BoxyLuxe December 2018 Customization Spoilers!

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For the December BoxyLuxe, you’ll be able to pick one of the items in the box and we now have spoilers for the customization option thanks to Boxy Baddies!

Today is the last day to upgrade to BoxyLuxe and customization will open tomorrow (10/23).

Here are the products you can choose between for the December BoxyLuxe:

PYT Mini Straightener

Suva Protege Palette

On October 23rd at 10 AM ET you’ll get an email with options for what you can pick. And you must pick it by 4 PM ET that same day!

FYI – in case you missed the first spoiler, each box will include:

VIOLET VOSS HG - PRO Eyeshadow Palette

VIOLET VOSS HG - PRO Eyeshadow Palette

VIOLET VOSS HG – PRO Eyeshadow Palette

boxycharm boxyluxe

There are a couple other items on the table, including Luxie Brushes. More possible spoilers?

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the October box will be your first box! (You must be a regular Boxycharm subscriber in order to upgrade to BoxyLuxe in September.)

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular Boxycharm box is $21 a month. BoxyLuxe is a once-a-quarter upgrade option you can add to your existing $21-a-month Boxycharm subscription. So for an additional $28.99, you’ll get the Luxe items, and be paying a total of $49.99 for that quarterly box. 

Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. That’s a 180$ straightener! Crazy!!!! Yes, please!

    • That same straightener was on Amazon for $18.00. Its gone now, or was when I checked again, but it was one zero less.

  2. Btw, just out of curiosity, I went back and clicked the email again, but this time chose the straightener and it took it! I went back and changed it to the palette and it took it too!
    So, if you have second thought, I think it is letting you chose until the allotted time is up.

    • I tried that too! Today I got an email for the palette. I originally clicked the palette by accident. Than wen back and clicked the flat iron.

  3. I wanted neither but I chose the Suva hoping that the rest of the box will be higher value than what comes with the straightener. I can’t believe it’s 2 eye shadow palettes! This is getting out of hand with the eyeshadows in EVERY box. If boxyluxe doesn’t knock it out of the park I’m going to start the new year sans boxy.

    • Joe said the value of the box won’t be altered by what you choose.

  4. I would really want the straightener but i live in Europe so i guess i have to get the palette ?

    • If you were given the option then why could you not choose? I know about customs and stuff but so should boxy. Choose it and see what happens?

    • You could probably use an adapter and be ok. Just depends on the voltage and wattage.

    • it is a travel straightener, it can be used in europes’ outlets

  5. Got the email. Clicked it. Clicked my choice. Done. So easy. Now I’m afraid that there is a glitch in the Matrix.

  6. I chose the palette,though honestly I wanted neither but wanted the straightener less lol. No problems though and it’s a step in the right direction for boxy ❤

    • I want neither as well. Last thing I need is yet another neutral eye palette! My niece straightens her hair and she travels a lot, so I picked that and will give it as a gift.

  7. I don’t care about options but what does OPT OUT OF WAITLIST mean? I am regular sub I thought getting December luxe box? Maybe maybe not?

    • It’s ok mine says the same and from what Info I have gathered it will say that until you have been charged on dec 1st. No worries 😀

      • Thanks Crystal.

        • Your welcome Tanya 😀

    • Wait … that was easy … I got an email, picked one and that was it. Guess I do get luxe box.

      • Yes see as long as you got the customization email to choose that means you are getting luxe!

  8. Just got the the email and chose the straightener looks like it also comes in lime green turquoise purple and yellow

    • From the email it looks like we are only getting 9 items in our box as well 😒 I read below and it says, “Plus you’ll receive 8 other expertly curated items with your December Boxyluxe “. I’m eyeing you boxy don’t think I didn’t notice that it’s suppose to be 10 items not 9, I’m going to really start watching Boxycharm. They send me a box full of crap this month, now there changing the item amount hmmmm I got my eyes on you Yosef 👁‍🗨👁👀

      • I don’t remember them saying you’d always get 10 items. If it’s 10, 9, I don’t really care, the value is insane.

