Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the September 2018 Glam Bag!

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The September 2018 Ipsy reveals are up! 

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:

And here are all the products that are being sampled this month:

What are you getting from Ipsy this month?

If you are new to Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

And check out our list of the 31 Beauty Boxes To Try, and all reviews of Cheap Subscription Boxes to find other subscriptions with similar price points to Ipsy!

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  1. How can you tell what you’re getting? I’m a newbie! I clicked in the email that said I could peek but didn’t see specifically what I’m getting.

    • Click see bag, then Scroll down to see items

    • You need to dig a little. but you should be able to find it.

    • Hello,
      Diggin the Ipsy Glam Bag for September. Go to your Ipsy log in and it should pop up for you to see either today or tomorrow. Like it to your facebook page if you have one and get extra points for free items in your next bag.

      Just checked the Spoiler for me. Wanna know what’s in the bag?

      Mini Lip Glaze in English Rose OR Mumbai Magenta
      I would like the Magenta

      ~Winkey LUX Eyeshadow in Ursula I have been asking for Purple shadows since the beginning of my subscription. YES!!!

      ~Touch of Sol POREPrimer
      Can’t wait to try this.

      ~Luxie Wonder Woman Blender 140
      I am happy to have this limited addition brush and look forward to trying it with the undereye primer for my eyes.

      ~LXMI Cream Du Nil
      I bought this when it was an offer!!! I love having a travel size. It is amazing!!!

      I think my year is up soon. I will renew again. I like the Ipsy experience. The spoilers are fun. I love the weekly deals and getting cash back on purchases is a big plus. Not to mention the discounts on brands I love and the new indie brands being introduced. My skin is never felt better and I am getting compliments daily on how good it looks. People are asking me what I use? That is a wonderful feeling at 50. LOL I tell them I subscribe to Ipsy, they should try it. 🙂

      • Your post is radiating good energy and it makes me so happy. Thanks for sharing <3

      • you’re so cute. love your positivity! keep rocking your look girl.

  2. Psyched for the WW brush I’m getting. I really need the exact kind of brush for outer corner work.
    Also getting the Duccee bronzer, the pressed powder, the hair mask and the nail polish.
    Wish I got the Smashbox lipstick. No glambag is complete without a lip product!

  3. Im pretty happy with my bag, and happier after seeing all the spoilers pictured here. I did the “imrpove my bag” survey via Ipsy app (didnt see it via mobile website) and all reviews for the last bag & am seeing major improvements this month. This will be my 2nd month as a sub. Sneak peak is due tomorrow 9/5, but I was able to see it via Ipsy app. App was freezing a bit, after SP finally loaded, it kicked me out(logged me off)…

    Im getting:-)

    -WW brush:-) (only marked makeup tools in questionaire, wanted this but thought it was going to be the big one pictured???)
    -Tres lippie (marked yes in “improve bag” survey)
    -Trust fund nail polish (marked yes in survey)
    -Hemp body cream (yes in survey)
    -M&M eyeshadow in gunmetal (i picked plums in questionarie.. but still wearable)

    • There’s a wonder woman brush and a Harley Quinn brush. One is a powder brush, the wonder woman one, and the other is a concealer/eyeshadow brush.

  4. Oooouh and the purple lord and berry please! About time they did colors besides black! I have 789 black eyeliners from subs

  5. Mannn I always see the possibility of a perfectly curated bag, but typically get only a mediocrely curated one. Hoping (most likely in vain) for turmeric face mask, tapered shadow brush, smashbox lipstick or belap… one, and hair mask or hair cream and sheet masks. I’ll probably get at least one of those things and a couple other I primarily like, and one or two that I’m like “wth” about. Overall though the bags are always worth the cost for me and I love getting them !

    • That might be because Ipsy match only has a limited number of variations – it isn’t truly personalized for every item. This is because bags have to be balanced for value and item type as well (so no one ends up with a bag worth three times as much as someone elses or a bag of five lip items.) As near as I can gather, it looks for some items it thinks you will love based on survey responses, profile, reviews, etc. but the rest of the bag is filled in by whatever variation includes those items. They do exclude variations you have specifically opted out of (e.g. no primer if you have emailed to say no primer) but otherwise you could end up with items not marked on your profile, shades you aren’t a fan of, or even items you said no to on the survey.

      • I was gonna comment this! Since ipsy prints out cards that details the contents of the bag, that means to me there’s some kind of limit to the variations. They can’t be fully customizing the contents then custom printing cards for each bag.

        I guess it’s Similar to how sephora play works, only with more variations.

