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Ipsy Glam Bag Plus November 2018 SPOILERS!

We have some spoilers for the November Ipsy Glam Bag Plus! UPDATE – to clarify, these are SOME of the items that Ipsy is sending in November. Not every Glam Bag Plus subscriber may receive all these items.

Here are some of the items being included in November:

November Ipsy Glam Bag Plus!

Source: nessi_saltares

What do you think of the spoilers?

This subscription is $25 a month. Check out our full Ipsy Glam Bag Plus FAQ post to learn more!

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes!

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PLUS Special Offer


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Comments (194)

  1. Did anyone else notice the bum bum cream in the ipsy plus spoilers? In the 5 Fall looks using Novembers products…that stuff smells amazing..

    • Yes, They gave the options away:

      Bum Bum
      3 eyeshadow brush set
      Dr Brandt Microdermabrasion (sp)
      First Aid Cleanser
      It Shadow Palette
      Tarte Cheek Palette
      Makeup Geek Lippie
      Ofra Highlighter

      I think that is it.

      I have highlighter and blush not options on my profile so I will be livid if I get these.
      I want the eyeshadow and the First Aid Cleanser and the lippie.

      I do NOT want Ofra Highlighter or the Face Blush Kit or the brushes. I wonder who will get what…..

    • Yes I saw it…and I never thought I would say this, but I hope I don’t get the Bum Bum lol…I just bought two of the largest Carnival Extravaganza sets so I have two full size of regular bum bum and then I still have two of the full size Acai ones too from the FFF edit sale. If I do get it, I will be willing to swap it with someone!

  2. I know this is a little off subject, but I am wondering if anyone else keeps getting billed for Ipsy Plus early? They aren’t supposed to bill until the 1st of the month and I keep getting billed the day before! It’s a credit card, so it really doesn’t matter for me, but what if some people don’t actually get their paychecks in their accounts until the day they are supposed to bill and they get overdrafted on their account? I got the notification from Capital One last night way before midnight! I just think they shouldn’t be billing until the day they say they are going to.

    • I know that the glam bag page shows the first of the month as “billing” on the timeline, but ipsy’s FAQ actually says “Monthly Billing: You’ll be billed automatically at 9pm PT on the last day of each month (unless you cancel by 12pm PT that day). “

      • Ohhhh ok. Thank you for that info. I just remember the email I got from them when I was taken off the wait-list for Plus, and it said I would be billed early last month and then on the 1st every month after that. It’s not a huge deal for me, bc it’s a credit card and not a debit card.

  3. I would like to have IT COSMETICS Naturally Pretty Palette Vol 1 the best. I don’t mind other 2 just like it most. for me, as long as this bag worth $25.00 for one item I’m good with that. I just give away the others I don’t want/need to someone else can used it. with beauty box sub you can collect things up fast. i have ipsy for about a year, and 2 sub for allure that I like them most.

  4. The palate looks nice. Fingers crossed

  5. Curious if we are going to get anymore spoilers before 10/31.

  6. Liz… I notice my statements rarely make it into the page. I must be flagged. I am not being controversial I am just trying to remind the ladies that we are spoiled by boxy charm and Ipsy plus and that she should be great full and not be complaining so much. I mean for twenty bucks we get $130 worth of high end beautiful makeup. And yes some may end up not fitting our profile, but the just gift it! Or swap it! It’s makeup for crying out loud! I feel that if we shouldn’t take things for granted and w are very lu my we have those boxes available to us. And there are teams if people that work really hard to make us happy! They must be very disheartened sometimes to see all th complaining. Liz please don’t delete my replies. Lol I’m just trying to say that hey… it’s make up!! You can always cancel! But u will probably come right back! By the way I loved my Ipsy glam plus. And they said they are SLOWLY rolling out the glam bag plus. State by state. The ey have to set up shipping..products etc etc. it will get to everyone just give them a chance!❤️

