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Margot Elena Discovery Box – Fall 2018 Review

The Seasonal Discovery box from Margot Elena is a quarterly subscription box featuring full-size beauty and lifestyle items. (If you aren’t familiar with this brand, it’s carried in stores like Anthropologie.)

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

In general, the packaging is fab, and this would be a great box to send as a gift!

The Subscription Box: Margot Elena Discovery Box

The Cost: $49.99 a quarter

The Products: Discover the world of All Things Beautiful with the Margot Elena Discovery Box filled with over $200 worth of full-sized products curated by our team

Good to know:

Ships to: US

This box comes with a card detailing all the items included:

Now, on to the items!

Margot Elena Stories & Songbirds Eye Mask – Retail Value $20

This eye mask has two floral fabric prints, a stretchy elastic band, and it’s a good oversized mask, too. I found it to be very comfortable, and I think it should be safe to machine wash.

TokyoMilk Rose with Bees Bon Bon Bubble Bath – Retail Value $22

This bubble bath is a fragrant blend of Citrus Zest, Rosewood, Mimosa, and Mandarin. I love citrus scents, so this is one of my top favorite scents in the box. And of course, it’s great having a bottle that is gorgeous enough that you want to display it in your bathroom!

Library of Flowers Linden Parfum Crema – Retail Value $21

This is a “triple-scented perfume alternative,” designed be released slowly throughout the day. I love the concept, and it’s so heavily scented that this tin should last for months, but I’m not sure this scent is for me. (It’s a blend of Linden Blossom, Narcissus, and Clover Honey.) The scent is floral and powdery.

Margot Elena Book of Thoughts Flower Journal – Retail Value $20

This is not a filler item – it’s a gorgeous notebook with a fabric cover, metallic gold text, and beautiful inside lining pages as well.

(The actual notebook is lined pages.)

TokyoMilk Classic Small Tote Bag – Retail Value $12

This tote measures 10 by 8.5 inches. The material has a plastic coating so it’s easy to wipe clean, and would make a great lunch bag.

Lollia Dream Perfumed Shower gel and Handcreme Duo – Retail Value $26

This body wash lathers nicely and doesn’t dry out skin, but the Honeysuckle scent is a little too powdery for me.

The lotion is rich, creamy, and fragrant – but it doesn’t have a greasy finish.

Library of Flowers Honeycomb Luminary Candle – Retail Value $16

This soy wax blend candle is 5 ounces with a 36 hour burn time. The scent is a blend of Sugared Fig, Ambrosia Honey, and Royal Bee Blossom. It’s sweet and floral – but not too strong. I like it!

TokyoMilk Light Transformation Shea Butter Handcreme – Retail Value $22

FYI – if there’s anything in this box that isn’t a good scent for you, you can gift it. The packaging on everything is gorgeous!

This hand creme has notes of Mandarin, Tuberose, Amber & Earth, and White Clay. The formula is rich, moisturizing, and non-greasy, too.

Margot Elena Cucumber Rose Lip Therapy – Retail Value Listed $8

If you love cucumber, you will LOVE this lip balm – it’s so refreshing, tastes just like a cucumber, and adds a hint of moisture and shine, too.

Lollia Breathe Triple-Milled Shea Butter Soap – Retail Value $12

This soap is a blend of Peony and White Lily with subtle notes of Orange and Grapefruit. I typically use unscented soap bars in the shower and liquid soaps for washing my hands, but I love using soap bars like this for other uses like keeping my linen closet smelling lovely, and keeping sneakers smelling good, too!

TokyoMilk Sugar Mint Lip Scrub – Retail Value $16

This formula is everything you want in a lip scrub: exfoliating, moisturizing, and fresh and minty!

TokyoMilk Dark La Vie La Mort Perfume Rollerball – Retail Value $22

This is a roll-on perfume with notes White Tuberose, Cardamom, Hibiscus Leaf, and Jasmine. Very floral and spicy!

Verdict: Again, I am SO impressed with this box! This box has a  $217 value for $49.99. I think that’s amazing! Plus everything feels like a fabulous gift. The product quality is great, and the packaging is fabulous!

