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My Subscription Addiction
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Finders Seekers Subscription Box Review + Coupon – October 2018

Carol Castaneda
ByCarol CastanedaOct 31, 2018 | 4 comments

Finders Seekers October 2018 - Unopened Box Front

Finders Seekers
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Finders Seekers is a monthly puzzle box that asks you to solve mysteries around the world. Each box delivers a challenging puzzle to be solved, comprised of clues related to a new city each month.

Finders Seekers October 2018 - Open Box Side

Each month we receive a box with items, or clues, which will help solve the mystery. If you enjoy mystery games like Clue or Escape the Room then this is the box for you!

Think of it as an Escape Room adventure delivered right to your door!

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Finders Seekers October 2018 - Box Products Front

About Finders Seekers Mystery Box:

The Subscription Box: Finders Seekers

The Cost: $30.00 + free shipping

ACTIVE DEAL: Save $5 off and get free shipping!

The Products: A complex, challenging mystery along with clues and virtual scavenger hunts around a new city each month.

Ships to: the US

Finders Seekers Mystery Box Athens, Greece Review

Each mystery begins with a letter from The Society of Seekers—Finder's Seekers' official name for their fearless consortium of dedicated detectives.

Finders Seekers October 2018 - Intro Letter Front

This month we are being sent to Athens, Greece! We received this letter introducing our mission: to help archaeologists reassemble a newly discovered Greek artifact and learn the secrets it holds. Our introduction letter also lists out everything they sent in our box. It also provides us the link to start the mystery and the super amazing Facebook group of users who can help you solve clues should you get stuck. I also like how it lists the level of difficulty on the bottom left corner. This month is measured as 3.5 on a scale of 4 and also indicates a resolution time of 2-4 hours.

WARNING: There may be spoilers ahead. While I do not disclosure answers to any one single clue, I will disclose some of the steps needed to help resolve the clue.

Finders Seekers October 2018 - Flashlight Top 1

Finders Seekers October 2018 - Flashlight Top 2

We received a flashlight in our box this month. I had no idea what on earth we would need this for…there was no direction or anything to indicate a purpose! We put it aside and started our journey to Athens, Greece.

Finders Seekers October 2018 - The Athenian Agora Summary Card Front

As soon as we got to Athens, we were instantly thrown into the mystery. Our first stop, The Athenian Agora. We received a summary of the significance of the location and then instructions on how to solve the clue.

Finders Seekers October 2018 - The Athenian Agora Summary Card Back

We received something in our box to help us solve this. I liked how it was labeled like the online clue instead of me trying to guess what tool in the box I would need to solve this clue. Immediately, my husband grabbed another item within our box to crack this one.

Finders Seekers October 2018 - The Athenian Agora Puzzle

Many minutes passed as we finally cracked the exact placement of this tool on Athenian Agora word scramble. Once we figured out the word, we typed it in and got this:

Finders Seekers October 2018 - The Athenian Agora Solved Puzzle



When we solve a clue, we receive another clue. I didn’t write them down right away and was grateful that I could just click the back button, so make sure to either write the clue down, print the clue or take a screenshot as it does help solve the final puzzle.

Finders Seekers October 2018 - The Odeon of Herodes Atticus Puzzle Front

Alright, we solved the puzzle and are feeling super hype so we jump into the next one, The Odeon of Herodes Atticus.

Finders Seekers October 2018 - The Odeon of Herodes Atticus Puzzle Back

Finders Seekers October 2018 - The Odeon of Herodes Atticus Puzzle Clue Front

Like our first clue, we received items in our box to help us solve it. We received 7 tickets and a seating chart of the venue.

Finders Seekers October 2018 - The Odeon of Herodes Atticus Puzzle Front 2

The screen tells us to pay close attention to our seats, so we grab a pencil, plug them in and crack it! We are greeted with another "Congratulations" and proceed with our mystery.

Finders Seekers October 2018 - Erechtheion Summary Card Front

Again, we are presented with some historical significance of this place. While visiting the Erechtheion temple, we receive a text message from our pal Lucy:

Finders Seekers October 2018 - Erechtheion Puzzle Clue on Text Message Front

There was nothing in our box to help us crack this. All of our clues were here on this screen. This one was one of the more easiest clues and we got an instant "Congratulations" and another piece to help us solve the final mystery.

Finders Seekers October 2018 - The Digital Museum Card Front

Next, we ventured to The Digital Museum. We received a list of words to help us crack a particular quote by Plato. There were no clues in our box that helped us crack this, instead, we read A LOT of quotes by Plato on the internet. The internet is your friend with this box!

Finders Seekers October 2018 - Monastiraki Flea Market Card Front

Monastiraki Flea Market

Next, we head over to the Monastiraki Flea Market and we get handed a discus.

Finders Seekers October 2018 - Discus Front

We received it in the box and stared at it looking for a clue. This one took us a while. We grabbed a permanent marker and tried working it out that way (Rubbing alcohol was used a lot to erase mistakes!). Finally, we figured it out. It appeared easy at first, it is not a word that is familiar in the English language (I’ve never heard of this word), just stick to your familiars and enter in the letters you know to decipher the clue and unlock the next one.

