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Bombay + Cedar “Kindness” Box Review + Coupon – October 2018

bombay and cedar blue flower box

Bombay & Cedar is a luxury lifestyle subscription box for women that focuses on essential oils, diffusers, skincare, books, snacks, and other products.

bombay and cedar kindness box

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

This review is for the Premium $49.95 box. 

bombay and cedar all items

About Bombay & Cedar Self-Care and Aromatherapy Subscription Box

The Box: Bombay & Cedar

The Cost: $49.95 per month + $6.95 US shipping, or save with longer subscriptions.

COUPON: Use code MSALOVE10 to save 10% off a 3, 6 or 12-month subscription!

The Products: 2 essential oils and 6-7 full-size products such as diffusers, skincare, books, healthy snacks, and other surprises with a retail value of $100+.

Ships to: US for $6.95, Canada for $19.00, and internationally for $35.00

Good to know: They now offer a Mini Box as well that has 5-7 full and deluxe size samples with a retail value of $60+ each month for $29.95/month.

Bombay & Cedar “Kindness” Box Review October 2018

bombay and cedar balance booklet for october

bombay and cedar product list

bombay and cedar kindness editors note

bombay and cedar brand spotlight

bombay and cedar featured brands

bombay and cedar random acts of kindness

bombay and cedar back of booklet

The box comes with a booklet of information that lists out the products and highlights some of the brands.

bombay and cedar essential oil bundle

bombay and cedar fall essential oils

bombay and cedar fall essential oil bottles

Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil, 10 ml – Listed Value $10.00

Tangerine Essential Oil, 10 ml – Listed Value $10.00

I am an essential oil junkie. I have multiple diffusers all over the house. I also am totally guilty of putting a few drops in every bath I take as well as mixing different concoctions with white vinegar for a natural surface cleaner that smells and feels good. The tangerine and cinnamon combo in this month’s box is a perfect ode to summer fading into fall. Together in my diffuser, they create a very complex scent that is perfect for chillier days. The tangerine is so bright and energizing on its own. My favorite combination right now is Tangerine+Cinnamon+Cedar+Lavender. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

bombay and cedar top of essential oil bottles

bombay and cedar info cards

bombay and cedar essential oils information

These little cards give some additional information, including what their wellness usages are.

bombay and cedar paleo puffs bag

bombay and cedar paleo puffs information

bombay and cedar paleo puffs open

Paleo Puffs by Lesser Evil – Listed Value $1.59, Buy 24 boxes for $17.99 (currently out of stock)

I am a cheese lover and I do not apologize for that. Cheese is BAE. That being said I absolutely loved these weird puffs. They do manage to taste cheesy, and I personally love the texture. I tend to also be someone who likes real and fake meat too though, so take my recommendation with a grain of salt unless you are also adventurous. This bag was quickly emptied and I already want more. I plan on stalking them at my local Whole Foods with crossed fingers.

bombay and cedar postcard book cover

bombay and cedar postcard one

bombay and cedar postcard two

bombay and cedar postcard backs

bombay and cedar postcard book back

Send Some Friendship by Knock Knock Postcard Book– Retail Value $12.00 (found here for $6.00)

This will become a gift because I am terrible at sending actual mail. Truly though, this little book couldn’t make it any easier to send someone you care about some love through the mail. Simply tear out your choice of card, fill in the blank on the front, write a cute little note, address it, and slap a stamp on. It’s a great way to send someone a little pick me up in the mail. I will be gifting it to someone who is more thoughtful than I am when it comes to mail and might actually own stamps.

bombay and cedar zatnik relieve eye serum with box

bombay and cedar zatnik relieve eye serum

bombay and cedar zatnik relieve eye serum back ingredients

Relieve Eye Serum by Zatik 1.0 fl. oz. – Retail Value $28.00

I turned 32 this year so I am all about wrinkle prevention. I had actually never heard of this brand before but it seems to have a very dedicated following in the vegan beauty community. This little cocktail has a ton of healthy skin goodness without alcohol, animal products, GMO ingredients, or soy. It is super gentle and smells a little odd, but not in a bad way. I applied it all over my face instead of just under my eyes and my only complaint is that I do find it a little sticky. If you are into natural, vegan, and animal product free beauty, this would be a nice eye serum to try. I don’t see it replacing my normal serum though.

