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FabFitFun Winter 2018 Box Spoilers + Customization Schedule!

Are you ready?! The FabFitFun Winter box season is almost here! (Thanks for the heads up, Susan!)

Here are all the dates you need to know:

  • October 30th – 2 PM ET Winter Box Spoiler #1
  • October 31st – 2 PM ET – Add On spoilers
  • November 1st – Noon ET – Add-Ons are available for annual subscribers
  • November 2nd – 2 PM ET Winter Box Spoiler #2
  • November 3rd – Noon ET – Customization open + Additional spoiler reveals!
  • November 4th -Noon ET – Add-Ons are available for everyone

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (57)

  1. I was in the middle of customization, and all I get is ‘server not responding’

  2. I got an email this morning with the subject “First spoiler!” I opened it and it was the choice between the Vince Camuto tote and crown brushes. Someone hit the wrong button. 😂

  3. Isn’t it weird that spoiler #3 is a few hours After customization opens. Won’t we already know 3 items if we’ve customized?

    • I thought the same thing!

  4. Anyone else have issues with the FabFitFun password reset? They sent me the link but it doesn’t work. I’m trying to phone them but can’t find a telephone number, only an email link. Thank you!

  5. I just rejoined FFF. When did customization get opened to all members? I thought that’s why people became annual members.

    • The customization for non-select members is only for a few items.

    • It changed sometime in 2015. I didn’t realize it had changed either until they released the schedule for the upcoming box.

  6. So Excited!!! Can’t wait!!! 😂

  7. I started my annual last box (I’ve done one a few years ago though) and now my friends is going to join me (super excited to have her do this, such a fun thing to get excited about together). Anyway, does anyone know when she should purchase to be considered for the winter box? She tried a few days ago and it still pulled up the editors which she does not want.

    • You could wait until the first spoiler or at the latest the customization, as it is usually available by then! Plus then she will know a couple things she”ll be getting!
      Hope you and your friend enjoy getting FFF, it is fun to get excited over a box together!
      P.s you probably already did, but make sure to refer her so you get some add on credit 😉 wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on that extra bonus!

    • I may be wrong about this (I signed up before they created the welcome box, which was followed by the editor’s box), but I think the policy now is that the first box is always the Editor’s Box. I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that’s what I’ve read from some of MSA’s posts.

      • I believe you’re right about the mandatory Editors Box, as well.

      • I signed up for the fall and got the fall box.. no editor box for me. The editor box is just if you sign up between boxes.

      • I just signed up for FFF last week and my first box is the Editor’s box. I really wanted the box reviewed here but we’ll see what happens after I get my first box then the winter box.

      • Is the Editor’s box you will be receiving different than those that are on here? I believe there was one that was reviewed in-between Fall box and coming Winter box.
        Whichever it is, I hope you like the box you get! 😀

      • I do not believe so, I just signed up for the fall box and that was what I got.

      • If you sign up with a discount code, you will get the editors box and get billed again when the seasons box comes out. If you pay the full price, you will get that seasons box instead.

      • I ordered my daughter in law a box, because she loved my fall box, but she received the Editors Box, not what I ordered.

    • Today. The winter box is “on sale” today so if she signs up, that’s what she’ll get.

    • Not sure when exactly probably when the customization starts on the 4th. Though let her know she will have to order two boxes, the “starter box” and then the winter box.

      • Why would she need to order two? I am pretty sure it starts you on the current box, which is the winter box. In checkout, I believe it usually tells you which box you are ordering as well. If not, she can always chat with FFF to make sure she will receive the box she wants to receive.

  8. Well I’ve loved the last 2 quarters so I’m sure I won’t like this one.

  9. Liz, Sorry to take this of topic of FFF, but I emailed a couple days ago about adding the Derma-E box to the swaps. Wondering if you could do that. TIA

    • Ah so sorry – I am super behind on email! We’ll get it added!

  10. Wait customization opens up for everyone at the same time? Taking away the perks I pay for being an annual subscriber doesn’t really make me want to pay up front again

    • Yeah, I noticed that too. I’m completely disappointed. Is our only benefit now early access to add ons?!? So basically, our BENEFIT is the opportunity to spend more more on their product offerings. Hope it’s a typo or oversight. I’m emailing them about it and if not, I’m switching to quarterly billing.

      • Yes, sorry for any confusion. Customization will be open to all, but annual subscriptions will be able to select 2 additional items that quarterly subscribers will not be able to select. Hope that helps clarify!

