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Play! By Sephora October 2018 Box Full Product Reveal Video!

Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 9.12.22 AM

Sephora has posted a video of all the samples featured in the October Play! By Sephora box!

The theme is “Scary Good Beauty” and here’s a look at all the products that may be in your October box:




We also FULL spoilers for four of the October Play! By Sephora boxes!

Box A includes:

sephora play

Box B includes:

sephora play

Box C includes:

sephora play

Source: Instagram user bohojenny

Box D includes:

sephora play

Source: Instagram user katyrose9


Each October box will include:

Still trying to decide what to dress up as for Halloween? Your October box might be able to help with that, but we don’t want to give too much away right now. Let’s just say it’s filled with some spellbinding beauty.

Your box will arrive the third week of October, but here’s a little spoiler to help you make it through until then:

Your October box will contain one of these products:

  • CAUDALIE – Vinoperfect Radiance Serum
  • URBAN DECAY – All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

What do you think of the spoilers? 

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Comments (65)

  1. I received Box A and I have to say I am pretty happy. I will use everything except maybe the brow stuff and for sure the perfume as I’m allergic to all perfumes. So all in all a great month.

  2. I thought that the plastic play bag was going to be different each month. My October is the same as September’s.

  3. I thought every box would have either the CAUDALIE – Vinoperfect Radiance Serum or the URBAN DECAY – All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray but my box has neither. Definitely canceling I hate the box that I’m receiving and it doesn’t contain either serum or the spray. It said you will receive one or the other and I’m not getting either one. Smh…

    • That’s what I thought too but I too did not get either. I got 2 primer products and another muforever foundation which I got last month too. It’s only $10 so I don’t usually care much but getting duplicates 2 months in a row…. ut uhhhh. Cancelling after Christmas. I’d rather get 2 allure subs. Lol

  4. Sephora sent me a email on what I’m getting and I couldn’t be more excited for my box !

  5. Spoilers for 942?

  6. I don’t know which box I got but I am very disappointed to have recieved 3 primer products! Not 1, not 2, but 3! Screaming……

    • When I looked at the spoilers for the boxes, I did not get box a,b,c or d! What the heck! I got: Make up forever foundation in Y415. I got a muf HD perfecto blurring skin tint spf25 last month. Item 2 is tarte quench (primer). Item 3 is dr. brandt pore refiner primer. Item 4 is fresh soy face cleanser. Item 5 is Anastasia foundation stick in banana, which won’t work with my olive and yellow colored skin. My perfume sample is Dolce. So in actuality, 2 foundation, 2 primers and the other items. I don’t see a box like this in the spoilers. I will be contacting them. I have never complained about a $10 box before so we’ll see what they say.

      • I really don’t understand why they sent out one color of the Anastasia to everyone. What’s the point of asking about skin color in the beauty profile if they’re not going to take it into account?

    • OMgosh I hear you!! I received 2 foundations and 2 primers! What sucks is I had received an email with two sneak peek products, the mask, and serum. They said subscribers would get one or the other and I didn’t get either of them! Uggg this is by far the worst box. The MUF was too dark again.

    • Technically, the highlighter is not a foundation but it is called that in the play pamphlet.

  7. Does anyone know what is in box 983?

    • I have 983 and it says I’m getting the ABH stick foundation in Banana (that will NEVER match lol), gimme brow, all nighter spray, vinoperfect serum (I swear I have at least 4 samples of this now) and the saint/sinner perfume

      • And the FAB moisturizer.

      • I would’ve taken that over 2 primers and another make up forever foundation and stick banana foundation. I’m cancelling after December.

    • Oops, and the hello FAB moisturizer.

  8. If you have box 102, it is box D (:

  9. If anyone wants to sell their box A or B …. let me know.,

  10. If you got box 991, you have box B.

    They are up on sephora now

    • Can you tell me where on sephora they tell you what box has what

    • Where is it on the Sephora site? I couldn’t find it.

      • Click on shop and scroll down to Play! By Sephora and click on current box 😊

      • Awesome thanks! I found it! I’m so happy I finally got a good one lol. With all stuff I’ll use. I might have to get rid of ipsy because their customization sucks for me. The past few months I’ve gotten more I won’t use than I will.

      • Is it in the app on online?

  11. My box ends In 007 any spoilers?

    • I have 007 as well, is it box ABC or D?

  12. called a sephora rep and found out spoilers for box 967!
    october box #967 will include:
    -Make Up For Ever Matte Velvet Skin Foundation
    -BareMinerals Gen Nude Patent Liquid Lipstick in Everything
    -Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray
    -Dr. Brandt Pores No More Primer
    -Fresh Soy Face Cleanser
    -YSL Mon Paris Eau de Parfum

    • Thank you for posting!

    • Ugh. None of those products are things I’ll use. Hit me up if anyone wants this box. Thanks for posting it mikaela!

      • If you got the matte velvet I’ll buy your whole box what shade are you?

      • I got “Sand” in Box B (#991.) I’ll sell you mine if you’re interested – all but the fragrance are bad fits for me and I’ve got a couple of samples of it already anyway. impish.river.fae at gmail!

      • If your still selling If you got the matte velvet I’ll purchase your whole box what shade are you?

  13. How do you tell which box you are getting? I keep seeing people say by the numbers but how do you know what letter box it is?

    • Go to the actual Sephora website (not the app) and go to your recent orders. You should see the recent order placed on the 1st and the Play box has an item number. People use the last 3 digits to find their box #. Hope this helps !

  14. None of the boxes featured show the Make Up For Ever Artist Matte Lipstick in Rosewood in them, I reallyyyyyy want that one , ***fingers crossed***

    My box is ending in 588, anyone have any idea what box that is????

