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Sugarbash Holiday Box 2018 Spoiler

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Sugarbash has released information about the Holiday 2018 Sugarbash box! (Thanks for the heads up, Marie and Robin!)The Holiday box is a collaboration with Kevia – JourneeBox:

Journeebox delivers a quarterly lifestyle experience that features designer-produced, sustainably-made fashion, home, body, and culinary goods.  The JourneeBox direct-to-consumer business model — meaning they design and produce all of their goods —keeps costs and environmental impact down. This model guarantees subscribers quality, vetted products made from sustainable materials with that are ethically made. All current Sugarbash members will receive a JourneeBox, 2018 Holiday edition with their current subscription.

Check out our Sugarbash reviews to learn more about the previous subscription and to see what kind of items you can expect!

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  1. I commented yesterday, but my comment isn’t showing up, so I’m not sure if I exited without actually submitting it or if I said something that was not approved by MSA.
    Anyway, all I said was that I think it is odd that Liz has not made a separate post about this. I wonder if she is waiting to get more information or if she doesn’t want to get involved.

  2. I never received the email about the change, and I wouldn’t of known about it if it wasn’t for these comments.

    I hate all of these necklaces. They are so not my style. This sub has been quite a disappointment all this past year.

  3. Necklace spoiler choices are on video on their Facebook page. Customization starts this evening, per customer service. I emailed and they responded within less than a half an hour. Necklaces aren’t my style. 🙁

    • I didn’t care for the options, either. I’ll at least give props that they aren’t the cheapest necklaces on the Kevia site, but there are definitely others that were far more my taste.

  4. Good Bye Sugar Bash

    • Sad, so sad😞

  5. Trust your instincts! Just saw this. Presumably emailed to all customers:


    Dear Sugarbash Customer,

    For the last four years, we have been on this incredible journey, and we thank you for coming along with us as we look forward to the launch of our next product!

    As many of you know, we have spent the last six months listening to you, our customers, via surveys, customer interviews, and focus groups ensuring our next products are what our customers want! Our journey will next take us to launch our core business model — our technology.

    We wanted to give our customers the best experience, and we learned a lot the past three years of understanding what consumers want in their product subscription service. We know how much our customers loved getting surprises in the mail and understand the gap we would be leaving when we transition from our physical product discovery to our new products. So, we have worked on this transition with Kevia for the past few months.

    What you have told us you value in product discovery can be summed up in four key ingredients:

    – High-quality items
    – The ability to customize
    – Excellent customer service
    – A true lifestyle box

    After meeting Kevia and falling in love with her story and brand, we knew she would be the perfect partner for our Holiday Collaboration. Since we know what our customers want in their box, we provided the direction of the box content for the Holiday Box collaboration.

    While spending time with Kevia these past few months, and on the Holiday box, we became confident that the quality they provide will be comparable to our regular Sugarbash box. One key factor is that Kevia can offer a lower price for high-quality items because they manufacture everything themselves – ensuring the highest quality products that our members deserve. You may already know that Kevia products are consistently found in other successful subscription boxes, such as StitchFix, Causebox, and Singles Swag. Her brand has been carried by Nordstrom, Anthropologie, and Neiman Marcus. Celebrities such as Oprah, Blake Lively, and Norah Jones have all been seen wearing her designs.

    Also, knowing that our members can benefit from as good box offering with Kevia, we decided that now is the time to transition into our new products. We will be ending our 2018 subscription box service with the Holiday Box.

    Sugarbash will continue as a technology company focused on product and brand discovery. We are very excited to be able to allow major brands to participate in product discovery seamlessly for the first time. We will have well-known brands and more on our new platform. We thank you for this journey with us and look forward to amazing you with the new products we are launching.

    To continue receiving your subscription in 2019, you will need to sign up for JourneeBox.

    To honor SugarBash subscribers, JourneeBox is offering a Sugarbash Founder’s special pricing which will be available in future emails.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us directly.


    Q. What happens to my Sugarbash subscription?

    A. If you like your JourneeBox and would like to continue receiving a box every quarter, you’ll be able to subscribe directly with JourneeBox. However, after our holiday box ships, all Sugarbash subscriptions will end.

    Q. Will we be receiving two boxes for the Winter/Holiday one from Sugarbash and JourneeBox?

    A. No, JourneeBox is the only box you will be receiving for winter/ holiday and is the last box under our 2018 subscription service

    Q. What happens if I paid $75 for my Sugarbash Box?

    A. If you paid $75 for your box, Kevia would include an extra item!

    Q. Is JourneeBox a jewelry and accessory box only?

    A. No, JourneeBox is a lifestyle box, like Sugarbash. It will also include home and beauty items.

    The Sugarbash Team

    • Thanks for posting this. I haven’t received the email but I already called it that they were going out of business. They have misrepresented things from the beginning. I was an annual VIP subscriber and I would really like to get my money back for the last box as they have misrepresented the true nature of this box from the very beginning.

