POPSUGAR Must Have Winter 2018 Box SPOILER #3

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We have the latest spoiler for the Winter POPSUGAR Must Have box!

All boxes will include:

Whiskey in a Teacup by Reese Witherspoon – Retail Value $35

You’ll want to keep this extra special book on your coffee table all season long. Reese Witherspoon invites you to learn more about her southern heritage, including everything from a delicious recipe to tips on how to throw a memorable party. Gorgeous photos and Reese’s lively writing make this lifestyle book a total page-turner — it’s certainly not your ordinary cookbook.

This book is big! 304 pages, hardcover, and I think it would make a perfect hostess gift if you don’t want to keep it to yourself!

And in case you missed the first two spoilers, this box will also include:

Melinda Maria Designs Sabrina Pod Necklace – Retail Value $98

Timeless yet fashionable jewelry can be tricky to find, so we did the hunting for you. This 18k gold-plated or sterling-silver plated necklace can be worn long or looped twice, depending on your preference. We love that it looks just as pretty on its own as it does layered with your other favorite necklaces. The hammered pods are all a little different, making each piece unique. Consider this your Winter go-to accessory.

And here is the gold version:

Here it is on:

And looped around twice:

And here’s the silver version on, too:

What do you think of the latest spoiler? Are you picking silver or gold?

And in case you missed the first spoiler:

Uncommon James 100 Percent Handmade Cotton Fringe Throw – Retail Value $118

Cuddle on the couch with this chic, versatile throw that Uncommon James created exclusively for our POPSUGAR Must Have Box. The piece was made in partnership with Tribe Alive, a company whose mission is to promote female artisans, ensure they’re paid living wages, and provide safe work environments for them. The soft material and contemporary look make it the ideal throw to incorporate into any space. Cozy nights in just got so much better.

This creamy white throw blanket has tassels on the ends, and fringe accents throughout. It’s giving me Anthropologie vibes and I love it!

Here I am holding it up to give you a better sense of scale:

It measures 65 x 50 inches (fringe included). It’s 100% cotton, and dry clean only. (FYI – we put it in the dryer on the refresh setting – 15 minutes steam, and it came out perfectly.)

It’s large enough to cuddle up with on the couch or to accent your bed:

(Shown on a queen size bed.)

The weight of the fabric isn’t too heavy/thick, but it’s substantial enough to give you warmth. I’d say it’s about a medium weight.

(FYI –  This box value is $350+ and includes 7 items. This does not include additional special extras!)

New subscribers can sign up here and use coupon code MSA20 to save $20 off of the Winter POPSUGAR Must Have box, too! (Regularly $75 a box.)

Check out all of my POPSUGAR Must Have reviews and POPSUGAR Must Have Box spoilers to see what you can expect from this women’s lifestyle subscription box!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. This is a bit disappointing and so specific to particular interests. I get why this book would be included but I couldn’t even give this to anyone. It doesn’t fit my lifestyle or interests as a city dweller and a vegetarian. Do other people really have time to make homemade biscuits?

    • Yes. They’re super easy to make and do not take that long- if you have a half hour you can have homemade biscuits. And for those of us that actually enjoy cooking and baking, we make the time to do this stuff every week.

    • I think everyone has time to make homemade biscuits but we prioritize our time elsewhere…like reading MSA reviews 😂

      • 😂😂😂🙌🏻

      • lol this is true. My iPhone is judging me and telling me how much time a day i spend on this site!
        But I also make biscuits! They are so easy! I make these cheddar bay copycat ones that def aren’t vegan, but sooooo good.

    • I can make a batch of vegan Popeye’s biscuits in less than a half hour with 3 ingredients.

      But yeah – I’ll probably keep it for the stories and hope there’s some good veggie recipes I can nab before I pass it on to someone else.

      • need a gift for secret Santa? here ya go.

    • Donate the book to your local library or drop off at a nursing home it would be appreciated.