        • They did say it would be 10 items a month. Sorry but I care after this months box. I never complain, I’m always pro boxy but they did me dirty this month so now I’m eyeing it. Especially if they sayn10 items then it needs to be 10

      • yes yes yes! I seen thatand was like what????? I got the first boxyluxe and it was 11 items plus the head band so 12, and now we only get 9 items??????

        • I am going to go To The Charm box

      • I think that was including the VV palette. So, that plus the straightener or SUV palette is 2 items so far. “8 other items” would add up to 10. I hope that’s the case, at least.

      • I think The First BoxeyLuxe Was Suppose to Have 10 Items And After That it was going to be 9 from a video I watched Before The First BoxeyLuxe in Sept.

  9. Just customized. No problems!!! Thanks Boxy.

  10. Wow! It was so easy to customize!!

  11. Got the email, got right in and chose the palette. I live overseas, so I can’t use the straightener! 🙂
    No problem with the process either!

  12. Got the e-mail right at 10:00 and was actually able to click through with my choice right away.

    • Me too, no problem whatsoever.

  13. Sigh. Violet Voss and Suva =made in China. So bummed.

  14. I’m in some sort of BoxyCharm dead space. Like their elevator or janitor’s closet.
    1) I sign in. They invite me to subscribe. I’ve been subscribed for years.
    2) I look at my BoxyLuxe ” invitation” and it continues to sa ” Waiting”.
    3) I sign up again and again for their newsletters. They dump my data and I never hear from them again about ANYTHING.
    4) I never know when my box is going to ship or what’s going to be in it– because they never email me.
    5) Yes, they have the correct details on file.

    How does this happen? Anyone else going through the same issues of being ignored for YEARS?
    ( Happens with too, but I know I’m not the only one with the issue there).

    Not sure why I am giving them my money, to be honest.


    • I’ve been having essentially the same exact problems with them! I’ve been subscribed for over two years, contacted them multiple times on problems with my account and they always would brush me off. Finally after the BoxyLuxe debacle, I sent a very lengthy email with my unhappiness and multiple problems I have been experiencing. They magically got everything fixed and now I’m getting BoxyLuxe. I hate to be “that customer”, but after contacting them five separate times on problems, enough was enough. I’d suggest an email just detailing your problems and frustrations lately (nothing rude) and hopefully you’ll get the same result.

      • I may be in the minority here, but I’ve had the complete opposite experience. I’ve been subscribed for a year and EVERYTIME I’ve had an issue (charms didn’t apply, broken palette, open item, or a melted highlighter) they’ve responded within 2-3 days and always in my favor. As they don’t have a customer service phone number, everything is done through email and they’ve been very courteous and prompt.
        I’m sorry that you both are having such troubles.

      • I had to do that with Allure.

        Annoyed me to no end.

        Still not fully resolved.

      • I’ve had the same problem. I never received an email allowing me to choose what I want in boxyluxe, and I’ve never received an email from them period. What boxyluxe debacle are you experiencing?

  15. Thinking of backing out of Luxe as this box while valuable doesn’t impress me so far. Hair straightener which I don’t need or a palette composed of the same color story as the Violet Voss which I’m not interested in because of the dull color selection. Hmm. Expected more for December, would have been excited to have the option of some Suva Hydraliner bundle.

  16. The owner of Suva Beauty has been on ABC’s 20/20, exposing light on the sales tactics that makeup sales people use . If you look in the Suva website, you will only see good reviews because they remove negative ones. Bummed this is one of the options.

  17. The CEO stated in another group the straighter’s value is around $70….not $150. Both items are close in value dollar wise.
    At first I was going to pick the straighter because I’m really excited for the Violet Voss, but after reading about that Suva brand I’m kind of interested in trying their formula . I just think it’s cool boxycharm is giving us the option to customize one item. That means they’re going in the right direction and will only get better.

  18. I’m puzzled by the short window.

    At least Birchbox gives you DAYS not HOURS.

    • Even julep and fabfitfun give you days 😑

  19. The more I read these comments, the more strange these choices seem. If the dollar value of the straightener is so much higher, it seems doubtful they will try to even out the cost with other products; that would be too much trouble. A travel curling iron would’ve been a better alternative.

