Ipsy December 2018 Spoilers!

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We have spoilers for the December 2018 Ipsy glam bag!

Here’s our first look at the glam bag:

And here are some of the items being sampled in December:

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  1. I’m getting the FARAH brush and the Luxie one.

    Also getting two lip products, the Ciate glitter flip in red (Infamous) and the silvery frosty one.

    And a purple eyeshadow.

    Based on the amount of nail polish, I was afraid I’d get one anyways, but apparently not.

    Color me reasonably pleased. Then, any month with a purple eye product and a red lip is a good one.

  2. I rarely read comments, but I felt the need to say to everyone that we should be thankful to be able to get the Ipsy products plus the bag. The one comment that stood out to me was “I’d like anything.” Some people would love to have an extra $10 a month. Be kind and grateful you’re able to get the subscription. For some, that $10 goes for food to feed their families.

  3. The trust fund polish reminds me of Julep’s Gabby polish (which i’m wearing now) but i still want it.

  4. Here is the list of items (minus those already mentioned here) I was asked to choose from for December’s bag (I’d requested something for November’s bag too late):

    -Benefit Cosmetics POREfessional Primer
    -Cake Beauty Heavy Cream Intensive Body Balm
    -HEY HONEY Relax! Honey and Propolis Soothing Cream
    -IT Cosmetics Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara
    -STOWAWAY Effortless Eyeliner

    • Thank you for this! I’ve been wanting to try anything Hey Honey

      • You’re very welcome! I know, I love their products too! Got the eye cream/mask in one of my recent bags, it is fabulous. I chose the soothing cream for my December bag, can’t wait to try it!

  5. They posted some spoilers on Instagram. Ciate glitter flip liquid lipstick, gingerbread Delectable lotion ( which is also in survey) and benefit mascara.

  6. December is Ipsys last chance with me, and then only because I love the bag. I have gotten nothing since July but poor to mediocre bags. My November bag reminded me of those old paper guess whats in it grab bags of about to expire make up we got in drugstores in the 70s.
    Really annoyed at the lack of spoilers for this month too. If I’m not wowed, my next stop is Boxycharm.

    • Boxy charm isn’t any better with its repeats. I subscribed back in July with both Boxycharm & Sephora Play. Yes, its full sized items but what good is it when they send lip products of ugly colors, mascaras that are always dried up or brands I’ve never heard of, definitly not prestige. Out of a 5 boxes, I loved one palette. Needless to say I cancelled Boxycharm & kept my Sephora Play Subscription. I have received some pretty cool stuff with Sephora Play. I highly recommend it.

      • I’ve not had a lot of luck with Play. They were really good at NOT giving me colors/products I didn’t want.

  7. I really like the Nail Polish! I would love to get that. I paused the November Bag but I’m getting the December Bag. I hope they don’t have any shipping problems in December. So far I’ve never had problems with IPSY CS they have always emailed me back. 🤞

    • Their customer service is really speedy, friendly and accommodating (in my experience).

  8. Any clue when the nexy spoilers are coming out? 😕 It’s only a few days until our beauty profiles need to reflect what we need/want.

    They read the profiles on the 1st, so it would be handy to know what else is coming out for December.

    My thanks!

  9. Any clue when the nexy spoilers are coming out? 😕 It’s only a few days until our beauty profiles need to reflect what we need/want.

    They read the profiles on the 1st, so it would be handy to know what else is coming out for December.

    My thanks!

    • Been wondering the same thing.

      • They usually have the new spoilers out by now.

        • We haven’t been getting much in the way of spoilers since the Plus came out. Not sure if it’s related. But it is disappointing.

          • they have only given 2 spoilers for the plus bag also……idk what’s going on, but I ended up hitting the pause button for the plus bag. I’m not paying $28 with just those 2 spoilers. Still getting the regular bag though, it’s just too cute to pass up.

          • I agree. Nothing.

          • I’ve noticed that too.

    • I don’t know if you saw the list someone below posted but I was just sent same list to choose an item from because my bag has not shipped . These are more spoilers for December.
      the creme shop holiday mask trio, lottie London am to PM kohl eyeliner in black, f.a.r.a.h tapered blending brush 35e, and catrice cosmetics eyeshadow in shade luminous lilac.

  10. Is anyone interested in swapping I have the Foiled liquid lipstick in Acoustic and I absolutely cannot wear liquid lipstick especially in a dark color. I’d be willing to take just about anything regardless of retail value and give you swap with you that lipstick. But I do like shimmery stuff 😁

  11. Is anyone else having major issues with the delivery people. They pushed my bag back by almost 2 weeks. It was insane. I called and they couldn’t even give me an estimated date as to when they will deliver it. I was supposed to get it the 14th, then the 16th, then the 17th….now it says tomorrow. It’s been sitting in a facility 2 hours from my house since the 17th. Frustrated with this.

    • Yeah… I haven’t git my bag but my mom did and she had a missing item and she had to contact them. I’m afraid it will happen to me too because in October they send me the bag late but it wasn’t the items I’m supposed to get, it was a horrible for me but thankfully they answer my email fast and got my products. I just hope it doesn’t happen the same issue from October.

