Luxor Box Limited Edition Black Box FULL SPOILERS!

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We have the full spoiler for the Luxor Box Limited Edition Black Box. (Thanks, Ann, for sharing these pictures!

Each Limited Edition Box will include:

LaSoula Jewelry Lux Baguette Diamond Necklace – Retail Value $800

LaSoula Jewelry Lux Baguette Diamond Earrings – Retail Value $750

Kiko Versatile Shoulder Bag – Retail Value $225

Kiko Top Zip Wallet – Retail Value $65

Rose et Marius Neou Beige Tumbler + Wooden Floor Candle – Retail Value $150

Rose et Marius Tomato Red Tumbler + Rose Wine Candle – Retail Value $150

Halcyon Days Palladium Sparkle Button in Snow Leopard Print – Retail Value $215

More on this box:

The Box: Luxor Box Limited Edition Black Box

The Cost: $700 for US, $780 for Canada

Good to know: “Free shipping and will ship in the month of October, 2018. ALL Luxor BLACK boxes will be shipped with signature confirmation due to the high value of this box. Limited quantities and only available while supplies last. One time purchase, not a recurring subscription.”

What do you think of the spoilers?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Any word on when the regular November box is shipping?

  2. I think what this ‘Black’ box lack is the luxury touch of packaging. If it is the usual bi-monthly, where you see the product upon open the box, it is simply don’t have the ‘wow’ factor.

    If they did something similar to NM/Popsugar box, where every item is wrapped in black tissue paper, a nicer inserts, it would go a long way to establish the ‘black box’ concept.

    Perhaps a change in the marketing statement, where they should claim it’s more of Europe influence (see England Halcyon Day and French REM), and smaller independent US brands, maybe then it can capture the target market they really want. Just don’t expect mainstream US brand that is feature heavily by Popsugar or FFF.

    Ann, I actually like this box. I think the Kiko purse is nice.

  3. Kiko leather on sale at Haute Look for under $100. One can get a similar bag is this one for way way cheaper.

    • Thanks for the tip! I picked up a crossbody. Great handbags at great prices!

      • I bought one at TJ Maxx once for $50, its’s a smaller crossbody, very nice.

  4. $700!?! 🙀😵 in my house that’s 7 months worth of diapers (newborn and a toddler). Cute box I just don’t have an extra 700 sitting around t, kudos to anyone who can afford this box , it’s just way out of my prirange

  5. I would be happy with this box! I love the element of surprise and high quality items!

    The La Soula jewelry items are no different than all the “vegan leather” products (plastic) with RVs of $50-$100+. Or for polyester throws with listed RVs of $75+. Or how about all of the skincare with no proven anti-aging benefits for $100+ an ounce…?!?!

    I have more use for contents of this box rather than another black eyeliner, a silly teapot with an outdated floral design or cheap umbrella…or scarf that leaves lint everywhere, cheap electronics without warranties/return policies, dollar store quality socks, palettes made in China, Claire’s quality necklaces….etc. I’m calling out FFF, Breo and most $10-$50 beauty boxes….

    This box seems to be out of budget for many readers; the cost breakdown per item makes this box an excellent value.

    Thank you for sharing the spoilers!! I’m excited!!

    • Although this box is at first glance very steep. I agree with TIc, if you’re gonna spend your money – spend it on stuff you know you’ll want and will be put to use.
      Many of use love Boxycharm, FabFitFun, and PopSugar but then you turn around and look at what you’ve spent for the entire year and you don’t even use 1/10 of it and give away the rest or have to take breaks due to product burnout.

  6. Very nice looking solid box! I appreciate no skin care this time! Rose et Marius and Halycon Days are always good values to me. I didn’t purchase because the price was very high and I wasn’t a fan of the La Soula jewelry, but the other items make up a bit for the jewelry. I like that purse and wallet a lot!

  7. The bag is nice. It’s an EXACT duplicate of the allsaints bag I purchased years ago so I definitely don’t need another. If you like the Kiko bags y’all might as well check out allsaints. A little more pricey though so kiko is a little cheaper.

