Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the October 2018 Glam Bag!

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The October 2018 Ipsy reveals are up! 

Plus, Ipsy now has add-ons available! Are you adding any products to your October bag?

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:

October 2018 Ipsy  October 2018 Ipsy 

And here are all the products that are being sampled this month:

What are you getting from Ipsy this month?

If you are new to Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

And check out our list of the 31 Beauty Boxes To Try, and all reviews of Cheap Subscription Boxes to find other subscriptions with similar price points to Ipsy!

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  1. Gah, another f—- liquid eyeliner and “rosy mauve” lip color.

    Also Tarte Shape Tape, even though I do not have concealers listed.

    I’m about ready to ditch Ipsy and Birchbox and go with Look Fantastic.

    • Also, blush in either light pink or medium pink.

      Personally, I prefer peachy pinks.

      Hoping it’ll be the light pink since it’s shimmery. Hate matte blush.

      Not that I can wear it now.

  2. Really happy with my bag this month and now even more glad that I dropped the Glam Bag Plus and went back to the regular glam bag. I got:

    -Glamour Dolls Mascara
    –Sundays nail polish in No. 18
    –Murad essential-C cleanser
    — Grace & Stella blackhead removal mask
    –Tarte shape tspe contour concealer

    • Bag twins! I’m most excited for the Murad and Tarte. 🙂

  3. I’m new to Ipsy. If there are color options for a product but my main page only lists a single color, does that mean that’s the color I’m getting? For example, the MAC Lipglass is 2 color options but my sneak peek says “MAC lipglass in love child”, will I be getting love child for sure? The loose pigment lists both options on my main page.

    • Yes its usually correct. My lipglass says love child so I hope that’s the shade I’m getting.

  4. These products look way better than what is in my Plus bag. I will have to make a separate profile and sign up for the regular October bag. I am so disappointed the Plus.

  5. Ipsy is on point for me this month, this is my favorite bag to date!

    IT HAIR CARE 12-in-One Leave In Treatment (this product was included in my very first glambag, I loved it and have been purchasing it ever since)

    111SKIN Space Defence Bright Eye Lift Gel (I was hoping to get this last month so super excited to see it included now)

    THEBALM COSMETICS Take Home the Bronze (very excited to try this sample as this bronzer is cool toned so will be great as my tan starts fading)

    TARTE Shape Tape (switched my profile around in hopes of getting this, it worked!)

    INC.REDIBLE You Glow Girl Jelly (I’m stocked up on highlighters but I’m happy to try a gel highlighter)

    • Bag twins!

  6. Was the option to “add-on” only on the 2nd of Oct? Because I’m signed in right now on the 3rd and I don’t see an add option. Although I do see all the extra products (just to aggravate me…lol). When I click on the extra products it just tells me about them.

  7. I might make a second account for the regular ipsy bag. I’m dying to try the shape tape. I see quite a few other things I’m interested in trying too.

  8. I got:

    ROYAL & LANGNICKEL MŌDA® PRO GLOW Brush: Happy about this. I can always use more brushes.
    SOO AE Donkey Milk Sleep Mask: I am a sheet mask fanatic and am happy to get two more.
    ·A·C Little Lipglass in Love Child: Not crazy about this color and not crazy about MAC lipglasses in general so I will be probably giving this away.
    Color Trip High Intensity Color Pigment in Mysterious: Pretty! Looking forward to it even though I got a purple eyeshadow from them last month–the Winky Lux Ursula.
    INC.REDIBLE You Glow Girl Iridescent Jelly in Cosmic Blur. I always love a pretty highlighter and this looks nice.

    So yeah, 3 out of 5 for me, deducting for the whole getting two purple eyeshadows two months in a row thing.

  9. Same! I’m not stoked about the primer, but otherwise I love it.

    It will only be my 2nd bag with this account, since I upgraded my old account to Plus, so I’m really amazed at how good my bag is. (Although part of it is that I like a lot of the products this month & think a lot of people have good bags).

    • Bag triplets!
      First time I’ve found someone with the same bag as me. This must be a popular bag combo this month. I too am getting the Yensa Tone Up Primer, 111Skin Eye Lift Gel, TheBalm Bronzer, City Color Highlighter in Nebula and the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer.

