FabFitFun Winter 2018 Add-Ons Available Now!

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The Winter 2018 FabFitFun Add-Ons are available now for annual subscribers! (If you aren’t an annual subscriber, you can still upgrade your account to get access!)

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box. (This box is regularly $49.99 a quarter).

Here are just a few of the items available:

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun you can still subscribe and get access to Add-Ons! (After you subscribe, upgrade your account to seasonal and you’ll be able to access Add-Ons today!)

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box. (This box is regularly $49.99 a quarter).

(Check out our FabFitFun reviews to see what you can expect with this quarterly subscription box for women!)

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  1. What are the hearts for in the corner? I clicked on them for two items I want but that aren’t available.

  2. I love gold anything so I was fully prepared to refresh until I got the stainless steel straws. But I am impatient too so I popped over to Amazon and found a great set….and then something even better… they make them in oil slick/rainbow metal!! Purchased!

  3. Does anyone know if the summer and rose candles are any good?

  4. What’s up with the free sponsored add-ons? I got some Barilla ricotta and basil pesto. I’m pretty excited!

  5. Can anyone tell me what Dermelect products are add ons?

    • Dermelect products:

      Runway Ready Luxury Foot Treatment 1.7oz -$5

      Smooth Lip Volumizer .24oz -$9

      Lipo Conquer Body Toning Cream 4oz -$14

      Makeover Concealing Ridge Filler .4oz -$5 (nail care)

      • Thanks Jinytte!

  6. TIP*******

    If you favorite (heart) the items you want that are out. Then they are saved in you favorites in the drop down menu at the top left. I stuck 6 items that have been sold out all day. I did this and refreshed for about 5 minutes and now I have them all! 🙂 worth it.

    • Yes!!! I do this all the time! Because a lot of times stuff will become available again (Especially as it gets closer to billing time for add ons) Lots of people (I’m guilty) See it. Want it. Add it. Then they see how much the bill is and start downsizing as the sale closes. The first time I got the chance to do add ons I got So Bummed cuz it seemed like everything I wanted was gone; but I kept checking back, on and off stuff would become available, and I’d snatch it up as soon as it did. Thanks for the heart tip though, it’ll save me a lot of scrolling 🤗

  7. Anyone have any info on the men’s box add-on?

    • FabFitFun Men’s Gift Box

      Take the guesswork out of shopping for the special men in your life with our limited edition FabFitFun Men’s Box. It’s jam-packed with essentials like a chic carry-all, luxurious shaving cream, body wash-infused buffer, classic socks, Bluetooth earbuds, a four-in-one cleansing foam, and a handy multi-tool.

      V76 by Vaughn 4-in-1 Cleansing Foam
      Izola Multi Tool Kit
      Mr. Turk Dopp Kitt
      Spongelle Men’s 12+ Extreme Buffer in Bergamot Absolute
      Richer Poorer Pineapple Socks
      Mason Man Shaving Cream
      CYLO Radium Bluetooth Earbuds

    • It’s $49.99 and contains:
      V76 by Vaughn 4-in-1 Cleansing Foam
      Izola Multi Tool Kit
      Mr. Turk Dopp Kitt
      Spongelle Men’s 12+ Extreme Buffer in Bergamot Absolute
      Richer Poorer Pineapple Socks
      Mason Man Shaving Cream
      CYLO Radium Bluetooth Earbuds

      • Thanks Cynthia!

  8. Any chance the Living Proof Dry Shampoo is available again?

    • Nope. There was a hairspray, blow out something-or-rather and a styling cream of sorts. No dry shampoo though.

  9. Unpopular request but can anyone tell me how much the eye mask is? Is it another free people one? Thank you!!

    • It says “Understated Leather Heart Eye Mask”. I don’t know if that means the brand is Understated?? $9 – comes in a pale blue option or nude. Both are out of stock at this moment but that doesn’t mean anything.

      Get the best sleep ever with this 100 percent vegan travel eye mask. With adjustable elasticated strap for comfort and a removable non-toxic cooling mask insert to help relieve inflammation or headaches, you won’t want to go to bed without it.


      Mask: Vegan leather with cotton/polyester blend back
      Cooling Pack: PVC + Water + G
      Color Options Grey, nude

      Additional Info

      ​Custom ​metallic star patches
      ​Adjustable elastic strap
      ​Removable cooling pack (non glycerin)
      Labelled with cooling pack instructions

      Packaged in reusable clear zip pouch for easy travel use
      Care Instructions Before use: place cooling pack in the freezer for no longer then 5-10 minutes or store in the fridge before use. Care: Gently wash eye mask by hand for 5-10 minutes with cool water (temp. below 3o°C/86°F). Let it air dry and not expose it to the sun.

      I have 3 of the other one if you are in need of one. I can’t use more than 1.

    • It’s the same brand as the FP one, the previous one was a collab of the brand with FP!

  10. I guess I didn’t ” need” anything because it falls into 3 categories to me: Skincare ( definitely do not need), Misc. FFF branded things ( do not like), and the new category of fake electric fireplaces and Keurigs, and that sort of thing.

    My assessment of Add Ons has usually gone: great, not good, then great, and not good. It’s like every other season has many products I want.

