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Margot Elena Discovery Box Winter 2018 – Spoiler #3!

We have another spoiler hint for the Winter 2018 Margot Elena box!

Each box will include:

Oh, what a tease!

Our third and final teaser reveals a hint of a divine exclusive item By Margot Elena included in our Winter Subscription Box.

What do you think it is? A scarf?

Here are the previous spoilers, too:

The Cottage Greenhouse White Pine & Balsam Travel Candle

Your second reveal is our White Pine & Balsam Travel Candle from The Cottage Greenhouse. Cozy up with this festive favorite, the scent of the season! Immerse yourself in a radiant glow of relaxation, sure to woo you & all of your guests into the holiday spirit.


Wish Sugared Pastille Floral Infusion Bath Salts

The first reveal is our gorgeous Wish Bathing Salts. Luxuriously perfumed, perfect for a warm winter soak. Tucked inside a printed linen pouch, and adorned with a classic Lollia crystal. Perfect to give, even better to keep. And there’s much more to come.

What do you think of the spoilers? 

More on this box:

The Subscription Box: Margot Elena Discovery Box

The Cost: $49.99 a quarter

The Products: Discover the world of All Things Beautiful with the Margot Elena Discovery Box filled with over $200 worth of full-sized products curated by our team

Ships to: US

Check out our Margot Elena Discover Box reviews to learn more about the subscription!

Margot Elena Discovery Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (67)

  1. When is the Winter box going to ship??? Anyone know. I’ve searched the website & there is no info.

    • I got an email that said mid-December. HTH

    • I got a email today saying mine has shipped.

      • I got a email on 12-1 saying my box would be processed and shipped soon. I have not gotten a shipping notification or anything since then. 🙁

      • Mine is out for delivery today! I’m waiting impatiently!

  2. I have loved the look of this box since it came out, finally subscribed, and feeling underwhelmed by these spoilers! Please, ME, give us a big wow 🙂

  3. I had two annual boxes and decided not to renew one of them since the winter spoilers aren’t that exciting so far. I noticed a new disclaimer on their website that no promo codes or discounts are allowed for the sub box so looks like full price from here on out. Unless I see spoilers that I can’t live without I’ll keep this sub to one.

  4. Does anyone know a ship date for the Winter box?

    • I spoke to them last week and they did not have an exact date just towards the beginning of December. So hopefully it will be here by Christmas.

  5. Ooh, I love it! A bright pop of color in winter can be deliciously chic. I hope it’s a scarf, since I can wear that all year round to hold a ponytail in place or around my neck. It can also be used as a home accessory when tied around a solid pillow or bolster. A scarf can also be pretty on a dresser; just drape it across the top of a dresser and pop a lovely tray or mirror on top of it, then fill the tray with perfume, candles, books, jewelry, what have you.

  6. I bet it’s a scarf but I wish it was a robe. Any clue when it ships?

  7. Any first time discount codes for annual?

  8. Ugh, I am seriously bummed with the fabric item spoiler, if it’s a scarf. The colors are certainly bright and cheerful but the print is way too loud for a scarf I’d ever wear, if that’s what it is. It calls to mind a zillion thrift shop scarves I’ve seen that someone was gifted with and then donated. That’s where mine will be going if that’s what this is. If it’s a robe or larger garment then yes, the “big” print would work, but I sort of doubt that that is what it is. Plus it sure doesn’t look warm or cozy for a wintertime box item, so that’s a curious inclusion for ME at this time of year. You’d think it would be more of a Spring box item.

    I like ME’s line of candles, but not fond of this scent, wish they had gone with a fragrance that was more “festive” rather than “wintery”. Pine Tree Air Freshener – eh! not at all psyched over that.

    The Wish Bath Salts are in cute packaging but it looks like just enough for one bath, like the small glass jar of bath salts we received in the summer box, which was adorable with the tiny spoon, but quite small in volume for a bath product.

    Since I received my first ME box last spring it has been my absolute fave sub box ever, full of delish scents and a variety of products, but these spoilers really aren’t very exciting at all. I hope there’s a real fab item (or two, or three – as there have been previously) in the box that they aren’t going to release as spoilers, so we can once again be swept off our feet when “She” arrives!

  9. This is my favorite subscription, by far! The last box was so amazing! Love her vibrant prints and colors, cannot wait to receive it! Love her Let Them Eat Cake Perfume, too!

  10. That is gaudy. Go ahead and crucify me. I tried to bite my tongue because this is the coveted ME sub box but I just can’t. It looks like a scarf type item. The only type of person I can see wearing that is a woman with bright blue eyeshadow, super dark eyeliner, bright red lipstick on a pale face, big hair, with a hot pink blazer and lime green trousers. 😆

    • lol, that would be my deceased grandma…love ya Isabel (inappropriate comment)

    • I’m totally with you!

  11. If this is a scarf/robe, it won’t get used by me in these frosty Winter months. My first box and so far none of the spoilers are for me, but they will be pretty gifts!

  12. I hope it’s a silk scarf. I love the vibrant, cheerful colors. They work beautifully on an accent piece.

    • If it is a long, narrow scarf it will look lovely knotted or tied at the neck. When I was a teen my mom had a small scarf such as that but in georgette, I wore it throughout the summer as a hair tie.

  13. I love everything so far – great gifts! Although I am hoping it is not a scarf, even though I love the pattern. I don’t gift scarves usually – everyone I know has too many, including me!

  14. I hope it’s a robe or bottoms. It’s a pretty pattern but not wintery, and the thin silky fabric will not be warm as a scarf so I don’t think I’d ever wear it.

    • It definitely won’t be bottoms, due to differing sizes.

    • A robe would be amazing though!!