    • The artist rouge lipstick in Rosewood is a 100 point reward right now too, in case you don’t receive it.

  15. I received an email from Sephora after inquiring about my box # 015 –here are the products in this box. However, notice that I did not get the UD All Nighter OR the serum, but yet 2 primers. I did contact them back asking why I didn’t get either, even though EVERY box was supposed to contain one of them, and I basically got a “Sorry for the confusion, all boxes do not contain the same items” blah blah…. I like my Sephora subscription, but why would one box not contain something that was promised?

    BOX I: 2128015

    tarte Quench Hydrating Primer ( SKU 2096733 )
    Make Up For Ever Matte Velvet Skin Foundation ( SKU 2106441 )
    Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation ( SKU 1852409 )
    Dr. Brandt pores no more® pore refiner primer ( SKU 1640028 )
    Fresh Soy Face Cleanser ( SKU 487694 )
    Dolce & Gabbana Dolce ( SKU 1601293 )

  16. I’d really love to rejoin Sephora Play, but since I quit two months ago, nothing’s changed. Oh wait, now you can get 50 points for buying online (makes you wonder why THAT obvious concession took them so long.) Same old stuff, same old names, same old products. Whoever said it was boring had it right!

    • Does using the code online still take up the place of any potential online bonus item? Like those spend $25 and get a free sample of whatever? The 1 time they let is use the code online I didn’t do it bc it was either use the code or get the freebie.

    • Ditto times 1,000! I had to stop the nonsense for a sephora samples and cancel this sub. There just is no value in it for me. I did better going into the store and picking out something for $10. As if I could ever leave spending only $10. It was like only ordering off the dollar menu but why?

    • Yeah, but they still only allow one discount code at a time. This means if you redeem the 50 points online, you can’t redeem any other mobile offer or discounts. Smh.

    • I agree. Not enough new product samples. I’m canceling after December’s box. Think I’ll try something new in the $25-35 range. I really want candles.

  17. My box ends in 934 for this month. Does anyone know which box it will be??

    • I believe I saw on a Reddit post that it is box D, which is the one I wanted least and of course it is the one I’m gonna get

  18. Look at the guys face, even he is surprised that the products are so small!

  19. You’ve always been able to use your points if you email them after you make an online purchase. That’s what I’ve always done and I’ve always updated my account with the 50 points

  20. As much as it makes me angry that Sephora doesn’t send us out items like the ones they’re trying to charge us for in the luxury boxes I have to say it is nice to never have to buy a full-size bottle of setting spray or brow gel Because right when I’m about to run out they sent me yet another sample of it. I’ve given up on them ever actually sending us product we really want to sample and my attitude towards this box is now a continuous supply of some staples for $10 a month

  21. I feel like sephora play is an amazing box, especially for $10, but not necessarily for people with a lot of make up looking to try new things. I feel their box is awesome for people just starting to get into make up and skin care that aren’t sure where to start or what they like. They send fan favorite solid items from popular brands . If your someone that already has a lot of make up and shops at sephora chances are your going to end up with items you already have or have tried . This is definitely the most reliable and best subsciption for anyone just getting into make up.

  22. I’m so happy I cancelled! Great products for a new sub but I’ve tried them all from Sephora play😊

  23. This looks like a fun and diverse group of spoilers, and a lot of it is stuff I’d use daily. I’ve sampled a couple of these things like the Fresh cleanser and FAB coconut water, but I like them. I don’t mind getting repeats of things I know I’ll use. On the other hand, I haven’t tried the Benefit brow gel, but I don’t need to darken my already black brows…so I wouldn’t be thrilled to get that.

  24. Wow… I cancelled over a year ago and I still see the same stuff in these boxes. I’ve gotten most of these items in Play when I had it. So disappointing, since I love the stuff their store carries.

  25. Boring but useful.

  26. I keep forgetting to cancel, these are all mostly repeats. nothing interests me here except for the Urban decay spray because that’s always useful to have. crossing my fingers i at least get that.

    • My thoughts, too! 🤞🏽🤞🏽

  27. Hopefully I can swap for the Baremineral lip and the Purity eye. Nothing else interests me.

    • I’m hoping to swap for the gimmie brow (probably can find someone) and the fresh mask or caudalie serum (harder to swap for! Maybe someone wanting the Dr. Brandt primer since I’m box B and all I want is the cleanser and fragrance?)

      • How do you know your box B? If I get any of the items you want I’d be happy to swap for the spraf and dr brandt

      • How do you know you’re box B? I assumed they were using letters as placeholders because they don’t know the box numbers yet.

  28. I’ve already received 10 of these items in previous Play boxes, and only the Dr. Brandt primer would be a welcome repeat. Hoping they can surprise me (I’d love to try that Bare Minerals liquid lipstick). My box ends in 967, I think.

    • I just posted the full spoiler for 967 and we get both the Dr. Brandt and the BareMinerals liquid lip! Along with some repeats haha

  29. I’m about to cancel this subscription bc of too many repeats! I’m so over the play box and most of the time my 50 points expires before I make it to the storefront. I make most of my purchases on line and it’s a bummer that Sephora doesn’t allow for us to use the points on line! Anyways I’m a VIB until next year so I won’t miss much from not getting the play every month

    • You can use your Play Pass online now; I just redeemed my September pass on my last order. If you flip over your Play Pass card it says: “Use code PLAYSEPT18 online from Sept 15 to Oct 31”. Hope this helps!

    • They now let you get your points with online purchases. I just watched the video 🙂

    • I agree that there seem to be a lot of repeats, but some good news: You can use the Play Pass online now! They talk about this change at the beginning of the video Liz posted here.

    • You can use your points online now.

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