Happy Rebel Box Winter 2018 Spoiler #2

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happy rebel

Happy Rebel Box is an edgy lifestyle box for women. The theme for the Winter 2018 Box is Give & Get:

Our winter collection is all about the season of giving. Whether you’re treating family, friends, or even yourself!

As a special gift to our members, our Happy Rebels will be able to customize every item in their winter box. Pick the perfect gift for the most stylish ladies on your shopping list, or reward yourself… because the holidays are hard work!

And here is the latest spoiler:

For your most fashionable friend...

Our second spoiler is a genuine pebbled leather crossbody of your choice from Kiko Leather. Each style comes with a removable and adjustable shoulder strap and a dust bag for storage.

The Loveable | Black or Blue – A modern boxy style complimented by silver hardware and a zipper tassel. Three internal card slots and one external zipper pocket. 7″ L x 6″ W x 2.75″ D

The Fold Over | Black or Brown – Generous center compartment with an internal sleeve pocket. Zipper flap pocket storage extends to the base of the bag. Magnetic flap closure and gold hardware. 10.5″ L x 8″ W x 3.5″ D

The Simplistic | Black – Carry on your arm, your shoulder, or as a crossbody. Main compartment divided by a zipper pocket. Gold hardware. 8.5″ L x 7.5″ W x 3.5″ D. 4.5″ handle drop.

In case you missed the previous spoiler:

For your favorite co-worker-in-crime...

Our first item is a shimmering 10oz candle in a beautifully gift-able box from Happy Rebel favorite, D.L. & Co. Choose the studded crystal glass container in the color of your choice, each with it’s own unique scent.

Black | Mountain Cedar and Birchwood – Smoky birch, vetiver and oak blend with pure cedar, white elm, balsamic amber and earthy moss

Green | Citron Leaf and Rosemary – Dazzling honeydew nectar and ripe cantaloupe swirl with crisp citron leaf, soft basil and a hint of sun-warmed rosemary

Orange | Golden Hibiscus and Sunflower – Notes of pure hibiscus shimmer with sparkling sunflowers sweetened with sugared citrus and a splash of golden pineapple

Grey | Sea Salt and Ginger – Ginger root dazzles with the cool, ozonic freshness of sea salt

Raspberry | Pink Grapefruit and Sage – Glittering grapefruit zest infused with aromatic hints of luminous sage, crushed ginger essence and sweet peppermint balm

There is a limited number of each color variation. Members can make their selection using the button below. If one of the variations sells out, it will be removed as a selectable option on the form. Selections close November 29th.

What do you think of the spoilers?

More info on this box:

The Subscription Box: Happy Rebel Box

The Cost: $100 a quarter

The Products: Each box will contain 4-6 items that will vary box to box, so you will never receive the same types of items repeatedly. Each box could contain jewelry, fashion accessories, home decor, beauty products, as well as other various lifestyle items that fit the collection of the box as well as the Happy Rebel modern and edgy style.

Ships to: US

Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription box list or wish list!

Check out my Happy Rebel Box reviews to learn more about this subscription box.

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  1. I’ve shopped from Happy Rebel before, but never subscribed. I subscribed and did not receive any customization email afterwards. That is because I had already received it as an enticement to subscribe 🙂 so it was already in my inbox. Just a heads’ up for anyone who is wondering where their customization email is: you might have received it even before subscribing if you’re on their mailing list.

    I got the brown foldover bag and the green candle. It was such a hard choice for both items, with so many good options!!

  2. So when does the next spoiler come out??

  3. I wonder if there will be something for a man since this is a gift and get box. Or an option for something for a man. My husband got the shower gel and the coffee from the Fall box.

    I would love to gift something to him.

    • I hope not, this is all mine, lol.

      • Well if it isn’t for a man I won’t be upset! 😂😂

  4. Also honestly all these bags are super cute and I’d be happy with any of them. Nicer quality than some other boxes at this price point. Well done, HR.