  10. Where is the black nail polish that was shown in the spoilers. UGH! I specifically added nail polish to my profile in hopes of getting that. Now it’s not even one of this month’s items. I hate it when that happens. SIGH. Otherwise I’m pretty happy with my bag. It’s better than usual anyway.

    One think I will say is that I am so, so glad I did not jump on the early Glam Bag PLUS bandwagon. My gut told me to hold out and see what was in store for a few months. Totally unimpressed. That I was able to add products to this month’s regular Glam Bag makes me even happier I waited.

  11. So unhappy with my bag , it’smy first bag .. in my test I said that I like only nuturals colors .. got the Northern Lights Eyeshadow in Norrsken NO3 OR Norrsken NO4 – one of them is blue and the second is bright pink 🙄🙄🙄 such a waste .. also got the Mac lipglass and I didn’t choose the lipgloss …

  12. Loving my bag this month! And the design of the bag itself is wonderful as well!

    -SLMissGlam Lilac Sparkle eye brush (this is so pretty!)
    -Nodam Cosmetics Northern lights eyeshaodw (I think I’m hoping for the purple, but the blue looks lovely as well)
    -Aphrodite Olive Oil Deep Cleansing mask (This looks interesting, different than any of the masks I currently have!)
    -MAC Lipglass in Love Child (!!! I was hoping for this, I love gloss and this is such a unique shade)
    -Inc.redible You glow girl iridescent Jelly in Cosmic Blur (This is the only thing I’m wary of, and maybe would have preferred a polish, but I have also been curious about jelly highlights, and so this is the perfect place to try one for barley any risk!)

    I’m very happy with this month, I was tempted to throw on the morphe blush for $3(this new feature is both great and dangerous to my wallet), but I stayed strong! Sticking out all the iffy months and filling out reviews has paid off it seems, each bag recently has been an awesome match.

  13. How come they aren’t offering this to Plus members? I mean we are paying more money. I’m thinking of opening up another account for a regular bag. If I open one today would I get the October bag?

    • That’s kind of an entitled attitude. There are regular glam bag members still waiting for Plus, while Ipsy is allowing others to sign up on a new account and get it immediately. The least they can do at this point is offer the “extras” option to those of us still waiting. The long time subscribers lucky enough to have gotten the Plus already, should be thrilled. Ipsy is using the Plus to gain more subscribers, all the while making their loyal subscribers think they are going to get it first.

      • Not entitled at all. If you are paying 2 and a half times the price, it is reasonable to expect to get the same perks as the regular subscribers plus the full size items.

  14. For now I’m 50/50 on my bag, that is till I try the products.
    I’m getting

    Tarte Shape Tape Concealer in 12N Fair Neutral (I was so hoping to recieve this so I am very happy I actually got it.)

    City Color Cosmetics Glow Pro Stellar Highlighter in Nebula (I’m on the fence about this. I haven’t tried any of their products but it might be a good shade for my fair skin.)

    TheBalm Cosmetics Take Home The Bronze in Oliver or Thomas (Hopefully I’ll get Oliver.)

    111Skin Space Defense Eye Lift Gel (Wanted this too!)

    Yensa Tone Up Primer
    (This is a brand new company set to launch on 10/08/2018 according to their website. Guess I’ll have to wait till then to find out more.)

  15. I signed up mid-Sept, and didn’t even think I’d get a Sept one, honestly, so this will only be my second go-round. I know it takes some time to get the customization right…

    But I’m a little annoyed that Ipsy has included products I specifically said I did not want in the quiz (Lartizy and the bronzer). The Aurora eyeliner is fine, but I REALLY wanted the Murad, so I’ll take it all in stride I guess.

    I also got the Shape Tape everyone seems to really enjoy, but mine doesn’t specify a color. In my list of items (not below in the add ons) it says: Double Duty Beauty™ Shape Tape Contour Concealer in 12N Fair Neutral, 20S Light Sand, 29N Light-Medium, 35N Medium OR 53N Deep”

    Is there any way for me to specify which one I want? Does anyone else’s show the options, as opposed to which specific color you’ll be getting?

