Allure Beauty Box December 2018 FULL SPOILERS + Coupon!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have the FULL spoilers for the December Allure Beauty Box! (Thanks Jess!)

The December 2018 box will include:

allure beauty box

If you subscribe now, your first box will be the November box. And Allure is offering a Versace bonus for new subscribers! Use this link to save $5 off your first box and get a deluxe mini Versace Dylan Blue Pour Femme Eau de Parfum!

The November 2018 box will include:

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 and get the free mini perfume bottle, too! (Regularly $15 a box.)

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

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  1. Wow – if they keep this up they may be passing IPSY Plus & Boyxcharm soon! They are killing it!!! (Especially at $15)

  2. So if I sign up in December I will get the December box, I want the Juvia’s Palette😁?

  3. So excited! Allure has been outstanding for the past 6 months!

    • Totally agree! ❤️ They won me back after a huge fiasco earlier this year and I’m so excited to see its from Nikki Tutorials!!! ❤️ Her!!

  4. I was initially excited about this, but after seeing the colors, I’m just like blah….every color is brown brown brown, like where is the color??? They have such beautiful Juvia palettes with bright fun colors and this one is just sad and depressing. And then a brown lippie too. If I don’t get that Bliss mask I’m going to be very sad.

    • See, this is what happens when a bunch of people freak out about getting red lipstick in their boxes. A box full of brown blah.

    • Juvia’s is a brand to look out for! I have almost all their palettes and I’m so, so, so sad that I literally just ordered this on Monday and I’m seeing that it’s included in my next box! It will become your new favorite palette!

    • …besides which they’ve put a picture of Nefertiti on the box. Nefertiti, like virtually every other queen of Egypt, was no Nubian. Historical illiteracy puts me off.

  5. Oooh I like this box. I cancelled for November because I’m masked out, the sheet masks I like are $1-2 (so $15 would get me 7-15 of them) plus I have a ton of mud/other coverage masks I need to use, and their website was annoying af. The rep was super nice though and I said I would do it through Amazon.

    Still haven’t gotten my sign up gift though and it’s been over 2 months… hahaha.

    • Kyuu, My Mom havent gotten hersign up gift either. I’m excited for Decemebr a full palette is great. I cant wait to try juvia.. I’m glad I dont have to purchase this palette at full price…

      • Juvia palettes are great, I have purchased two of them recently. Their prices are not bad either especially when they usually have a discount code to offer. I got two full size palettes for under $30.

  6. Wow! I’m really glad I didn’t cancel. I’ve been wanting that highlighter and the Juvia’s palette and I’m thrilled to get them in a sub box. I’ve heard great things about both brands so I’m happy. Definitely makes up for the November box. I was under the impression that it was going to be a big collab like the KVD box was though. I’m not really complaining, but I am a little confused. Their marketing definitely led me to believe something different, but maybe it’s just me and I need a nap.

    • Girl….that highlighter is my favorite thing! The three shades are perfect for an eye look…I used it all summer long. Too bad I already have it though. haha…can’t win em’ all.

  7. I was hoping for a collaboration with someone I’ve at least heard of.

    And another liquid eyeliner – yay.

    • Nikkki is amazing, one of my favorite youtubers! Watch her, she’s a crack up!

  8. If we’re really getting a full sized palette, I might just have to sub again lol
    Not interested in the other stuff though. The NYX isn’t my color & I’m not confident about the eyeliner.

    • It is dificulta to cancel? I just want the dicember box lol.

      • I’ll sell you mine if you want

      • It’s not difficult at all! Just buy directly through amazon or the Allure site! I do it all the time.
        Don’t buy it from someone when you can just get it sent to you.

        I’ve heard that amazon is easy to cancel online. Super easy to cancel through Allure too, but make sure you CALL.
        Allure has a horrible email service!!

      • It’s super easy to sign up and cancel through Amazon. Last month I wanted an extra box for the Good Genes. I subscribed through Amazon and it came quicker than my box through Allure. Cancelled for November at the end of Oct once I had my box. Planning to keep my regular subscription and get an extra box from Amazon any time I want two since it’s so easy to cancel.

