BoxyCharm October 2018 Spoilers – All Product Variations!

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We have the full spoilers for all the products sampled in the October Boxycharm box!

First, all subscribers will receive:

Next, all subscribers will receive one of the following:

Lastly, all subscribers will receive one of the following:


And here are 2 confirmed box variations:

Box #2 Variation:


Box #1 Variation:

boxycharm october box

Source: Instagram user cosmeticosalpormayor

Box #1 Variation:

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the October box will be your first box!

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Hello! Could anyone tell me when I should sign up if I want to start my subscription in November? Should I just sign up November 1st? Thanks in advance!

    • Yes, November 1st if you want the November box. Otherwise, if you sign up anytime in October you will get October’s box.

  2. I keep trying to leave comments but for some reason they almost never show up… Liz, anybody, can you help??

    What I’d really like to say, however, is that got variation #2 (boooo!) with the AHAVA hand cream, Briogeo leave-in hair mask, and the KVD liquid lip in Bow n Arrow. I’m not partial to any of those three. If anyone is willing to trade, I would love any red lipstick- I swear, just about ANY red lipstick would do- and would absolutely kill for the Farmacy Green Clean cleanser. If anyone wants to trade I’m down!!!

  3. I got bow and arrow the lace mask and the hair care so I emailed them about supposedly not sending us duplicates. I’ll let you know what they say

  4. sosososososoooooooooooooo upset 3 of the pigments in my pallet are crumbled to nothing im so upset and nope still no word from boxy charm…..

    • Angela, upload a picture of your pallet and forward it to Boxycharm customer service and they will definitely send you a new pallet. It happened to me and I received a new one and you don’t even have to send the damaged one back. I hope that helps. Sorry to hear that, it sucks but you will get a new one.

    • Honestly, don’t stress it. As long as you take a picture of your palette NEXT to your mailing label and send it via email, you’ll be fine. They will replace it. They’re really good with that. May take a few days to respond but they’ll send you another one in your box next month. But that pic… you NEED that label in the pic or that will extend the process when they ask you to retake the pic and then take several days again to respond.

      • Response to that, they will not send it in your next subscription box it will be sent in a yellow manilla envelope but make sure you take a picture of it with your whole Boxycharm box that’s how I did it and I received it before the next subscription box. Good luck

        • 🤷‍♀️ I always get it in my next month box. As long as you get it, who cares? Good luck getting your replacement Angela!

          • Yeah true, but I don’t see how it would be possible to get in your next months box when it’s a pallet and the things you get in your box already fills it up so, how would two pallets fit in that small box, I guess like she says “who cares as long as you get it” and it won’t be in the next box. Good luck, sweetie.

          • My alamar pallet was broken , they told me I would receive a new one in next months box after I sent the picture next to my black Boxycharm box with the shipping label showing, but they sent it sooner in a yellow Manila envelope. I was impressed, they should do that for the people they sent repeat items to also

          • Exactly, that what I was saying. You will receive it in a yellow manilla envelope before your next box because there’s no way it will fit in the Boxycharm small, black box with your other items. 😏

  5. Listen charmers can I just play devils advocate for a second? I see a lot of complaints and everyone is entitled to their opinion but come on you guys…. this box is $21. We get &120$ to $150 worth of products every month! I don’t k ow another beauty sub that comes close to boxycharm. I mean I don’t know if it’s because u guys are spoiled but 99% of boxes out there usually have one hero item. Boxycharm delivers every month. Yes I agree the Lillie is too pink for me..(it’s Kat Von d I will give it as a gift)!! And the eye gels are a repeat! But look at the palettes we get! Look at the mascara and face products and brush she’s we get!! It’s insane!! We are so lucky in my opinion. Anyone I know that has canceled boxycharm comes right back because they realize the deal they were getting! Try walking into ulta and spending $20 u won’t even get one item!! So please try and be greatful. Not every box is full of diamonds but they are all gems. That’s for sure. I upgraded to Ipsy plus and they are 4$ more a month than boxy. But it looks amazing. I have not had to shop for makeup in years thanks to boxy and Ipsy!! So please think about what I said. We are SPOILED WITH THAT 21$ price tag for all the amazing things we get! And even the stuff that we don’t like can be swapped or given as a gift and you make someone’s day special.❤️ You know? ❤️

