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Happy Rebel Box – Better Than Black Friday 2018 Deal!

Edgy lifestyle subscription box Happy Rebel Box has a Better Than Black Friday deal for MSA readers:

First dibs on the Happy Rebel Box $50 mystery box PLUS you get to pick your hero item! Just use this linkEvery box has guaranteed 3 or more items with a minimum value of $138!

“Perfect for gifting! Guaranteed 3 or more items with a minimum value of $138 per box. Mystery boxes may include items from any of our previous collections currently featured for individual sale. Multiple mystery boxes purchased in the same transaction will be shipped together with no product repeats, except for hero item selected. Max 4 boxes purchased and must be in the same transaction for no repeat item guarantee. EX: Purchase 2 candle boxes and 1 AIR box and receive one shipment with $414 value, 9+ items, and no product repeats other than 2 candles.”

UPDATE: All boxes will ship by December 15th.

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Happy Rebel Fall 2018 - Box Front

The Subscription Box: Happy Rebel Box

The Cost: $100 a quarter

The Products: Each box will contain 4-6 items that will vary box to box, so you will never receive the same types of items repeatedly. Items may include jewelry, fashion accessories, home decor, beauty products, as well as other various lifestyle items that fit the collection of the box as well as the Happy Rebel modern and edgy style.

Good to Know: Happy Rebel donates a portion of the season’s proceeds to a different charity!

Ships to: US

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Happy Rebel Box

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Comments (122)

  1. Got my box on monday – I chose the necklace, and also got the car charger/air purifier and the dental floss. Don’t care for either of those items but the necklace is GORGEOUS and that was the reason I ordered the box, so I’m more than happy 🙂

  2. My mystery box just arrived and the candle was completely smashed. Im not surprised either because they didn’t put any padding at all in the box. It was just the loose items 🙁

  3. I got the necklace I chose. The car charger/purifier. And floss

    • I got the same! Would really have taken just about anything over the teeny tiny roll of $10 floss, but I’ll use the charger and the necklace really exceeded my expectations – exquisite!

    • Same for me as well. Was so excited to see the purifier and floss. Something about that cute glass container. Another great mystery box for me!

  4. Oh gosh, I just ordered and I already have a shipping notification. NICE 😀

  5. Greetings, MSA readers! We wanted to let everyone know that mystery box shipments have been completed early! All boxes have now been shipped. Check your shipment confirmation email for tracking information.

    Any mystery box purchases moving forward will be shipped at our normal turnaround time. Please feel free to contact us directly with any questions. We hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful holiday season so far!

  6. My box was scheduled to arrive Saturday and it arrived today. I was really worried about what I would be getting given what everyone has posted so far. I chose the gray nesting boxes as my hero item. Ended up with the nesting boxes, headband, barrette, floss, gold pens, charcoal soap, and the rose hydrating mist. Retail value exactly $138. With the exception of the headband lol I love everything else. This box was definitely a win for me.

  7. I don’t like to complain, especially when it comes to mystery boxes because you never know what you’re going to get, but I am pretty disappointed. I received the barbed wire earrings (my requested “hero” item), the tea towel, and the plastic-y headband. I reached out to HR about the min value – seems like this is a bit of a recurring issue. But, I guess that’s to be expected when there’s such demand!

  8. Hmmmm. I placed my order on Nov 19th and still don’t even have a shipping confirmation. Is anyone else still waiting?

    I ordered the nesting boxes. Maybe they’re having trouble fulfilling those orders?

    • I’m not sure if anyone is still following this thread, but if so I just heard back from Happy Rebel and they said all the mystery boxes will go out by dec 15. For those still waiting with me, fingers crossed they’re fabulous! (I’m so happy to be getting the gray boxes…I loved the gold ones I received in my subscription).

    • some people have already gotten their boxes? I’m very happy for them but really bummed that we’ve been told that it could be the 15th. That’s literally almost a month after we ordered the box. This is frustrating. They should mail them all out at once. I got a necklace. Anyone else get one?

      • Mine is scheduled to arrive on Friday. Hopefully you get yours soon 🙂

      • Clarissa, I received my mystery box a while ago. My hero item was the Air purifier car charger but my box didn’t meet the minimum value. So maybe they are taking their time now making sure each box has the minimum value? They did mention how busy they were in their response to me about shipping another item & I just received that today. I’m sorry you’re still waiting for yours, I agree December 15 is way too long-that is frustrating!

  9. hhmm I was just getting ready to sub and have items in my cart. Glad I stopped by the MSA. I am not going to try it. There are too many other sales going on. lol Thanks

  10. I got the silver studs, kitchen towels, headband, floss, hair clip, and bath soak. Love it! Exactly what I was expecting, more or less.