    • Mine is sitting in limbo since the 20th (supposedly shipped on the 9th). Ipsy won’t reply to my emails. Disappointed. Cancelling everything likely after December.

    • Yup, I still haven’t received my November bag either….

    • YES! my bag took FOREVER and the shipping information wouldn’t update. I too was missing an item, very frustrated. Not to mention the November Glam bag was junior and ugly! Sorry I’m 26 years old, and a majority of Ipsers are in their 20’s and 30’s, I don’t think anyone enjoyed walking around with a bag looking like it was designed for preteens. sorry. Very disappointed in Ipsy, for such a large company you’d think they’d made an effort to stay relevant and reliable.

      • I’m 36 and I love the bag, I don’t think it’s too tween. I don’t think one month where you don’t like the bag is enough to say you’d think they’d make an effort! I didn’t like October’s and lots of people probably loved it…

    • Mine has not even left Ipsy warehouse . Shipping date changes everyday.

    • You’re not the only one!!

    • My bag still hasn’t shipped, even after they gave me a tracking link and credited the 600 points to my account. So I waited another week and emailed them cause it said it was still at the factory. Now they’re going to credit me next months bag.

      • Same thing did to me. I checked my account and now it said my bad is being shipped but still no link to it. I hope Ipsy doesn’t let this hapoen again, they really did disappointed me.

    • I’ve had shipping problems the last 3 months or so. I didn’t get one bag until the next month. I’ve seen alot of people having trouble with shipping. I wonder what’s going on.

  12. Considering the fact that they usually put forth spoilers for what they deem their most desirable products, this is very disappointing. I really do not want any of these products. I do admit the bag is pretty, but I don’t need it. I just emailed them to ask how late in November I can cancel in order to avoid the December bag. The whole song and dance that you must be a Glam Bag subscriber to get the Plus bag has really turned me off to them as a company. November was terrible. I am ready to part ways unless I can get the Plus version. They have clearly abandoned their $10 customers by letting the regular Ipsy bag turn to crap. Besides, I can always try ebay for the Plus version, or just save my $25, which isn’t a bad idea either.

    Oh, and I just read the other comments. I must say that what I see is a bitterness between those who are ‘stuck’ with the $10 bag and those who are ‘lucky enough’ to get the $25 bag. This isn’t to say all people with the $10 bag want the $25 version, but many of us do. Obviously, I do. So I think some of the snarkiness is coming from someone posting a comment about how bad the nail polish is on the $10 spoilers and saying it isn’t good enough for her. I understand both sides–being snarky and not being snarky–depending on how you view her words. Ah the internet folks…

    • The spots are limited so of course the subscribers would get preference. You can’t have everything.

    • The regular bag hasn’t gone to crap, they’ve really gone above and beyond the last year to make a good company even better.

  13. Would really like the lip crayon and finishing spray. They can keep the mascara though…

    • I have more spoilers there was a glitch in my account
      They let me choose an item some other options variation in the bag is also the creme shop holiday mask trio, lottie London am to PM kohl eyeliner in black, f.a.r.a.h tapered blending brush 35e, and catrice cosmetics eyeshadow in shade luminous lilac

      • I just got same list to choose from because my bag has not shipped yet! I chose masks and lilac eye shadow.

  14. Ipsy has been pretty underwhelming for meme lately. November is my worst ever, but I love the. December bag so I’m going to hang in one more month. Not a fan of It cosmetics and I can buy the hair finishing spray at Walgreens. Hopefully better is on the way

    • Same, november was my worst bag, I´m gonna wait for more december spoilers, I still have high hopes!!

  15. Ohh I just bought a sweater that has the same color as the nail polish. I really hope I get the polish😊🙏🏼

  16. That nail Polish Looks Gorgeous!! Perfect for fall, and I’d do a couple nails in a shimmery silver for winter with it, I love it, perfect color!!

  17. 😂😂😂😂😂😂OMG I just died laughing my a$$ off!!! Right Ipsy did you get the memo Dina doesn’t want nail polish!!! OMG I just can’t, I get it though lmbo, people are funny I read these comments and just crack up at the way people react to these spoilers!! But thanks for your comment JennR that just made my day lol!!! I don’t know what these people think or why do they react to these spoilers like they do!!! Thanks again…💕😘💕

    • Bahahaha…. I saw that too!!! People are crazy!!!! Some people & their comments!!! Too much!!!! 🙂🙂🙂

  18. I’m just here for the bag! I would love to get the Nexxus. It’s hard to find decent travel sized hairspray.

  19. no more it mascara its good but i have to much

  20. Is anyone else in this month just for the bag??? 😍

    • Love the bag and that polish!

    • Keeping the sub for the bag! LMAO! Honestly, I was so peeved with them after feeling that my bags have gone downhill that I was ready to cancel after seeing my November spoilers. I’ve been in love with my Allure box that I do think ipsy will be the one to go in the New Year – it’s just not what it was! Kicking myself for missing the Birchbox deal – maybe I’ll get lucky and snag another sub for less then $10 a month on black friday/cyber monday.