    12N and 20S would likely be way too light for me. 29N or 35N would be best…

    • Mine doesn’t show a specific color option. I assume they’ll just go by my beauty profile. And hang in there with the bags. I occasionally receive a product that doesn’t match my profile, but a majority of what I receive does match 🙂

    • Mine shows the lightest shade for the Shape Tape. Wish I was getting one shade darker, but maybe the lightest one will work.

  16. This is the best bag I’ve received in a while! Getting Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer, Glamour Dolls Mascara, Belif Peat Miracle Revival Eye Cream, SLMISSGLAM
    L50 Lilac Sparkle Eye Blender & PIXI BY PETRA
    Mesmerizing Mineral Duo in Plum Lace (only item I’m not excited about). I get bags for my older daughters and hope my 13 year old will give me the 111SKIN Space Defence Bright Eye Lift Gel she is getting!

    • I would and open her bag and exchange an age appropriate sample for the eye cream.

    • Bag twins!!! 🙂

  17. Yay you go Ipsy, I’m excited about my bag and the new extra add on’s that’s awesome!! I’m getting a Tarte shape tape in my bag and I’ll add on 3 extras I’m just not sure as to exactly which 3 I’m gonna add!! I know of 1 thing for sure I want I’m fighting myself over the other 2 that I can pick. I’m loving the new add on’s we can choose to ship with our bags, the products are cheap enough and with free shipping with our subscription bags that’s fantastic Ipsy!!! I’m excited and can’t wait for my bag now.

  18. I don’t see where to do the add-ons – can anyone explain? Please and thank you!!

    • If you’re logged into Ipsy, just go to this link:


      • Wow so many choices!!! (As if I need more products at home, BUT…)

        Thank you Stacey!

      • Thanks! This worked for me! I added on the wander mask, half caked lip fondant! If they do this every month i will cancel ipsy plus and just add on if I need too!

        • I tried to add on to my bag, but my payment wouldn’t go through, and it asked me to verify my payment method. After I updated my card that was on file, it took the option for the additional items away. I emailed Ipsy Care to let them know what happened & they told me that it was too late and that I missed it… Mind you, I updated my card information within minutes and emailed Ipsy shortly after. I’m really sad about it 🙁

  19. I do not have Facebook so I’m not able to share my bag’s spoilers. Does anyone know if this is the only way I’m able to unlock the option of purchasing extra items for $3 ea.? Thank you

    • I never share to FB to see my spoilers. Just click on the slider to toggle it to the off setting.

  20. I’m pretty disappointed in my bag. There are 2 cheek products (highlight and blush) and 2 lip products (lip balm and lip gloss) with an eyeshadow. It feels not well rounded at all and I don’t understand why they would put that lip balm and a lip gloss in the bag together.

    • Sounds like you got the same bag I got. I’m actually happy with what I’m receiving, as it’s all stuff I’ll use, but do wonder as to the logic of including very similar item types in the same bag. I would have happily swapped out of my lip products for a nail polish.

    • I agree I am getting lip balm and lip gloss in one bag seems silly and I am disappointed would have rather had a different kind of product.

  21. Why can’t I customize my ipsy bag?! Freaking out over here!!

  22. I just got off the waitlist for the Regular..I’m ok with what I’m getting from Plus..but now overly impressed. I will be getting rid of Morphe Highlighter, still undecided on the Smashbox palette, and probably the Bag, I don’t need any more and really don’t like the style of it. Can’t wait to see what i’m getting in my Regular glam bag and the add on option..fingers crossed..please be good to me Beauty Fairies! HAHA!

  23. Does anyone know if “Fair” is the only shade sampled for the Tarte Shape Tape? As a WOC, I have noticed that Ipsy does not offer much variety when it comes to shades for concealers and I often miss out on products I’m interested in trying. It makes me wonder why they even ask for my skin tone in the beauty profile.

    I upgraded to the Ipsy Plus this month, but created another account just in case Oct was amazing. They keep sending me emails to give them my billing info. I would like to know other non-fair complexion people’s experience before I fork over more money. Thanks!

    • They had a few options from fair to deep (which still seems pretty light to be a “deep” shade).

    • That’s a good question. Fair does seem to be the only shade that I’ve seen at least 4 people receive and none of us have Light selected in our profiles for skin tone. I did have the option to select the other shades as an add-on though.