    • Love this book. And yes, I do make biscuits from scratch while working a full time job at approx 50+ hours per week and going back to school. Lol, busy, but I find cooking from scratch to be relaxing and I know I am making memories with my family, just as my grandmother did with me. I know it’s not for everyone, but I am excited!!!! Plus, I love everything Southern.

    • An ex-boyfriend made biscuits for us one morning and I had to admit I was foolish in thinking they were labor intensive when in reality they were quite the opposite.

      I am pretty sure there are those that label themselves as a “city dweller” that can appreciate the items in this box. This may not be the box for you on a personal level – but chin up, the next one might be 😊

      • I know I live in Seattle so pretty city right here. But I am from MS so I still make biscuits from scratch on Sunday mornings. The book would be good for a dirty Santa swap or other fast gift if you really have no interest.

    • I make homemade biscuits all the time. They are super easy and yummy. My 8 year old daughter loves watching cooking shows and asked me this morning if I make bread from scratch and I said yes. She was so excited and squealed about how much fun it must be to make it. I hope to pass on my skills to the next generation!

    • I’m very disappointed about the book. Unfortunately, I already had purchased it (and regret it). The book is a mess. I’m not sure I would call it a cookbook even though it has some simple recipes in it.

    • I could not agree MORE! I am sooo disappointed to see a coffee table book as one of my big Christmas holiday box items. Ugh. Im getting closer and closer and closer to cancelling. Today may be the day. 😞😞😞

      • I fell in LOVE with the Fall box and am enjoying every single item. But so far I’m personally 0 for 3 with this one. I had very high expectations for this box too. And I’m paying the full $75 pricetag for this box so yeah, I want items I love. I keep hearing “If you don’t like it you can gift it”. First of all, I love cooking n baking as well but can get any recipe known to mankind online (as does everyone else I know) so no, its not a good “re-gift” for ME. Its a waste. And I could choose any number of more personalized gifts for my friends and family for that $35 as opposed to just dumping off something even I don’t want on THEM. eeek

    • Me either as a vegan. Also time is a factor these days for me also… That and I am not a biscuit eater even if it does not take a lot of time I don’t do a lot of bread at all as I get older sits on the hips kinda thing.

  2. I cancelled all my subboxes this month to save a little money. I did tell myself that I can have just one box this winter. I thought PSMH would be the winner, but the jury is still out on this one. I like everything so far, but nothing is “must have” for me. The throw is lovely, but the white isn’t practical with 2 dogs that love to shed. The necklace is pretty, but also kind of generic. I like Reese and love southern culture, but I don’t see myself getting into this at all. So I think I might just take the gamble, hold off, and see if I can snag this with a discount code later on.

    Though the one house I’m looking at is all white, with gray flooring and trim, with little black accents. That throw would look so perfect…

  3. I’m a little worried that we’ve seen the best items in the box already and the rest is just going to be crappy filler (hand sanitizer or tea, anyone?) Which is disappointing to me because so far, none of these things are really great for me. The blanket is ok… necklace is not my style, and I have no interest in the book. Maybe a killer beauty item will make up for it? I am using up the rest of my subscription credit on this box so I don’t have to pay full price at least. But man, I’m so glad I’m not a regular subscriber right now and really miss the old monthly boxes. The quarterly boxes have a really nice item or two, but it seems like most of it is obvious clearance items. The monthly boxes always had at least one item I really liked, even if it wasn’t a “high ticket” item… but the selection now sometimes borders on bizarre.

  4. Reese Witherspoon, boo!

  5. I was going to buy this anyway so the cost of the box just dropped to $35. Yes please.

    • $35??? How did you get the price so low? Tell me your secrets… haha

      • She meant that since she was going to purchase the book at full price, that negates the cost of the book, bringing down the cost of the rest of the box. There isn’t a discount code that brings the price that low.

    • i’ve see a few people say box is $35, could someone please explain how?!? much appreciated!