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No. As of today (9/24), your first box would be the Winter Box. (I recommend signing up soon as this box keeps selling out.)

Coupon – no coupons available for this subscription.

What do you think of the Margot Elena Discovery Box?

Margot Elena Discovery Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (88)

  1. I accidentally signed up for 2 subs. I’m actually glad because I love having doubles! Everything was so nice and wonderful quality!

    Made me happy after the letdown of Luxe Pineapple closing down and running off with all my money from their prepaid deals.

  2. Does anyone have any coupons for Margot Elena or Cottage Greenhouse? I had a GMA Deals item in my cart for 50% off, and it sold out before I could checkout! I am so sad.

  3. There’s a 50% off sale on many of their products on their site, today only (Friday) till midnight.

  4. I love the cucumber lip balm. I didn’t think I would like that scent but it doesn’t seem to have a taste, which I’m glad about, the texture is smooth and soothing, and I like the large size. I will buy this product.

  5. I’ve been loving my box! I tend to lean towards less overtly feminine, floral scents, but I loved everything but the Dream duo which seems just too powdery for me. I got the French text bag, which is my least favorite variation and the eye mask I got isn’t my favorite, but it’s lovely still. I got this box after I saw the summer box review and it’s just a stunning box because even if you don’t love something the packaging is so immensely giftable.

  6. This box looks fabulous, and I would love to subscribe- but I’m totally overloaded with similar products at the moment. Have to get through those first.

  7. Omg. Gorgeous.
    Every item a hit!

  8. I wish this box shipped to Canada. I would sub to it in a heartbeat!!!!

    • Is it possible to get a shipping partner? Someone in the US who will ship the box on to you? It’s TOTALLY worth the effort!! I mean, you can’t even understand until you have the boxes. 😉

      I have 2 subscriptions. One I keep as new for a bit, the other I open and start using.
      Of all the sub boxes in the world that I’ve bought, this one is my Grail box. I didn’t expect it to be, and I was shocked at the Summer box, it was so luxe and just overall fabulous. Fall’s box is even better!!!
      I hope you can find someone who lives in the PNW who will be a shipping buddy with you. 🙂

  9. As always this box was FABULOUS!! It’s always difficult for me to part with items to give as gifts. And honestly I find it incredibly difficult to even use the items since they are so beautifully packaged that I just want to stare that them..( I think that I might just have some issues!!) I received every ME box so far and my annual subscription will be over after receiving the Winter box, but I will ABSOLUTELY be resubscribing for another annual sub, as I just couldn’t bear to miss one of these boxes!!

    • I am totally with on that. Now I have to much beautiful goodies and no where to put and more. All these posts made me finally sign up for Winter. It will be a Christmas gift for sure. I don’t want to wait until then though…boo hoo

  10. This was my first Margot Elena box, and I’m bummed I have to wait for three months for another! I was giddy when I saw this on my step, and I haven’t been excited for a sub in a while. I gingerly unwrapped each thing waiting to see what was going to unfold! I’m glad there wasn’t any gardenia stuff as that kind of scent gives me a migraine. Each sent that was in the box was lovely. If you don’t like fragrance, this is not the sub for you. But luckily it is the sub for me!

  11. Absolutely my favorite subscription box! I like the variations, I think it keeps it interesting. I am allergic to heavily scented items, but was grateful that I didn’t want to be a pig and keep everything in the box this time and will actually share. The packaging is beautiful and there is never any question about the value of the box. Truly a joy.

  12. This box looks amazing and wish I could have bought it. I’ve been following this box for sometime now but after reading the review now I have such Fomo!
    Liz thank you for the review. You always do such a great job!!

  13. If I had to choose one word to describe the Margot Elena box, I’d pick “enchanting.” It’s a feast for the senses. The gorgeous packaging, lush textures and of course, the incredible fragrances. It seems each box has a range; from light, fresh “day smells” to deeper more complex “night smells.” (As my friend classifies scents lol). The other thing I love about this box are the verifiable, uninflected retail values. It’s the real deal all the way around.