      • I got this email too. They are ending their subscriptions box service. Not going out of business.

      • Perhaps challenge through your card company and paypal, sending screenshots of brand spoilers and description and stuff. I doubt it’s legal for them to send you a *different* sub box you didn’t sign up for so you would likely have a strong case that they should refund you for the last box.

    • Also, you should definitely let Liz know about this.

      • I sent it to Liz right after I posted it here.

    • How bizarre! I can’t imagine anyone wanting to do business with them after this. I am absolutely amazed that they have the nerve to mention that they will have well known brands on their new platform. Seriously. I thought Pier One, Kate Spade, and others were “well known brands” that are still in business.

      Why the bait and switch? Why lie? And why on earth would another business get involved in this bait and switch? Time to file a complaint with the better business bureau and my credit card. Not happy if my info is being shared with another business.

    • Thank you for posting this update. I’m a customer but haven’t yet received this email. I’m Just disappointed now – as their box used to be one of my favorites. Now is the “unknown factor” of Kevia.

      I’m thinking I will try out the new Journee box – even though I’m sort of upset Sugarbash couldn’t finish out their own subscription service for one last Holiday box.

    • Thanks for posting the email with more info! I didn’t get the email as they had already cancelled me (after I sent them the email asking for more info. But I did say that I was going to cancel if it was just subbing Sugarbash out for Journeebox with no intent of putting in the black friday brand spoilers, so it’s not a big deal this time like it was the time they cancelled me for negative feedback.)

  6. Does anyone know if Shirley Strawberry and Steve Harvey are still connected with this subscription box? I know Shirley use to do Facebook reveal videos, but have not seen her do that for a while.

    • The Stella and Dot promo gift said it was from the brand and Shirley Strawberry. Sounds like she is still involved.

  7. So I’d sent an email asking for clarificatiom/further info and mentioning that if the spoiled brand partners were no longer in the works and it was just switching the sub over to the lower cost journey box I would need to cancel. They responded this morning – no information or clarification at all just ‘no problem we will go ahead and cancel your account’ o.0

    • That really makes me wonder even more what is going on :/

    • I am not concerned. I have been a long time customer.

      • This is the second time they have cancelled me without my express permission. At least this time I don’t care so much since if they are giving everyone a Journeebox instead of a Sugarbash box I was going to cancel anyway. But I would have thought they would have learned from the last fiasco when they were cancelling people for negative feedback that they shouldn’t take it upon themselves to cancel for people unless asked.

        Anyway, it is concerning that they aren’t clarifying or sending more info. I’m subscribed to the annual Margot Elena – but I wouldn’t expect to get an email saying ‘we are partnering with Cause Box, so all subscribers will get a Cause box next time!” Nor would I expect any typical sub to send out a list of brand spoilers for the year that gets tons of people to sign up, only to later come out with ‘nevermind, just joking, you’ve been waiting all year for us to reveal the spoilers for those brands but you’re going to get a single brand box instead.’

        Its like if Boxcharm spoiled some high end brands for the year for BoxyLuxe – but then pulled a switch last minute and told everyone who had committed to an annual that their next box would be entirely Pur or Manna Kadar items.

    • Liz, could MSA reach out to Sugarbash and ask for some clarification? It looks like they have sold their box to Kevia without telling any of their subscribers, and it certainly doesn’t look like they are following through with the partners they used to entice people to get the annual sub.

      If those aren’t the facts it would do everyone, including Sugarbash, a favor to get them out into the open! Cancelling people’s boxes without answering questions won’t do that…

      • They responded to my email about the Holiday Box. They said an email is coming from management that will answer all my questions this week. They did not cancel me nor avoid my questions.

  8. Anyone have new information yet? I finally emailed them asking for clarification.

    I did find this in their FAQ:

    “Q. Are products/brands sneak previewed guaranteed.

    A. No, due to vendor availability/issues, which is out of our control, we cannot ensure spoiled brands and products. Replacement brands will be included.”

    So I guess they are not ‘required’ to include the Pier 1, august, Kate Spade, etc. brands they spoiled. However, it does look like this exception is supposed to be for ‘vendor availability’ issues – not deliberately trading all brand partners out to do a single brand box on purpose.

