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Ipsy Glam Bag Plus Review – September 2018

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is a $25 a month new subscription option from Ipsy. Every month you’ll receive 5 full-sized beauty products. The box will have a retail value of at least $120. And you’ll receive an actual makeup bag once a quarter.

This box was sent to us for review purposes. FYI – this first box was available to a limited amount of people selected by Ipsy for the first round, but some subscribers will get the option to upgrade their subscription to Ipsy Glam Bag Plus starting with the October box. I wanted to review it since there are so many questions about this subscription and to give you an idea of what you can expect. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

The Subscription Box: Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

The Cost: $25 a month (free shipping)

The Products: Full-size makeup and beauty products every month. (Plus a bonus makeup bag once every 3 boxes!)

Ships to: US

Delivered via: USPS

Each quarter, Ipsy Glam Bag plus subscribers will get a premium makeup bag in addition to their 5 items. (That means you’ll receive a box of 5 beauty items every month, but a glam bag only once every 3 boxes.)

This one is a beautiful faux blush suede with burgundy accents. And there’s an outside card pocket:

Here I am holding it to give you a better sense of scale:

This box also comes with a card detailing the items included:

Now, on to the items!

Morphe 15H Happy Hour Eyeshadow Palette – Retail Value $15

This palette is a mix of warm browns and peaches in matte and shimmer finishes. Excellent pigment, and easy to blend, too. Very impressive for a $15 palette!

(Swatched in lower photo.)

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Risque – Retail Value $29

I love tarte and I love their blush, so this is a stellar subscription box item for me! The formula is ingredient conscious, highly pigmented, and goes on so smoothly. It has a matte finish, and you can easily build color. (Plus there’s no fallout with this powder, and it stays put once it’s applied!)

Here it is swatched beneath the eyeshadow palette:

Sunday Riley C.E.O. Moisturizer – Retail Value $65

This moisturizer is designed to help hydrate skin and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It has the subtle sweet citrus scent of CEO products that I love, the hydration is amazing without being greasy – I love this cream! (And you can use it day and night.)

Buxom Lash Mascara – Retail Value $22

I’ve yet to find a Buxom mascara that I didn’t love, and this one continues that streak. It’s great! The formula doesn’t clump at all, and it provides good volume and length. On the drama scale of 1-10, I’d give this about a 7. It’s a little more natural looking than some high-impact mascaras, and it’s perfect for everyday use for me.

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream – Mini Size (75 ml) Retail Value $20

If you haven’t tried Bum Bum cream yet, it’s pretty amazing. First, the Pistachio + Salted Caramel fragrance is amazing! The formula absorbs quickly, is super moisturizing, and has the added benefit of making your skin look tighter – perfect for legs!

Verdict: This box has a value of about $149 not counting the makeup bag. AMAZING for a $25 box! If Ipsy can keep this up every month, I think this will be one of the most popular beauty subscription boxes! I love the mix of makeup and skincare, too.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No, but current Ipsy subscribers may be eligible to upgrade their subscription with the October box. (If you signed up for the early access waitlist by 9/7, you will be among the first to receive a Glam Bag Plus box. The ipsyCare team will reach out to everyone individually about what to expect next.)

Good to know: Ipsy sends out variations. But Glam Bag Plus subscriptions will have fewer variation options than the standard $10 Ipsy Glam Bag.

What do you think of the September Ipsy Glam Bag Plus? Are you going to upgrade when you get the option?


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (128)

  1. I’m not even on the waitlist, I missed everything and haven’t received an email though I’ve been subbed for over 3 years. But I wonder if you upgrade, can you ever downgrade? In case it gets a bit much?

    • Yes, you can switch back to the $10 bag. And even skip months.

  2. It’s Funny looking back on this review, Ipsy completely missed the mark by not just adding a lip product to round out the variety.

