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POPSUGAR Must Have Winter 2018 Box SPOILER #3

We have the latest spoiler for the Winter POPSUGAR Must Have box!

All boxes will include:

Whiskey in a Teacup by Reese Witherspoon – Retail Value $35

You’ll want to keep this extra special book on your coffee table all season long. Reese Witherspoon invites you to learn more about her southern heritage, including everything from a delicious recipe to tips on how to throw a memorable party. Gorgeous photos and Reese’s lively writing make this lifestyle book a total page-turner — it’s certainly not your ordinary cookbook.

This book is big! 304 pages, hardcover, and I think it would make a perfect hostess gift if you don’t want to keep it to yourself!

And in case you missed the first two spoilers, this box will also include:

Melinda Maria Designs Sabrina Pod Necklace – Retail Value $98

Timeless yet fashionable jewelry can be tricky to find, so we did the hunting for you. This 18k gold-plated or sterling-silver plated necklace can be worn long or looped twice, depending on your preference. We love that it looks just as pretty on its own as it does layered with your other favorite necklaces. The hammered pods are all a little different, making each piece unique. Consider this your Winter go-to accessory.

And here is the gold version:

Here it is on:

And looped around twice:

And here’s the silver version on, too:

What do you think of the latest spoiler? Are you picking silver or gold?

And in case you missed the first spoiler:

Uncommon James 100 Percent Handmade Cotton Fringe Throw – Retail Value $118

Cuddle on the couch with this chic, versatile throw that Uncommon James created exclusively for our POPSUGAR Must Have Box. The piece was made in partnership with Tribe Alive, a company whose mission is to promote female artisans, ensure they’re paid living wages, and provide safe work environments for them. The soft material and contemporary look make it the ideal throw to incorporate into any space. Cozy nights in just got so much better.

This creamy white throw blanket has tassels on the ends, and fringe accents throughout. It’s giving me Anthropologie vibes and I love it!

Here I am holding it up to give you a better sense of scale:

It measures 65 x 50 inches (fringe included). It’s 100% cotton, and dry clean only. (FYI – we put it in the dryer on the refresh setting – 15 minutes steam, and it came out perfectly.)

It’s large enough to cuddle up with on the couch or to accent your bed:

(Shown on a queen size bed.)

The weight of the fabric isn’t too heavy/thick, but it’s substantial enough to give you warmth. I’d say it’s about a medium weight.

(FYI –  This box value is $350+ and includes 7 items. This does not include additional special extras!)

New subscribers can sign up here and use coupon code MSA20 to save $20 off of the Winter POPSUGAR Must Have box, too! (Regularly $75 a box.)

Check out all of my POPSUGAR Must Have reviews and POPSUGAR Must Have Box spoilers to see what you can expect from this women’s lifestyle subscription box!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (164)

  1. I’m ecstatic for this box. And if there is ever anything I don’t want in any of my boxes I just gift them to someone I know would enjoy it. Give something away as a Christmas gift. It’s such a simple thing to do, I don’t understand why people whine so much over such little things. I work in healthcare and trust me, if that’s the only problem you have in your life then please be grateful for what you have. Also, a lot of people who don’t make that much money wish they could afford these boxes…

  2. I was hoping I’d receive this book. It looks awesome! Signed- a girl from Alabama 🙂

  3. I feel like so many people are saying they are unhappy with the book but only like 5 copies are up for swap. Is it because less people are swapping now or people are waiting to have the book in hand before listing?

    • Probably because it will cost a lot to ship it. It seems to be a large book.

      • I swap a lot of book and this should only be about $4 to ship media mail. So everyone list your book you don’t want and then swap a couple to me 😛

  4. Well. Dang. I can only blame myself.
    I used to get PS back when it was new and got a few cool things. But I gradually realized that very few of the items were of actual use to me and I was telling myself “but it’s $300 worth of stuff for $50 so I’m a smart shopper!”
    Well it’s not smart if you’re paying for things you don’t want— not to mention the false over inflation of value that was suckering me in. So I quit.
    But just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in with the throw!!!! Now I’m kicking myself because the necklace is plate and this book is nothing I would ever want use or gift. Sigh. My own fault, I know. So disappointed.