  7. Wow ladies… I mean come on. The glam bag plus was just 25$ and I think it’s amazing. They DO NOT send influencers better bags that is a myth that people like to say so they can complain about something. I agree the smash box was too glittery for me but I’m sure my niece will love it.. and we got 6 high endhproducts worth $130 for $25!!! I mean seriously do you know how lucky we are? Even boxycharm is amazing! We get so many products for a measly 21$.. u can’t even buy a mascara in Sephora for that! (High end) I am just saying try and remember how hard these people work and just maybe be great fun for a change! Not every product is a ringer but where else can we get that amount of beautiful makeup so cheap!! It must be disheartening to the Ipsy and boxy team to see so many complaints over nonsense. People say they cancel but they always regret it and come back!! So try and be kind and appreciative.. we are spoiled and we should not take it for granted!!!

    • Plus, not only did we get six items, we also got a $5 credit for the Ipsy Shopper page. They are obviously trying.

    • The funniest thing to me was how everyone was hating on the October box, calling Ipsy liars and scammers, but when a free giveaway was offered, everyone was suddenly all over it.

  8. I like the palette but the other 2 items are a no for me. I will skip the bag as I can afford to buy myself the palette.

  9. I got my glam plus box today !!! And i love it .. Next month im looking at the ofra highlighter and the face wash . i litterally bought theses items last month from ilta as beauty steals 50 % off those two itwms are the cost of the box to see these as options im excited amazing product’s good to give as gifts …. I love the Morphe highlighter also tge ciate prep+setting sprat (dewy) .. It is beautiful not aure about the smashbox palette but im not complaining . now my daughter still gets the 10$ nag and tgis month ahe was given the choice to add 3 more items to her bag for 3$ each rhey where other items rhat where not in her bag (alot of full size and brushes) i messed up and somehow clicked wrong button and the offer was only for 24 hrs but its an amazing idea especially for full size high end items ..hey now !!! I almost don’t have to shop any more now if we between 3 beaury box so far i have 2 full size mascars n a deluxe also 2 full size i just bought i think things lile mascara and liner should be every other month or every 3 months . something

  10. Question for those of you who received October’s plus bag and got the Eyeko liquid eyeliner … I received my box today and I was actually excited to try out this product because I’m out of my go-to liquid eyeliner. When I first applied it to my eye, it was so pigmented and glided on like a dream but when I went to go over it to make my wing bigger it started to take off what I already placed. I started to do my other eye and the tip already started to fray and wasn’t coming out super black like before. Did this happen to anyone else?!

    It’s almost that type of eyeliner where you have to move extremely fast and pray you don’t mess up/ have to do touch ups or else you are screwed. Kind of saddens me that they didn’t give us an eyeliner that allows you to go over/ touch up as much as you need.

    • This was my favorite eyeliner when I got the sample size, so I went out and bought the full size, and thisis how the full size acts for me too. The first swipe is great. But when i move to the other eye or go over it again, it’s half there. I think the trick with it is giving the felt a little time to reasorb the product into it. The sample sizes don’t seem to have this problem. Anther issue might be how far out the felt tip is. Maybe if it’s pushed in a bit more the effect will be different? I did pull mine out a little on the full size too get a little more room to work with. I’m still sad I didn’t get a new one in my plus this month. I’d have gladly taken it over another highlighter.

  11. Still haven’t gotten my box… Should I be concerned?

  12. I’m glad that I’m still on the waiting list now… LOL…

  13. Did anyone else notice the popsugar lip balm expires in December?! I’m so frustrated. I was already a bit underwhelmed by the products, but sending almost expired makeup is horrible!

    • Oh honey… How do you think we get all this for so little money? Promise, it’s still gonna have some life left in it after the date.

    • I’m curious to see if this will be addressed in the review MSA is sure to do. Apparently the LXMI is nearly expired too.