      • The picture may be of the Fair shade, but they send the one closest to your profile. They have 5 options.

        • I see that they’ve updated it now to say that we will receive 1 of the 5 shades. This morning when I first looked at my bag contents, it specifically stated that I would receive the 12N Fair Neutral shade. Glad they fixed that.

          • Ugh… I wish I had known that. I added on a darker shade than what I wear to mix with the too light shade because it specifically said I was getting the lightest one. It has changed on mine now too.

    • No there are like 4 different shades that are being sampled according to the website, I’m getting the fair neutral according to my spoilers. I’m sure they are choosing a shade according to your profile. I’m kinda happy with everything I’m getting and I’m gonna add on 3 extras of course lol. Ipsy doesn’t make this easy for me anyway to be good and not spend to much money lol and I don’t have very much will power when it comes to makeup!!

      • Hi there denise, it’s great that you like all your items and are getting a shade that works for your skin tone. But it appears you also have the skin tone that the beauty industry caters to. So it might not be that hard to get a color that looks good on you. But people of color have had a hard time getting representation in this industry, from models to shade ranges to brand creators. Case in point, just look at the fiasco of the ridiculously limited shade range for shape tape foundation. And while, yes, they seem to have learned their lesson and gave WOC a couple options, but know that even to get that sample, some had to fight for it while for others had it made for them.

        • Hi Jessica, I didn’t get to pick the shade of shape tape Ipsy’s sending me!! I just simply stated that I’m excited with the products Ipsy is sending me this month. It’s not my fault I’m pale white and the beauty industry does not cater to my skin tone, it’s actually pretty hard for me to find a foundation that matches my skin tone!!! Ipsy is simply going by my profile to fill my bag. I didn’t ask Ipsy for the shape tape, why are you on my case about Tarte anyway??? I DID NOT say anything in my comment that was racist so why me I ask??? I have nothing to do with Tarte I just simply enjoy there products!!! I don’t wear Tarte foundation they DO NOT have a shade in my skin tone!!! FYI I didn’t have anything made for me btw!! I’m excited for the products I’m getting in my bag and that’s that, I don’t even know if the shape tape they are sending me even matches my skin tone or will work with my skin tone. I simply said Ipsy has like 4-5 different shades they are sampling this month and I stated what shade I’m getting and they chose that for me according to my profile!!! I know since Ipsy is only sampling a few different shades this product won’t work for everybody!!! I’m sorry if you feel offended but that would be Ipsy’s fault not mine!!! Good luck and I hope you enjoy the products you are getting that’s if you are subscribed to Ipsy!!!

    • There are several shades Ipsy is sampling from light to deep. The Tarte shape tape line has I think 30? colors, it looks like Ipsy is doing a range of 5 or 6. That means they won’t work for everyone, but with concealer it isn’t as important as with foundation to get an exact match.

      You can go to the Tarte website and look at the 53(N) deep color under shape tape – they show a model wearing it. If it doesn’t come in your bag you can add it as a $3 add-on.

  24. MSA ate my comment again – not sure why that keeps happening.

    I’m getting:

    SPACE CASE BLUSH (Cosmic Gangster or It’s Not Me, It’s My Sign)

    KVOSSNYC LIP BALM in Strawberry Peppermint

    NAKED COSMETICS LOOSE PIGMENT (Heavy Metal or Rain Forest; hoping for the former)

    MAC LIPGLASS in Lovechild

    IBY HIGHLIGHTER in Prosecco

    Add-on items: Brazilian Bum Bum Cream and Tarte Shapetape in 12N.

    Overall, I’m really happy with my bag. Even if it’s not that exciting, everything will get used. I was hoping for the Laritzy gloss (I love wearing holographic glosses over stains), but I’m excited to get the Lipglass. If I could change anything, I would have swapped out my second lip item for a nail polish; I never get nail polishes.

    • Your other comment is like 5 or 6 down from this one.

  25. I’m really liking the add-on option even though I didn’t take advantage of it this month. But it is a nice option going forward. This month I’m getting:

    Naked Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Heavy Metal or Rain Forest (fingers crossed for Rain Forest).

