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The Rag by Teen Vogue Period Toolkit Review

open The Rag box

The Rag is the first-ever one-time period toolkit from Teen Vogue featuring all sorts of period-management options and needs.

Back in the day, when someone said they were “on the rag,” it meant they were menstruating. Why? Because it literally described how people managed their periods when there were no options for period products.

Now, times have changed and you have way more options than you probably realize. And when I say options, I don’t just mean the latest technology in blood management, though there will be plenty of that, too. Think beyond the blood about what it means to fit your period needs. Imagine a life where menstruating means being extra-nice to yourself because surfing the crimson tide is an adventure for the mind, body, and soul, baby.

Baggu "rag bag" with items spilling out

Teen Vogue sent us this package at no cost to review. (Check out our review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

contents of "the rag"

About The Rag by Teen Vogue

The Subscription Box: The Rag

The Cost: $24.99

The Products: All the latest technology in blood-management, plus some self-care needs. 

Ships to: US for free (except APO/FPO addresses)

The Rag by Teen Vogue Review

Stuffed rag bag

Everything included in the kit comes in this bright yellow bag.

the rag info sheet the back of the rag info sheet

Tucked inside is an info sheet you’ll fold out to read all about the box and all of the items inside.

Yellow Nylon Baggu Pouch other side of Yellow Nylon Baggu Pouch detail of Yellow Nylon Baggu Pouch

Baggu Nylon Pouch in Yellow

I love the idea that the pouch everything comes in is a useful item itself. I am a HUGE fan of Baggu and it’s awesome to see how much they’ve grown over the years and their products are not only sturdy and well-designed but also super cute and functional. This pouch can be used as a travel bag for toiletries or makeup or to tote around some of your period items to your next sleepover. There isn’t a value attached to this one on the info sheet so I’ll include it as a bonus.

Rael Sheet Mask back of Rael Sheet Mask

Rael Beauty Lab Fresh Forward Sheet Mask – Estimated Value $2.60 (Buy 5 for $12.99)

I used this mask last night and have to say I was pretty impressed. Sheet masks don’t always deliver but this one had a nice tingle due to tea tree oil included. There is also chamomile to soothe my skin. The serum on the mask was nice and thick and it clung to my face rather well making it easy to use while I binged Love Island. Afterward, I massaged the extra serum in and let it sit and it left my skin feeling super hydrated so that I didn’t even feel the need to put on a night serum. The best part is that this mask is free of alcohol, fragrance, parabens, and other nasty stuff.

Hum Big Chill Pill Luxury Sample back of Hum Big Chill Pill Luxury Sample Hum Big Chill Pills

HUM Nutrition Big Chill Luxury Sample, 7 capsules – Estimated Retail Value $3.50 (buy a bottle of 30 for $15.00)

I’ve seen these HUM vitamins all over sub boxes but don’t think I’ve received them personally. Although it’s going to be tough to tell if this week supply helps relieve stress, I like the idea of including something like this in a period box since it says that stress releases hormones that can lead to breakouts. That’s something that none of us want. It’s great to pay attention to our insides and outsides to have a healthy glow.

Rael Organic Cotton Panty Liners back of Rael Organic Cotton Panty Liners spread out Rael Organic Cotton Panty Liners

Rael 100% Organic Cotton Liners, 20 ct. – Retail Value $4.50

An avid menstrual cup user myself, I don’t use tampons but I do use liners as added protection during my period. We’ve all ruined numerous pairs of undies due to leakage and these babies are here to help. The great part about this pack of 20 is that they’re made with a 100% organic cotton cover so no synthetic fibers will be in close contact with your delicate area. These are free of any fragrance, chlorine, and toxins and are hypoallergenic so there’s no irritation.

This is L tampons pouch back of This is L tampons pouch contents of This is L tampons pouch back of card and tampons from This is L

L Tampons (2 regular, 1 super), 3 ct. – Estimated Retail Value $1.49 (buy 10 for $4.95)

It’s so cool that indie brands of tampons are a thing. They seem to care a lot more about what goes into feminine products than a lot of the major brands. These tampons are made with 100% cotton and are free of synthetics pesticides (WHY IS THAT A THING IN A TAMPON??), chlorine (HUH?), fragrance (again, WHY), and dyes (What in the). The really sweet pack I received came with two regular tamps and one super. These will come handy for me even though I’m not normally a tampon wearer for those times when my period sneaks up on me. This brand rules because for every item you buy from them, they donate a pad to a girl in need.