  21. Dying to try the IT mascara. And that nail polish! Every month I hope to get nail polish, but nothing so far.

  22. I think that’s a great bag for only $10.

  23. I am generally pleased with ipsy. New Years resolution is to cut back on subs, but I will keep ipsy. And I find this bag the perfect balance of simple and glam, so good to tote makeup for touchups over the holidays!

    • I tried 4 different subs for one year, and ipsy is the one I stuck with.

  24. I like it. That Nexxus medium hold is the hair spray I use anyway so I’d love to have it in travel size. It’s the only hair spray I’ve found that works without drying my hair out. This is my 3rd month doing Ipsy and I’ve been happy so far. I already have enough mascaras and black liners so on my profile I put that I only like colorful, not black, eye makeup. So far I’ve received colorful eye shadow, brown eyeliner, and black “pearl” eyeliner that has a little glitter in it. No mascara.

  25. I will take any of it

  26. I decided to re sub after getting a promo of 5 mystery items added to December, because i was super interested in ipsy plus. But i signed up and no a day after they took the link to be added to waitlist off lol. My luck. But according to my sign up, it says i was charged for December and that would be my first bag. But was charged 10$ twice (two separate transactions) so i wonder if I’ll be getting November 🤔

    • Hi! The same happened to me! I resubbed with 2 accounts and got charged 2×2! So for times. I already sent them message to ask the reason, still waiting for their reply.

      • So weird! I hope they resolve yours quickly. 20$ is way more than 10$ for sure lol. They haven’t responded to me yet and it’s been a couple days. But i am hoping they say I’m getting November

      • Oh! Just checked my ipsy account, looks like i am getting November! My reveal is up! So you probably will have your reveals too, and that why we got two charges

        • Oh thank you for reminding me! I checked my account and will get the November box with the Huda lipstick!! 😍

  27. I want that nail Polish! ❤️ Also the finishing spray

  28. I’ve been loving Ypsi here lately you also gotta understand it takes time when you do add-ons or redeem points I absolutely love the personalization

  29. I would like any of it except for a brush. I have so many makeup brushes and do not want or need another.

    I like all the rest of the spoilers and that bag!

  30. Glad I cancelled them… so over ipsy

  31. Ehhh not thrilled at this point. After this month’s fiasco with my Glam Bag they better step up their game or it’s going to be game over. Hoping for another batch of spoilers that’ll wow me.

  32. This is underwhelming.

  33. Bag is pretty, rest is meh

    • Agree

  34. Oooh gimme that brush….. I’d also like the mascara. I have never received a mascara from ipsy yet

  35. If I wanted samples again, I will go back to the $10.00 Bag!!!! I hope I will not be paying $25.00 for this!!!!! I don’t want the nail polish!!!

    • This is for the $10 bag.

    • These are the spoilers for the regular bag not the plus

    • I’m pretty sure this is the regular 10 dollar sneak peek.

    • ………it says nowhere on here that these are the Plus spoilers. This is for the $10 regular bag

    • Wow, a bit of an overreaction. The title doesn’t say Glam Bag Plus. This is the regular bag, calm down

    • You won’t be paying $25 for this, because it is the $10 bag. But it’s great for all of us to know you don’t want that particular nail polish…I’m sure Ipsy will see your post and say to themselves, “Hold everything, Dina doesn’t want that nail polish.”

      • 🤣🤣

      • Is this nastiness really necessary? I don’t think so. Letting someone know this is the $10.00 Bag is one thing but you’re just being nasty.

        • We have a lot of nasty ppl on the comment sections, which is why i barely comment anymore, not because anyone has said anything to me but because of how they reply to others, unhelpful and rude i wish Liz would remove those snarky comments:/ and maybe block those ppl from commenting in general.

        • Yes very true. I see both sides but some people just troll the comments to be nasty. Complaining about someone else overreacting is still complaining.

      • 😂😂😂😂😂😂OMG I just died laughing my a$$ off!!! Right Ipsy did you get the memo Dina doesn’t want nail polish!!! OMG I just can’t, I get it though lmbo, people are funny I read these comments and just crack up at the way people react to these spoilers!! But thanks for your comment JennR that just made my day lol!!! I don’t know what these people think or why do they react to these spoilers like they do!!! Thanks again…💕😘💕

      • I mean they better or (insert spongebob meme) iM CaNCeLinG!!!!

    • Dina does’t want nail polish yo. 🤣😂🤣

    • Dina, if it helps any, I don’t want that nail polish either. You are entitled to your opinion. I guess most people here think theirs is the only one that matters. I’m sorry people are acting like junior high bullies towards over it. I’ve seen it happen here over and over again! I have had it happen to me as well. I hope it makes them feel great about themselves!

  36. Love that nail polish shade!

  37. I love the superhero mascara, crossing my fingers!

  38. I would love this bag! If only we could do requests. So hope that my Dec. bag is better than my Nov. one.

  39. Blah!

  40. I love the nexxus finishing spray I use it everyday and lobe the makeup brush but the rest is just soso

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