    And Journeebox looks to be a heavy jewelry focus, with the jewelry being the hero items and other lifestyle items being lesser valued filler, whereas Sugar Bush was supposed to have a more distributed lifestyle aspect of home, health, beauty, fitness, entertainment, food, and technology.

    I’m so confused…but if this is just a ‘trade’ of one subscription for a different one (and a lower cost one with a different focus at that) I’ll be cancelling. Is it even legal to transfer someone’s subscription to a different box???!

  9. I recently had the post office misdeliver my box to the wrong state – yes, state! … and customer service responded immediately.

    Try emailing them at: [email protected]

    • I emailed there and got a quick response they would send my replacement candle but it would take a few weeks. I emailed again to ask about the replacement candle and they wont respond. This box is the last one in my prepaid sub and I will not be renewing.

  10. I think sugarbash is out of business. There is no way to contact them on the website and they have been late in shipping the last 2 boxes. They misrepresented that we would be receiving items from Kate spade, August pier 1 and mural and we have gotten none of those brands and it appears this last box will only be Kevua items. I have cancelled my subscription, but since I was a VIP I can’t get my money back for the last box. I am hoping for the best and maybe this new journee box will knock it out of the park. If so, I will do a month to month of journee but no more yearly subs from unproven boxes.

    • This not true. You can contact them via their website. Under the contact us button?

      • Actually, the misrepresentation of brands has so far been true. And I’m not 100% sure but I think that the first quarterly (March) also had delayed shipping.

    • You might be able to dispute with your credit card (or paypal if paid through there?) since it looks like they are sending out a completely different product for the last box than what you commited to buy, so they should be giving a partial refund for those annual subscribers who don’t want a box from a different sub.

  11. Does anyone know or is able to tell if this is the first ever JourneeBox? I have never heard of it but when you click on the link there are all sorts of rave reviews/ testimonials…

    Something about this whole notice seems kind of off…

    • Kevia the company has been around for a long time. If you read the customer testimonials are about the company in general. I do believe this is their first box. The box option wasn’t there last week.

      • Kevia has made jewelry around 11 years, but KeviaStyle has only been registered since June.

    • I’m guessing it’s their first. It’s pretty odd though – Spoiler! For your last box you get a different lower valued sub box that’s just starting out?

      It sort of reminds me when they hyped the mystery ‘designer’ bag – only for it to turn out to be a brand new brand and the bag was the only item they had for sale. (That bag turned out to be great as a vacation/kid activity bag due to the waterproof lining, but the handles are pulling off it already as I feared they would.) Or the Crate and Barrel item that got subbed out last minute for a scarf (A cute scarf, though.) We were supposed to get that same Crate and Barrel item in the next box – but what we got was a $1.95 ice cream dish. I really doubt that was the original product intended to be included, lol.

      I’ll see what develops over the next few days and if any more info comes out, but I’m guessing I’ll be cancelling. I actually liked the Kevia bracelet in the last box (although it loosens really easy so I have to adjust constantly – so I think the rv is vastly overinflated) and have worn it a lot, so I’m not opposed to more Kevia jewelry. They have some interesting styles. But I kind of want to know what’s actually going on, lol, as it seems a bit of a bait and switch, and I picked up the Sugarbash sub more for the home item aspect than jewelry.

      Plus, ‘journeebox’ only promises about $200 in value, and with the high rv of the jewelry that’s pretty much half the box or more right there. From their promo picture it looks like that’s what will happen, lot’s of ‘little’ items like pens and tiny succulent planters and travel candles and soap while the bulk of the ‘value’ is in the jewelry.

  12. Confusing email. I sent them an email, but haven’t heard back. I want to know if the brand partners from the Black Friday deal are included in this box or is there an additional Sugarbash winter box with the Kate Spade, Pier One and other advertised items included. This email sounds like this is the last box and will ship in December. No mention of the other brands except Kevia.

    • I would like to know that as well.

    • Kathy, the Pier One item was the small glass dish in the fall box and I definitely don’t remember getting a Kate Spade item! Let us know what they say. 😊

      • The small glass ice cream dish in the Fall Box (valued at $1.95) was from Crate and Barrel– I don’t remember receiving anything from them that was from Pier One.

      • The small glass dish in the Fall Box (valued at $1.95) was from Crate and Barrel– I don’t recall that I’ve received anything from Pier One from them.

      • The ice cream dish was Crate and Barrel, not Pier 1. It was supposedly the item they couldn’t get for the Summer box and subbed out for the scarf – but why would they replace a $2 filler item with a high rv scarf? It’s more likely that they couldn’t get whatever nautical themed C&B item they had planned, so just found a cheap bulk filler item to put in the fall box to keep the promise of a Crate and Barrel item.

