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Allure Beauty Box November FULL SPOILERS + $5 Coupon!

Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have the full spoilers for the November Allure Beauty Box!

The November 2018 box will include:

What do you think of the full spoilers?

If you sign up now, your first box will be the October box. Here’s what you’ll receive:


Use this link to save $5 off your first box and you will also receive this free bonus gift:

Galexie Glister Glitter Gel in Moon Dance -OR- NY Mornings

And in case you missed it, here are the spoilers Allure leaked for the next few months. (Sizes, and if items are variants are still TBD unless noted.)

The only sneak peek we have for December is that it will be a Special Edition Box:

We are SO excited to reveal our next collaboration (and even more excited to tell you what’s inside!) but trust us—it’s worth the wait.

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

PLUS Special Offer
PLUS Special Offer

Allure Beauty Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (127)

  1. I got the same box but I also received Lulu Frost earrings valued at $95. There’s a card included saying they are a special gift because I am a loyal subscriber. Maybe they are put in randomly?

    • What?! Seriously?! How long have you been subscribed?

      • Maybe a year

    • Wow that’s awesome. Wish I got that lol. I haven’t seen anyone else who’s got them. Lucky. How long have you been a sub?

      • Around a year, maybe a little more

    • I received the earrings in my box as well! They are beautiful and perfect for the holidays! Really surprised!

    • I received the earrings in both my boxes! Great Christmas gift, I’ve been subbed for years btw.

  2. Just got billed for November.

  3. I just received my November box today! The Invisibobble set was Princess of the Hearts (pink) instead of the Golden Adventures set pictured.

  4. I only got six items is that correct?

    • Yes, you have the box with the YSL lip stain so you would not recieve the two variant items (hair spray/eye mask).

    • I’m wondering the same thing… I didnt get the eye masks or the oribe spray, nor a lippie? I only got the top 6 samples… is this right?

    • I received the top 6 samples, plus a YSL lip stain.

  5. Its 30Oct now, and I still haven’t rec’d the Oct box…their CS is horrid. They tried to tell me I cancelled the box, then said that the 4 for $10 that I accepted would start with Oct (so where is it?) then said they messed up and I should receive an Oct box for reg price (when? which version?) followed by the 4 for $10 boxes starting in Nov. I’m seriously considering just putting a stop payment on the credit card, but I usually like their holiday box. If I continue after the 4 for $10 I think I’ll do it thru Amazon.

  6. Anyone else not get Oct yet?? I did the 4 for $10 and see that Igot charged awhile back and on the allure acct info page it says ordered Oct 22nd, but still no tracking and no box.

    • I couldn’t believed the lies of allure, kept taking my subscriptions without sending anything, so mad! I don’t suggest to anybody to subscribe to them anymore, waste of time to speak to the stupid supervisor when nothing really shipp out by just taking people money!

    • Its 30Oct now, and I still haven’t rec’d the Oct box…their CS is horrid. They tried to tell me I cancelled the box, then said that the 4 for $10 that I accepted would start with Oct (so where is it?) then said they messed up and I should receive an Oct box for reg price (when? which version?) followed by the 4 for $10 boxes starting in Nov. I’m seriously considering just putting a stop payment on the credit card, but I usually like their holiday box. If I continue after the 4 for $10 I think I’ll do it thru Amazon.

  7. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, How do you actually cancel or stop subscription for this box?
    I emailed them twice, no response.
    November box is nothing special for me. Do not want to get charged for this 2-day use masks…

    • I would try calling.

      As for e-mail, you basically have to bang on them daily, each time forwarding the last e-mail received with any new comments on top. I did this because it wasn’t mentioned that changing to the annual price subscription would screw up the first box after the change.

      I finally got a ship notice, but God only knows when I’ll get it.

    • With you all the way! I’m hating the November beauty box. I don’t like sheet masks of any kind! Not a good value for me.

  8. I love this month’s box but I didn’t did not receive the eye patches (which I have used that brand before and I LOVE them) or hair product (which I do not use those types of products so I’m not mad about that). Even with the missing eye patches I am still extremely happy with this month.

    • If you got the lipstick you got variation 1 which did not include eye patch or hairspray.

  9. Boooo…wish they would have mixed it up with just a bunch of masks in one box kinda ruins it for me. Plus ive heard those hair ties are just awful on hair. Like hair getting caught and them being hard to get out.