    Murad Essential-C Cleanser (I love cleansers and I like Murad products, so i’m happy)

    Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream (really excited to try this product. I haven’t tried it before and I have read so many positive reviews about it)

    M.A.C Little Lipglass in Love Child or Oh Baby (I don’t use M.A.C products so this is the only product I am disappointed in)

    Inc.Redible You Glow Girl Iridescent Jelly in Cosmic Blur (I haven’t heard of this before, but I’m interested in trying it)

    Overall, I would give my bag 4 out of 5 stars.

  26. oh, I love you ipsy, I got everything I wanted in my bag, and then I bought the bum bum cream…..oh happy day….

  27. I love the new add-ons! I’m picking up a couple shape tape concealers since I need a good concealer (just got cushion complexion from julep which looks great at first – but wears off in a few hours even with primer.) Browsing to see if I want anything else. Too bad no polishes are an option, I still haven’t got a polish from Ipsy in a bag yet. But I do like my bag [SLMiss glam blender, Space case blush, Nomad Northern Lights eyeshadow, First Aid Beauty repair cream, and MAC lipgloss in love child.]

  28. Why do I suddenly feel regretful that I upgrade to glam bag plus? SMH

  29. I got:

    Space Case blush in Cosmic Gangster OR It’s Not Me, It’s My Sign
    KVOSSNYC lip balm in Strawberry Peppermint
    Naked Cosmetics loose pigment in Heavy Metal OR Rain Forest (hoping for the former)
    MAC lipglass in Lovechild
    IBY highlighter in Prosecco (little worried this highlighter will be too dark for my pale, pale skin)

    I also added the Bum Bum Cream and Shape Tape in 12N.

    All in all, I’m pretty happy with my bag! It’s not super exciting, but everything will get used for sure. I was hoping for the Laritzy gloss (I love wearing holographic glosses over lip stains), but I’m excited to try the MAC lipglass. If I could change anything, I would have swapped my second lip product out for a nail polish – there were some gorgeous shades on offer this month. Send me nail polish, Ipsy!

  30. My issue with the add on options is there was no indication of sample sizes. I ordered two colours of the shape tape, and considered the bum bum cream but not knowing the size I had to pass.

  31. Really happy with this bag I’m getting:
    Ultra HD Liquid Foundation in R230, Y225, OR Y335
    Northern Lights Eyeshadow in Norrsken NO3 OR Norrsken NO4 (hoping for purple not the hideous blue)
    Lipstick in Opus
    Nail Polish in No. 18
    Essential-C Cleanser

  32. I’m getting two of the items I picked in the questionnaire. I also picked an additional item for $3. The mini lip glass by MAC is normally $10 so I’m getting it for $3. I hope Ipsy continues to offer this option.

  33. I’m actually pretty happy this month for the first time I’m getting a concealer!!

    I’m getting:
    Tarte Shape Tape- super excited about!
    Wander Beauty brightening peel off mask- I’m ok with a mask
    Yensa Primer- I love primers!
    TheBalm bronzer- Not super exciting; but I’ve never tried a bronzer from them
    IBY eyeshadow in Dance Party or Midnight Sky- the pic on my glambag is black; so hoping to not get black eyeshadow.

  34. Happy this month! Shape Tape! I also love how you can buy other samples if you want. May take advantage of this.

    TARTE Shape Tape in Fair-Neutral. This is the highlight of the box! I was hoping I’d get this as I have been dying to try it.

    HALF CAKED MAKEUP – Lip Fondant in Lover Boy. I’m over matte lipstick, but the color looks nice for fall — a deep berry.

    CITY COLOR COSMETICS – Glow Pro Stellar Highlighter in Nebula.
    Not sure how I feel about this because it’s blue. Don’t think I’ll wear it too often, but we shall see. It will be fun to try!

    THE BALM COSMETICS – Take Home the Bronze in Oliver or Thomas
    Not usually jazzed about bronzer, but this is anti-orange and looks like it might be nice.

    111SKIN – Space Defence Bright Eye Lift Gel
    Always love eye products!

    • I got the eye gel last month the sample size RV is over $60. I’ve been using it for over two weeks and still have some left.

