BoxyLuxe December 2018 FULL SPOILERS!

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We have full spoilers for the December BoxyLuxe! And we have two variations:

Box 1:



Box 2:

  • Spongelle’s Body Wash Infused Buffer in Blossom Bliss
  • Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream
  • LUXIE Rose Gold Complete Face Brush Set
  • VIOLET VOSS HG – PRO Eyeshadow Palette
  • Grande Mascara
  • Tarte Tarteist Lip
  • Wander Beauty Wanderess Dusk to Dawn Palette
  • GLAM AF Wristlet
  • PYT Mini Straightener

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the November box will be your first box! (And according to Boxycharm, you can still upgrade to get this box for December!)

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular Boxycharm box is $21 a month. BoxyLuxe is a once-a-quarter upgrade option you can add to your existing $21-a-month Boxycharm subscription. So for an additional $28.99, you’ll get the Luxe items, and be paying a total of $49.99 for that quarterly box. 

Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. For everyone saying they’ll get a second box for the pretty vulgar powder. I’m thinking that was what they were wanting. Put out a great spoiler everyone will want then let you know it will only be in the regular sized box so that people whomonget luxe will get a second sub for the regular box also. I may be wrong but I’m seeing the games being played . They put out the entire luxe box ahead of time so you would now rush for a second sub of regular box. I may be wrong but this is how I feel about it.

    • The people who get Luxe already get the regular box. Luxe is just additional..

      • I really don’t think that that’s how it works. These are two distinct boxes, the Luxe is separate from regular Boxy.

      • No we don’t I’ve received luxe already and we only get a couple of the regular box items we got the pretty vulgar pallet the lippie the alamar brushes and I think the other item I can’t think of. But recently boxy put on Instagram that all subscribers both luxe and regular boxy will receive either the pretty vulgar setting powder OR the pallet, and now regular will also receive the other pallet or the straightener , regular box does not get to choose which one like luxe did.

        • Pallets of palettes.

      • Kearstin, I don’t understand why there’s confusion on Boxycharm and BoxyLuxe ( boxylocks my niece says). EVERYBODY will get a Boxycharm BUT if ur willin to spend a bit more (and not eaitlisted) u get more items. It’s not 2 separate boxes u’ll get in the mail.

      • No. Your wrong. 100% inaccurate. You get SOME of the same items but not the entire box. Box need have something special that makes it special. It’s just common sense, they want to make money and so they have to sell a lot. This sells.

        • I understand that but the big issue seems to b the Pretty Vulgar powder…everybody is buzzing on it. Is it that great?? Boxycharm has so many variants it’s impossible to know what u might get. I was expecting a few more(2?) products in Luxe box,throw a eyeliner or brow for goodness sakes,lol! I was waitlist and really wanted hair styler and I GOT IT!! I’m happy with it. What I don’t use will go to my 17yo niece,who thinks her aunt is COOL. She has big bucks names her bffs don’t.

    • I definitely agree with what your saying… I think it’s ridiculous to add an extra palette onto a box with a 2 palettes ready in it… apparently others feel the same b es cause some people are angry and have cancelled or plan on cancelling after the December box… I think it is a huge joke if this was their marketing scheme… I really wanted the powder and not the wander palette because I chose ether suva palette as my choice.. what a joke is that was their intentions…. I think I’m going to take a break from subscription boxes for a while and just buy products that I like or pick and choose which months I want to subscribe that way.. its my choice. Happy holidays everyone

      • Happy holidays Toni. Yea I do believe this was a marketing strategy. I also noticed I’m only receiving one box but was charged taxes twice because of there billing system. Even though we are only getting one box they charged tax for the regular box cost and then tax again on the upgraded 28.99. Not good

        • Of course you would pay taxes on both parts of the payment 🤦🏻‍♀️. If you calculate it it doesn’t add up to more taxes on whether they had billed taxes on the whole thing in one payment or split in two. For example 10% of $21.99 = $2.20 and 10% of $28= $2.80 2nd would still equal the same as 10% of the total $49.99 which would add up to $5 either way you split it.