      • I first emailed their customer service saying I would like to skip November, but the automated response said it would be 48 hours for them to respond. So, I called customer service, and it was very easy. The number is on the email they sent, I believe. Or on the site. However, I think you have to tell them before they charge on the 5th, or maybe even earlier. Good luck!

  9. I love you Allure

  10. To many mask for me…disappointed. one mask is enough. It looks like alot of these subscription boxes try to take the cheap and easy way out with all these masks. We need more facial and skincare products included

  11. This box looks amazing and makes me feel even better about my plans to give a gift subscription to my MIL. That pallete is stunning. Can’t believe we are getting it + a highlighter in a $15 box.

  12. I’m not a fan or follower of most influencers, especially Nikketutorials. However, I really appreciate the mix of brands in this box. Not every box has to be high-end or the most trending fad. Allure is and has been my favorite box. Hat’s off to Allure for a fantastic year. Here’s looking forward to 2019!

    • I think this looks like a fun box, too! But I totally agree with no being a fan of the whole Influencer scene. I’m not going to take beauty advice from someone with porn star makeup who draws on fake caterpillar eyebrows. Unless you’re in showbiz, who does their makeup like that? My co-workers would bust up laughing if I walked in with some of those makeup “looks”.

      • This site is full of “influencers” too. It’s part of why brands share information and we buy the boxes.

      • That is very harsh and belittling to a lot of people! And IMO unnecessary. I LOVE artistic makeup, even caterpillars!!:) Maybe you did not mean to be so insulting but…if you would not say it…

        • agree, this influencer might not have your taste in makeup, but there’s no reason to be rude about it. i think she’s great to watch for inspiration and getting out of a lot people’s nude/ brown comfort zone.

          • I think she needs to tone down the highlighter.

          • And yet the box she curated is all nude/browns, so…¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  13. I love Allure. I’m just here to see the chronic complainers and I’m not disappointed.

    • 🙂

    • 😂

    • Always 😂

    • lol, i know right

  14. Oh wow, this is a great box! Juvia’s Place is SUCH a great brand, and I love seeing POC makeup brands getting recognition! Their pigmentation is great. I love Ofra highlighters, and everything else is just gravy.

    The single serving face wipes are brand new, and the NYX lipstick has great reviews.

    Not sure why everyone is being so salty…

    • I don’t get it either I would rather have this box than a box full of Sunday Riley / Drunk elephant samples any day. I am sending all my skin care samples from Sept and October to my mom.

      • We should be swap buddies 😀 I’m all about the skin care and have no use for highlighters or palletes. I’ll skip this month but am hopeful for a January box with some bath, body, skin, hair, and lip products.

    • I’m salty because most of this box is unusable for me. I’m porcelain skinned and prefer light, natural-looking makeup. Both the highlighter and palette are too dark for me. I will have to see the lipstick swatched, but I suspect it is too dark/brown as well. If this box works for you, great, but it doesn’t work for me.

  15. Brooke: I know how frustrating it can be attempting contact with Allure through email (the worst). BUT if you call them, they will do whatever it is you want. Here’s their number: 800-274-1603 Best of luck.

  16. The November and December boxes are disappointing to me. November, I think they should have done a few masks but not a ~whole box~ for people who don’t like masks or have one they’re loyal to. December, half of this stuff I could get at the drug store but they threw in 1-2 good items; I just expect more from a December box as those are usually the best. I suppose for the price, and seeing there’s one thing in each I want, I’ll probably stay subscribed. I just hope next year doesn’t continue like this.

    • December 2017 box had a value of $46.59 and included a lot of small samples. A lot of people are happy with the mask box. if you don’t want to use them maybe you can gift or donate. I love some months more than others but generally Allure is my favorite box.

      It’s very easy to cancel if you don’t like boxes if you subscribe through Amazon.

    • I agree..2018 was the worst allure years ever. But they have a new girl to currate the box..hopefully shes worked out the grooves and next year is better.

