Succulents Box Plant Subscription Review – September 2018

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succulents box package

Succulents Box sends subscribers a new set of small succulent plants each month. Choose to receive 1-4 plants per month and save with bigger subscriptions.

This is a review of the 4 plants per month plan.

succulents box packaging for plants

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

succulents box plant subscription box

About Succulents Box Plant Subscription

The Subscription Box: Succulents Box

The Cost:

  • 1 plant per month for $5.45 (currently on sale for $4.00)
  • 2 plants per month for $11.00 (currently on sale for $8.00)
  • 3 plants per month for $16.50 (currently on sale for $12.00)
  • 4 plants per month for $22.00 (currently on sale for $16.00)

Shipping varies by destination.

The Products: A rotating assortment of small succulent plants and a set of care instructions

Ships to: US only. Shipping rates vary by location.

Succulents Box September 2018


succulents box instruction booklet

Here’s a card with general care instructions for the plants in the box.

succulents box invoice

I also got a printed-out invoice.

succulents box how plants are shipped

succulents box bubble wrapped plants

The plants come individually wrapped in bubble wrap. There are little foam peanuts filling in the rest of the box so that the plants don’t roll around during shipping too much.

succulents box stone plant info card

succulents box brown plant

succulents box stone plant

Living Stones

This is a plant.

Let me say that again.

This weird little brown… thing? IS A PLANT.

Don’t believe it? Believe it! And I have to write about it first because honestly, it creeps me out looking at it too long. It’s a bit like an inch-wide alien brain. (Or a teeny weeny butt…) I Googled and apparently, they get pretty big. What a bizarre little creature!

succulents box delicate leaves on succulent plant

succulents box small green plant

succulents box plant care instructions

Ice Plant

This next species is slightly bigger (it’s about 2″ tall) and much greener and plant-ier than the first. The leaves are quite interesting, though—they have a size and shape like halved peanuts. I like looking at the photos of flourishing ice plants. They have a geometric quality to them that’s really interesting.

succulents box succulent plant in pot

succulents box tall succulent plant

succulents box plant care directions and tips

Hummel’s Sunset

This leafy plant was the tallest in the box, stretching up to about 4″. It has a tropical vibe, thanks to its broad, stripey leaves and hints of fruity pink. I like this plant a lot, and I’m really delighted by how tall and intact it is despite being run through the mail!

succulents box string of pearls plant info card

succulents box string of pearls plant

succulents box ball shaped leaves

String of Pearls

This plant looks a bit like vines with individual peas growing off of it. It’s definitely a cool textural contrast to the leafy-looking succulents I currently have on my shelf. My only gripe about this plant is that it came all crammed into the planter so that a bunch of the viney bits were under a good bit of dirt when I unpacked it. I don’t think they were supposed to be in there—I’m 90% sure the dirt scattered over the top of the exposed vines during shipping. All stretched out, the vines are about 4″ long, but unlike the last plant, these stems hang lazily over the side of the planter rather than standing up straight.

The Verdict: I learned about some VERY interesting plant breeds this month! I don’t think I’d ever imagined a plant like the living stones, nor have I seen something quite like the string of pearls. I do think that these plants are a little expensive after you account for shipping, but I like that I get a unique assortment.

To Wrap Up:

Can I still get this box if I sign up today?: Yes! Though your assortment may look slightly different, depending on how many plants you choose.

Value Breakdown: This four plant box costs $22.00 (at retail) + $7.35 shipping to PA, or $29.35 total. That means each plant cost an average of $7.34 after shipping.

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Written by Anna Reilly

Anna Reilly

Anna loves collecting little treasures, be they pop-culture finds, handmade mementos, or new potions to put in her makeup bag. Beauty boxes got her interested in the subscription world, but now she’s swooning for all things kawaii!

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  1. Good luck with the living stone! My brother gave me one for Christmas one year. It seemed like it was doing good, then seemed to be sprouting another plant (or leaf?) out of the center, then it died. Same thing happened to the one my mom had.

  2. I think I need to try this one! I love that these are different than what you might see in our local stores.

  3. Loved your review and agree with all your comments. I really liked Hummel’s Sunset.

  4. Now THIS one was a good succulent box that is worth the money! String of Pearls, Lithops, and variegated varieties of succulents are usually expensive if you don’t live in an area that has nurseries that sell them (I just paid $22 for a 4 inch pot of variegated string of pearls on etsy for reference). You got a deal getting all 4 of these lil guys! Be careful with lithops though, you literally only water them 2-3 times per YEAR and if you give them more than that they’ll die.

  5. I had to google living stones, they just get weirder! Teeny weeny butts to bigger, stranger butts.

    • I had the EXACT same experience! Haha! A very weird Google Image results page, for SURE!!!

  6. “It’s a bit like an inch-wide alien brain. (Or a teeny weeny butt…)” LOL, wasn’t expecting that description in a plant subscription review but it’s fairly accurate and hilarious. I’ve been going to a lot of nurseries lately looking for drought-resistant yard ideas and have seen those guys and other interesting looking succulents. So many varieties!

  7. Embrace the living stones! My dad collects them and I love hunting down new varieties for him. They come in all sizes and colors and they’re really cute when they produce a flower. 🙂

  8. String of pearls does grow some of the beads under dirt too. As you can tell by the tiny roots every few pearls it’s an odd plant but I love it and it adds a ton to any succulent decoration! Also they tend to be more expensive and sought after so yay!

    • Oh cool! I like knowing I got a rarer species 🙂 Thanks for the helpful info, Marissa!

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