    • Do they notify you when the box ships? Bought it right off the bat on Monday and no box yet – haven’t heard a word from them. 🙁

      • Ditto. Not a peep in 10 days.

  11. Wow my mystery box contained 2 dish clothes and dental floss…Do not order from them!! This is a joke!

    • I just opened mine & it was disappointing too: dental floss, dish towel and a headband. I have to go look up the retail value of the items to see how that reaches the $138 minimum.

      • Seriously! That is all you guys got. A combo of dish towel, headbands, and dental floss. Is the dental floss gold or something! We would be having words! Did you get to pick a mystery item?

      • Rochelle, everything is listed in their website if you want to count up the value of what you received.

      • Yes thank you for helping, Vanessa!! I just went and added it up. It totaled $114 including my hero item.

      • Interesting! We will see what they say. Probably won’t hear back till Monday though, I would guess.

      • Update: I just added mine up. I received a total value of $114 for a box with a “minimum” promised value of $138. I’ve reached out to Happy Rebel but I’m pretty annoyed at having to do the extra work and fight to get what I paid for. Did anyone else get a lower value in their box than the $138 that Happy Rebel is advertising? I hope everyone else got better boxes or at least a higher value hero item !

      • Yup! My 4 items (car charger/air purifier, tea towels, faux leather turban, & dental floss) add up to $124, even though the box had a promised RV of $138 or more. HR’s advertising for this box was fraudulent. I feel like such a sucker for giving this company another chance.

      • Good afternoon, ladies! If you did not receive a box valued at $138, please reach out to us via email at gethappy [at] happyrebelbox [dot] com with a list of what you received in your box so that we can take care of this for you. I personally apologize for the inconvenience of not receiving a full box and having to contact us, but we will make it right. Talk soon!

    • What else did you get with it Laurie?

    • Laurie, What was your hero item? That doesn’t sound like your box will hit the minimum promised $138 value either.

    • What was your Hero item??

  12. I just opened my box! I got 2 mystery boxes, the candle and the gold studs. My extras were the shoe bags, tea towels, headband, floss. I’m good with it!

  13. Has anyone who picked the gold studs gotten their boxes yet? If so, what did you get? (I bought a box with gold studs and haven’t received yet so I’m curious! 🙂 )

    • I picked gold studs! I also got the shoe bag set and the tea towel set. I’m not super impressed, but it’s good enough for $50

      • Sadly, that actually sounds like the best box I’ve heard of yet. How sad that it appears HR did this again and filled the boxes with overpriced filler. I subscribed to the other mystery box debaucle and decided to give them another chance this time. I still don’t have my box. I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised. If they don’t make this right I fear they will have lost a whole new crop of subscribers. Again.

      • Question for you Karen… Of all of the items listed in their shop, what items do you consider “filler” vs “not filler”? Is it a price point or subjective preference? Is everything that’s not a hero item automatically filler? Are you expecting more than one hero item in your mystery box? What would your perfect box be? I would love the shoe bags, studs, and urchin! I think that’s about $138 lol

  14. I just got my mystery box and I am happy with it! I picked the candle and also got the headband, floss & the urchin! I wanted that urchin so I’m happy!

    • I got the same exact box – swapping the headband but loving the rest!

  15. Similar Car air purifier “hero items” on sale on amazon for 18 bucks. I will buy one of those instead and call it a day and feel proud I saved $38.

    Got screwed last year on the mystery box. Once burned, twice shy.

    • Worst subscription box burn for me ever 😬

    • Same! Didn’t think twice this time around. A big – No, thank you. 😌

  16. Well… so many mixed reviews! I am not a subscriber, but after spending more than $40 on some sad makeup mystery boxes, I felt excited to order a box with the candle and another with wire gold earrings as for sure inclusions….HR, feel free to send me a silver earrings, too!

  17. I am OBSESSED with those woodsy smelling candles so I got 4 boxes all with the candle… lol! With the no repeat item guarantee I bet I get one of just about every item in the shop 😀 Done with stocking stuffers (basically for free)!

    • DL Co is having a huge candle sale, they also did a $39 mystery box with $200 in candles this week.

      • I just looked at their sale section and didn’t see a whole lot. DL&Co no longer has this specific candle in stock, just HR. I would want to know the scent of a candle before I get it, so this is the best choice for me. Might try it though now that I know I have my staples squared away! 🙂

      • If you need more saks off 5th has em for $29.99. In stock.