      • I’m getting it too, was really shocked at the RV…Thanks Ipsy 🙂

        • No kidding! I was blown away to find out the RV for the sample size was $63 😮 I’m stoked!! 5 ml should last a good while too. I’m loving Ipsy for this one.

  35. Wow, I am extremely disappointed with what I’m getting this month. Now I’m getting nothing that I want, I might cancel. I’ve said I didn’t want skincare and didn’t put any in my profile yet this is the third month in a row I’m getting skincare. I need a very specific skincare regime but ipsy doesn’t care. 🙁

  36. I accidentally posted in the ipsy Plus thread, so this is a repeat post.

    I’m looking forward to this month’s bag! I was away for a little bit, but I resubscribed (I don’t know why I bother unsubscribing. I always come back.) This is my first month back. I’m getting:

    – Space Case Blush (Cosmic Gangster or It’s Not Me, It’s My Sign)
    – Belif Peat Miracle Revival Eye Cream
    – Aurora Intensively Precise Eyeliner in Espresso
    – Tarte Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Contour Concealer
    – Sugar It’s a Pout Time Vivid Lipstick in Better Call Salmon

    I’ve never used any of these products, so I’m excited 🙂

  37. I’m getting the Mac little lip glass, SL Miss Glam blending brush, First aid beauty ultra repair cream,,monad cosmetics eye shadow and space case blush. I’m happy with 3 out of the 5 items which is how it usually goes wuth my ipsy bags. I added on 1 item for $3. The selection they gave me wasn’t really the best for my taste, but it might have been the same for everyone idk.
    One thing’s for sure. I’m so glad I didn’t sign up for the glam bag plus. The influencer bag was a million times better than what was sent out to regular ppl. Ipsy even offered to let me keep both subs lol. Thanks but nope.

  38. Very happy this month!

    SLMISSGLAM brush
    Nomad eyeshadow (blue or purple, yay!)
    Aphrodite olive oil face mask
    MAC little lipglass in Lovechild (not sure about the color, but excited to FINALLY try a lipglass)
    INC.CREDIBLE Iridescent jelly highlighter (I actually own this already, and really like it!)

    Like the option to add products too and almost added the City Color Cosmetics blue highlighter, but decided to resist for now since I have several similar products.

  39. My items are not bad but I only got 1 item I picked from improve glam bag survey.

    Morphe Blush I don’t even have blush marked in profile .

    K Voss Lip Balm in Strawberry Peppermint I don’t have lip balm marked either lol

    INCredible You Glow Girl I picked this in survey.

    Manna Kadar Liplocked Priming Lip Wand I don’t like neutrals was hoping for NYX or Oryza

    SO SUSAN Color Trip High Intensity Color Pigment in Mysterious- I chose Nomad in my survey but I saw this on app yesterday and thought it was pretty so I am ok with it.

    • I would love the K Voss Lip Balm, if you are getting rid of it!

    • How do you get to the improve my bag survey? This is only my second month but I have not been able to take that survey yet.

  40. My bag:
    Juliette Has a Gun – Sunny Side Up
    IBY Eyeshadow – Dance Party or Midnight Sky
    Sundays Nail Polish – No. 18
    Murad – Essential C Cleanser
    Buxom Cosmetics – Full On Lip Polish in Dolly

    I’m pretty unimpressed (again) by my bag this month. The perfume will be interesting to try and I like the nail polish color… I’m hoping the eyeshadow and lip gloss colors look nicer in person than online. Cleanser is just unexciting.

  41. I’m getting:

    Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer

    IBY Eyeshadow in Dance Party OR Midnight Sky

    MANNA KADAR COSMETICS Liplocked Priming Lip Wand in Amour

    INMO Eye Shadow Brush

    MANEFIT Sheet Masks Set in Lavender & Cucumber

    I love my bag (not excited about anything Manna Kadar)!

    This bag is a much better fit for me than the glam plus bag I’m getting! Keeping the $10 bag cancelling the $25 bag.

  42. I am very pleased with my bag this month. I’m getting:
    Sunday’s nail polish in no. 18
    Eyebrow brush
    Brazilian bum bum cream
    MAC lipgloss in Love child
    So Susan loose eyeshadow in Mysterious

    Hopefully I’ll also get the mascara I redeemed last month.

    • Bag twins!