  11. I think this is probably the best set of Add Ons yet! Seriously concerned for my wallet…

  12. Anyone seeing Murad and for how much? I bet it’s sold out/long shot before it’s opened up for us.

    • I see four. So far they are still available.

    • Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Serum $24
      Murad Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture $19
      Murad Refreshing Cleanser $14
      Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion $14
      Murad Hydro-Glow Aqua Peel $14

      So a great deal for any of them! I have 3 in my cart at the moment, and none are sold out.

    • Lots of Murad available. I’m a huge fan, they have 5 different products for sale.

  13. Absolute kudos to the FFF team for how slick their website is working this time around BTW. Normally this feed section is full of us all dismayed at how we can’t get on or it keeps crashing on us, but it’s worked like a dream.

    Unfortunately. I’m now broke!

  14. Ahh man! I was on at noon exactly but I missed so many of the items I wanted most! Usually I only miss one or two and end up getting them after visiting the page a zillion times before it closes. I doubt I’ll get so lucky this time. I’m sure the fact that I wanted more big ticket items than usual played a part. I wish they’d release all the spoilers the night before so we could plan to find our most wanted items first. I just wasn’t prepared for how much good stuff they had this time. Lately I’ve been spending less and less with each sale. Figures the one before Christmas would be the hardest to resist.

    • You may find a similar deals during black Friday.

    • Just mark what you want as a favorite and you’ll get it. Everyone dumps items on the last day.

  15. I haven’t gone through every single comment, but can someone let me know if there are any Farmacy items this go-around?! 🙂 PLEASE AND THANK YOU, FAM ♥

    • I don’t see any. sorry

    • nope. I was hoping for that too.

  16. Is the Murad essential C cleanser an add on?

    • No;
      Murad Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture
      Murad Refreshing Cleanser
      Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion
      Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Serum

  17. I an so not a debbie downer— but this totally made me sad. I lost out on the beats, and there wasnt any luxe that i would want. again i am happy for wahat you all got but just sad for me:(

    • Today and Black Friday only, Target has the wireless beats for $89.99.

      • The sound quality on Beats is actually awful. Treat yourself to Bose.

        • This. Bose is exceptionally better. I’ve had two pairs of Beats give out and break in two years but have a 5yo pair of Bose headphones and haven’t had a single issue, plus far better sound quality.

    • Amazon is selling these at the same price as the add-ons!

    • They are the same price on Amazon’s website.

  18. Got my son a pair of the beats by dre ear buds for christmas! He is going to be so pumped!!

  19. Anything from Ahava? My mom loves that brand and I don’t see anything teased in that picture from them and now Im worried they have no featured products this time around 🙁

    • Yes!!!! There is!!

      • Thats so great!!!! Thank you for responding so fast! 💗

    • I counted five Ahava items.

      • Thank you for letting us know!!! I really appreciate it!

    • Yes there’s Ahava. And it doesn’t usually sell out early so you should be safe.

  20. I am determined to only spend $200.00 this time….


    Some one save me from myself!!!

    • I hear ya. I do that too. But be careful stating how much you have in your cart on this site. Some people on here will attack you and call you names. LOL. It’s sad but true.

      • Why is that?

        • Because then everything (or best stuff) is “sold out” by the time add one open to all members. It’s really not a big deal though. I just Mark the things I want as my “favorites” by clicking the heart above the item. Then check back periodically and add that item when it’s available. People are dumping and adding items for days up until the last minute so it usually always works out you get what you want. Unfortunately though, yes people resort to calling names over missing the opportunity to say to the world they beat another consumer to $5 hand creme.

          • Danielle is right. I’ve pretty much always ended up with what I really wanted by, or on, the final day. No need to fret…the final day is crazy! I would recommend that make all the things that you want as “favorites”, then you can focus on only them.

        • I don’t know. My thoughts are, what do they care, but they get crappy. They think it’s selfish to hold items in your cart. I don’t think it matters considering when they are released they are available to others.

    • Do you have one of everything in your cart? How do you spend $4k?

      I have 20 items and only $242.

    • HI! I would also suggest that you be very careful about stating how much you have in your cart (unless you want to rile up the trolls who just like to complain and insult).
      In resonse to “HOW?”…that addons are such a good deal (if you really need them).

    • I always start out with too much. Then I go back and weigh getting the bundle or an individual item. Then I look at how many moisturizers I have and cut back. Then I do research. Then I’m still double my budget, so I have to dig deep. I drop down to close to my goal in a couple of hours. It’s scary looking at the $$ at first!

      • Your comment about the moisturizers is too relatable for me haha!

  21. Looks like there are some big ticket items. I’m intrigued. Can anyone tell me what their price is for the bean bag chair? I was looking at them on Amazon for my kids, but they cost $299

    • $140 and there’s three colors. Brown, Ocean, and Grey.

      • Thank you!

    • It is $140 in the sale but it’s out of stock as of right now.

  22. This Winter Box would officially complete my first full year with Fab Fit Fun, and this is by far the best Add-On selection I have seen so far. Great items and a broad selection. I’m excited to see the actual box items. I like the direction FFF is headed.