  6. Got an email from boxy saying it appears I’m getting a repeat item and it was brought to their attention and next month they will be including an extra item in my box. Not happy really wanted the lace peel, and the makeup melt 😢 my box won’t be here till tomorrow

    • Got the same email👎👎👎

      • I got the same email as well.. it better be something good!!!

  7. Got my box today! Got the farmacy & lace mask as pictured in my email spoiler. No repeats. I’m happy. Won’t use the mask after seeing yari g try it on the tube. It pulls similar to a biore nose strip if anyone is wondering. Maybe good for some ppl with acne that need that for all over the face, but just targeting your nose is a good idea if you want to use it!

  8. Was hoping for the mask/Green Clean….instead, I got a brown lipstick, a freaking hand cream (are you serious, Boxy charm?) and yet another Briogeo spray….not the silhouettes shown in my preview. Boxy keeps getting worse and worse, only reason I’m staying subscribed is for Luxe, so between months I’m just throwing away $21, bc the last few boxes have been abysmal.

    • This is exactly what happened to me too. And luxe is the only reason I’m still subbed too. I was definitely disappointed.

    • I agree. Last couple months have been boxy set the example for boxes and now has taken a noise dive

    • Oh no the silhouettes were different than from what u got? Why would they do that? I know I got a repeat of those under eye gels and I am cool with that cause the boxes are always so amazing. I mean just the palette and mascara is worth $70 and we got it for 21$.. my lip pie is. Bright pink and I am 45! I will give that to my young neighbor across the street. I wonder why they don’t at least give the right siloihwttes? What was your shadows of? My shadows look like the Farmacy melt and the under eye gel.

  9. just got mine yesterday, i had variation #1 with the balm and lace mask, and got the lipstick in shade lovesick. i adore the palette, the shadows and face powders have a beautiful texture and colors. my only complaint is that the silver shimmer isn’t as pigmented as i’d like as thats my favorite shimmer color and i have a hard time finding one super pigmented.

  10. I just got mine, it was farmacy and the mask. Box was 1lb. Definitely do not think the weight matters.

    • I’m so very disappointed in this months box! I not only received repeats wander beauty undereye masks but also didn’t receive the color that they sent me in my spoiler email!!! I’m so mad I could cancel at this point!!!

      • I received variation #7

        • Me too. I didn’t even know there were 7 options. Wander eye patches, hair mask, & KVD in Cruxifix. Good thing I just wanted the box for the mascara, but it was way below the typical Boxy wow factor I’m used to.

          • I just received variation #7 today as well, and it didn’t include the eye patches. It included Chella Brow Cream, which wasn’t even listed as an option on MSA or on Boxy’s website. Between this and not getting the Green Clean, I feel majorly cheated!

      • If it’s a repeat item for you then you should be getting an email from boxycharm that lets you know you’ll be getting a bonus item in your box next month.

      • What lippie color did you receive?

  11. I received variation 1, which I usually get for good or for bad. This month it’s good! The lip is Mother which I haven’t tried before and I like. The balm appears to be quite solid but melts so easily. I haven’t tried the mask yet, but if it sticks tight, I’ll apply water rather than tugging. I’ll likely gift the mascara and palette.

  12. Yay!! I literally just got my box. I got version 1 with the mask and balm – 1 lb. I did get the K-Dub as sneak-peaked. But I am very pleased at getting the balm!

  13. I got variation 2 but instead of the hand cream I received the lace mask. I was hoping to try the farmacy but still a great box. It’s always worth $21

  14. I got the variation with the lace masks and the melt off balm. Mine weighed .9 I don’t believe weight matters.

  15. Just to clear something up the Farmacy is a little smaller than the full sized jar. I own the full-size and they are not the same.