  43. I got nothing that I picked on the questionnaire AGAIN!!

    Akar Face Oil
    Aurora Eyeliner
    Grace & Stella Mask
    Laritzy lip gloss
    Tarte shape tape in Fair when I have Medium Skin Tone!!

    • That happened to me also! I am also receiving the Tarte shape tape in Fair and I have Medium noted on my profile. I am going to email them and ask if they can change the shade.

  44. The products they’re sampling and the glam bag in the normal Ipsy are making me sad I upgraded. I wasn’t expecting those example bag products but all the colors shown in this selection are bold, delicious autumnal/winter shades while we get a glittery colorful eyeshadow palette that seems a little out of season.

  45. Did anyone else get the option to add more items for $3 more to their bag??

    • Yes! I considered a couple (I love the bum bum cream) but decided against it. Interesting new option, though – and I’m sure a good way for them to get rid of their leftovers.

      • What? Where is that option?

        • I use the app and after scrolling down the list of products I’m getting, there was the option to add products.

          • Hmmm, I don’t have that option. I would like to add on. Guess I’ll email them and ask what the hell

        • The link i received in my email went to: Ipsy url slash glambag slash addons. I wish i could use the app but it isn’t the right version for my android tablet.

          • Thanks for posting this! This worked for me when the link wouldn’t and I’m so excited to get add ons!

    • Yes, I did. I didn’t buy anything though. I considered the wander beauty peel off mask, but passed.

    • I saw that too but decided not to add anything on.

    • Me!! I love it! Added on a serum and the bum bum cream!

      • I really like that option. I added a lipgloss.

    • I don’t use the app and I got the option

    • I got the option when I went to the website, haven’t tried the app yet. Couldn’t decide this morning if I wanted to add-on so hopefully we really do get 24 hours to decide.

    • Yeah; I liked that. I ended up adding the Bum Bum Cream and Shape Tape – even in a deluxe sample size, $3 is a good deal for both of those.

      • Totally agree…….really liking this new option to pick our own add on products!

  46. I am sooooo happy with my October’s bag!!!!! I love ALL of my products && the bag!!!!! So frickin happy!!!!! Love Ipsy!!! 😉

    The past few months for me have been hit or miss, in another words, I have liked maybe only 2-3 out of the 5 products in my bag, but this month is awesome! 🙂

  47. I so wish I had gotten the matte black nail polish!!! But I got the Sunday dark red which is cool too. No hair products which is a bummer but other than that I like my bag.

  48. my bag:
    Omad eayshadows (hope for purple)
    Murad cleanser
    Akar skin oil
    Buxom lipgloss
    Babydoll mascara

  49. My bag is horrible. I feel so cheated into subscribing with the bag that came out promoting GB+ given to influencers. My fault I guess. I was given two things I rated poorly before. This is not worth the 25 or the ten for the regular you have to have. I’m canceling.

    • They didn’t do a great job matching. I asked for no mascara… got it anyway. No eyeshadow, but if I do get it make it neutral,,, got bright, glittery palette.

      • The only way you can get “no mascara” is to email them and opt out. Not marking something on your profile is not considered a “never get this” by the Ipsy match algorithm.

        I think it works something like this: they have a limited number of bag variations (it’s a lot, I estimate around 50?) but it’s not *completely* custom. So the computer searches for one or two products it’s thinks you will love based on things you’ve marked, past reviews, or survey answers. That narrows it down. Any variation with something you have opted out (as in emailed them directly, NOT simply left blank on the profile and not even ones you said no to on the survey) is tossed out. I’m not sure how it picks from what is left – priority for ones where other items are ranked higher? Randomly?

        But basically, bags may often include items that weren’t marked on the profile, or even ones you said no to on a survey, or shades you didn’t have marked. (Shade is the toughest since you can’t opt out of certain shades.)

        If you do not want mascara I would suggest emailing them to opt out. You can opt out to up to three categories (mascara, eyeliner, and bronzer for example.)

      • When they send you tracking emails make sure to open them, they tell you why ipsy’s computer picked what it did for you.

  50. The reveals are also up for Ipsy Plus, they’ve added an option to add items to your bag now too.

    • The option is to add items to the regular $10 bag not Plus. Idw to cause confusion.

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