    • typo: uninflated not uninflected. Sorry!

  14. I have been subscribing to boxes for years and this was my first Margot Elena. I have to say it is the best box I have EVER received. I love the products and the packaging. There are several items that are not my style that I will gift. I am so glad I have a year subscription!

    • Even more FOMO now.

  15. Margot Elena has excellent customer service…. my rollerball came completely shattered within its cardboard packaging, so I sent them an email with a picture requesting a replacement, and they replied so promptly with a kind and sincere apology letting me know a replacement was on its way, and within a matter of only 3 or 4 days I had a new rollerball. I was so impressed with the speed of receiving the replacement, it almost didn’t even feel like I was without it at all!

    • So crazy, I had the exact same issue with the roller ball arriving shattered. Luckily, I think my eye mask acted as a sponge for the parfum, because the rest of the box was perfection.
      This company has really outstanding customer service. My end result was the same as Luna ‘s. A quick e-mail containing photos of the damaged product and they got back to me quickly and immediately sent out a replacement. I love this subscription box.

      • What was so weird for me was that I think the rollerball’s packaging must have absorbed the fragrance, because nothing in my box was wet (even the rollerball packaging, oddly enough), and my box didn’t smell strongly of the perfume. It was almost like it evaporated or something. haha. But overall, it’s comforting to know that they resolve issues quickly, and sound genuinely sincere in their replies. 🙂

    • Ditto on the shattered rollerball, miraculous lack of damage to anything else in the box, quick emailed response and fast replacement. I think it stuck out even more to me to appreciate considering I got a shattered candle from another company the same day and have yet to even get a response to my email with picture….so kudos to ME.

    • I had one smashed rollerball, and one dented metal can of the floral hand and body creme. They didn’t ask for photos but shipped my items Fed. Ex. and I had the replacements in 2 days. ( across the country).

      I LOVE the scent of the La Vie La Mort perfume! I’m so glad I have 2 subscriptions to this box, because my mother’s birthday is next week and I think she’s getting part of one box’s goodies. 🙂 She deserves something pretty and also something I can mail a long distance safely as this is a milestone birthday for her. 😉

    • I sent them an email last Monday and haven’t received a response. I bought three of the annual subs after the summer box was sold out. I cancelled all my quarterly subs but they sent me 4 boxes. I asked them to count up my subscriptions. Did they take two boxes off the same annual sub? No response.

  16. I love this box! I’ve gotten it for a year and I’m very much looking forward to my subscription renewing. It’s the only box I have left and I will keep it for the foreseeable future. I love 80% of what they send and the other things are very giftable. Best sub ever!

  17. I’m actually disappointed in the lukewarm tone of Liz’s review.
    Because this is known to be a box crammed full of multi-scented body and bath items, and Liz states in this review and elsewhere that she doesn’t use scented body and bath products, I think someone who does use and love the Margot Elena lines of products should review it.

    I don’t like lavender scent, and am actually allergic to the flowering herb, so I’d be biased in my review of a Luxe Provence box, as they almost always contained lavender- scented products. Provence, France is renowned for its fields of lavender!

    I am allergic to cats, don’t own a cat, and don’t have an affinity for cats, so I would not want to get a cat pet box. OTOH, I live with several fluffy hypoallergenic pups and enjoy seeing them react and interact with items in a dog box like Barkbox.

    it’s all about our different perspectives. Some boxes aren’t a good fit for the reviewer. MSA has a lot of this dichotomy going on right now. IMO.

    • I felt the same way about the review, very underwhelming.

      The comments do this box more justice, I enjoy reading how much everyone loved this box 🙂

    • Thanks for the feedback and sorry for letting you down. I liked most of the scents in this box, but if that didn’t come across, that’s on me to do better.

