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Happy Rebel Box Fall 2018 Subscription Review

Happy Rebel Fall 2018 - Box Front

Happy Rebel Fall 2018 - Box Top

Happy Rebel Box is an edgy lifestyle quarterly subscription box for women! Each box has a different theme. This season the theme is “Working Women”.

Happy Rebel Fall 2018 - Box Opened

With each box, a portion of the proceeds are donated to a different charity. This season, that charity is 9to5, which works to provide economic security for all women.

Happy Rebel Fall 2018 - Box Opened Closer view

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Happy Rebel Fall 2018 - Box With All Products

About Happy Rebel Women’s Lifestyle Subscription Box

The Subscription Box: Happy Rebel Box

The Cost: $100 a quarter

The Products: Each box will contain 4-6 items that will vary box to box, so you will never receive the same types of items repeatedly. Items may include jewelry, fashion accessories, home decor, beauty products, as well as other various lifestyle items that fit the collection of the box as well as the Happy Rebel modern and edgy style.

Good to Know: Happy Rebel donates a portion of the season’s proceeds to a different charity!

Ships to: US

Happy Rebel “Working Women” Fall 2018 Box

Happy Rebel Fall 2018 - Information Card Back

Happy Rebel Fall 2018 - Information Card Opened

Here’s the info booklet for this quarter’s box.

Happy Rebel Fall 2018 - Information Card Opened 1

Happy Rebel Fall 2018 - Information Card Front

Now, on to the items!

Happy Rebel Fall 2018 - Rehab Roller Box Front

Happy Rebel Fall 2018 - Rehab Roller Box Back

Happy Rebel Fall 2018 - Rehab Roller Front

Rehab Roller, 0.5 fl. oz. – Retail Value $12.99, Listed Value $16.00

Happy Rebel Fall 2018 - Rehaqb Roller Back

Happy Rebel Fall 2018 - Rehab Roller Open

I like the vibe of this packaging. It reminds me of something you’d see at a classy barber shop. The formula contains caffeine and other natural dark circle remedies, plus the metal rollerball feels cool and invigorating as I run it under my sleepy eyes!

Happy Rebel Fall 2018 - Dental Floss Box

Public Goods Dental Floss – Retail Value $2.50, Listed Value $10.00

Happy Rebel Fall 2018 - Dental Floss Box Open

Public Goods is actually a membership-based subscription service that we’ve covered here on MSA. (Check out their free trial offer!) They focus on cruelty-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free wellness products, so I’m not surprised to see this little floss in here. The glass container is nice—I could see using it for something else once I’m done with the floss—and the floss itself is easy to use and has a soft minty flavor. There’s a big difference in price for this one, between what was listed on the Public Goods site and what’s on the info booklet. I assume the booklet value is adjusted for the membership cost?

Happy Rebel Fall 2018 - Pair Of Gold Pens Box top

Happy Rebel Fall 2018 - Pair Of Gold Pens Box Opened

Happy Rebel Fall 2018 - Pair Of Gold Pens

Happy Rebel Fall 2018 - Pair Of Gold Pens 1

Happy Rebel Pair Of Gold Pens – Retail Value $18.00

Happy Rebel Fall 2018 - Pair Of Gold Pens 2

These gold pens are very nice to look at and write with a soft, clean scratch!

Happy Rebel Fall 2018 - Robyn Rhodes

Happy Rebel Fall 2018 - Robyn Rhodes Closer View

Happy Rebel Fall 2018 - Robyn Rhodes Top view

happy rebel box necklace on model

Robyn Rhodes Quentin Necklace – Retail Value $74.00

At first, I thought this necklace was a wide locket, but it’s just a small, inch-big pendant made with a black stone. It has a clean, industrial look and measures about 16″ long. (FYI – subscribers could pick between 4 different options.)

Happy Rebel Fall 2018 - Vietnamese Coffee Kit Copper Cow Coffee Front

Copper Cow Coffee Vietnamese Portable Pour Over Kit, 3 oz. – Retail Value $4.00

Happy Rebel Fall 2018 - Vietnamese Coffee Kit Copper Cow Coffee Back

This kit is so fun! I have a friend who travels in Asia a lot and carries similar pour over kits with him, as they’re widely available there. I’ve wanted to try one for myself, and I’m so stoked that this version features Vietnamese coffee, which is a bit more decadent than your average black brew.