    I was hoping they would have done something fun and vampy for halloween, and something normal and cozy for thanksgiving, and do sometging amazing for us in december since this year has been an awful year, since the new girl took over, with only 2 amazing boxes….but alas, maybe next year if im still here…

    • I actually use those hair ties and LOVE them! i’ve never had a problem with them getting tied up in my hair, and i have waist-long hair so if it’s getting tangled up on anyone’s hair it would be mine. They’re the best hair ties I’ve ever used, I’m excited to be getting them as they’re normally $10 a set

    • I agree I would put a stop to this Nov box if I didn’t t think it was such a hassel, I hope the box’s get better, oct box was nice this box just looks like they threw it together but so far this is the first box I don’t care for so thats not to bad out of the several months I been getting them …

  10. My box was missing the eye patches and hair products? I did get a lippie?

    • The eye patches and hair product was a variation for those who did not get the lippie, so you got it all.

  11. Not real happy–I still haven’t rec’d my Oct box and its now 24Oct. I sent an email asking about it on Mon 22Oct and other than the automated email reply that they had received my email, I’ve heard nothing back from them. Kind of makes me regret accepting their 4 at $10 subscription extension (I didn’t care for the spoilers of the Nov box and was going to cancel after Oct). Are there other subscribers still waiting on their Oct boxes? Do people get a better response to phone calls when dealing with Allure CS?

    • I just gor mine today. Finally! Latest I’ve ever received my box.

    • I just got my Allure box today. I had problems with Allure before and I found out that they reply way~~~ faster when you call then email. Email usally takes me a week to get a reply. So it’s better to call them.

    • It’s the 25th and still no tracking for my box…..nothing on either. I’m done with them

    • I haven’t heard anything about my October box. What is their ph# and email? It is super late. I want to complain.

    • I still don’t have mine either and no shipping notice either. Out of curiosity (and I really wanted this box) I ordered a second one from Amazon and got a tracking number from them a day or two later and the box came a few days later with the YSL lippie (yay!) But I’m really frustrated that I can’t get the first one I ordered and have already paid for. Let me know if you have better luck by phone and I might try that as they haven’t responded to my email.

      • I Always call when I have a problem; emails are bound to get overlooked. If you call they WILL talk to you, wether or not you get the answer you want is up to wether or not you get a decent CS rep though. I’ve had great experience with Allures customer service, and I’ve had downright Nasty mean service too. My box was late this month, but All our mail has been late this month. But yeah always call; I sent out emails for months at the beginning of the year. After 15 no replies I called and found out if I had Called right away, instead of emailing, I could’ve gotten my boxes. In the time I was waiting for an email response the boxes had sold out. Even though I had been billed for them; they couldn’t give me anything except my money back, AND blamed me for not ‘being on top of my subscriptions or I would’ve recieved my boxes…’ That was one of the Bad experiences 😤

    • I finally emailed them on the 25th because I hadn’t heard anything, and I received a shipping confirmation the next morning, quickly followed by an email from CS with a repeat of the tracking link. However, the tracking number says that USPS is still awaiting the item as of today (10/29), so I have no idea when I’ll receive the box.

  12. I just had the best experience with Allure CS! USPS attempted delivery on Saturday, and I wasn’t home. A notice was left and I rescheduled delivery for Monday and my postman still didn’t have it. He just came today, and told me the box is nowhere to be found!! You can imagine the look on my face! Anyways, I called Allure CS, and without a question the woman I spoke to put in a reship of my box!!! I always have great experiences whenever I have the need for their CS Dept. They may take awhile to reship missing items or this box, but it will show up and they also gave me 4 months for $12 plus tax! Allure is awesome in my opinion! Thank you Allure!!! I cannot wait to see what December holds for us!

  13. I am dying for November’s box, but then again I am a bit of a skincare freak. That said, I can’t wait to have a true, full blown Spa Day right in my own home. YAY…and it’s right before the holidays (so needed).

    Then we have the collab in December and I still am betting it’s with HUDA Beauty, but what do I know. It should be a great one nonetheless!

  14. Still haven’t received shipping info from the actual allure site sub. My Amazon sub is on the USPS delivery truck today.

  15. It is now 10/22 and they still have not shipped my Oct. box. I sent them an email last week about it, today I get email back finally saying “my box will ship this week” What a freakin joke. After they ship it, I’m cancelling. I’m done with this subscription. Not worth the aggravation anymore!!!