      • That’s cool! But those are the single wick candle, not these 3 wick. I put some in my cart and it looks like I have to pay taxes and shipping (in my state) which I don’t at HR so I would rather spend a little more to get some HR extras. Plus I like supporting small businesses when I can vs. national chain stores 🙂

    • I grabbed a box for the candle, too. Been wanting one forever and haven’t had the right swap-bait to pull it off. Even if the rest of the box isn’t my exact style (I am a bit of a conformist…) I’ll still be happy. I figure I’d have spent at least 15$ shipping whatever swap would’ve nabbed me that candle, so my “net” cost is maybe 35, tops.

  18. interested in robe too. but only XL and larger left. wish I could find a picture of it being worn somewhere. A flat-laying crushed velvet not the best look for it — there hard to tell quality. sorry to hear that it sheds. drat was looking forward to this one today.

    • I’ve been pretty hard on mine, and it has held up pretty well.

  19. Does anyone know where that candle was made?

    • I think it’s a D.L. & Co candle

  20. Yes! Have been waiting for this deal. Both of my last mystery boxes were amazing. Actually, I bought 2 for the last hero item mystery box. I have subbed for 2 years so I have almost everything but I have been wanting the necklace in black (I have the white).

    The air purifier is amazing. I had one, chose a second for a hero item mystery box, and swapped for a third. Everyone in my family wants one.

    • I picked the purifier as my hero item this time around! I like getting to pick the big ticket item, makes it less of a gamble. And I too was pleased with my last couple mystery boxes from HR. This is the first BTBF deal I’ve grabbed this year. Also hoping I like the FFF deal coming soon!

  21. Wow clicked on the link as soon as I got the email 20 min ago and managed to snag the last of the croc embossed nesting boxes. Tried adding 2 and it let me know only 1 left in stock. Didn’t even try to pick something else just hit check out as fast I could lol. I’m new to Happy Rebel and I kicked myself for missing them the first time.

  22. Hi MSA Readers! We added 8 new hero items today just for you. Two have already sold out, but six new options are still available, along with the existing handful of hero item options we had previously.

    This year the setup is different, as you are guaranteed to receive the hero item(s) selected.

    Happy BTBF shopping!

    • Bummer! I had the grey boxes in my cart, when I went to pay they were gone!!

    • Happy Rebel, have you considered trying a different model for your mystery boxes? Just a suggestion, but it seems many MSA readers are hesitant to purchase this box due to past issues. Would it be possible to list the full contents of each mystery box variation (e.g., if you choose the robe as your hero item, you will also get items X and Y in your box). Even though it sort of defeats the purpose of a mystery box, I think providing full transparency regarding the contents would generate good will with MSA readers (and likely increase your overall sales). P.S. I say this as a fan of your company—I want you to succeed!

      • I have an even better idea. Instead of mystery boxes of $50 for $138 value, how about discounting items that would be included in the boxes at the same rate, so we can build our own boxes. I’d definitely get some stuff. 🙂

      • Hi C & Jen, thanks for the great suggestions! We can definitely consider that for setup for offerings in the future.

        In addition to the hero item selection, we also made sure all of the items that could included as mystery items are up in our shop so customers can see all of the options that might be included. Hopefully those two changes remove a lot of the mystery, but not too much of the surprise for a mystery box!

        Thanks again 🙂

      • It was really cool of you to respond, HR! I took a look at the shop and there were a lot of great things in there. I just ordered my mystery box with the car charger/air purifier. Can’t wait!

      • Hey Jen! I hope you are having a very Happy New Year so far. We just wanted to let you know that we took your suggestion 😀 You can essentially build your own box (no mystery at all!) with discount code “2019” to get 60% off a purchase of individual items totaling $100 or more. Thanks for the great idea!

      • Happy New Year to you too Johanna! I was so happy about the sale, I got 2 more of the pink candles and 3 of the pen sets. ♥ By the way, Winter box was FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!!

      • The problems folks have with the mystery boxes were before the hero item mystery boxes.

      • Ummm..kind of.

        They said choose items and promised no repeats last year.

        MANY PEOPLE (me included) went through all past reviews to choose items. None were included in the 3 boxes I ordered. I emailed a list of 6 item options.

        Then I received a box of ridiculously overrated RV’s of useless knick knacks with repeats. I’m talking matches, insulting greeting cards…I don’t even remember…things on amazon for under $10 each.

        What I DO remember are the rude comments posted by HR, their unapologetic and cavalier tone when many many people complained. Oh yes and the long winded emails from Johanna…telling me she would no way pay for return shipping.