  5. I think the biggest problem with this book for most people is that you can get it anywhere. I mean, for me, I can’t stand her or her movies, but you can get this book at Wal Mart. I want unique things in a subscription box, or at least quality. The throw is a quality item that I can’t get just anywhere. I decided to try PopSugar because the stuff looked better than FabFitFun, but then they do something like this. I feel like I’m signing up for these things and they take that as the signal to start curating from the trash bins at dollar stores.

  6. I bought the box for the throw…elsewhere on the interwebs I see similar cotton throws for roughly $50-70 each…so I guess everything else is gravy ( but I hear all the comments and agree … these items are nice, but not “must have” ) I think the pressure is on since they moved from monthly to quarterly – not as many chances to get it right. hopefully the edible will be awesome ^^

  7. I’m surprised people don’t like this! I subscribed to PopSugar for 3+ years starting with the very first box, and I cancelled to save money/try to reduce clutter. I just re-upped my subscription because I love all three of these spoiler items. It’s my first box of any kind (aside from meal kits) in over 2 years.

    The items seem very true to the original PopSugar boxes that were so amazing. If you don’t like them, it’s probably just not the right subscription box for you. Some people just like to hate.

    And PS per some of the comments above… how is it even possible to hate Reese Witherspoon? She’s one of the most likeable people ever.

    • Meg, I think you’re right. This box does scream original Popsugar! This is why I love this company. They are unapologetically on-trend with their choices. Yes, trends are still person- specific & fleeting, but it is what is.
      I love the white throw, that I would never but for myself because “it’s white.” Whiskey in a teacup… cool book of the moment. I want to feel like I have Sophisticated Southern in me… Okay I’m from Ohio but, I’m gonna try real hard. Lol
      I am in-tune with the vibe of this box. Totally!

  8. On the fence with this box. I like the throw and the book, but the jewelry they put in their boxes is cheap looking.

  9. I dont understand.When they included a book a while ago they received a big backlash. I believe multiple copies are still haunting swap sites and garage sales. Why do it again? Dont they learn from their mistakes ?

  10. Ugh. Big nope for me.

  11. I’m super excited for this box so far. I am subbing now!

  12. Like (don’t need) the throw, and like (don’t need) the necklace. Truly loathe celebrity anything and wouldn’t have that book in my house, nor put my name on it as a gift. I’ve had my eye on this box, this quarter is a hard pass.

  13. If I sign up now, will I be guaranteed to get this box and not the Fall one? A note on the sign up page says they will automatically send you an earlier box if it’s available. I wasn’t a fan of the Fall box but love all the spoilers so far in the winter one!

  14. This is one of those things I would never buy for myself but now I desperately want and I don’t even know why. I will never read it or cook from it. 😂😂

  15. I love all three of these spoilers! Now, if they throw in a nice candle to enjoy while I read the book under the throw, I’ll be a happy girl!

  16. I just want that throw.

  17. Boooooo! I’m normally not picky and I’m a diehard PopSugar Fan! But I hate getting books or cookbooks in subscription boxes. I like the actress but I just don’t do cookbooks. I know I can give away as a gift or just give it away, and will . Truefully the necklace is not my favorite either so I am kind of wishing I didn’t get this box now. I don’t want to see anymore spoilers it takes the fun out of it for me and specially when I am not a fan. Booo!

  18. When do we normally get billed for this box? I want to order but I don’t get paid until the 30th 😭

    • I just checked their website and it looks like billing will be early November.

