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Sugarbash Fall 2018 Spoilers Update

Sugarbash has announced an update to the spoilers for the Fall 2018 Sugarbash box.

The last round of spoilers included a scarf but that will no longer be included in the box.

Each fall box will include:

 Bellapierre PRECIOUS 24k Exfoliating Facial Peel

Bellapierre PRECIOUS 24k Exfoliating Facial Peel 

We heard you! You’re all scarfed out for the season so we decided to replace it with a 24K lux facial peel instead. 🙂 Perfect! Just in time to prep ourselves for all the holiday cocktail parties! Check it out!

Look your best with this Bellapierre PRECIOUS 24k Exfoliating Facial Peel designed to gently slough off dead skin cells and impurities that can clog pores. This all-natural peel features ultra-fine 24 karat gold powder and crushed cranberry seeds to reveal brighter, smoother skin after every use. Valued at $179!

We hope you love it! Due to the product swap we will ship your box early next week.

In case you missed the previous spoilers:

Kevia Bracelet

Kevia Bracelet

Frost Beanie

Frost Beanie

What do you think of the spoilers?

The Box: Sugarbash

The Cost: $75

The Products:

  • A minimum of 6-7 items
  • Enjoy exclusive designer collaborations
  • Access to gated members only add-ons
  • Lifestyle box with seasonal themes
  • Members only warehouse sales and limited edition boxes

Good to Know: Boxes ship June, September and December 2018. Total of 4 boxes per year.

Check out our Sugarbash reviews to learn more about the previous subscription and to see what kind of items you can expect!



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Comments (58)

  1. I received an email that this box is still available for $48.75 if anyone is still interested in purchasing.

  2. Oh, I forgot to mention… I’m using the little dish as a jewelry holder on my desk. It looks cute and is holding my pearl necklace right now. It’s like a little advertising picture. 🙂

  3. Okay. I hear the complaints, but I don’t care about RV. I care about whether I will use the products. This one is a winner for me. The only thing I’ll give away is the hat, but I always do. I won’t wear the polish often, but it’s not because of the quality, it’s because I don’t wear bright colors often (and, again, a common problem with sub boxes for me).

    1- I am a huge fan of face masks (I use masks 1-3 times a week… some to exfoliate, some to treat issues, some to moisturize, and some to simply relax) and I like this one. It even looks pretty in my mask basket (yes, I have a mask basket)
    2- I like the brush set. It was time to retire some anyway.
    3- The hat is too tight, but that’s a common problem on my big ol’ head. 🙂 My sister and kids love that most hats don’t work for me, because I pass them on. I usually crochet or knit my own, so I can accommodate my big brain. 🙂
    4- I got the tiger eye bracelet. It adds a fab bling touch as it sits beside my black fitbit. It’s nice to have bling during the work day to make me smile a little inside. It will probably look lovely on a night out, but I’m a mommy and don’t get night outs often. Well… I love wearing it anyway.
    5 – The bracelet with the feather is sooooo cute!! It also looks cute beside my fitbit, but feels a little fancier to me and I don’t want to mess it up, so I haven’t worn it as much.
    6 – I’ve received the canned wine before and enjoyed it. The calorie count is very reasonable.
    7 – The nail polish is a bit bright for me (I only wear pale pinks/mauves usually, so most polishes are out of my comfort zone), but I tried it and it lasted a lot longer without chipping than my usual julep maven polishes.
    8 – Even my hubby liked the hippea cheese puffs. They were delicious!!

  4. The Crate and Barrell item is a “joke”! A tiny glass ice cream tulip bowl. Really Sugar Bash?!? I have ZERO confidence in SB and after subscribing with them for several years, I can honestly say that this box has lost its flavor for me. Needless to say, I will not be resubbing with this company. It’s very annoying to see the inflated RV attached to the products.

  5. I just received my box and there is a Crate and Barrel product in the box, not listed on the card. Unfortunately, mine was packaged so poorly that the C&B product is unrecognizable as it is shattered and there is glass everywhere rendering the hat unwearable as it has glass shards in it.

    • Mine arrived in one piece but I’m still not sure what it is. Some tiny candy dish maybe? It’s a bowl on a short pedestal.

      • P.S. I was actually surprised mine survived in one piece too. The box did seem to be too large and it could have used some of those air packer things as least to prevent the items from rolling around so much.

      • Luckily mine arrived in one piece too. Good luck getting a replacement, I’m still waiting for my candle from the spring box to be replaced like they promised.

      • It’s a tulip ice cream dish on the Crate and Barrel website. Retails for $1.95.

