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BoxyLuxe December 2018 Spoiler #1!

We have the first confirmed spoiler for the December BoxyLuxe box! (Thanks for the heads up, Caitlin!)

Each box will include:

VIOLET VOSS HG - PRO Eyeshadow Palette

VIOLET VOSS HG - PRO Eyeshadow Palette

VIOLET VOSS HG – PRO Eyeshadow Palette

boxycharm boxyluxe

There are a couple other items on the table, including Luxie Brushes. More possible spoilers?

What do you think of the spoiler?

If you sign up now, the October box will be your first box! (You must be a regular Boxycharm subscriber in order to upgrade to BoxyLuxe in September.)

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular Boxycharm box is $21 a month. BoxyLuxe is a once-a-quarter upgrade option you can add to your existing $21-a-month Boxycharm subscription. So for an additional $28.99, you’ll get the Luxe items, and be paying a total of $49.99 for that quarterly box. 

Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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PLUS Special Offer


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Comments (93)

  1. I just got an email for boxyluxe that indicates we will be able to choose one item in our December box!! Anyone else get this customization email?

  2. I got on the waitlist sept 1 just around the time that the Sept Luxe box got out of stock. I am still on the waitlist. Wondering if that is normal or should i reach out to Boxycharm? (I know they said as long as we got waitlisted on of before a specific date, we should be good for BoxyLuxe December.)

    • You will receive the December box.

  3. So I just upgraded to Boxyluxe via an email I got and it said I will be getting it in December. It didn’t mention anything about a waitlist. Is this happening to everyone when they select the upgrade?

  4. Did anyone else receive the spoiler email for boxyluxe that says the value of this box will be over $340 and there a blush swatches in beautiful pink tones?

    • *are

    • I did! And I’m sooo excited!

  5. I am SO EXCITED about this. That palette has great reviews on Sephora, and I have been wanting to check out something by Violet Vass because I’ve heard such good things. Boxycharm seriously hits it out of the park with so many of their selections.

  6. ok so it looks like in the box of brushes that theirs tweezers in there…..also I hope we are getting a portable handy straightener that would be WONDERFUL

  7. I just got an email saying Luxe will have a value of $340+, so I’m excited to see what else is in it!

  8. Ohh! I need to borrow $50! 😀 beautiful shades from Violet Voss, which retails $45 on the web site. You can create a ton of looks from day to night. Also, huge fan of Luxie brushes! Looks like it’s a gift set 💖 and a possible travel flat iron?! Whoa!

    • My hair is down to my butt, super thick, a travel size flat iron would take me about 2 hours !

  9. YES!! Finally a palette that I can use everyday. Right up my alley. And Luxie Brushes! Always great to have on hand when you need a clean set. Very excited to get the Dec Boxyluxe!

  10. I wonder if violet Voss will be in the regular boxycharm box or will it only be the Boxyluxe subscription?

    • From what I understand it will be just in Boxyluxe

  11. One can never have too many makeup brushes! I Love Luxie Brushes!! Brushes Please!!!

  12. love!!!! 🙂

  13. I’m excited to try VV, but already have alot of brushes i never use..haha. Are these really that good??

  14. Wow, boxy! Now I’m impressed. Palette is greate item for luxe box. And I hope for luxie brushes and that lilac iron will be included too. Can’t wait for December!

  15. Now this is a palette worth my money!! Excited 🙂

  16. Now that’s a spoiler! And a palette! Not some over priced unknown brand, but an actual, recognized item from a respected brand with serious value. I’m not doing Boxyluxe, but this is the kind of thing that makes me think subscribing might be worthwhile.

    • Agreed! Finally a palette to look forward to!

  17. Yes!!!!! Awesome! 😍

  18. Sigh if its from China i don’t want it.

    • It’s made in China, a lot of other brands in boxes are as well.

    • You’ll have no problem selling it to make your $$ back.

  19. Ommgeee! I’ve always wanted to try a Violet Voss pallet! I’m so excited to see this in the luxe box 😍 woo hoo! What a great gift for myself for Christmas! I generally spend it alone so I’m really excited about this box and very happy to have upgraded 😁❤️💕😻 boxy has blown me away since I started a year & a half ago 😳😊😻😽

    • I too am alone for Christmas. Last year I didn’t look at any spoilers for the boxes I get and wrapped them as soon as they arrived. Then I opened everything on Christmas morning with my dog, he gets boxes too, and it was the best Christmas ever!! Doing it again this year.