  16. I haven’t received my box yet but my sillouettes were the same but my box doesn’t way quite .9lb more like .875 or something like that!
    Thanks for sharing!

  17. I resubbed to Boxycharm last month and I think this is my favourite month so far.I received the following out of the variations on top of the mascara and palette; farmacy, lace and peel, along with the KVD lip shade in lovesick which is really pretty. I am tempted to update to BoxyLuxe for December. Great job Boxycharm!

  18. Soooo many comments so apologies if this is a repeat…

    I received box variation #1 which I almost always receive.

    My variants were KVD in KDub, Farmacy Green clean, and the lace face masks. My weight was .9 lbs.

    Has anyone tried the face masks? Boxycharm beauties actually warned folks to not do it!

    • I’m pleased with this box overall especially in comparison to a few previous ones.

    • Why did they warn not to use the masks? I was going to use one of mine tonight but decided to wait another day.

      • Supposedly because they pull at your skin and are hard to take off. I’m waiting for someone to say they’ve tried it first before using mine lol.

        • I tried mine last night and loved it, I’m tempted to try the second one tonight, but better wait. I had minimal redness and my skin felt smooth last night and has throughout the day today. Definitely a product I’ll purchase, even at the high price point.

    • Where did you find this warning? From who and why????

    • I watched a youtuber do it and it looked painful . It’s basically like doing the activated charcoal mask, which is a pain to remove

    • I got the same! Kind of concerned about the mask, but may try it. Just won’t let it totally dry. I am very happy I got the Farmacy.

      • I can’t believe how awesome the farmacy is!

        If someone has safely used the mask I might attempt it but still really nervous about it. Was going to do a girls night and use them both.

        It was Samantha with boxycharm beauties on their Facebook page that said not to use it. It was hard to get off and left her skin really red and irritated.

    • Yes this is what I was wondering about the mask

  19. I will be pissed if I get repeat offenders. I’m already getting a hot pink lippie. I don’t suppprt KVD so it’s a throwaway / giveaway. I don’t want eye patches I already have. Hand creams hair care products that aren’t the same price point is just rude. They aren’t full sized. And I already have plenty of them from other sub boxes so Boxy is just sending out old crap. We pay money so we expect to get decent items. And it not get the same crap over and over. No more variations- they just make most of us mad. The ‘best’ box is what everyone seems to want yet we don’t get.

  20. In the spoiler email I had the silhouettes of the balm and sheet mask. I received both the balm and the lace sheet mask (box variation one). My box weighed 1 pound even if that helps anyone.

    • So there’s hope! That’s what my box weighs but I haven’t received it yet. I kept seeing that variation to have weighed 0.9 lbs. Thanks:)

    • My spoiler also showed the balm and sheet mask and my box weighed 1lb. But I got the Briogeo spray and Ahava cream 😔

    • AmandaMoo give me hope and then Jules takes it away!!! 😭😭😭 Same silhouettes, same weight, same hopes for the balm and sheet mask. Actually it’d be great if I could get the balm and the Briogeo spray. LOL.

    • I haven’t received my box yet but my sillouettes were the same but my box doesn’t way quite .9lb
      Thanks for sharing!

  21. I got variation #1 which means the Lace A Peel mask and the Green Clean.

    Honestly I am generally happy with whatever comes in my boxes as I like opening them and there is generally at least one or two items if not more that I really like and use.

    I have a wide circle of friends as well as my housekeeper who I pass on things that aren’t my color or style. Luckily there is great age variation as well as skin tones and style.

    I don’t understand the emotional energy that people invest in what they get. If $21 or whatever the cost of a subscription box was any kind of economic commitment, I wouldn’t buy it and would just purchase exactly what I wanted/needed for far less money. For me, it’s a form of entertainment and not much more than a movie; a cocktail with friends or other forms of relatively inexpensive fun.