      • But I’m glad Liz reviewed precisely because she isn’t a fragrance person. The company sent me two boxes by accident. The rollerball broke in one of the boxes and colored everything scent wise but was so strong I was getting a headache. I’m currently trying to fix some health issues (started after I subscribed for the annual) and one of the things to be eliminated was ‘fragrance’. I had hoped that some of ME’s scents were natural, but they were not even though some are lightly scented. I gave one of the boxes to a neighbor who recently lost her father, and I was just about to give the second entire box to another friend who also recently lost her daughter. Liz’s review helped me to decide to give a few of the products a second chance, and her re-purposed use of the soap is a great idea. So, I know others are looking for a review that raves about all the products, but I can’t gauge really how the products are if the reviewer raved about everything. I’ve always appreciated Liz’s straightforward review of the products. I think that is why I keep coming back to her website and not the others. I think too after following her for these past several years (wow!!) I’ve learned to trust what she writes. I think it would be dishonest on her part for showing more enthusiasm for a product she honestly is not. As someone else stated, the enthusiasm can come from the comments because those are opinions also. So, Liz, I really hope you stay faithful to YOUR reviews because that is how MSA started. And another thing, I have noticed that the other reviewers try to be straightforward and honest too — they are following your lead, Liz!! So, please don’t change your reviews!!!

      • Thanks for the feedback Donna. I would never fake enthusiasm for a review, but maybe this box is better suited to a different reviewer who loves all scented products? We’ll figure something out. (I personally love the box but just decided I’d gift a few items that we’re hits for me.)

      • I agree totally with everything you just said. I think Liz review was good. I don’t understand why people think the receiver needs to be excited about every single item for it to be a good review. That’s ridiculous. She was honest and some may love a scent while others don’t regardless whether you like this box or not.
        Thank you for the review Liz! 💕

      • I don’t think anyone was expecting her to be overly enthusiastic or fake it, If the review says “I was SO impressed and the packaging was fabulous” Then a review reflecting that wouldn’t be fake. I think they just felt that it was, like someone else stated Underwhelming and a lot of beautiful details were glossed over.. For instance i personally wouldn’t have known that every single item was beautifully and individually wrapped, until someone else stated it in the comments. (Which i was really happy to hear because i just subbed and didn’t know) or someone else’s comment on “light morning scents” and “deeper evening scents” …Anyhow, I have purchased ME products without the sub and they are all very beautiful and “Scent-ual” lol. So i do understand wanting it reviewed by somebody who really is into “Smells”. I can tell by the comments a lot of people love this sub, I think they just want it to get all the credit it deserves. And I don’t think anyone was trying to be insulting, just constructive. Anyways I just subbed and can’t wait for Winter!! I can’t believe i didn’t do it sooner!

      • I also was sent two boxes, but it was an error on their end. Luckily, I was able to catch this problem at the FedEx center a couple hours North of my town. Once again, to sing the praises of their customer service- they were so appreciative that I informed them of the duplicate box heading my way. I guess they had a few glitches this season, but this box is so worth a wait or an accidental broken product. Be patient with Margot Elena and how fast people are finally discovering them-this company is truly worth the growing pains.

      • But that’s the thing. If a person that prefers or cannot use scented items reviews this box, it doesn’t seem to be doing it any justice and makes no sense to me for that person to even do the review. I like scented items so I get the box. I do not like all scented items though. I strongly dislike bath and body works items. They all have the same what I call ‘after smell.’ Some chemicals are in all their products and it’s apparent to me. So it wouldn’t make sense for me to review something from them as I already don’t care for it. So if you’re not a scented item person on any level, please pass the review to someone else, or get 3-4 of your reviewers to give their opinion. I think that’s how scented item reviews should be anyways. Just my opinion. Buying scented items without using your own sniffer first is risky. But if I’d never had Margot Elena items before and just read this, I probably wouldn’t even try them. Long live La Vie La Mort perfume! Lol

      • I feel the same way about dog boxes that are reviewed by a person whose dog can’t eat anything. It really makes no sense for that person to do the review. Its like having a vegetarian review a meat box.

    • I totally agree! I thought this was an amazing box and is my favorite sub. I thought it was very short and thought someone else should have reviewed it. I love Liz and this site but just think had this been FFF or PopSugar the review would be very long and different.