      • ❤️❤️❤️❤️Do you live Pennsylvania? No need to spend Xmas alone! We can all have a boxy Xmas 🎄 🎁 😁👏

      • Hey! I’m in PA. Whereabouts are you?

    • ❤️❤️Do you live in Pennsylvania? No need to spend it alone. We can all have a boxy Xmas 🎄 🎁 😁

  20. I do love the brush set that is pictured, but I was really hoping for more of the Luxie Pro collection brushes like the one we got in the 1st Luxe box! That brush is my favorite brush I have ever used and I would love to see what the eye brushes are like from that line.

  21. I am excited for this palette, but I really don’t use roses or reds on my eyes. I will be able to use the browns and highlights. Those Luxie brushes pictured are awesome!! I am staying subbed just for Luxe. I was able to get the 1st Luxe box and I was extremely happy with that. I have cut my subs down to Boxycharm and Luxe, Ipsy Plus, Allure, Beautyfix, and FabFitFun and the edit sales! That is PLENTY!!! Probably tooooooo much still, but hey….it makes me a happy woman, and we all deserve to spoil ourselves!

    • I’ve been checking Beautyfix out and haven’t made up my mind yet… do you like? I do all the others you listed… I actually have two ipsy’s …the plus and regular.

    • Are you me? Those are the best subs for the money, imho. I also do Target even so often as well. Allure has really been amazing this whole year.

  22. I have been dying to try VV but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. These aren’t really my colors but I’m still excited! The first luxe box was worth it for the luxie pro foundation brush so fingers crossed that the luxie set is in there too!!!

  23. Looks like we might be getting a brush set and mini flat iron. I sure do hope so.

  24. Oh my I want that luxie brush set!!!

    • I’m thrilled about the pallet. I haven’t bought a VV pallet yet. I’m also hoping for the brushes. If I have one I have 100, but I’m in Love with makeup brushes especially eye brushes.

  25. Awesome! I’ve never gotten to try this brand so super excited.

  26. This spoiler got me to hit the upgrade button omg. Honestly the first BL didn’t impress me with the spoilers at all but December BL is one spoiler in and highkey worth it! When I hit the upgrade it said my December box is reserved so I’m not sure if there’s still a waitslist or what, but here’s hoping I’m able to get it : D

    • Yeah I signed up today and it said “you’re at the front of the line. No need to wake up early. We will do everything for you” so I’m assuming I get the box?

  27. Be still my heart! I have been dying for a Violet Voss palette and am beyond stoked to see we will be getting one, much less one that has all warm tones (my favorite). Then let’s talk about that incredible brush set! I already have so many brushes, but for some odd reason, they are some of my most cherished items. So we only have 2 items thus far, but WHAT ITEMS they are!

    Yay, I am supposed to be getting this box, let’s just hope that Joe and his “Waiting list” don’t disappoint!

    • I too have been wanting to try the brand and have been wanting this exact palette from them. I think I may cave and resubscribe again to try for it. I am wary as I saw how things played out for the first boxylux so I’m going to be glued to msa for updates. The comments here are sooooo helpful…my fingers are crossed I get my box from the Summer’s Eve promo and can turn that into the December Subscription.

  28. Is that pallet will be in both box? Regular ($21) and boxyluxe($49.99)????

    • R: I don’t know for sure, but I suspect this is only for BoxyLUXE since it is larger than the standard box Boxycharm uses for shipping.

      • I definitely think the VV palette is only in BoxyLuxe.

    • Only in Boxyluxe

  29. Still waiting on my October ship notice.

    • I never received a notice so I contacted customer service and mine shipped the other day

    • Boxycharm ship out 10th of each month.

    • I just got my email, not even 30 min ago.

  30. I’ve accumulated a lot of eyeshadow palettes over the past year and while this would be great to gift, I’m loving how well those colors look like they will work together and I don’t have a lot of coordinating roses and reds. I think I will have to keep this one, my daughter can borrow. Pretty excited to get this! <3

  31. What an awesome spoiler!! I canceled my sub in August, not sad at all I missed September and October’s boxes. November’s looks mildly better but eh.

  32. Darn, I own this palette and have no one to gift it to… I’ll prob put it up for swap.

    Can we please get the flamingo or something new? *sigh*

    • Lolol I LOVE VV and I was like well crap I have them all but Flamingo so while I am super excited for everyone else…..womp womp…. 😂

    • i dont have it and im not getting boxy anymore cant afford it moneys tight. iff ur feeling like u would like to gift it to someone i would love and i mean love to have this. i wish i could get my boxy sub back only had it for like 3 months but it was my heaven wile i had it.

