Margot Elena Discovery Box Fall 2018 FULL Spoilers!

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We have the full spoilers for the Fall 2018 Margot Elena box! (Thanks Beth!)

Each box will include:

margot elena fall box

margot elena fall box spoilers

  • Margot Elena Stories & Songbirds Eye Mask
  • TokyoMilk Rose with Bees Bon Bon Bubble Bath
  • Library of Flowers Linden Parfum Crema
  • TokyoMilk Dark La Vie La Mort Perfume Rollerball
  • Margot Elena Book of Thoughts Flower Journal
  • TokyoMilk Classic Small Tote Bag
  • Lollia Dream Perfumed Shower gel and Handcreme Duo
  • Library of Flowers Honeycomb Luminary
  • TokyoMilk Light Transformation Shea Butter Handcreme
  • Margot Elena Cucumber Rose Lip Therapy
  • Lollia Breathe Triple-Milled Shea Butter Soap
  • TokyoMilk Sugar Mint Lip Scrub

What do you think of the spoilers? 

More on this box:

The Subscription Box: Margot Elena Discovery Box

The Cost: $49.99 a quarter

The Products: Discover the world of All Things Beautiful with the Margot Elena Discovery Box filled with over $200 worth of full-sized products curated by our team

Ships to: US

Check out our Margot Elena Discover Box reviews to learn more about the subscription!

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  1. My box was originally scheduled for delivery today but then it changed to Monday. I just checked it again and it’s out for delivery. Yay!

    • Same. Mine moved to Tuesday.

  2. Now i can’t wait for winter. Will the winter box be their year anniversary?

  3. Please take care opening the cardboard sleeve containing the La Vie de Mort rollerball perfume.
    My glass rollerball arrived shattered into pieces and I cut my hand sliding out what I thought was an intact but very fragrant vial . Also, my tin of Linden cream has a huge dent on the bottom part, causing the lid to not fit well.

    I wasn’t going to unwrap the contents of either box for a bit but since only one arrived when designated by Fed Ex., I had a look. Very glad I did.
    My second box is scheduled to arrive Monday and I hope the contents will be fine, as the box will likely be a gift.

    Is this company good about replacing items damaged in shipping? I’m happy it wasn’t the huge glass jar of bath gel/ bubble bath which broke.

    • BB Thank you for cautioning is regarding the rollerball. I hope your hand is not cut deeply. I believe you should reach out to customer service. My mother orders from Margot Elena frequently and advised me they have terrific customer service so I would hope you would receive the same high quality care.

      • Thanks, Michelle. I have emailed them. They have had very kind and efficient CS in the past but my history with the brand box is rather new. 😉
        I do have a long history with their brands, just never put the name ” Margot Elena” with the brands until this past Spring. Still confounded by my failure to subscribe to this box when it first launched last year. 😉

    • I shall see, my eye mask is missing in one of my box. I have 2. Contacted CS. But the box is sold out.

    • My rollerball was shattered too! Just sent and email with pic but came here to see if anyone else had a problem. I love the patterns on my eye mask and mini tote though. The tote has an ostrich wearing a crown and it says “party like a rockstar.” Love it.

    • I came on here to say that my rollerball was totally shattered, too. Fortunately, the break was entirely contained by the cardboard – didn’t even leak into the rest of the box. Hoping they have a good replacement policy…

      • Right! I was surprised there wasn’t liquid everywhere and I didn’t even realize it was broken before I pulled it out of the tube. I got a response to my email today saying they will be sending a replacement. Yay!

    • Glad you weren’t hurt. I’m amazed it’s the perfume and not bubble bath. May have been a packaging malfunction
      during production since it happened to several people? I would definitely call CS. They’ve always been very helpful.

      My Linden cream also arrived dented on the bottom/side. I could still open and close and it smells WONDERFUL! For me not worth calling CS. By far my favorite box. Kicked my husband out of the room, had a glass of wine and savored opening it for an hour.

  4. Just received my box and as others have said it really is a joy to open up each item. This is my second box and I do like this one quite a bit more than the last one. Looks like there are variations of the eye mask and the little tote bag. My eye mask has a pink background with tiny pink flowers. It’s very pretty. My tote bag, however, is like an old french newspaper print. Eh, that’s how I feel about it. My favorite item is the notebook, however. I usually use a spiral notebook at work but I’m going to fancy things up a bit and switch to this notebook. I’d like to see a piece of fabric in a future box. So many possibilities with that.

    • I love the French print!!! I have the Eiffel Tower one if you want to trade. 🙂

  5. I promised myself I wasn’t going to look at spoilers for this box, but I am weak. Quite excited about the Linden perfume creme. I have that scent in a hand lotion & love it!

