Beauty Heroes Limited Edition Indie Beauty Spotlight Discovery Boxes Available Now!

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The Beauty Heroes Limited Edition Indie Beauty Spotlight Discovery boxes are available now! These one time purchase boxes are $69.

They are fresh, philanthropic, female beauty entrepreneurs with breakthrough brands! Introducing our first-ever Indie Beauty Discovery: three separate Discoveries featuring three of the buzziest brands of the year: Ranavat Botanics, Beneath Your Mask and Wabi-Sabi Botanicals.

Each box will include:

If your interested in the regular subscription but you’re not familiar with Beauty Heroes: this is a natural beauty subscription box that focuses on quality over quantity. Each month they send you one new full size “hero” product in the face, body, hair or sun care category, plus a smaller “sidekick” item.

This box doesn’t offer a monthly option. It is $128.85 for 3 months. Check out our Beauty Heroes subscription box reviews to learn more.

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  1. I just got the beneath the mask for now and hope the other ones hold on a bit longer. I couldn’t risk not getting another Mahola LD set. I literally must use oils for hair care and actually whip up my own variations so this one will be a treat!! Sadly I forgot to use coupon. Oh wait, I’ll be back to store to clean up around end of December…I’m mad for Lil Fox eye serum (uh yes to repurchase) and actually love the face serum.. between Beauty Heroes, Boxwalla, AD and Pearlesque I am finding my views shift about natural product. I didn’t think they could match technology and chemicals of brands like Ckarns. Boy, was wrong!!!!

    • I am with you! I loves my Rodan and Fields and other brands until I discovered clean beauty. I love these products and I subscribe to Beauty Heroes, Art of Organics, and Boxwalla and purchase Pearlesque on the months that call to me!

      I am wanting to get the beauty heroes sleep box. Have either of you bought it? I wish it was $20-30 less then I would snatch it up.

      Also! Did you purchase the 5Yina set boxwalla did in October. I absolutely love that cream and I will repurchase at full price. I bought two extras as gifts but believe I will be keeping both for myself.

      • I’m similar to you two. 🙂 For me, I love trying new products from all genres of skincare whether they be conventional, spa/clinical grade, k-beauty, natural/clean, etc., but for some reason the green beauty brands (from budget-friendly to luxe) really intrigue me, and I get the most excited when getting to try a new green beauty product or brand. 🙂 I think that’s why I chose to stick to primarily green beauty boxes (with the exception of Sisley) when I decided to limit my subs a few months ago. My list actually reads quite a lot like yours Tanya!! 🙂 Off the top of my head, the others that I’m subbed to (that I intend to keep for the foreseeable future) is The Detox Box and Maple Blume.

        I didn’t buy the sleep box or the 5Yina set. I’m trying to pace myself! haha!

      • Oh! I’m also subbed to Mintd too! I think they categorize themselves as clean (but not necessarily green) beauty.

        • Luna, what is the difference? Confused…

      • Yes. Haven’t opened just yet as finished up a breast cream from Look Fantastic. Of course not as luxurious. There is a box Luna mentions from Iccasionally and she wants MSA to review again. Sound Ike I might wish to try. Every now and then I grab a Petit Vour. My skin is having its moment due to these boxes. Btw, I meant Clarins as my concept of a more natural effective skin care. Slim pickings at my local coop and Whole Foods but they may have changed!!! I am hoping to grab the wabi-Sabi box but need to get through Thanksgiving and holiday shopping. Skin care at end of day is a luxurious self care treat. Awareness and affordable (looking at you Ayuna) via Subscription boxes.

        • I think the box you might be thinking of that I’ve mentioned is Maple Blume. MSA did review it for a few boxes last year, but then stopped. I’m guessing because it didn’t generate much buzz (i.e. comments?). Also, I’m sure the price could be a factor, since it’s priced similarly to Mintd. However, I’ve always enjoyed their curation, and felt the value was there. I’ve always thought that even if MSA didn’t want to pay for & review the box, they could probably just post spoilers to garner some awareness for the box. I’ve always felt it’s an under the radar box, like how I always felt Organic Bunny was until MSA (finally!) started reviewing it. 🙂 If you’d like to take a look, Maple Blume posts pics of their past boxes so you can get an idea of what they offer. 🙂 Oh! And they’re a bi-monthly Canadian box, so the prices you see are in CAD, not USD.

        • Tanya I cannot wait for you to try the 5Yina. You are going to absolutely love it and I also loved that they included a $25 off a purchase in the box.

          I’ve tried some Clarins products but not many. I am looking forward to the December Boxwalla box. I cannot wait to try those two products.

      • If you like all those boxes, you will LOVE Nourish. Go check out the reviews, and reasonably priced too!

    • Did your eye serum have the roller ball still attached to it? Mine was detached, and stuck in the lid. 🙁 I read this was a common problem for a lot of folks. Once I finally got it out of the lid, there was no way I could jam it back into the container, so since the serum is essentially exposed to air (now that there’s this gaping hole where the ball should be), I started using it right away, and I use it like a perfume dabber by using my ring finger to get the product. 🙂 It works, so I’m not too upset about the roller ball issue… although I was excited to finally try an eye product with a rollerball applicator (previously, I’ve given away all of my rollerball eye products, but thought I’d give this one a shot.. figures it’d be broken. ha!).

      Also, make sure to use your coupon by 11/6! (if you plan on getting anything else by then 🙂 )

      • Yes. Rollerball still in contact and I love it … it’s kinda cooling but I do end up dabbing in some days. Guess I got lucky there. Btw, I tried a makeup wipe for the Josh Rosebrook hydration mask and it made a huge difference. Avclothe is not enough but my face is smooth anger soft. Don’t know why I didn’t use exfoliator and mask together earlier.

