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Monthly Box of Food & Snacks Review – August 2018

Jessica Hapak
ByJessica HapakSep 3, 2018 | 18 comments

Food & Snacks box

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Monthly Box of Food and Snacks is a new monthly snack box from thatdailydeal.com:

Get an assortment of delicious, brand name snacks and food delivered to straight to your doorstep every month for one low price! Almost everything you receive will be full sized items with well know brand names. Includes a variety of snacks from granola bars, chips, cereals, etc. A lot will even be organic! Please note, this box is an insanely good deal, so some best by dates could be just passed or about to pass or they could even have a year left on them. If you are a frugal shopper you understand that best by dates are arbitrary and the packaged foods we will be sending are perfectly fine after the best by dates. Items that could potentially melt will only be included in the cooler months. You may receive multiples of some items, but we will always send a good variety each month.

Some things to consider: Have a big family to feed? Feel free to order multiples, but keep in mind that it might result in doubling up on the exact same products or you could get completely different products. It will vary from month to month. Received something you aren’t interested in? Give back to your community by donating the unwanted items. Have someone you want to send a care package to like a student in college or a grandparent? Let us do the work for you by shipping this box directly to them!

Food & Snacks open box

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Food & Snacks group shot

About This Box

The Subscription Box: Monthly Box of Food and Snacks

The Cost: $29.99 + free shipping

The Products: Brand name snacks and food- think granola bars, cereal, crackers, and chips

Ships to: US

Monthly Box of Food and Snacks August 2018 Review

This box didn’t come with an info sheet. For perspective, this box arrived on August 24.

Food & Snacks oreos 1

Food & Snacks oreo 2 Food & Snacks oreo 3

Kettle Corn Oreos, 10.7 oz - Retail Value $2.99 (currently out of stock) 

This box started out swell with one of my favorite cookies! The kettle corn flavor is a limited edition that I hadn’t tried before, but I love kettle corn so I was excited to try these. Overall, they didn’t remind me of kettle corn so much as a maple donut (which is my favorite kind of donut). These dunked in some milk are delicious and very unhealthy. #worthit

*The best if used by date is September 12, 2018.

Food & Snacks lays 1 Food & Snacks lays 2 Food & Snacks lays 3

Lays Stax Bacon & Cheddar Potato Skins, 5.5 oz - Retail Value $1.18

I love potato skins- they are one of my favorite appetizers ever, and there are only like two restaurants in all of Baton Rouge that serve them. I also generally enjoy Lays. The combination together is yummy, but I don’t know if I would actually say it tastes like a potato skin. Still tastes good, though! I was a little bummed that a lot of my chips arrived crumbled.

*The best if used by date is May 7, 2019.

Food & Snacks coffee 1 Food & Snacks coffee 2

Dunkin Donuts Cookies & Cream Iced Coffee, 13.7 oz, x 2 - Retail Value $2.49 (found on sale here for $2) (currently out of stock)

I really don’t like the taste of coffee, and I am hyper-sensitive to caffeine to the point that it can make me sick. On those days that I am absolutely desperate for caffeine to get me through the day, though, this is the kind of coffee I like! I like that I can mix it with milk to minimize the coffee flavor I don’t like, and I can use only a little bit at a time while keeping the remainder of the bottle in my fridge.

*The best if used by date is September 25, 2018.

Food & Snacks granola 1 Food & Snacks granola 2 Food & Snacks granola 3

Nature Valley Peanut Butter Granola, 12.7 oz —Retail Value $4.70 (currently out of stock)

I think we are all familiar with how crumbly Nature Valley granola bars can be, so this granola makes total sense! This tasted exactly like a peanut butter granola bar and would go well with some morning yogurt and apples.

*The best if used by date is August 31, 2018.

Food & Snacks snack mix 1 Food & Snacks snack mix 2 Food & Snacks snack mix 3

Gardetto's Original Recipe Snack Mix, 8.6 oz - Retail Value $1.89 (currently out of stock)

I have had this exact snack mix before—it is a staple whenever I go back to visit my family in the Mid-West! As usual, my least favorite one is the dark brown bread and my favorite is the savory bread stick. Overall, this is a tasty and fun snack.

