BoxyCharm Possible Future Spoilers!

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We have more possible spoilers for future Boxycharm boxes thanks to Yosef!


It looks like Tarte palettes: Rainforest of the Sea™ sizzle eyeshadow palettelimited-edition Rainforest of the Sea ™ highlighting eyeshadow palette vol. III, and Rainforest of the Sea limited-edition eyeshadow palette.

What do you think of the possible spoilers?

In case you missed the possible December spoilers:

It looks like a Wander Beauty palette, and Pretty Vulgar Setting Powder. What do you think?

If you sign up now, the November box will be your first box! (Check out November spoilers here!)

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  2. Boxy has been a miss lately with me!!! I never get any of the items I’m interested in and none of the palettes work for people of color.

  3. Oooooh I would LOVE to see the PV Setting powder in our next box ❤️ I so hope it’s not a variant, that would be my luck, I always seem to not get the variant items I want

  4. That looks like same the Wander Beauty palette packaging that is in the December Boxyluxe full spoilers. I doubt they’d give us the same palette twice, right?

  5. I love the sizzle palette. The highlighting one isn’t bad either. I don’t care for the last one.

    I don’t know what’s going on with the pretty vulgar powder. It’s not in the luxe box and it should be. Everyone wants it and if we are spending extra money on the luxe box, why isn’t the most wanted item included?

    • Not everyone

  6. Oh please Boxycharm let me get the Sizzle palette!!! I need some color in my life from these boxes!!!

  7. Didn’t we get a round tarte rainforest of the sea palette like, last year? I wasn’t a huge fan-maybe these are better.

  8. The Wander Beauty palette was in a spolier picture for December BoxyLuxe, I saw it on IG/FB today.

  9. Total l♡ve! I love getting the pallets, they make wonderful gifts when I dont like them, so it’s always a win!

  10. Looks similar to the one we got in August of last year.

  11. I have so many warm palettes, that I hope I get the sizzle one if they do these.

    • I’m the opposite. I have all sizzle bright colored pallets (which I give away) and No natural neutral color ones.

  12. Was thinking about cancelling as I have been disappointed the past two months. I am sick of palettes but these look decent and ones that I would actually keep instead of try to swap. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  13. The three palettes are beautiful and I don’t have any of them!

  14. I *love* tarte products so much, so I am all about this spoiler. I just hope to get any but the Rainforest of the Sea III because I already have it. However, my luck in this regard is not great lol… I didn’t want the box with lashes this month since I don’t (and can’t) wear them, and sure enough I got lashes.

  15. Oh no, I have all 3 of those palettes! Looks like I’ll be swapping if they’re in January’s box.

  16. I really think its for January..I made a remark in a FB group and Yosef like it! I was excited! Sorry, I’m a dork..haha.

    • Funny:))

  17. I’m on palette overload and am seriously thinking about cancelling. As much as I appreciate the opportunity to expand my collection for such a low cost, Boxy really needs to think outside the box instead of dumping palette after eyeshadow palette on its subscribers.

    • Yes!! I am so with you in this one! I really like boxy, but I am seriously considering cancelling because between my personal palette collection and the ones I’ve been getting since signing up in the spring I have no where to put another palette!!! Would love it if the cooled it with the palettes a bit. I think the December Luxe box has like THREE palettes!! 🙈

      • Dec Boxyluxe has a wander cheek palette and the VV eyeshadow palette. 3rd palette was an option to choose. I’m assuming people who are on palette overload would have picked the straightener instead. I personally enjoy getting palettes, even though I have a ton of them. They are easy to swap if I don’t want a particular one.

    • Boxycharm does an amazing job, and the palettes are fantastic!

      However, for every person who loves and needs another palette, there’s a person who is on palette overload! It would be so great for those who have been longtime customers and, as such, is possibly on palette overload, to have a customizable choice; palette or “something else”. Exactly like the choice in December’s BoxyLuxe, choice between the hair straightener or the palette, except it would be for Boxycharm. It was fantastic to actually have a choice! It’s definitely more work for Boxycharm, but hopefully it would be worth it to them because people wouldn’t cancel for being on overload. Just a thought…

      • Now thats the way to complain lol…I know you weren’t complaining, but I like the way you worded everything instead of bashing the company and sounding entitled. Constructive criticism goes a longer way than the other bickering and ranting if you know what I mean. It was actually refreshing to read your comment!

      • I like this idea! The option to pick “something else” (especially if the something else were things like skin/body care maybe that a lot of people also seem to have a love or hate thing for?) would really bring a lot of value back for longtime subscribers/those on overload!

    • Agreed

  18. The Sizzle Eyeshadow palette is GORGEOUS! I’d love to receive that one! But, anything we receive is awesome!

  19. I think I like the spoilers for the regular, more than the Boxyluxe. 🙁

    • So glad I cancelled boxyluxe bc I’m with you!

      • Me too!

    • I completely agree! I’m so confused with what’s going on with boxyluxe and it seems like they aren’t addressing anyone’s concerns in a direct way

      • Absolutely agree. I’ve been quite unhappy with Boxycharm customer service for the last couple months. But I LOVE the box so I can overlook it. For now at least.

  20. I got the purple one last year. They better start figuring out a repeat system

    • I thought so too. Its a different one. Look closer at the cover, its not the same design nor the same colors. If I got to pick one, I’d go with the first one MSA has listed.

    • That’s not the same purple one as last year. The one we got last year was the rainforest volume of the sea 2 which featured mostly cool tones. The purple one shown in the picture has more pinky/warm tones

      • Oh yeah. Thanks guys I looked it up you’re right !! I feel better now because any of them I’ll like now 👍👍

    • Yeah that’s what I was thinking I didn’t get it but I know I don’t want it they shouldn’t send things twice

  21. Didn’t they feature one tarte eyeshadow palette before?

    • Yep but it’s not a repeat. If you do a quick MSA search you can read the old review.

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