Sugarbash Fall 2018 Spoiler #1

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Sugarbash has released the first Fall 2018 Sugarbash box spoiler!

Each box will include:


Get a beautiful Kevia gemstone bracelet* featuring a 1″ medallion with a pearl accent on black macramé cord! The perfect companion to your gorgeous fall mornings and pumpkin spice lattes. Valued at $61, the Vie Boehme Bracelet is 18K gold plated and nickle free!

(Colors will vary)

What do you think of the spoiler?

The Box: Sugarbash

The Cost: $75

The Products:

  • Customize 1 item per box
  • A minimum of 6-7 items
  • Enjoy exclusive designer collaborations
  • Access to gated members only add-ons
  • Lifestyle box with seasonal themes
  • Members only warehouse sales and limited edition boxes

Good to Know: Boxes ship June, September and December 2018. Total of 4 boxes per year.

Check out our Sugarbash reviews to learn more about the previous subscription and to see what kind of items you can expect!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Has anyone received an email with our VIP choices yet? I haven’t found much from this company’s Instagram page yet.

    • Apart from this spoiler they have been very quiet– I thought that this Fall Box was supposed to go out around next week.

      • I’m frustrated wuth them too, took the plunge a little later than others so i paid a little more.
        All the boxes have been late znd their respnoses to me have been brief. i was told it would ship late September.
        Was expecting Crate and Barrel among other top brands. The summer box was not my style, but managed many nice gifts to family and friends. Only used the scarf and face moisterizer.
        I’m not a complainer, try to see the positive, but hope the next two boxes make this annual good.

      • I really like this sub, but thought I had been missing an email with our choices. Don’t forget that the missing item from the summer box is going to be included in this box as a bonus. Can’t wait to see what it is.

      • On their FB they mentioned that VIP Choice selections will go out next week

        • That’s good to know. Thanks

    • I actually find the lack of info/communication pretty troubling.

  2. Hello 911? I need to report a first world problem.

  3. Wow! Over a mistake that’s been fixed and apologized For? My goodness some are wound tight. First world problems…

  4. Liz-could you tell me is this the last Black Friday discounted rate box or is there one more? (From last Fall’s special pricing). I tried to read back and it keeps saying a “year”..but I am not sure is a “year” the 4 boxes–the year getting back to the date purchased…LOL just not sure. My Sugarbash account now shows November 11th as next billing date at the reduced rate. So I guess there is one more at lower rate.

    Thanks in advance for your help-just trying to figure out when I need to make a decision as currently this years boxes I would not have paid $75 for and feel the $48 price is more in line.

    • I think there is one more after this one. There have been 2 quarterly boxes so far and this would be the 3rd.

      • Thank you–that’s what I was thinking but wanted to make sure 🙂

  5. I subscribed to Sugarbash for about a year but recently canceled. I have too much sub box items piling up and also their price skyrocketed (I think tho established subbers weren’t effected by the price increase). I even canceled FFF. I did keep CauseBox. They are consistently FANTASTIC and I use everything. I can’t recommend that box enough!!!

  6. I read the comments on the boxes I subscribe to, or am considering subscribing to, so I can get peoples thoughts and opinions on the products, customer service experiences, etc.

    I do not need to read effing sourpuss comments about typo’s and other such ‘mistakes’ by people who obviously have nothing better to do than read posts with a magnifying glass so they can point them out.

    Get a life and just bugger off.

  7. I was wondering about SB spoilers. This looks nice. Good start to the fall box. I am even more surprised to discover that Kevia is a local company for me.

  8. I hope there are no breakable items in the box. Sugarbash was supposed to send me a replacement candle, but I never got it. I emailed to ask about it and got no response. I have 2 boxes left and will not resub because of this.

    • Same thing with my candle. I’ve emailed them numerous times about it. Last time they said it was too hot to send. But, they could’ve sent it when I first reported if. I canceled after the last box.

      • Wow i was actually eyeing this sub until i read this…To hot to send??..Really lol

        • They send me a replacement in early May. I received it melted and it wasn’t that hot yet.

          • That sucks, at least you got it.

          • They are sending another replacement with the Fall box. I understand why they wanted to wait for cooler weather.

  9. Oh Liz, please ignore the malcontents. Focus on the people who enjoy this site and know that no one does a perfect job. NO ONE. If their complaints had any merit, it would be one thing, but it is not. They are just miserable and want others to be miserable too. Remember, misery loves company.