*The best if used by date is September 17, 2018.

Food & Snacks fig 1 Food & Snacks fig 2 Food & Snacks fig 3

Nabisco Fig Newtons 2 oz, x6 - Buy a box of 12 for $4.69

I hated fig newtons as a child, and I was not surprised to taste this and find that I still hate them as an adult. I also found the “cookie” part of this to be very crumbly. There is something about the soft texture with the fruit filling that never did it for me, but if you enjoyed these as a child you would probably still like them now.

*The best if used by date is August 26, 2018.

Food & Snacks larabar 1 Food & Snacks larabar 2

Larabar Dark Chocolate Almond Nut & Seed Bars, 1.24 oz, x 2 - Buy a box of 4 bars for $5.29

These Larabars made for a great mid-morning snack, but they would also be really tasty crumbled over some yogurt if that’s your breakfast jam. I liked the bit of dark chocolate that played with the almonds and other crunchy seeds.

*The best if used by date is August 25, 2018.

Food & Snacks black bean 1 Food & Snacks black bean 2 Food & Snacks black bean 3

Food Should Taste Good Black Bean Multigrain Chips, 5.5 oz - Retail Value $3.28 (found on sale here for $2.48)

I don’t know where these went wrong but they went wrong badly. They have a strong raw seed flavor that was not pleasant. This is one of the two products I received past their best/by date.

*The best if used by date is August 19, 2018.

Food & Snacks annies 1 Food & Snacks annies 2 Food & Snacks annies 3

Annie’s Organic Honey Grahams, 14.4 oz  - Retail Value $4.69

These tasted just like your regular graham crackers with that sweet hint of honey, and they would pair perfectly with a toasted marshmallow and melted chocolate for a tasty smore—or on their own as a snack!

*The best if used by date is September 5, 2018.

Food & Snacks triscuit 1 Food & Snacks triscuit 2 Food & Snacks triscuit 3

Triscuit in Balsamic Vinegar and Basil, 8.5 oz – Retail Value $2.56

These crackers have the typical Triscuit crunch, but the flavor was a bit strange. It felt like the basil and balsamic vinegar was competing, so as I chewed I would go from tasting one to the other rather than the flavor being harmonious. It was interesting, but the flavor as a whole wasn't bad.

*The best if used by date is August 28, 2018.

Food & Snacks good 1 Food & Snacks good 2 Food & Snacks good 3

Good Thins The Oat One in Sweet Oat and Flax, 6.5 oz – Estimated Value $3.99

These oat crackers had a very mild flavor, and overall I found the texture to be a bit powdery. Overall, these weren’t that good. These were the second item in the box I received that was past the best/by date.

*The best if used by date is August 2, 2018.

The Verdict: I couldn’t find an exact value for all items, but I do feel like I definitely got my $30 worth of snacks. Some of the snacks were new brands to me, and some of the snacks I see on the shelves every time I go to the grocery store. I think this box is especially useful for families where having a large variety of snacks will appease everyone’s hunger. I got 11 types of snacks, with each snack having multiple portions—considering only 2 of the snacks were past the sell-by date, I do think this is a pretty good deal. 

To Wrap Up:

Can you get this box if you sign up today? No two boxes will be exactly alike—there is no guarantee that two boxes shipped in August will have the same items. That being said, you can still sign up!

Value Breakdown: This box costs $29.99 and I received 11 different kinds of snacks with all of them containing multiple servings or portions. That works out to $2.73 per type of snack!

Check out more snack subscription boxes in the Food Subscription Box List!

Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist!

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Jessica Hapak
Jessica Hapak
I am a staunch believer that pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza and when I’m not working as a family law attorney I enjoy hiking the Louisiana trails (alligator sightings are a favorite!) or relaxing with Duchess, my cat. I’m a sucker for anything labeled a mystery box and I’ve never met a bath bomb I didn’t like.

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I would actually love to subscribe to this box and I dont have a problem with the expiration dates at all. The only reason Im not is because I have no self control and I would be permanently taken off my diet every month.

