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Play! By Sephora October 2018 FULL Spoilers for Four Box Variations!

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We have FULL spoilers for four of the October Play! By Sephora boxes!

Box A includes:

sephora play

Box B includes:

sephora play

Box C includes:

sephora play

Source: Instagram user bohojenny

Box D includes:

sephora play

Source: Instagram user katyrose9


Each October box will include:

Still trying to decide what to dress up as for Halloween? Your October box might be able to help with that, but we don’t want to give too much away right now. Let’s just say it’s filled with some spellbinding beauty.

Your box will arrive the third week of October, but here’s a little spoiler to help you make it through until then:

Your October box will contain one of these products:

  • CAUDALIE – Vinoperfect Radiance Serum
  • URBAN DECAY – All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

What do you think of the spoilers? 

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Comments (110)

  1. Do we know any spoilers for November? I am tired of repetitive products and am considering to cancel play by sephora.

  2. Hello Girls,
    I hope someone on here can help me. Can someone guide me, I HOPE🙏🤞🙏🤞🙏🤞
    1. Where is the Swap place everyone talks about??
    2. Did anyone else’s Octobers Box look like September’s Box?? I even got the same Red Plastic Bag…Ugh
    I hope you can help… Thank you all

  3. Uggh be glad you got some variations. I got two primers and two foundations! Uggg stinks because the sneak peek email we got listed two skin care products. They said I would get one or the other and I got none of them. I did contact customer service and they refunded my $. Bummer wanted the serum.

  4. Box 983 was terrible: UD setting spray, vinoperfect serum, anastasia beverly hills stick foundation in banana, benefit cosmetics gimme brow brow gel, first aid beauty hello fab coconut water cream and kat von d saint & sinner perfumes. I have received the spray, serum and perfumes before , the foundation is eh. If one more month sucks, then I’m canceling. Ipsy is so much better

    • Angela, that’s what I got too. I kind of wanted the UD setting spray because I’ve never tried it, and it would be good for travel, but some of the other stuff is kind of boring. The foundation stick is super small and I think it brought out the texture on my skin. I’m with you – one more month and I’m cancelling if I’m not impressed.

      Gimme brow was better than I expected, but the size was so miniscule…there’s nothing in it lol!

      (I would’ve loved a deluxe sample of pores no more – it’s my go-to!)

  5. Is the Anastasia Beverly hills stick foundation going to be according to skin color?

  6. Anyone know what is in box #577?

  7. Does anyone have any guesses on box 975? I’m dying over here

  8. Box 007, box H. Uggggghh I knew I’d get the crap box,lol! Not fair at all some boxes are getting skincare such as “Fresh” and “First aid beauty and this box gets a tiny philosophy sample. Really Sephora? Not happy with any of it really. Oh well, that’s typical with Sephora for me. Here’s hoping next month is better!

    • Your crap box is awesome to me, glad it’s my box 🙂

  9. Anyone else getting 967? I hate that the spoilers are so hard to figure out. Last month was inaccurate and I ended up getting the one box I least liked.

  10. I am getting box 975 (box A) and am pretty stoked! While some of the items are repeats for me (the Gimme Some Brow, Caudelie serum and Fresh Soy Cleanser), they are products I already use and love, so they are perfect to throw into my gym bag. I am looking forward to trying the MUFE foundation (the color Sand is a little darker than my usual foundation, but I am tan and actually need to try a darker color), the Tarte primer, and the Replica perfume (and thank you, Sephora, for bringing back the perfume samples!) Other than May (which was the “WTF Were You Thinking, Sephora?!?” month for everyone), I haven’t had any boxes I absolutely hated in the 2+ years I’ve had a Play subscription. For $10 a month, I can’t complain- this is like one trip to Starbucks for me! If I get something I know I already don’t like, I pass it on to one of my friends. 🙂

  11. Did they stop the drawstring bags for good? I hope not, I love those bags.

    • I think so. It’s sad. I’m not a fan of the plastic bags. Why even put a bag in there…

  12. Does anyone have box 967? I haven’t seen a single person who has the same box as me.

    • I also have 967. I can’t find any info on this box.