Happy Rebel Fall 2018 - Vietnamese Coffee Kit Copper Cow Coffee 1

Happy Rebel Fall 2018 - Vietnamese Coffee Kit Back

Happy Rebel Fall 2018 - Condensed Milk Front

Happy Rebel Fall 2018 - Condensed Milk Back

In the kit, you get a little single-serve pour-over bag that has arms that pop out and hang on the sides of your mug. From there, all you have to do is add hot water, the included sweet cream, stir, and enjoy! How cool!

Happy Rebel Fall 2018 - Spiral Planner Front

2019 Spiral Planner from Cloth & Paper – Retail Value $39.90, Listed Value $40.00

Happy Rebel Fall 2018 - Spiral Planner Back

Happy Rebel Fall 2018 - Spiral Planner Opened

Happy Rebel Fall 2018 - Spiral Planner Opened 1

Happy Rebel Fall 2018 - Spiral Planner Opened 2

Cloth and Paper is a stationery subscription that we’ve covered on MSA before. This planner is reflective of their usual style—sleek, understated, modern.

That said, the thicker card-paper cover is somewhat awkward alongside the spiral binding. What I like about a spiral notebook is that you can not only lay it flat but also flip the pages back so that the book doesn’t take up as much space on your desk. But because of the cover (which is removable, though the end pages of the planner itself are just paper and not very protective on their own), that experience is a bit clunky and inconvenient. It looks beautiful shut but is a little cumbersome open.

Happy Rebel Fall 2018 - YLF Front

YLF Wash 500ml Black Label Bottle, 16.9 fl. oz. – Retail Value $40.00, Listed Value $44.00

Happy Rebel Fall 2018 - YLF Back

I like trying new bath products, so I was excited to see his BIG bottle of body wash that’s full of all sorts of natural wonder ingredients. It feels nourishing, rather than stripping, but the best part, in my opinion, is the fragrance. The bottle warns that it’s a big “medicinal”, which is accurate—it smells like an herbier version of Vicks Vapo Rub, haha. That’s probably not a scent for everyone, but I think it’s invigorating rather than overwhelming.

Happy Rebel Fall 2018 - La Ta Da Front

White Marble Geo Barrette 1pc – Retail Value $7.99, Listed Value $10.00

Happy Rebel Fall 2018 - La Ta Da Back

Happy Rebel Fall 2018 - La Ta Da Hair Clip Front

Happy Rebel Fall 2018 - La Ta Da Hair Clip Back

Happy Rebel Fall 2018 - La Ta Da Hair Clip Open

happy rebel box barette on model

I don’t wear barrettes that often, but this one might become a new staple in my accessory game! I love the simple shapes and marbled finish. I think it really pops against my darker hair. My only issue is that it is a slightly heavier barrette, so I hope it doesn’t slip out of place too easily.

Verdict: The whole vibe of this box is very much my style, from the unisex body products they provide to the sleek, modern colors and finishes of the beauty products. I do wish that the planner was the tiniest bit more functional, but at least it’s got a nice aesthetic about it. The coffee kit is so fun, and I’m loving the body products. There are discrepancies in pricing (what they list the values as vs. what I found them for online), but I assume they’re adjusting for shipping/other fees?

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? According to their checkout flow, if you subscribe now, the first box you’ll receive is this box, the Fall box.

Value Breakdown: At $100 for this box, here’s what you are paying approximately per item: 199.38

  • Rollerball: $6.52
  • Floss: $1.25
  • Pen set: $9.03
  • Necklace: $37.12
  • Coffee kit: $2.01
  • Planner: $20.01
  • Body wash: $20.06
  • Barette: $4.01

What do you think of the Fall Happy Rebel Box? What is your favorite item?

Happy Rebel Box

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Written by Anna Reilly

Anna Reilly

Anna loves collecting little treasures, be they pop-culture finds, handmade mementos, or new potions to put in her makeup bag. Beauty boxes got her interested in the subscription world, but now she’s swooning for all things kawaii!