        Based on the fact that they did little to none…like NOTHING…to resolve…after $150; I am passing.

        Johanna, if you’re reading this…you’ve missed out on at least $1k in business from me…I sub every box out there…many multiples even ….I’m still reading about complaints on Reddit from the many people who were burned last year.

      • I just got a horrible $50 welcome box (basically a mystery box with their least desirable items they’re unloading). Swapping ALL of it. However I’m looking forward to their winter box.

      • Oh no! That’s disappointing! Is that different than the mystery box I just ordered from the BTBF deal? (I hope, lol!) What was in the welcome box? Now I’m worried about my mystery box…

      • Basically a mystery box where you don’t pick the hero item.

  23. Not gonna lie, I’m disappointed. I’ve been looking forward to this day, hoping to get a box with the croc embossed nesting boxes in white or gold. Of course, they are only offering the gray. For $50, knowing I’d get those boxes, I’d consider it worth the risk. But I’m just not feeling any of the current offerings for the hero item.

    • Same. I’m also a bit underwhelmed by the hero items. I think I’d be more inclined to jump on this mystery box if it were slightly cheaper ($40 or less), and there were more “hero” items to choose from (even if they started at slightly lower RVs of $40 and up). My concern is that by paying $50 for the box, I’m essentially paying close to retail for a hero item that I like but don’t love, with no guarantee than any of the other items in the box will be useable. It doesn’t feel like a good deal to me.

      • Exactly, if I loved one of the hero items, I’d be all over this because all the mystery items would just be freebies. But I only like them, I don’t love them. Gonna mosey on over to PSMH and get the winter box for $50 instead. I do love that throw and I like the vast majority of the other items.

  24. To everybody still moaning about last year… this one is totally different. Last year they let people submit requests (while clearly stating that all requests were not guaranteed) and people got upset when they didn’t get what they requested. This year you get to pick your hero item and it’s guaranteed! So the setup is not the same at all. Also, you can tell exactly what items you might receive by looking in their shop. It takes a lot of the mystery out of it. I am stocking up on more candles!

  25. When looking at the $138 value make sure to go off the inflated HR values not the actual cost of the products. A few of us thought we were missing items last time then told our items were more expensive we were just dumb for not knowing that (had never been a subscriber so went off real RV’s)

  26. Cannot trust a box that starts its blurb with the phrase “Perfect for gifting” – meaning, “you’ll hate the contents and pass them on to an unsuspecting victim” LOL.

    • But common everyone just adores kitchen prints!!

      • I actually really love them and have been bummed that I missed out. If there is anyone who has them and wants to part with them, I would totally buy them off of you after I move in January.

      • Hey Noelle. If you can send me your email I’ll pop a set in the mail to you. Gratis. I have a set already in my kitchen and I love them but I did receive a second set in a mystery box.

      • That would be amazing! My email is jenniferm7822 at live dot com

  27. Yay!! I really wanted that necklace from the fall box but didn’t want to pay $100 for the whole box.

  28. I meant what I said the last time I got burned by TWO bad mystery boxes. They lost a customer for life.

    • Ditto!

      • Isn’t it sad that she could’ve made it right with those she burned but chose to double down. Oh well more money I’ll spend with a company with actual customer service.

    • Double ditto!

      • Me too!

      • Me three

      • Me four

    • Yep! FOR LIFE.

      • JUST a lot of NOPE.

    • Obviously if you are still salty after a year there’s not much they can do to change your mind, but I appreciate that they listened to feedback and changed the mystery box deal. Now you get to choose the hero item and can see the other items that might be included in their shop which is different from last time. It’s not the same setup, so you can’t really directly compare the two. Just my two cents! HR seems like they listen to their customers and I certainly can’t say the same about any other box, really.

      • Maybe they should’ve reached out to the customers that bought the boxes and expressed displeasure. Instead we were told to email them told the site was down so they didn’t receive emails etc.
        I’m glad they’ve made changes but she never tried to correct the problem.

      • Anna, last year they said their website form was down for a bit, but their regular email worked. I know because I emailed their email address directly after they said the form wasn’t working.

        How would they know how to reach out to internet commenters? Unless you posted your personal email for them to reach out to? I feel like that would be creepy anyway…

        And just as a reminder, not liking the contents of a MYSTERY box isn’t really grounds for any sort of “correction”. Like it’s a bummer if you don’t like what you get, but it’s not the company’s fault. What were you wanting? Keep the box and get a full refund? lol

      • Sammy there is a HUGE difference between getting a mystery box “you just dont like “ as opposed to not even getting what was advertised and receiving a box of some essentially useless box filler they couldnt get rid of – for an inflated price to boot. So dont preach to those of us that got burned on the etiquette of mystery boxes. Its insulting to peoples intelligence who have been around the box world for a minute.