  6. I didn’t get the 1st box they released, but this is definitely the BEST one of the past two. Great items!

  7. Mine came today.. and it made my day!! I cannot say that any other box is this fun to open and is such a good experience. I thought that I would gift part.. but selfishly its going to stay!!

  8. Wow! My box was scheduled to arrive Saturday but it arrived today! Stunning packaging, absolutely beautiful items. I love all the scents and products! A steal at $50. Thank you, MSA, for your summer box review of ME, as it convinced me to subscribe. Just amazing objects and stellar quality. Love, love, love.

  9. Can please anybody tell me what the thing with the koi fish and female swimmer is? I love the print!! is is the tote bag or another item?
    I wish this box would ship outside the US; it is totally my cup of tea.

    • It’s the your bag. If you go on her site she has fabric in designs similar to this pattern.

  10. It’s like Christmas or my Birthday! I have three great boxes coming. My Margot Elena will be her tomorrow. Plus I order the GMA Discover the Deal and the Fall Beauty Report Box….
    Happy, happy, broke me!

    • Oh, oh, oh
      I almost forgot my PSMH!

    • We all need an intervention 😀

      • Totally agree.. out of control!! I just ordered all the same boxes plus the Zoya back to school nail polish set. Insanity!! Must stay off of MSA 😉 But I love it too much 💙💙

  11. Yes! Yes! Yes! My absolute all-time favorite box ever!!!

  12. I have 2 annual subs. for the beauty and quality of the products. 😉

    I have shipping notices for both boxes, they’ve shipped out via Fed. Ex. Smart Post.

    I’m SO excited when the Margot Elena boxes ship, it’s like a kid at Christmas!!

    I tried not to look too hard at the spoilers, but the box is always exciting, colorful and smells heavenly with surprises galore.

    • I have one annual and one seasonal. The annual shipped fedex smart post. The seasonal shipped fedex home delivery. The annual shipped first but th seasonal will arrive first.

  13. This is quickly becoming my favorite sub. Even though the RV is lower than FFF or PSMH, I feel like the value to me is so much more! Everything in my summer box felt like it was great quality and this looks like it will be the same.

    I can’t wait to get it on Monday!

  14. Ugh. I got the summer box and barely liked anything, so I cancelled. Now I love everything in the Fall box. Hopefully some people will be willing to swap Fall items for Summer ones!

    • Jamie, I commented below that I’m interested in Summer items. I am interested in The Cottage Greenhouse items, one of the soaps and the towel. Especially the CG items. Let me know! I have my fall box in hand and ready to trade.

      • That’s funny- I loved the summer one but not excited about this one but I seem to be in the minority.

  15. I received my box today – everything looks awesome! However, I am less of a floral scent person and was hoping for some Cottage Greenhouse. If anyone is interested in swapping any of the Cottage Greenhouse (or similar) items from the previous ME boxes for any of the items from the current box, please let me know! In particular, I’m looking to swap away the Linden Perfumed Creme, Lollia shea butter soap, gift bag, and the Tokyomilk Dark, but will definitely consider swapping away other items from the box as well. Multi swaps would be even better! I’m on the swap site if you would like to trade via that. Please let me know. – Jen

  16. Received mine today!!! Love it. My only issue is that everything is so beautiful that I hate to use any of it!! Lol

  17. Margot Elena NEVER disappoints!!! And by the way, Linden parfum crema IS and will ALWAYS BE, my absolute favorite! It is gorgeous! I can’t wait for mine! And PLEASE Margot Elena, don’t ever change what you do or how you do it! You keep bein the most awesome in this game. Consistency, with variety, brings and keeps the loyalty! I am madly freakin in love with your products, you, and your beautiful soul, and heart. You have a naq for brilliance which is deflected through your work!!!💙💙👑💙💙and to heart! Your getting me all off in my feelings Margot. I love you man!!! 🤗😍😘😘😇😇😎😎😉😉😂😂😗🤔😍keep doing the exact, most badass, awesome things you’ve been done a doin, and let no man bring you down, oh yeah and wo man neither!


    • LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVEE SUPER LOVE💖❤💗💙💚💛🧡💜💟💞💝💌💖💕💜🧡💛💚💙💗💘❤💓💜🧡💛💚❤💖💕💜🧡💛💚💙💗

  19. I’m so excited for this box! Well, I am always excited for the Margot Elena boxes. But I love how many different items they include and the variety of scents. And we get the Honeycomb luminary – an item I’ve been eyeing and I’m glad it’s not another travel candle tin. (Nothing against the travel candle tins, just we’ve received them in two boxes now.)