Knixteen Period Panty pouch back of Knixteen Period Panty pouch Knixteen Period Panty back of Knixteen Period Panty back detail of Knixteen Period Panty label detail of Knixteen Period Panty inside Knixteen Period Panty

Knixteen “Oh No” Proof Bikini Period Underwear, size large – Retail Value $19.00

Okay- this is one of the best products in the box in my opinion. I’ve been obsessed with the idea of period underwear and had no clue this brand existed. Unfortunately, the bigger sizes I’d fit into are out of stock, but I can tell these are a really nice quality. Knix is the parent brand and Knixteen is the one for teens. It looks like these undies aren’t explicitly here to replace a tampon or cup, but they have a built-in absorbent liner that can make sure no leakage accidents occur. They can also be used on light days or for those who have light periods in general. Not only do they absorb your blood, but can also help wick away sweat and odor. It’s scary at first to trust in something like this, but my experience with other period underwear has been super positive. Sometimes you just don’t want anything taking up that space inside you and you need to let your parts feel free. In addition, these undies are super thin so they don’t look or feel bulky. They also come in a plastic reusable pouch that can double as a makeup bag or heating pad (there are directions on the card inside). I will most likely look into purchasing more of these…

Lunette Menstrual Cup in package Lunette Menstrual Cup upright in package side of Lunette Menstrual Cup box other side of Lunette Menstrual Cup box opened Lunette Menstrual Cup box contents of Lunette Menstrual Cup box Lunette Menstrual Cup other view of Lunette Menstrual Cup pouch for Lunette Menstrual Cup info sheet for Lunette Menstrual Cup other side of info sheet for Lunette Menstrual Cup

Lunette Menstrual Cup in Yellow, Model 1 (light flow) – Retail Value $39.99

My other favorite item and the one that got me immediately excited is this MENSTRUAL CUP! Yep, I’m going to shout about it to anyone who will listen because it is a game changer. I’ve yammered on about them in other period box reviews, but this is the first one I’ve received with one included! This isn’t something you’ll need every month which is one of the reasons it’s so great. Since it’s reusable, you only have to rinse/lightly wash it while “dumping” it and give it a good boil in water in between your monthly uses. I replace my own about once every year or two which saves the environment from a whole lot of tampon trash. I’ve tried two other brands before and am excited to give Lunette a whirl the next time my period comes a-knockin’. Most menstrual cups come in two sizes but the ones I’m familiar with have to do with age/if you’ve had a child while this one seems to have sizes correlate with flow. I received the “model 1” size which is for lighter periods/days. Kind of a cool idea to have a smaller one that doesn’t need to hold as much volume for the beginning or end of my period (when it’s the lightest for me). These also come in a slew of colors and I got a bright yellow one which is quite cheery. It comes with a matching pouch that is perfect for storage when not in use or while traveling. Understandably, trying something new like this can be scary but the cup comes with instructions, as well as having a lot of great info on their site. I won’t go into detail about how to use one here, but feel free to read up and hit me up with questions in the comments! My main tip is just to be patient and know that there is a learning curve. My first cup and I had a rocky beginning but years in I wouldn’t trade her for the world.

Amareta Pure Peace Serum dropper for Amareta Pure Peace Serum

Amareta Pure Peace Clarifying Serum, 0.5 oz. – Estimated Retail Value $17.33 (buy a 1.7 oz bottle for $52.00)

Another wonderful idea to put in a period box: a clarifying serum. Some of us tend to break out at different times in our cycle and this Pure Peace serum is supposed to help with that. Like the other products contained in this toolkit, this only uses “the natural antiseptic properties of plants like tea tree and witch hazel to detoxify, clear and heal breakouts. No salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, retinol, and other harsh ingredients”. The serum is a milky white liquid that has a medium thinness and absorbs well into the skin. The bonus is that the tea tree included also smells heavenly (not unlike the sheet mask). Excited to see if this will help clear up a patch on my chin that has been really bothersome lately. This isn’t even a full-size bottle but should last a good bit.

button bag button set

Button Set

Ahhh! I am such a button hoarder and while most pins I get in sub boxes get tossed by the wayside, I’d 100% rock both of these, and WILL! The first one is bright yellow with the word “FEELINGS” in drippy red letters. Sigh. I love it. The other is black with a yellow smiley face with the amazing phrase “Anything you can do I can do bleeding”. I’ve seen that on shirts before and have to restrain myself from buying one all the time. No value listed for these either, so I’ll take them as a bonus.