  17. I’m really excited by this one! I’ve been eyeing that eyeshadow palette! I also love Ren so I hope I get that product 🙂

  18. Really impressed with December! Overall Allure is becoming my favorite sub.

  19. I have been trying to cancel there site is so bla and simple.. I’ve emailed many times also. Can anyone help or tell me how??

    • So glad I cancelled. None of these things interest me. I was able to cancel via email. What email address are you sending it to? You should use the Condé Nast email address not the allure one. Try emailing allurebeautybox @ I was able to cancel within 2 days.

    • Brooke: I know how frustrating it can be attempting contact with Allure through email (the worst). BUT if you call them, they will do whatever it is you want. Here’s their number: 800-274-1603 Best of luck.

  20. Very nice, indeed… Allure did a great job, throughout 2018. I’m excited to see how they do in 2019.

  21. Does anyone know the sizes of the products? I am not familiar with several of the brands.

    • Based on the Value of the box @ $70.00 = {{{The highlighter @ $29 Palette @ $20 Eyeliner @ $14 , Nyx Lip $7 = $70.00 exactly… Those will be Full Size }}}

      and since the other 2 things the Bliss Peel off mask *will be 1/2 of full size 30grams* ($7.50 / full size is $15.00) and the Ren (sample size @ 5ml ($8.00) regular size is 30ml @$48.00) are variations.

  22. Some people are saying palette might not be full size and after doing the math it does not add up if we are with box being worth $70.
    Ofra highlighter is $30 they do have samples of their other highlighters but not this one.
    Eyeliner $15 pretty sure this won’t be sample
    Bliss mask is $15 probably won’t be sample? The other will be but probably around $15 sample since full size is $50
    Nyx lipstick is $6
    Putting us at $66 before palette which is $20 …..

    • The Palette will be full size. The Bliss Mask is going to be half (30g) of the full size (60g) so it’s rtv is $7.50. The Ren will be 5ml with an rtv of $8.00 (full size is $48.00) The Highlighter, Palette, Eyeliner and Nyx Lipstick = $70.00 so the small dollar amount of the variations most likely aren’t being taken into account.

  23. After I saw this ad in the magazine I’m actually going to sign back up! I’m excited for this box.

  24. I have three Juvia’s Place palettes and am excited to get this one now. They are great formulas and easy to use. I don’t know how people can be disappointed. The palette alone is worth more than the cost of the box, especially if you got it for $10.

  25. Are all the items going to be FULL SIZE??????🤔

  26. Oh! I was going to buy that palette! They got me… Signed back up.

  27. Too much makeup for me! I’ll cancel after I get November’s box in my hands.

  28. I’m wondering about the value because it says $70 but the palette is $20, highlighter is $29, eyeliner is $14, NYX is $7 – we’re at $70 and that’s not including the mask or single Neutrogena towel.. I’m thinking that NYX and eyeliner aren’t full size? Or the palette will be a small one with only a few shades?? I wish the value of the box wasn’t dominated by her stupid over priced highlighter!!

  29. Disappointed 😔

    • Me too this is such an off brand box especially after the last three

      • I know!

    • I thought this was gonna be such a Big Blowout collaboration? What? It’s real makeup heavy is that the theme here? Not excited I think I’ll cancel after November’s box. I do love Allure, just don’t have any use for all but the variant product, and with no guarantee I’ll even get that, I can’t justify paying $16 for stuff I know I’ll never use. Thanks for the spoiler!

      • Nikki is curating it she’s into the real heavy makeup. It makes sense . I’m happy a full size Juvias Place palette and a Ofra highlighter in a $15 box? Yes please! Maybe Jan will be better for you though !

        • Thank you; I should’ve gotten it given her picture, And the nikkitutorial thing that’s In the box 😳 shows how NOT up to date I am with social media. And yes for me October was a great box, November is right up my alley. I get used to seeing so much skincare I forget I’m the minority and most people love getting to try new, Nice makeup in their Allure boxes. I’m the weird girl who snatches up the skincare and leaves the makeup in the box till some event comes around that calls for it.

  30. Thanks for all the links Liz. I wasn’t sure just looking at the picture, but actually looking at the link for the palette and it looks really nice. The highlighter and lippie both look wearable, and I don’t care if I get the Bliss or REN, both look nice. Great month!