    • May I suggest that you call them? 1-800-274-1603 They’re email CS and phone CS are not integrated. I almost never even get an email response. If you call and explain the situation including that you’re ready to cancel, they’re likely to offer you a gift such as a past box…

    • If you like the subscription you can join through Amazon that is how I subscribe. I joined Sept 11th and in Sept and this month I got my box on 18th. I am skipping November which it was really easy to unsubscribe online and I am planning on re subscribing in December earlier in month so I get box sooner.

      • That’s probably what I will do….if I like a box I will buy it thru Amazon. I see the people on Youtube got their boxes already last week, I guess to advertise for more customers. But they can’t even handle sending out boxes to their current subscribers in a timely matter

      • I’m not a YouTuber and got my box last week sometimes I get it early sometimes late the month isn’t over yet! I find a lot of boxes are shipping later and later every month, some I’m lucky to get in the month it is due.

    • Right?!! I feel your frustration, they screwed me over the first 4 months this year. It is an amazing box, IMO, but I feel like there’s always a chance I’m not gonna get it lol. I mean it’s not funny, I remember being So Excited for the Jan, Feb, March boxes, and I never got them. They charged my card and then ran out of boxes and mine never got shipped. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I got the “we can refund your money to your account” speech; I got Mad, yelled that I didn’t want the money I WANTED the PRODUCTS; it’s an amazing box When you get it. Their customer service sucks so bad, like right now. I never resubscribed after I canceled in April. They refunded my money to one card and then Randomly started taking money off another card in August and I started receiving boxes without getting any email notice or anything. I’m not upset, bc I did want these boxes, but I am curious how they were able to start that account back up without my permission.

  16. I am skipping November it reminds me of Cult Crushes June box which was my least favorite. I like masks but not a box full of them for $15. I buy 5 packs of masks for $5 at Marshalls, never wear my hair up , and the one time I used a foot mask I was grossed out not to mention I already have soft feet so never saw a difference . I wanted to try watermelon mask but that is not enough to pay $15 for.

    • I totally agree. I wouldn’t mind a few but not a whole box. I’d rather go get a certain mask I want at a store for 5 or 10 bucks than this box. Can you skip one month and then get December’s still??

      • I subscribe through Amazon so skipping for a month is pretty easy . If you subscribe through Allure I have heard of people calling and skipping a month.

    • Something like this would actually be better for January, to tap into all that “new year, new you” vibe.

  17. Got my October box today! I received all advertised items. Everything was intact and well packaged. I don’t like the YSL lippie…feels cold & wet. The color shade is not labeled, its the tawny nude…boring on my face. Everything else will have to wait b/c I have too many open products in my arsenal right now! But I’ll probably make an exception for the SR duo 😉

  18. Allure sent me an email apologizing for the delay in sending my new member gift. Only thing is, I’m not a new member. I’ve been with them for a year. Hope I’m getting a free surprise.

    • Lol! So typically messy of them. I got my first 5 boxes for$10 because they forgot what “introductory” meant…Oh Allure!😂😂😂 Hope you get something cool!

  19. FYI; Guild City is offering a three month sub plus a free Full size Eyeko Eyeliner (ugh!) for $29. That’s less than $10 a box.

    • Who is Guild City? I tried a quick search and came up with nothing.

      • Lol! Sorry. Guilt City.

      • Still nothing.

        Are they a Kickstarter?

      • It’s “Gilt” City 😉

      • Oh jeez. I would have gotten it eventually. Sorry. Can ya tell I don’t visit the site much. Search beauty box. They offer random promotions for different subs. They should just provide you with a code that you use on sub site.

    • I often wonder if Eyeko makes any money on their eyeliner or if they just give it all away. It’s in every sub every month!

  20. I am excited for all the things! I am excited about Oct. and Nov. And Hoping for a Great Dec. too! Makes me sad that missed out on Sept. box, thanks to CS for messing up my order, It was one of the main reasons I sign up. Now i am getting run around from them on my Free welcome gift and I referred someone under a special and well..their CS sucks! If Dec. doesn’t blow me away, then I am canceling! Its a shame, I am loving all the products coming up…they just need to train their CS to be nice..haha!

  21. Has anybody got their October box yet? Or they’re shipping email yet? Still haven’t even received my shipping email yet… 🤔🤔🤔 I know they always send their boxes out late, but I feel like it hasn’t been this late in awhile. Maybe it’s just me! Lol.

