Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the November 2018 Glam Bag Plus!

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The November 2018 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reveals are up! 

Here’s what I’m getting in one of my Glam Bag Plus subscriptions:

Here are all the products that are being sampled this month. Each Glam Bag Plus will include 5 full-sized products:

Which products are you getting from Ipsy Glam Bag Plus this month?

This subscription is $25 a month. Check out our full Ipsy Glam Bag Plus FAQ post to learn more!

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. So happy I am getting the Bum Bum cream, I really wanted it the first time they gave it away.

    • Me to love that cream.

    • I had put my account on hold this month until I noticed the bum bum cream. So I reactivated it hopefully I get it. I do like the It palette but I already have the Dr. Brandt eye stuff(I don’t like). I don’t use highlighters and I don’t like those lippys at all. So it’s a gamble. Fingers crossed. I have to wait until they’ve reactivated me to see what I am getting. I was just taken off the waitlist but I didn’t like the bag or the items I was able to see at the time and was planning on waiting until next month. I think the bag will change and historically it’s a great month for sub boxes.

    • Someone said that it’s the travel size bum bum cream. Is that right? It seems to with the prices of everything else it wouldn’t be out of ordinary to include the regular sized. Please let me know if you know.

      • I think its 2.5oz.. So travel size, its $20 at sephora for this size.

        • I think that’s crappy. It’s not full size. Just because Sephora sells it doesn’t make it full size. Advertising 5 full size products & it’s actually still travel size stuff. Not cool. I didn’t think it was cool when Boxycharm did this either

  2. This is my second ipsy bag. I emailed them last month and opted out of any hair spray, texture spray or dry shampoo product. Guess what I got this month? Texturizing spray. Unusable on my curly hair. Thanks ipsy.

    Mini Fully Charged Mascara

    Dry Texturizing Spray

    Perfect Glow BB Cream SPF 30 in Light, Medium, OR Deep

    SAND & SKY
    Australian Pink Clay Porefining Face Mask

    Prep + Prime Natural Radiance in Radiant Yellow

    • Oops, thought this was the regular ipsy bag post, not the glam one. My bad.

    • I got all the same products. It’s ok but not the best. I did want the oribe spray and did like the mac prep. Oribe products smell divine! If you don’t like scents it’ll be definitely too strong smelling. Opt me out of anything from PUR, I’m so sick of their products from BC.

  3. I really wanted the It palette. 🙁 I’m getting Dr. Brandt, Makeup brushes, Foiled lipgloss in Acoustic and Bum Bum cream. I really only wanted the eyeshadow which I’m not getting.

    • Also getting the Tarte blush

    • Same when I saw the spoiler on here for Nov of the IT palette I was like yes finally we get what they made it out to be to start with! I thought we all would be getting the palette like last time nope I was wrong! I’m good with the tarte blush an the bum bum cream and brushes, but the lippie and dr brandt I’m like really y!! I love dr brandt they have some of the best products but I got this exact thing from Boxycharm an it wasnt great! The lippie I’m acoustic is not my speed at all!! Idk man the very 1st plus bag u know the one they used to pull us all in only sending to YTbers and influencers now that’s like a Holy grail bag!! Wonder y it’s not been on that scale for their normal paying customers!!

      • I completely agree! I thought EVERYONE was getting the IT palette, that is what they made it seem like, that is what i was so excited for! Only to find out I am not getting it! Also not even getting Ofra. I am very disappointed in my bag, I am getting the Tarte Blush which I wont use, the lippie I probably wont use depending on color, The Dr. Brandt I am the most upset about, I already have it and its not good at all. The brushes and Bum Bum cream are the only 2 items i am ok with. I usually dont complain about my boxes as the value is there, however when you were expecting to get a great palette and dont.. Boooo.

    • Me too, I didn’t get it😢

    • If I get it, I’d be happy to swap it to you. I already have it. 🙂 I can’t see my bag yet-forgot to update my card!

      • I’m getting the tarte trio blush that I have already… so if you want to trade for the It palette, I’d be more than happy to!

      • Did you get your bag yet?

        • I’ve noticed a lot of shipping delays lately with Ipsy.

    • What is your 5th item? If not the eyeshadow? The blush? Just very curious

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if the IT palette is a addon for reg subs just like the horrible overly sparkly tiny Smashbox pallette which was avail as a addon this AM for $12. No wonder they have leftovers. It’s not worth anything more then their add on price of $12 and I still wouldn’t buy it.