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I do think this box is overpriced. But what bothers me more is this is exactly the merchandise that typically was donated to food pantries by stores & warehouses. Now that there is a company seeing that they can make a profit off of putting in a sub box, that means there is less to give to those organizations that provide food for families in need. Maybe I’m too sensitive but that makes me sad.

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This is the same company that does the mystery box of awesome for about the same price.At least this is something you can use unlike the stuff in the other mystery boxes they send.

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If you read the description it tells you that the items maybe past the best buy date.Compared
to last month this box was really good.

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This looks like a box full of rejects. Either close to expiring or flavors that no one wanted to buy. No thanks! If I’m going to eat processed food it has to be super fresh. Why waste calories on stale junk.

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This is definitely not worth 30 bucks, especially with two items you received already past their date. (How long have you had this box though, because nearly all of the products are now past their date). I agree with everyone else. You can likely get all of these items at Big Lots or Dollar General or similar for much much less, especially considering these stores sell them at a discount because they’re close to their sell by date.

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Dude, they’re dumpster diving and packing it into a flat rate mailing box. “Best buy dates are ARBITRARY. No two boxes will be the SAME.” lol!

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The clearance section of Duane Reade usually has these types of items when they’re just about to be past due at 90% off. This seems closer to a dumpster dive than a sub box. And unless it’s advertised that you’re buying bulk and maybe sacrificing the fresh factor I don’t know how anyone can be ok with any part of their box being past it’s Best Buy date considering these types of items last for years.

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Unfortunately they use the may be past best by date but for the price this is you’d be way better off buying your own snacks on clearance or on sale.
I can totally see the dumpster dive.

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I didn’t see that before! Still “If you are a frugal shopper you understand that best by dates are arbitrary and the packaged foods we will be sending are perfectly fine after the best by dates” while true… a frugal shopper would not pay $30 for almost expired and past expiration goods. So confused as to who their target audience is supposed to be.


WHY would anyone risk their health or that of their child’s by buying food items in cheap little plastic wrappers which are easily penetrated by rodents and roaches, just to mention the 2 most common vermin infestations in warehouse stores?

Every time someone buys PERISHABLE items for human consumption from Big Lots or Dollar Tree, they are likely risking their health due to the lack of sanitation where they store the car batteries and polyester flower and green eyeliner in bulk.

Food should be bought at reputable supermarkets you know and trust. And instead of eating all this crap, what about things like apples and oranges for children’s snacks?

This company’s assertion that a product which has been manufactured so long that it’s past the expiration date but IS PERFECTLY FINE AND SAFE TO EAT is bogus unless they can do blind studies where fresh products from supermarkets with a very long shelf life left are taste- tested by real people and the tastes compared on every item they throw into these boxes.

Our country has some very lax standards for food safety in handling and packaging anyway. This is the bottom of the barrel of the worst of it which is legally sold, IMO.

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Deb B.

Did anyone else see an ‘ear’ upon first glance of the Nature Valley PB Granola?

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Yes the peanut butter looks like an ear there.

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This box would be ok at $15 but the price for what they send isn’t a good deal, anyone that goes into a store can find better sales and pick things they actually want. I just don’t see the value here. I agree this is easy to find at Big Lots & Dollar Tree snacks at higher prices.

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I love the idea of this box as we are big snackers in our house but the price needs to come down a bit. I can get almost all of those items at our Big Lots with a farther-out “best by” date for close to (but not more than) or less than the listed retail price. For example the Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffees are $1.25 each and Gardetto’s snacks are $1.00 per bag. I’m going to hold out for a coupon. Great review!

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The dark brown pieces are rye chips.

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This sub seems really, really overpriced for items that are expired or close to expiring. I could probably buy what was received at my local grocery store for $20-25 with the key difference being the items would actually be in date with months until expiration and I could choose the flavors I actually wanted instead of whatever random flavor they sent. It feels like they’re trying to get rid of unwanted product and instead of clearancing it like most companies do, they’re trying to make additional money off it by calling it a “subscription box”. I’d be really disappointed if this was sent to me for $30.

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