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Ipsy November 2018 Spoilers Round #2!

We have more spoilers for the November 2018 Ipsy glam bag – an exclusive just for MSA readers!

First, here’s our first look at the glam bag:


And here are more of the items being sampled in November:

HUDA BEAUTY Lip Strobe in Shameless, Foxy, Mystical, Fearless, or Enchanting

SPACE CASE Pressed Eyeshadow in No Reception OR Intense Stargasm


What do you think of the spoilers? Which items are you hoping for?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (56)

  1. I get 3 regular ipsy bags so I’m really hoping for a huda lip product and the juno sponge!

  2. So is that Space Case eye shadow not going to be included next month now? I had noticed they took it off survey too.

    • I got the space case blush this month (October) maybe it was a goof up and it was meant for October and as a blush?

  3. Oh I want that Pixi Lip stuff and the GlamGlow!!

  4. Fingers crossed for skin care items and that Pixi Lip Lift.

  5. part of me is tempted by that purple lipgloss because I love the color…but I know full well if I try to wear it, I’ll look like a corpse. (I really wish I could wear purple make-up)

    Either of those eye shadows would be fun tho.

    Would be interested to try the Skyn eye serum. Their cream was weird and clumpy, but maybe a serum would be better?

  6. These spoilers actually made me switch from Ipsy Plus back to regular – I don’t know what’s happening over there, but it’s not for me. Boxycharm sends me more full sized makeup than I could ever use, and I think the samples are fun.

  7. I actually hope November is an off month for my profile. Why? Stocking stuffers!!! It seems like once in awhile ipsy sends a month or two of Glambags that are not quite your profile but more like, here! try this stuff! Lol! Most of the year, no. But now? Yes please!

  8. Do they ever include perfume samples in the Ipsy bags? I know there is a section for it in your profile and I’ve checked those but so far haven’t received one.

    • They do, but not very often. A couple of years ago I received a Juliette Has A Gun sample in the Not A Perfume scent in one of my Ipsy bags.

  9. Umm, I was trying to find out more information on the Peripera Ink’s Velvet so I clicked on the link. It take you to a CVS Drugstore page where there is no information about that product and mostly hair products listed.

    • It’s a lip tint.

      • Too much lip stuff

  10. Darn it I said no to the Space Case eye shadow on survey because I don’t like the neutral one but I like the blue and now it is not an option on survey anymore. But they had a new pretty Catrice eye shadow in purple I said yes to. BTW new options on survey now. It mascara, Cake lotion, dead sea mask and more.

  11. Shameless Lip Strobe would make me very happy.

    Ipsy’s makeup bags lately have been nice, but pretty conservative design-wise. I wish they’d be daring again occasionally and do another like the Gudetama one (unimaginitive critics be damned).

    • Yes! Gudetama was my all time favorite Ipsy bag, though it wasn’t to most people’s taste. I do also like this month’s red one.

      • I like this month’s bag too. It reminds me of the Phantom of the Opera masquerade scene.

    • I really liked the one they did for October in 2016 when they partnered up with an artist. That’s my all time favorite bag I got from them. Or I think there was that clear bag with the ice creams(?) on them that looked very nice too.

      • I wasn’t subscribed yet then, but a photo of that ice cream bag in a review got me a little closer to joining.

  12. I hear great things about that sponge and I’d love to try it.

    • I bought the Juno & Co sponge a while back and I love it! I recently got a Beauty Blender from a FFF box and I don’t like it. It’s too soft for my taste.

    • I’ve seen a few Nikki Tutorials videos where she is using this sponge, so of course, I’m really gunning for it next month!

  13. I’m always getting brown toned lipsticks. Wonder if I should uncheck “Nudes” in my profile to avoid the brown colors? I’d hate to receive Foxy but would love any of the other non brown colors. Any advice?

    • I honestly think it’s just a crap shoot. I don’t have browns or nudes checked, and I’m pale with red hair, and I still get a ton of brown toned lipsticks.

      • I wonder if contacting Ipsy and telling them we hate brown lipstick would help? Like, I would like to try something besides brown. It doesn’t look good on me:-(

  14. I’ve heard that if you want a certain thing that you go to your beauty profile and uncheck everything except for lip gloss and Huda… And that should give you a better chance of receiving that particular item… I’ve never tried it before so I’m not a hundred percent sure if it works! Hope this helps! Good luck!🙂🤞🙂🤞🙂🤞🙂

    • I think there are going to be a lot of people unchecking everything but lip gloss this month. 🙂

  15. I can’t figure out why they would put make up geek and the glam bag plus and put Huda In the regular glam bag it really makes me wonder what’s going on over there

  16. This is so much better than the glam bag plus spoilers 😒

  17. I signed up for a glam bag again when I saw the Belif free gift. I got a confirmation that I am getting the free gift and am getting charged, but my first box will be November… I’m okay with that, but if they double charge me I will be annoyed.

