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Sugarbash Holiday Box 2018 Spoiler

Sugarbash has released information about the Holiday 2018 Sugarbash box! (Thanks for the heads up, Marie and Robin!)The Holiday box is a collaboration with Kevia – JourneeBox:

Journeebox delivers a quarterly lifestyle experience that features designer-produced, sustainably-made fashion, home, body, and culinary goods.  The JourneeBox direct-to-consumer business model — meaning they design and produce all of their goods —keeps costs and environmental impact down. This model guarantees subscribers quality, vetted products made from sustainable materials with that are ethically made. All current Sugarbash members will receive a JourneeBox, 2018 Holiday edition with their current subscription.

Check out our Sugarbash reviews to learn more about the previous subscription and to see what kind of items you can expect!


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Comments (165)

  1. I still have not received my box. I have sent emails about it twice and have received two false tracking numbers one for a box to be delivered to Florida and one in Michigan. I live in South Carolina! I will never trust this company again and no one should trust Journee box either as the last false tracking number came from them.

    • They shipped to the wrong address too. However, mistakes happen? I got my box today. They are a new company. 🤦‍♀️

    • They shipped my box to the wrong address too. They fix it and now have my box. Seriously they are a new company. Issues will happen.

    • Have you tried contacting Kevia Style directly, since that is who is shipping the box? I contacted them after receiving a broken earring and received a same-day response and a new pair of earrings just a few days later. Try this email: [email protected]. I didn’t order through Sugarbash, but directly through Journee box, so maybe that’s the difference in shipping times. In response to the other comments here, I know it can be frustrating having to wait longer than expected, but remember Journee Box is new; this is their first box and they experienced unexpected shipping snafus, which hopefully will go smoother moving forward. I personally like the varied selection of items. I received a beautiful pair of agate drop earrings which are so “me.” As with any other box I receive, there are always some items I’ll put aside for gifting versus keeping. I I went ahead and signed up for an annual because I love Kevia brand jewelry so much. With a pair of earrings like I received costing round $40-$50 on their website , all the other items are just a bonus!

    • Sad to see Sugarbash go downhill.

      • I feel your pain. I finally just got my box last week after numerous emails.

        I’ve had luck getting a quick response using this email: [email protected]. You might also try the Kevia site.

        I hope you get this resolved soon 🙂

      • I have been a member from the beginning. They are not going downhill in my opinion. They are just ending their subscriptions business which they stated in the email we got to focus on the their main model. I am surprised that people only read 1/4 of the message they sent. I wonder if they are glad to be done with these customers as well. I will continue to support them!

      • I DO read all of their emails.

        I should have explained that by “downhill” I meant since I started reading their MSA reviews a few years ago, the quality of their boxes seems to be not as good as before.

        Wanted to give them a chance but this past year has been a disaster, esp summer and winter boxes.

        And I’m one who does not complain here. I try to give sub box co a chance

      • In your opinion regarding the quality of the boxes. I have a different opinion and so do many others. I joined a Facebook group Sugarbash fan club page. This group includes members from the beginning. The group consists of over 1,000 fans. We all feel differently than the small minority’ members from here that it appears only joined in the last year.

      • Kind of harsh, there, DEB. Just because YOU haven’t had any problems with Sugarbash doesn’t give you the right to dismiss subscribers who did have issues and have had legitimate concerns about their subscriptions. I guess you and your 1,000 member Sugarbash fan group have been sent the brands promised by Sugarbash that the rest of us were never sent. I guess the 1,000 member fan group received all 4 boxes on time. I guess everyone there was happy about having their info and final “Holiday” box (which arrived well into January, by the way) sent by a totally different company and were given no control over whether or not we wished to switch. I guess all of you were happy with a SINGLE $2 ice cream dish from Crate & Barrel. People come on here to express their opinions on subscription boxes. If there are problems OR positive experiences with a certain box I would like to hear about it. It seems like whenever someone cites a negative issue with Sugarbash you are all over them with your criticism, like it is incomprehensible that such a thing could be possible with this company.