        • Taxes are a percentage, so it’s the same regardless. The total tax on $21 plus $29 are exactly the same as the taxes on one $50 charge. It makes no difference.

        • It’s all correct. Do the math

      • I’m with u on picking what month I want. I’m lucky I can giv my niece what I can’t use,6 eye palettes in a row. R u interested in finding ur Suva pallette a home? It looks more brownish which works for me. I didn’t get PV powder or I’d trade

  2. Hey Liz- Boxy showed that the Grande mascara is actually a variant item. You will get either that or one of 2 Lorac mascara’s. It’s in their IG stories.

  3. I love eye shadow , but holy crap 3 eye shadow palettes in one box. I kind of wish I would of known that before deciding on the palette over the flat iron. It’s a good box and worth my money , but isn’t knocking my socks off the way the last one did. Every single item last time really excited me. This time around I’m really only excites for the Violet Voss & Elemis product (those items alone are worth the price )
    It feels like a regular box with 2 extra eye shadow palettes & a immature wristlet. I think I’m going to switch over to fab fit it’s just more age appropriate for my taste .

    • I think the wander beauty is more cheek than an eye palette although could definitely be both. But there’s a highlighter and two blushes so can look at it that way lol.

      • Exactly! It’s a highlighter, blush and bronzer inside.

    • It’s actually one eyeshadow palette, one eyeshadow AND highlight palette and the dusk to dawn palette is a cheek palette. Plus, we already knew the violet voss palette was in the boxyluxe box when we chose between the palette and the straightner.

      • The Wander Beauty does appear to blush type but my 17 yo used them for eyes and rocked it. There’s no rules other than don’t share mascara or eyeliner.

    • I’m 44 and I will rock the immature wristlet. I just cancelled my FFF, the coming boxes feature a pallette we got in Boxycharm a few months ago, Dr. Brandt’s also an item we have gotten recently from Boxycharm. Plus the purses, totes, throws, teapots, umbrellas etc are ok, but it’s unlikely you would ever buy normally. They are completely blown up. My unbrella was broken & my original box with my customisations was lost so I had to take what was left. The customer service is horrible. Truly terrible, honestly it wouldn’t matter if I really wanted the stuff I won’t ever subscribe again because of the customer service and nothing has been great. BeautyFix by dermstore is my favorite and in my opinion the very best subscription box for beauty/skincare. It’s very skincare heavy, the price is about the same as Boxycharm and the overall value is about the same . I understand why someone would cancel Boxycharm, I probably am. I don’t use makeup enough to have so many eyeshadow palettes. I give most away. Anyways FFF isn’t great

      • Dermstore left me confused. All samples,most marked sample not for sale(they R charging us for it). Then they put in a 7 nite herbal sleep supplement. That’s a big NO for me. I cancelled and sent their box back. I’m adding Allure and sending Boxy to a friend for 3 months.

  4. Its exciting to know that there is a surprise item inside of the Crimes of Beauty wristlet.

    • It’s a charging port for your phone

  5. Wonder y they sneaked the pretty vulgar powder with the wander beauty palette????

  6. Hi Ladies- okay, to get this box i need to sign up for the regular Boxy Charm and then I’ll get the Nov box, then in Dec I’ll get the regular Boxy Charm and the Boxy Luxe, correct?

    • You would get the regular November box, and in December you would get this in lieu of the regular December box. There is a wait list for Boxy Luxe currently.

    • Almost. If you sign up today, you’ll get the November box. After signing up, if you choose to upgrade, you’ll be charged the normal $21 and the additional upgrade charge of $28.99. You will only get the Boxyluxe. One box. If you choose not to upgrade, you’ll be charged $21 and get the regular Boxycharm box.
      One or the other, my friend. If you want to get box boxes, you’ll need to make a second account.

  7. So while I think this is a GREAT box, I was under the impression that Boxyluxe would still have the 4-5 items in the regular box. I believe that’s how it was promoted, and explained through MSA as well.

    Also, they had originally said 11 items total (on their website, in print) but now they’ve changed it to 9 or more.

    Like I said, great value, but I wish they would be upfront about said changes.