  18. I kind of think getting 2 basic Ipsy bags would be way more exciting and interesting than 1 Ipsy Plus. I’m glad I haven’t gotten the invite, don’t want it.

    • I agree getting 2 regular ipsy’s would be more fun than getting one ipsy Plus BUT I’ve seen gals on YouTube get so many duplicates when they get double bags. You would think ipsy could fix it so no dupes would occur. I bet more people would do that for $20.

    • I receive 2 of the regular Ipsy Bags now – one in my maiden name & another in my married name because I liked the first one I was given free from a friend’s link. I tried Birchbox. Sephora Play, Allure and Macy’s for a while – but they just didn’t wow me. I also get Good Being and like it very well. The Ipsy samples are a great way to try new to you brands and your old faves. You can’t go wrong with Ipsy. Changing up my profiles every few months gives me a great selection every time 💝

  19. How to edit my profile to get a Huda lip strobe🤔

    • Do tell…

    • I’ve heard that if you want a certain item that you go to your beauty profile and uncheck everything except for lip gloss and Huda… And that should give you a better chance of receiving that particular item… I’ve never tried it before so I’m not a 100% sure if it works! Hope this helps! Good luck!🙂🤞🙂🤞🙂🤞🙂

      • I’ve tried it and honestly the thing that works the best is just the reviews…and not the explanation (because nobody is reading them) just simply the 1-5 star ratings. I just rated the mac lipgloss i got this month 5 stars (even though it was sticky) after i saw this and now that I’ve rated a lipgloss 5 stars (which i don’t rate items that high often) i will most likely be getting the huda gloss.

      • Please let me know if that works! That would be so helpful. Thank you. I used to do that-review things high if I liked the product or brand even if I hated the color or there was something about it I loathed. It backfired on me because it was usually that the color was wrong, but I was rating it high because otherwise I loved the formula and brand. So I got more of those colors that make me look sick. I went 3 years trying it this way and my bags got really bad last year. I was about to cancel ipsy because I had 1-2 wearable items each bag even though I liked the formula of others. (Color was awful on me. Always brown, orange, bronze, nude or coral/peach.) This year I switched to rating low if the color was wrong, and my bags have improved. I now get 3-4 items I can use. I still do get a lot of that orange/peach/bronze/nude because those just seem more popular and there are less cool colors offered in general, but now at least I am getting more of the ones that do work since this year I rate off colors brutally in my 4th year!

  20. Super excited for novembers bag… alot of cool possibilties

  21. They are stepping up…hoping for the body butter and serum

  22. I’m really missing the request a product feature! Doing my best to edit my profile so I get one of the huda lips!

    • Me too!!!

  23. Oooh, I love almost all those lip colors, especially that second Huda and the bottom left one, YUM! I am so glad I get two regular bags and a Plus. I’ve been getting bags I love since I started doing my reviews ASAP — it seems to make a difference!

  24. I’d love the Space Case blue shadow!

  25. There are also new items in improve glam bag survey.

    • Has anyone with an annual sub gotten the survey or requested it?

  26. Oh I love the huda lips or the tarte blush!

  27. I haven’t even received my Oct ipsy…. which also contains a points redemption item and purchased add-ons 🙁 It never shipped!

    • Diana, be sure to contact ipsy customer service if you haven’t already. Their CS is some of the best in the biz, and they’ll make it right.

    • I just received mine yesterday. I had purchased some add ons . I honestly don’t think I will will do that again. I took entirely to long to ship.

  28. Ooohhh, I’d be forever grateful if ipsy gave me that illuminating moisturizer or the brightening eye serum.

  29. I would love the Huda lip colors! All of them!! Ha ha. The whipped body butter sounds great as well. Skyn eye serum yes please.

  30. Wow, this stuff looks so much better than the stuff they are using in Ipsy Plus!!

    • Yes! I just switched back to the regular after a month on the Plus and after seeing the Plus spoilers for Nov. 👎

      • Where do you find the Ipsy plus spoilers?

      • Liz posted a few spoilers a couple of days ago. It might be on page two or three of posts, or you can search “Ipsy” in the search field located on the upper right of the screen. 🙂

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