  8. I like all the items, with the exception of the La Soula jewelry. I think they could have left the jewelry out and sold at a lower price point. Just my $0.02.

  9. All this stuff is SO RIDICULOUSLY overpriced. I’m sorry but $150 for a candle? Idc if the porcelain tumbler is reusable, I throw pottery and could make 10 of these tumbles, in porcelain in a day. The jewelry is Appalling, mele diamonds (tiny chips that aren’t clear or nice) and Sterling silver! You could spend $800 and get this in solid gold with a decent half karat diamond just I Cannot understand who has the money to pay for this stuff and why they’d want to waste it like that!! My father is a jeweler, my grandfather started our family jewelry store 70 years ago, I’ve been around gold and diamonds my whole life. Don’t get me wrong I’m not blinged out with diamonds and gold; I buy plated jewelry and I love sterling silver. I just cannot BELIEVE how much people pay for the NAME on the jewelry rather than on the quality of the piece. I guess for those of you who have the money and like the things in this box, treat those jewelry pieces extra gently, and look up how easy it is to make your own candles 😂 me and my daughters do it together all the time and get asked “where did you buy that? Can you get me one?” To me this box is only worth 1/4 of the value MAYBE. But I hope those who recieve it enjoy it!!

  10. Personally, I would love to subscribe to this box but they feature too many candles and tumblers of which i have no use for. although there have been boxes with none of these items, I’m always afraid I’m going to land a box with a tumbler or candle.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing these photos AnninVA! Everything looks lovely. Wish I had had the funds to purchase. This box seemed to sell out quickly, so Luxor will continue to offer, I expect. I had Luxor when they first started as a box, and I always loved what I received. I just could not justify the cost any longer.

  12. The bag and wallet are about the only thing in this box that seem accurately priced. That jewelry is so over inflated I’m pretty sure I could fill a hot air balloon with it and I don’t understand $150 candle. That bag however…..drooooool……

  13. All the items look decent, but for $700 I could buy a nice Tory Burch or Coach bag or even a Pandora bracelet. Who has ever heard of the Kiko brand?

  14. NO FOMO here. Same brands, no home items. I do like the Halycon days bracelet even though it looks like all the past bracelets pretty much, but personally this box would not have value for me.

  15. Just curious. Does anyone use a $150 tumbler? I realize it’s a candle but would excessive washing to get the scent and wax residue out damage the finish?

    • I have some, and they are so gorgeous! I think I just like collecting them, as they are only decorative so far, but I may use them one day.

    • The best way to clean residue from crystal or glass is to completely submerge it in 50/50 water and vinegar. Leave it overnight then hand wash with a brush. Repeat if necessary.
      Pretty tumblers like these I like to reuse with a tea light or votive candle inside a clear glass holder for easy cleaning.

  16. I’m sorry. I can’t stop laughing. People actually bought this box? For 700?

    • I know!!!!!!

    • Exactly what i came on here to ask!!! And 150$ for a candle in a ceramic tumbler? Lmaoo… just no. I make candles so i know what it entails & this is ludicrous.

    • You do realize that these spoilers were courtesy of someone who bought the box and that you are being incredibly rude? Clearly, this box was not for you and that’s fine; but it’s very insulting to basically laugh at someone who does see the value. This is just another form of cyber bullying and I personally don’t appreciate it.

    • I was wondering the same thing. The price of this box is outrageous considering the contents. Halcyon Days rears it head again! La Soula is always incredibly inflated for the chips you actually receive. If I dropped cash for this box I wouldn’t be happy at all. Yikes

    • You do realize that this spoiler post came courtesy of someone who did buy this box, right? Why the snark? Seems like some people never learned the old adage of “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all”.

      • I agree with JennyB, and this looks like a really nice box.

      • Jenny, I agree. It’s one thing to get on here and complain about the cost of a product or box but who are we to judge what others get? Seems very immature to me.