    • That is ok. That does not mean they are bad. Balls are given quicker expirations dates because of consistency. December is pretty close but even if it goes past it will be fine no

  14. Frustrated. The one item I really wanted and was looking forward to didn’t make it in my box. The Beauty by Popsugar lipbalm in Blush….I thought everyone was getting 6 products this month. Sad. I guess I email them. I don’t think they have ever missed putting an item in my bag.

    • I have 6 products. Morphe Highlighter in Extra, Ciate London Dewy setting spray, Eyeko liquid eyeliner (apparently that was the bonus?), Smashbox Bold Glitter eyeshadow palette, LXMI Nourshing balm to oil, Tarte Maneater Mascara, and then the bag. I would definitely contact them on every social platform and call. I’d keep doing it until someone answers you. Tell them since they forgot an item to give you what you wanted ☺️

      • I think the highlighter was the extra. That is the only one that everyone seems to have gotten. I didn’t get the eyeliner, I got the Purlisse mask.

  15. Just out of curiosity, how many people on here got Ipsy Plus and how long have you been a member? I’ve been a member since September 2015 and I got it. I just want to see if the waitlist was based on first come, first serve or did they give this to long time subscribers (over a year or more).

    • I have heard of many people that signed up a month prior and got it right away. Ipsy doesn’t care who the bags go to as long as they are getting their money. I’ve been with them for 2 years, no invitation for Oct or Nov. I’m not complaining though, I’m glad I got a chance to see what they send the first few months. I’ve learned that it’s just not for me. I prefer more skincare and less make-up, and unfortunately its clear that Ipsy flat out lied about being able to customize.

      • If I wasn’t a MSA subscriber, I would’ve never known about Ipsy Plus and that’s where they went wrong. They failed to alert ALL of their members what they were planning on doing and from what I was told from my friends who are subscribers of Ipsy, they never were sent an email to signup for their waitlist. At least Boxycharm had the decency to do that, just getting on there to get their luxe box was a joke. If we keep contacting them on what we would like to see in these future Plus bags I’d hope they would take our feedback into consideration because I myself was shocked that skincare wasn’t included. I can’t even count the lotion or the lip balm as skincare, and the face mask is okay but I’m more about serums, moisturizers, you know things I can use everyday/ night that are going to be beneficial in the long run. I hope they do more variations on what products they choose because we all have different profiles and some similarities. It would’ve been nice if they gave us the same bag as these influencers got, or something similar… but we all know they only made it look boujee for them so we all would jump in on the bandwagon and get it and that’s so deceiving. Hopefully these next plus bags have more variations.

      • Sam L, I couldn’t agree more. I also never would have known if not for MSA. No email, no waitlist option, no information at all. I personally don’t care, because I don’t like what’s in the Plus bags. If I really wanted this though, I’d be left with the impression Ipsy doesn’t give a damn about me as a customer. I know some new subscribers have gotten the Plus in October, and that’s wrong when Ipsy said they were taking care to make sure it was offered to current customers first. I’m actually thinking of canceling my normal glam bag and doubling up on Allure or throwing a few more dollars towards BeautyFix. I strongly dislike Boxy’s attitude and now I’m feeling the exact same about Ipsy.

    • I’ve only been a member since May 2018 and have skipped 2 months, but not ever cancelled, and I got off the waitlist for October.

  16. Honestly this delay in the Ipsy boxes is awesome actually. I have three packages coming and all should be coming around the same time. All this negativity about Ipsy is really what is bringing the company down. AND the fact that is delayed which means less time waiting till next months goodies ! POSTIVE THOUGHTS PEOPLE!

    • Ipsy is bringing Ipsy down

      • Nah, i think ipsy is doing great. I loved my plus bag, my regular bag was great, too.