        • Whoops, my bad. They don’t print the contents on a card. Still, I agree there has to be some kind of limit, or pre determined mix of which items goes with which

        • There is a limited number of variations. I can confirm this based off an email convo I had with an ipsy CSR. She said they match our profile to the bag that best fits us which is why we often get products that hit 2 out of 3 points on our quiz. For example, I was complaining that basically my bags were either terrible and I only loved 1 out of the 5 items or they were almost perfect and 3 or 4 of the products were just ok, but nothing was ever great. Like they sent me eyeshadow over and over bc I checked off eyeshadow on my quiz. That’s good, but every month they’re sending me neutral shadows when I explicitly asked for NO NEUTRALS. They send me liquid lipsticks, yay! But only in colors that I will never, ever wear like browns or reds when I only checked off neutrals. It’s was a hugely long list of stuff that I’ve received since May that’s basically slightly off and that slight off-ness made most of the products flat out unusable for me. Anyways, the response I got was that basically the bags are pre-packed and they send the one that closest matches what we choose in our quiz and profile. So when I selected smashbox and liquid lipstick they sent me a bag with one in it even though the color was an awful brown. Then they said I can pick an item for my next bag which I still don’t know what that means. How does one pick an item when we don’t know what’s on the menu? That’s just silly lol. Anyways. Hope this helps. I can copy paste the email response if y’all want. Just reply to me here 🙂

          • This makes sense, it’s just impossible inventory-wise to customize each bag. I just resubbed and i wonder what that one item they think I’ll like most their “algorithm” will choose for me 🤔

          • Well I wish I could get the fact same bags as Liz gets! I need to get her info so I can copy it😂

          • Their algorithm got 3 out of 5 items right in my bag.

            I’m okay with lotion, lip products and primers. They sent me:
            -Hempz body cream
            -trestique Lip Glaze
            -smashbox primerizer

            I have not checked bronzers and blush, but have not emailed not to get them either, and i got
            -DLS bronzer
            -Nomad highlighting blush

            Knowing what I know now, I’m not too salty, I guess the algorithm tried

  6. I feel meh about the items I’m getting!

    mPrincess Loose Eyeshadow in Pretty Petal – It’s a pretty color but I was hoping for something deeper and darker like the Winky Lux since fall is coming up. I’ll still use it, though.

    Trestique Mini Lip Glaze in English Rose OR Mumbai Mumbai Magenta – Oh dear lord please don’t be magenta!

    Elizabeth Mott Face Primer – It’ll be nice to have an extra primer but I literally just bought one, oops. We’ll see.

    Luxie Beauty Harley Quinn Detail Flat Definer 110 – This will be a nice, new addition since I mainly use blending brushes on my eyes and I lost my other flat eye brush.

    BRTC Velvet Mask Duo – Hopefully these don’t make my sensitive skin break out, fingers crossed!

    The items I was looking forward to the most I didn’t get 🙁

    • The Elizabeth Mott face primer is excellent as well as their eye primer. Bought it as an Ipsy offer once and now I’m hooked.

  7. 1. Huh.

    2. I can’t see my sneak peeks. 🙁 Usually I can bypass the “share on Facebook” screen, but it still won’t let me see my spoilers.

    • Change your facebooks settings to share with “only me” and then try it. You’ll get to see without everyone on your facebook seeing. Just remember to change it back.

  8. Repetive AF

    I paused for a few months, came back because the bag was so cute and basically got the same bag I got the last time I was subbed (of course different brands but pretty much the same types of things and colors).

  9. Hmmm so because so many people wanted the spoiled Wonder Woman face brush, they decided not to give it out at all? It’s ok, I’m getting the Harley Quinn flat defined brush which is different from all my other brushes. I’ve gotten a brush in almost every single Ipsy bag for over a year, so my stash is quite large!

  10. Here the past couple of months I’ve been disappointed in my bags 🙁 I always get liquid eyeliner and I hate that I miss the gel pencil eyeliners!

  11. Ipsy?! What HAPPENED this month?? I could’ve got the turmeric mask. Or the nail polish. Or, heck, just about anything else but MORE highlighter? MORE bronzer? MORE face powder? Sigh. I don’t use any of these products. Nope. That’s 3/5 losers. The remaining 2, a hair mask and face cleanser, are serviceable. But hardly exciting.

    I’ve rated such items poorly. And rated other items I wanted to receive highly (turmeric face mask, I tried!). So I finally emailed Ipsy and asked to opt out of those items above (I shall not rename them).

    Here’s looking at you, October.

    • You can go to your account then click account settings, you might have a membership tab if so click that then click on improve products. You get a survey showing 30 upcoming items, you can say if you like them or not.

  12. I love my bag after last months fail!

    Trestique minu lip stain
    Marc Anthony hair mask (love hair masks)
    Hourglass mascara- always use mascaras
    Luna setting powder-ran out of mine so this is great
    Eyeshadow in Ursula- only one I’m not too excited about

    • I’d love the Ursula shadow instead if the brown one I’m getting

  13. I’m pretty happy with my bag again.

    2-in-1 Facial Foam Cleanser
    Practical for travel. :o)

    Loose Eyeshadow in Pretty Petal
    Hurray! It’s pink! Nice receiving colors other than brown.