  31. All I can say is WOW!! I just signed up. I may have to skip my Ipsy Plus next month to make sure I budget for the December box. Allure got me, plus the deluxe perfume for this month! WoW.

  32. omg i am so excited about this!!! They really stepped their game up!

  33. Please don’t hate, but I was sort of expecting the december collab to be with a recognizable brand/personality, like Kat Von D, specially since this is a december/holiday box. Now I dunno the issue surrounding her, i just recognize the brand.

    It’s not a bad box by a long shot for $15, and her fans I’m sure are thrilled, but I have no clue who this personality was until yesterday when i saw the spoilers on the comments. My disappointment comes from my own ignorance and setting the wrong expectations.

  34. Oh mother fecker!! Juvia’s Place!! Oh stinkin’ yes!!

  35. I think this looks like a great box. Looking forward to it 🙂

  36. I can’t wait to try out that eye palette! How exciting.

  37. Admittedly I wasn’t familiar with some of these until I looked them up, but now I’m excited. That palette looks cool, the lip shade looks wearable, I’ve heard great things about Ofra highlighter and I would love to try the REN balm but my daughter would love the Bliss if I get that instead. And the liner says waterproof so it’s worth a shot, and bonus points for not being eyeko. Yay Allure!

  38. This is disappointing after all the teasers about an amazing collab and the amazing past few boxes. Definitely canceling after I get my November box.

    • Same. I’m bummed.

    • I am as well. They really built it up but blah. Wish they hadn’t said it was going to be so special cause it really isn’t. I love allure but this box is just standard stuff to me.

      • Exactly! It’s Not a bad box; they spent 3 months hyping it up, got me Super excited, and these spoilers are just…disappointing sadly. If this was just a normal box I’d be happy with it; I don’t appreciate being led on for months! Allure!! Learn your lesson and keep your word!!

  39. Just saw a review raving about that highlighter. Looking forward to this!

  40. That Juvia’s place pallette is marvelous… considering re-subscribing.

  41. Wow!!! A whole palette…I think excellent box. I got October box on 31st and that YSL is best neutral lip match… checking for wear. Ofra and Juveas place. Very nice. I’ve noticed the beauty bloggers have toned down the bling brands after a few scandals. This is self care and nice. Thanks for spoilers Liz.

  42. Love it!

  43. That seems like a pretty nice box glad I saw this I was going to buy the Nubian Palette. Juvias Place is having a 35% off sale right now with code Halloween I love their palettes so pigmented especially if you dampen the shadows just a little. I’m not sure how long the code is good for. But overall I’m very happy with this box.

  44. I agree – underwhelming. Seems fair for a $10 box but they’ve given us some really stellar boxes lately compared to this! I also don’t mind a box like this once in a while but not for December! c’moooon

    • Allure is $15.

  45. Somehow I highly doubt Nikki’s holiday wishlist comes from Walgreens….how disappointing. 😭

    • I thought the same thing- LA Splash, really LOL

      • I think you’re thinking of LA Girl…I’ve never seen LA Splash in a drugstore and they’re not as cheap as LA Girl 😉

    • That being said I’ve never heard of this pallet brand but I am super excited to try it now based on everybody else’s response and Haley is that the whole point of the sub boxes to try new things ? Bliss actually makes my most favorite mascara ever and that highlighter looks like about the best damn idea for a highlighter ever

  46. I am going to be the mean girl here and say it. That girls lips and eyebrows are not on point. lol. I am seeing a couple drug store brands. I think that might upset some.

  47. Do we know if it is actually going to be the full palette, or just a single from that palette?

    • The ad says palette, and the whole palette is pictured.

  48. Wow allure is killing it! I’ve never tried any of the Nubian eyeshadows or the Ofra highlighters so I’m super excited! I hope I get the ever calm mask I’ve been wanting to try that! Makeup wipes aren’t particularly exciting but I’ll deff use them !

  49. Very under whelming. Especially compared to last December.

  50. Wow. Ending the year with a bang. Allure was on point in 2018. I’ll continue to subscribe into 2019.

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