  6. I got my box today. The Vie Boheme bracelet is gorgeous. I got the tiger’s eye and this is one of the few times I’m likely to take advantage of the discount code and order another color. I also got the navy Frost hat and I love it! Such great quality. Much better than the similar ones from FFF add-ons and others I’ve gotten so far. It retails for $28 and this is one time I feel this is actually an underinflated price for a sub box item. I’m really pleased with this box. I won’t spoil the rest for everyone waiting on surprises!

  7. Just got my box. What a joke. I paid full price for this thing! The Crate and Barrel item looks like a Dollar Tree item! It’s a Fall box with a Winter hat and now no scarf. It is very underwhelming to me. It’s like they went to a warehouse at the last minute to pick out items. I had such high hopes for this sub box in 2018.

  8. This is a sub box that has continuously had excise after excuse about every mishap. I haven’t seen an ounce of humility or grace when a representative has decided to answer posts.

    I just cancelled because this box brings me more frustration than joy.

    I also feel like they lie to customers like my 5 year old does when she says “I didn’t do it” to me.

  9. I Just received an email directly from Sugarbash that I’ll be receiving a Stella & Dot cuff bracelet with my Fall box as a “thank you” for being a loyal customer.

    It’s a beautiful cuff and a very nice surprise.

    • I wondered what the extra cuff was for! It was a nice inclusion since I really doubt the $1.95 Tulip Ice Cream dish was the original summer Crate and Barrel item, lol.

  10. Does anyone know when they will ship these out? Thanks!

    • In this post (and in the email) Sugarbash states that “due to product swap we will ship your box early next week” which would now mean the week of Oct 8

  11. I can’t wait to be done with this box. I hope they send that Crate&Barrel item in this box since they didn’t in my last box. I’m all for being patient, but it seem like one issue after the other with them. I’m still not over that joke of an inclusion of Godiva. OK, rant over. Lol.

    • I’m so glad that I canceled this box after the “big redo” as I see that the problems continue. Yes, what happens to all of those scarves that they were going to include? A change based on subscriber comments could be considered good customer service IF the change came in future boxes and not after a posted spoiler. Too many other boxes manage to keep their subscribers happy even in the face of occasional hiccups, the key word here being occasional. But with this box, not so much… Bait and switch? Missing items? More delays? A $75 monthly cost that is prohibitive to many? to name but a few of the ongoing issues. At first, this box was awesome, but then it seems the owners got greedy and upped the cost while reducing the quality. I suppose I’m still not over the Godiva truffles and the plastic stemless wineglasses. Sorry. I mean acrylic.

    • They did include a Crate and Barrel item, but I kind of doubt it was the ‘original’ planned Nautical Box item. It’s a Tulip Ice Cream dish, rv $1.95.

  12. This makes me wonder if they ever had the scarves to begin with… This is the 3rd box since the “re-do” and it seems like all 3 have had issues

  13. If I bought the Black Friday annual sub, will this be the 4th box for the year? I’m only coming up with 3…am I wrong? Thanks!

    • We have one more box after this Fall box.

  14. Not impressed with the bait and switch tactics. I don’t think it’s fair to spoil a scarf and deliver something completely different because they read a few negative comments.

    • I don’t see it as a bait and switch? I feel they are listening to their customers. After the VIP survey was sent to me, I emailed them with comments not to include a scarf. Too many boxes have included a scarf in the Fall boxes. According to the email I wasn’t the only one, sounds like the majority of the customers asked for the same thing.

      • When advertisements/ spoilers are put out enticing people to buy a box based on specific products that are said to be in the box, I would expect those items to be in the box. It is nice they are sending out surveys and listening to their customers, HOWEVER that should be done BEFORE they release actual spoilers! Not everyone gets “too many boxes” and has already received other scarfs. Reading all the comments below, it is apparent that some are happy with the switch but some are not. I simply do not condone releasing spoilers and then changing promised items out (unless circumstances beyond their control forced the company to do so). They could have offered a choice or added the peel as an additional item.

      • I 100% agree with you. I would be very upset of I was looking forward to a scarf and then I got switched out. I am one of those people that does NOT get too many boxes so , cant relate.

  15. I don’t mind that it’s Bellapierre – I guess it will depend on how well it works? It only has a couple reviews I could find, but both were good. The precious line seems to be a bit more upscale than the general Bellapierre offerings. I have a few sample peels in my closet I need to try, but nothing exactly like this so I think it’s a nice inclusion.

    • Not sure why my comments are not posting. I am getting notice that others are posting on this thread, but my comments are not showing up. I am borrowing my aunts phone, problems with my new iPhone. Could that be the issue?

  16. I’m happy that they switched from a scarf to the peel.

  17. Am I the only one dying to know how much that peel actually costs to produce? 179$ RV ???? Stuff probably costs less than 3$ to produce.