    Mini Lip Glaze in English Rose or Mumbai Magenta
    I’m actually OK with either color, and was hoping I’d get this.

    Face Primer
    I have a lot of primers so I’m not overly excited, but it could be great. We shall see.

    Harley Quinn Detail Flat Definer 110
    Cute brush. I’m pretty happy with this. Would like to get a lip brush, or an eyeliner detail brush.

  14. First Ipsy bag, and I got some goodies!

    Winky Lux eyeshadow in Ursula – This spoiler is what made me sub in the first place, so I’m thrilled to get it.

    Wonder Woman brush – Also thrilling!

    Touch-in-Sol No Poreblem Primer – Been wanting to try this formula for a while, even though it’s silicone -heavy.

    Trestique Mini Lip Glaze in English Rose – Cautiously optimistic; color is A+ but I’m picky about my lip formulas.

    LXMI Creme du Nil – The only thing I won’t use (shea butter makes me oily); I was hoping my skin care product would be the APTA Tumeric Healing mask. Hopefully I can swap with someone.

    Overall, I’m really happy with my haul and glad I subscribed!

    • Hmm, just saw you’re not guaranteed to get the English Rose color for the Trestique – hoping that’s what I get, as I only have “Reds” selected on my profile for lip colors.

    • I was so hoping to snag that LXMI Creme Du Nil but unfortunately I got the Neuma Neumoisture Instant Fix leave in conditioner, I didn’t select that I wanted any hair products, and the mPrincess eyeshadow, again didn’t select eyeshadow on my profile.

    • I have oily skin. Whenever I get a face cream that will make me too oily I use it on my neck.

  15. Where is the big fluffy WW brush everyone wanted? It isn’t even listed.

    • I know, right? I did get a Wonder Woman brush but much smarter than the spoiler they released. I’m happy to get one at all but really wanted that bigger fluffy one.

      • *smaller

  16. august was bad. September is better:
    Translucent Powder (Ok, I want to try but reviews are not very promissing)
    High Impact Highlighter in Spark (I received highlighter in close color in previous box, rated it low and now surprise – another one but from Morphe. I still don’t need golden highlighters in my life)
    Natural Energy Sheet Mask in Avocado (Sheets… again… but why?! I receice them with every bag, I rate them low.. and I still get them)
    Satin Dream Leave-in Cream (Ok, I like to try new hair products)
    Wonder Woman Detail Tapered Blender 140 (Looks nice, I gonna gift it)

  17. Hayadi- smoothing cream ( I said no hair products..ugh)

    MPrincess loose eyeshadow-Pretty Petal..not my color, but I have a little princess that will love it!

    Trestique-Lip Glaze…meh..color looks way to dark for me!

    Luxie Harley Quinn detail brush 110- was hoping for WW, but still happy with this!

    Smashbox -Photo Finish Primer…I have a ton of primers, but always nice to have a small size for travel!

    I’m jealous of everyone getting the moisturizer and turmeric mask! Two of the things I was hoping for and wanting to try!

    Not a horrible bag..but definitely not the greatest…I only signed back up in hopes of the GlamBagPlus!

    • If it’s the LMXI moisturizer you’re referring to, I’d gladly swap it for the Trestique (either color is fine) because I have Combination skin and I bet it will make me oily. I tried their balm (a sample from a beauty product order) and it made my face super shiny and it felt dirty. Lol.

  18. I’m getting:

    Luna by Luna Cosmetics Translucent Powder
    Grace & Stella Rescue My Hair Mask
    Glow for a Cause Facial Moisturizing Cream
    Bellapierre Matte Mineral Lipstick in Incognito
    Luxie Beauty Wonder Woman Detail Tapered Blender

    I cancelled last year because my profile didn’t seem to make any difference in the products I received. Looks like yet again it isn’t, since I specified I didn’t want any of several of the products I was “matched” with. I’ll stick around to see if it gets better for a couple of months. Took the survey, so fingers crossed!

  19. Same old ipsy.
    LUNA TRANSLUCENT POWDER. I’ve been wanting a translucent powder, but they couldn’t be bothered to send me 1 when they had Laura Mercier or another high end brand. Nope. Instead I get this.
    Brown IBY eyeshadow (I hate brown eye shadow and only have adventurous/blue/green/purple selected)
    NOYAH LIPBALM in PEPPERMINT I hate peppermint. Plus this is like a $4 item. Thanks ipsy. Every one else is getting high end $20 lip stuff and I got this?
    The HARLEY QUINN BRUSH. All I really wanted this month was the wonder woman brush. I got this instead.
    GLAMOUR DOLLS RETRACTABLE EYELINER in BLUE. If i wasn’t an allure customer this would probably be cool, but I just got the douce blue liner and I don’t need or want this $4 cheap wanna be.
    All in all I’m once again left feeling frustrated. I just went 5 rounds with ipsy CS by email to try and fix what I get. I guess it didn’t work. 🙁

  20. Half excited about my bag:

    I like:
    – Noyah Lip Balm in Peppermint
    – Trestique Lip Glaze (hoping for the English Rose shade, otherwise will swap or gift)
    – Trustfund Nail polish (any color is fine)

    – Marc Anthony Bye Bye Frizz Treatment
    – Smashbox Cosmetics Primer (repeat)

    I want to try the Turmeric mask!! If anyone wants to swap, let me know. I have lots of items for swap in my profile!

