Teen Vogue Launches The Rag – Limited Edition Box

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Teen Vogue has launched a new Limited Edition box for period and vaginal health!

The Box: Teen Vogue The Rag

The Cost: $24.95

The Products:

  • Baggu – Pouch (full size)
  • Lunette – Menstrual Cup (full size)
  • HUM Supplement – Big Chill Supplement (3 supplements)
  • Knixteen – Sport Bikini Period Panty (full size)
  • This Is L – Sampler Pack (3 tampons: 2 regular 1 super)
  • Rael – Organic Panty Liner (full size, 18 liners)
  • Rael – Sheet Mask (1-sheet)
  • Amareta – Pure Peace Clarifying Serum (15ml)
  • Fur – Fur Oil (14ml)

Are you grabbing a box? Want to see it reviewed?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Did anyone get the actual box? I just ordered one because I want to try the cup. (The menstrual disc did not work for me.)

  2. did anyone actually receive this order yet, or get shipping info on it? i purchased it the day it was listed ad still not even a shipping notice.

    • No, and I’m pretty sure the money hasn’t even left my PayPal account yet. I came back to this page hoping someone might have some new info.

    • I sent them an email and received a tracking number. It looks like a packing slip was made on October 26, but my box hasn’t actually been delivered to USPS yet. Not very helpful. I knew it was going to be a long wait but at this point, it’s far exceeded the 20 days we were all told. I expected better from something Vogue would put their name on.

  3. Is this box sold out? I keep trying to order it and it’s not going through.

    • Update: I called the number and the guy took a few minutes looking into it. While I was on hold, I clicked submit again and that time it went through! I stayed on the line just to apologize, but he came back on and said “Unfortunately it looks like we don’t sell this product anymore.” So I just said “Okay, thanks for looking into it” and didn’t tell him I had already received an order confirmation. We shall see if I receive it!

  4. I just have to say I LOVE this box. Can’t wait to get mine. It’s good for women, good for the environment: I’ve been waiting to run out of tampons to try a cup, so this is perfect! Plus I’ve been curious about those period panties. Everything else will be used too, and they’re just bonus.

  5. Thanks for all the comments, ladies. I’d almost forgotten what a PITA periods are. 😁 There are a few benefits to getting older….

    • I long for the day my Aunt Flo goes away.

  6. I so wanted to be able to use a menstrual cup but even a size small is too big for me. It will not open up no matter what I do. I am genetically small down there because my sister can’t use one either!

  7. I wish some company would make a box for women over 50. Maybe call it “The Change” box or “Hot Flash”. I would subscribe to it now.

    • Omg… PRICELESS. I would buy in a few more years…lol

    • I love “Hot flash” ! That’s a great name !

    • 😂

    • Awesome idea!!

    • Seriously amazing idea!!

    • Check out what’s in your box and lotus box.

  8. Not a teen but ordered one. Have always wanted to try one of those cups (though I have heavy flow so not sure how it’ll perform). Got a large in the teen sizing for panties so fingers crossed.

  9. When I saw the name of the box, I thought OMG if that’s period products, it’s the perfect name! I’m happy to be middle-aged and DONE with that though!

  10. 3 weeks of rock and roll 1 week of ragtime. Sorry. Could.Not. Resist.

  11. I learned more in the last 10 minutes about monthly’s than I ever thought I would HA! 40 years old but haven’t had a cycle in over 11 years. My daughter is going through puberty right now so this is a very helpful education for this lady and the box will be great to transition her as well!!! Thanks guys.

  12. This is a great value! I’ve always been intrigued by the Fur Oil. Sad I missed out on the adult undies, hoping the large teen work for me!

  13. I swear by my thinx period panties. Absolutely worth the investment. Can be used as your only menstrual product, not just a back up. Wish the concept of period panties (besides just stained underwear!) Had been around when I was younger and very self conscious about menstruation.

    • I LOVE MY THINX! i expound on their virtues to just about anyone willing to talk about them. i, too, wish they were around when i was young, self-conscious, and still figuring out how to deal with my period (not that, 20+ years later, i don’t still have the occasional issue!).

  14. Heads up, that line of panties is sized and shaped for teenagers and “growing bodies”. The same company has a different line for full grown women. I am size small (2-4) and do not fit into juniors underwear.

    • Yeah and all the regular not teen undies are out of stock.

  15. This is a great deal!

  16. Fur oil for teens? 😂😓

  17. oh, they were out of the adult period panties, so i ordered the teen in large. i wear a small/med in adult, so i’m hoping a large in the teen will be okay. *fingers crossed!!*

  18. i ordered one. it is too good a deal to pass up. and i needed a back up cup, anyway. my diva cup has seen better days. this, and the fab fit fun edit sale are going to bankrupt me this month. uuugggghhhh.

  19. Just realized re-reading the title of this post that I’m an idiot and may have to pass. I will check it out though.

  20. Ugh, I want this box because I’ve been meaning to buy a few of these products but i agave 3 kids, one of whom is 5 months. I wonder if this is an on fit for moms.

  21. Excited to try a cup (I tried a different brand once that was awkward to use), the panties, and some different brands of product. Plus, I would never have spent money on the Fur Oil but will enjoy trying it.

  22. I ordered it . I’m curious about the fur oil . Has a lot of good reviews . Says within 20 business days for delivery though … seems really long

  23. Menstrual cup for the win! I know it seems weird, we have been programmed to think the only way isn’t to stuff a chemical laden plug into our bodies or to soak it up with a mini plastic diaper. The cup is such a great alternative for those who can get past the squeamish factor!

