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Fortune Cookie Soap 2018 Halloween Box Review + Coupon

Snap Snap box - front view

The Fortune Cookie Soap Box is a monthly subscription that offers bath and body products centered on a new theme each month.

This is a limited edition Halloween Box they created as a one-time purchase box.

FYI – Unfortunately, it is no longer available for purchase.

Snap Snap open box view 1

This is the Snap Snap Box- the theme is The Addam’s Family!

Snap Snap open box view 2

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Snap Snap group shot

About This Box

The Box: Snap Snap 2018 Halloween Box

The Cost: $19.99 + free shipping

The Products: “Brand new scents and 8 products inspired by everyone’s favorite Pixar Film!”

Good to Know: For the monthly subscription, sign up by the 9th of each month to get the next month’s box.

Fortune Cookie Soap Snap Snap 2018 Halloween Box Review

Snap Snap info 1

Snap Snap info 2

This box came with an info sheet detailing the brand new scents FCS created for these products!

Snap Snap ocd -Beware Of the thing OCD hand sanitizer front view

Beware of the Thing OCD Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is one of those things I never have on me until I am standing next to someone coughing or sneezing without covering their mouths. Now that flu season is upon us (that’s what my doctor’s office says anyway… does it feel super early to anyone else?), I am happy to have this little gem to store in my purse or school backpack. It smells delicious thanks to notes of baked raspberry cobbler, caramel, and sugar. Also, here is their explanation for why their hand sanitizer is named OCD:

Although we love being witty, cheeky, and poking fun in general, we chose to name our hand sanitizer, OCD, to bring awareness to OCD itself. We donate a portion of the sales from that product to the OCD Foundation to further research on it. We chose to use the product OCD since that is the product that the people generally will jokingly say they have OCD when the use hand sanitizer a lot, so we believe it is the most recognizable to people.

Snap Snap whipped 1- Darkness loves us whipped cream front view

Snap Snap whipped 2 - Darkness loves us whipped cream Open view

Darkness Loves Us Whipped Cream

I love FCS whipped creams- they are the perfect level of hydration without being greasy for my skin. This is scented with buttery toffee, a touch of patchouli, and white chocolate drizzled over caramelized apples. This is such a fun (and tasty) fall scent!

Stay creepy fortune cookie soap - pack view

Snap Snap soap 2 - Stay creepy fortune cookie soap open view 1

Snap Snap soap 3- Stay creepy fortune cookie soap Open view 2

Stay Creepy Fortune Cookie Soap

Bar soaps aren’t my favorite thing in the world but I make an exception for this one! For one, it is adorably designed as an actual fortune cookie. For another, it is scented with banana taffy, which is one of my favorite Halloween candies! The gorgeous rose flower accent didn’t hurt, either.

Snap Snap crypt spray - Mon cher cara MIA crypt spray front view

Mon Cher Cara Mia Crypt Spray, 1.2 oz

Room sprays are a frequent inclusion in the monthly Fortune Cookie Soap boxes, but I could definitely see this crypt spray being sprayed in Gomez and Morticia’s bedroom. It is scented with sugared plums, exotic black rose, safe, and musk. It is refreshing while still being a good autumnal scent.

Snap Snap shampoo 1- Wednesday shampoo bar front view

Snap Snap shampoo 2 -Wednesday shampoo bar back view

Wednesday Shampoo Bar

Shampoo bars usually make me want to run in the other direction, but I was happy that this left my curly hair feeling clean but not to dry. It is the perfect pairing for the heavier deep conditioner included in the box, and while it is scented with jasmine, sandalwood, and chocolate, the fragrance is light.

Snap Snap cousin it 1 - Cousin ITT deep conditioner Front view

Snap Snap cousin it 2 - Cousin ITT deep conditioner open view

Cousin Itt Deep Conditioner

I love the deep conditioners from Fortune Cookie Soap! This is thick, and you have to work it through your hair as the consistency is almost like a paste. If you have thin hair, only start with a tiny bit. The end results are nourished locks that are way easier to detangle. This left my hair soft and smelling like hazelnut, sour green apple, mulled fruit, and pine (that may sound like a weird concoction but it totally works.