    • Bag twins!

      I don’t have lip balm or primer checked, so disappointed in those items.

  21. Yuck to the bag but otherwise Yay Ipsy!! I am getting:

    Tumeric Maskj { I really wanted this}
    Creme Shop Cleanser
    MPrincess eye shadow {swap}
    Elizabeth Mott Primer {yes!!}
    Luxie Wonder Woman brush{Yes! Yes! Yes!}

  22. I’m getting the same bag! X 2 since I get 2 bags and they are sending me the exact same thing in both. Happy with the selection, but not loving that I’m getting the same in both. Not even a chance at different colors. Guess I need to switch up my profiles again.

    • I get 2 bags as well. When I first added the second bag, 3/5 products were the same in both bags. But I really worked on making my 2nd profile very different from my original. I learned how to really tweek your bag from someone on here thst posted tips a month or so ago.

      What I do now (because opposite profiles still didn’t give me enough variations), is once all the spoilers come out, I tweek each profile to try and get very specifically what I want. For example, I uncheck all brands I don’t want , I uncheck everything but the types of items and colors I want. But I still make sure I’m “asking” for different things in each bag. For instance I really wanted to try the Smashbox primer so in my first bah from the makeup options I only checked cleanser, primer and lip balm and only had the Smashbox brand checked. I got the primer and cleanser but no lip balm. In my other profile I only checked mascara, lipstick and brushes. The only brand I selected was Luxie. I didn’t get the Trestique I wanted, but I got the WW brush I wanted most, and the exact mascara I was dying to try. Oh I should also mention you should uncheck all color preferences except what applies to the products you want (example I had only “reds” under lip color and nothing else was checked,). Sorry this was so long, I am always way too wordy, but hopefully it will help you get more of what you want and completely different bags (I no longer get any duplicates in my two bags.)

  23. So this is my first month with Ipsy and I am giving that dark purple shadow I received the sideeye for now…

    MARC ANTHONY TRUE PROFESSIONAL Bye.Bye Frizz Miracle Treatment
    LUXIE BEAUTY Harley Quinn Detail Flat Definer 110
    BRTC Velvet Mask Duo
    SMASHBOX COSMETICS Photo Finish Primerizer
    WINKY LUX Eyeshadow in Ursula

    • I would have loved the purple eyeshadow…getting the gunmetal instead

      • That gunmetal is way more to my liking actually. I could see using it as an eyeliner shade with a straight brush. I’m not complaining though, winky lux is a good brand and I may be able to use the dark purple sparingly with the same eyeliner method. I hope you found something you liked in your bag besides the gunmetal shadow though. 🙂

      • I got brown – would have loved the purple 😃

    • We are bag twins!!

    • Almost the same bag as me except I am getting Trust Fund Beauty nail polish instead of the eye shadow. That’s ok with me!

  24. Getting;

    – Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bod Buff
    – Sol De Janeiro Bum Bum Cream
    – Apto Healing Turmeric Mask
    – Doucce Cheek blush in RSVP
    – Elizabeth Mott Face Primer
    – Morphe High Impact Highlighter in Spark

    Excited for my bag!

    • How are you getting six items? Or is one a points item?

      • The Bum Bum was a free item if I resubbed.

      • I’m supposed to get 6 this month but I only see 5. The reason why is because I ordered and paid for 3 Too Faced sale products and a few days later they informed me they were out of stock! I was so mad but didn’t complain. Then a few days ago I got an email apologizing again and letting me know I’d get a 6th item this month. So maybe the same thing happened to Redhed36?

        • Go into your points section and check activity, that’s where I find my bonus items 🙂

    Around-The-World Light Infusion Highlighting Powder in Positano Sunrise

    Pressed Eyeshadow in Gunmetal

    Facial Moisturizing Cream

    Matte Mineral Lipstick in Incognito

    Wonder Woman Detail Tapered Blender 140

    I’m pretty happy. I don’t see how they’re calling the Nomad shade a highlighter but I can probably use it as an eyeshadow. It’s been several months since I’ve received a brush so happy with the WW Luxie brush though wondering why it isn’t the same red one we saw in spoilers

    • I was wondering the same thing if you go back and look in the first spoilers there are 2 luxie brushes both are WW but only 1 is stated as such in the spoilers. But now in the all products sampled it’s just the little shadow brush

  26. I’m kinda half and half for my bag.
    Morphe Highlighter, was hoping for this.
    Smashbox Liquid Lipstick, was hoping for this too.
    Steve Laurant Blush…. I’m into blush so ok.
    mPrincess loose shadow, I don’t even have eyeshadow selected on my profile and I don’t usually wear shades like this.
    Neuma Neumoisture Instant Fix, again I have no hair products selected and have no desire to get them….