        • I haven’t checked my roller ball because I am still using the one beauty heroes sent in January (maya chia). I will have to check it.

          I get so excited about skincare so I always love reading the comments to see other people’s opinions that love skincare as much as I do. 🙂

          I forgot about detox box. I get it some months but not all but it is going up in price so if November is amazing then I am going to get a three month subscription.

          Luna I wish you had gotten the 5Yina. It truly is amazing. It smells so good and is a wonderful texture. If they offer the special again you should grab one 😀I justified that purchase by saying I was making a charitable contribution 😜

  2. Did you grab these Luna? I purchased two and couldn’t help myself and I went back and purchased the last along with a second Mahalo. I absolutely love the Mahalo cleansing balm.

    I used my amazon after dark mini last night from an art of organics box and I wish one of the clean beauty boxes would put a full size of that in their box. It smells amazing!

    • Hey Brooke! I did! I really shouldn’t have since I’m in the midst of playing Santa with the holidays fast approaching, but I just couldn’t pass these up. Did you get a survey from Beauty Hereos where they gave a coupon code at the end that could be used on these in addition to the 15% off for subscribers? I did, but silly me left the code at work so I had to wait until today to get them. I was so afraid the Wabi Sabi Botanicals box was going to be OOS since from what I was reading everyone was most excited about that box.

      Have you tried any of these brands before? I’ve only tried an eye oil (they called it a nectar) from Wabi Sabi, and I really liked it! I’ve been wanting to try products from the other two brands too.

      Isn’t that Mahalo cleansing balm so beautiful??!! To me it feels very decadent & indulgent, while being very effective. I can’t ask for more than that! 🙂

      • I am in the same boat with Christmas 😬. I’ve started all of my Christmas shopping so I can get it over with and see what I have bought before I buy any advent calendars. I did buy my husband the mankind advent calendar after seeing you chat about it and I am debating about getting it for my brother in law and dad too.

        The only brand I have used is Wabi Sabi and I love it. Wabi Sabi balm was the first balm I ever used. It came in my second subscription box ever and I loved it. Shortly after that they rebranded and I purchased several of her products when they were on sale. (Masks, eye nector and face wash). It was all wonderful. I’m excited to get these and I didn’t feel to to bad because the one box can be used for the body and I love it because I do not get very many body products.

        I have been so nervous about oils in my hair but I am going to try these serums in my hair since my hair dresser told me I needed to use an oil.

        Mahalo is such a treat I love it. Have you tried the amazon after dark by lilfox?

        • Regarding that Mankind gift set…. I’m not sure if you’ve received, and have opened, the Mankind box (just to make sure everything’s okay), but I did and I thought I’d mention that it’s actually not an advent calendar, but rather a holiday collection of products. It’s beautifully packaged, and I know will make an awesome gift but it was a bit of a bummer since I was planning on gifting it as an advent calendar, but now I’ll just hold onto it, and gift it on Christmas. I would have still gotten the set, but I just got my hopes up that it was an advent calendar (my fault, as I should have read the description better).

          I haven’t tried that Lilfox product yet. I need to get on that! haha! I had to look it up, and I saw that it was from February’s box. Time to move it up in the queue! 🙂

          Since I have enough hair serums/oils, I plan on using these on my body. Once I saw the descriptions said it could be used on body, I was like, “Sold!”

          • Yes! I just ordered it last night so I do not have it in yet but I looked at the picture of it and do remember it looking like a holiday gift set instead of an advent calendar.

            I do think I am going to order one more today for my dad.

            I love when the products can be used on the products can be used on the body and I did take the survey so I was very excited to get my $10 and 15% off. Do they ever run a Black Friday special for subscriptions? I would sign up for a year at a time if they did.

            The Mahalo is one of their level up gift sets and not under the indie beauty.

          • As far as I can recall, they’ve never done any deals on their actual subscriptions since I’ve known about them (2016), but if I remember correctly, they do release past boxes for sale for around $45, and with the subscriber discount, it’s like getting the box at the sub rate. I think they release past boxes a couple of time per year though, and not only during the holidays.

    • What Mahalo box? I don’t see one?

      • If you hover over Shop, then click on “Limited Edition Discoveries”, then click on “Level Up’, you’ll be able to see what’s in the Mahalo box (along with all of the other Level Up boxes). If you’d like to purchase it, then use the drop down menu to select “Danielle (mahalo)”. 🙂

        • Great conversations. I am wondering how you use all these products. I get a little stressed/guilty about using things up and sometimes bored with a product and just want it finished. I started using Ayuna Natural Rejuvenating Treatment Cream – Light from the august box and it feels like it burns a bit or “working” anyone else get that? I miss the form. Sorry so much in one comment.

          • Oh Casandra! I have a beauty addiction. I am not able to use all of the products I get so I have finally convinced my husband to take care of his skin so I share with him and my mom. I always have a gift for my mom for helping with our kiddos 😀Then when my family comes over for dinner I try to get my sister and brother in law to mask after dinner 😂😂😂 I am going to check out the brand that you just bought. I haven’t seen it. My husband and family do compliment my skin all the time and say I am aging backwards. I know I have a beauty addiction and I tell my family too but it’s cheaper than Botox 😜

        • Thank you for the info! I have heard you talking about Mahalo before and have wanted to try it. So excited I got to use my $10 off and 15% off together! I also added Lavender Deodorant Cream by Meow Meow Tweet to get free shipping. I have never tried the brand but it looks so cute! How do you ladies use up all your products?

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