, then my sis and I are cancelling.

      • The Sephora lip stain is better than the more expensive brands. I have 3 drawers full of all different brands and I always reach for the Sephora ones 🙂

        • I wouldn’t know the quality of the sephora lip products because EVERY ONE they send me is in a color I WOULDN’T BE CAUGHT DEAD wearing. I wish we could choose the shade.

          • Exactly!

        • I appreciate that information. The one being sent isn’t a shade for my mom or myself, but now we’ll test it for texture and staying power, at least.

  22. Anyone else have a box #168?
    I’m looking in the right place but the number is weird.

  23. I *think* I’m getting Box #222. It will be my first time trying Play. I hope I like it. 🙂

  24. I really want to know what box I’m getting but every time i click recent orders or track orders nothing shows up! Am I doing it wrong?

    • Me too! I try every day and still nothing shows up yet!

    • I have the same issue when I check from the phone, but it works from the laptop. Their mobile version must have an issue. I am getting 230. Anyone knows what is in that box?

      • I’m getting Box # 230 as well. Anyone know about #230??

    • I always have to look in my” lists” category, the item number is there if you expand your purchases category

    • I have the same problem on my tablet. I found my box # by clicking the new Reorder option in the drop down menu. That showed the Orders along with the item #’s. It’s been the only way I can see my orders. However, I can’t get more detailed order info.

  25. For those of you who have not yet used your play pass for the 50 points online yet, I did. I made an order but it had to be a minimum $20 Order in order to get the 50 play points. Just so you all know.

  26. Box 222. Meh. I’m pleased with two out of the six: lipstain and MUF powder. Sick and tired of Clinique pep start; I am not inspired by the ingredient deck on Robin’s products; I do not use micellar water because it dries out my skin.

    I just resubscribed after canceling because of 4 dud boxes in a row. Ipsy was good but came back to give this another “go.” I’m going to do both for 3 months and see which one introduces me to products I’ll actually purchase the full-sized of. It has not been too often Sephora sends me a shade I will actually wear.

    • I’ve given this box a “go” twice already. I feel like allure has been a way before sub for me and only $5 more(after 4 months @ $10). While I adore Sephora and am a Rouge member I just had to let this box go.

    • Same with me same stuff over and over .

    • Same box and 3 items are repeats from within the last few months 😐 I don’t wanna cancel, I want to try NEW stuff. They aren’t leaving me a ton of options though. I’ve already complained and was basically told sorry and oh well 😔

    • Me too! I had stopped for a while and just resubed. Not a thing in my box goes with my profile. Mad!

  27. hmm no #230 yet. dang….

  28. Oh my god. They are sending amazing (finally) light blue DG and I am not getting it??
    Frustrated 😓

  29. So glad I cancelled, haha just kidding.

    I am getting 222, it would have been nicer if I have lancome moisturizer instead of clinique eye cream but I am just being spoiled. Pretty happy with the box. None of the other variations would make me disappointed either. I think it’s a pretty good month.

  30. its the last 3 numbers on mine NOT THE FIRST 3 I HAVE BOX 271 NO SPOILERS YET

  31. im 271 anything on this one>

  32. I’m so excited that I’m getting bag #222 it’s nice to try new samples…. I may skip next month…

  33. How can you tell what box you’re going to get?

    • Track order, go to Details. It is the last three numbers of your ITEM. (Not order number).

      • Where do I find item number I just see order #?

        • Click on the order number

      • Oh… Been doing it wrong. Getting #230 so still got nuthin’. lol Appreciate the help very much!

  34. I’m getting box 248. I’m pretty satisfied with it. Only thing I have tried before is the Laura mercier powder. I would have liked the pep start or dry shampoo instead of dry conditioner but that’s ok. I’m not complaining too much.

  35. Oooh, I like all of these variations – but I already have the Grande lips in smoked sherry. I guess I could pass it on if I got it (I actually like the formula a lot – I don’t need the plumping factor but the three I have are nice liquid lips for me.)

  36. Any news on #230? 🙂

  37. Of course mine isn’t on here lol. Anyone else #214?

    • Me too. Last month I didn’t get what it said my box would be tho. Isn’t that interesting. The item they swapped out didn’t bother me. I think I liked the alternative better.

      • Hi that happened to me for September. I went online to chat with CS and acted “confused” saying what i received in my email wasn’t the same as what i got. They asked me to upload a pic of the items and bam, yep wrong one—they sent the right one out the next day, received in 2 days, and i got to kept the other box.

        Just a tip for anyone when this happens!

    • I’m 214–figured my box wouldn’t be spoiled!

    • I have this one too! Mine is never listed!

    • I tried to chat with Customer Service earlier today but they refused to tell me. They said they want us to be surprised so they’re keeping it a secret.. obviously not consistent since others have successfully found out their box contents from them. Mine is 214 too.

    • 214 here, also! Hoping for the Lancome, and hoping I don’t get the Erborian cream since I know neither color works for my skin tone. Last month I got one of the boxes that had two different primers and a foundation color that doesn’t work, so I’m hoping to avoid those this month!

      • 214 also and I want the Lancome also.

    • Mine is box #: 214 as well!!! Ugh… I really want the Lancome or even the Clinique eye cream. Everything else so far seems blahhh…

  38. I have box 222 and I’m happy. Mostly I just didn’t want the plumping lipstick. Those things give me a horrible rash around my lips, which are already pretty full anyway. I have like three of them lying around from previous boxes.

    • I so wanted the plumping lipstick. Sigh. I’m getting the Sephora Cream lipstain. I hear it is good and the color looks wearable.

    • Same here! I don’t like lip plumpers, as they always sting and I already have full lips. Box 222 is actually my first pick!❤

  39. And just like that I’m back in. I think I made it one month unsubscribed. Hoping for some Laura Mercier but these all look great to me.

    • Funny, I was just thinking how glad I was that I cancelled!

      • Same! After just a year with Sephora I have gotten all of these except like 3

  40. LOVE my last few play boxes and am SO happy to see new items being sampled!

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