    • So they will only send us the items in this picture not 11 items? I’ve ben trying to explain this to my frinds and they dont belive me so some one please help explain.

      • That’s what I thought, too! Wait, what?! I thought that was the whole reason for paying the additional 28$ was to get the additional items on top of our regular boxy?!

  8. No pretty vulgar in this box.. just the boxycharm box… I gues I will be buying an extra Bc box for december..

    • I think the Pretty Vulgar is a variant?? If it is you might not get it even with a second box.

      • That’s my concern as well.

  9. I want the Pretty Vulgar Powder!!😭

  10. Wow, super pallet heavy. And that bag…did they need to imply swearing? So glad its not a box I am getting at the moment!

    • The bag was very disappointing to me as well because my 10 year old daughter always looks forward to going through my box with me and immediately said what does AF mean??? And it is just not something I would choose to carry for myself…

      • Air Force?

  11. Glad I didn’t sign up for Boxyluxe. The only standout to me is the Tarte and Elemis but don’t need either. I’m definitely on pallete overload. This would be great for a sub newbie.

  12. I wonder what size the Elemis will be. Looks like they sent out 15ml size to a lot of people on Influenster. On the website it’s a 50ml for full size.

    • No judging by its surroundings that def 50 mL. 15 mL is half an ounce, it would be much smaller.

      • It’s suppose to be full size on elemis be mad if it’s not it’s all supposed to be full size

    • It’s 1oz, I saw it in the instagram story.

  13. The mascara is a variant item. According to Boxy’s unboxing it is either the one pictured, or one of two Lorac mascaras. One has a duel end with a blue primer, the other is a pomade that boasts no flaking. So each box will have one of those three mascaras.

  14. Liz, the mascara is a variant item. There are also two different Lorac mascaras that could be included. I saw it in their YouTube unboxing. One mascara has the duel end with the blue primer and the other Lorac mascara has is “pomade” and flake-proof.

  15. I’m sad I didn’t pick the straightener. I really wanted it but clicked on the palette to look at it closer and obviously I shouldn’t have! Sigh, three eye palettes! At least I will make someone’s xmas with them!

    • The Wander palette is a cheek palette so you can really do a full face with everything in this box!

    • Beth I will more than likely be swapping my straightener. I picked it because I didn’t want the palette but I won’t use it.

      • I’m on waitlist for Dec Luxe so I wouldn’t get to pick eye colors or hair straightener. I’ve never used a straightener and that would hav been my pick. Is there a site to swap? Also is Boxycharm always heavy on eye pallets? I’ve gotten 3 in a row,my niece got 1 for her BD

        • Debi, Boxy said at the beginning of 2018 that all of their boxes would include a palette. Everyone was super excited at the beginning of the year, but the novelty has worn off on a lot of subscribers.

          • All boxes for 2018, I should clarify 🙂

      • I will switch with you!

    • I’m new to Boxyluxe, how do you get to pick some of your items?

      • They sent an email out some time ago giving you the option to pick one of the items.

  16. Dear MSA: When I started my sub journey I had one 36 pan eyeshadow from an Estee Lauder LE holiday special I was usingbfir 3 years… Lancôme moisturizer , ROC eye cream and six brushes and a cream blush from Sephora. Toner was from GNC ( I actually still use that brand) but was starting g to have skin issues. Fast forward to today & how times have changed… lashes, highlighter, lippie. It all started with the Allure box and then, and then, and then. With the three palettes in the BoxyLuxe. I am palette delirious (36 ssshhh) of course I gave away and purchased … really, it’s been the perfect tipping point to self care, hi yoga, Pilates and WW.. I love this site and thank everyone for all their great tips (hello Luna & Svetlana (sp?) & MSA reviewers) and opinions on various boxes. I am feeling mighty grateful to the MSA team and commenters and just wanted to thank you. When my mom passed, and I stopped being a 24 hour caregiver, it left a huge void and I didn’t realize how my skin and I had changed. You all really helped and yes, I know it’s surface stuff, but it sure helped me look outside and inside. Happy Thanksgiving.