  27. Bag #1

    *Apto Healing Tumeric Mask
    *Doucce Blush
    *SDJ Brazilian Bod Buff
    *Elizabeth Mott Face Primer
    *Morphe Highlighter

    Bag #2

    *IBY Eyeshadow
    *111skin Bright eye lift gel
    *Trestique Mini Lip Glaze
    *Doucce Blush
    *Luxie Wonder Woman Tapered Brush

    • Bag #1 is my exact bag and I will use every single item love all of them

  28. I’m getting the Morph highlighter, Meech and Mia eyeshadow in gun metal, the Trustfund Beauty nail polish, a hair moisturizer and a BellaPiere lipstick. I am not thrilled about the “caramel” shade of the lipstick. I also hear that BP isn’t a great brand. Anyone have thoughts on this?

  29. I get 2 ipsy bags, and im not as excited about everything in my 1st bag like my 2nd. The products im very excited about is the

    1. Hempz lotion- repeat will gift

    2. Marc anthony hair mask- not too excited

    3. Harley quinn makeup brush… might gift to my niece

    4. Doucce blush

    5. Smashbox primer- im not excited about it… would rather give to someone else.

    This bag i liked expect 2 items, i wish that i could trade the smashbox primer for a lip product. But overall ipsy did a great job this month and i cant wait to get octobers bag and see what amazing samples and full sizes that they have.

    • Bag twins! I’m actually excited about all of the items. Last month was full of duds but I will use everything this month.

  30. Im very happy with my 2nd ipsy bag… im just hoping they send the items .in the berry color because I have been getting alot.of.nude.

    1. Hempz lotion
    2. Trestique
    3. Trust fund nail polish
    4. Wonder woman blending brush
    5. Meech & mia eyeshadow in gunmetal…

    Im excited about the products if the nail polish and lipstick are in the dark berry colors, than this will be the perfect bag for the fall season… im excited and cant wait to get them.

    • We are bag twins 🙂 First time that’s ever happened to me so i’m excited lol. I am also hoping for the darker shades..The wonder woman brush is different than it was in the first spoilers though, it’s an eyeshadow brush and in the first spoilers i thought it was a face brush….Maybe?? Is it showing an eyeshadow brush for you too?

  31. Im very happy with my 2nd ipsy bag… im just hoping they send the items .in the berry color because I have been gettjng alot.of.nude.

    1. Hempz lotion
    2. Trestique
    3. Trust fund nail polish
    4. Wonder woman blending brush
    5. Meech & mia eyeshadow in gunmetal…
    Im exciyed about the products if the nail polish and liostixk are in the dark verry colors, than this will be the perfect bag for the fall season… im excited and cant wait to get them.

  32. Another disappointing month for me. I’m getting:

    LUXIE Harley Quinn Detail Flat Definer 110- Sad I’m not getting the WW brush.

    Steve Laurant blush- Will not use

    DLS bronzer-EEEEK!!!!

    Bellapierre MATTE lipstick in Igcognito- No more MATTE lipsticks!!!!

    The Crème Shop cleanser- Meh

    Just like last month everything is going to my local YWCA shelter. Except the brush. I’ll give it one more month….

    Hopefully my comment will show up this time.

  33. Luxie Harley Quinn definer brush
    LXMI creme (yay! I wanted this)
    Dr Brandt exfoliator
    Katherine cosmetics eyeshadow
    Milk mascara

    I’m happy with this bag

  34. MPrincess loose shadow in Pretty Petal – absolutely adorable colour and 110% me I’m super excited about that!!

    Luxie Beauty Harley Quinn flat definer 110 – while I’m more of a Wonder Woman gal myself, I still love a little Harley, and I’m always super happy to get any brush 😀

    Pretty Woman nail polish in Nude or Nothing – I’m getting into doing my nails myself again and rebuilding my polish collection and I would love the perfect nude for fall and for when I wanna do cute designs! I’ve had little luck with nude polishes being just right, but hopefully this will be, I’m super excited to try.

    Botanic Farm natural energy sheet mask in Avocado – another item I’m building up. I love sheet masks but rarely buy them because honestly I just forget to lol. So I’m really happy to be getting one ( or is it two?? ) in the bag.