  4. I’m being greedy, but I wish the bum bum were full size instead of travel sized.

    • They are all supposed to be full size. So, I don’t think you are being greedy 🙂

    • Yep not cool

    • I thought it said 75 ml, is that the travel size? The teenie one I got from Boxy is 25 ml. I’m still happy I’m getting it!

      • Where did you see what size it was ?

        • It’s in the learn more section after you click on that product in the Ipsy app.

    • Do you know the exact size? Is it the $20 one?

  5. I’m getting:
    Dr. Brandt – I think I have 2 of these that I haven’t even tried yet
    Brush trio
    FAB cleanser
    Lipgloss in Acoustic – probably too dark for me
    Tarte cheek palette – very happy with this as I already have the IT palette

    Not terrible. I’ll use at least 3 of the 5 products.

    • Box twins and I really wanted the palette. I am happy with the brushes and the FAB cleanser but the rest will be swapped {hopefully}. I can’t handle the feel of lip gloss, I just decluttered 25 blushes and although I like the Dr Brandt I have a backup already and 1 up for swap.

  6. I’ll have my whole box up for swap. I’m getting the IT palette, brushes, and Dr. Brandt. I’ll have my whole box up for swap. I’d like to swap some of it for the Ofra highlighter and Bum Bum cream. My swap page is linked to my name above.

    • I would totally swap the bum bum cream with you for the it pallet

      • How do you swap things in here?
        Is there any specific page you have to go to?

    • How do you swap things in here?

    • I have my ofra listed if you want to swap for the palette let me know. I also have 6 bum bum creams too, 4 small and 2 mediums. 🙂

    • Thanks for the replies! I usually get my bag early in the month, and I’ll list the items for swap as soon as I have them. (I know some people list them in advance, but I just feel weird about that. I’d rather see the items first and know they arrived undamaged and in good condition for swapping.)

  7. I’m receiving the IT palette, FAB cleanser, Dr.Brandt, brushes & lip gloss. I have a literally plastic shoe box, filled with all the BN, unused makeup brushes I’ve received after 6+ years of Ipsy. Guess it’s time to pull that out 😐
    My value is appx $160, so my issue isn’t with the value. I suppose I’m hoping for greater variety in the products offered, along with the ability to opt out of certain products

    Also- am I the only person not into the scent of Bum Bum Cream?? I have so many unused containers I need to gift/ trade away

    • I’m not fond of it either. It’s too sweet and strong for me. I would like that scent in a candle, however, just not on my skin.

      • Yes, a candle would probably be nice. But I definitely cannot stand it on my skin. I’ve never understood all the hype. It’s almost like it’s a drug the way some people obsess over it! 😄

    • @AM….. I love Bum Bum and would love to trade you for some? I have subed to sephora, boxy, ipsy, allure and birchbox for a 3 years now and have a five drawer dresser full of new unopened items.

    • I hate it too. The scent literally makes me feel sick. I don’t know what it is about it, but I do not like it at all. And it did nothing for me. I see so many people excited about receiving it but I don’t get the hype. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Agree. The smell is so strong n sweet, pinapple-ly. Definitely bothersome. I didn’t even try the one I received in my BC box because it was so offensive. It’s alrdy been regifted.

  8. What is this swap site everyone is referring to? Is this just the FB makeup groups or something else?

    • Hi, Mary. This site, My Subscription Addiction has a swap section. You can view the items up for swap by clicking SWAPS at the top of the page to the left of the search button. You need to request to be in the swaps and there is a waitlist. I waited about 4 months to get in. Totally worth it. I love getting rid of the items I know I’ll never use and getting things I actually want!

  9. Am getting .

    It Cos. Palette – Love
    Face Cleanser – Need
    Lippie – Fun
    Brushes – Love
    Dr Brandt Eye Gel – People say I need this. “I have dark circles and bags.”

    I don’t use blush, I emailed Ipsy years ago. I have Rosacea. I don’t use reds on my checks so no blush is in my profile. Happy with everything. I cancelled Boxycharm. Ipsy fits me better. I put the value of something I’ll use over the price of a product anytime, even if the cost deference is $1 to $100.

    • Box twins! I am super excited about the palette (love!) and the cleanser. I like FAB in general, have dry sensitive skin, and am low on cleanser. Not very excited about the gloss, brushes, or Dr Brandt (tried it before didn’t work for me) but I’m still happy. I’d have jumped at the chance to pay $25 for just the palette and cleanser!

      • I’m jealous! I wish I hadn’t seen the spoilers. I was going to cancel, then I saw the it palette and the cleanser. Of course, I’m not getting those in my box. I am due for a new cleanser, it was going to be perfect timing! Is it too late to cancel?