    • Tanya: Your sweet and tender post made me both smile and tear up. I can emphasize with your situation and am sending you a big ole hug 💖

      • Hi Tanya..just wanted to send you a quick hug via the internet. I was also a full time caregiver for my mom as well. My condolences truly takes so much of one’s self to do that. You end up putting your needs and wants on the back burner when you take on that role and it’s so much harder than people may think and/or believe that it is. I Just wanted to say that it’s time to pamper yourself and ENJOY IT! My mother is in a nursing home now and almost every day I have to fight back feelings of guilt believing that I didn’t do enough…BUT that’s not the truth b/c I did everything within my power to take care of her -No matter how much we give sometimes the situation is just more than we can handle. Wishing you peace and blessings for this upcoming holiday season.

    • Hi Tanya! I’ve been reading this site for awhile, but just started subbing this year because I’m trying to wake up from decades of doldrums. I know nothing about makeup or self-care, but I know that all of those things can really lift your spirits. So, what others call the surface, I call spirit. Thank you for sharing your story because I no longer feel quite so alone on this journey to discover myself. I wish you all the spirit lifting your heart can take and a Thanksgiving full of contentment.

    • Hi Tanya, such a sweet post. I think it’s wonderful that subscriptions have given you all these great items to make yourself feel as special as you are! 💛

    • Tanya,

      I’m terribly sorry for your loss. Your words are thoughtful and inspiring, and I truly appreciate that you shared this with us. You are in my prayers this evening. May you be blessed with comfort, strength, and joy.

  17. It was my understanding that Boxyluxe subscribers got the luxe-lineup of items, and 4 items from the regular box. Does anyone know whether these spoilers include the regular box items?

    • I’m sure at least a few of these are going to be in the regular Boxycharm. My guess is the Tarte lipstick the wander beauty palette and the mascara

      • I think you are right on those 3 but I also think everyone is gonna get that sponge too because of how they said it in the video.

        I don’t know that anyone is getting the pretty vulgar translucent powder this month unless it’s in the normal box.

        I’m kind of disappointed in boxyluxe… they had well known and highly market penetrated brands in the first one most folks didn’t get. While I am sure these are great brands it doesn’t seem comparable to the first one.

        • Vicky: If I’ve done my numbers correctly, this Boxyluxe version is valued at around $500 and I’m not sure how much the October box was (@$300?). In any event, it’s not too shabby.

          • The elemis is actually the 88 dollar one, and the version without the hair straightener is around $320.

            The September Luxe version I got was a $356 value, so December Luxe is a bit off from their promises to make the box better than September’s. But still a super value, and very worth it.

          • I agree, Barbara! The value of the December box is incredible! I won’t be canceling any time soon!

  18. Hmm, since the Wanderess palette was shown as a regular Boxy spoiler, I’m guessing it, the Tarteist Lip and the Grande mascara are going to be in the regular box? December Boxycharm shaping up to be really nice, if true.

  19. Hey, Boxy, Slutbox called. It wants its wristlet back.

    • lol

  20. I thought we were supposed to get 11 products?

    • It varies each time around I think.

  21. I would like to see the regular box’s contents asap. If the powder will be for every box I am definitely getting a second sub of the regular box.

    • Same.

  22. How come every time I have an opinion on something and take the time to write a comment it doesn’t post? I am not swearing or attacking anyone! I just gave an opinion on the wristlet. It’s very frustrating.

    • What’s wrong with the wristlet? What I’m missing???

      • It’s the saying on the wristlet that I don’t agree with and I am very disappointed with BC for putting something like that in the box. Beauty is inside and out and ladies should compose themselves with class. The wristlet is not something that says classy.

      • Some people are not liking the implied swearing on the bag.

      • Lucy I don’t understand it either. GLAM AF? Pretty Vulgar I don’t see that product in either box……I’m missing something

    • It is very frustrating and off-putting to take the time to express your thoughts and have it not post, sometimes ever. It happens to a lot of us for little good reason.

    • On average, one out of five of my comments actually posts. It is hard not to take that personally, but I just figure my opinion and info isn’t wanted. Good thing is it’s not just you!😁

      • Here we go…my post didnt post again…..