  3. Is this true.. If you upgrade to Ipsy Plus you need to open a 2nd account to have the standard ipsy??? Then won’t we all end up getting repeats as all the products in our bag history will be on the upgraded account! I don’t want repeats of items I still have!!

    • Only if you want 2 monthly subscriptions, a $10 bag and a $25 box every month.

    • Yes. If you want to upgrade you will be charged 25.00 a month for 5 full size products, and a glam bag every quarter, however if you still want to receive a 10.00 ipsy bag you have to open a new ipsy account.
      I have not only opened a new account, but I needed a new email account.
      I’m now being charged 20.00 a mmmonth for 2 ipsy bags, and I don’t have any idea if I’m getting the upgrade.
      I’m on a waitlist with 15000.00 other ppl.

    • I’m off the waitlist! I’m getting an October box. I hope it’s as good as September.

      • I’m off the waitlist. I’m getting the first glam bag. I’m so excited. No you won’t get duplicates. If you upgrade you are getting 5 full size products and a bag quarterly. If you still want your regular ipsy bag then you need to open a second ipsy account. If you aren’t interested in glam bag plus then you don’t have to do anything your subscription will remain the same.

  4. I resubbed to Ipsy (Starting with September box) b/c they offered me a free Bum Bum cream. Well I missed the MSA early waitlist sign up for plus, but this morning I received an email from Ipsy offering to put me on the waitlist, So I took it. I also did all the sharing to get my name bumped up, not sure if that works but why not. Everyone wanting to be put on the waitlist check your email.

    • Ya I got my email this morning confirming I’m on the waitlist. With 15,000 others!! I’m so upset. And to bump my spot up I can refer people with a special link. All they care about is more money. What about the people I’ve referred in the past?!! What about Bc I’m a loyal subscriber. I voiced my frustration in an email

      • I’m with you. I have a question. Has anyone received the first Glam Bag Plus. The above review said September’s bag. I want to know if the first Glam Bag Plus is being sent in October. Does anyone know?

    • I shared and one of my friends subscribed. How do you know if you got bumped up or not

      • I have no idea. I just assume it never actually happens.

      • Yesterday I got ANOTHER email saying:

        Great news! You’re now on the Glam Bag Plus waitlist, and we’ll move you to an active membership later this month.

        You’ll be all set for Glam Bag Plus, and we’ll send you a confirmation email once you’re off the waitlist and billed.

        We’re so excited for you to try Glam Bag Plus.


        This is after confirming on Wednesday that I wanted to be put on the waitlist. I hope this is good news lol

  5. Is this a spoiler for the October box?

    I’m confused since it says September but they said the plus starts in October.

  6. Here’s the email I got that made me check my online option to upgrade. I did it through the app. But I had done Liz’s waitlist option weeks ago too.
    Hi Elizabeth,

    I’m Xxxx and I’ll be taking over your case!

    We’re so thrilled to hear you want to give Glam Bag Plus a try! Since Glam Bag Plus is our new monthly membership, we want to get this right. This means there’s currently a wait for members, and we’re slowly opening up the Waitlist to our active members.

    If you don’t see this option to join the Waitlist in your account just yet, don’t worry–we are making it available to more members as soon as spots become available. With each coming month, we will have more spots open and hope to get to a point where the wait is minimal.

    As we roll out Glam Bag Plus, we want to ensure we’re taking member feedback into close consideration and deliver a product that our members will love.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions and thanks for being a loyal ipster!


  7. I have been sending messages to ipsy because I was concerned about my regular August box coming in and mentioned that I wanted to stay subscribed to be able to get the plus, but I hadn’t been super happy with my monthly boxes selections. She replied and told me that I could go into my ipsy account settings and there could be an option to upgrade to if Ipsy+. I opened the app and went under settings and account and found a place to upgrade but then it also said I was waitlisted with 15,000 other people. 😬I had done Lizs link that she posted a Couple weeks back, so not sure if that’s why I had an option or what. But those of you that did the link that Liz posted, I would check in your ipsy app or online account and see if you can also get waitlisted there. She said in the email that there may not be an option yet to do so and not to worry if there was not that option yet, that they were working on getting everyone’s accounts Off the waitlist. So don’t panic if you did Liz’s survey but don’t have the option yet, it’s coming for you. This may be “the email” that everyone is getting in two weeks that Liz posted about.