    Smashbox Cosmetics always on liquid lipstick in Babe Alert – okay so after the Smashbox fiasco in Boxycharm ( I got a sickly grey colour that was a bit messed up from the heat and made me look like a vampire no one would be falling for any time soon lmao ), I’m super excited to see a colour I will absolutely wear! Plus I’m a huge fan of liquid lips :3

    All in all this bag is really on point to my profile. I’m really happy about that because I’d cancelled Ipsy before when I got like two kinda dud bags in a row. But this months actual bag design I didn’t really care what was in it, I just wanted the bag haha. So I feel super lucky now, and hopefully I’m lucky enough to get off the darn waitlist for the upgrade!!

  35. I now have two Glam Bags! (Hoping to get the upgrade and still wanting my $10 bag). In my first bag I am getting Steve Laurent Blush, Skynn Iceland Berry lip Fix , Smashbox Primerizer, Trestique Lip Glaze, Jo Hansford Intensive Mask.
    Second bag: 111 Skin Eye Lift, Trestique Lip Glaze (I hope it’s the other color), Smashbox Primerizer (duplicate but still happy!), Winky Lux in Ursula (maybe it will push me out of my neutral comfort zone), Luxie Wonder Woman Brush(I do t have a brush like this so I’m super happy).
    Ipsy, I’m always happy with my bags but you knocked it out of the park for me this month!

    • Oh I’m bag twins with your second bag!

  36. Morphe Highlighter in Spark
    Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish – hoping for the Mermaid shade, but it doesn’t matter since this brand chips off in a day, anyway
    Wild Honey Apothecary Scrub Mask
    Luna Translucent Powder
    The Creme Shop Foam Cleanser

    A few new and useful items, but nothing exciting this month. Still one of my favorite subs.

  37. I have an accumulation of stuff to trade if anyone is looking for a trade buddy. I think it’s cute that Ipsy wants to roll out a $25 plus option based on your profile preferences, when they don’t adhear to them anyways. Getting a nude nail polish. I have every shade marked for this EXCEPT nudes and pastels. 😒 Gave me bronzer too. I don’t wear it and I’m opted out. Not today Ipsy, not today…probably not tomorrow either. Sigh…
    Luxie Harley Quinn brush
    Pretty Woman nail polish in Nude
    Hoola Bronzer
    Smashbox liquid lip
    That pinkish loose pigment eyeshadow

    The only item I’m happy about is the liquid lip.

  38. Really like my selection this month.
    I’m also getting Luxor Harley Quinn brush and Morphe highlighter.
    My other three items are:
    Winkie Lux eyeshadow
    BRTC Velvet mask duo
    Translucent powder by Luna Cosmetics

  39. Noyah lip balm in peppermint – happy with this; I can always use lip balm

    Manna Kadar eyeshadow duo in Nemesis and Medusa – I don’t wear brown eyeshadows. Disappointed since there’s a pretty purple eyeshadow available this month so I wish I’d gotten that.

    Elizabeth Mott face primer – don’t need this; I have so many primer samples lying around

    Luxie beauty Harley Quinn 110 brush – I love this! Really cute.

    Pretty Woman nail polish in Nude or Nothing – ugh nude nail polish.

    Really just a let down on colors this month. I have purples, blues, adventurous chosen for everything, never any browns or pinks, always negatively review those products and… I get brown eyeshadow and nude polish. Same old issues, ipsy. Boring bag. Oh well.

  40. I love how Ipsy wants to roll out a $25 plus box that’s going to be chosen for you based on your beauty preferences… that they can’t ever be bothered to follow anyways. Example, I’m recieving a Nude nail polish this month when my profile states Berries, Reds, Darks and Adventurous. The only colors I didn’t have selected were pastels and nudes. They don’t even adhere to your shade preferences. I like my Ipsy enough to keep it, but I’m definitely not going to throw them another $15 a month to keep ignoring my profile.

  41. 111 Skin Space Defense eye lift gel
    Smashbox Photo Finish primerizer
    Eva NYC Satin Dream Leave In Cream
    WinkyLuxe eyeshadow Ursula
    Luxie WW brush tapered blender 140

    • Winky Lux (app means typing it out)

      I actually am ok with my bag even though typically I don’t want more brushes, I can definitely use this one now.

    • Same! 😍

    • Mine’s pretty close other than I got a Trestique lip crayon vs. the leave in cream.

      111 Skin Defense Eye Lift Gel (The product I really wanted to try, so am most excited about.)

      Smashbox Photo Finish Primerizer (I love Smashbox primers, and while I opted out last year for a while when on overload I don’t mind stocking up again. The samples last a while and are a great size for on the go.)

      Trestique Mini Lip glaze in English Rose or Mumbai Magenta (These aren’t shades I would generally pick for myself, but I do recall clicking Yes on the survey as my sister would love either and her birthday is coming up.)

      Winky Lux Eyeshadow in Ursula (A little darker than I normally go for, but it’s such a pretty purple I was hoping for it to try.)