  20. Suva has so many more awesome looking products (liners) and bright colored pallets. Why would they choose the only boring pallet they have? Ugh! They could have done this one and a funner one for customization options.They need new curators. I’m down for the job ✋🏾

    • I am definitely feeling that Safron palette. Wonder how the formula is like??? I love finding indie brands.

      • I agree!

  21. I had gotten an email saying I would be getting Dec. boxyluxe, but my accounts says waiting & there’s a button to opt out waitlist— what does that mean 👀

    • Mine is the same?

      • You will be getting it— unless you unsub.

        That is what i took from it— and if not oh i will be a sad sad sad woman 🙁

  22. I don’t know that brand of makeup or that flat iron😫.I’m scared of both lol but… I’m have to choose the flat iron lol😭😫😆

    • I’ve been using one of their flat irons for YEARS and it’s still my favorite.

    • I chose flat iron after googling it! Im EXCITED to get it! I have a GOOD set so a travel size GOOD SET be even better! Pallete colors not for me..have same colors times 10 and too many highlighters i dont use lol

  23. Those are really odd choices lol I’m not sure which I’ll choose, its overkill on palettes, but nobody I know even uses a straight iron anymore….hmmmm

    • What straight do you use?

  24. Hmm. Not really sold either way. Still excited for my first VV though. I was going to pick the straightener to gift to my sister, but now that I’ve read the comments, I don’t want to end up with the wrong variation box 🤣 I tend to get box variations that are the *one* I don’t love as much as the others 🤣

  25. Where is everyone finding the value of the straightener. The only place I seen a mini one on the awebsite was in a bundle with other products.

    • If you search for “travel” on these website it will come up by itself for $180, which seems really high to me.

  26. I am a bit surprised by choices. Both choices are cool, BUT the RV is soooo different. I will be more surprised if tomorrow email actually comes and site will not crush or both options would actually be available at 10am as they say.

  27. Im so mad bc i got the email telling me to choose tomorrow and i was not supposed to be wait listed the first time but was bc the zite crashed and i tried all day like everyone else and thrn got wait listed but said i am.getting the december box. Today i checked my account and it still says wait listed so i email and immediately get an AUTOMATED EMAIL spouting nonsnese ab having to wait. I asked WHY DOES ANYONE HAVE TO WAIT WHO HAVE BEEN CHARMING FOREVERRRREEEE AND GOT WAITLISTED THE FIRST TIME BC OF THE SITE CRASH. I get an automated email…nice….and I really want this box. So annoyed

    • They all say waitlisted. If you read below it there are stipulations in order for you to get the luxe box. Mainly, you have to remain a member the entire time in between the last luxe box.

  28. If I don’t pick, does BC just pick one for me? And I still get the Violet Voss palette, right?

    I have so many palettes and I have a mini straightener from Cult Crushes so either of these is a repeat for me.

  29. Liz, I am also wondering if us choosing the iron will impact our box in a negative way ( as far as getting fewer or lower value items as the rv of the straightener is much higher) do you happen to know if that’s the case?

    • Yosef had made a video in his IG saying it wouldn’t effect what you got in your boxyluxe.

  30. I think that Boxycharm just likes to cause DRAMA. If the link doesn’t crash (read: it a actuality works) then we will be happy but surprised, if it does crash, we will be ever more angry at their lack of support. Either way all of this = DRAMA…and i suppose that equals attention.

    It’s exhausting…

    • Allure’s giving me enough drama.

      It’s the 22nd and my box hasn’t even shipped yet. I keep getting automated-feeling replies to my emails that are not terribly informative.

      • Allure shipping emails are always off, like always. I got mine yesterday just be patient it’s still October. Some boxes come towards the end of the month.

  31. I’m not liking either choice but I’ll go with the straightener and gift it to my daughter for Xmas

  32. I think it should have been the straightener or the brush set as choices

  33. I actually really like that pallet like a whole lot and it’s nice to be getting a giant violet Voss pallet and then a smaller travel size pallet. I applaud Boxee being proactive to try to fix their issues and kudos to them for starting customization. Definitely a giant leap forward in the right direction. That being said I’ve never heard of this brand is it any good

  34. My concern is that if you chose the straightener the rest of the box items might not be as good because the pallet looks generic like ones at Marshall’s for $5 & the straightener supposedly is $180 value it doesn’t add up to me unless I’m overthinking but if we chose $180 item vs a $30-$50 item ( I’m sure that’s what it will list the pallets worth) the luxe is $340 value so we would get less or cheaper items if we chose the flat iron?