    It looks like there are three unique items this time around? – the eye mask and the journal and the cucumber rose lip therapy.

  20. Are these products considered natural or paraben free? I don’t see ingredient list for many of the products on their website?

    • I would like to know this as well. Love the the idea of this box, but only buy SLS and paraben free.

  21. Can somebody please update these pictures?! It just does not do the box justice !

  22. I’m missing the cottage greenhouse on this one! Lots of perfume and the Tokyo dark items have been misses for me. But I’m excited about the soap and sleep mask and tote.

    • True – no cottage greenhouse! I do appreciate the more natural scents of that line. (I love the perfumy ones, too, but variety is nice and Cottage Greenhouse is so relaxing.) Plus, a lot of the CG items would be perfect for Fall!

      But it looks like a great box overall.

  23. The FOMO is painful this time! Enjoy these for me. 😊

    • Same!! This box looks fantastic! I don’t know why I haven’t signed up for it yet!

    • I feel you. I’m just hurting looking at these but I can’t handle the waitlist! If I sign up now, first box is on December 😣

  24. I love that print on the tote bag! I’m currently making a quilt out of that fabric.

  25. This is my first Margot Elena box, and i’m just blown away. What a great value! And everything is packaged so beautifully. I’m looking at all of my pretty new things right now and they just make me so happy. 😊

  26. Oh man, now that the 30% code has expired, I regret not picking up a second annual sub. This is such a lovely subscription!

    • I stalked their website, waiting until the Fall box was sold out. Then, I used the 30% code for my second annual sub. I’ve loved every box I’ve been sent, it’s my fav sub by far. It’s also the only one I’ll prepay for, having zero problems over the last year.

      • Nicely done. My annuals overlap for summer fall and winter but I gifted my second summer and will gift large portion of the second fall and winter boxes. It’s such a great subscription for myself and gifts!

  27. What an amazing box! I’m so excited!

  28. WOW! I’m giddy with excitement. I love everything in this box.

  29. Just a heads up to anybody who bought an annual. I bought a second sub and paid the annualon May 7th. At that time the summer box had already sold out. I logged into my account 2 weeks ago and it said 3 boxes left. Last week my fall box shipped, and I logged in my account today, and only 2 boxes left. I called twice and was given the same “excuse”. So make sure you check your account.

    • Mine did that too. I asked them and they said I was on track to receive my four boxes. I’m keeping an eye on mine.

    • Thanks! I’ll have to keep an eye out. Since Fall was sold out I bought an annual with the discount code, then canceled my seasonal sub after they charged me for Fall. Hope I still have 4 left!

    • I asked that about mine too, and what shows as orders “sent” doesn’t mean fulfilled. what I was told is they keep track of all customers orders to ensure everybody stays on track with boxes paid for/actually shipped and delivered. will keep an eye out though!

    • Hi Wendy,

      We completely understand this is really confusing! Customer service has triple-checked your account and rest assured, you will be receiving all four Discovery Boxes. We got you!

    • I had the same issue, they said I would get all four boxes but I actually received two fall. 🤔 I hope I still get all four as I didn’t want a second fall box

  30. I’ve been waiting for these spoilers and am not at all disappointed. Always something cool, unique and different. It’ so hard to choose what to keep and what to give as gifts.

  31. Every season I kick myself for not subscribing to this, yet I can’t seem to pull the trigger. WHY?

    • I missed the first couple of boxes and knew I’d want fall so I bought the annual subscription and I’m so glad I did.

    • Sounds like you’re overthinking it maybe? Consider this: for less than the price of one steak dinner for you and your husband, you will have an entire box filled with wonderful pretty treasures to last each season. Does that help put things into perspective? Although I am amused at how so many people on here are still pondering at this point!

  32. I’m not a big floral fan so a lot of the scents I’m not excited about, but I love that they included so many items that aren’t bath and beauty. The eye mask looks really pretty

  33. I went ahead and subbed to another Margot Elena Box. I am going to use the winter box as a gift. I hope it’s delivered b4 Christmas.

  34. I am slightly confused. When I signed up at the end of august, it said the fall box was sold out but i would be getting the December box. Then I noticed that they charged me right away. I was hoping that meant I would be getting the Fall box after all. Well, no word from them, so I went to the website to see if I could contact customer service…there is no email for C.S. So I called them and no option for that either. Thus, my question is: why charge me on August 30th for a box that I won’t be getting until December?? Anyone else in the same boat or have any info on what to do?