        Im looking forward to next month 😊

  17. I contacted Ipsy CS because my Ipsy timeline hasn’t changed . They told me my Ipsy glam bag has shipped ( coming from the east coast instead of DFW) I got a message from DHL saying that it has been delayed . Just letting some of y’all know for people just as anxious as I am to get my October bag . I emailed CS back to let them be aware. I assume all boxes are coming from same place

    • Hurricane Matthew is what is delaying packages I believe. If you go to track your glambag you will see a notification that certain southern states are being impacted by it and are the reason for delays.

      • Hurricane Michael is definitely the issue. I even got a notification from DHL that packages will take longer to arrive due to the hurricane. Mine took about 3 days longer than normal. I just got it yesterday, it shipped on the 5th.

      • I wouldn’t be so sure…I’m in Florida my area was under mandatory evacuation and mine made it from North Carolina to where i am AFTER Micheal made landfall. I got mine yesterday which was a lovely surprise after everything. They usually have alternate routes for things like this, and unless your package was in Florida or Southern GA. or you Live in one of those states then Micheal shouldn’t affect it at all. My prayers and <3 go out to anyone who was directly in this ones path though 🙁 it was really bad and they are getting worse every year.

      • I’m getting really annoyed with my comments not showing up…I’m sure by the time this gets posted they will be as well. But i’m to the point where I feel I shouldn’t even bother trying to be part of any of these conversations, whats the point if my comments wont show up till 3am the next day….

      • So this one shows up but not the other?? There was nothing in my other comment that was flag worthy.

  18. I’ve been trying to reach ipsy for weeks now. Anybody knows how I can reach them, I went on their website and emailed them but no response. Anybody know any emails for the customer care / ipsy care?

    • They are not answering their emails at all.

      It is like they have disappeared from the face of the earth.

      They cancelled my Glam Bag Plus for no reason!

      They are proving themselves to be liars! This company used to be top notch but I think they are growing too fast and trying too much too soon.

      I don’t trust them anymore.

    • I always get response by Twitter. I only have twitter to msg them lol

      • Well guess what….I used Twitter Ipsy Care and got NO response except a form lette lol
        Not. Funny.Like.You.Think.

      • Geesh! No need to always be so hateful to others. She was just offering up another suggestion to try and help!

  19. I’ve been trying to reach ipsy for weeks now. Anybody knows how I can reach them, I went on their website and emailed them but no response. Anybody know any emails for the customer care / ipsy care?

    • support at ipsy dot com

  20. Don’t worry everyone. I cancelled my subscription to Plus so another spot just opened. I can’t anymore with these highlighters. I actually like the single individual colors Ipsy regularly sends. They always end up being so pretty and I use them regularly so a pallet with just so-so colors doesn’t appeal to me.

  21. I really wanted to love Ipsy Glam but at this price point, I am not excited about the products being offered… maybe if I was just starting out with my make-up and skincare collection but ,,,, so today, I cancelled my Glam account. I will still keep my regular Ipsy bag account as I usually love the items that I receive in it. Wishing Ipsy Glam much success — it just wasn’t the right fit for me at this time.

  22. Bad news: I already have this highlight. Good news: It’s one of the best. So for those of you who don’t already have it, it’s beautiful for most skin tones.

    For those of you who didn’t get an invite, I don’t think Ipsy sent invites to anyone who didn’t request it. I requested it when MSA first posted the link. Try searching here for that post and see if the link still works. Good luck!

    • My daughter received an invite way before the MSA waitlist invite came out. I don’t think Ipsy has a particular system to invite people.
      She didn’t accept the invite as she likes the regular bag.

  23. Received email today, “No waitlist for Nov Plus Bag” with as 24hr timer running off. Many subbers probably cancelled as I did 😛

  24. I wanted the balm this month but of course it’s one thing im not getting😞 Does anyone who is getting it want to trade me for the mask or for the setting spray? I’ll thrown in the eyeliner for free😊😊😊😊 if so drop a reply and I’ll gwt back to you ASAP!!