    • No. Of course they’ve made sure MSA and a few other influencers have gotten theirs. I actually got a shipping email from them but it’s just a notification basically. It’s been 3 days since I got the Your Allure Beauty Box Has Shipped email and it has not even arrived at the ‘shipping partner yet. They started using DHL.

      • I got a shipping email Monday and according to tracking I should have it tomorrow. I feel like they shipped out late this month as well but, after the problems I had with Allure in the beginning of the year I’m just happy to receive the box! Oh and they didn’t take my payment out until like the 14th or 15 either I believe. I will post when I receive mine.

      • Same. I got my email 3 days ago but it hasn’t been picked up yet either. Normally it doesn’t take this long when I get it.

      • DHL?

        Great. Be sure to add 2-3 days to the delivery date, because for them, “delivery date” means when the Post Office gets it.

      • It’s been DHL for a few months now but the shipping info isn’t like w/ ipsy. It gives you the usps shipping number so you can’t really track it. I got a shipping email 5 days ago. USPS is still waiting for my package to be delivered to them from the shipping partner. That’s new! It took 4 days to get to that info. I have no way of knowing where it is or when it will be here. I can never get an email response from them and if I call, they don’t know what’s going on. They know they put out a great box so I doubt they make any improvements anytime soon.

    • I was just going to ask the same question! My box is late also, no shipping notice yet but payment was taken on the 1st!

    • I got my shipping notification on the 15th. Current status is “USPS awaiting item, Glendale Heights, IL”

    • I was billed on 10/9, received my shipment email a couple of days ago, but it’s stilll “waiting”. I usually get my box about a weekish after billing. I usually have mine by this time…

      • Mine has moved now. I think, I should have mine tomorrow or Saturday.

    • This is why I love to order through amazon. I got my box around Oct 6. I ordered two more for Oct. I ordered one of them a couple of days ago and already got it. I cancelled all three online bc I don’t want the Nov. box. It’s so much easier. They sent me a Spongelle this week as a new customer gift. I got something last month too.

    • I subbed to Allure through Amazon and that box came yesterday but the one subbed straight from Allure has not arrived yet.

    • I haven’t received my red box. I usually have mine by the 18th of each month. This is a first for me. I have never had a problem getting the allure red box. Hopefully it will arrive soon.

    • I received mine today today

  22. i’m not loving November masks box at all….I have had enough of them, plus there so cheap now…allure your great…however who picked this box out, did not do well…please makeup and skincare and some haircare at times…

    • I actually love this mask box. It’s nice to get this as the holidays approach and all the masks look good. I like the idea of an all mask box once this year. The box costs 15 dollars. I’m sure the box is worth way more then that.

  23. Am I the only one that just hasn’t gotten into the face mask trend? I really want to, so I guess with this box I will! Some of these will be great to give as Christmas gifts too!

    • No you aren’t. I can’t do the sheet masks they freak me out. I like the ones in tubes but I never think of it til late in the evening and by then I am just too lazy. The people that do it before makeup, well they amaze me. I am putting on my days makeup at 5am so that isn’t going to happen.

      • I don’t really do many sheet masks in the morning. Evening is a different story. I do my regular nighttime routine, get into my pajamas, slap on a mask and lay in bed and read for the 10 to 20 minutes it requires. I don’t get much time for myself as I’m a mama to 5 so that 20 minutes I set aside for myself I look forward too lol.

  24. Allure has me excited for something every single month. Even when they fall short for me, there is always at least one product I fall in love with. I’ve been with Allure since June and have discovered at least 6 products I can’t live without. So excited for mask month!!! Allure does such a good job curating these boxes. I love getting products that everyone is talking about, or are cult favorites. That’s what’s sets Allure apart!

  25. There are some subs out there that could learn a thing or 3 abt themes from allure.

  26. Booooo , so not impressed. Worst box ever in many moons ive been with them.

    • Maybe time for you to take a break from boxes if you think this is the worst box ever.

  27. I got a shipping notice for my October box!

  28. They had me at Invisibobble. I was just about to buy another pack of them (my fellow curlies know the love). Allure is hitting it out of the park.

    • Amen girl! I don’t know how I used to live without them. I could have a house full of them and I’d still need more lol.

    • I can’t wait to try these! I have straight hair, but it’s very long and thick. I already use hair ties that don’t split ends, but they give me headaches sometimes. So these are really good, huh? Excited to give them a try.

      • I also have thick, straight hair. Invisibobbles are the only hair ties I’ll sleep in. They’re one of my favorite sub-box discoveries.