  10. im getting it pallet, the brushes, dr brant the highlighter and s make up geek lippie BUT WHY AM I GETTING THE SAME OL MAKEUP BAG?

    • Because you only get one bag per quarter, and it’s the same bag for the whole quarter. so if this is your first plus bag, then you’ll get this one. if you got October’s plus bag, you’ll just get products.

    • They’re showing last month’s bag, but this month we are only getting the products (no makeup bag). Makeup bag only comes every 3 months.

    • @Angela…..we will only get a bag every 3rd month. For instance, since we received a bag last month in october, we shouldnt get a new bag until January.

  11. Wow. I thought both the eyeshadow palette and the highlighter were givens. I know there is always some variation, but it’s like some people got awesome bags and then the rest of us got spit on. A cleanser instead of bum bum cream? A blush palette? I probably have enough blush to last me until my dying day. There are only so many shades of pink you can reasonably care about, while your eyeshadow look can change daily.

    When everyone was upset last month, I stayed positive…but I would honestly skip every single item in my bag this month. I was excited by the spoilers and then the only one I got was another lip product. Which is honestly I skip most days because I can’t touch up my lipstick at work.

    • Agreed! It would be nice if they would let us know what the variations would be, and then maybe let us choose one of our products. So that way everybody had a fair shot at the better items. I feel like my box was put together last, and they just threw in what was left.. 😕

      • Why would you think they should let us pick one item? Boxy doesn’t do that. (well, they have done it once for the Luxe box only), Glossy doesn’t do that, Allure doesn’t do that. Why would Ipsy do it?

    • Personally I’m glad I got the blush and not the eyeshadow. I have 20 eyeshadow palettes and nothing in the it cosmetics one was very unique to me lol. But blush I hardly have any of and nothing pink like that so I’m glad to have that. These boxes really are just meant to be little additions to your makeup collection, they’re not a guarantee that your exact needs will always be met. Even with our beauty profiles it would still be difficult to meet every single persons needs. That’s why I like to think of these as just fun little present surprises and just buy the makeup I really want :3

      • The point isn’t that they aren’t meeting everyone’s needs. I would be fine if we all got the same products and I just happened to not like it. Especially as that would help me determine if I want to cancel entirely. Having variation for the key items, though, means some people are naturally going to be upset because there were items we would have wanted. I was looking forward to the IT palette because I don’t have a whole lot of matte shadows. It seems every palette I get is shimmery. Since I have eyeshadows selected in my profile, but not blushes, that seems like a simple thing to get right. Especially when I also have IT Cosmetics selected.

  12. I’m getting the palette, highlight, gloss, brushes, dr Brandt. Not excited for the last one. Didn’t do anything for me when I got it through boxycharm. And i love the bum bum cream!!! The gloss color is…purple…. I’m seeing some Christmas gifts in the making

  13. Did anyone who tried the Eye cream from Boxycharm like it ?? It looks like most comments are negative.

    • It really works in helping lesson the bags , especially on no make up days. The problem I’ve had is that it’s very drying . So applied under make up makes my eyes look dry, even with moisturizing. It’s definitely good for those days your eyes are extremely tired though .

    • I hated it at first because it was cakey and hard to work with. Then I got a lot of just oily residue out of the tube and realized it separated. So now I’ve just massaged the tube to mix it all up and I actually like it. Not mad to get a second tube, I don’t think it’s a miracle product but it does help. Mostly I think it’s the color that covers darkness but I’m not ruling out some de-puffing as well, just not dramatic.

    • I LOVE it and use it almost daily. It really does shrink bags. I don’t really have dark circles so I can’t commeny for sure but my under eye area is definitely brighter when I use this product.

    • It definitely depends on your needs. If your only issue is dark circles then it probably won’t do anything. For me I used it for a month a noticed nothing happen but I also don’t have bags, just dark circles.

    • I love the eye gel. My eyes are aging and lids are starting to slightly sag. I put it all over before doing my eyemake up and it works wonders for me. I still have a half tube from boxy but I’m not mad about getting a second tube. Also, getting it palette, gloss, brushes, and FAB cleanser. I’m pretty hype about my second box.

  14. Please can someone swap me the IT palette! It’s the only thing I wanted! If anyone wants the FAB, Slmissglam, Tarte palette or the Dr Brandt i am happy to swap them for the IT!