      • I like “if you don’t have anything nice to say, come sit by me” 😆

      • Yes, and the person who bought it pointed out she didn’t feel it was worth the price.

        I don’t have anything nice to say about this box and the price point is laughably unreasonable.

        • Just because she didn’t feel it was worth the price doesn’t make it OK to laugh at her or anyone else who purchased the box. Others in this thread have expressed their opinions about the box without being so outwardly rude and dismissive; your second comment was more appropriate because you are commenting on the box. The first comment was without tact because you were directing your distaste at an individual; one who would purchase such a box.

          I don’t understand why people (not just you) feel the need to make any comment on a box you dislike. If it’s not for you…move on!

          Side note: I do not get this box due to my personal budget of no more than $50 for any one subscription (except for Heart & Honey, lol). Personal preference, but I do enjoy looking at the posts with spoilers and reviews and actually enjoy the comments when they are constructive.

        • Doesn’t mean you should laugh at her…..It’s like rubbing salt in the wound.
          I agree with JennyB.

          • Y’all need a hobby. I said I can’t stop laughing. And questioned that people actually bought this box…for 700. If you take the comment personally, obviously you have bigger problems.

            People have been had by this sub. If someone tried to sell this to me in person, I’d laugh directly in their face. No apologies.

    • I just look at the Luxor Box posts for the same reason it’s fun to page through the Robb Report at magazine stands: to see how the 1% live! At this price, it’s definitely not a box the average person can budget for. These are manufactured for influencers and the ultra wealthy, not the common person.

  17. I’m happy to share the pictures. I hope Luxor Box sent one to Liz so we can get her review. For those wondering, the box shipped on Friday from northern Virginia and I got it yesterday. Luxor Box had said it would ship in October and they sent an email to let us know the box would be delayed due to their delayed receipt of the La Soula items.

    Everything is 100% my style and I love all of the items. I especially love the handbag and wallet and plan to start using them immediately during the week when I don’t have to carry a larger bag for files and a laptop. I like how it can be carried as a backpack and a shoulder bag. It would have been nice if the tumblers were each in their own box so that we could gift them at the holidays. Overall, I don’t think this box was really worth the $700 price. I would have been thrilled if I had paid about $450 for it.

    • Also, the necklace does not match what was in the spoiler or the description card. The bar is horizontal and is fixed on the chain. It is not a loose, vertical pendant.

    • Thanks for sharing the pics/spoilers, Ann!

      Does anyone know the story behind LaSoula’s RV? It always seems inflated through the ceiling. A friend of mine is a custom jeweler, these RVs/prices just don’t make sense to me.

      • I agree about the RV’s of the La Soula items. I would pay nothing close to the stated value, but I will hold on to them and the set will be a good gift for one of my daughters when she grows into them.

    • This is probably my last comment here, but after looking over the items some more I am happy with the box and the price for it. Rose et Marius and Halcyon Days are luxury brands that have been featured in many Luxor boxes and all the items good quality. I would pay about $100 each for the earrings, necklace, bangle, and each of the tumblers with the candles, and I would pay full price for the leather goods so the value is there for me. I don’t make my own candles or pottery, so maybe that’s part of the reason why I appreciate these items! In any event I am very glad to help out MSA by sending the photos.

  18. Why is Luxor sending out spoilers when the box sold out?

    • Ann shared the pictures. I do not think Ann is a representative of Luxor.

  19. This box is sold out, but there’s a spoiler up for the regular November box.

    • Where is that spoiler?

      • It’s on their web site. A watch.

  20. Still no.
    The tumblers and bangle are great, and the bag and wallet are nice too, but not for $700. I’d still rather take my $700 to a store and pick out something I really love.

    • I’m with you on that one. These days I just look at spoilers and if I like something, I go directly to the source 80% it’s available. I still like Luxor box though, only when there is a coupon on Gilt.

  21. I like the curation enough to forgo the normal attitude I have about $700 subscription boxes and I would buy it if I had $700. So it’s good that I dont.

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