      • The benefits of being annual are a $20 discount/year, extra customizations, and access to add-on sales a few days early. If you look at other sub boxes, annual subscribers usually only get a small discount. Causebox gives customization plus a discount for their annual subscribers. I’m not sure why FFF annual subscribers always think they don’t get anything special for being annual. FFF annuals do get more than most other boxes’ annual subscribers get.

      • Thank you Cynthia…saved me alot of typing..😃..Wish I could afford annual.

      • I agree that annual members of FFF get great perks. I think the point here is that, it is pitched as a perk of annual membership and now it has been taken away with no explanation or notice.

      • Sorry, I should have read all the way to the bottom of the comments. Please disregard my comment.

    • I agree with you! Why are we paying up front if not for some perks?

      Wrong move FFF!

      • there is:
        1. $5 box discount
        2. early access to adds on
        3. 2 more items of customization

      • Plus early access to the edit sales. By the time it opens up for everyone all the best stuff is sold out.

        And I promise, as a seasonal subscriber, the additional customizations that annuals get is everything since we end up receiving the leftovers that no one wanted-which lately has been either a god awful lipstick or some type of face exfoliator (or in the case of my Fall box, both!)

      • I find the second part true with customizations – never get the one I want, even if it’s 2/3 options lately!
        For the add ons, if you really take some time to hit refresh a bunch throughout the day(especially the last couple days) then you can get whatever add on your heart desires 9/10 times. Which, even annuals have the problem of getting the items they really want soo…not a perk that would make me annual at least. I only went for it once or twice for the extra incentive of the time, saving 20, and the extra customization – which is definitely worth it if you know you are getting all 4 boxes plus have the money all at once. Sadly I don’t have both very often haha.

      • If you wait until the last day you’ll find a lot of items become available again. I’ve read lots of comments from people who put six or $700 worth of stuff in their cart and then pare down over the course of the few days to what they can actually afford so a lot of that stuff that was sold out becomes available. Before I was an annual subscriber I ended up getting two items that way that were originally sold out I marked them as my favorites and checked back a couple times and finally there was more available. And I’m sure given the close knit community that this is if there something that somebody really wants I’m sure that there’s an annual subscriber that would be willing to pick it up similar to a swap

    • I think customization has always opened at the same time, but annual subscribers have more customization options. Its add ons that annual subscribers have early access to.

      • Duh! You are absolutely right. I went back and looked and this is the only time it said “ALL MEMBERS” on the calendar. Usually just says “customization opens” so I guess I’ve never thought about it. I redact my comment! Thanks!

      • Yes, exactly. No one panic – no benefits for annuals have been dropped!

    • It’s always been that way for customization so not sure what perks you think are being taken away here…
      If you mean add ons, they still open early for annual and if it’s the customization perk then annuals still get to pick more than the rest. No benifits have been dropped that I know of.

      • Actually, that’s not true. They used to allow annual subscribers to choose their selections early. It looks like it may have changed around 2015 without notifying members, but because they changed the verbiage on their schedule from “customization opens” to “customization opens for all members” I can understand why those of us who have been annual subscribers since that perk existed are reasonably disturbed by the fact that we just realized it has been removed.

    • Agreed – if the only perk is early access to add ons, having to pay a full year upfront isn’t worth it to me.

      • Okay – thanks to those who clarified about customization – I’m still pretty new to being annual. Glad all remains as is – looking forward to hearing more about the next box!

      • Hope you enjoy your next box, can’t wait for spoilers!
        Now if only I could stop distracting myself and read plus finish my assignment, there should be a class in college on how not to procrastinate haha.

      • You still get a $20 discount and extra customizations over seasonal subscribers.

    • Customization has always opened at the same time.

      Annuals get first dibs on add ons and edits and priority shipping.

      • Seasonals can get priority shipping by getting an extra customization or buying at least one add-on.

  11. Seems funny to have that spoiler on October 30th…wondering if that’s a typo. Looks funny in their calendar.

    • Yea… that makes sense. I’ll reach out.

      • I *think* the 30th is the day FabFitFun releases it to their community.

    • Why is that funny?

      • Probably cause it goes Oct 31st, Oct 30th, Nov 2nd, Nov 3rd it looks strange out of order when everything else is. At least, that’s just me

      • Wish we could edit *left out 1st and 4th as I wasn’t looking at the dates, but hopefully you get my point 😉 I do wonder why it didn’t go spoiler, and then add on preview to keep the date order intact…

      • I thought the same thing, but figured they wanted to separate out the add ons teaser vs. the regular box spoilers. Personally, I like seeing it laid out in calendar order the way Liz reorganized, though!

      • Yes, I much prefer seeing them all in order too!
        Thank you Liz <3

      • Glad to hear it is helpful! 🙂

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