      • They’re saying they were going to buy the book anyway so it dropped the price of the box for them

  6. Still waiting for something exciting in this box. So far it’s easy to pass on.

    • Damn Judy. How do you pass up Reese Whiterspoon?

  7. I usually don’t care to receive books in boxes because I’m an e-reader convert. But lifestyle / coffee table books are a different breed, IMO. In my experience they don’t translate well to Kindle and you don’t get the same feel or experience of lazily browsing through the photos, recipes and anecdotes. I think this type of book, this time of year, makes a lot of sense as it’s quite giftable if it’s not your bag.

  8. I think I’ll wait till this box goes on discount. I bet they’ll have a bunch to get rid of. Wouldn’t buy at full price but it is kinda a good box. Tired of jewelry that looks like a Clair’s special, although this one might be heavier than it appears. I have so many throws that I could cover each piece of furniture in my house with one…or two.
    Will they still do Limited boxes like Neiman Marcus or Her/Him ones?

    • I think Liz reported they are not doing guy box but would be doing some sort of collaboration box.

  9. Anything having to do with cooking is the antithesis of my personal style.

    I still hold out hope for the Neiman Marcus box though.

  10. I actually love this 3rd spoiler. It’s funny to me how many different responses a box can get. I always keep my eye on Popsugar and FFF and have only purchased once. If the next spoilers are good I may have to try and get this one so please feel free to not get it and let me have your spot 🙂

  11. I feel like this is going to be an instant albatross. BOOOOOO.

    • I am looking for one and happy to have the swapper ship it to me media mail!

  12. I’m usually anti-book in a sub box, and have hated everything but the cookbooks like Cravings and the other giant one PS sent a bit back. I like how this one is a perfect coffee table book with a little bit of everything.

  13. I think if the box was going to have a book, this one is delightful. It comes at the right time of the year to be relevant and I’m happy it has different aspects vs just recipes.

  14. Just no. I have zero interest in Reese Witherspoon or a cookbook. This spoiler has really depressed me and I wonder how many won’t join because who wants a freaking cookbook?

    That will be one I will donate.

    • I want a freaking cookbook. I like cooking. I like books. I’m liking this addition to the box.

      • LOL. Me too. I love cooking as much as eating…and books.

  15. The book is a miss for me personally (not my style, though I do adore Reese Witherspoon), I still think the box looks like it’s going to be great. Very wintery themed, cozy and celebratory. I’m probably going to gift the book, though I’m not sure who I’ll give it to.

    • This is exactly how I feel. I like Reese pretty well, but not really interested in her book. I’ll still get the box, but I’ll probably gift the book.

  16. Noo!!! I don’t want books in my box. Sad, that I was so close from buying that box

    • See I’m kind of glad! I was on the fence, not sure about buying and now it gives me a great reason not to buy it now! Glad I didn’t go year round with my last box (only bought the Fall box)!

      • Glad that it’s your cup of tea:)

  17. I usually don’t like books in the boxes, but I saw this one in a bookstore last week and liked it, really like the throw and could use, but the necklace looks cheap to me and I don’t like that the value of it is a third of the box. On the fence still but there isn’t much value left to the box. When is it supposed to ship?

  18. Aside from the book- which is nice- I find it hilarious that the cover shot has her covering her well-documented very strong chin. She’s beautiful, but she gets hell for her chin online.

    • When are we going to stop commenting on people’s bodies? It’s not ‘hilarious’ and you’re contributing to the ‘hell’ she gets. This is why people feel they need to get cosmetic surgery.

    • Dang do people really judge and make fun of her chin? Lol hahaha that’s really weird.

      • I didn’t know that was a thing nor am I clear on why. like her chin. 🙂

        • *I like her chin. Lol

          I wish there was a way to edit our comments on here.

  19. I totally see the value in this box. Even if you don’t want to keep it, it will make great gifts. Some subscription boxes I order because I can separate the items and gift them. They make a lot nicer gifts, especially for teachers since otherwise $20 is the limit. The value of the throw is well worth it for all the items.