      Luxie WW brush tapered blender 140 (I don’t particularly need more brushes at the moment, but I like Luxie brushes and am fine with this as an upgrade to my collection.)

      A pretty solid bag for me. I would like to get a polish one of these days, but I like everything in the bag and an very excited to try the Skin111 eye cream.

      • I am gettting:

        Luxie Beauty Wonder Woman blending brush
        Smashbox primerizer
        Winkle Lux eyeshadow in Ursula
        Trestique mini Glace lipstick
        111SKIN eye serum

        I am thinking that this is my best Bag so far this year!

      • Same exact bag! I’ve never found bag quadruplets before, not even a triplet or twin, lol. I’m pretty happy with my bag, but would have loved the Hoola bronzer! I’ve never tried it and checked yes on the “improve my glam bag” survey, but I’m ok with what I did get. I’ve never heard of the 111 eye lift gel before, has anyone tried it? What did you think?

    • Same bag😊❤️

  42. stoked on mine,

    Expert Colour Care

    Berry Lip Fix

    No Poreblem Primer

    Matte Mineral Lipstick in Incognito

    Wonder Woman Detail Tapered Blender 140

  43. Katherine cosmetics eye shadow in expresso. Meh matte dark brown but her eyeshadows are expensive( $48 for 5 pan palette) so there’s that.

    Evelyn Iona green tea primer – pretty sure this is full size.

    Smash box liquid lipstick in babe alert. Looks like it might be pretty tiny but happy to get it anyway.

    Doucce Bronzer in Sunbeam. I rarely wear bronzer and already own 2 others.

    Botanic Farm avocado masks. Masks are only skin care I use so all good

    I am pretty happy considering I did not like most of the spoilers. Just wish I got a prettier eye shadow and no bronzer.

  44. In my bag:

    MANNA KADAR COSMETICS Eyeshadow Duo in Nemesis and Medusa

    LUXIE BEAUTY Harley Quinn Detail Flat Definer 110

    GLAMOUR DOLLS Retractable Gel Eyeliner in Blue

    EVA NYC Satin Dream Leave-in Cream

    SMASHBOX COSMETICS Photo Finish Primerizer

  45. First bag, I will not be using half my bag. Is it luck of the draw or a better way to have items selected for you?

    • Always review and rate your items. I do this everyone, and I usually look 3-4 things in my bag every month. You can always give away the stuff you don’t want. Holidays are coming. 🙂

    • this month’s bag is completely on point for me and I’m hoping it isn’t a fluke! I filled out my beauty profile really really specifically. for example, I use nail polish, mascara, and eyeliner every day but I don’t want to get those as products from ipsy so I didn’t check them off.
      I resubbed after about 3 years of not having ipsy and I re-did my profile with that in mind, since part of the reason was that I kept getting eyeliners and nail polish when I am overloaded on those.
      I also was very specific with what colours of eye/lip products I like. I like red and purple lipstick, but I don’t want them from ipsy because I only like specific shades or red and purple and it’s very unlikely that I’ll get those from them. So I chose “neutral” or “nude” (I don’t remember the exact category)
      So you can try doing that and see if it works. 🙂

      Another thing to keep in mind is, if it asks you “what shade of nail polish/eyeliner/etc. do you prefer?” and you don’t want nail polish/eyeliner/etc., don’t select any colours (otherwise they may take it as you saying “I am OK with getting nail polish/eyeliner/etc. in this colour”)

    • Some basic strategies for better personalization:

      – Understand that not marking a box on a profile is not treated as a ‘no’ by the algorithm. The only way to get a definite no is to email ipsycare and ask to opt out of a whole category (e.g. no eyeliners, no bronzers, no primers, etc.) You can only opt out of I think 3 categories, but it’s a great way to ensure you don’t get products you will never use.

      – Ipsy balances out bags for eyes/lips/face. So, approach your profile accordingly. Rather than mark no lip items at all, for example, mark the couple things you would like best since you are likely to get a lip item in almost every bag. If every category (eyes, lips, cheeks, skincare, hair, nails, etc.) has something you like marked you are more ‘likely’ to get those by a small amount then a completely random item from that category.

      – Be careful marking any sort of problem on the profile (e.g. frizzy hair, reddish skin) unless you are OK with products specifically for that problem. It’s best to leave these blank unless you really want the stuff to treat them.

      – Play around with picking a different eye color if you keep getting shadows in shades you dislike.

      – Check to see if you have the improve glam bags product survey – this will show you about 30 products to be featured over the next few months. You can mark yes – and these yesses seem to count more than the profile. You can also vote no on items – and while it’s unfortunately not a guarantee it does lessen the odds of those items.

  46. I said no brushes, primer and bronzes yet I’m getting them. 🙁 This month is really disappointing for me

    • I’d recommend emailing them to opt out of brushes, primer, and bronzers. I think you are allowed to opt out to up to three categories (though these are pretty broad – you can opt out of categories but not specific shades, for example.)