bombay and cedar Neroli flower water front

bombay and cedar Neroli flower water back

Neroli Flower Water by Modern Skyn Alchemy– Listed Value $8.00

YES. This is the type of product I love! I use flower waters for toners and general pick me ups throughout the day. I always have a little spray bottle in my purse with some of this magic inside. It is especially wonderful to have in the summer when I am melting, but I find the more citrusy scents like this neroli are also useful in the winter when those seasonal blues start to creep in. I really like to use them between cleansing and a sheet mask too! This flower water is super light but highly fragranced. It also comes in mint, lavender, or rose. For $8.00 the bottle is large and will last a long time.

bombay and cedar ready made water infusions packaging

bombay and cedar ready made water infusions packaging back

bombay and cedar ready made water infusions open bag

bombay and cedar ready made water infusions tea bags

Ready-Made Water Infusions by Herb and Orchard in Lemon+Mint – Retail Value $8.99

This is such a great idea for people like me who like to think they are super put together, but actually are just not. Would I love to be that girl who always has her glass water bottle filled with fresh lemon and mint? Yeah, I totally would, but I am only her about 20% of the time. For that other 80%, Herb and Orchard created these easy to use little sachets filled with different infusion blends. You get 4 for $9.00 which may seem steep but you can reuse the same sachet all day long. The taste is really close to a fresh infusion and I look forward to trying out the other flavors.

bombay and cedar amethyst gemstone bracelet by rory ashton

bombay and cedar amethyst gemstone bracelet by rory ashton back

bombay and cedar amethyst gemstone bracelet bombay and cedar amethyst gemstone bracelet by rory ashton details bombay and cedar amethyst gemstone bracelet by rory ashton closeup

bombay and cedar october 2018 amethyst bracelet front bombay and cedar october 2018 amethyst bracelet back

Amethyst Gemstone Bracelet by Rory Ashton – Retail Value $38.00 (found here for $18.00)

This little bracelet is really dainty and pretty! It is adjustable so it will fit all wrists and its petite size makes it a great addition for stacking with other favorite pieces. It features components of 14K Gold Plated Over Brass which is so very shiny and a beautiful amethyst focal bead. Amethyst is a crystal prized for promoting peace and basically being a natural tranquilizer. Who doesn’t need a little more serenity in their life?

bombay and cedar himalayan salt pluggable

bombay and cedar himalayan salt pluggable lit

bombay and cedar himalayan salt pluggable bronze

bombay and cedar himalayan salt pluggable details bombay and cedar himalayan salt pluggable plug details

Himalayan Salt Pluggable by Airome- Retail Value $14.99

I think this is the most unique piece in the whole box. I have a few of the larger chunk salt lamps around my house mainly because I love the glow and warmth they add to a room. The Himalayan salt is also said to purify the air and emit negative ions that are energizing. I am not sure I can attest to those benefits, but they sure are pretty! This is a smaller version that would make a really luxurious upgrade to your normal hallway nightlight. It gives off plenty of light in a warm rosy glow.

bombay and cedar free gift sunglasses

bombay and cedar free gift sunglasses steampunk

bombay and cedar free gift sunglasses tortoise

bombay and cedar free gift sunglasses detail

bombay and cedar october 2018 freebie sunglasses on megan

Bonus: Steampunk Style Tortoise Sunglasses

Sometimes you’ll get a bonus item with your subscription box if you share the box on social media. This month, I got these really trendy steampunk inspired sunglasses. I love anything tortoise and I appreciate that these sunglasses lack the little nose pads that always seem to get stuck in my hair when I move them up there after going inside. The side plastic is a little weird and out of my comfort zone, but I plan on trying these out and seeing how I like them over time.

Verdict: Bombay & Cedar was really full of variety this month. I absolutely loved the essential oils, flower water, snacks, and bracelet. I also can’t wait to use the salt nightlight in my bedroom. I will absolutely give the eye serum a fair chance and the other pieces I wasn’t crazy about will still make great gifts. The overall retail value in this box was over the top amazing. The total retail value in this box is a whopping $131.57 which is GREAT for a $49.95 box. 