  5. This box is awesome. I was sad to miss the awesome box with the crystal ball and the stars but I am happy to be in on this one. And customizing? What? Happy Rebel is fun.

    • I missed that box too. I just loved the things in it.

  6. Do not try to get 2 boxes. It was a mess. I wanted one for my elderly mother but the entire customization experience is a nightmare.

    She has a different email from me but uses my computer.

    She can not customize and can’t seem to get help.

    I just give up……

    • amyr – They accept customizations for second boxes via email since each person can only submit one selection via form. If your mom has a separate email from you, she should be able to submit a form with her google acct, you would just have to sign out of yours and sign into hers. If she doesn’t have one, creating one is pretty quick and painless too! Hope this helps!

      • I tried but it did not work but Johanna just too it manually.

        Johanna told me that the form was intentionally limited to one response to keep people from entering over and over thinking for some reason the first time did not work which makes sense.

        So she took the second one over the email.

        So my mom got the pink candle and I am getting the blue bag.

        I also like that the Loveable has silver hardware. That is the main reason I chose it on her subscription.

        Bags with silver hardware are more rare than those with gold and I wanted a bag with gold and silver hardware.

        I hope the straps adjust well for a small person (I am 5 feet tall) and a size 4 so I can’t carry a bag with a strap that comes to my knees. 🤣 I look awful carrying big bags or bags with long straps.

        • My cataract is worse so if I make mistakes just excuse. I am having surgery soon and my posts will make more sense

  7. I cancelled my HR sub two boxes ago but I’m still getting the emails. The box spoiler got me!

  8. Reasons I signed up for this:

    1) Every single item in this is box is customizable – what??!! That’s awesome!
    2) Everyone gets to customize everything, which I think is fantastic.
    3) Both of the spoilers so far are quality items from quality brands (yay for no pleather with inflated values – I’m looking at you BOS)

    So, if it wasn’t clear – I LOVE this box so far, excited to see what’s to come! Good job Happy Rebel, some unnamed boxes should really take some hints from you.

    PS. I chose the Raspberry candle and black Loveable bag.

    • My choices are almost the same except I choose the blue loveable bag.

    • Oooh, we’re matching so far. 🙂

      • Ah, nevermind I didn’t pay attention, I got the other bag. 🙁

    • Exactly. I’ve been watching this sub for a long time but not only did I finally sign up because of the reasons you said but I created 2 accounts to get 2! I couldn’t decide between the fold over and the loveable and just went for it because the value is already there with these spoilers! I’m sure anything extra can be gifted but since I know I can customize everything why not?!?!?

  9. Wow! I hope this does not sell out by Friday. I really want thus box!

  10. Well I love the spoilers and I used the links below to pick what I wanted but I think it’s poor cs for them not to have the email out to people who signed up. I signed up 5 hours ago, still no email. Someone may not check back here and miss out because they never get that email. And I sure hope these links work, because so far no confirmation email either. At first I was very happy that cs from Happy Rebel was on here answering questions, but if you don’t answer ALL the questions and ignore the people with questions that are more “important” then I’m reconsidering and thinking that’s not all that good. Important in quotes because in the grand scheme of things it’s not important, however, that’s a heck of a lot of money to throw at a sub box, *especially for the first time with them, trusting you’ll get what you paid for.

  11. For those who recently subscribed, how long did it take to receive the customization email? I just signed back up. TIA!

    • Happy rebel put the links in this comment thread. Thats how i was just able to pick.

      • I also just got a response from Johanna where she included the links for my selections. Thanks Jess!

      • Thank you for that Jess!!!

      • How did you do it without a gmail email? Did you have to set one up and I wonder how would Happy rebel know it was you if you’re registered under a email that is not gmail? Hope that makes sense, sorry to ramble.

        • You enter your name, account number and email associated with the account on the form. I created 2 accounts and have to email my choices to be entered manually for the 2nd though because you can only submit the form once per Google account.