  18. I’m glad this is my last box!

  19. How strange. Does anyone wonder where all the scarves are going that were to be sent out in our boxes last week? As time goes on, I am becoming more concerned. Very few updates on social media, being able to swap out an entire item for something else at the last minute. This after the previous box shipping delay with missing item promised to be in this box. Anyone else concerned?

    Not sure I will resub after this box.

  20. I’m patiently waiting to get items from the other five 2018 brand partners that convinced me to purchase a year upfront. They were: Crate and Barrel; Murad; Pier 1; Kate Spade; and august.

    • Yes! I am awaiting these same brands.

    • Supposedly those subscribed from summer who didn’t get the Crate & Barrel item in the Summer box will have it added to their fall box. But I don’t think I’ve seen any of the other brands pop up in a box yet, which is unfortunate as that is a reason I subscribed as well. Maybe they are waiting until the winter box for all of them?

  21. What about all the people that preferred the scarf? Or that bought the box based on the scarf?

    • True – it is a difficulty as some people may have preferred the scarf. (If it was a different scarf I might have even preferred it, as I generally love scarves.) Although I can see why they would have wanted to switch as feedback on MSA and apparently from VIP customers had a lot of comments not wanting the scarf included.

      I’m wondering if the peel was initially meant to be in the winter box, as if not it would be surprising they could source enough of them so quickly. And I also wonder what they are doing with all those scarves! Maybe save them for a future spring box?

  22. I’m trying to think of what isn’t overdone in subscription boxes. Turkish towels? Hair masks? Candles? Nice pens? Vases? It seems so hard to crate a box that makes most people happy. I’m glad that’s not my job!

    • People just complain too much. That’s why Adidas Avenue A just pulled the plug…

  23. I am happy with the switch. I haven’t received a peel yet. This one looks great! I received 4 scarves in my Fall boxes.

  24. Bellepierre LOL

    • oops, Bellapierre. The brand is so irrelevant that I can’t spell it.

  25. Too bad, I love scarfs. I need more deets on the peel

  26. I would have rather had the scarf. Facial peels are overdone in boxes. Sugarbash has been disappointing since the reboot and I am cancelling before my next charge date. I had originally purchased an annual.

    • Agreed!

    • I agree. I chose the red scarf ( for the holidays!)and was looking forward to it. My sensitive skin won’t tolerate peels. I liked the categories of the foot cream and the salt spray in the summer box, but didn’t care for the actual products. For me, they simply didn’t work! I’m an annual subscriber, but I think I will be canceling. Too bad. I used to enjoy this box, and got some of my now favorite products from them ( that nice overnight hand cream with gloves, and some great finishing powder with brush) but I guess we are no longer a good fit for each other. Oh well, there are a lot of boxes out there from which to choose. Good luck SB !

      • Maybe write them and ask that if they still have the scarves on hand if you can get the red scarf instead of the peel? I don’t know if they will do it, but it seems worth asking especially if you can’t use peels.

      • I haven’t tried the foot cream yet (still working through the wonderful foot cream from Margot Elena) and I’m gifting the Mermaid spray – hope it works! I tried the palette once but haven’t used it since, it seemed OK but not great. I should play around with it more and maybe just pick a color or two to pop out and put in my magnetic palette.

  27. Very strange indeed. I got an e-mail saying they listened to the ladies and we had enough scarves. How is this possible? I never complained. I hope we still get the item that was delayed for the summer box in this fall box. If they forget about that I will never be ordering again.

    • yes, I didn’t either. would rather have the scarf.

      • The scarf spoiler had a lot of complaints on it. Now nobody is complaining about too many scarves in boxes? I let them know, no more scarves.

      • I normally like scarves, but I have a lot in that style and it didn’t really seem like one that would pair well with the knit beanie. Plus we got a scarf in the summer box, although that was a replacement for the Crate/Barrel item they couldn’t get in time that is supposed to come in our Fall box.

      • People complain about everything and anything on here. People are also complaining about the peel. Do you know how many peels I have? I have more peels than scarfs!

    • It can’t be possible because you didn’t complained? A few of us did.

  28. Wow was wondering what the delay was all about? I love scarfs, but this one looks too shiny and being pre menopausal and in So Cal, cant wear them anyway.
    This peel ooks like a nice product.

    • Oops, didn’t see that it was Bellapierre. Another overdone brand, though I’ve liked some of their products.
      I’m just getting tired of their delays and where are the brands they promised us with their new format? Wasnt there supposed to be something from Crate and Barrel?

      • Yes, the Crate and Barrel product was supposed to be in the last box but there was a delay with that so it’s supposed to be included in this box. I hope they didn’t forget…or think that we forgot…

      • Yes, I was looking forward to it…I didn’t forget.

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