  8. Unfortunately, I am Just checking emails. Since I missed the MSA sign up, how can I get on the list. I tried the site, but can’t find anything.

    • Liz reached out to ask them if there will be a second waitlist for those that missed the first. It’s in the comments for the Ipsy Plus waitlist update.

  9. I just wish if it was gonna take this long for everyone to get a shot at upgrading that they had started this over the summer. Fall/winter products are always the best and by the time most of us will get around to receiving this it will practically be spring.

  10. Didn’t someone contact them and were informed invites had been sent out randomly? Are we to believe they will actually follow the list we don’t know if we have or have not been placed on? I’m not interested in any more ipsy samples. I am interested in the upgrade. I’m not sure how long I’ll hold on waiting for an invite.

  11. The MSA waitlist was closed on the 7th. Then it was the weekend. Today is the first working day after the signup closed for Ipsy. Maybe give Ipsy some time to send out the emails?

    • I’m giving them some time, howeve as loyal as I have been to their company, and for all of the money that I spend with them. I’m very disappointed that I hadn’t received an invitation. I order from shopper almost everyday. I will not buy another item from the daily shopper until I know whether or not I’ve been chosen. To me it’s the principle of the thing. I opened a second account as I was instructed to do. I also had to open a 2nd email address.
      I’d also like to know how customers were randomly picked. What was the criteria.

  12. I’m still scrolling comments, so forgive me if I’m not quite to it yet, but I do have a question:

    I signed up for the waitlist via the link that was posted to MSA a week or two back.
    I never received any sort of follow-up e-mails or continuation that “confirmed” I registered other than the generic refresh. I also don’t see anything of the sort on my Ipsy app. Did I booger up the whole thing, or is this seemingly normal? I’m more than willing to be patient, but at this point I’m more worried that I’ll be waiting on something that never even registered in the first place lol

    • It’s normal. They didn’t send out any confirmation. If you want to put your mind at ease, try clicking on the waitlist link again using the same network and it should say you’ve already signed up. 🙂

    • I feel just like you. I’m salty so to say. I wanted the upgrade, and keep my regular ipsy bag. I opened a second account in order to do so per the ipsy company. I’m not a new customer. I’m a very loyal customer that spends a lot of money with them. I’d like to know how people were chosen. I’d this upgrade for the month of September or October? Because if it’s September’s bag. I’m canceling both accounts. I will not be using shopper any longer, and I will spend my money somewhere else.

      • The upgrade has always been listed as October being the first month. They only sent early boxes to bloggers and Influencers which was smart since we all found out about it and it helped awareness and gauge interest.

      • Thank You. I didn’t see that October will be the first box out.

  13. It’s a little baffling how entitled people feel to something that three weeks ago they didn’t know existed.

    Anyway, this looks really fun! Maybe someday I’ll go for it.

    • Thinking the same thing. I was a little salty after the Boxy roll out but still. The list closed Friday, Sept 7, today is only Monday, Sept 10. Give them a minute to contact those people already!!!

      • Right!!

      • I received nothing and I. Furious. I jumped through hoops for this company. Opening a second account and email address, and all for no reason. I order from them almost daily on their shopper page. Have referred several friends to them. I’m sorry wrong is wrong in my opinion. So now I’m paying 20.00 a month, because I followed their request. This is how you treat customers loyal to the IPSY company. Plus I wrote them several times. I’m going to wait and see what happens. I don’t want the next box. I wanted this bag. Is this for September or October.

      • The first Ipsy Plus for subscribers is October.

      • It’s for October.