    • Yes! I love these! I don’t know how I ever lived without them!

    • I have really thick, long, curly, and frizzy hair. I’ve heard of these but I’ve never tried them before. I never know what to do w my hair so I always just put it in a bun or ponytail. I’m a busy mom and just don’t have the time to style my hair. Do you think these Invisibobbles will be able to hold my hair up? 🤔 Thanks in advance to anyone to can help me figure out what these things are all about. I read all the good reviews about them so I’m praying they’re strong enough for my hair!!!!🙏

      • You will be sooo happy with the invisibobbles. They are amazing. I got some knock off ones from cvs…they were okish but NOT the quality that invisibobbles were. And they totally do not leave any ponytail mark.

        Allure hit it way way out with these!

    • I just recently fell in love with invisibobble. I thought that they were no big deal when I saw them in subscription boxes but I got some in a free bag from Walgreens of all places and I have two daughters one with hair that is very fine and straight but a lot of it just like mine, and the other is very thick and curly like her Dad, and between the three of us we all absolutely love the invisibobble hair ties!!! My hair actually stays up and I don’t have to redo it 5x a day!

  29. Has anyone received their La Mer cream for signing up in September? I sent a few emails and all I got was a generic your sign up bones will be shipping later this month. I have a feeling that I’m never getting it.

    • I’ve gotten 2 free gifts over the years (initial and resub) and they both shipped separately and took well over a month to get…but I did get them. Hopefully you do too.

    • Has anybody received there October box yet? Mine has always been on time and never had a problem with allure I absolutely love my boxes. I just haven’t received my October box wanted to see if anyone has.

    • Nope, Never got them or any of the other products they claimed to send if you open another account! So seriously don’t even bother! They will not send them to you!!

    • I signed up the month before and was supposed to receive something or other (can’t quite recall) and it took MONTHS for it to get there. But it will eventually reach you. I even ended up getting a bonus Korres gel-moisturizer thingy too. One thing I’ve learned about Allure, despite it’s sucky customer service you do get what you’re owed.

  30. What I love about this box is the potential for gifting! I will use the Glamglow, pearl mask and the eye masks. My daughter will get the rest in her Christmas “stocking” which is now a makeup bag.

    • I think that is so cute that her stocking is a makeup bag. What a sweet idea 🙂

      • She’s the youngest but almost 17. I wish I could have done this when we had all the kids at home but some years it was about giving them all gifts and stockings plus trying to make it all as fair as possible. Hubby and I are both the youngest and bargain shoppers. So is my daughter. Last year her makeup bag was a Michael Korrs bag we found hidden inside another bag at Marshall’s. On clearance! $20! Sold! It’s just a plain bag, no pockets or compartments. This year she wants a travel bag.

    • So glad to see another mother does this lol!! My daughter gets a lot of stuff from my sub boxes for birthdays or in her stocking at Christmas. It’s awesome cuz we’ve got different hair types, (mine is fine and wavy, her hair is thick and much straighter) and her skin is Super dry, where as mine is oily combo. So when I get a sample of something nice, but not for me, I’ll give it to her (after checking the ingredients and reviews of course). She’s the only kid I know who’s got brands like Caudalie, Drunk Elephant, and Tarte in her vanity 😂😂 at ten years old. Pray for me when she gets into makeup!!

      • Lol! Never too young to teach them about skincare! I’m the youngest, hubby is the youngest and this daughter is the youngest of 6 total. We all know how to bargain shop and what’s worth the money and what’s not. She will be 17 just before Christmas. I have changed my ipsy profile a bit in hopes of getting the makeup I won’t use but she will. Like highlighter. I need polorized lenses to be around her out in the sun! Highlighter, eyebrows and mascara! I’ve managed to get my hands on some seriously ridiculous highlighters just to see what she will do. I did get her all time favorite but a couple are just insane! We were taught to power our noses. Now the tips of girls noses need to glow day and night! Cracks me up but we had our makeup trends too. I usually stop giving her stuff around August and she will ask if I have any _____ because she’s out. Lol! Nope! Go to Walmart and buy some elf or wet n wild. You’ll be fine! She doesn’t know what I get in my ipsy but she knows what’s in the Allure and has asked if she’s getting this or that.

