Boxycharm Overview and Tutorial – November 2018

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BoxyCharm is a popular full-size beauty and makeup subscription box. (Check out our full review of the November 2018 Boxycharm box to learn more about each of the items this month.)

Today, I’ll be showing you how I used some of the items in my November BoxyCharm box! I’d love if you shared what products and techniques worked for you in the comments as well! What items were your favorites? Which products have you been reaching for all month? Let’s talk about all things  BoxyCharm.

But first, here are the box basics:

About BoxCharm

The Subscription Box: BoxyCharm

The Cost: $21 a month

The Products: 5-6 beauty items that will include nail care, skin care, makeup, haircare, fragrance and more. (At least 4 of those items will be full-sized).

Ships to: The US and Canada

November 2018 Boyxcharm Beauty Tutorial

This month’s Boxycharm theme is Goal Digger and I think it’s such a cute play on words! Takes a somewhat negative phrase and switch it around for positive, I love it! It makes you stop and think about your own personal goals and what you would like to achieve. However, right now, I’m hoping to achieve a decent makeup look with whatever is in this months box! With that said, let’s go ahead and jump right in!

Here are the contents of this months box:

As always I start off with a bare face clean and moisturized. I also used a primer in which I always allow to dry before adding anything else to my face.

I was so glad to see brand new tweezers in this months box since I’ve been using the same pair for over 15 years. (Sad I know) These are dual-ended Z-tweezers from Farah. The pair I received looks pretty cool – they are matte black and covered with gold splotches. I thought I would tweeze my brows in order to give you guys an honest review. Nothing too fancy just plucking a few hairs here and there. They are made with surgical stainless steel and each side serves a different purpose. The flat side removes your more thick or coarse hairs, while the pointed side removes your thin or finest of hairs. These seem perfect for grooming brows.

Before and during my plucking, I always stand back and evaluate my brows before tweezing. Before I tweeze I always brush my brows upward shaping them in the direction I want them. Then I tweeze anything out of place. I try not to use a magnifying mirror because that causes me to over tweeze, however, if that works for you go right ahead. I have three rules I always try to remember: 1) take your time 2) one hair at a time and 3) always sooth after plucking. I use witch hazel but whatever you have on hand should be fine. I find the tweezers pretty easy to hold, giving me a good grip which is very important when grooming such delicate areas.  I love how it targets the exact hairs I want and was almost painless. These are a girl’s best friend when it comes to grooming. Who doesn’t need a pair of good tweezers on hand? I can definitely see these going into my makeup bag for on the go use.

Now that my brows are freshly tweezed, it’s time to fill them in.  

Ok, so their not perfect or look like exact twins, more like distant cousins but it should do. 

Our eyeshadow palette this month is from Ace Beaute and since I’m not familiar with this brand I had to look it up. They have some pretty awesome eyeshadow palette selections to choose from. Boxycharm chooses to go with their Grandiose Eyeshadow Palette and the colors are simply gorgeous. I love a palette that has both earth tones and pops of color, making it easy to go from neutral to bold. There are eight stunning pans within this palette and all have been finely milled and pressed. A finely milled formula helps shadows to blend easier, not to mention the color payoff. I will also be using our third product, the Luxie Luminous Eye Set along with our eyeshadow palette. This lovely limited edition gold brush set comes with four different brushes all with soft synthetic hair. I can’t wait to test them both out so let’s jump right in!

All eight shades are so unique it was really hard to decide on which ones to choose. I decided to use the  LUXIE 121 mini tapered brush and the shade Cinnamon as my transition shade. This is the perfect medium sized fluffy brush and packs on color with ease. This shade Is a creamy light brown shade that in fact looks just like cinnamon.

Here is how Cinnamon looks alone.

The next color Rose is practically calling my name so I must answer it lol. Using the Luxie 131 mini angled brush I took the shade Rose and packed it on my entire lid and slightly into my crease. I can already tell how well the colors are blending. The brush’s firm shape and density made it easy to pack in the color I needed. As you can clearly see here, there is tons of fallout. Normally I would usually steer away from using eyeshadow palettes with this much fallout, however, the color payoff makes it worth it. I love how pigmented these shades are. I always recommend doing your eyeshadow look before putting on your foundation, especially when trying out a new eyeshadow palette.

Here are the two colors together.

For my ” POC”(pop of color ) I’ll be using the shade Myrtle and my finger to pinpoint exactly where I want it. I’m adding it directly in the center of my lid.

Here is how it looks so far.

Next, I will be using the Luxie 141 mini round brush to use the shade Poppy and place it on both sides of the center color Myrtle. I can’t tell you guys how much I love these deep maroon shades. It’s been so hard for me to find a shade like this and I’m thankful it’s in this palette.

It’s a little hard to tell because Poppy is just a bit darker than Rose but I like how it stands out against the middle shade.

Finally, after cleaning up tons of fallout and smoothing out my harsh edges, I took the Luxie 111 mini flat angled brush and the shade Jasmine and carefully placed it under my brow bone to highlight the area. A small angle brush can be used for so many things like adding colors under the brow bone, your eye ducts or to smudge out your lower lash line. I love how well it blended my brow bone color Jasmine out so perfectly.