  20. Wow! I went from Popsugar is a crap box with no hope, to now I’ll probably reup this sub after my next two boxes run out.

    ❤ it all. And there is def a Nashville theme here.

  21. I really don’t need another cookbook and since we’re vegetarian I doubt it will get too much use. Not sure if I’ll be keeping this sub. Nothing in this box is grabbing me.

    Now, when is the Neiman Marcus PS box coming out? I’m ready for that one!

    • Me too, JL! Me too! 🙂
      Last year it sold out before I could get it but I am not going to wait it out this time.
      PS Neiman Marcus boxes are my all time favorites of all sub boxes.

    • I’m also veg and saw that page of ribs and wrinkled my nose haha.

    • Looking at the previews, it doesn’t look like a recipe-heavy book and out of the maybe fifty recipes it looks like about nine have meat? I’m not sure there is a good main dish vegetarian recipe though. Anyway, the good things I have heard about the book aren’t about the recipes but about the charm and fun and sense of humor.

      • Stop lying there is more than 9 recipes with meat.

  22. I haven’t ordered the box yet since I didn’t like the first two spoilers. Yes, the throw is nice looking but I have way more than enough throws. The necklace is very similar to a Dot & Stella necklace I already own. I would like the cookbook. I can read cookbooks like other people read novels. Still I’m not going to order the box for just one item.

    • That’s funny…I have that Stella and Dot necklace too. All these items are nice but just not anything I need or want.

  23. I’m happy 🙂

  24. I would be happy about this if I hadn’t actually bought tickets to her book tour, which comes with a copy of her book, lol! I’m a fan of Reese, her movies, her company, etc. Mine will be up for swap.

  25. Yikes, I canceled once I saw this spoiler. Looking at the 3 items together, I do see a cohesiveness–it’s the antithesis of my personal style though.

    • Anything having to do with cooking is the antithesis of my personal style.

      I still hold out hope for the Neiman Marcus box though.

  26. I actually picked jus book up at the bookstore and it had recipes that sounded delicious and not filled with weird ingredients. Like this!

    • Hopefully it has lots of meat recipes with onions and peppers – my husband doesn’t like most other vegetables, lol. 🙂 So I just make every variation I can find on beef/chicken with onion or green peppers – fortunately he’s not picky on seasoning!

  27. Ugh, I was in after the first two spoilers, but I’ll be canceling. I don’t want any books in my subscription boxes, and certainly not this one. Very disappointed.

  28. Target has this book for sale for $13.77!

    • The target exclusive copies have extra recipes.
      It’s a good book. Really fun! Lots of photos and great anecdotes of life in the South.
      It is more of a lifestyle book than just a cookbook. The recipes are really good though.
      I don’t get all the hate for books here.

    • $13.77 is for the audiobook…the Hardcover book is $24.50

      • Ha! They sell this as an audiobook? That’s funny. I never would have thought of getting a coffee table/recipe/lifestyle book like this in audiobook format.

        • if you couldn’t see, you would…

  29. I only want the throw so far, and I really don’t need that. Let’s see if the rest of the box pulls me in

    • Me too. I don’t need it but I think it will look good on my gray sectional. I cancelled to wait for more spoilers but may just get the special collaboration box if it has a more modern styling than this one.

  30. I feel like theses boxes are the same year after year. Nothing really original, for me, this is an easy pass.

  31. Yaaaaaaay!!!! I’m super excited for this! What a treat! I’ve never received a book in a subscription box – I think this is a great idea. I’m feeling very good about this box, guys.

    • Are you missing the “Power Your Happy” Book? I can totally hook you up with one!! Or three…

      • Ha! Lol, thank you but no thank you. I guess getting books in boxes would get boring, wouldn’t it. new to me though so far though 🙂

  32. Ugh, this box is rapidly going downhill for me. I loved the first spoiler (the throw) so I ordered the box. I’m regretting it a bit now, as the necklace & book aren’t my style at all. I like Reese but I’m not into celebrity lifestyle/recipe books. It’s shame since the curation for the fall box was both cohesive and current. Hopefully the rest of the winter box has more of an Anthropologie vibe (similar to the throw).

