MoonBox by Gaia Collective “Release” Review + Coupon – November 2018

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moonbox november box

MoonBox by Gaia Collective is a monthly holistic crystal and full moon subscription built to help you greet each month’s cosmic activity with intention. In addition to MoonBox, they offer a $22.00 Mini size and the option to add-on a wearable gem for $8.00.

This review is of the regular-sized MoonBox with no wearable gem add-on, which costs $34.00 + shipping a month.

moonbox november box opening

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

MoonBox paused for a few months, but I’m happy to see they’re back as promised!

moonbox november box loot

About MoonBox by Gaia Collective

The Subscription Box: MoonBox by Gaia Collective

The Cost: $34.00 a month + $2.00 US shipping

COUPON: Use code GAIAFAMILY to save 15% off your first box!

The Products: 3 crystals, essential oil blend, featured items, guided full moon ritual, Moon Oracle card, guided meditation, and a tea blend.

Ships to: US and International

Gaia Collective MoonBox “Release” Review November 2018

moonbox november box lunar cycle card moonbox november box release list card

The card this month is all about the energy of Scorpio season. We are also expecting a big bold New Moon on 11/7! Scorpio is a sign that values authenticity, so take this month to truly embrace your truth and be authentically you! Each cycle provides the perfect time to set your goals and prepare for personal growth but this one is leading up to a Gemini Full Moon, meaning your feelings might be feeling EXTRA “feely” and that’s totally ok! It’s a great time to release the things that might be holding you back or even just making you feel icky. The back has space for you to put those plans into writing as a reminder this month to just let go of those things that are toxic or negative.

moonbox november box item list

moonbox november box info sheet cosmic events

The second insert describes the featured items included in the box, as well as instructions on how they should be used. It also gives a general overview of the major cosmic events happening this month. 

moonbox november box scorpio mat 

moonbox november box scorpio mat detail shot 1

moonbox november box scorpio mat detail shot up close

Cosmic Collage Moon Calendar

Each box comes with a colorful woven mat that acts as a lunar and astrological calendar for the month. The focus of this November mat is Scorpio. It’s just a piece of smooth fabric, but it makes for a really eye-catching calendar for the month and a great resting place for your crystals.

moonbox november box crystal bag 

moonbox november 2018 broken crystal

Every MoonBox comes with a set of three crystals or stones, all of which are about 1-2 inches big. It looks like one of mine had a rough trip here, but I am still excited to see what crystals were chosen for this most transformative month.

moonbox november box Chrysocolla

moonbox Chrysocolla chunk moonbox november 2018 Chrysocolla close up

Chrysocolla for ease of truth, Throat Chakra

Oh Chrysocolla, I love you. This stone is useful for expressing emotions but use with caution, as sometimes the dam can break! Since this Scorpio Season is all about releasing negativity and embracing your truth, this stone was an easy choice this month.

moonbox November 2018 amazonite moonbox November 2018 amazonite side view moonbox November 2018 amazonite close up

Amazonite for releasing fear and self-doubt, Throat Chakra

If you are going through a season of anxiety or stress (totally common during a heavy season change!) this uplifting stone can certainly help when used in your meditation ritual. It’s a great choice if you need a little help focusing on the positive. 

moonbox November 2018 black tourmaline moonbox November 2018 black tourmaline side view moonbox November 2018 black tourmaline close up 

Black Tourmaline, for protection, Root Chakra

The last one is a whopper this month. This was my little broken beauty but when I realized what it was I just put the extra bits in the bottom of my purse and in my winter coat pocket to stay for the season. This black stone is a black knight in shining armor for protecting against negativity and stress. Because it’s associated with the Root Chakra it’s also incredibly grounding and a great companion for such a transitional season. 

moonbox November 2018 luxury leipidolite moonbox November 2018 luxury leipidolite back moonbox November 2018 luxury leipidolite close up

Lepidolite Worry Stone, Premium Stone, Third Eye Chakra

I used to have a little worry stone when I was a child and after I lost it I always wanted another one to enter my life. The universe delivered and has replaced my old agate version with this beautiful little gem. Lepidolite is a transition stone with calming properties, which makes it a perfect choice for using in meditation when trying to navigate change. They couldn’t have picked a more perfect stone for a worry stone!