    • I remember the winter add ons last year were the same way. There were more things to gift for more people on my list.

  23. I am confused. Some items say 1 MAX, but some just say 1 is in my cart. How can I add another? And how can I remove something?


    • I think it means there aren’t any more available right now. If you favorite the item and keep an eye on it you may be able to add more as people cart purge. Thats what I did on living proof during the edit sale and was able to add more as things became available again.

    • They are out. Mark it as a favorite (the heart in the top right corner) and watch it in for favorites section. You have to be quick.

      • Where is the favorites section, please? Thanks.

        • NVM, found that in the banner across top of page.

        • Click on the item you want and right next to the title there is a hollow heart, click it and it will go to your favorites section. If you are on a desktop favorites section can be found next to My Cart in the add-ons section. If you are on a phone go to the add-on section and click on the drop down icon at the top left and click favorites. Keep refreshing until it becomes available.

    • They are not listed as sold out, though.

      • What is the item and I’ll look?

        • The spices. Thanks.

          • If you are talking about one of these; Gustus Vitae Smoked Sea Salt + Crystallized Honey Sea Salt Duo or Gustus Vitae Everything Brooklyn Bagel Seasoning + French Onion Seasoning Duo. I am able to add more to my cart. Are these the items/

          • Yes. How did you add more please?

          • Click on the item and hit the + icon. You can get up to three. Three is the limit no matter the item. If you can’t add more then online chat with CS. I checked again and I was able to add three then I removed them. Good luck.

          • Thank you, Redhed36. For some reason this does not show when using my desktop but it works on my ipad. Computers….who knows!

    • I assumed it was because there were some items that were popular and they wanted as many people to buy one that wanted one, hence the “max”.

  24. Can anyone confirm and see what Elemis products are available? Thank you! 🙂

    • All I am seeing is an “Elemis Winter Collection Kit” which includes Peptide4 Night Recovery Cream (30ml), Peptide4 Recovery Eye Cream (15ml), ELEMIS Peptide4 Thousand Flower Mask (75ml), and a makeup bag type thing.

    • I didn’t see any Elemis products this time, was looking for them too.

    • Just this; ELEMIS Winter Collection Kit for $29

    • I just addedv3 piece Elemis set to my cart, it’s a great deal.

      • I Love Elemis! Thanks for confirming ladies..but they will probably be all gone by the time I can do my add ons 🙁

        • For now they are still available. Fingers crossed. I have one in my cart and I may end up releasing it.

  25. Does anyone know what the $20 style box is? Sounds like they are branching out.

    • It looked like a stitch fix kind of deal where they’ll send you a style profile and then clothes and you can apply the $20 towards anything you purchase.

    • I don’t see a style box. Are you talking about the Gift boxes. Like FabFitFun Girls Night In Gift Box?

    • I’ve actually received a couple of these when they piloted the program. It’s very similar to StitchFix – $20 styling fee per box credited toward anything you decide to keep, free shipping both ways. The clothes were just a little trendy for me (I’m in my early 30s and the clothes felt more mid-20s, if that makes sense), but I did keep some accessories. Prices were reasonable, a bit lower than StitchFix. The service is on-demand, i.e. you email to request another box.

  26. Is there bum bum cream available?

    • No, Not seeing any Bum Bum Cream available. 🙁

    • No. I didn’t see any sol de janeiro products. Sorry

    • Nope 🙁

  27. I just spent $270 on Estee Lauder products. Huge promotion going on! So I didn’t go overboard with FFF. I am going to try and keep it below $50. Try!

    • Where? What? Thanks!

      • Not sure if it’s still available but on Macy’s and Estee Lauder if you spend $45 on Estee Lauder products you get a $400 and something bag with 12 full size Estee Lauder products for $68. There are three eyeshadow palettes in them and serums plus other stuff. They come in warm and cool. I bought one of each. Plus you can use Elist15 at Estee Lauder sight at get 15% off.

        • They have them at Belk and Dillards too.

          But at the EL website the warm option is already gone!

          • Yes! I bought a cool from Estee and a Warm from Macy’s. Oh my goodness I have a problem.

        • Lauder does this promo every year before Xmas! I was a Lauder girl for years, I miss the days when all my skin care was free! All my skincare is still Lauder except now I have to pay for it 🙁

    • Me too! LOL! I got 3 of those Blockbuster boxes! 🤣😂

  28. This is the biggest amount of products I have ever seen! WOW.

    • And I kind of feel like they are still adding. At least compared to the first time I went through to the third time through there were things I had not seen (and no, they were not just previously sold out and now available).

  29. Oooo how much is the spray tanner and coffee maker?

    • Keurig; $149 and the spray tanner disappeared at least it did from my list. I hate it when they do that. I think it was going for $89.

    • Spray tanner is $89 and Keurig is $149. Both are sold out currently, but obviously that can change!

      • Thank you!!!

    • Minetan Micellar Tan Water Pre-Shower Foaming Self Tan – $11
      Minetan Micellar Tan Water Moisturizing Everyday Glow Foam – $9
      Keurig – $149 (currently sold out) and doesn’t specify what model

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