Fur Oil back of Fur Oil info card dropper for Fur Oil

Fur Oil, 14 ml? – Retail Value $28.00

Lastly is this Fur Oil. I’m so glad I read directions because I assumed this was a face oil with a funny name. It’s actually meant for that furry part down below and contains grape seed, jojoba, tea tree, and clary sage seed oils to “nourish skin and prevent ingrown hairs”. This can really be used all over your body (“For everywhere hair meets skin, including pubic area, underarms, chest, legs, and face”) to deliver the same benefits. Again, such a great item for a period box. I love the round bottle and the tiny dropper allows easy dispensing of the right amount. This one also follows suit and smells just as great as the other products.

The Verdict: Teen Vogue knocked it out of the darn park with The Rag! I’ve always dreamed of a period box that went beyond tampons and chocolate and this one gives you so many more options all at once, plus some great self-care to help you through that time of the month. My favorite part (besides everything being supes cute) is that there was not a drop of chocolate to be found! Yes, I hear you that us women tend to crave it and it has some benefits but it’s such a played out filler to me at this point and I’d rather get other stuff instead. I’m far from being a teenager, but I love love love this box and wish there was something this cool back in the 90s when I was one to help me understand all the options that are available. I think menstrual health is really important, especially for young women, and Teen Vogue has done an awesome job doing it right. Moms: if you’re reading this and have a teen with a period I think they’d thank you for this one. I know I would. 

As far as value is concerned, the website says it’s worth $130 and I totaled everything with a value I was able to find to $116.41, so it’s pretty close. If you consider the Baggu pouch and button set that did not have listed values and seemed exclusive to the box, you’re even closer. Even at the $116.41 value, I’d say this is well worth it for a $24.99 cost, which includes free shipping!

To Wrap Up: 

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes, this is still available in certain sizes!

Value Breakdown: At $24.99 with free shipping, here’s what you end up paying for each item:

  • Sheet Mask: $0.56
  • Vitamins: $0.75
  • Liners: $0.97
  • Tampons: $0.32
  • Undies: $4.08
  • Lunette Cup: $8.58
  • Serum: $3.72
  • Fur Oil: $6.01

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What are your thoughts on The Rag?

Written by Marne Orenich

Marne Orenich

Marne is a lipstick connoisseur, record collector, and twice over cat mom. She loves discovering new clean beauty brands and has quite the collection of beautifully packaged serums and moisturizers.

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Comments (58)

  1. LOVE my new Lunette cup! Totally worth it!

  2. Was just searching for period boxes and stumbled across this post. I wanted to add that fur oil is amazing! I’ve been using it for over a year and never want to be without it. If you’ve jumped off the brazilian bandwagon like I have then it’s essential for keeping your hair soft and it also prevents ingrown hairs for the areas I still wax.

  3. Are other people still waiting for their box to be delivered? I see that they will ship without notification or tracking number, so I am wondering if it is normal that I have not received it yet or not. I purchased on 10/5/18. Sometimes I have packages disappear so, so I have been on the look out!

    • I would think you’d have received last week at the latest, customer service is slow for me so I hope you have better luck!

      • I have emailed them but not heard back. i am going to try again today. I am so incredibly bummed, I was extremely excited for this kit 🙁

      • It’s been two weeks and I’ve yet to hear from anyone… ugh 🙁

      • So I emailed them twice and got a response saying that I would get an email with tracking info when it ships, but then IT WAS ON MY DOOR STEP this morning at 7:45 am? I didn’t get tracking (even checked my junk email) and it was not there around 7 pm last night (Sunday) but now has magically appeared. My mail does not show up until the afternoon so I really have no idea how this came to be here but thank god.

    • I was still waiting. I emailed them twice, got the same tracking number twice, and each time, it said the package hadn’t even made it to USPS. Finally, I called my credit card company to cancel. I am so bummed. I was REALLY excited about this box and I expect better from a product with the Vogue name behind it, but maybe it wasn’t meant to be.