Snap Snap perfume 1 - Altogether OOKY perfume oil front view

Snap Snap perfume 2 - Altogether OOKY perfume oil back view


Altogether Ooky Perfume Oil, 0.2 oz

Perfume oils usually aren’t my favorite, but just like the Limited Edition Easter box, the perfume oil in this limited edition box knocked it out of the park. The scent blend is pink strawberries, pomegranate sorbet, and hollyberry. The end result is fruity without being too sweet—the hollyberry balances it nicely!

Snap Snap dead body - Over your dead BODY body wash front view

Over Your Dead Body Body Wash, 1 oz

When I just opened this while unboxing, I couldn’t really smell the scent of watermelon jelly filled donuts. When I used it in the shower, however, the scent really bloomed and I loved the way it left my skin smelling. Also, it is just really fun in general to use a black body wash but still end up squeaky clean!

Snap Snap skittles- front view

A fun pack was skittles was included too! Such a sweet nod to both Halloween and the accents of red throughout this box.

Verdict: Once again, Fortune Cookie Soap Box hit a home run for me. All eight products were created with brand new scents, and the scents were perfect for a box inspired around a movie (and tv show!) I enjoyed as both a child and adult. An added feature is that these products are exclusive to this box— the items and scents will not be made available for sale on their website the way the monthly collections are. Though many of these sizes are a bit small, you can get multiple uses out of each product and the quality is incredible.

To Wrap Up:

Can you get this box if you still sign up today? No, this was a limited edition box and no longer available for purchase. However, you can sign up for the monthly box and your first box will be the December box.

Value Breakdown: This box cost $19.99 with free shipping and I received 8 items, bringing the cost per item to $2.50. I think that is a good value even though the sizes are small because these items are truly limited edition and will not be made available for sale.

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Written by Jessica Hapak

Jessica Hapak

I am a staunch believer that pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza and when I’m not working as a family law attorney I enjoy hiking the Louisiana trails (alligator sightings are a favorite!) or relaxing with Duchess, my cat. I’m a sucker for anything labeled a mystery box and I’ve never met a bath bomb I didn’t like.

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Comments (26)

  1. I got the crypt spray, the shampoo bar and the conditioner in a swap and I am so glad I did. Love them all!! Can’t wait for the Advent calendar now.

  2. Ahh, but you missed the black spider hiding inside the bar soap (luckily plastic)! Really enjoyed this box and since I started with FCS, I now linger extra long in the shower to take in the good smells.

  3. I *loved* this box so much!

  4. I have to say I Loved the crypt spray. Kind of addictive. I would have never thought I would like that scent. It just works.

  5. I’m confused… I subscribe to the monthly box, but I did not get this box, nor an offer to get this box. I got something from Wreck-It Ralph. I was wondering why they didn’t do a Halloween box this year. Why did I not get this, was it a special order???

    • It was a pre order in August that shipped in Oct.

    • They have a Facebook group where the list the themes and scents before time to skip. It’s the best way to be sure you don’t skip a box you want, they also have a calendar on their site and app.

      I don’t use Facebook much I try and check around the 5th to be sure I skip if its something I’m not interested in.

    • Hi Jennifer.
      This was a special edition pre-order only box. My review of the October Box will be up soon!

  6. I loved the box and thought the way the products were personalized to the original ” The Addams Family” characters was superb.

    Since the review doesn’t mention the indie elements, they are these:

    1) The red silk flower on the black soap is an homage to Morticia Addams doing the tango with her husband, Gomez Addams. It was a signature part of the show.
    The ” Mon Cherie” labeled product is because he spoke French to her during their little lovey times dancing or him kissing her hands and arms.

    She always wore low cut, long sleeved black slinky dresses that had ragged edging and he twirled his moustache. He held a rose between his teeth when they danced the Tango..