  15. I was so excited when I saw the products, but I got the worst variation for myself. I didn’t have lip glosses checked in my profile, yet I received the lip gloss. I didn’t have beauty tools checked in my profile, yet I received the brushes. I did have body butters checked, but I didn’t receive the bum bum cream. I did have highlighters checked, but I didn’t receive the highlighter. I normally would be okay with the eye cream but I already have two of them.

    If anyone wants to trade for the bum bum cream or the ofra highlighter, I’m offering the gloss, the eye cream, and the brushes in exchange. Could someone tell me how to set up swap, please?

    • It seems everyone either got the cleanser or the bum bum, the highlighter or brushes, blush pallet or eyeshadow pallet. Seems like everyone got lipgloss as like a filler item.

      • I got the brushes, highlighter, It Eyeshadow Palette, Dr Brandt, and the lip gloss. I made a post like 2 hours ago, but it wasn’t posted….waste of time

      • I agree with the blush palette or eyeshadow palette and FAB cleanser or Bum Bum, but Luz got both highlighter and brushes.
        And, the $45 value of those brushes is ridiculous. I can’t imagine anyone would ever spend that for those.

      • This theory makes sense! I’m getting the lip gloss even though I don’t have any lip products checked nor the brand Makeup Geek because I don’t like it. Yet I’m still receiving that lip gloss. 😒

  16. I’m curious to know if there is a large discrepancy between the value of different variations of the bag. I’m a little frustrated that I did not get the IT palette or the bum bum cream. It just feels like the value of the other items is lower, but I could be wrong.

    • You are 100% correct! I got crap!

    • I got the brushes , the foiled lip , dr brandt , the highliter and the tarte blushes , I added everything up and it valued at $180 .. not bad for a $30 box

      • Bag twins. What are the values of each?

    • I got total crap also- once again- nothing went according to my beauty profile and there’s no way the values are even close to the same. I stayed positive through last months waste of money and Look I got the worst variantion possible and wasted money once again. I didn’t get the it pallette, which was the only thing I really wanted and to get a blush pallete instead???!! Yes I love tarte- but Ipsy has sent me 4 tarte blushes in the last year- and there’s no way that value is the same and the eyeshadow palette. And to give me eyeshadow brush set and not given me ANY eyeshadow seems like a smack in the face. I’ve always loved Ipsy but now they’ve put a major bad taste in my mouth I can’t get rid of and add in the anger at myself for letting them rip me off once again. This entire thing has been a disaster and a complete and total disappointment. They’ve made all of boxycharm’s fiascos seem so minor in comparison to all of this. I wouldn’t recommend Ipsy plus to anyone, not even Satan himself. So sad.

  17. I’m over the moon with my plus bag this month!! Much better than last month! Bum bum cream?!?!? Dying!! I also love that I had the choice to add extra samples this month! I couldn’t be happier!! So excited!!

    • I was excited to Nikki. I really wanted the velvet sponge but didn’t want to spend the 10$ for the regular bag just to hope I get it so when I seen I could pay the 3$ and add it on I was stoked! I’m happy with my bag this month.

      • Happy to love the bum bum cream and the pallet looks beautiful not married in not getting highlighter I have enough till I did I to it of my profile so maybe they do look.Super happy with mine and got some great add one’s.

        • Damn auto correct

  18. I’m getting the IT Palette, the brushes, Dr. Brandt eye gel, Makeup Geek gloss, and the Bum Bum cream. I am super happy that I will finally be able to try the Bum Bum cream and I’m OK with the rest of the contents.

    • box twins. i love bum bum i was excited to see it. not so much with the dr. Brandt or the brushes. but still a good deal. and still better then boxy this month

    • Same for me. I am ecstatic with this bag. I love IT and was so close to buying an eye palette the other day but held off with hopes I would receive on in this bag. Yay! I always love brushes. I’m not a fan of bum bum cream but it’s goes very quickly in the swap site so that’s great too. The only negative for me (and it’s a teeny tiny negative) is the color of the lip gloss, acoustic. It’s very dark but I’m going to give it a try because just maybe I can pull it off.
      I am dropping either ipsy plus or boxy after the end of the year so +1 for ipsy this month.

    • Box Twins! So excited!

  19. I’m really happy! The only item I wanted and didn’t get was the cleanser. But full size Dr. Brandt, tarte, make-up geek, bum bum cream, and brushes (blah) are amazing for $25.

  20. I’m definitely in product overload as none of this excites me.
    – Tarte cheek palette
    – Dr. Brandt eye thing
    – The brush trio
    – Ofra highlighter
    – Lip Gloss in Acoustic – ugh!