  4. I received my box today and the Knixteen “Oh No” Proof Bikini Period Underwear in a large fit comfortably. I am between a size 6 and 8. I would say they fit like a women’s medium.

  5. I received an order confirmation, 10/17; but there was no tracking info, and no box yet, either.

    I’ve sent an email to: [email protected]. Hopefully…

  6. I got charged for another box today. No clue it was an actual sub, since the first post claimed it was a special edition box. Not happy at all, especially since I just got this a few days ago and haven’t even had a chance to use anything in it

    • It is not a subscription. I was also charged today but It looks like it is the charge for just this box. They did not charge me when I originally placed an order.

      • I went back and checked my bank account. Very strange…I ordered on the 5th, and almost positive there was an immediate pending charge…. never went through. Why would it drop off and then randomly come back 4 weeks later? Silliness

      • I experienced the same thing! Received the box today, saw the charge today, was freaked out, but then went back and couldn’t find the original charge that I remembered.

  7. Will the box be added to a swap site? I don’t want some of the things in the box and want to put them up for swap.

  8. I’m getting impatient. I ordered this so long ago and I haven’t even gotten a tracking number.

    • Same. I have something in my Usps tracker that I don’t know what it is…so I’m hoping it’s this box.

    • erica and erin, i finally got mine today!!!! i just thought i’d mention it on here since i’ve been super worried about getting it since it’s been so long. i never had any shipping notification or tracking from them. i did have a package listed in usps informed delivery, but it wasn’t listed as them so i had no idea it was for this package. i ordered mine on the 5th, so keep an eye out!!!!

      • I ordered mine on the 4th and received it today. I never got a tracking number, so I just thought I’d mention it on here — it shows up on informed delivery as a one stop mailing package coming from York, PA.

    • I just received mine today, with no shipping notice whatsoever, but I have to say – it was worth the wait. I will use every single item in this box, which is rare. Just an FYI (and possible TMI?) – I’m a standard women’s M, and the Knixteen large actually fits. It’s just a bit tight, but given the purpose for which I’ll be wearing it, I think that’s probably a good thing. I love all the little extras!

  9. really great deal. I’ve never tried the cup and always wondered if it would work for me.

  10. Hi. I’m new to this whole menstrual cup idea but I noticed the little instruction booklet says “don’t use for more than 12 hours at a time” sooo the other half of the day you still have to use pads or tampons, right? Or am I misunderstanding something about this?

    • You can leave it in for up to 12 hours without having to empty/clean it. When you empty it, you can put it right back in for up to another 12 hours. Super convenient, and honestly I’ve noticed less menstrual pain since I switched.

      • Ohhhh! Duh. Makes total sense now that I’ve had some sleep, lol. Thanks for your reply!

      • No worries 😊

  11. Thanks for your review! I just ordered. My only concern is the cup size because I’ve had 2 kids. It will be cool to try though.

  12. I just reread this review. Marne, high school in 90’s?!! Whaaaat. I am trying to not feel too bad about myself knowing I’m only a couple years older than you. I asked my husband how old he thought you were based off a LiveGlam review and he said 19.

  13. Marne, please take the claims of L Tampons with a grain of salt. Just because they say that “our tampons are free from X, Y, and Z” does not mean that their competitors’ tampons contain those items.

    If you have a TV, you’ve seen at least one commercial that says “our chickens are free from antiobiotics.” Well, d u h. Because it’s illegal in the US for chickens to be given antiobiotics. No commercial grower gives antibiotics to their chickens. They try to imply that their competitors do, but they don’t. Same thing here. I’m just surprised that L Tampons didn’t try to tell you that their tampons are gluten-free as well.

    • Julia is correct. It’s just another marketing tactic to imply that competitors have weird ingredients. They use a technicality to sway the consumer to their brand. It would be like a brand claiming that their nail polish is gluten and pesticide free. Technically they are because nail polish doesn’t use gluten or pesticide ingredients. But it subconsciously implied that other brands do when no one does.

    • Thanks for pointing that out, I can totally see what you mean.

    • LOL I love how sassy and informative your comment is :’D Thank you for sharing!

    • I get your point, but believe you’re thinking about hormones, not antibiotics. Antibiotic use is still rampant, and something to be aware of, IMO.