          • Thanks for the help. I was able to do the customization this way. Super excited! Got the black fold over and green candle. Does anyone know when the winter box usually ships?

          • She wont enter my selections manually. I know Johanna is frustrated and overwhelmed.
            This box looks so good but Google forms is an absolute nightmare if you want to buy 2 boxes.

            I am growing to hate Google forms. I even tried in another browser.

  12. Yay! You guys! I got the customization email woooooooo.

    • Me too! Woohoo. I’m so excited about the purse!

    • Not me! Like you, I signed up super quick, within 20 minutes of this post. Still no customization email or response to my two emails. I know they put a link here and I hope it works, but I feel for the few that don’t check back here and never get a response or a link.
      I posted here before but it didn’t show up (at least not yet) with a bigger rant, lol, hopefully it all works out.

      • To be clear all I got was a reply to my email with the 2 links listed here! I was just glad I could customize! I am concerned that the next items I will have to beg for a customization link again! How did you fare? I still never received a “spoilers” email.

        • Lexi, that’s what I got too, five hours after I signed up and I thought the EXACT same thing. Will I have to beg next time? As a matter of fact, I went on a little rant here yesterday but my comment never posted, lol. Maybe it’s for the better. I’m guessing since this customizing is new to them they have some hiccups. But my concern still stands, it’s a pretty expensive box to NOT get to customize over the fact we just didn’t get an email. With that being said, I am VERY excited about this box (which is probably why I freaked out a little, I knew what I wanted) real leather purse with, imo, everything else being a bonus.
          So, way to go Happy Rebel!!

          • Pamela & Lexi – We are so excited you have joined us! You did not receive the spoiler email with the choice links because you were not on our email list. Now that we have your email information, you receive spoiler emails from us going forward. While box customizations are not new for us, customizing the full box is new and exciting! We hope you enjoy 😀

          • Same same same! I also posted a bit of a rant but it didn’t go through too! Ha. I’m glad we got to customize, after all. I am really really into this sub and finally pulled the trigger yesterday!

          • Thank you @happyrebelbox! I’ve been waiting to subscribe for a couple seasons now- so glad that I did!

  13. I also subbed and sent an e-mail to customize as I only want 1 of the bags in black. However I haven’t heard back yet. They must be swamped. Hopefully I will hear back soon!

  14. This is an awesome box! So great, in fact, that I signed up for a 2nd box to be able to select multiple purses….and the candles will be perfect gifts. Their customer service is great, as well…I sent emails because the google form wouldn’t allow a 2nd customization, and Johanna got back to me within just a few hours to confirm. I’m used to other larger boxes where you’re lucky to get a response back in weeks…if not at all…so their quick response makes me super happy. I can’t wait for this one…nice job, Happy Rebel!

  15. Greetings, MSA readers! I am not sure if this will post due to containing links, but here are the links for members to make their candle and bag selections:

    Candle – https://goo.gl/forms/hXa1X9oIgHnRcNXG2
    Bag – https://goo.gl/forms/yxjYJkbAgy2MVhkL2

    If you have any additional questions you can feel free to reach out to us directly via email at gethappy [at] happyrebelbox [dot] com. You can expect a reply within 24 hours.

    • Thank you for posting these links. This is my first time subscribing to Happy Rebel and I am so excited for this box!

  16. I had to pause my subscription for a bit (budgets, adulting, blah), but am so glad I decided to get this one. I picked the black candle and the black fold-over bag. I love Happy Rebel, easily my favorite quarterly box, anything else in this box is just a bonus for me as I needed a new black leather bag. Really impressed with the bag selection, having 3 options and multiple color options definitely gives people ample options for something they love!