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Comments (14)

  1. Just to get on a little bit of a soapbox: Silk dental floss is NOT cruelty free

  2. Happy Rebel, I would love to get your box every single time, but the gold items always deter me. I am a silver-tone only person, and I know I’m not the only one in this boat. Please consider giving silver options for metal-tone items.

    This box gave an option for the necklace, but not the other gold items. I would love everything in this box if not for that. I check out spoilers every time hoping for a box that gives all silver options.

  3. This is one of the subscription boxes that I would reliably get every time because I’m an adult goth kid. The problem is each box always has SOMETHING gold. I hate gold, and I know I’m not the only one in this boat. I only do silver/gunmetal, so I really wish they’d have silver options for everything that has a metal-tone to it. I won’t use anything with gold, so I keep missing out on these boxes. I would have loved everything in this, but I don’t want gold :\

  4. Hi Anna, thanks for the review! Regarding the pricing on the Public Goods floss, this was based on Public Goods’ individual purchase price from their site without membership (it is noted in their review you linked to above from earlier this year). But it appears they have recently changed their offering and no longer offer their products for sale without membership. Thanks again!

    • Thanks so much for the details, Happy Rebel!!!

  5. I’m a little torn with this box. I love it, and I think that I will use everything in it. However, the discrepancies with the listed retail values, compared to what the items are actually sold for (by the companies), does bother me a little. According to the values I used, the total retail value of this box came to $195.37, compared to their total listed value of $216, which is a difference of $20.63. That is no small chunk of change. Not to mention that as noted in other comments, if you shop around a little, many of these products can be purchased for much less. I know that HR uses the rationale of donating a significant portion of proceeds to various charities, and providing free shipping, but I feel that that could be better reflected through noting a donation amount per box or per item on their website, rather than being disingenuous about retail values.

    Anyhow, as far as the actual value of this box goes, I’d say a lot of it depends on your own values in choosing a box and what you are looking for. Some people purchase these boxes looking for the most possible bang for their buck, and the actual retail value matters quite a bit in these cases. For those people, I imagine this box is quite a let down when other boxes provide, sometimes, triple the amount paid for the box in retail value. This box doesn’t even provide double.

    However, my main goal with these boxes is to get a nice treat for myself and to get some luxurious things that I wouldn’t normally treat myself to, as well as getting to know some new brands. I don’t like getting a lot of items where I have to wonder “what the heck do I do with this?” and have to figure out who to gift it to, or where to donate it. As long as I recoup the amount of money paid for the box, I’m a happy girl, which is totally the case with this one. I’m not 100% sold on the barrette yet, simply because I’m afraid it’ll be too heavy for my very fine hair, but other than that, I will make good use of everything in this box. In particular, I’m really loving the scent of the body wash, the pens are pretty and look great on my desk, and the necklace is beautiful. I also loved that cup of coffee enough that I’m probably going to buy more kits from the copper cow. Seriously, that was delicious. I look forward to scoping out their winter box.

  6. I liked the box, and even though the planner was gifted to my grateful husband, I thought it was excellent quality. Public Goods does require a membership fee and says items are 67% lower than without a membership. All that said and RB good works aside, I do wish all boxes would be a little more reputable about RV. I think it reflects badly on them when they inflate values.

  7. Meh

  8. The planner is flimsy, bent and not good quality. I was hoping for a nice one similar to the BoS one last year

  9. I’m really disappointed to see that the RV for almost all of the items was inflated. And the inflation amounts are different for each, so I really can’t even believe they might be trying to account for tax. I love the box and style – but something about inflating prices just irks me.

    • The reason given by HR is that they have free shipping and that it’s a business owned by a woman and they give to charity. Lots of companies give back without overcharging their customers. Previous items have almost doubled the price on their site like the D.L. & Co matches that RV is 7.50 but HR had for $12. It irks others too but they have a lot of happy customers too.

      • Hi Anna, thanks for reading the review of our fall box! While we always sell items individually on our site within the MSRP guidelines set by our brand partners, we will likely rarely match the pricing earned by the buying power of mass marketers (like Target). We also offer free shipping to the US so, even compared to some large chains, the total cost to the customer ends up being less is most cases. Have a great afternoon!

  10. The necklace RV is $69.99 on the brand’s site. Not on sale.

    • The Rehab eye roller is 9.99 at Target & Ulta and $6.97 at Oranikthings on sale.

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