    2) The OCD hand sanitizer is for the hand in the box known as ” Thing”.
    “Thing” was a crude attempt at special effects on B & W TV with a large dose of dark humor added. 😉
    All we ever saw was a hand coming out of a box. The hand would gesture, make the ” OK” sign, would wave back and forth as a ” no” answer, all kinds of movement made by the human under the covered table, no doubt.
    Thus, the hand sanitizer this month is inspired by a HAND. A real person’s hand in a wooden box. ( The box ” Thing” lived in ( or was contained by, IDK) creaked when opened, BTW).

    3)” Cousin It” Hair Conditioner ” Cousin It” was a little child or very small person who glided in and out and was covered in thick blonde hair on it’s head that totally obscured all other features. Thus, ” It” instead of ” he” or ” she”. This was another non-speaking part on the show.
    Because the hair was the prominent feature, it’s very appropriate that the hair conditioner is named for Cousin It.

    There are a few other ” Easter egg’ type funny things connected to the characters, but go watch the PIXAR remake and you’ll see them yourselves. 😉
    Me? I loved the weird show when the other family was ” The Munsters”.
    I didn’t like them very much.
    ” Dark Shadows” ruled over all the underworld, though.

  7. My long comment just disappeared and didn’t post. Sooo frustrating

    • MSA needs to work on their comments not posting issue. It happens all the time.

  8. This was my first box from FCS and loved everything. The scents were great. Every subscription isn’t for EVERYONE. There are always going to be those that don’t like a product or scents. I can at least smell these scents unlike another monthly subscription box where the scents are so faint I regret buying them.

    I think Jessica does a great job giving an authentic review not fake at all. Some products YOU just don’t like but you try and that companies products works for you. I don’t really care for “bar soaps” I prefer body wash but I find I like certain ones I try. There’s nothing unreal about my statement

  9. This was my first box from FCS and I loved everything about it. The items were packaged with thought- black tissue and black rose petals?!?! Did you notice the plastic spider in the soap? I’ve used all items except the bar shampoo and they really do smell great. I used the conditioner today and the scent is lingering, in a good way!

  10. I didn’t get Skittles! Guess I have to buy my own!

    • I got Swedish fish

  11. I’ve already had two patients die from flu/flu complications! It’s here- get those flu vaccines! This box has a good value but glad I skipped it as I would have only used about half the products.

  12. Why do these reviews never feel real?? You state that you dont like the type of product but then you rave on how it’s your favorite because it’s from fortune cookie?? Been seeing this more on MSA, and I’m disappointed. Miss the feeling of honest reviews instead of reviews that seem like they are paying you to promote…

    • Hi Mariek!
      My subscription Addiction paid for this box. I’m sorry you felt my review was not authentic.

    • I feel the same. I’ve only gotten 2 boxes from FCS and while the products themselves work really well, I’m never impressed with the scents. I wouldn’t rave over this sub

      • Well, I guess that just shows how each one of us can have our own opinions(which is what Jessica gave-her personal opinion). I am absolutely enamored with just about everything I have ever received from Fortune Cookie Soap Co. Even things/scents that I think I won’t care for, I end up liking a lot. They truly put so much care and effort in their products, just my opinion.

      • Sure, and I gave just my opinion. I like the products, just not all of the smells. Glad you do

    • I hate cleaning sprays but make an exception for Mrs. Meyer’s products. If I was to say that in a review, would that not be authentic?

      You guys complain at positive reviews. Complain at critical reviews. Whwt are you here for?

      • Lol! Well-said. Totally agreed!

      • And I don’t enjoy Ms Meyers because it gives me headaches lol. My go to is E.O.! That’s the beauty of so many subs to choose from. Not everyone likes the same kind of things. People just love to complain. I have noticed it’s gotten a lot more common with sub box subscribers and the “beauty community” . Have you?

  13. Oasis states flu season is October to March. It’s government controlled. Lol it’s true.

  14. I loved this box and the scents were great.

    They did a full size collection of the Snap Snap box items but orders closed when 10/15 not officially until everyone got their boxes though. It was preorder so there’s a chance if you missed it and wanted something they’d let you add it.
    It was part of the making the box price point less for those that didn’t want to spend money for full sizes and having a full collection available for those that wanted it.

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