    • I would have loved a juvia’s place palette or any of the newer colourpop ones. Maybe some other interesting palettes that I’ve eyed but didn’t buy! Flamingo would have definitely been on that list. oh well.

  33. Another neutral palette? Yawn.

    • Oh my gosh that definitely looks like the full brush set 😍

    • O-M-G looks exactly like that one, Mfrp $65. Killer box if they included this brush set. You can sign up for BL but u will be waitlisted (will say- stay subscribed & you will get Dec BL, but confusingly it also says will contact you when ur off the wl). Ipsy sent me email today no wl for Nov Ipsy Plus subs, Im guessing many cancellations after they misrepresented their Plus sub.

    • Oh, myyyyy! I can’t breathe))

  34. I wonder if us that are on the waitlist we get it? I signed up the day they released it but was a little to slow. 🙁

    • I believe so Joe said anyone on the waitlist will receive the December box.

    • Me too

  35. A-mazing- VV palette everyone was asking for after VV variation lippie. Can’t wait for more spoilers! Love the luxie brushes. I recently purchased the kabuki (5) rose gold set & they are so thick & soft, just amazing quality!

  36. I’m not a concurrent subscriber of many boxes (I’ll switch in and out on months I like) so I guess it is a little frustrating… but I also probably save money by buying stuff I do want or not buying at all. It just seems not to be worth the headache for Ipsy or Boxy… did they get rid of the overall waitlist for both of them? Just too much variability. If I really want it, I’ll pick it up from the swap groups I guess.

  37. violet voss is hit or miss some pallets are good an some asi asi, the price point is ridiculous at times so i will not purchase on my own, with that said if its sent to me than ok but i would not go and purchase.

    • I don’t really think VV is prices high it’s a 20 pan palette for $45 so $2.25/shade. If the shades are too close to a color I have I choose singles or smaller palettes.

  38. I’m swooning over that luxie brush set

    • Yessss! That was the set they were setting last holiday season, right? I remember going to Nordstrom just to gawk at the set. LOL

      • I love luxi brushes such great quality I never have to many brushes keep them coming.

  39. Omg not another palette!! I’m joking lol I am cool with it!! 💋

  40. 😱OMG!!! Seriously!?!? I think I already have this. Lol! Let me go through my palettes……

    • I love this pallet do many beautiful colors so many different looks you can do do happy to be getting this one.

      • YEEESSS!!!! I’m so happy to be getting this one too!! I went through my palettes and I don’t have this one!!! 😍😍😍 The one i purchased back in August was Hashtag. I got it on sale. I was going to purchase this one too but now I’m glad I didn’t!!😍❤💜❤💜

  41. I’m not t a fan of VV so I’m looking forward to more spoilers.

  42. The palette looks nice! I’ve never used this brand, but I’ve wanted to try it. I’m guessing this will be in all the boxes. There is always a palette in the regular boxys, so I doubt they’re going to put 2 palettes in the Luxe box. You what would be cool for the Luxe box though, that flat iron! A travel flat iron would be a great item to switch things up a little bit. I hnestly wasn’t that impressed with the products in the 1st Luxe box (I did not receive that one), so I’m hoping better things will be in the December box.

    • That flat iron was in a picture last time too. Whoever it belongs to needs to put it away already.

      • Darn, I was also thinking a travel flat iron would be so awesome.

      • I was thinking the same thing wouldn’t that be awesome.

      • Lmao yes they do ! I got all excited 🙁

    • They put 2 palettes in the first boxyluxe. Everyone got the pretty vulgar palette but only boxy luxe got the Park avenue princess palette.

  43. I’m pretty sure this is boxyluxe only! Only bc Yosef said on fb & ig that he would show a boxyluxe spoiler not boxycharm 😊 I would love to try whether it’s either or . I’m boxyluxe since the first one and I can’t wait for any of the items for luxe to come to me bc it’s my bday month in December so this will be a wonderful treat 😊

  44. Dang it. I just bought that palette in August!

  45. Will the violet boss palette be in the boxycharm box also? Because I know they usually have 3 products from the boxycharm in the boxyluxe box.

    • It looks too big to fit in the regular BC box dimensions imo. I’d say exclusive to BL.

  46. I’ve never tried this brand? Can anyone tell me is it worth the cost?

    • Absolutely! This is all over Instagram and the “beauty influencers” all rave about it! Not to mention the reviews on Sephora are all wonderful! I myself cannot wait!

    • VV is one of my favorites. So much so I have alllll the palettes already save the last one from a couple months ago, so I have this already but I’m legit excited for everyone else.

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