Here are my eyes both open and closed after adding some dark black eyeliner and a thin coat of mascara.

I was super happy to see our next product since I’m completely out of my current brush cleaner. Pretty often Boxycharm gives us these gorgeous brush sets, and this time they included a cleaning product to care for them. Bodyography Makeup Brush Cleanser is a natural cleanser that gently cleans, disinfects and conditions your makeup brushes. I love how it works for all hair types, which means I can use it on my more expensive brushes as well as my drugstore brands.

To use between makeup applications simply spray directly onto brush hairs and wipe gently back and forth on a paper towel. For a more deeper clean, spray directly onto brush hairs and gently massage the cleanser into the brush with your fingers and then rinse with warm water. After you rinse them lay them down flat to dry. This product makes cleaning your makeup brushes so easy not to mention the sweet orange aroma it leaves behind.

After applying my foundation and lip color, I could not wait to get my hands on our final product. I have seen and heard so much about Cover FX Glitter Drops and now I get to experience it for myself.  I wanted to purchase this item for myself but never got around to it, so I’m super excited to see it in this months box! They are described as a multidimensional glitter or a highlighter that has a high impact, light-reflective finish. They come in other colors as well and can be used alone, under or over makeup. I’ve also seen them mixed into the foundation as well. I received the shade Nova, which is the color of pure gold! Just by adding a tiny bit to my finger, I can tell how glittery it’s going to be. I’m not the kind of girl who likes this much of a highlight but I thought why not, this should be fun!

I used the dropper to add dots of product to the highs of my cheeks, tip of my nose and to my Cupid’s bow. I then took a tiny beauty blender and firmly pressed it into my skin, using tiny tapping motions. Instead of using it as a highlighter, I was going for a more “ inner-glow” effect. I think this will be super fun to wear out to any holiday parties or just to take some stunning photos.

I’m not sure if I went a bit overboard with these fun glitter drops but one thing I know is you can’t miss this highlight!

Verdict: I really enjoyed everything in this month’s box. It had both practical and fun products, however, the glitter drops were my favorite. I would love to know what you thought about the products and which item was your favorite!

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What’s your favorite item from the November Boxycharm Box? 

Written by Desiree Queen

Desiree Queen

I am addicted to subscription boxes for so many reasons. For one I simply love the element of surprise that each month brings, whether its beauty, skin care or anything else. I love the opportunity of trying out new products every month without having to commit to the full purchase. My favorite boxes are Boxycharm, Popsugar, and any Mommy and baby boxes. I am a brand new mother and I love trying out new things for my baby and I love how they always have something special for mommy!

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  1. Love love love! This was my box too and I’ve been enjoying it all 😃

    • I agree!

  2. You look amazing with that makeup! Nice!

  3. Love your reviews! I personally didn’t have a fallout problem at all- but I haven’t tried the deep red shade yet and that seems to be the one that had the most fall out. Overall, I loved this palette and it has become a staple in my routine.

    • That’s awesome

  4. Very nice! Pretty look.

    • Thanks!

  5. Did anyone else notice the eyeshadows smells like their names? Or am I just tripping? The Highlight is very glittery. I had to use different brushes with the palette. The brushes caused allot of the fallout with me. The brushes don’t work that great with this palette.

    • Agree! But I do like the pallette and brushes! : ) This box was a win, I think!

    • I’m gonna give it a try with diffrent brushes I never thought about that.

  6. This is a great review. I have fair skin, but appreciate that you are willing to show the fall out and correction. With application. Those glitter drops are CRAZY with the sparkle, but you make it look great! The ‘distant cousin’ comment makes us all appreciate how hard symmetry is, but you look great! Love the review, I feel this is a pretty great take on the products received. Thanks!

  7. This is one of my favorite months ever. I absolutely love the palette and the glitter drops, so the rest is just icing on the cake!

  8. Beautiful! Love your tutorials (they are great for every day looks and not too extravagant like so many makeup tutorials are these days) and the highlighter is definitely not too over the top.

    • Thank you so much!

  9. You look so pretty…nicely done!

    • Thanks!

  10. LOL! “Distant cousins”…no one has perfectly symmetrical eyebrows, so I think you should give yourself a lot more credit here; your brows look fabulous, and your makeup is fantastic.

    • Thank you Rosemary!

  11. holy fallout, batgirl. I skipped this month and don’t have fomo (whew!) I do love those shadow shades on you but geez; I’d never use it due to all that fallout.

    • Yea it was a lot, more than I’ve seen in a Palette

  12. Great review!! Good Job!!!

    • Super fun!! Loved each step!!

    • Thanks!

  13. This post format is a fun one to read. Nice work on it!

    • Thank you!

  14. You look like a goddess! Great job and tutorial…the brights in the palett kind of scared me, but they look so great here I might actually try them out!

    • Yes please try it, if you do and the color turns out too harsh just keep blending and it will get better!

  15. I’m seriously loving reds and warm tones for eyeshadow lately, so this palette fits right in with my Naked Cherry and Huda New Nudes palettes. I, too, have been dying to try cover FX! I plan to use it for all my holiday parties this year! Thank you for this tutorial/review! You look gorgeous!

    • Yes please try it, if you do and the color turns out too harsh just keep blending and it will get better!

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