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Margot Elena Discovery Box Spring 2019 Available Now!

The Winter 2018 Margot Elena box has sold out and the Spring 2019 box is available for pre-order now!

Discover the world of All Things Beautiful with the Margot Elena Discovery Box filled with over $200 worth of full-sized* products curated by our team. With your purchase you’ll be enrolled in our seasonal membership and receive a box of beauty every 3 months delivered to your doorstep as long as you remain a member.

The Subscription Box: Margot Elena Discovery Box

The Cost: $49.99 a quarter

The Products: Discover the world of All Things Beautiful with the Margot Elena Discovery Box filled with over $200 worth of full-sized products curated by our team

Ships to: US

Check out our Margot Elena Reviews to see what you can expect from this subscription.

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Margot Elena Discovery Box

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Comments (42)

  1. I’m so ready for just one teeny tiny spring spoiler already! 2019

  2. Are there any coupon/discount codes out there for 1st time subscribers to these boxes?

  3. GMA is selling some Lollia, Tokyomilk, and Cottage Greenhouse items for half off today! I snagged some perfumes I’ve been wanting. It’s mostly perfumes and hand creams, but there are some of the nice large square Lollia candles and the Cottage Greenhouse foot scrub/foot cream for anyone who missed those or wants another batch!

  4. I purchased the annual using the code in the special instructions box. I just got my shipping notice and it weights 3.5 pounds. Am concerned that the bag and candle are not in the box.

    Would appreciate if someone would reply with how much their box weighs and if it is a regular Winter box or the first of an annual sub with the gifts.

    Thank you.

    (I also asked this on the BF post)

    • Are you serious? This is what you worry about. Why don’t you wait until you get the box. Geez, 3.5 pounds of products is a lot!

      • I didn’t ask for your opinion so have no idea why you would think I wanted it.

      • You don’t have to ask for opinions when you post on a public forum. You have to be ready to get them. You sound ridiculous in your post. How you concluded what you did is mind boggling.

      • Awe. Bless your little troll heart.
        The end.

        Reading comprehension lesson: When someone writes “The end.”, anything you post after that makes you look childish and very needy of attention because it is over.

      • I pulled up this thread to see if anyone else was still waiting for a shipping confirmation (ughhhh) and instead saw this rather unpleasant string of comments. MissJ, I’m not sure if you are new to this site but back when the forum was still live these sorts of questions were very common so I was a bit taken aback by your criticism. The vast majority of the comments on this website are very positive with regard to other posts…people may criticize the contents, shipping or CS associated with a box, but it’s highly unusual for people to insult a fellow poster. I know nastiness is commonplace on many websites, but most people here don’t find the need to take the time to criticize other readers/posters here. On the whole people here tend to adhere to the old adage that if you don’t have anything nice to say about someone you don’t say anything at all.

        Your comments posted above are totally unnecessary and utterly disappointing. It’s the holidays…try to find a little joy in something instead. Life is just too short to be so unkind.

    • @Ren Mine shipped yesterday; it’s a seasonal, so I wouldn’t be getting a candle, but should be getting the tote bag. It’s 3.6 lbs per FedEx. It’s scheduled to arrive tomorrow, so I can follow up with you and let you know what’s in it!

      • Thank you.

    • @Ren I have received 3 discovery boxes so far, and I think that they all start out with a weight around 3.5 pounds when the label is generated. I think that weight is an estimate/placeholder, and may change when the box actually starts moving.

      Also, Margot Elena’s customer service is great. I recommend contacting them by phone if you ever have any issues. Hope that helps.

      • Thank you. My delivery date changed to today but the box isn’t in my state yet, but a girl can hope. The weight still says 3.5 but maybe it will change when it gets to my states distribution center.

    • GOT IT! The incentives were in the box. Got a Breathe candle and the blue tote with the diving men on it. The tote is made of plastic so that explains the low shipping weight,

  5. FYI if anyone else is wondering when this will ship, I emailed ME and they replied on 12/5 that they’d like to have them ship “in the next week” so I guess hopefully by 12/12 they will ship… it’s cutting it super close if you’re expecting to give this as a Christmas gift but hopefully they’ll make it…

    • Thanks for checking! I was wondering myself.

    • I just shipped!