    • 1-888-896-6398. Their CS has always been great for me. But you do get charged immediately when you first subscribe even if your first box is December. You will not be charged again in December though. Your next charge will be Spring

    • they charge you when you subscribe, i believe–but they’re also good about cancelling it if you change your mind before the winter box really gets going.

    • I was charged in June when I signed up for the first time. It was for the fall box since the summer one had sold out. I didn’t mind because I knew I finally had the sub! I’m so excited to get my first box and I can tell I’m going to love everything! I don’t think she makes anything bad! I personally love the Tokyomilk dark line and library of flowers!

  35. WOW! This exceeds all my expectations! So excited!

  36. I’ve been wanting to try the parfum crema items. I don’t think linden would be my favorite scent though. It will be fun to try a perfume that you apply like lotion!

    • I just bought the Forget me not, parfum crema a few weeks ago. The tins ARE Twist offs and mine was way jammed and very hard to get open. I seriously almost called the company.. But Once i got it open and closed it properly it was fine. As for the parfum itself it could have had better staying power but i absolutely loved the scent (can’t speak for Linden) It was very light but intoxicating, like i said just wish it lasted longer. Cutest packaging though, so it could have smelled like water and i would still love it lol.

  37. I so regretted delaying on subscribing for the summer box (I love Turkish towels and I missed it!!), but my Fall box is coming. I know some are tired of them, but I am not. Maybe in future sometimes.

    A question to anyone: are Margot Elena products natural or organic?

  38. I have 2 annuals, 1 for me and 1 for gifts. This is a wonderful box! Can’t wait to see the other mask and bag patterns!

    • I really wish I’d done that before the discount code expired! I’ll just have to keep what I love most and gift the rest. Unless another code comes along!

      • Yes, I already had an annual and couldn’t resist a second when the discount code came in my GMA box. I just got my first fall box and got a different bag that says party like a rock star and a different mask. Love it all! Plus they included a pump to turn the bubble bath into a hand wash or shower gel. And a really nice letter. This box just gets better and better!

  39. oh wow, that is a LOT more than I expected. Mine comes on Saturday, can’t wait!

  40. I googled that Tote bag. It’s $12 and on the website it says it would make a nice gift bag. A $12 gift bag… nope. It’s mine!

    • Baha! I’m holding it right now and thinking nobody better try to snag it for their lunch bag! It’s so cute!

    • By Gift Bag I took it to mean that you can use it to contain other items and present it as a gift.

  41. Mine just arrived (my first box in an annual) and it’s so beautiful. I couldn’t believe there were so many things in there! I’ve fallen off the subscription bandwagon these last few years, but this one is really nice.

    I miss the forums at times like these. I want to talk about this box with people!

  42. This box looks AMAZING!! I’m so excited!! I have the annual and it’s saying delivery next Friday. I can’t wait! This is my favorite box by far!

    It looks like there are 2 bags in there–is one a makeup pouch?

    • There’s only one: a small tote bag (the item in the back of the photo with the woman and flowers). The flower item in front of that is the journal and in front of that is the sleep mask. It looks like there are different prints for the sleep mask and bag.

      • Thank you for clarifying that! It’s really pretty! I’m so excited to see which one I got.

      • That makes me even more excited! If there are different prints – then I still have something to be surprised about. Cant wait for my box to arrive! This is hands down my favorite subscription in every aspect!

    • My fav box so far too! Now im torn bc i wasnt plannong to renew my annual…not because I dont like it, just because i didnt *need* it. But gosh why did fall have to be so good? Im so happy with EVERY box i got…i just worry they will get repetitive if i go another year….though i see now they are putting a lot of effort into this and do mix it up *just enough*…mmmm

      • I’m less worried about repetition with this sub because it’s mostly consumables.
        I’ll happily hoarde any lotions they send for winter and it’s intense dryness. I’ll use up any candle or bath product they send before the next box arrives. Even things like solid soaps (which I don’t really use) are great to have on hand for guests. So, if they send more similar products, they’ll all get used!

  43. Mine went from Saturday delivery to Monday. Boo 🙁

  44. Wow! I’ve gotten all but the first box and this one looks like the best one yet! I tried not to look so it would be a surprise but I couldn’t resist. So excited for this box! I hope it doesn’t get too delayed by Hurricane Florence.

  45. Yay I can’t wait for my box to get here

  46. Yes!! A candle, finally! and a new eye mask…. everything looks great!!!!

  47. Yippeee!! Can’t wait!

  48. I can’t wait for mine….

  49. This looks like a wonderful box– mine will be here next week but I had to look anyway!

  50. So excited for this to arrive. This has become my favorite box and I love everything in it!

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