    • Which is interesting because Kristin C has said Anthropologie is her favorite store. She got all of her cool plates there.

  33. When I first saw the glimpse of the book I was like “Noooooo”, because I am very particular about books, but this one is great! I happen to like Reese and her style, love her company Draper James (I have a handbag I absolutely adore), and I was curious about this book. I am usually bored when celebrities launch makeup/apparel/accessories/diapers/etc. ventures because I realize it’s rarely their passion, they do it to capitalize on their name, but I don’t have these feelings towards

    I am happy!

  34. Love Dolly but don’t like Reese. She has turned on the twang to hawk cheap junk, seems so contrived.

    Not enough to tempt me into purchasing this box.

  35. I don’t usually like when books are included, but I’m actually excited about this one! Love Reese, and love cookbooks, so win-win for me!

    • I almost bought this book at the airport. $35 Waited so I could get for less on Amazon. So glad I didn’t order yet. Win win for me. 🙂

    • Ditto!! Super excited!!

  36. Still on the fence. Canceled after fall but may sign up if I like any additional spoilers.

  37. At first I wasn’t thrilled – not into books coming with non-literary themed subs since they are usually misses. However, I do love cookbooks and this looks cute! I’ve been getting stuff to bake more this winter (hence I picked up the Bake Globein Box) so this should be nice. I’ll definitely be reading all the tip sections.

  38. When I first saw the glimpse of the book I was like “Noooooo”, because I am very particular about books, but this one is great! I happen to like Reese and her style, love her company Draper James (I have a handbag I absolutely adore), and I was curious about this book. I am usually bored when celebrities launch makeup/apparel/accessories/diapers/etc. ventures because I realize it’s rarely their passion, they do it to capitalize on their name, but I don’t have these feelings towards Reese.

    I am happy!

  39. Not a big fan of books in boxes.

  40. I love books of any kind, so I’m happy with this spolier. I loved the little video Jennifer Garner did supporting this book and wearing hot rollers to run errands. I think I’ll like the book based on the Southern humor, lol.

  41. Meeeehhhh

  42. Great coffee table book ~ helps if you are a fan of Reese which I am ~ GOOD JOB PSMH ~ knocking it out of the park!!! 🙂

  43. I’m actually super into this. I love lifestyle/cook books. I think they are fun and I always love learning new recipes.

  44. I am super excited for this… it’s actually on my christmas list!!!.. thank PopSugar!!!!… I have heard it’s delightful…

  45. I love Reese, but this isn’t something I would want in my box. Canceled for now, unless I like more spoilers.

  46. Actually ladies, this book is not bad at all. I already have this book, much better than the Cravings book. Recipes are really good and pretty easy. I am going to pass mine along to a family member, it is a heavy book to swap.

  47. Hmmm. Looks like a cute book, for someone else. Merry Christmas from your Secret Santa.

  48. Boo, not excited for this book, its just not my style. I love reading, but typically do not enjoy the books popsugar sends.

  49. Neat!!

  50. Well, at least I liked the first two spoilers….

    I have nothing against this book, I just read EVERYTHING on my Kindle now, and just don’t care to receive hard copies anymore…..

    • Agreed!

    • Hm… In general, I totally agree.
      BUT I actually love hard cover cook books! For some reason when it’s on my iPad I just don’t use it. Whereas nice big pictures totally motivate me to try new stuff in the kitchen.

      • Me too! Most books I have are on my Kindle unless its one of my longtime fave authors then i buy hardcover. But recipe books i always have to buy real copies! I have one recipe on my kindle and i just don’t use it. I like the big pages and colorful pictures!

    • If you end up not liking it it might be an easy swap – you can send it media mail if it’s the only item for pretty cheap!

    • Most people still have cookbooks in hardcover.

      Also tired of comments like this. Reeks of entitlement.

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