  24. I feel old I have no idea on earth what a Menstrual Cup is lol I cannot stop laughing at the comments on here but pls educate a lady curious about it 🧐

    • A menstrual cup is a small, reusable silicon cup that is used internally during menstruation. You empty it & clean it within a certain time frame or as needed, and boil it after your cycle to sterilize it for the next time. I know to a lot of women it sounds gross or uncomfortable, but it’s the most comfortable menstrual product I’ve ever used, and I prefer it to anything disposable. I don’t have problems with leaks like I used to, & it inserts & removes easily. I know it’s not for everyone, but I love it!

      • Yes! No shame if not for you, but i feel all should at least give it a ponder 🤔

      • Thank you so much for your explanation . I think you helped a lot of us out who didn’t understand completely.

        • Aw, thank you! I’m glad I could clear things up. It also makes me happy to see more options for women- I know when my mom was young she had to wear the belt that pads (or “sanitary napkins” at the time) attached to. It’s great that women can choose whatever works best for them!

      • Do you boil it on a pot on the stove?

        • No, you just wash it in the sink

        • yes, you can. i do, but only once after cycle and then dry and store it in the cloth bag it comes with. speaking for the diva cup, not sure if the same applies to the one here. you don’t *have* to boil or anything. but you *do* have to use a special wash that won’t degrade the material. i use diva wash, but others can work, just gotta look up what’s compatible with that, specific, cup.

        • You can actually yes. I dont, and instead use the microwave + a mug (that I dont drink out of) to sterilize it every month or two. If you google ” how to clean a period cup” there are lots of helpful guides on exact times a d things.
          You just need to sterlize it every so often in between periods, and rinse/wash w non harming soap whenever you are able too during the period.
          Also, you can wear a pad w it for leaks. I actually tend to wear a liner w it just cause I often dont get fit 100% secure for some reason. On light days though it is soo awesome as I forget I am wearing it. You are only supposed to wear for 12 hrs but I occasionally forget and go a day! (I warn against it as the cup smells funky after that long…)
          Oh and one youtuber actually goes through all cups and cleaning ways plus more! She looks so young its amazing.
          I just woke up so sorry for the rambling” but hope at least part of it helps someone!

      • I have a SUPER heavy flow…anyone with the same issue use these?

        • I’m wondering the same thing…I have an extremely heavy flow…have to use overnight pads throughout the day 🙁 It’s miserable…anyone with that problem use these?

          • Yup. I go through the heaviest overnight pads once an hour and STILL leak on my heaviest days. I stain my office chair and car seat every single month, it’s so embarassing. Been wanting to try a menstrual cup forever, but concerned for several reasons. How do you rinse it out in a public restroom? Can you just empty it and rinse it later at home? So many questions…

          • If you are in a public bathroom – just dump the contents (carefully) into the toilet and wipe it best you can with some tp and then wash it once home. It doesn’t get it too clean what with the cheap tp and all but just make sure the little holes are cleared out so that it can suction properly when put back in 😉
            I say that from experience lol, I forgot about the holes and wondered why it was leaking..
            I try to get a stall near the back just cause I get self conscious lol. If they have single either gender stalls those have sinks in them(my uni does those…why haven’t I done that lol)!
            I hope that answered your question, and if you have any other questions I’d be happy to answer them!

    • I’m another old Angie and am glad you asked the question!

    • Don’t feel bad I’m only 35 and this is the first time I’m hearing of this cup lol sounds interesting. I don’t know how I feel about the clean up part but sure sounds safer and would save money not having to buy tampons/pads.

  25. Also wish I had this as a teen! The cup is a total game changer, and this will be my first pair of period undies that I’m super excited to try! Can’t beat the price either.

  26. Can someone please educate old woman, what is “fur oil”? I hope it is not what I think

    • It’s an oil for your girly area!! Helps with ingrown hair😊😂

      • Now this 44-year-old antique has heard it all. Yikes.

        • If you think you’ve “heard it all” with fur oil, you’re in for a rough time with the rest of the Internet

  27. Seems like a pretty good box. I might actually get one as I have a few of those products(cup, rael liners, and period panties) and its always great to have back ups!
    Would have loved this back in middle school or high school as it would have given me so many options than the pads (I hated them in pe) or tampons (hated them in general, tss scared me)
    I know my parents hated talking of the stuff(they deny it) so a box would have been a great out for them!
    Anyways…as a college student this will also be great! Seems like a decent value too!

  28. They’re already out of the regular not teen underwear.

    • I compared the sizing guide, happened to have a measuring tape at my desk (no idea why) and just chose a teen size that would fit. I’m curious about the menstrual cup. I have seriously heavy flow some days and I’m afraid these will still leak. But I’m willing to try because I hate having to wear a pad with an ultra tampon.

  29. I would think this would be aimed toward young adults instead of teens… I don’t know about “fur oil” for teens and I don’t think I would have felt comfortable with a cup as a teen.

    • I was thinking the same thing . My daughter is 13 she wears pads not tampons if if a cup is right for someone this young 🤔

  30. Not crazy about the name, but love the fact that they’re including menstrual cups! I’m so excited to see a box marketed toward young women including alternative menstrual products. I love my cup & wish I had access to one as a teen.

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