    • Right there with you. Not sure if it’s a glitch or what, but it’s super frustrating when comments appear to have been submitted, but never post.

      • Same thing happens to me. On a previous post i tried commenting numerous times. None ever posted. I actually complained to who ever censors these IN A COMMENT (that i knew would never post anyways). Its actually quite maddening to me.

        • It’s rediculous! If there’s no swearing and I am not directing my comments towards anyone else but BoxyCharm, then my comments should post!!! I am really thinking of just stopping this site all together because it’s just really frustrating when I take my time out to comment and then they sensor them. If they don’t like them, they just won’t put them up because it doesn’t benefit their website!

        • It isn’t from censorship. It really is just a glitch. I’ve had it happen to me on several occasions. I just copy my comment before I post it, just in case it doesn’t actually appear. Then resubmit it.

  23. OMG hands down my favourite sub box I have ever got in my life. Happy Christmas to me, love Boxy. My life is complete. I can die now.

    • You just made my day with this comment 😂, I feel the same way 😉

  24. All I see is pink!

    • I agree….what happened to having something for those of us who love and enjoy jewel toned blues, purples and emerald greens and some neutral every day earth tones? It’s just pink / red eyeshadow galore

  25. Omg I want all the eyeshadows…. just saying.

  26. Not too happy with the saying on the wristlet.
    Excited about the contents tho, especially the Violet Voss and Spongelle.

    • It’s pretty safe to say I will never be leaving the house with that “wristlet.” LOL.

      • …and for the record it’s not because I don’t swear. I have a potty mouth amongst the best of them but that doesn’t mean I want that stuff written on myself or my accessories…ugh….

        • What’s wrong with the wristlet? What I’m missing???

          • AF is short for “as f**k.” Just not my thing to talk like that or wear messages on my clothes and accessories at all.

        • @LB: That’s exactly how I feel too. I can have a potty mouth at times, but I don’t want to advertise it. I went to the Crimes of Beauty website and saw that some of their stuff had similar sayings. I’m wondering why Boxycharm didn’t pick the least offensive one “Makeup Junkie”? It would seem more appropriate considering it’s a mostly makeup sub. Or even one of the black on black bags.

    • I don’t even think I will keep the wristlet. It will go straight in the garbage! I can’t even donate or gift it to anyone! What were they thinking? There’s just some things that should stay more traditional! If I had a daughter and saw her with it, I would take it from her and throw it away too! Young ladies and women are supposed to have some class and that is what beauty is all about. Not just what’s on the outside, but the inside as well and that screams trashy to me! Sorry but that’s just my opinion.

      • 100% agree. I feel like they took an item out Amber Rose’s box & stuck it in here. That one item turned me off so much that I actually cancelled. Just killed the whole deal for me.

        • I actually choked on my coffee when I read this!
          But I do agree it seems a lil immature, despite the clutch being practical with the whole secret charger thing. But Boxy has to know that it’s demographic is heavily 25-35 year olds who wouldn’t be caught outside with this.

          • Yes!!! Like why ruin a practical product with an immature saying? I felt the same way about the sayings on the FFF gym bags. It’s just unnecessary, IMHO.
            Sorry about your coffee. 😉

      • Clutch your pearls any tighter and they’ll break, what an out dated way to think, so you have the same standard for a son? Fine it’s not your thing but to imply that someone is “trashy” because they are different than you is really unnecessary.

        • I have the same standard for both my sons and daughter. We are Christians and wouldn’t carry a wristlet with that kind of message. I would let my boys wear a shirt with “af” on it either. It will go in the trash when it arrives.

      • Ahem, “Young ladies and women are supposed to have some class…”? Way to perpetuate a patriarchal world view that men can do whatever they want, but us ladies are subjected to a different set of standards that have been reinforced for centuries by religious and secular patriarchal world view that are based around the madonna/whore dichotomy. My grandmother believed all of that, too…and she believed that women who wore makeup were “tramps” and NOT classy. So, by her standards, if you are buying makeup you are not classy. Also, the term “classy” itself is a pretty loaded word with a long history of usage to separate and disparage the working class from the elite higher classes. Just remember, you may be judge people who would choose to use that wristlet but others, like my grandmother, would judge your for choosing to use makeup. Every time one woman judges another woman for not being “classy” enough, we perpetuate both misogynistic and classist rhetoric.