Moonbox noverber 2018 brxa bath salts Moonbox noverber 2018 brxa bath salts inside

BRXA Floral Bath Salts 1oz. – Estimated Value $3.50 (buy a scent variant in a 4oz full size for $14.00 here)

What a pretty mix! This bath salt has Epsom salt, Mint, Marigold and Rose petals. The little container has enough for a really great bath. The petals and leaves swirl around in your bath as you soak which is really beautiful, although it is less fun to clean up after. I personally find salt baths energizing but also drying, so be sure to follow up with your favorite moisturizer since its getting cold outside and dry skin is just around the corner. 

Moonbox October 2018 ENTYZE eye serum Moonbox October 2018 EckTYZE eye serum bak Moonbox October 2018 ENTYZE eye serum close up

ENTYZE Under Eye Serum Roller in Cucumber Martini (Full Size!) – Retail Value $14.99

Ingredients: Prunus amygdalus dulcis (Sweet almond oil)*, Cucumis sativus (cucumber seed oil)*, Olea europaea (olive oil)*, Squalane (Olive derived),  Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil*, Persea americana (Avocado Oil)*. *Organic

As a 30 something who is suddenly super skincare conscious, I am always excited to see anything related to undereye care. That is some majorly sensitive skin! This roll-on is a perfect travel size and the il is light and has the most subtle scent. I prefer to use it at night as it’s a little too oily to wear under my foundation in the AM. If I feel like I am especially puffy, I toss it in the fridge for a few minutes for a cool down.

Moobox Novermber 2018 LIZUSH shower steamer Moobox Novermber 2018 LIZUSH shower steamer side Moobox Novermber 2018 LIZUSH shower steamer detail

LIZUSH Shower Steamer – Estimated Value $3.67 (Buy a full set of 12 for $44.00)

I could smell this shower steamer through the packaging. It is a beautiful lavender scent and seriously one of the prettiest shower cubes I have ever seen. I love a bath bomb, but something like this is perfect for when you don’t have time to soak in the tub. This company has some of the most elegant bath products I have ever seen and I absolutely have them bookmarked for future girlfriend gifts.

Moobox Novermber 2018 LIZUSH shower steamer brand card Moobox Novermber 2018 LIZUSH shower steamer brand card coupon code

A coupon was also included for subscribers!

Gaia Collective Moonbox November 2018 jax kelly amethyst candle Gaia Collective Moonbox November 2018 jax kelly amethyst candle back Gaia Collective Moonbox November 2018 jax kelly amethyst candle info

JAX KELLY Amethyst Candle 4oz. – Retail Value $12.00

As a kid, my mom used to bring home treasure candles as a surprise when it was a celebration or I had brought home good grades. Those candles would burn down and be filled with little pewter figurines, costume jewelry, and pretty rocks. I like to think this is the adult version! Waiting for me at the bottom of this little candle is an amethyst stone just waiting! It is also lavender scented and made of 100% American-grown soy wax, meaning the long burn time will keep me eagerly awaiting my gem.

The Verdict: This box was so special! I truly think each item was really well thought out. I have tried to make a practice of gifting something from each of my boxes to a loved one, but this is the first box I might have to keep all to myself. It was a wonderful self-care centered collection for a time full of change. 

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No. Sign up now to get the December box!

Coupon – Use code GAIAFAMILY to save 15% off your first box!

Value Breakdown: This box costs $34.00 + $2.00 shipping, which means that each of the 9 items in the box (counting each crystal individually) has an average cost of $4.00. I think this is a good deal since I generally spend at least that per crystal at a reputable shop and $4 is a straight-up bargain for the eye serum and candle. 

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What was your favorite item in your Moonbox this month?

Written by Megan Kirkland

Megan Kirkland

I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

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  1. I love JaxKelly! My sister bought me a cactus candle last year, and I love it so much I’ve saved it. They no longer sell that scent, so I stocked up on a bunch of these stone candles.

  2. Great review! I don’t know if I believe in the healing power of crystals, but you sounded really knowledgeable and I was able to appreciate the box contents. Also, I may need to get my hands on some black tourmaline with finals coming up, just in case!

    • Hi Jessica! I was a rock hound as a kid and just recently myself started researching on the therapeutic properties of crystals. I’m totally not an expert, but the end of the day, its a super fun hobby and I love having them all over my house (and in pockets, coats, gloveboxes)! They also absolutely add something to my yoga and meditation practice, even if its just an extra beautiful environment. Thanks so much for reading the review and commenting! I really appreciate you taking the time, and wish you the best of luck on your finals!

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