Finders Seekers October 2018 - Syntagma Square Card Front

Next, we headed into Syntagma Square. We are about 90 minutes into the mission now, juggling a very hungry 3 month-old and 2 super loud older kids playing games of their own but we are still very much head-in-the-game.

Finders Seekers October 2018 - Clue Syntagma Square Front

We received the clue in our box to help figure it out. We had to figure out the value of the symbols to equal the numbers at the end of each row and column. This one was also fairly simple. A little time consuming, but pretty easy.

Finders Seekers October 2018 -Dromeas Sculpture Summary Card Front

The next location we had to venture to was to see the Dromeas Sculpture. How cool is this sculpture? Anyway, we have to move this sculpture but need to find the correct floorplan where it will fit.

Finders Seekers October 2018 - Illustration Model Front

We received an illustration model to help us pick the right floorplan. It's not as easy as it looks and requires some evaluation!

Finders Seekers October 2018 - Kapinakarea Church Summary Card Front

The next location we went to is the Kapinakarea Church. We also received a clue in our box to help us solve this clue.

Finders Seekers October 2018 - Kapinakarea Church Puzzle Front

This one was just downright hard! There are so many figures in here and we just couldn’t get it right. We used the Facebook group a lot for references and didn’t have to reach out for help until we got to this clue. Athens appears to be a box sent out in July so most of the posts were three months old and I was worried we would be stuck here. I received responses from three fellow seekers around the world so thank you to Janine, Peggy, and Mia! We finally were able to proceed to the next clue.

Finders Seekers October 2018 - Varvakios Agora Summary Card Front

We were about 3 hours into our mission at this point, maybe three and a half. The baby was fussy the kids were hungry so we put it away. (The church really took a lot out of us!) I was able to leave this up on the computer and returned to it promptly the next day. My husband was still at work, so I journeyed the rest alone.

Finders Seekers October 2018 - Varvakios Agora Summary Card Back

At the market, we were presented with a list of items from the veggies, meat, grains, and other columns. We had to figure out one ingredient out of each of the columns that all come together to create a traditional Greek dish. To proceed to the next clue, we had to enter in the ingredients PLUS the name of the dish. With the clues on the screen, I was able to figure out the ingredients fairly quickly but the name of the dish was difficult. I knew what it was, but the website kept telling me to try different spellings. I did not let it defeat me and tried multiple versions and finally got it right. Victory!

Finders Seekers October 2018 - Parthenon Summary Card Front

The next clue to solving the mystery was easy for me; I am a beast at word scrambles and word searches. This one ended up being a word scramble. I spent about 20 minutes here. I did get stumped on one, though, that took most of that time. You never realize exactly how many Greek gods and goddesses existed until you find the master list, and once I found it, I was able to decipher the clue fairly quickly.

At this point, I did not realize I was at the end of the journey and needed to put all the clues I together I received. This is where I realized I should have written them down and went back and wrote them all out.

Finders Seekers October 2018 - All The Clues Front

And that’s where these came in.

Finders Seekers October 2018 - Cutout Front

Each cutout has the name of the god or goddess. We received two bands that we had to position them in order on.

Finders Seekers October 2018 - Flashlight Using Side

And that’s where I got to use my flashlight! Once the gods and goddesses were all placed in order (you won't use them all, either) our final clue was presented in the shadows. It wasn’t easy at first, I moved to about 5 different positions around the living room to find the right angle, on the right wall, but I finally got it. Once I read the clue and figured out the answer I excitedly ran to my computer and entered it in and alas!

Finders Seekers October 2018 - End of Puzzle Front

I had solved it! I raised my arms in that sweet victory position and pranced around while singing “I solved the puzzle, I solved the puzzle!” I called my husband and told him I solved it. While he was a bit bummed that I finished it without him he was relieved to not have to work on it for a second night in a row. The last portion only took me about 45 minutes to an hour, the most time spent on putting the final clue together to crack the whole mystery.

Verdict: I really enjoyed this box. I have subscribed to mystery boxes before and man, they were so hard and just genuinely unbeatable. I loved how interactive this one was online; I got directions and sometimes we got hints to help us solve it. They also introduced us to Fellow Seekers that offered so much help and guidance. I felt like I was worthy enough to join Nicholas Cage in National Treasure with my clue-solving skills. I cannot wait to continue traveling the world and cracking more mysteries!  We spent about 4 and a half hours on the box so I really feel the box was worth its value.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? While the Athens box may or may not be available, you can definitely subscribe and start a mystery in another location! I did notice that Athens was asked for a lot on the Facebook group, so its possible they restocked on this box.

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What do you think about the Finders Seekers Athens box?

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Carol Castaneda
Carol Castaneda
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Do you think my 10 year old could do this with our help?

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I loved this review! I studied abroad in Athens, Greece in 2011 (yes, during the intense political turmoil and financial struggles) and I had so much fun reading your review and remembering all the wonderful places and monuments mentioned. I also spent some time solving that math puzzle as well!!

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Wonderful review. Though it’s not my thing I got so interested I’m racking my brain to figure out who I can give this subscription to.

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Carol Castaneda

A lot of the seekers in the Facebook group made this a group activity or a family activity.

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