      • It is always the same people with the same complaints over and over. It seems there are personal vendettas. We get it you hate the company move on . It gets old. We 1,000 people are happy. We must have different standards. And yes we were invited and received the next project. Which is by invite only. Smart way to control members.

      • It is always the same people with the same complaints over and over. It seems there is personal vendettas. We 1,000 people are happy And yes we were invited and received the next project.

  2. My box came damaged in a plastic mailer. Who sends a box of breakables with no padding? Another F for Sugarbash! I did not get my customized necklace. I always choose silver and got all gold colored.

    • There was no silver option? I only saw the druzy stones and a gold necklace.

  3. Unpopular opinion here, but I liked the box. I thought the candle smelled incredible and my earrings are really nice. The spoiler for the spring box (the duffle bag?) seems nice and I hope the inconsistencies are just a side effect of the switch from SB.

  4. I have several thoughts:
    1. I was okay with the shipping delay and felt that their communication about the delay was adequate. Then again, I get so many boxes that I’m never hurting for stuff to open if i have a hankering. Lol!
    2. I LOVE the box and the dragonfly tissue paper. Very nice presentation.
    3. Okay, now this is where I get a little cray cray, but humor me. So, the guy I like – his last name is Rosenleaf. And this box included a leaf item and a rose scented candle. Hint from the Universe?!? I know we all got those 2 items, and y’all can’t have him, but I thought it was cute.
    4. I’m not sure why there are so many negative comments about the candle. A rose smells like a rose. Some people love the scent, and others don’t. I don’t know why anyone would expect a rose candle to smell like anything other than a rose.
    5. All the jewelry – yes, definitely not my style, and I have listed most of it on the swap site, although I’m keeping the long necklace with the stone and tassel. I think it is interesting that we got different earrings. The bonus gift bracelet for annual subscribers is comfy, but, again, not my style.
    6. The scarf or whatever it is is hideous, in my opinion.
    7. Takeaway: I love the packaging, the leaf dish, and the candle, which does not add up to the price of the box. I will probably enjoy the necklace occasionally, and the rest is going up for swap.
    8. Finally, I hope that MSA reviews this box soon because I have no idea what the value of the items is, although I guess I could Google to get some idea.
    9. Okay, another “finally:” I am not subscribing, but I am very curious about the next box as it says that it will include things to do with self-care rituals from around the world. Hopefully I will be able to swap for anything that tickles my fancy in that box.

  5. This literally was the worst box I ever have received. The jewelry was not my style at all, nor was that scarf. The leaf dish came broken,but I don’t want a replacement so I just threw it in the trash. Everything else will be donated. Complete disappointment because I liked the Sugarbash boxes prior.

  6. OMG! I just realized I didn’t get ANY kevia jewelry! I got a Madeleine Elizabeth ugly necklace and that’s the only jewelry i received!! Also, scarf, bath salts, lead dish & candle! I can’t believe they didn’t even send my customized necklace!!!

  7. Really unhappy! I did not get the necklace i picked! And my box only had 5 items in it! I did not get 2nd jewelry item and I don’t even know what else is missing! Can someone tell me what is supposed to be in it?

    • Mine had the same items you mentioned; bath salts, leaf tray, candle, bright purple scarf, and that Madeline Elizabeth necklace. Plus, mine included a large pair of earrings and a very large “unique “bracelet that was a bonus for annual subscribers. I agree with the other comment that out of all the cute things on the Kevia site ,the items that I received are not appealing to me. At all. Not a one . I plan on putting all of the jewelry pieces in that Davy Crockett like looking bag with fake buck skin fringe that the Druzy necklace came in and giving it all to my six-year-old neighbor boy because it looks like pirate plunder! That and the attractive box are about the only good news about this box for me. Oh, and the fact that it was the last one so at least it’s over. I do hope that many are happy with their box however. I’m just glad to be done.