    • Totally agree. I bought the box and was curious as to what this review would say. It didn’t make me want to buy it and I love every item in it. Especially the roller ball perfume. All that got was what the package describes it as and a very floral and spicy.
      Perhaps with scented products such as these, it’d be helpful for this review to be done by more than one reviewer. We all smell things differently and what one loves another hates and vice versa. But still, getting a free box for review purposes should get a little more effort than was given. Maybe trying to meet a deadline obligation negatively affected it. I don’t know.

      • This box is definitely for the scent lover, and I think Liz’s review was fair from where she’s coming from. In my opinion Popsugar boxes are really lame these days, but I still appreciate her enthusiastic review. I’m always very wary of anyone expecting an agreeable response all of time-it smacks of insincerity and kool aid drinking. I come here for honest opinions from you guys and Liz. ME isn’t a cult, it’s a box. I love it but don’t expect everyone else to.

      • I think my scent preferences lean similar to Liz’s (I too love lemongrass, ahhh!) and find a lot of the products to be overly fragranced for me as well. However, I like this subscription for gifts as well so I enjoy reading Liz’s reviews to get a better feel for what I should keep and what items I refrain from opening and give as a gift instead. Maybe two reviewers could give their take on each individual product within the ME review? The comments are helpful as well!

    • I was moved to write my comments about my box experience after reading the review as well. For reasons that have since been expressed, I felt like justice was not done to the box. The review seemed short and lacking enthusiasm and I’d suggest a reviewer who really enjoys scented items take the wheel for this kinda box. That just makes sense and is not a dig on anyone.

      • Second this. Love liz, love msa, but this is the lamest review I’ve read on this site. Super disappointing.

      • Ummmm.. I’m feeling like there is a lot of pettiness going on about a review . How many did not buy this box because of this review? ?? I know it did not detour me from this amazing box. I guess next time she will know exactly what to say 😂

    • I thought the review was very positive, without lapsing into fake gushing. She talked about how beautiful the packaging was and she was excited about all the products. I read these reviews to see the products and to get one person’s perspective on them. But I think any time we absolutely love something, other people’s reactions can seem lukewarm to us. I for one appreciate the more neutral tone. Whenever I read a review that is too over-the-top, I start to wonder if the reviewer is being paid. So thank you, Liz, for being faithful to your impressions!

    • Haha! I was thinking the EXACT same thing: boy it really shows she’s not crazy about this stuff! All good Liz, you’re doing great with everything else though!

  18. This is my favorite box subscription of all time! All quality products beautifully curated and wonderfully packaged. The unboxing experience is simply divine. I loved everything in the box!

  19. I really have to say the unboxing of this was an amazing experience that’s not visually covered in the review too much. Every item–like everything–was individually wrapped in fall colored tissue paper. The entire contents came bound up in monogrammed M.E. matching, gold and brownish maroon paper. There is a beautifully written, thick stock paper letter that Margot writes to her customers waiting for you on top. It was just visually stunning and felt incredibly luxurious, like someone sent you a very fancy, expensive treasure chest for you to indulge yourself with. It took quite a while to unwrap every item. It’s IMPRESSIVE.

    Margot Elena makes perfumes, candles, thick hand creams, etc. that are SCENTED and supposed to be that way. If you are into scents, this box is for you!! There is a TON of new scents to experience! If you usually use unscented or faintly scented soaps or lotions or if you don’t like perfumes, it’s not going to make you too happy to get this box. For a scent lover like myself, trying out everything is heaven!

    As for the items that are not scent-oriented: In my opinion, the eye mask was comfortable and pretty but I do not use them for light blocking. I have a big head and it fit on me just fine. The tote bag was okay but I wish I’d gotten a different print. I think one print for all might have gone over better. The journal was utterly gorgeous. And I don’t like getting journals or paper products, as a rule, because I feel like it’s often filler.

    These have been amazing boxes! I have enjoyed the new, beautiful, intense scents along with the milder ones and will use everything in the box or know someone who will be thrilled to get one of the items for a gift. The experience was superb.