  22. My box came today and I received the Farmacy and the masks. Also received KVD in Lolita, its very pretty. The palette is gorgeous! Can’t wait to try all of this out! I’ve been with Boxy for a few years now and thankfully, have never received a repeat!

    • I got the same box. I LOVE it! Boxy hit a home run with me this month! So happy to get Lolita!
      Love the palette and can’t wait to try the farmacy cleansing balm!

    • I got the same box. Just curious about the color of your Lolita? I had watched some YouTube unboxings where the Lolita shade had more of a pink shade to it. I was so excited to finally not get a brown lip color. I received my box, and lo and behold, my Lolita was brown.😕I signed up in May and have received a brown color EACH.TIME.

  23. I’ve had boxy for years so I am not a new subscriber FYI. I received my box today and while I did get the lace mask that had theoutline showing in the preview, I did NOT get the little jar, I ended up with MORE BRIOGEO!! Bleh. $16 RV for a tiny little spray bottle that I have half a dozen of already?

    The palette is sealed but I am so tempted to check it out, the colors do look nice but the four face pans I def wouldnt use so not sure what to do.

    Nothing ground breaking this month but nothing I can really cry about either I suppose. lol

    Going to list stuff now for swaps so look me up, I linked my swap page if you need anything. 🙂 FYI: I got the bow n arrow shade for the lippie.

  24. Hi Liz,
    I was wondering if Boxycharm would exchange the products that some customers may have gotten already in their 2 to 3 months ago with a different item. I dont think it would be fair to receive an item that was already given to them in the same year… or last 2 to 3 months. They sent an extra apology gift to customers that received the same cover fx that they have already given out.. would you please check for me. Thank you

    • I’ll reach out and ask!

    • Watch out for the witch hunt on this forum. Crazy bag ladies will start calling you greedy 😛

  25. Dr. Brandt No More Baggage is one of the best products I have ever used. I received it in my Boxycharm a few boxes ago. I never thought I would say that I would Love to receive a repeat! Here’s to hoping for another Dr. Brandt No More Baggage!!

    • Completely agree!

  26. That is actually box variation #3 NOT #2. Sydney clearly shows the #3 in bottom right corner. From other unboxings I’ve seen, #2 has the briogeo but has the lace face masks instead of hand cream.

    • Yes, I got the box with ❤️2 and it had the Briogeo hair mask spray and the lace masks, although in my “spoiler” email there was a silhouette of the Farmacy Cream, which I was so excited about getting!! I think the variations should atleast be comparison is price. Whereas one of the box variations include the Lace Mask supposedly retails for $30 and the Farmacy retails for $22 ($52) and My box, Briogeo retails $16 And masks $30 ($46) which is close BUT those who got the 3rd variation, the Briogeo for $16 and the Ahava hand creams $10 (their total only comes to $26) which is half of the first variation! I don’t think that’s very fair at all! If there’s going to be variations, atleast let the retail values be close in comparison!! I’m ok with my box, although was so excited when I saw my spoiler, which was not what I received! Oh well!!

  27. I got variation #1 and very happy with the box. The lip color is beautiful and wearable, the pallet is so pretty. Happy with the mask and balm.
    P.S. Still not updating to boxylux, no way!

    • Def not until after November box comes. It’s like throwing money in the wind

  28. I haven’t watched that many unboxings but I haven’t seen anyone with the repeat products. Mine is supposed to be delivered today but the tracking doesn’t even show it’s in my city so it will probably be tomorrow. I haven’t seen anyone get the lip color I’m getting so I have a sinking feeling it will be one of those items.

    • What color are you getting?

      • Hawkwind

        • That’s what I’m getting!

  29. my boxy is being shipped via ups this month,,anyone else same here

    • Mine was but transferred to USPS for delivery.

      • I received my tracking number yesterday, Fedex Smartpost. It will be delivered by Usps on Saturday.