        • Ha! Way to assume. As someone else pointed out, we can curse like sailors. It’s not the language. However, we do not choose to brand ourselves with that language as we walk into work or whatever. Has zero to do with the patriarchy. No one has said you can’t love the saying or carry it wherever you wish. That’s the beauty part of living in a free country. You do you. We’ve stated our position and you’re stating yours. Just be careful about assuming you know where we’re coming from when you post. My grandmother wore makeup. A lot of it, in fact. I learned red lipstick from her. She also had the largest personal perfume collection I’ve ever seen. So…ahem. Just saying, there might be more to the story than what you seem to be implying. I never used the word tramp. Actually, the word I would use for that saying on the bag is tacky. And I cancelled my subscription & opened up a space for someone who really wants it. Simple. So it’s all good.

        • 👏👏👏👏👏

        • Preach it, sister.

        • 🙄

        • Agreed, Jennifer.
          If someone doesnt like the bag there is always ebay or an iron on patch to cover the AF I think ppl are getting a little too upset over a minor thing, its not unfixable.

        • oh my lord…..this is so classy.

        • Exactly Jennifer! Way to go!

  27. I see what they did there with the pink theme (like November with the golds) but as a cool toned gal I’m pretty meh. I can’t do reds and pinks for eyeshadows so I already wasn’t that excited about the VV but I do want to try the formulas at least. At least the straightener (I only need a small one anyways and don’t have one), Elemis and Spongelles more than make up for it. Plus I love Luxie brushes.

    • Agreed. I’m a cool toned gal all the way too

  28. I love everything in this box I’m so excited. Shouldn’t we get 11 items not 9 ? So I’m assuming the remaining are from the regular box

  29. 3 palettes eek,in the spoiler email I received there was some different tube of mascara? Not that gold grande one.

  30. The Wander Beauty palette only has 3 shadows. Hopefully the shadow/pigment itself are nice because that is a huge price ($25) for 3 shadows, personally. Considering the number of shadows, I am not surprised that there are at least 2 palettes in each box. I would be disappointed if I just got the Wander Beauty one. I am excited about the Violet Voss one.

    • Looks like the Wander palette is actually more blushes and highlight (that can be used as eyeshadows also). I guess that helps….

  31. I think it’s amazing! as someone that can’t afford high end products or to just go out and buy whatever this is gonna be amazing for me. I dont understand why people can be so negative about it lile come on look at all you get for only $50 lile your not gonna get that any other way. if you dont like then unsubscribe and move on but for someone like me this is amazing!

    • @Brittany Bolton I agree with you! I can’t really afford to buy luxury items for myself and this gives me the chance to really get to try all of the items I have seen all of my favorite beauty influencers use. I have always wanted to try a Violet Voss palette but have never been able to make myself spend the money but now I can try it! Also the Elemis skin care? I am super hyped for that! This will be my first Boxy Lux and though there have been times I have not been thrilled with everything in my regular box (The lashes that keep coming my way even though I never wear lashes) this is still a super subscription service. The best one out there.

  32. I love 3 items but I’m super meh about the rest. I’ll have to think about keeping lux. I do love the Violet Voss palette, Elemis, and the hair straightener. I think Boxy needs to take a break from Luxie. I’ve gotten so many of their brushes that they aren’t as exciting anymore even though they are great brushes.

  33. Little surprised by 3 eyeshadow palettes, for some anyway. Seems a bit overkill. Overall absolutely worth it. I’ve thrown out the last 3 palettes for quality, here is to hoping!