    I love this spoiler! Sugar Bash is one of my favorites and one of my few boxes I still subscribe to.

  10. I really enjoy this website and appreciate the massive amount of work that must go into it. I do not care about editing mistakes. When I read textbooks and see errors it drives me crazy but not here. It’s a blog not a term paper.

  11. ROFLOL because apparently no one does see the Sugarbash typographical error.

    The metal is ” Nickel” not ” Nickle”.

  12. Oh yay! Finally a piece of jewelry from SB that I love!! I hope this box continues this trend!!

  13. Ooooh pretty! Purple is my favorite color so I hope I get it!

  14. I totally forgot about the existence of this sub box, so I guess it’s good I cancelled my subscription. Lol. Not a huge fan of the bracelet either, but I generally feel that way about SB jewelry.

    As far as the copy editing – mistakes happen. If you notice something glaring you can politely point it out or if it offends you that much – find another website to frequent.

    The amazing thing about being a human is that you have free will. That means you are not obligated to peruse websites that irritate you to the point that you become unpleasant with complete strangers.

    • Amen to that!

    • Well said.

  15. And now I am starting to recognize some of the people and reasons that the forums got shut down. This is a fun site, and they’re subscription boxes. And stop ruining this site for those of us who don’t feel the need to personally criticize and bash people. Just stop. Go away.

    • I know what you mean. I got bashed a couple of years ago about somebody complaining about Glossybox. If you don’t like it, move on don’t subscribe to that box! Complain to the merchant, give them feedback and3 a chance to make it up and if they don’t, stop giving them your money.
      This person implied that they did ask the merchant nicely: from from their rant and attack on me, I’m sure they didn’t ask in a ice manner. I kept away from making comments on here for a long day after that bs!
      Yes we have a right to complain, but please I feel some have a vendetta towards certain boxes.

      • I do wish I could go back and edit my comment. I always see a typo that I made. darn it is hard to type on these phones!
        BTW. love this spoiler! My style!
        Usually I sub to SB because of the jewelry and some home items. Summer was my least favorite box, but the items that weren’t my style made great bday gifts for friends and family!

  16. I enjoy MSA so much and am grateful for all the reviews of stuff I don’t need but really, really want. Thank you Liz. …
    And as far as those few people above who want to complain and say negative things….go look in the mirror and come back when your perfect. How dare you attack Liz and her dedication.

    • Yes.

  17. I don’t normally wear corded bracelet bands, but the design does look pretty and I like it better than the bracelets/earrings from the last two boxes. It’s an interesting style I haven’t seen a dupe of before so I appreciate the uniqueness. I like most of the gemstone colors on the Kevia website, so would probably be happy with any version (especially hoping for green onyx, purple jade, or pearl medallion.) Though, I hope there is no variation with the cord – I really like the black more than the tan!

  18. Funny. I got bashed for critiquing the proof reading that is done on this site. But that was the BoxyLuxe post. First one. I changed my user name and email I post under because none of my posts from the other go up anymore. I feel like I got banned or something. Oh well. I love the other sub review sites out there. I just come here for the comments mainly.

    • Don’t worry. You will get bashed here no matter what you say. The typos and cut and paste errors on msa are really bad. It would make sense for Liz to either take the time to proofread or hire a proofreader because it’s very unprofessional and is happening way more than it used to. Maybe she doesn’t care much anymore. Sub boxes clearly won’t be around forever so maybe she doesn’t put much care into msa anymore. It’s definitely gotten bad with the constant typos.

      • I think more like they are reviewing a massive amount of boxes so mistakes happen. For what it’s worth, I used to edit copy and I rarely see errors here. I have to really doubt it’s enough to complain about. On the other hand I read the DailyMail and their typos are legendary, so the bar is lowered there.

        • Daily mail is insane. Half the time the articles are paragraphs repeated over and over with incorrect facts, typos and copy and paste crap. I love this site, though. It’s real people giving real opinions. Thank you for your awesome reviews Liz and CO. 👏👏👏

      • Responded but it didn’t post. Hmm….

      • I’m sorry if typos gave you the impression that I don’t care about MSA. That isn’t the case at all, and I’m trying to do better.

        • Liz, it was not a big deal at all. You are doing great awesome job.