  19. I’m kinda surprised at the level of negativity toward this book. I’m not super crazy about it myself, but its neat, and a pretty solid kind of book to get around the holidays. Especially when you look at the kinds of books PS has given out before. This is miles better than those! I didn’t even know Reese Witherspoon wrote a book, but it looks interesting. I’ll definitely flip through it and see if there’s anything I can make.

    If anything, the thing that almost made me cancel was that throw with all the weird frilly tassels every 6 inches all the way down. That is soooo strange! I was shocked to see how many people thought that was cute. But I guess someone will want it on the swap boards, so its fine with me. 🙂 Personally, I’d so much rather see a chenille throw or something super soft and cuddly, rather than this odd trying-too-hard-to-be-trendy throwback to the 1800s, or whatever that is.

    So far the necklace is the frontrunner with me. Extremely overpriced, sure, but I will definitely wear it!

  20. Liz, how is the plating on the necklace? I generally go for the real thing, especially in silver, gold not so much since the price went through the ceiling a couple years ago. Also, since I travel more now, I like to have a few jewelry items that look nice but wouldn’t devastate me should they be lost or stolen while traveling.

    So, do they look and feel pretty real or more like the ones that are look fake or look like they will look fake in a short time? Have seen some sub box jewelry that looked good on the screen but pretty chintzy when received.


  21. I was kind of interested in this, and then this book spoiler happened and nope. I’m good.

    If you’re going to have things like books, of any kind, at least have several of different types/genres and allow customization.

  22. Ya’ll, I am loving the lively party chatter on this thread! 😂😂🙌🏼

    I like to add a bit of vinegar, lemon juice when making biscuits. Makes em fluffy!

  23. hmmm, i loved the first two spoilers. the book – nah. not so much. I love Reese, but this book does not speak to me at all. Oh well, swap time with the book. I wish they would have had a choice with this book and another book with the opposite styles.

    • Totally agree. I am really not into southern food or culture- I guess I’ll give it a shot but… not my style at all. Wish it was a choice of different cookbooks or something. I don’t even know anyone to gift this too. Ha.

      • I am from the South and was born 90 miles from where Dolly Parton was born.

        Some of us here are part of the southern culture.

        But that being said, if there had been a choice on books it would have been a lot better than having only a stupid cookbook in a box.

      • I wasn’t trying to be mean, and I did not mean any offense. I am just a die hard New England girl (“Yankee”) if you will. I just got back up north after living in GA for 6 years- I just was never a fan of the food nor the kind of culture down there at least (not into football, barely see my family, don’t monogram anything, country music is so not my thing- the list can go on and on- and yes, I know those are stereotypes of the South and Southern culture- but after previewing this book I was like- oh no- as it seems full of these things). Sorry if I offended you- but like I said- southern culture and southern food as I know them are just not my cup of tea (even if Dolly Parton is amazing). I would have loved a choice on this one- but alas, someone will like it as a gift I’m sure.

      • Agreed! If there had been a choice between a few different regional cookbooks I probably would not have cancelled.

  24. My two favorite things blankets and cookbooks. I have over a hundred of both and can’t stop, I may have a problem, but I will never be cold or run out of meal ideas.

    • Ha. I hear ya, sister! I actually just bought a new cookbook… Magnolia Table, for gatherings. I’m halfway through, as I “read” cookbooks like regular books, and it’s very good. The recipes are fairly basic, as far as there being not a ton of ingredients, but with good comfort-food flair. I’m really digging the soup recipes. If you haven’t already… you might like it.

  25. I totally love this box. I think the book would be spectacular on my coffee table. The necklace is very pretty. I’ve been trying to find nice silver pieces because my jewelry collection consists of a lot of gold, lately. That’s a wonderful piece for work. And the throw looks classy & warm. Will probably be reserved for guests. I thought the fall box was nice but, i had nowhere to go with all that rose gold, as only my office is decorated with that metal & I have already filled that space. The fall Fabfitfun had useful items but some seemed cheap. Popsugar has a classier vibe. Causebox disappointed over there cheeseboard situation. So, I think Popsugar is where it’s at… my go to quarterly sub!