  13. @Liz and @MSA will people who paid $75 for their SugarBash box be getting a refund of the difference since the Journee [sic] box is cheaper?

  14. If we got the Black Friday deal, this is our last box, correct? I don’t want it to auto renew.

    • I got the VIP Black Friday deal too. They said all VIP subscriptions will automatically cancel with the last box.

      • Thanks. I’m really confused, journee box is cheaper, are we getting anything in addition to what journee box subscribers would get? This makes me think they are going out of business.

        • I paid $48.75 for my box, so it is actually cheaper.

    • I would check your account. Mine says renewal on Nov. 11th.

      • I’m glad you said that. Mine was set to renew in a week too. I just skipped it and am planning to cancel. I liked the first box we got (Market to Table), but it’s been downhill from there. I can’t even wear the hat from the fall box. It looks so goofy and smurfy on my head!

  15. So Journee is $55 a box and sugarbash is $75 are subscribers going to be refunded the difference?

  16. I like this collaboration with Kevia! I loved the bracelet in the Fall box.

    • I wouldn’t consider it a collaboration if Popsugar sent me a Fabfitfun box that cost less. Yes there’s only a $20 price difference between Sugarbash and Journeebox subscriptions and it’s a totally different subscription but maybe more people will love it as you do.

    • Does your bracelet need to constantly be tightened? Aesthetically, it is pleasing but it loses points for practicality.

      • Mine needs adjusted about once an hour! I really love the look though – I wear it a lot paired with my Empress watch I got from 5th Ave that I normally can’t find jewelry to wear with. I love that it can tighten up to a perfect fit as well. The design is pretty unique so I don’t have anything like it – but it is a shame that it loosens back up so fast.

  17. I don’t understand why people should be excited that Sugarbash has decided to give them a different totally different subscription box for the last quarterly box. If people wanted that box they could easily sign up for it themselves without having SB give another company their information.

    It not legal to ship wine via postal service first class mail or priority but they did. SB shipping the fall box that weighed over 3lbs from a residential address with 1st class postage is sketchy imo.

    The lack of concern if the person it was sent to wants to receive wine etc in a lifestyle box. Why are they sending a prohibited item.

    • I never even got the wine, but it was listed on the card

      • I’d contact customer service – they were very quick to respond to me. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the wine or the Crate and Barrel dish either because I was sent a replacement box (the first box was lost in transit by the post office). – they were quick to replace it. However, I noticed 2 items missing. I was then advised my county doesn’t allow transporting wine, and, the Crate and barrel dish “sold out”. So now I am supposed to be receiving a very small credit for these missing items.

        That said, I wish I knew what this upcoming Kevia box is all about….🙈

    • I’m not really excited – I’m more than a bit concerned. I’ll wait a few days to see if there are new developments but will likely cancel. While I really like the style of the Kevia bracelet in the last box and wear it a lot, the quality isn’t there as I have to adjust it almost hourly as the cord loosens back up. So I can’t imagine a box of entirely Kevia items is going to be top notch quality, but it likely is going to be inflated rv. And where are the rest of the ‘brand partners’ that Sugarbash promised? It’s confusing at best and very shady at worst. When I sub for a box I don’t expect them to just swap my subscription out for a different box.

  18. Why are we misspelling “Journee”? What am I missing here?

    • It’s a play on words and intentional.

      • Could you explain it then please? Because I genuinely don’t understand where the “nee” comes from.

        I understand that it’s intentional, but generally it’s done in a way that makes sense (someone’s name or a company that they are partnering with).

    • Seems to me that they are trying to make it sound “French”

  19. Confusing – so they are ending Sugarbash and starting Journey box with Kevia? Or starting Journey box but also keeping Sugarbash? And either way we are getting a Journey box and not a Sugarbash box for winter?

    • Me too! I got an email and was like “🤔?” I was totally confused and glad I’m not the only one. I called my Sugarbash 2 seasons ago. Between that, FFF, and CauseBox it was just too much. I kept CauseBox and cancelled FFF as well.

  20. Is MSA going to review the fall sugarbash box?

  21. I have one box remaining on my Sugarbash subscription. I received this email and am confused– does this mean that there will be no more Sugarbash and that they have now “switched” to Journeebox for good? Or is it just for the last VIP box?

    • I would email and ask them

    • I got the email too and was like “🤔.” I cancel my Sugarbash subscription to seasons ago.

      • I canceled FFF last year and I still get the email to customize.

  22. I paid $75 for this box and now they team up with someone else? I went to the Journee site and the box costs $54.99. I am so disappointed in 2018 with Sugarbash. They did not live up to their comments on what to expect. We never had add-ons, and the list could go on and on.

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