  15. I think it would be nice if it was a pillow case or a robe. either way I love the print. I love this box.. I have had several sub boxes and this one is my favorite by far.

  16. I love the colors of this. I would love for it to be a wrap or robe, but I do feel for all my plus-sized ladies out there if that’s the case. I’d be surprised if it’s a scarf though, definitely not wintery at all.

  17. No clue what it is but I already love it…cause I love everything in these addictive, heavenly boxes!!!!

  18. I have a lot of scarves, but I love the joyous pop of colour on this one 🙂

  19. So pretty – can’t wait to see what it is! This is quickly becoming my favorite box.

  20. If anyone follows Oprah’s favorite things, she was picked for 2 of Oprah’s picks. Lollia and Cottage Greenhouse. My favorite box but I hope it’s not a scarf.

  21. It figures that I signed up for the box and I don’t think anything is exciting so far.

    • Same here! The minute I signed up, the spoilers aren’t great. At least, Christmas is coming.

  22. I’d love for it to be a luxurious silky pillow case but it’s probably a scarf.
    It’s certainly bright!

    • I would love a pillow case!!

      • I’m getting 2 boxes, so I may end up having two scarves made into one pillowcase.
        That would be a lot better than a scarf or two scarves for me.

    • I’m getting 2 boxes, so I may end up with 1 pillowcase. LOL.
      Thanks for suggesting ” pillowcase”. I can’t go with scarf, but robe would be fine, as would a pillowcase.

  23. This is really the best box ever

  24. I think it’s really pretty. I see all kinds of prints like this today so I don’t understand why it looks like it’s from a past decade to some people. I don’t wear many silk scarves either but I wear lots of black and solid turtleneck sweaters in the winter that could benefit from this. I like all three spoilers.

  25. Really hope it is not a kimono or robe. Us plus size girls get shafted with items that never fit.

    • I’m hoping it’s a scarf and not a piece of clothing for the very same reason. I’m a size 14/16 and can can attest that there is no “one size fits all” unless it’s a poncho.

  26. I hope it’s a kimono!

  27. I am really hoping for the sleep shorts or pajama pants.

    • I am really hoping it is NOT sleep shorts, which would be odd for a winter box anyway.

  28. No matter what it is it’s too busy for me.

    • It really is the epitome’ of ” busy”.

  29. I hope it’s a robe!

  30. Looks like a scarf. Bit odd for winter. I was going to finally get this box, but none of these spoilers are doing it for me. Maybe I’ll wait for spring.

    • Me too. All the great reviews. But the spoilers say not this time for me.

  31. I’m going with ” Scarf” for one specific reason. I didn’t see any scarves on the M.E. site. So I typed in ” Scarf” and what popped up? THEIR reveal of the 3rd item, which is this one. No other scarves on the site.

    There was a robe, $120, I believe it was, in a pattern I wouldn’t have worn anyway.
    Likewise, if this is a scarf, I’m not wearing it. I’d wear a robe in the bright pattern, but not a scarf that could well be from the mid 1980’s! Lived through it, had all kinds of bright things. Won’t make the same mistake again.

    • They also sell fabric by the yard, so maybe it’s just a yard of fabric…?

      • It has a hem, so probably not. It also looks a bit shinier, like a polyester or silk would be, than her cotton fabric is.

    • It only shows up because if you scroll to the bottom of the spoiler announcement (way way down) it lists what has been in past boxes and there was a scarf in the Spring box. I kinda doubt they’d put two scarves in one year of the sub, but I could definitely be wrong!

    • I love the 80’s bright colorful fashion! I understand your point although I think if you enjoyed it back then, don’t call it a mistake, it made you happy once at least!

  32. Wow. If it turns out to be a robe that would be really ‘Extra’ for Xmas. 😀

  33. Whatever it is, it looks more spring/summer than winter. Still pretty though.

    • I love this box. But, I agree, this feels like an odd choice for winter (thin, bright colors says spring). The other spoilers aren’t that great either. I can’t use the bath salts and a travel sized candle. I hope their saving the best stuff for a surprise.

  34. It’s very pretty but seems odd for winter.

  35. Could someone please describe what the item looks like? Thanks very much!

    • Lauren, I’ll try for you. The background appears to be a mid royal blue. The print is a VERY bright floral, with very large blossoms in red, orange, big green stems wandering here and there like vines.

      The primary colors to me appear to be the royal blue, the orange- red and a minty green in the stems of the flowers. It’s a very busy, very eighties looking print. The material looks silky, like a polyester. It is impossible to tell the dimensions or shape as the item is draped or wadded into a chair and just a bit is hanging over the side of the chair. This is why we don’t know if it’s a scarf, or a robe.

      Best to you always!

      • You are a saint! Winters where I am don’t have blossoms and vines. Interesting choice. Thanks very much for your great description.

      • Winters where I live don’t have any blossoms or vines either, LOL. I guess only Australia and New Zealand do?
        The print is a very baffling choice to me, but maybe it will make perfect sense when we all get our boxes. 🙂
        The print reminds me just a tiny bit of vintage Lilly Pulitzer prints from the 1980’s as they were super bright that decade, but this is definitely not cotton. It has a polyester or silk look to the weight and drape.


  36. I’m guessing scarf.

  37. if it’s a robe, it’s MINE, but if it’s a scarf, it’s up for swap……. gorgeous print/colors regardless……….. LOVE ME!!

  38. My guess is a robe in the same style as the one is the RZ BOS box.

  39. I’m thinking scarf or light robe.

  40. It certainly wouldn’t be the first scarf she’s put in a discovery box. It’s really gorgeous, so I hope it is!

  41. I don’t know what it is, but I am ecstatic that it’s such a vibrant color!

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