    • I think her spring? box (whichever one with the nail polish) explained why she started sending out the slight variations on certain items. She explained in part of the intro letter that it was for the swap culture – i.e. send out items that are identical in type but vary in color so people can have fun trading/swapping or even try to collect them all. She put it much more eloquently but it came across very thoughtful – realizing that many of her subscribers were into swaps and trying to include items that would be swappable because they varied, and so if someone didn’t end up with the pattern/color they wanted there would be alternatives available. (Vs. sending out one pattern that a fourth of the people like, but there are no other patterns to trade for, etc.

      • Thank you for explaining that!! It’s great she thought about it and addressed it 🙂. M.E. comes across as really careful and exacting about her choices.

    • I was really sad to have missed this fall box, but winter will be my first box and i am so excited, even more excited after reading your comment, Thank you!!

      • Thanks, I hope you enjoy your Winter box experience!

    • This box sounds FABULOUS!

  20. I’d likely think some of the products were too highly fragranced, except for the fact that to me, they are complex fragrances, so they are very interesting and also change as I wear them.

    For example, I have the perfume spray with the Eiffel Tower on the inside of the label ( shows through the bottle’s other side). I’d never thought I would like it, but I sprayed a small amount on the inner aspect of my forearm and as I wore it, it changed from a high aldehyde to a very soft and edgy floral, with a rose top note.
    The Gin and Rosewater scent, which I now have 2 spray bottles of, seems to be more ” green” than I like. It stays very woodsy and almost masculine- scented on me, but likely doesn’t on other people.

    I think all the items are multi-fragranced with a great deal of thought in the creation and inclusion in the subscription boxes. I might feel differently if they start curating with a lot of lavender- scented items ( I am allergic to lavender plus I think it stinks). However, I think the scents they have created for all the long- lasting scent products are multi-note and change on the wearer in the course of a few hours.

    This is a high quality feature in items at this price point as opposed to, say, fine French perfumes costing 5 times as much or more, and which are often single note florals.

    • Yes, that is why I love her scents! They are so unique, and some even change day to day or smell very different depending on whether my sister or I wears it. Even if a perfume isn’t something I “love” in a perfume sense I still tend to really like them because of how imaginative they are. The Tokyo Milk Dark ones I’ve tried are particular favorites of mine. Cottage Greenhouse scents are so fresh and natural, and Library of Flowers has some of my favorite florals (no weird musky scents.)

      The only ones I’m so-so on are Gin/Rosewater and Dead Sexy – they aren’t bad per se but just not scents that work for me. (Although Dead Sexy reminds me of decomposing Forest fungi, so I sometimes wear the handcreme just for the novelty, lol.)

  21. This was such a gorgeous box. I loved all of the little thoughtful touches too – the soap dispenser top in case you don’t have a bubble bath, the variety of prints on the mask and the tote bag, and the personalized note.

    It all feels like a really thoughtful gift. This is such a fantastic box.

  22. I loved everything in my box, except for the tote bag, which contained pictures of the French language school book and the lip scrub, as it was too minty for me. Everything else is adorable, as always. The mask is not functional, really – pretty, but too loose and lets the light through.

  23. I liked everything in the box except the eye mask. It was the item I was most looking forward to from the spoilers.

    I wear an eye mask to bed every night. The number one thing an eye mask must to is block out light. Unfortunately this is the worst mask I’ve ever used in terms of letting light through. It’s too bad because it is cute and seems like it would be comfortable. It really needs a darkening layer in the middle, then it would be great.

    I do especially like the perfume and lip scrub. Every thought mug in the box is so pretty, nice quality, and I absolutely love the variety in each box.

    • Auto correct- What’s a “thought mug” Apple? I meant “everything” in the box… I really miss the forum (where I could fix my horrible typos before anyone saw them.)

      • So funny. I wondered about the thought mug too!

  24. So I am signing up now and it is $6.95 shipping? I thought it was free shipping? Help please.

    • I know mine was $56 something with shipping 😭

    • The glass bottles are heavy, can’t imagine they’d make any profit without the shipping charge. This sub is my fave and worth every penny IMO.