    • I have box #967. Here are the contents…

      – Make Up For Ever Matte Velvet Skin foundation in Y205
      – Bare Minerals Liquid Lipstick in Everything
      – Urban Decay Setting Spray
      – Fresh Soy Face Cleanser
      – Dr. Brandt Pores No More Pore Refiner Primer
      – Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris perfume

      • Awesome, thanks for sharing! I’m so excited to try out the Bare Minerals lipstick 😃

  13. Looks like #975 is Box A and #934 is Box D. Any word on #007?

    • How do you get those numbers of whet box your getting

    • 007 is box H

      Benefit brow gel
      Anastasia stick foundation
      Tarte quench primer
      Caudalie serum
      Philosophy eye cream
      Chloe perfume

  14. OMG I spent 20 minutes trying to get my box contents but I finally did it for #983 it’s box F and the contents are Benefit gimme brow, Anastasia Beverly Hills stick foundation, Urban Decay all nighter setting spray, First Aid Beauty moisturizer, the caudalie serum, and Kat Von D perfume. So basically box C but anastasia beverlyhills instead of bare minerals and Kat Von D instead of Dolce & Gabbana for perfume. Sounds like a good box to me. Woohoo 🙌

    • THANK YOU so much for the box 983 contents. Very happy about the ABH foundation!! 😉
      I have the other products, or have had them in the past so meh, but I’m on a huge QUEST for the perfect foundation!

      @LizCadman, I wish you’d spil what you use. ‘)

    • Thanks! This new Sephora method of blocking spoilers is driving me INSANE! I’m 983 so you just saved me a ton of time and stress and I actually like the contents for once 😀

      • You’re welcome. I’m really excited about the Anastasia Beverlyhills stick foundation since I’ve been wanting to try it and that’s all I really wanted this month anyways. 🙌

      • Amanda I’m excited for that Anastasia foundation stick, too! 😀 Can NOT wait!!

    • Nice. I’m getting 983 and you just saved me a bunch of time. I was hoping for Box C because I want the UD spray and the Caudalie serum. Not mad at this box at all. I’m not happy about Kat Von D any darn thing, but I’ll toss it in the trash. Excited about everything else in this box.

      • You’re welcome. I didn’t want the bare minerals liquid lip since it’s not matte and I really wanted the Anastasia Beverlyhills stick foundation so we got a better version of C in my opinion, so I’m happy. 🙌

    • Thanks and how did you figure out box F?! 🕵️‍♀️

      • The customer service representative manager on the phone told me my box #983 is box variation F. 🙂

      • I’m new to sephora play! but i got #983 and the items you mentioned above are literally shown on my sephora play account as a infography. are we able to see the spoilers on our account or it just happened to show me this variation?

    • Does anyone want my box?? I literally have one of all these things except for Anastasia Foundation which I won’t use. At least the Allure box was good this month =(

      • I’ll take it if you don’t want it lol 😂

  15. I’m getting box #967. I emailed Sephora and they told me I’m getting the following (it’s closest to Box B, I’m assuming they made a couple of substitutions; I have freakishly fair skin and pores the size of the Grand Canyon):

    Make Up Forever Matte Velvet Skin Foundation

    Bare Minerals Gen Nude Patent Liquid Lipstick

    Urban Decay All Nighter

    Dr Brand Pores No More Primer

    Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

    YSL Mon Paris

    Hope this helps someone out there!

  16. I’m getting box #991. Sooo when will we know what numbers are “A,B,C,D & so on”? I would like to know what number I’m getting because that is the whole purpose of spoilers…

    • how do you knpw what box youre getting i can never find my box number

      • You can view it from the app, you have to go online I’m to your account, go to your recent orders, then it’s not the order # but at the bottom where your address is, it has the box # you are getting, and it’s the last 3 digits of that #.

    • if you google, you’ll find that at the reddit it says that box B is 991 😉

  17. I’ve been subscribed to ipsy since 2013/14, tried & stopped glossyblox, allure beauty box, birchbox, and vegan cuts, among others. I never tried the sephora play boxes even though I shop @ sephora. But I tried the smart play $20 age by box & loved it. & then luxe bol. 2. Liked that too. So, I just signed up. It says I’ll get the September box first, and all those products look good. Especially the Sunday riley tidal cream. But for the October box….I’d prefer box A. How do you actually get the box you wanted? (Box B is my literal plan B).

    • Luck of the draw : ( Or find someone to swap items with. I’m box F?! So there are more variations than what we see on here unfortunately. I actually like and prefer spoilers!

  18. Why did they put a male fragrance in the box?

    • Jazz Club is very unisex. It is by fary go to scent in the Fall/Winter.