  25. From the FAQs on the Ipsy website:
    Members with the Glam Bag Plus will receive 5 full-size beauty products every month based on their beauty profile and a large makeup bag once a quarter, at our introductory price of $25/month. INTRODUCTORY PRICE. Any ideas how long before they raise the price?

    • sorry for the duplicate–it didn’t seem to post.

    • Wow are you serious?? Hopefully we are warned before being charged when they do decide to up the price

  26. I was about to sign up for Ipsy so I could get on their waitlist for the GlamPlus bag, but then I read the FAQs:
    Members with the Glam Bag Plus will receive 5 full-size beauty products every month based on their beauty profile and a large makeup bag once a quarter, at our introductory price of $25/month. INTRODUCTORY PRICE??? Does anyone have any idea how long the “introductory price” will last until it gets raised higher??

    • Not sure why me and you are the only ones worried about this lol, i keep checking back to see if anyone has contacted ipsy about it.

  27. I’d imagine these are variations, and it seems like the type of thing that if someone who loved eyeshadow pallets got a highlighter (which lots of people don’t use or use sparsely.) instead of a pallette they wanted, people could get really ticked off. Hopefully their variations don’t differ too widely or they actually start paying attention to people’s profiles. Otherwise I imagine people are gonna get salty real quick. 😂

  28. I’ve seen the reviews on this palette and it’s terrible. No pigment. Going to leave many ppl frustrated. Unless just getting a good RV for cost makes u happy then yay I guess? But if u plan to actually use it I think you might be disappointed. Another month I’ll be skipping. I had such high hopes for Ipsy plus.

    • Hmm, thanks for the info, this made me go look. Some people also said it was irritating, and that the colors don’t blend.

      Considering I am being charged $27.22 for Ipsy Plus, I think end of October will be a good time to cancel.

    • Funny, I have heard and read the opposite. I have heard the palette is great!

      • Eyeshadow palettes are individual preference. You could watch 10 reviews of the same product, and you would get 10 different opinions. It’s rare that something comes out that everyone raves about. I have this palette, the pigment isn’t 100% but it can be built up. I personally don’t mind that. In fact, I like building up slowly to the intensity I prefer. It’s a nice palette for everyday looks. There are way better palettes out there, but this one isn’t garbage by any means.

  29. Has anyone gotten tracking number for their October Ipsy Glam Bag Plus ?

    • A couple of Redditors posted that they have but the shipping dates are a little different for plus. The listed shipping dates are 10/6-10/13.

    • Yes

    • I had to email CS to find out if my shipped or not

    • I didnt get my email but I went onto the site and it says “in transit”… When I tracked it, it says it was shipped out on friday the 5th. I am however very nervous, because it says my shipment weight is only 0.01 lbs!!! I seriously hope they didnt send me an empty box! I will be mortified!! This has happened to me before and if its happeneing again, I’m just gonna cry lol…I already emailed them, and got the email saying they have gotten an unusually high number of emails so it may take them more than 48 hours to get back to me. Hmmmmm??

      • Mine shipped on the 5th as well, but the weight says 1.511 lbs.

      • Mine shipped out the 5th but the weight was waaayyy off and it said it was delayed in transit. I checked again today and the weight is at 1.506 but it’s stull delayed. But at least I’m seeing a proper weight now.

  30. I have yet to recieve an invite 😡 makes me super irritated.

    • Me too! I just sent an email asking why I haven’t been invited to the waitlist as I’m an annual subscriber.

      • I just sent a msg to, I’m so upset..
        That’s the nicest way I can say it on here lol, but I’m upset I haven’t received this Email ether yet? I’ve been a regular customer for so long! Ughhh

      • If u scroll down thru the FAQ’s on the IPSY page to the questions about Ipsy Plus, there is actually an FAQ where u can sign up for the wait list. That’s how I got on for October!

      • They must have deleted it 🤷‍♀️ I don’t see it anywhere…ugh

    • I have been a member for OVER 5 years and I wasn’t even added to the waitlist!!

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