    • I am wondering this too. I’m afraid I’m going to screw up my box if I choose! I might just let them choose for me as I’m not super excited about a mini straightener (I’d be all over a full size though) or the palette (not into the warm tones or highlighters). I can only assume that if I choose the straightener (which I’d probably be slightly more likely to use than the palette), then it’s only going to be in box variations that have lower value items. Hmmmm…. too much stress. LOL!

  35. I am so excited to choose the straightener! Thank you BoxyLuxe for making this so dang much fun!

  36. Call me crazy but I’m stoked to get two palettes, neither of which is being provided for comic relief. It’s like Boxy is trying to make it up to me for the last 4 palettes I gave away. I’m not going to complain because actually trying to customize something is a step in the right direction for them and I applaud them taking a proactive measure to try and fix their issues.

    That being said…. never heard of suava….is it any good?

    • Ive never heard of it, but i find with a good primer amd setting powder and spray i can make it work lol. I have soooo many pallets from boxes..ive only ever bought 2 full price. Urban decay naked 2 and 3 lol. Subscription boxes keep me more then stocked on skin care and makeup and hair!

  37. I super happy I didn’t sign up for this “Customized” box hype. That flat iron is awful and the pallete is nothing special. This is a easy pass for me.

  38. Anyone find it weird you can’t find the palette anywhere when you search? But yeah also not liking either choice

  39. I know that they leaked that November box photo awhile back but I’m shocked they have not announced an official November spoiler yet and are just focusing on BoxyLuxe. I really hope everyone gets this box if they want it. This is smart to let us choose in October so that we are locked in and don’t cancel. I really hope luxe has a sleeping mask or a good skincare item included.

    • The entire November box has been shown

      • What’s in it?

      • One variation in an insta photo. No official spoilers that everyone is getting which products. I’m just saying that it’s the end of the month and they have usually announced at least one spoiler.

  40. I’m not really excited about either one. I’ll just let Boxy decide for me, as I will probably hope to trade someone for something else! Hope we get more spoilers soon!

  41. My Boxyluxe still says waitlist so will I get December’s?

    • Mine too, I’m wondering the same thing.

      • On facebook in the Boxy group they say yes but Boxy has not told me this when I email them. I just get vague responses.

  42. I’m a palette hoarder, so easy choice. But agree that it’s odd to get two palettes in one month.

  43. But what even is the first item???

    • Straightener

      • Whoops duh! I thought it was a third item in that first photo in addition to the straightener and the palette. I see now that it’s just the straightener packaging.

  44. I have lots of very long curly hair. A mini straightener would take all day 😂

    • I have naturally straight hair.

      I don’t need any mechanical help.

      • Same, but I got the straightener so I can depot other boxycharm shadows? lollll

  45. Kind of odd that the choices are between having one palette or two in your box (as opposed to one palette or none) but it’s super cool they are offering customization.

  46. Seems a little bizarre as choices but I guess at least we have a say. That palette has a few similar colors as the VV shadow spoiler so 2 palettes so far.

  47. Definitely going for the mini straightener! I have plenty of palettes, but I do not have a mini iron to take on my vacations with me.

    • Ditto!

  48. Wait, that mini straightener isn’t even portable? It has a wall plug? What’s the point?

    • Portable does not equal wireless.

    • It does save a little space. I carry mine to the gym in by purse.

    • How would you use it without a plug? The mini irons are good for travel.

      • They make cordless ones.

  49. 6 Hours in which you hope their server doesn’t crash and nothing goes wrong so your choice will go through? Hmmm I would have hoped they gave themselves a bit more wiggle room than that.

    • Agreed. 6 hours? Why? I can’t understand what they think is going to happen. Of course the site is going to crash, it always does. Not giving their subscribers adequate time to make a selection is just begging for trouble.

  50. I didn’t receive the email. Is there any other way to customize? A link?

    • Email will be sent out tomorrow at presumably 10am eastern time.

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