    • I am

    • Me mine went UPS to USPS and it seems to take even longer than fedex smart post , boxy just needs to send mine through the mail no smart post at all. I’m getting frustrated every month waiting, and especially now wondering how this box will turn out for me. Fingers crossed no repeats even though I’ve alre received an email from boxy saying I got a repeat and they will correct it. Not happy, especially after fighting for my LUXE box last month. I’ve stuck up for Boxycharm , but this , this I feel was a low ball this time. I’ve always said be happy you don’t always get what you want, but not telling us there could be a chance of repeats, not uttering it once until after you’ve shipped them out I feel was being so untruthful and very VERY deceiving.

  30. my box is .093 lbs. does anyone else have that? what’s in it?

    • Mine weighs that too avd patiently waiting. Suppose to be here tom or Thursday. Would like to know the variation too.

  31. Sorry sone of you are so disappointed in your box this month. I skipped September because it just wasn’t a box for me and I’m trying not to become a hoarder. I love the South Mane eye patches and feel they work way better than Wander which provided only hydration. It’s temporary but intoxicating to see my bags gone. Dr. Brandt works but not as long as South Mane. South Mane price on websiteis great but shipping, Aaack!! Ahava is everywhere it seems but it’s so kind to dry hands and winter is coming. I can’t believe I didn’t get waitlisted so happy to have missed a month and be back! I’ve seen that palette swatched on various skin tones and think it will work for me. Boxy Luxe still not in December budget but oh well!!

  32. I don’t get Boxy right now, but I like seeing the skincare! (and hopefully someone in one of my groups who prefers makeup to skincare can get with me since I got Glam bag plus and we can swap a few things around this month and that’ll be cool too.) 😁

  33. I’m happy with either box, I’m glad they are considering what we need per skincare and hair care since its change of seasons and it’s already getting chilly where I live. As long as I have three to four full sized items I’m happy ☺

  34. I’ve been with Boxy for 3.5 years and I’m extremely disappointed. They’ve always sent 5 full size items. People are getting 3 or 4 full size items in this box. There’s no excuse. I’m very upset to see that they’re literally throwing “junk” in boxes now. They have leftover products from previous boxes, so they’re giving it to us again and hoping that we don’t notice?

    What happened to the company that cared about the customers and wanted to keep us happy? It honestly seems like they’re concerned more about the big numbers, 1 million customers, the fact that someone will take our place, the Kardashian’s advertising, etc.

    The company used to make sure we never got repeats, they made sure we had full size items, they made sure we were happy. Now, it’s like they don’t care. They’ve been talking about customizing boxes for most of the year and we will be lucky if it happens by next Spring. It looks like they might be losing business to Ipsy soon. I won’t continue to pay for a box that doesn’t value me or my money.

    I keep getting “afterthought” items. Instead of a pretty lipstick in September. I got a hideously dark Grande Lips color. It wasn’t even a brand that was announced. Instead of Tarte or Becca, I got $12 lashes. Instead of Farmacy (the last time or 2), I got something else. Some of my items also arrive defective or broken, but the boxy community (facebook) bullies you to the point where you no longer report things, because they belittle you and make you feel like you’re doing something wrong, for wanting a spray that doesn’t leak everywhere.

  35. I’m really hoping these repeats are for brand new subscribers. All of those repeat items have been given in the last 9months. They apologized about the Becca primer being a repeat and sent bonus items , that was at least a good repeat.
    There’s just no comparison in these variations. It’s one or two good variations and then the rest are fillers . I think them doing away with the wait list has hurt the box.
    I’ve been one to say it’s only $21 and you always get your money’s worth , but lately with these variations ….not always. It’s not really fair that a few variations are awesome and some variations are cap when everyone pays the same amount. The past few months everyone gets excited about released spoilers and then boxes arrive only to find filler items.

    I have Ipsy Glam bag plus and I’m actually excited for that one. If boxy continues with these variations I’d much rather save my money on a product I really want.