    Is anyone familiar with the Ciate London translucent powder? It’s an add-on but I can’t find it anywhere on the internet.

  21. My bag:

    DR. BRANDT No More Baggage Eye De-Puffing Gel
    Makeup Geek Foiled Lipgloss Acoustic
    Slmissglam brushes (junk brushes)
    Naturally Pretty Vol 1 Eyeshadow Palette
    OFRA highlighter in Rodeo Drive

    They need to move away from the Slmissglam brushes already. They are pretty to look at, but that is it. What do they have a whole room filled with them?…..Enough already

  22. It looks as if I’m not receiving the palette either…bummed. I would have thought with all the mention of the palette in “Your Beauty News”, that one would have been added to my bag. This is going to be my first Plus bag. So far, I’m not impressed.

  23. I’m pumped about mine! The only thing is if anyone gets the FAB cleanser and would be willing to sell LMK!!

  24. Can anyone who has used the Dr Brandt eye cream depuffer please share your experience with it, good, bad, blah? I’ve been wanting to try it & am getting it this month so I’m excited but want to know if I’m buying the hype or not.


    • I use it every day and will be buying more when it runs out! It does make the area feel a little tight when it dries, but a little moisturizer fixes that right up!

    • I got one in boxy and I don’t have bags but my BF does and he tries it and you could def see a difference! So he stole it lol.

    • I got it in boxy, everytime I use it it works. I do apply it after my moisturizer. I found when I applied it before it was too drying.

    • I absolutely love it. I use it nearly daily and it noticeably shrinks bags. I can’t soeak to dark circles but my under eye area is definitely brighter after using.

  25. I liked last month, but I LOVE this month! I will be gifting 2 products for christmas 🙂

    -IT cosmetics palette (I can’t belive I’m getting it, its why I stayed subscribed).
    -SLMSSGLAM brushes (i absolutely love her brushes).
    -Bum Bum cream (yay, I LOVE THIS STUFF, I almost bought the $20 one a few days ago, so now it feels like I paid for the cream with shipping and got everything else free…so that’s a win).
    -Dr Brandt no more baggage eye gel (I love dr brandt, but I i never used the 2 I got from boxy, I may give this away or finally try it…im not sure).
    -Makeup Geek lipgloss (if I dont get sell out, I will gift it).

    The last 2 Im not excited for, but with 3 other great items I wont complain.

  26. I’m feeling the same as most others. I thought the palette was a given. Off course, I didn’t get it. I got those silly pre teen brushes that I’ve rated 1 every time I’ve gotten them. I think Ipsy Plus might not be for me. I only upgraded because of the palette spoiler…now I feel like I should have kept my regular bag. Bummer!

    • Same here. I’m cancelling. I sub to Boxy, and theres no point to having both when the first 2 months of this has been a bust.

      • After the 1st Plus bag I cancelled & got BL. BL Dec looks killer(Violet Voss palette, mini flat iron, full set of Luxie brushes, Elmeis beauty variationn plus more spoilers coming!). Atm Plus cannot compete. Also at $25/mo, Ipsy is not living up to the upcharge vs BC, easy decision for me.

        • I get Beautyfix and BC also. I live those 2. I was about to cancel IPSY when the glam plus came out. I’m off the waitlist but I’m not thrilled with the products. But I will wait to see what I get but I’m most likely cancelling. However Dec is usually a great sub box month.

    • As soon as I found out the first variations of spoilers I went in and unchecked everything except the It products brushes ane eyeshadow. It worked I got the it eyeshadow palette and brushes.

  27. How do we do add ons?

    • I did the reveal on the app and I scrolled down to see add ons

  28. I will sell my box if anyone wants it? I’m getting dr Brandt, brushes, cleanser, tarte and lippie!! I wanted the it cosmetics it nope and I wanted the bum bum but nope!! I have no lip products marked so profile wasn’t even looked at

  29. Bag twins! I would have rather the cleanser and bum bum cream as opposed to the brushes and dr. Brandt. I don’t feel the brushes are high end or “plus” at all. I would have rather seen Luxie, Morphe, Smashbox, IT cosmetics, or Tarte brushes instead. They all have gift sets out for $30 or less right now for plush, high end brushes.

  30. If anyone doesn’t want their highlighter, please consider a trade with me. I have linked my swap profile for your convenience.