      It is not simpy a male fragrance.

      • And wow, typos galore. *By far & *simply

  19. I reallllly hope box 983 is Box C. I would finally be able to use everything I get in my box lol

  20. Anyone get box 983. Why are there letters now?

    • I’m also getting box 983. I have a feeling it will be box B. I always get the boxes with a pore filling primer because I input my skin type in my profile as oily.

      • I have 983, and my skin is dry…

      • I have 983 and my skin is dry too. I also have sensitive and aging indicated.

      • how do you know which number of box you are getting? I don’t see that anywhere in my order details and it says it shipped out today (Oct 12)

  21. How the heck is any of this going to “help us decide what to dress up as for Halloween”? Lol. Go figure the one month they made it seem like we might actually get something fun or adventurous in the box, it’s even more boring. Like, there’s a few okay products so it’s better than nothing but I would kill for some actual makeup, especially something glittery or in a non-nude color.

  22. I’ll use everything! Great month – glad I didn’t cancel!

  23. Hoping for box c 🙂

    I’m tired of getting the Caudalie serum, but would LOVE to try the UD spray. And would much rather have a brow product and moisturizer, than another primer or foundation!

    • If you’re on the swap site, and I get the UD spray, I’d be happy to swap with you 🙂

      • Hi. What is the swap site and how do I get on it? Thank you.

  24. I do see some repeats there, but they’re good repeats, at least. I haven’t been subbed for a couple of months while I power through my mountain of products, but I’d be happy to have any one of these if I were still subbed.

  25. Happy to see a fragrance in every one!

    • Yay, me too!

    • Me too!!

  26. Not sorry I cancelled at all. 🙂

    • Saaaame!

    • I 2nd that motion Tracey!!! Much rather save that $10 towards Ipsys big $25 luxe box (or whatever its called lol)!!!

    • Ditto

  27. Okay, I read on Reddit that box 934 is box D. 🙂 As much as I wanted the setting spray instead, I don’t think I’ll have trouble finding a trade partner. ^_^ And, I love everything I’m getting, so no worries here!

    • Oh, I hope that’s true! I’d love to get that Fresh face mask. Not excited about the eyeliner, but everything else looks fab.

      • if you don’t, for the love of all that is holy, I’ll send you one. I have several because birthday ones still sitting around.

      • Can you send me one? Lol jk

  28. I’ll have box D please! 😛

  29. I’m getting box 007, I hope that it is really good…. i i dont know which 1 it will be.

    • How do you know which box you are getting?

      • Last 3 numbers of your order number, but only on the app, not through the browser.

  30. Gosh, I’m just excited to see that amazing plastic bag again…NOT!

    • I am actually really sad to see the drawstring bags go. I used them for so many things. Not just organizing makeup and such, but for an easy ‘gift wrap’ 😀

  31. Hi I can’t to subscribe to sephora play I don’t not why I try for a few months but I can’t I really want this box 📦 someone help me please

    • Contact Sephora. Maybe there is a problem with your account.

  32. I really like the spoilers so far…except it makes me nervous to see another MUFE foundation in the mix. I got one last month and the color they sent me was terrible! Even though I clearly have my skin tone listed as olive in my profile, the foundation color they sent was horribly orange/pink…which is not good for someone with green/yellow undertones. The only thing I dislike getting in Sephora Play is foundations, actually, because they never get my shade right. I’m crossing my fingers for a box without a foundation because I like the looks of everything else.

    • Go in and have your color match code done. Then you’ll always get the right color.

      • I did. The girl working there said that their scanner for that program stopped working and they’re not sure if/when they’re getting a new one. 😕

      • I have been shade matched multiple times and they always say ….hmm it didn’t really work for you. So the number put in wasn’t really a shade match.

    • Put your skin as porcelain. I’ve subscribed to play for 2 years and have only received a foundation sample once (and it was light, but not the right color). We almost always get something other than foundation or concealer since there are no matching sample shades 🙂 Indeed, that is probably the easiest way to avoid foundation samples!! If we get anything remotely similar to foundation, it’s powder, and it’s typically translucent, so you’d still be able to use it 🙂

      • Haha, this totally explains why I’ve never gotten a foundation sample (and also explains why my box last month was totally wrong for the rest of my profile – it was the only box w/o concealer/foundation).