  36. I love the Baggage Claim eye masks but we did JUST get those not long ago. This box is not one I’m super impressed by at all. I’d say it’s the most disappointing, especially since I won’t use the KVD liquid lip since I’m not supporting a racist anti-vaxxer.

    • Where do you get she’s a racist from? That’s such BS

      • Michelle: It most certainly is not BS, but many of her early pix of both her and her previous boys=friend in full Nazi gear seem to have been scrubbed. Do a bit of research on her however and you can find out some uncomfortable information about her.

  37. I got the box with the Charcoal mask and Farmacy cleansing balm. I am so surprised because I usually get the short end of the Boxy stick. Super happy with my box this month.

  38. Those people who received silhouettes of the blam and mask in their email do you know the Weight of your box??

    • I received the masks and balm and mine weighed 0.9 lbs

    • Mine weighs 0.9 pounds and I got the balm and lace masks in the silhouettes. My box just shipped though and I’m hoping this is the variant that I’m getting!

    • I received Lovesick color lipstick and Farmacy cleanser. Box weighted 0.9

    • I got the silhouettes of the balm and the masks but did not receive those items, well I did receive the masks but not the balm, I got the Briogeo spray! Was so looking forward to the balm, was a let down but oh well! Hopefully you get what you are wanting!!

      • Got the same as you and the lovely brown corpse bow and arrow shade! 🙄. Third Farmacy product I’ve missed in a box. My fried hair could probably use this freaking conditioner so they probably did me a favor!

  39. South Mane, Wander & Dr Brandt are all leftover products. Those should just be thrown in as an extra freebies (like the 6th item) and not counted as an item. BOO! It would have been better received if BC had said “we have some extra products from previous months which will be in the box as a 6th freebie item”. Of course ppl will still be upset bc its not the freebie they hoped for, lol.
    Please pls pls no eye masks in my box *crosses fingers* Can’t wait for Dec BL!!! Looks killer *screams*

    • You are sooo greedy

      • It has nothing to do with greed. It was just a suggestion/idea. Repeat filler items end up leaving charmers disappointed, frustrated and/or even upset. Hope you enjoy your filler item and hope I don’t get eye patches 🙂 Have a happy day!

        • Only people who are new to Boxy are receiving the products from previous month, so no repeats.

      • I agree with you, the box is only $21 you’re lucky for all products. Can’t be so greedy. So sad

        • Ha! Not lucky. Not greedy. Paying. Do you honestly think these sub boxes are gifting these items to subscribers? Do you believe they pay full retail & just sell the box at a loss out of the kindness of their hearts? Um, no.

      • There’s nothing greedy about wanting to get good products in a box you PAY for.

      • Hasn’t Boxycharm sent additional products to subscribers as recently as August just because they were sent a product that they had already been sent? Yes, yes they did. So why now is it okay to get rid of their extra items by sending duplicates to their normal $21 Boxycharm subscribers????

    • I agree poppy! They should of just thrown them as a thank you to long term subscribers😊👍

      • Yeah right. Just throw in some expensive items as a thank you. What world are you living in?

  40. Repeats and Filler items. Boxy is beginning to go downhill fast.

    • Regina: Downhill? Seriously? Just because you don’t like one of the variations? smh…

  41. I got the variation with the charcoal mask but after reading about a bad experience by a Reddit user, I’m afraid to try it on my sensitive face. I actually would have preferred the hand cream.

    • I have a feeling that I am NOT getting the mask and yet wanted it. Would you be open to swapping once I see what’s in my box?

      • i got the mask and went straight to t he company and asked them and they said they would not reccommend it for my skin type or sensitive skin

  42. Received my box today, box #1 . Don’t know if that helps, but my email had those silhouettes of the balm and mask and that’s what was in my box.

    • What was the weight on your box?