To Wrap Up: 

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No, but order by the 12th to get the November box!

Coupon – Use MSA10 to save 10% off for life on their recurring subscription box!

Value Breakdown: This box costs $49.95 + $6.95 shipping, which means that each of the 9 featured items in the box has an average cost of $6.32. (Count the bonus item and that average changes to $5.69.) 

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What do you think of the Bombay and Cedar “Kindness” Box?

Bombay & Cedar

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Written by Megan Kirkland

Megan Kirkland

I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

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Comments (18)

  1. Please change the description on the discount code. You have this on several reviews and spoilers for Bombay and Cedar and the owner made it clear they never gave you a lifetime code just one for a 10% off one box so everyone who signed up through this or the other code is now being charged full price for the second box. It’s not a typo because you say it different ways in multiple listings. I’m unsure how this could happen but the company is making it clear its incorrect and that stinks for msa followers who trust the codes you give us are for what you say they are.

  2. I received the white Himalayan Salt Pluggable and it is terribly scratched up. I sent them pictures and they told me it was supposed to be “brushed gold.” I wish that I could post the pics here– it looks like something that I could not even pass on as a gift. The black one looks so much nicer

  3. This was my favorite box by them so far! I’m hoping they have a Black Friday deal because my subscription is up after this month and I want to continue.

  4. I’m hoping they have a Better Than Black Friday deal on this subscription. I’ve been interested in it for almost a year. It’s high on my wish list. Seems like unique, quality items every month. For now, I will live vicariously through the reviews.

  5. How does someone get to review these boxes? I’m not looking for any freesbies. I’d pay for the box myself. I just want to review some.

    • Hi Kelly! If you are interested in reviewing, you can also send a trial review to us a [email protected]!

    • I was thinking the same thing. I’d like to review Cruelty-Free boxes, I’d be happy to pay as well. There are just so many boxes out there now, to navigate.

  6. Keep on using those serums gal. I am 75 and still don’t have any wrinkles because I ALWAYS use serums and creams day and night after I wash my face. (And drink lots of water.)

    • I am a serum convert for sure! I feel really fortunate that I have skin that doesn’t break out often, so I am able to really experiment without fear of an angry face! I am happy you also vouch for them. 🙂

    • May I ask what your using to keep you looking 18 at 75? Im turning 40 on Nov 15th and in my head I’m still 25 but all signs point to……ahhh keep dreaming the dream! I probably won’t make it to 75 so there is that, but if me and my walker do get close I need what your having. 😘
      Thank you! And if anyone else has some ideas for old acne scars please do tell. Sunday Riley?

      • Never had acne scars or much acne. My dad was diabetic so we grew up with no fried food, sweets or soda. Just lots of greens and water piped from the lake. I go to a naturopath for bone, joint, and heart natural pills so I have no pains or problems. Stay away from soda, diet soda is the worst. Eat healthy and exercise. Be positive. If your life is going to hell, find something simple to make you happy. Mine was a beautiful tree outside my window. Whatever happened, that tree was always there and beautiful and gave me peace. I figure that I will live to 103 and love every minute!

  7. I love that bracelet! And the nightlight. Too bad it’s not available anymore.

    • I love it too! It is such an easy layering piece. The nightlight is awesome, but my cat has taken an interest in it, so it has been relocated to a higher outlet!

  8. This is one sub that I’ve almost subbed to countless times but just never did. Can any current or recent subscribers share their opinions and/or experiences with this sub? It seems like the items received are useful and quality items. Thanks in advance for the help!

    • I subscribed for six months but took a breather the last two months. It was one of my favorites! I use just about everything I got. I regret cancelling when I see the reviews and will sign up for November’s box because I do not want to miss the blanket.

    • I got 2 regular boxes and 2 LE. I loved everything and would keep this sub, but it’s too expensive for me. Their CS is outstanding.

  9. Those sunglasses 🕶 look so cute on you!

    Next month will be my first box and I’m so excited 👀 I kind of wished I signed up earlier to have snagged those glasses lol

    • Thanks so much! I really like them too! I had major doubts before I wore them out the first day, but I have received multiple compliments. Hopefully, we see similar goodies in the future.

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