  26. I signed up last week but I want out. Do they charge immediately or do I have time for my buyers remorse?

  27. Makes me glad I hadn’t committed to ordering it. Not my taste at all. I would feel embarrassed and hide it in a box somewhere.

  28. I was at Costco last weekend and saw this book. Stopped and flipped through it. Really love it, but then I thought I saw some Popsugar blog somewhere and I thought I should wait. Bingo. I do not like paper books but this is not some reading materials. I have over 10 kindles, bought just about every one they made since the first one. I am excited.

  29. Throw – yes please
    necklace – no way
    book – actually, yeah, I’m into it

    Need to see more

  30. I would like this cookbook but I am not getting the winter box this time. I’m sure there will be a few on swaps

  31. I finally gave in w the third spoiler. This box has great gifts at a great price but I’ll probably keep the book, I love Reese, and I’m from Texas, ya’ll 😉.

  32. I think it’s likely a lovely book. Full of photos and not great for a Kindle.
    I still love the Crissy Teighan cookbook and really regret not getting the box with the Anna Farris book in it. I watch ” Mom” now, so I know who she is more than I did at the time.

    I think they’re putting effort and time into the curation of this box and I’m impressed.

  33. This box is always full of quality items. Maybe I don’t want everything, but most of it I really appreciate. I love the jewellery item this month. The earing from 2 boxes ago I wear all the time and get so many compliments.

  34. Well…..I have been on the fence about this sub for awhile, and I think I am still gonna have to pass. Don’t get me wrong, this is a great sub for some. It just doesn’t appeal to me. Some items do, and some don’t, so I can’t see myself getting it. I make my own afghans for my home, so the throw blanket wouldn’t be useful for me. The necklace is not my style, and the book….Well, if I want any of those recipes or tips, I can just google them probably. Also, reading just isn’t my thing. I don’t even know how I got through college years ago lol… I just never have been able to take the time to sit and read. Some people enjoy it, but not me.

  35. Why do they put books in the boxes ! That was why I never got there boxes! It’s just a price fluffer and we all know that! I got the box for the blanket this will go in the trash! Who reads cookbooks we all just get the recipe from the internet.

  36. $250 of the $350 value is already accounted for by these 3 items.

    • That doesn’t bode well for the rest of the items, huh?

    • It’s $350+

  37. Love the necklace and the throw!
    I tried to resist buying this box for budget reasons, but the book and the discount code sold me!
    I chose the gold necklace. So pretty!

    Now, I just have to wait for November…

    • This is my first box. When do they usually begin to ship out? I can’t wait!

  38. I’m so happy to see Reese’s book and the throw looks fab. Again, always surprised about the negativity when you are getting things for pennies on the dollar. I love experiencing things that I wouldn’t necessarily buy or try. To me, that’s the fun of a subscription box.

    • I always feel the same way. I feel like people hate just to hate.

  39. Does anyone know when subscribers will be billed for the winter box? I’m on the fence about this one…

    • On the website, it looks like the billing schedule for current members has been updated to the beginning of November for fall boxes. It says the fall box will ship by the end of November.

  40. It would be wonderful f Popsugar allowed members to chose between 2 or 3 different books instead of giving everyone the same book. I love the idea of cuddling up with a book and a blanket, but the chosen book doesn’t inspire me.

    • Oh, that would’ve been great!

    • agree! This book is not my thing.

  41. Would love one or maybe 2 copies. Happy to have them shipped media mail!

    • Reagan you can have my copy

      • That would be amazing Sonia! I am on the swap site or feel free to email me!

        If anyone is a reader I have lots of BOTM books for swap.

        reganb1 @ gmail

  42. Liz how is the necklace in person? Very lightweight and clinking or a heavier piece? If that makes sense! Thanks!

    • It’s pretty lightweight. Hope that helps!

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