  31. My box is:

    Tarte cheek palette – Super happy about this. As much as I love eyeshadow palettes the it cosmetics one didn’t really excite me. All the colours were something I have in my collection, but the blush isn’t : D
    Slmissglam brushes – I always love brushes!
    Bum bum cream – This stuff is the best and so expensive so I never buy it for myself. I can justify a ridiculous amount of money for highlighter, but not lotion lol. ( Plus my favourite lotion is udderly smooth which is waaaay cheaper haha )
    Makeup geek gloss – I’m so excited for this!! I don’t have a lot of makeup geek in my collection and I don’t have anything like any of those colours either : D
    Dr Brandt – This is the only hard pass for me. It might be a great product but I don’t have a puffy under eye issue so it doesn’t do anything for me. It’ll be a nice addition to a gift though. But I would have preferred the highlighter which is something I rate highly and have checked instead of an eye cream which I don’t have checked at all.

    Overall it’s a solid selection for me. Only one item I won’t use. Plus the blush palette is over the price of the box and such a great thing for me. It’s the kind of thing I always want but never pick up for myself so I’m very happy with that!

  32. Not sure if this will help those who didn’t get the palette. I had that eyeshadow palette years ago and gave it away because the pigment was awful and I disliked it. I’m glad I’m not getting it. Hopefully, they have changed the formula.

  33. I got the palette and the eye cream. If anyone wants to swap for highlight and/or bum bum cream, let me know!

    • I will trade the highlighter for the it pallette…. happily and with a glad heart.

      I also have some eyeko eyeliners I will chip in for free. Just sayin’…

    • I will swap ya! I already have the highlighter and really wanted the palette

  34. I got the palette and the eye cream and dont want either one. If anyone wants to trade for highlighter and/or bum bum cream, let me know!

    • Katie…..You can have my highlighter, I already have that product. How do I get in touch with you?

  35. I am pleased though I won’t use the lip gloss. I’m getting the Bum Bum cream instead of the highlighter, been with Ipsy since 2015 and perhaps they finally read my profile 🙂 I can always use a back up “No More Baggage” still using the one from Boxy. I like this box better then the first month.

  36. Soooooo upset. I didn’t get the eyeshadow palette or the highlighter (which is my favorite highlighter and can never have too much of) I got the cleanser, the eye gel, the brushes, liquid lipstick, and the tarte face palette. Awful.

    • Me too!! Horrible….the Blush Palette should not have been an either or., iit’s not fair some people get the Eyeshadow Palette and we get this??? This box was the worst …I literally just reviewed it a 1 lol

      • I feel your pain Jeri. So disappointed. Cancel time

      • Same! And I have never reviewed a bag 1 Star. But I’m pissed. This isn’t even really a palette it’s a couple blushes. No way should be in place of a eyeshadow palette like come on!

      • Me too….I
        Got the same box!! So sad

    • I’m disappointed too. I’m not getting the eyeshadow palette but I am getting the Bum Bum cream.

      • I didn’t even get the bum bum cream!

    • Same here…. 🙁

    • Same. I was really looking forward to that palette and I will always use highlighters. I use blush but not enough to want a whole palette of it. This month was a bust for me. 🙁

  37. Got the same as Liz with the exception of the eyeshadow palette. I wanted the Tarte blushes, so I’m glad I got it.
    Glad about the brushes and the highlighter.
    Kinda bummed about the gloss (depending on the colour) and especially the Dr. Brandt. It’s not cruelty free and I got it from Boxycharm a few month ago.
    But 3/5 is pretty good.
    So the score for November: ipsy is the better box for me this month. Sorry boxy. Do better.

  38. Im kinda upset that I’m not getting that palette. The blush palette does look really pretty though and in all honesty Id probably get more use out of the blush but what bothers me is that I thought the palette was gonna be the main thing everyone gets and most of the rest will be variations. I hate that, when the main good item ends up being a variation. BAG ENVY IS REAL. Anyway heres my bag.

    Tarte cheek palette (down for it)
    Slmissglam brushes (down for it)
    Bum bum cream (down for it)
    Makeup geek gloss (meh, id be down if i get the nude shade but knowing my luck, i won’t)
    Dr Brandt. (Trash)

    Also, is it showing the bag for anyone? Its showing me that im getting the same bag as last month. I thought it was bags only every few months or whatever. Maybe its a glitch.

    • It will show that bag until the next quarterly bag comes. You’ll just get the box with products this time and next.

  39. Im kinda mad that I’m not getting that palette. The blush palette does look really pretty though and in all honesty Id probably get more use out of the blush but what bothers me is that I thought the palette was gonna be the main thing everyone gets and most of the rest will be variations. I hate that, when I main good item ends up being a variation. BAG ENVY IS REAL. Anyway heres my bag.