      • The winter will be my first one but they definitely look like they are worth every penny then some 😍😍😍

  25. Am I the only one that finds their products too fragrant? I love the packaging and the value but I think I would only use the soaps.

    • The items are very scented. I like most of what I’ve received but if people are sensitive to scents this sub isn’t for them.

    • No…I can’t tolerate most of these highly fragrant products. Instant migraine! I agree the packaging is beautiful. If I got this box it would all be gifted.

  26. I was thinking of signing up for this, instead of Boxy Luxe – but the shipping cost on this might stop me. Sigh. Do they offer black Friday deals or good codes, ever?

    • I have never seen any discount codes or coupons for the actual box. Sometimes they have deals in their shop though.

    • They offer discounts on the website sometimes, and those discounts will occasionally work on the subscription. I got a year sub with a 30% discount, though it wasn’t advertised. I’d sign up for their emails and check the codes whenever they send them out.

      • Oh man I wish I would have gotten ahold of one of those discounts. A lot of why I would put it off is to wait to see if there would be one then the next thing I would know they would be gone lol 😂 maybe now I will get emails and stuff now that I have signed up.

      • Thanks for the info.. I love Margot Elena, her Tokyo milk dark line and and she’s a wonderful parfumeur. She did collab with Frederic Malle in the past and I followed her ever since! Also, her products are sometime featured on Hautelook at deep discount.

    • They do. I stupidly signed up for a year because of 30% discount but this sub is not for me.

  27. My tiny tote had images from what appeared to be a French language primer. Perfect, since I’m a French language learner!

  28. These boxes always look so beautiful and amazing. I keep putting it off and they always run out. I’m thinking I should probably just take the plunge and sign up before it’s too late. This box never looks disappointing so I think I will.

    Wondering does anyone know when winter boxes ship?

    • Checking my email, it looks like I got a delivery notice for my Winter Box shipping about December 15th.

      • Oh thank you 😊 I can’t wait this will be my first box!

    • I keep putting off subscribing, too. I really need to just do it as a Christmas gift for myself this year. I drool over this box every time they’re reviewed!

      • Me too!! 😂 For like a year I have seen these boxes and drooled every time! I just signed up! I think you deserve this box for Christmas 🎄 💕 Don’t wait too long or as you know they will be gone 😭

    • Same. I was excited to see someone would win the fall box.

  29. Super love this box!! Sad I missed it but happy for everyone who got it! ❤️ Everything looks perfect!

    • What a lovely thing to say! : )

  30. Loved this box so much. The packaging is amazing. I’m a sucker for a beautiful journal. The little bag was adorable. Loved the eye mask. A lot of these fragrances transported me back to my childhood. My mom always wore floral fragrances. I’m so excited to share this box with her. I’m looking forward to the next box. Always fun to treat my mom to beautiful things she wouldn’t buy for herself.

  31. I love love love the La Vie La Mort perfume! I’ll definitely be buying a full size bottle after I use up the roller ball.

    • La vie et la mort and tainted love are just plain amazing!!

      • Ooh. I’ll have to try Tainted Love too!

    • Yes, it’s amazing! My Pretty Rotten perfume and Tainted Love hand creme are almost out, too, so it was perfect timing for another Tokyo Milk Dark perfume item! The scents in that line feel so mysterious/unusual/fairytale compared to typical perfumes.

  32. Apparently the eye masks were an exclusive box item. I am hoping they add it to the shop as I would buy one in every color. This is the first eye mask that didn’t fall off or make my eyes itch.

    • I loved unboxing this box! Well, I always love unboxing Margot Elena – but something about the packaging in this one made it especially luxurious. Maybe because so many items were wrapped in tissue paper?

      I like that her theme was unique for Fall as well – a ‘transition’ theme of blossoms rather than typical Fall harvest theme. And I love the La Via La Mort Rollerball! Perfect timing, too, as my ‘Pretty Rotten’ Tokyo Milk Dark perfume I got in a GMA box is almost out.

  33. One of my favorite boxes. I love it all. It also gives me good giftable items. You can buy their products locally in specialty shops and they never seem to go on sale!

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