    • Gasps aloud… as she carries the PUR and or a Pat McGrath in backpack for shadow emergencies!!! 😀

      • HA! I think I just had a run of bad luck lol The pallettes I got were super chalky and not pigmented at all, I tried! I mean I even wet the brush, the pallette, used primer…and I was like this is too much work to try and get pigment pay out. So I’m really hoping my luck improves this time around 🙂

    • Isn’t the Wander palette for cheeks?

  34. I love it but I am disappointed that the pretty vulgar powder won’t be in there. Hope I’m off the waitlist

  35. Wow, that’s a lot. Although I wish instead of two eyeshadow palettes in one box (the third one seems to be a face palette) they did a more varied selection, like hair care items, or more skincare /lip care (especially relevant now that colder weather is upon us). Or if it’s makeup, how about a nice liquid (preferably non-black) eyeliner? Or what about perfume?

    And I would have so loved if they could do a foundation match!

    But honestly that brush set is super nice, I think I would have liked to have this box.

  36. Will everyone receive one of these two variations, or are these just the two we know about so far?

    • I got an email to my unsubbed account, and they showed a variation with a Lorac mascara. My guess is the mascara, lip product, and of course straightener/palette choice will be the variations.

  37. What shade is the tart lip?

  38. I love it. I love it so much <3 🙂

  39. I’m getting box 2 and I am in love with it! Definitely worth the $50

    • Me too. I am most excited about the Straightener 🙂 This is such a good option to have from Boxycharm

      • Does anyone happen to know the RV of the mini straightener? Full-size flat irons on their site are going for at least $280.

  40. Really wish I would have chosen the hair straightener. 3 eyeshadow palettes is a lot.

    • Me too 🙁 I wasn’t thinking we would get another eyeshadow palette, wish they had made another option for those that picked SUVA. Hope I can trade with someone!

    • The Wander palette is an eye/cheek palette from what I’ve seen on their site, so that helps balance out this box a bit more. But I’m much happier with my choice of the straightener now after seeing the full box!

  41. Really like this box, but not enough to have to get the Nov box.

  42. Between the Violet Voss ($45), Luxie ($65), and Elemis ($128), I’ll be keeping this box. Everything else is just freebies to me — which I’m fine with.

    • Elemis is the $89 jar (1oz). It’s still a killer deal

  43. So we don’t get the powder? Bummer.

    • I was thinking the same thing. Looks like I’ll have to swap for it.

      • Yeah… I was so sure we were going to get the powder too… I’m a little disapointed. NOT with the box, just for missing the oportunity to try a new powder. Next time! 😃

        • Really wishing the powder was in here .. hmm

  44. The Grande mascara will be a variation based on the email I received to resub. It looks like a Lorac product, not sure what it is.

  45. I like that box. I think this will be my last BC box, cause I will never be able to spend all shadows that I received from them since April.

  46. This is my last Boxycharm since I need to stop getting so much makeup and I am stoked! Way to go out with a bang, Boxy! Even if you don’t like everything, the value is there. And it comes just in time to gift what you don’t like for Christmas.

  47. Also just got an e-mail spoiling box 2. Doesn’t mention variations. I wouldn’t want two eye palettes.

  48. Seen this on Instagram idk I’m in between I’m happy with it but I’m not wowed this month. The first luxe knocked my socks off, this one Im happy to receive it just isn’t wowing me

    • I feel the same. I liked the variety of September better but the value and brands are obviously great with both. I like the brushes and palettes but wish there was another tool or skincare type product.

      • Exactly and I really think boxy did the pretty vulgar powder on purpose so people would sign up for a second regular boxy along with the luxe. It only makes sense they hyped up the spoiler for pretty vulgar knowing everyone would go crazy for it to just say haha yea only a regular boxy box gets it so then anyone who’ll get thenluxe might opt in for one more regular box . Too bad for boxy I don’t play that game and I’ll go buy the powder myself lol.

    • Exactly!! It’s definitely worth my money , but isn’t wowing me. Had this been the September box , I wouldn’t of went through what I did to sign up.

  49. Despise the wristlet.

  50. I don’t want to be negative but I just don’t really like these!! I am going to cancel so that my spot can go to somebody who will love this as much as I wish that I did😊❤️

    • I’ll buy your box in case you decide to keep it.

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