    Tarte cheek palette (down for it)
    Slmissglam brushes (down for it)
    Bum bum cream (down for it)
    Makeup geek gloss (meh, id be down if i get the nude shade but knowing my luck, i won’t)
    Dr Brandt. (Trash)

    Also, is it showing the bag for anyone? Its showing me that im getting the same bag as last month. I thought it was bags only every few months or whatever. Maybe its a glitch.

  40. I must be one of the few happy about not getting the it cosmetics palette as I am on palette overload. I am a little bummed about not getting the bum bum cream though but all good. One product I am getting hthat I’m unhappy with is thE Dr Brandt. I got it in Boxycharm and didn’t like it. I’ll have to pass it on to my mom.

    • I didn’t get the Palette either. It’s ok. I just ordered the Anastasia Sultry Palette. But still would of loved to try the IT one. I don’t understand how they can do this to us. Everyone should be getting the Palette as it seemed like the hero item. And I’m getting a filed lipgloss? I too just ordered YSL lip stain from our allure box. I love that one. Everything else is just ok. I might have to give my sub to someone else on the wait list.

    • I’m happy too! I have about 437 eye shadow palettes right now.

  41. I accidentally lost my glam bag plus subscription because I tried to sign back up for both the regular glam bag & the glam bag plus. I emailed them and they said too bad ur back on waitlist. At first I was sad but I can tell you that if I paid $25 and did not get that it palette I would lose my mind and cancel anyway. EVERYONE should get that palette that’s on the glam bag plus …. I would freak out if I didn’t so I’m actually glad they didn’t give me my spot back. I’ll take the regular bag and not worry about being disappointed!!

    • Not everyone wants eyeshadow so I’m glad they allow for variances. For instance, I hated last months Smashbox palette and swapped it immediately. I think what’s important is that they actually look at profile preferences as much as possible when customizing the individual bags.

    • I only kept it for that pallet. I didn’t get it. I just cancelled. And they had the AUDACITY to send the brush trio of that garbage brand they’ve been putting in nearly ever Ipsy bag I’ve gotten since April no matter how many times I rated them terrible. At first I tried to downgrade to the regular bag, but that just made them charge me 10.00 for Dec bag, and now I can’t even access the Glam Bag Plus anything, so I won’t have access to add-ons or tracking numbers, either. I’m FURIOUS

      Furious is an understatement, actually

      • Wow. It sounds like ipsy might not be for you. They’re one of the best, and they’ve made it clear you’ll lose your spot if you cancel in favor of a normal month, which you did.

        • They are not the best. I emailed them 10 times with no respone. Finally received a response after I filed with my credit card and not until they opened up an investigation contacting Ipsy. I received an odd refund of $5.xx immediately with no explanation what the amount was for. F rating in customer service. It’s their loss. You’re the paying customer, they want to make money.

  42. I am actually bummed. I am getting nothing I actually was interested in getting. This is a first.

    I even liked last months bag. I don’t need highlighter, or goth lip gloss, or brushes…. maybe I’ll like the blush? I don’t know… I will not even care this when this box shows. I want nothing in it.

    I got sub box blues

    • I would be really upset about not getting that palette too. That it palette is what makes the 25$ box worth it!!! I think they scrambled with those blushes because they ran out of it palettes. I don’t blame u I would be so sad too!! That palette looks amazing!!

  43. I got the main things I wanted (bum bum cream, Dr. Brandt, IT palette) SO super happy about that 😍

    But I don’t use lipstick or lipglosses at all, I opted out of it completely and still got it.

    Would anyone want to trade me for it? I’ll take literally anything else besides that but I really wanted the FAB cleanser or the Tarte blush palette.

  44. I am getting the Tarte blush palette, the bum bum cream, makeup geek foiled lippie, brushes, and dr Brandt eye gel. Really bummed I am not getting the IT palette. I don’t understand how they are looking at our profiles. There is only one of those lippie colors I would wear, so more than likely I won’t get a wearable color. I have those brushes already. I am excited for the tarte palette and bum bum cream. Thankfully I didn’t get the highlighter!