  17. Great box! Love both items so far and love Kiko bags! Well done HR!

  18. I forgot to cancel last season before I was charged (that box was NOT for me) so I contacted Johanna and she said she could apply it to the next season……I AM OVER THE MOON WITH THIS BOX!!!! I cannot quit smiling because financial circumstances made me cancel all of my other boxes but now I’m still able to have a special treat for Christmas!!! Thank goodness I accidentally paid last season while I still had the money!!!

  19. I’m gonna be pretty sad if I don’t hear back from Happy Rebel. I signed up a couple hours ago with no way to customize. Reached out to them here and sent an email and nothing. I definitely want one of two specific purses or I probably wouldn’t of signed up so quick. No emails except a couple of welcome ones. The customization should be immediately available so people don’t lose out on what they wanted. Don’t know if stuff gets picked that quickly, but I hope not!

    • Pamela, I would love to know if they get back to you and whether you were able to select your choices. If all options are still available, I’m interested in signing up too. I sent an email, hope to hear back soon!

    • Same here! I’ve contacted them on Facebook and via their email! Here’s hoping we hear back soon!

    • The email for customization says spoilers in the subject line

      • I think someone else mentioned that, but I didn’t get that.
        Not getting any response to my email either.

        • I subbed about an hour ago and haven’t gotten a customization email either (just welcome ones). I’m thinking maybe they are backlogged or temporarily suspended them because of the sudden wave of new subscribers. LOL. I hope I get my handbag pick at least…not as worried about the candle.

          • I literally subbed first thing this morning when the spoiler came out. I emailed CS like 3 times, and Facebook/twitter contacted them, finally contacted here and not a word (other than them telling me here to email them and they will check to make sure I’m on the email list). I know I’m on the list- I got 2 welcome emails AND a winter style guide email. Nothing that will let me customize. There is only one purse that I really really don’t like, so I am hoping that I will be able to customize before all the others are gone. It should just be automatic or something. I’ve been thinking about this most of the day lol.

    • Check spam too, my customization email was in there

    • I emailed HRB and received a response a few hours later. Johanna is awesome!! Customer Service is A+ .

  20. Happy Rebel, I can barely contain my excitement for this box! These two items alone make it totally worth the money. I’m going to be nosey and ask 2 questions that are on my mind, on the off chance that you might answer. 1) How many items will this box have? 2) Are you planning any special offers for Black Friday? I did see that you wouldn’t be offering any discount codes, but do you have anything else planned?

    • Hi Noelle! WE ARE EXCITED TOO 😀 haha

      1) There will be 4 items in this box.
      2) We will be doing “Choose Your Hero Item” mystery boxes. They are already up in our online shop now (if you already see a hero item favorite and want to get the jump on it) but we will be adding a few new hero items to choose from just for MSA readers during their BTBF event, so be sure you are in the loop on that! 🙂

      • I would rather have quality items versus a bag of junk with 9 products like a certain box I shall not name.

      • Hi! I’m sure this is a silly place to ask this, but the velvet robe (which is SO gorgeous) in 3X has a measurement of 26.5, which is a circumference of 53″. Is that the measurement of the robe itself, or the person who would be wearing it? If it’s the robe itself that is very small for a 3X, since you want at least five inches of ease in a robe! Which makes a bust of 48 which is more like a 1X in my experience.


        • Hi Anne! The measurement provided for the robe is across the back of the robe from side seam to side seam at armpit level. So yes, roughly a circumference of 53″. While sizing can vary greatly from brand to brand, we consulted sizing charts of several major brands (3XL / 22 / 24) and tried them on real people when determining our sizing. I would add the robes are meant to have a more fitted / sexy look and suggest sizing up for an oversized fit. I do apologize if our sizing does not work for you. Feel free to reach out to us directly via email to discuss further. Thanks for the question!

      • 1) This makes me happy. I prefer a few quality items over lots of fillers (though I’ve ordered several kits from Copper Cow since you introduced them to me).
        2) This is what I wanted to hear. There are a few items I missed that I’m hoping I can select.