  8. Received my box tonight. WHAT A BUNCH OF JUNK! Three pieces of jewelry and all were broken, a chip on the candle, and the cloth item was ugly. All going into the trash. Since I cancelled my subscription over the delays and the quality (not to mention broken promises as to what was supposed to be in the original boxes each month/quarter) with Sugarbash I do not think that there will be any recourse. KEVIA WILL NOT LAST if this is an indication as to the quality of their merchandise.

    • I did not care for any of the several pieces of jewelry sent, I personally found them very unattractive and don’t know anyone who wears anything like that. My gold leaf dish arrived broken and I don’t even care enough to bother to try and get it replaced. After waiting so long , I found the box very disappointing.

  9. I got my box today! I like everything, I really loved my necklace and the bracelet. My style for sure…so happy!

  10. They are not even responding to emails anymore about the boxes. Sugarbash joins Little Lace box as one of the most disreputable boxes ever. All we got was lies and delays. No Journee box for me.

    • They are responding. They responded to my email??

    • Finally – my box arrived. Sort of disappointed overall but that’s the way it goes with a “mystery” box from a new company. I received a pair of Kevia earrings which are simple but really nice. The necklace is way too “conspicuous” for me personally, but I’m going to use it to decorate a large vase. I too received the gold leaf tray, bath salts, a black and white print scarf (which I will use as a table runner) and a candle. For me personally, I will not subscribe to Journee in the future without seeing spoilers.

      I’m hoping others are happy with their box – at least we can all move on as they did finally ship as promised. Better late than never.

    • Mary the manager at Sugarbash has responded to me several times. Try emailing “[email protected]

    • Not true, they have responded quickly with a solution to fix the issues! Excellent customer service from Sugarbash and Kevia.

  11. My box is missing an item, about knocked me over with the smell of the candle and is honestly 100% a throw-away box for me. For all the cute stuff on the Kevia site, I’m kind of disgusted this is what was sent.

    • I also received my box this evening. Not really pleased. The large stone for the necklace was not even connected to the necklace. There isn’t even a part in the bag to hook the two together. Would be nice if useable and in one piece.

      I do not care for the bonus piece of jewelry at all. Not my style or that of anyone I know.

      I agree the candle smell was overwhelming, and not something I would keep. I love candles, but this was too much.

      The one item I really like (earrings) is clearly a second and I will be contacting Kevia about a replacement for them and the necklace problem.

      The rest of the box is nice, but not earth shattering. Standard subscription box items. It looks like some thought went into matching colors and putting it together, but in my opinion, it is not as nice as the previous Sugarbash boxes before they changed. At this price point I will stick with Margot Elena boxes. They seem much more my style. I also wish to avoid this shipping drama that these boxes seem to have.

      • Can’t post links here but I found on their email campaigns they were trying last June to clearance the bracelets from 2 boxes ago for 15$ and the druzy necklaces we just got for 18$. Between that, and items seemingly made for this box (the candle, salts and tray aren’t on their site) it seems like this is just a filler and clearance melange put in a nice box. I’d rather get a few special items than this bric a brac.

    • Well, at least you have received yours. Mine has “an unexpected shipping delay”. Again. So shabby.

      • Mine too. Still in an unexpected delay from DHL. No progress from the second try at shipping…the box is just sitting with no movement and has not transferred to USPS.

    • I received mine yesterday. I am happy with the items, they are all useful to me. Even if I hated the items, I would never use words like disgusted? SMH…

    • I agree. I received 7 items including my bonus annual item so I am also missing ? a gifting item?

      The candle is horrible. Reminds me of my great grandma’s house. Although choosing classic in customization the jewelry were all HUGE statement pieces.

      The entire lot will be either given away or swapped. This curation was NOT what I paid for when I paid the annual for Sugarbash. I hope their goal wasn’t to get new subscribers to Journeebox because I will never purchase that box after this. I’m glad this one was my last in the annual.

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