  45. When I looked at possible spoilers with Dr. Brandt microdermabrasion, I was hoping I’m not getting it.

    I’m really happy with November’s bag. My bag includes:

    DR. BRANDT No More Baggage Eye De-Puffing Gel (unexpected, but I love eye creams)

    SLMISSGLAM Eyeshadow Brush Trio
    IT COSMETICS (could do without, but it’s ok – may gift it to a friend)

    Naturally Pretty Vol 1 Eyeshadow Palette (really wanted to get it)

    SOL DE JANEIRO Brazilian Bum Bum Cream (I keep using it anyway, so happy to get one in my bag)

    MAKEUP GEEK Foiled Lipgloss in Acoustic, Drum Roll, Set List, OR Mixtape (I hope it’s Set List as others don’t look like shades I would wear)

    • I’m getting same bag. Not excited about brush set (but it’s giftable) or gloss (probably will be donated to Project Beauty Share unless it’s the nude shade).

  46. So bummed I didn’t get the palette.
    I already had that OFRA highlighter and while it was pretty, it’s definitely a summer color for me and shattered super quickly. The brushes I have been sent separately throughout the past year from Ipsy and am not a fan compared to my Luxie brushes, I always rate both OFRA and SLMissGlam low with it Cosmetics high so I’m not understanding customization so far. I also don’t have OFRA or highlight selected right now on my profile.

    • I really wanted that highlighters! Are you on the swap site? Want to trade for something else?

  47. First time I’m not happy with what I’m getting. I wanted the bum bum and the it pallet but getting neither bah.

    • Same.

    • Same here

    • Yup! Wanted those two things, getting neither. Ugh. And the lip gloss is terrible! Seriously.

  48. If anyone is interested I’d love to trade the Tarte palette/ dr. Brant for the eyeshadow!

    • I’m on the swap site and would love to get the blush! I will swap the cleanser and the palette most likely. I have my swap link on my name I think. 🙂

      • Carey – I’d love to swap the blush for either the cleanser or the palette (I have zero use for the blush that I’m getting). I have no idea how the swap thing works though! If you can walk me through how to do it, I’d be more than happy to trade with you! You can respond here or directly using persephone719 at gmail dot com. 🙂

    • Oops! Sorry Torre…I hit reply to Carey without realizing she was replying to you! Didn’t mean to step on any toes. Ignore my offer! 🙂

  49. Wow, this could either be a GREAT bag for me or a total loser. Let me go check and see. lol Thanks Liz!

    • I dodged the highlighter bullet! LOL I’m getting:

      The brush set: ehhh I literally have enough brushes for life
      Eye depuffing cream: not bad, I just got the one from Julep tho 🙁
      Lippie: Total miss
      The palette: Looks good
      Face Cleanser- Not a fan of the brand, BUT I did want a skincare heavy box so I’m not sad

      Only thing I’d have wanted to make it the best for ME is the blush. I can hit the swap board for that though. 🙂

      I’m definitely liking the Ipsy Plus, for the extra $15 I’m getting full size products that for the most part I want and can use. I’m pleased.

      Hope people got what they wanted or at least enough to be happy with their box this month.

      • I look at Ipsy Plus the same way like it’s just full size Ipsy and just the IT palette is $42 RV so it’s definitely worth it to me.

  50. I’m happy with my bag, I’d have preferred the cleanser over bum bum but it’s a good mix especially for $25. My November plus bag has.

    DR. BRANDT No More Baggage Eye De-Puffing Gel

    SLMISSGLAM Eyeshadow Brush Trio

    Naturally Pretty Vol 1 Eyeshadow Palette

    Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

    Foiled Lipgloss in Acoustic, Drum Roll, Set List, OR Mixtape

    • You got the palette AND bum bum?! So jealous! I wanted both and didn’t get either one!

    • I’ll swap you the cleanser for the bum bum cream

      • Are you on swap site ?

        • I’m not, been trying to get on it for months

        • If it’s allowed I can give an email address to swap info with

        • I am now ☺️

    • Exactly the same as what I’m getting! Excited for the Palette and the Bum Bum cream!

    • Bag twins! I got the same.

    • Bag twins! I’m very happy with my bag!

    • I am getting the same..Excited for IT! and can never have enough BUM BUM! I am totally addicted!

      But..Brushes.. 🙁 I have WAY too many already!
      And can’t stand Lip Gloss, so thats a miss too!

      I am going to see what Dec. brings and then probably cancel. We shall see…

    • Bag twins!

    • This is also the variant I’m getting. I think it’s the most relevant to me, so I’m pleased, other than the fact that I’m getting the lip gloss in Acoustic, which won’t work for me, so I’ll pass that on to someone else without even trying it. Drum Roll or Set List might have worked for me, but I guess now we’ll never know. 😉

    • I’m receiving the exact bag. So happy for the palette and the BumBum cream as well as the Dr. Brandt no more baggage. I love everything in this bag 🙂

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