  14. I’m confused about the panties…
    “It looks like these undies are explicitly here to replace a tampon or cup, but they have a built-in absorbent liner that can make sure no leakage accidents occur. They can also be used on light days or for those who have light periods in general.”
    So does this mean you use them alone? On light days only? Are there some that are for heavy days?

    • So sorry about the confusion! Typo on my part. I meant to say “aren’t explicitly” (I’ll update the post). I’d say these are for lighter days/periods or for extra protection while using a cup or tampon.

      • Got it. Thanks! I think I’d be really nervous about wearing these alone no matter what, but I’m intrigued…

    • There’s a youtube video of safiya nygaard giving these types of products a full review. There are period bathing suits, leggings, and underwear if you’re at all curious look up the videos, plus she’s funny! In general not recommended for heavy days and this is extra laundry and headaches in that department.

  15. I’m pregnant and ordered this, lol. I’ll use it in a few months

  16. I am tempted but the item that most excited me was the panties and I am certainly never going to fit into a teen large lol.

  17. This might just be the best box of the year! Impressive! Great selection ad value.

  18. Wow. What an amazing box! I had to get on for my 16 y/o and thought wth I’ll get myself one too! I lost my menstrual cup in my move and haven’t replaced yet. I hope I can convince my daughter to use it, I hate that she uses conventional chemical laden tampons. This box really is brilliant!! Crossing my fingers the L panties fit 🤞🤞🤞

  19. Has anyone tried the Hum Big Chill?

    • I have tried! I am in graduate school and it gets really crazy sometimes. These pills did bring a sense of calm to me.

  20. Hope they do this again, they sold out of the regular underwear sizes so quickly. Wish you could select the cup size as well.
    A lot of tea tree in the beauty products, wish they’d mix it up – I’m allergic.

    • just ordered the teen sizing, even with the downsides mentioned, this is a great deal

  21. This box looks great! I have a question – does the underwear come in one size or can you pick a size? Thanks!

    • You can pick your size. Currently, they have s, m, and l available in knixteen sizing. Hope that helps!

      • Thanks Liz!

  22. Does everyone get the “light” version? Would be a bummer, because I never have “light” days and I was really looking forward to trying the cup. Oh well. I’ll still try it.

    • I didn’t see an option to choose a cup size, unfortunately. That certainly would have been great to include.

  23. This is the most brilliantly curated box I’ve seen this year.

  24. Can’t wait to get mine! I’m contemplating grabbing another for the undies and Fur Oil. Such a great value!

  25. TMI-type question ahead…

    With the cup that is included, are you able to have vaginal sex with it inserted like you can with the (disposable and I believe renamed) Instead Softcup? Also, how do they determine what size cup you get with the box?
    Your review convinced me that I had to order one and I have ZERO patience to wait for a reply, so it’s coming either way. Thanks for doing a great review!

    • You cannot have intercourse with the cup inserted. In my experience, the end of the cup is within an inch or 2 of the opening and can’t be inserted too far up.

      • Thank you so much for the information and lightning fast reply.
        The cup will be useful for other times and I almost bought period panties and few months ago and 1 pair is basically the cost of this whole box.
        I wish this had been around when I was a teenager. Really glad it exists now.

      • You can use the flexx disc for sex during your cycle it’s actually comfortable by the removal can be messy. They do a free trial with cheap shipping

    • Hey Vicki! Amanda beat me to it but I concur that you cannot have sex while a menstrual cup is in. Like Anna mentioned, Flex is the only option I’ve seen that allows you to do so but they are disposable (so they differ from the silicone ones) and I haven’t tried them to be able to personally speak to them.

  26. The baggu was in the spoilers and definitely an item and not an extra so that should make up most of the value difference.

    I can’t wait for mine I kept forgetting to get a cup and this was cheaper than a cup alone! Not too happy that there is a “light” cup option since then I still have to buy one.

    • The Blossom Cup is only about $15 on Amazon. I went with it because of the cost (I wasn’t sure about the cup and didn’t want to spend too much money in case I didn’t like it) and because the silicone seems to be a little more flexible than the Diva Cup which is pretty rigid from what I’ve heard. Kind of intimidating for a newbie, lol. Anyway, I’ve been using the Blossom Cup for over a year now and I will never go back to pads and tampons. I’m 40 and for the first time in my life I actually forgot I was on my period. It’s worth the price x 1000. And you don’t even have to spend that much!

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