  6. Hi seasonal subscribers! I know we’re billed upon joining but when do they bill afterwards? If I buy the spring 2019 box, when will they bill me for summer 2019? Links to related FAQs are greatly appreciated. Gotta work on the budget lol. Thanks!

  7. Does anyone have any experience with their customer service? I have an annual sub and a seasonal (I purchased the seasonal for a Christmas gift). They charged me for the seasonal back in September when I signed up and they charged me again on 12/1. I called them and they said they need to call me back when they figure out how to handle it. To me there is only one way to handle it and that is to refund my card. They are talking about applying the overcharge to the spring box, but I have no intention of getting the seasonal box as I already have an annual sub. I fear Margot Elena and I are going to go rounds and it will end up with me having to dispute the charge on my card. Which may mess up one or both of the two winter boxes I have coming. Fingers crossed they handle it correctly. Has anyone else had issues with them?

    • I’m glad you said this because i was charged twice as well, and the second charge was declined (because i wasn’t expecting it so i hadn’t put money in my account) thank god it didn’t overdraft me, i panicked and updated my payment info and then the charge was successful, but i did this before i stopped to think that i had already paid for the winter box back in august.

      • They reached out to me and refunded the charge. I told them I preferred a refund instead of having the charged applied to the spring box. yay!

  8. Is there any deal or discount for Spring?

  9. Just wanted to point this out in case you didn’t notice: I tried to cancel my subscription almost 2 weeks before they bill for winter and was told they can’t cancel because, per their policy, you have to cancel 3 weeks prior to your bill date. Just wanted to give everyone the heads up in case you have to cancel for any reason.

    • Hi!! I am super bummed the winter box sold out, so if you’re interested in reselling it to someone I’d be interested

      • I may have a box to sell. I ordered two and end up needing the one and they wouldn’t cancel.

    • Yes they sent an email mentioning that a couple weeks before the cancellation date alerting everyone of the cancellation cut off date. It makes sense, actually, as I could imagine a lot of people ‘cancelling’ after the black friday deals were released and signing up with a new email if that was allowed. It also makes sense as then they have a rough idea of how many subscribers so know how large of batches to make – that likely saves on costs and minimizes the problem of extra boxes from last minute cancellations. But it’s not typical, so I could see it being frustrating for people who didn’t read the email and realize they needed to cancel a few weeks before billing.

      • Yeah, I completely understand why they would have that rule, I was only cancelling for financial reasons and I am choosing to look at my error as a sign that I am meant to enjoy another year of pampering myself with my favorite box!

  10. @Liz – have you blocked me? My comments from yesterday still haven’t shown up. I tried twice. None of my comments go through anymore, so kind of hard to think you don’t have mine blocked for approval only.

    • miss j–i have trouble with some posts not showing up, too…frankly, i think it’s ’cause i’m not “happy clappy” and overly enthusiastic about reviews OR reviewers…

      • Yep, I’m the same as you. It’s not always lollipops and rainbows for me and I’ve critiqued their postings with all the mistakes they make. I know they need to censure for language, but other than that, they should let the comments go.

      • i completely agree…

  11. Do we know when the winter 2018 box will be shipping?

    • I just got a pre-processing/shipping notice, so soon …..

      • Aaah so jealous! I haven’t gotten a notification yet. Was it an email? I am pumped, so excited for this box. It’s such a great value and so many of the items in it are so great for gifting so even if you get heavy on handcreme it’ll all still go to great use.

      • I haven’t gotten a notification yet either! They really should ship this out asap, as I imagine a fair number of subscribers (including myself) were hoping to use some of the items for holiday gifts and need to plan accordingly if the box is going to be delayed.

      • I don’t mind getting lots of handcreme- it’s my fave ME product! 😁

      • Mine was an email. Said it was shipping via FedEx home. Tracking says should be delivered 12/14 but it hasn’t actually shipped yet so that’s doubtful.

  12. I am pretty sure this should be Spring 2019. 🙂

  13. Please correct the year on this post…..can get very confusing!

  14. I’m so glad I placed my order yesterday to take advantage of the BTBF deal. I’m looking forward to my first box.

    • Me too! Debated with myself last night if I “needed” this. Glad I subbed around midnight. I called them today and confirmed that orders placed before 4am mountain time today will get Winter box shipping mid December. Thanks so much for the BTBF deals — pushed me to discover this new sub.

  15. Please please please change the year to 2019.

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