      • Yep, that’s our box. Only time I got a foundation sample was the month that every subscriber was given a MUFE foundation sample. To their credit, they sent the lightest shade they make, but it was still too dark and the undertones were all wrong for me. The good thing is they usually don’t try to send concealer or foundation shades as they know they won’t work out…. So, I guess they are being a bit considerate and avoiding sending me something that i’d either give or throw away…. sometimes, we get a less expensive box as we get some cheap filler sample in its place. Now if I could only figure out how to set my profile so they don’t send me lip products with mauve/pink undertones or red lipsticks…. 😉

      • Thanks for this genius cheat! 😀 (Goes to change profile in hopes for a decent powder and NO MORE MUFE foundation!)

  33. Cancelled months ago and no regrets!!!

    • So, you’re looking at spoilers for a subscription you no longer get just to comment on how glad you are you cancelled? Girl, you need a hobby! None of us need to be part of your self-validation, either.

      • LOL! Exactly! It’s like a chick that says she’s over her ex, but keeps trolling his FB or whatever. 🙂

      • What if someone else is considering cancelling but isn’t sure? Then they see someone who already has, then start a conversation. What if someone is on the fence about joining, and wants to talk to someone who quit there subscription to see why?

        It makes perfect sense someone who used to get the subscription would look at the spoilers. Why wouldn’t they check to see if a service they used to like got better? Why can’t they openly state this month hasn’t changed their decision?

        It isn’t self-validation, but your heat doesn’t come off well. You sound like someone who likes to bash innocent actions because it makes you feel superior for some odd, unappealing reason.

      • @ Ona. Nicely put. I’m your second paragraph, someone who used to get the sub and is looking to see if Sephora has improved any to sub again.

      • Well said Ora! I will sometimes see content from my old sub boxes and read how well it’s working for the people who still sub. Maybe they solve the problem that made me leave so I could come back? I might be deciding on which one to rejoin, see that nothing changes and give my opinion on the sub box to help others trying to decide. I actually read these posts when I join a new sub.

      • Lol…too funny.😂

      • Um, everyone is allowed to comment, that is the beauty of this site. No reason to be rude or snippy or tell someone to “get a hobby”

      • I so agree.

    • Don’t let them make you feel small. You are well within reason to look into a service you used to have and plenty of people on the fence about leaving or joining might want to talk to someone who is no longer subscribed.

  34. Too many repeats!!!! Argh. Only item I’m coveting is the liquid lipstick.

  35. I’m surprised Sephora hasn’t banned me yet. I unsubscribe and re-subscribe what seems like every few weeks lmao. I just can’t help myself, their repeats and variations piss me off but I keep coming back D=

  36. Box C please. Play has somehow been channelling my requests every month and I hope they keep it up! 🤞

  37. WOW I’m actually impressed with all of these box variations. I see a couple repeats like the clinique liner, but if I get it again I won’t be mad. I really hope I get a Replica fragrance because even though I’ve sampled both they’re powerhouses and smell amazing! The only item I hope I don’t get is a face mask since I have so many still from past boxes.

  38. I’m confused, are we not going by our box order numbers anymore? How do you know if you are A B C or D?

    • I think this is to avoid people knowing too soon what they’re getting specifically but also being able to see what’s featured

      • Oh ok thanks for clarifying! 😄

  39. Omg I hope I get box D!! I never get liquid eyeliners or any nude lipstick so this would be a HUGE WIN!

  40. Tempting, but the box variations worry me! I do love the Fresh line and there are a lot of products here I would want to try, though.

  41. I hope I don’t get a box with the tarte primer. I’m tired of getting products meant for dry skin I said in my profile I have oily skin

  42. Oh, I hope for B! I love the Pores No More primer.

    • Box B is what I was told was in my box by customer service, and I’m box #991.

  43. I’m hoping for box D, love most of the products and I really want to try that eye liner!

    • It smears if you have oily skin or sweat at work as I do. I can’t touch my eyes at all hen I wear it

      • Oh bummer! I do have oily lids, so it definitely won’t work for me either. Thank you!

  44. ugh i want A B or C and will probably end up getting D! I always keep renewing thinking I’ll get the box i want each month but never do

    • Do you realize, you might get none of those four? It’s frustrating to see spoilers that don’t apply to my box. I’m just pleased to see items I love & items I have never tried. Hopefully that describes the box that arrives.

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