      • Not sure. Where do you find that? I had the KvD in “lovesick”, btw

      • I had the same box with the balm and masks…. mine weighed 0.9 lbs

    • The weight of the box should be your email (FedEx) that boxycharm sent you.

      • Hi Tina- so I checked and it shows the tracking from Georgia to here in California but it doesn’t state the weight anywhere.

        • Look under the tracking info you should see a box the says travel history click it and it should bring you to a pull down window and then you click on shipping facts and over there it should tell you the weight on the box.

          • I can’t find this info ANYWHERE in the app or online…

          • I haven’t received my box yet but my sillouettes were the same but my box doesn’t way quite .9lb more like .875 or somewhere like that!
            Thanks for sharing!

  43. Definitely leftovers. I know not every month can be great, but this is a bit much….

  44. what’s wrong with you BOXYCHARM?????


  45. So did people with the silhouettes of the paper mask and the cleansing balm ACTUALLY get the items? Or were the silhouettes the same for everyone? I saw a lot of people asking but I never saw anyone respond. My box should be coming in soon but I did have the same silhouettes. I am REALLY hoping I actually get the paper mask and cleansing balm instead of repeats or deluxe samples… =(

    • I think my box should be here tomorrow. And I also got the same silhouettes as everyone else with the peel off mask and Farmacy container. Hopefully I actually receive those items.

    • It was the same for everyone. I ended up receiving the briogeo hair prodUct and south mane eye masks.

      • Cady: Are you a new subscriber or were the South Mane eyepatches a repeat for you? Just curious to know because I see some people claiming that the repeat items are only for new subscribers.

    • I had the mask/farmacy silhouettes, but I got box #2 with the leave in conditioner and lotion 🙁 I had the bow and arrow KVD and my email says the box weight was .9

  46. Woah that’s some huge price difference!
    I wouldn’t mind receiving repeats, but I sure will be pissed if I ended up getting the lowest value combination. Yikes.

  47. Seriously, we are now getting old, leftover product and sample sized products as fillers in our box? They promised the Luxe box would not effect regular subs, it didn’t take long for that promise to be broken! Boxy is tanking HARD!

    • I agree! I think now that they have everyone locked down until December to get Luxe, they can just throw whatever they want in the regular boxes. But this is crazy. I can’t imagine that none of us will get repeats. I’ve gotten both eye masks and the eye baggage cream. At least two of them in less than a year. I personally think next month’s box looks pretty lame as well. If December isn’t truly amazing I bet many will unsubscribe, including me.

    • I wonder if you contact Boxycharm about the repeat items, if they would replace them like the last time their customers complained.

    • That has been happening for a couple of years. If you never unsubbed and resubbed, or recently subbed, then you get the “new” products. If you are a newer subscriber, Boxy’s theory is that those products are new to you. This is why all of the ppl who play the unsubbing game, are doing themselves a dis-service in the long run. It’s probably more lucrative to sell or swap what you dislike, then to get bottom of the barrel dupes every month. It’s very smart of boxy, bc they don’t need to have clearance sales, when they can pass the items off to new subscribers.

      But I think it’s crud. I’ve stayed a subscriber for years, but it’s getting old when even the “new” items are closeout colors and products. My favorite items are liquid lipsticks. But twice in a row, I’ve gotten shocking purple lippies. I always get the worst option offered. I prefer purples and berry colors, but modern hues, not powder puff lavender or fuschias or bright oranges that went out 2 years ago. Everyone knows that those colors are discontinued, and they couldn’t give them away for free – but I am paying Boxy for them…that is EXTREMELY irritating. They are skating near the edge. It’s obvious this is how they can sell so cheap, but everyone else gets better colors than me. When I do get a normal color, it’s the same exact shade of nude that I’ve gotten countless times. Sigh.

  48. That’s a whole lot of recycling. Hopefully they aren’t sending people repeats.

  49. I hope they don’t send repeats to those of us that been long time subscribers…

  50. Sad to see repeats. I wonder if they’ll send it to people who have already received them

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