        • Anything specific you are hoping to see as a hero item, Noelle? The boxes could include any of the items currently listed for individual sale in our shop.

          • Any of the items from the 2018 Summer Box, especially the boxes.

          • Thanks for the great suggestion!

  21. is there anyone who’d like to split the box? I just want the crossbody. in case anyone is looking for the candle we can work out a box split. please email me at nehasabharwal21 at gmail dot com.

  22. The only thing I wish is that Liz had at least one of each bag to model.

    Nevertheless I am sold!

    • That’s kind of unreasonable and unnecessary. Happy Rebel provided great pics and stats of the bags. I know you adore Liz but HR doesn’t need to lose money to sell this one.

  23. I’ve wanted something from Kiko for a long time. I can’t wait to get that fold over purse, I’ve been looking for a leather fold over for a while. This was definitely enough to make me sub. Even if everything else was a dud, this would still be worth it!

  24. This is incredible! Real Leather that doesn’t look cheap. I chose the black foldover. I usually go for satchels but this time the foldover stole my heart!

    Move over, sub boxes, Happy Rebel is paving the path! Of all accessories, handbags are my weakness!


    • OMG! I had to look up what the 🎉meant…I thought it was a festive butt plug!

      • Festive Butt Plug? OMG so funny 🤣😂🤣

  25. I vowed to never subscribe after the mystery box debacle. But they got me with the two spoilers. I chose the black candle for the scent and the black foldover bag.

    • Me too and I caved and picked the exact two items you did! Just going to do seasonal and sign up each time I like a box’s spoilers.

    • Did they send you a customization email right away? I just subbed and want to make my choices as quickly as possible so they don’t sell out! I’m picking the same as you!

      • Yes, they did! It’s titled spoilers.

        • How did you get a customization email so fast? I only got welcome ones! Lol. I just wish there was a link!

          • Same here! No “Spoilers” email yet. Just the welcome ones.

    • I had promised myself the same thing but I ended up buying the fall and now the winter boxes and I am back on board with Happy Rebel!

      I am also glad we have more colors than just black. I got the orange candle and the foldover in black (almost chose the brown but the black’s trim is prettier on more striking on the black)!

      Do I think this box will go on sale? No.

    • Girl, same. That bag drew me in like a moth to a flame. I have $60 I set aside to get myself a new bag and this fits the bill perfectly.

      Now to decide between the brown and the black…

  26. I’m delighted that subscribers are able to will be able customize every item in this Winter Thank you for this participatory customization opportunity, Happy Rebel!

    • I agree! I signed up because of that.

  27. Is there a coupon code for new subscribers?

    • Hi Cyndi! We do not have a discount code available at the moment or planned for release in the future at this time. Thanks!

      • Thanks so much for replying! This box is awfully tempting, even at full price….

  28. Do we normally get the full spoilers before the last purchase date? Really love the purse options but this would take out a large chuck of the holiday/ black friday budget

    • Hi A.! Typically we spoil items both before and after the renewal date, but due to the customization aspect of this box, all spoilers will be revealed before the customization deadline of 11/29, which is before renewal takes place. That being said it is possible we may sell out before then as well. Hope this helps. Thanks!

      • @HappyRebelBox can someone please help me customize? I think that your “contact is” link isn’t working and I see no info on my account. I also did not see spoiler emails as I just signed up.

      • @happyrebelbox: if I sign up to gift this, would I still be able to customize the box?

  29. I just picked the Simplistic black bag! 🙂 I am SO excited, I’ve been hoping for a nice handbag in a sub box. Finally there is one and it’s real leather ♥, so much better than vegan leather (aka – plastic). I can’t wait to get my box.

  30. Post didn’t show first time…
    How do you customize, I don’t see that option.

    • Look for spoiler emails. It has a link to customize for that spoiler, which takes you to a form to complete.

      • Can someone please send me one? The only spoiler emails I get are via MSA. I really want to customize and just can’t seem to find how to do so.