      Not checking yes on your profile doesn’t mean you will not get that item – it isn’t treated as a ‘no.’ Rather, the algorithm searches for items it thinks you will like (based on yeses to survey questions or checkmarks on your profile or items you’ve reviewed highly in the past.) I think it then checks this against the available bag variations (Ipsy isn’t truly randomized – there are still only a limited number of bag variations. 50 maybe?) It picks a variation that has the items it selected for you and doesn’t contain any items you have opted out of or that are repeats for you. At least that’s how I’ve gathered it works so far – might have changed by now.

      So realistically, only a couple items in the bag are going to be super-personalized for you. Most often the rest of the bag will be a variety of items to balance out the value and keep a variety of eyes/lips/face/other so you don’t end up with three cheek items or five lipsticks.

  47. I want to peek but today, it seems l must log into Facebook. I don’t do Facebook nor do l want to join.

    • Same boat here. When I joined ipsy in 2014, it was a company about fun experimentation with makeup. Nowadays it’s a company about giving them hits on social media. For an excuse, you get a bag of products each month. And everything’s run by what seems to be Kylie Jenner types who can’t put together a sentence in English. I just enjoy my bag contents and ignore everything else and the constant come-ons they do…

    • You don’t have to. Just X out of that screen.

    • I don’t do FB either, and don’t want to! I think they started this last month where you have to share to FB if you want to see your a bag a day early. Apparently, they haven’t figured out that you can see it anyway on the phone app, so that’s what I’ve done today and last month. I hope they don’t realize this and change it!

    • Mine has the Facebook logo and Twitter logo marked to share via those platforms to get a sneak peek, but I just uncheck both and click button to confirm I want the sneak peek and get it. I’m not sure how would work if you’ve never connected any suicidal media platforms to your ipsy account though, so sorry can’t help with that, but you don’t actually have to share a post or tweet to your sneak peek. If that makes sense…I tend to ramble! Lol

      • Woah auto incorrect! Not only skipped words I actually did include, but changed “social” media to “suicide” media. Sorry about that MSA!

  48. it says no hair product or blue eyeliner in my profile. Guess what they gave me anyways?

    • Not marking something on the profile isn’t counted by their algorithm as a ‘no.’ The only way to be sure you won;t get something is to opt out of a category – email them and say ‘no hair products’ or ‘opt out of eyeliners.’ You can’t opt out of specific shades though, unfortunately.

      Also, one trick I have found is checking the spoilers for a month and noting any items I would definitely not want. Look for something in a similar category that you wouldn’t mind (e.g. if you don’t want the blue eyeliner, look for a different color of eyeliner you like or an eyeshadow you’d like.) Then adjust your profile – instead of not checking any eyeliner or eyeshadow, pick the shade of the item you’d prefer (even if it’s not necessarily a favorite.) That is, click neutral eyeliners (but make sure adventurous is unchecked) or check the color variation of the eyeshadow.

      Check the 30 item survey/improve glam bag products if you have that as well. Click no on any item you hate, but click yes on any item in a similar category to an item you hate that you would like even if it isn’t necessarily your favorite.

      I’ve found this method improves the likelihood of getting all items I like in my bags.

      For the further strategy of getting the “one thing” you would love best, make sure it’s the feature item of your survey and profile *within it’s category.* E.G. vote yes to it in the survey, but no on competing products (e.g. if it’s skincare, vote no on competing skin care items in the survey and uncheck profile boxes related to other forms of skincare. If it’s a lipstick, vote no on competing lipsticks and lip crayons and uncheck other shades from your profile. Since IPSY doesn’t tend to send two competing items for the sake of balance, this improves the odds (though doesn’t guarantee) that specific item.)

  49. I’m not gonna peek my 2nd bag but my 1st one is great!

    Turmeric mask-was really wanting this last month

    Elizabeth Mott primer

    Creme shop 2 in 1 cleanser

    Mprincess loose shadow

    Luxie tapered blending brush

  50. Ipsy did a great job this month with “Ipsy Match”! I’m happy!!!

    Translucent Powder

    Mini Lip Glaze in English Rose OR Mumbai Magenta

    Harley Quinn Detail Flat Definer 110

    Microdermabrasion Age Defying Exfoliator

    Line/Shade Eye Pencil in Flash Purple

    • I’m happy too! I’m getting-
      Luxie Wonder Woman brush
      Trust Fund Nail polish
      Meech and Mia eyeshadow
      Trestique lip glaze
      Hempz body lotion

      • Katie and I are bag twins. I’m happy with my bag, as long as I don’t get the mermaid nail polish or the magenta lip glaze. I might be the only person saying this, but I want the reds lol

        • Me three!! Bag triplets i guess 🙂

        • I’m REALLY hoping for the darker polish too, but if i get the mermaid i guess i can marble with it.

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