      • Stef…. the issue is that they DID send what they advertised, which is why I’m so confused and annoyed when people keep saying they didn’t. They allowed people to make requests, but did not promise that they would be able to fulfill all requests. So if you got a box with nothing you requested, that is a bummer, but not criminal like you make it sound. One persons filler is a another person’s favorite, so that is totally subjective, and has nothing to do with the company either. If you don’t like Happy Rebel products or how they price their items, why would you buy their mystery box and then complain that you think their stuff is trash and prices inflated after the fact? Every box they have ever had is reviewed here on this site with the individual prices. Obviously they WERE able to sell everything because their shop is full of new and different items now. While I am surprised to hear you are a fellow sub box veteran, I am not trying to be insulting at all. I am just tired of hearing people whine as if they were entitled to a mystery box with everything from their dream wishlist but only at a price they would be personally willing to pay for the item in a store. Again, no need to buy from them again since this brand is obviously not for you, but I don’t get the dramatics.

      • There were a lot of people who were unsatisfied because they didn’t send things that added up to $138. Some received broken items and there was no stock to replace it. There were a ton of unhappy people comparing boxes, and it was all the same, except for a small handful of people who managed to get anything of real worth. So, *shrug*

      • Sammy. First off, they did NOT send out to everyone what they promised….many peoples boxes didn NOT add up to the stated value- including mine. Period. So feel free to go reread all the old threads And you will then see what MANY people were so upset about. As for not getting in your words “a dream wishlist” is laughable. No one went into that mystery box with those expectations. Again go reread what really went on (sadly alot was on the now defunct forum so youll have to read reviews). Their mystery box was a way for alot of people to dip their toes into HR products/ customer service before taking the dive to an actual sub. Im suprised you dont understand this? Many people will not ever get over a bad first impression. This has nothing to do with your stated “entitlement”. Please educate yourself before continuing to argue about what a ton of people were upset about.

      • Sammy, customers don’t appreciate being lied to and HR was caught lying several times. Johanna went on with excuse after excuse about repeats, inflated RVs, slow shipping, not replying, rudeness and many other issues.

        In fact, given your even sound like “her” from last year.

        People commenting, me included, are sharing their personal experience. We were burned badly, there was no recourse or even acknowledgment from HR.


      • My comment disappeared. Just as well – as its not worth my time engaging you any further…

    • Amen sista. Same over here. Burnd me bad & ill never forget it

  29. I don’t want anything they have listed as hero items. Again with the $138 value, I’m not biting this time.

    • What happened last time??

      • Look at the BTBF comments from last year. You can use the search bar.

  30. Fell for this last time, won’t do it again.

    • So did I. What a let down… It’s the reason I haven’t pulled the trigger on a subscription.

  31. you can choose “air” as your hero item LMAO

    • I’m sure it’s the purifier but the fact that air was the only good thing in the mystery box I received.

      • makes it hilarious to me.

    • I seen that too. Hilarious.

    • I seriously did get air once in a Macy’s box. Some were saying it’s the best samples Macy’s every offered. (March 2018) I opened my box and it was empty. They said they couldn’t send another one so they gave me a refund.

  32. Yikes! More mystery boxes after all their debacles? Warning: Not worth it. I PROMISE!

    • I agree. Buyer beware!

  33. Isn’t that the same one that’s been available?

    • Yeah, looks the same as the last time I looked at it. I thought there were supposed to be new hero items.

      • Oh, nevermind. I think some necklaces were added.

      • The necklace options were not options before…

      • correct! they just added more “hero” items. still nothing worth it for me.

        I am one of the many who were burned last year but this box of high RV unless stuff. I couldn’t even gift most of it. Never agin Happy Rebel Never again.

    • Yes it is the same one!! I decided to wait for BTBF to see if they would have a good deal but it’s all the same as it was yesterday.

      • They actually added more items just in the last 15 minutes or so.

      • I absolutely love mine.

  34. Ok, ladies, I need to know, do you love your Happy Rebel robe?

    • Nope. Sized up to a 3x make sure it would fit and not be too tight (I’m normally an 18/2x). It wasn’t even close to fitting. It’s pretty much unwearable :/

    • I love my Happy Rebel robe! I ended up getting one for my daughter, as well…

    • Yes I absolutely love it! I would suggest sizing up if you want the oversized fit 🙂

    • cute, but it left shimmrery fibers all over EVERYTHING. I ended up donating mine.

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