        • Hi Lexi! Please reach out to us directly via email and we will provide you with the links to make your selections, and confirm you are included on our email list. Thanks!

          • Thank you! I emailed you!

  31. Ok, dumb question…how do you customize? I don’t see that option.

    • If you are subscribed, HR sends an email to you which provides a link where you make your selection and you have to include your subscriber number. Tip: *Before clicking on the link to make your choice*, first log into your Happy Rebel account and copy your subscriber account number to your device’s clipboard, then click on the link (so that you have the number ready to paste into the field where it is required).

    • Did you receive an email? If not then you will need to sign up for the box first.

      If you do not see a way to select, Johanna will be glad to help you out. Customer Service is great!

  32. Wow, loving the spoilers so far! (And that it’s real leather!) Do they usually sell out fast or is there a deadline on customization?

    • Hi Jennifer! The deadline for customization for all items in this box is 11/29. It is possible that we could sell out before shipping, and definitely possible for one or more item variations to sell out even before the customization deadline. Hope this helps. Thanks!

  33. Wow, just realized that one is blue. I already subscribe but if I didn’t that would have sold me. That’s the one I chose.

  34. Liz, or anyone else, do you have to be annual to customize?

    • No, you do not need to be annual. Everyone gets to customize every item in this winter box!

    • Hi Pamela! You do not need to be an annual subscriber to choose your style. Quarterly members can participate too! 😀

      • Thank you bb and Happy Rebel…be right back, need to sign up, lol

      • Hi! I just subscribed, I’m wondering how to customize? I don’t see it anywhere in my account! TIA!

  35. Love it! I just don’t know if I should pick brown or black for the foldover….?? So excited for this box already!

    • I am torn on the foldover too. I have the black clutch from the NM PS box.

      But I can’t decide on the color on the foldover. The black shows more of the logo and the zipper but I love brown too!

      • amyr, I picked the brown bag and gray candle, but your attention to detail swayed me and Johanna graciously adjusted my selections to black for both!

  36. WOW! This box is already crazy good. Just last week I had a date and needed a small, unobtrusive black bag and didn’t have one, so I chose the Loveable in black, but all the options are appealing.

    • I picked the Loveable in black also! So excited!!

  37. Just an FYI, the fold over and simplistic styles are RV $125, the one with the tassel is RV $110. Happy picking!

  38. I was so excited when I saw this spoiler. I picked the brown foldover!!

  39. I love that we get to customize every item in this winter box. Love both spoilers.

  40. Wow! A box including an actual leather bag. I may have to keep an eye on this one. So tired of seeing ridiculously overpriced plastic, I mean “vegan leather”.

    • Amen

    • After that FFF Vince Camuto tote debacle, I am so glad to see real leather. ]]

      RZ’s bag is not attractive at all and not even lined.

      You can tell these are great quality bags. And those candles…..I can’t wait to see what else we can customize.

      I am so happy my husband bought this for me as part of my Christmas gift this year!

    • YES, please no more pleather!!! I don’t sub to this box, but I’m seriously considering it. Will have to take a look through past boxes to see if this is a good fit for me.

  41. WOW. I LOVE all of these bag style options Happy Rebel chose for this box. The curators always do a great job picking such cool stuff. And REAL LEATHER priced reasonably (side eye @ RZBOS). Plus, it feels like Christmas already when I open my email and get to pick exactly what I want. Excited for this one!

  42. with that as the second spoiler, I think I’m sold. So in love with the brown foldover version!

    • I THINK I’m sold too. I would love a real leather purse (don’t normally spend the money) and I was JUST looking at one at Fossil, almost exactly like this, and they are $130 for the black, so I am definitely considering this box. I wasn’t ready to take the plunge on that purse yet because of the price, so I’m not positive about this either. But so far, so good!

      • If I needed a new handbag (and there has been time that I was urgently in the market for one) I would be all over this box. Lovely job curating this Happy Rebel.

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