      • Haha not the only one my 11 year old gets alot of stuff I can’t use or don’t like😂

      • Emily this post really made me laugh because I have two daughters, (11, & 15) and a son (12) and the girls get all of my extras and “Not for me” products….my son just steals the face wash and hand cream!! Luckily my oldest only wears mascara and lip gloss!! (But she does raid those!!)

  31. I am so freaking excited for this box that I’m ready to explode. I’ve needed to cancel for financial reasons but I’ve held out for this mask box!

  32. I finally signed up for Allure because the October box was so perfect for me, and now I’m really looking forward to November, too! I’m actually most excited to try the Invisibobbles because I wear my hair up alot, but the whole box looks like so much fun. So glad I finally signed up for this!

  33. Does anyone with sensitive or reactive skin have experience with the Glamglow mask? I would like to know if it’s worth keeping both my subscriptions for November. (Only interested in the Glamglow and Glow Recipe masks.)

    • I have super sensitive skin and I have been okay using glamglow. Gotcha I want to say that one time it did bother me a little bit but my skin may have just been extra dry or something weird was going on because I’ve been okay the other times. To give you a sense of my skin sensitivity level, I can use the Kate Somerville exfoliant but I leave it on for the shorter one minute versus the three minutes.

    • GlamGlow was terrible for me. I have very sensitive skin and it caused a rosacea flare up. Proceed with caution.

    • Everywhere glamglow touched my skin was bright red within seconds. I would go to Sephora and ask for a sample and then order the box if the mask works for you.

    • I dont have super sensitive skin but I did just want to comment that it does “tingle” as it dries. Some might be scared that it’s burning or it may feel more extreme than you expected but any redness for me is gone pretty quickly. Definitely spot check on your skin first though! I love the stuff myself…

    • I am pretty sensitive and I spot treated with it and it left giant red marks on my face.. luckily they went away by morning but yeah proceed with caution.

    • I have sensitive skin and rosacea and I got a sample of the Glamglow gravitymud peel off mask in another sub box. It didn’t bother my skin.

  34. Has anyone with sensitive/reactive skin tried the Glamglow mask? It and the Glow Recipe mask are the only two things here I’m interested in. Would like to know if it’s worth keeping both my subs for November, or canceling my Amazon subscription.

  35. Perfect! Awesome variety of masks and I cannot wait to start getting some December spoilers for their special collab box!!! Ty Allure! I also got my shipping email last night for this months box and they actually sent the email before it started to travel anywhere!!

  36. I think they finally hooked me into subbing with this box. Looks awesome

  37. I couldn’t be happier…I think that ALLURE is a huge success in their curation. Now all we need to do is get them to address their abysmal Customer Service!

    • Their CS is the actual, literal worst

      • You speak the actual truth! Seriously! Wow. Their email CS and phone CS are separate. Email CS can’t see or tell what the phone CS has done or communicated with you and visa versa. I don’t even bother trying to email anymore.

  38. Pretty good! I was thinking of cancelling based on the theme spoiler (just have mask overload…) but glad I stuck around. It’s a good variety of masks. I’m even excited over the more ‘normal’ pearl mask as I’ve tried a pearl mask before (different brand) and it really did work well and noticeably brightened my skin.

  39. Well, Allure got me to resub. I don’t like face masks, especially not mud/charcoal masks, and I have a box full that I’ve started giving away. But lip masks, foot masks and eye gels are great! The invisibobble is a big miss for me–my hair is too short to pull back. But I’ll give it away. Now I’m waiting for the December collaboration spoilers…

  40. Allure did a great job on this box! Fingers crossed that they’ll keep on this path 🧡

  41. When I first learned this was going to be a mask-centric box I set a reminder to cancel. Then the first spoiler was released and I’m pleasantly surprised. Kinda very happy I didn’t unsubscribe yet. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for December’s collab box.

    • Same!!! I actually got a second sub because I wanted 2 September and October boxes and I figured for sure I was going to cancel at least one (and then maybe re-sub for December depending on what the collab is). But I’m sticking with both subs for November too. Completely surprised myself…just goes to show you how well Allure did with this theme.

      • Lol I’m in the same exact boat! I really just wanted two of the September box, but then the spoilers started getting so good that I didn’t want to cancel my second subscription.

  42. I feel like Allure took the mask theme and knocked it out of the park with this variety. Unlike everyone else’s “themes”…

  43. So excited for this box!
    After a year of Allure, I unsubbed in October because I was feeling like the last few boxes have been more miss than hit. But, This box is amazing. So excited for November and December!

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