          • Thanks! ❤️

          • Svetlana it’s interesting that you were the one who called out the error when you thought it was Sugarbash and mentioned proofreading but now that you know it’s Liz’s mistake you are saying it’s fine. This is a business not a private means nothing blog. It should be run like a business not constant poops I’ll do better next time.

          • And yes I meant to say poops because I can’t say the word I wanted to use.

        • Please never apologize. You have no idea how much we appreciate you and this site! ♥️

        • Omg, for anyone to say Liz does not care about this site needs to reconsider. This is the best site you’ll ever find that gives you first dibs on boxes coming out, Gives us chances to win boxes, looks into problems for us and etc. Liz is the Queen and nobody can take her place. She is just as sweet and caring and cares about her readers. We are not here to proofread what Liz writes or posts, we are here for her unique, experienced, sincere blogging of Subscription boxes.
          She’s not perfect, nobody’s perfect but she is perfect to me.

      • Wow! Why so nasty??? Stick to the other sites if you’re that unhappy. Yes there have been a few more typos lately, but so what? Have you ever stopped to consider she might be under more stress or something right now? She could be having health problems, family/relationship problems, etc. Or maybe she’s just overworked. Have you seen how many posts are written super late (2am for example) AND super early (5-6:00am)? She not only posts all day and night, she’s opening boxes, trying things out, taking pictures and not to mention communicating with sub box companies (often at our request.). Besides, this is not a public or government sponsored site. Nor are you charged to use it. It’s Liz’s site she started by herself and it’s grown so much in just a few years. And despite her many work hours and responsibilities, you can email her PERSONALLY at any time and she’ll respond way faster than any site you spend money on. And each time someone points out a mistake she apologizes and fixes it ASAP. You people that are being so critical should examine your own work and life performance and see how perfect you are. You’re being incredibly disrespectful and I don’t think she’s blocking you (for me it often takes a long time before my comments post no matter what name or email I use), but if she is, that’s her right. This is a private company and you are bashing the owner. Why not put all that effort into fighting one of the many important REAL problems in the world.

        • Well said.

          • Thanks! I was worried I’d gotten carried away. I’m having a severe and untimely PMS week. 😊

      • You talk about getting bashed, and yet here you are, contributing heavily to the bashing. They don’t put much care into it anymore? Seriously? With the amount of content that goes up here every day, they actually make very few errors, especially compared to the egregious errors you see in national publications with huge budgets. I cannot get over the negativity lately, and those are some seriously nasty accusations and assumptions you are making.

        • If you notice she is on just about every thread with something negative to say. It’s like she’s made it her mission to be nasty. Maybe if we ignore her she’ll go away?

          • I agree with you! She only says nasty things. I am hoping she will go troll somewhere else or get blocked.

      • Oh! You’re just a troll.

      • Please Lisa, go somewhere else. You’ve posted nothing but nasty comments all day.

        • Amen. She must have had nothing better to do today than try to ruin other people’s days. To quote her from another thread “how precious.”

        • Would this be the same Lisa from the LuxPineapple thread who repeated ad nauseum that subscribers should only purchase one box at a time?

  19. Yes! I think I might really like this. Good job SB! Fingers crossed for the rest of the box.

  20. The bracelet is not my style…but whoever is getting this box..I hope you love it!

  21. Hey Liz! I’m confused by the item description. It says it’s a bracelet, right? But then it says all members can customize these earrings? Help me out pls? Thanks!

    • Sorry! I thought I fully replaced the text from the Summer spoiler post, but I didn’t. Post has been updated. Sorry for any confusion!

  22. “To make things even sweeter, all members will get the chance to customize these earrings! Available in gold, silver or rose gold. Surveys will go out the week of June 11.”

    Is anybody proofreading there?

    • The earring comments are not in the email I received. Liz might have forgotten to delete from her last post.

    • Nobody is proofreading at Msa. It’s Liz’s mistake not Sugarbash’s.

      • You act like it’s the end of the world or something. It’s a subscription box. And maybe you should start your own site. Excited to see your perfectionism on display for others to critique.

      • Liz keeps this site up and running for us and I appreciate her infinitely for creating my favorite website. Be very gentle and considerate when criticizing her. In fact, just don’t criticize her at all. Ever. Please and thank you.

    • This was my mistake – not Sugarbash – sorry!

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