      • WOW Rochelle….you’re carrying on like this when you don’t even know what month the bag is coming out in???? It Did NOT get launched this month in Sept.
        It’s being slowly released starting in Oct.

        So NO…they did not have you “jumping thru hoops” for them. If you chose to get a second bag now instead of the month you’re told you can get the new bag, that’s your own decision. It might help if you read all the info here about it First, before complaining, then asking what month it’s for….geesh.

      • 👆👆👆👆👆👆
        What she said!!😂

  14. More Sunday Riley lol…Just what everyone wants on their face, Vegetable oil and artificial fragrance. Well at least I don’t have Fomo lol. But the bag is cute and I wanted to try the bum bum cream. Hopefully everyone who signed up for the waitlist will get an invite soon.

    • A lot of subscribers for boxes like Ipsy, Sephora, Birchbox and Allure like Sunday Riley, I don’t expect items that would be in Art of Clean Beauty to be in a $15 Allure box. There are great clean beauty options for the people that aren’t interested in Ipsy and their vegetable oil products.

      Bum Bum cream also has types of vegetable oil too.

      • But bum bum cream wouldn’t be smeared on my face.. And of course they are including what people are wanting.Which is why i can’t wait for the hype to die. It might only be a $15 box, but it’s a $65 dollar face cream, at that price range it shouldn’t contain those kind of ingredients. These subs you listed (Ipsy, Sephora,Birchbox),They aren’t intended to be subscriptions for sampling low grade products clean or not.

      • And I am probably in the minority lol but honestly even if SR’s ingredients were stuff i would put on my face…I’m sick of seeing them.

    • Then don’t subscribe….its that simple.

  15. This box looks amazing. So jealous!

    • This box is a perfect box IMO. I absolutely love it. Even though I didn’t get an invite, I am very happy with how Ipsy is doing this in a manageable way. I dropped two bc accounts after the fiasco and I will try this if/when I get an invite. I am happy for those who will receive it.

  16. Liz, could you try to find out if maybe each quarter features a different bag to where regardless of which month you sign up you would receive that quarter’s bag your first month, then the new bag the first month of each following quarter? I imagine that option would make the most sense.

    So, for example, the bag featured here is the fall(Sept, Oct, Nov) bag. New Plus subscribers would get it in Oct if they start then or Nov depending which is the first month. Then, Dec would be a new style of bag for all current subscribers and people subbing in December.

    I really hope that makes sense. I’m really interested in upgrading whenever it becomes available, but also wondering about variations to fit profiles. I kinda consider this box more of a sample box to show what can be expected, but would find it odd for Ipsy to completely stray from their personalization model and not at least offer color variations.

    • It makes sense, I was thinking the same thing, I could pass on the products this month but really like the bag, I am hoping they start sending invites and hoping the bags are seasonal so this would be the Sep,Oct,Nov bag.

      • That’s exactly how I feel. I really like this first bag. I mean I like the product, but I actually own all of them. I absolutely love the bag.

  17. I really appreciate this website and all the information I get from it but I think it was poor taste to review a bag nobody will get just to keep in good with sponsors. I have a feeling this whole Ipsy plus bag is going to be a bait and switch (just like the regular Ipsy). They promote all those great products but what you get is not what you see and it’s disappointing. The whole thing to sign up to get on the waiting list with the email you use to subscribe was a ploy to get new members and a bad business practice. Ipsy could end up losing a lot of loyal customers in the process.

    • And this free bag sent to MSA is one that doesn’t go to a paying subscriber.

    • But do we know that we won’t be able to get any of this stuff? This bag isn’t supposed to be available to subscribers until October. It seems like it’s being promoted by influencers much earlier, to get the word out. There are instagram influencers who had this well before Liz did. I don’t think it’s in poor taste to review a new subscription before it becomes available to everyone else. I think it’s a good idea for Liz to have these products in hand to give us a better idea of whether or not we’d enjoy the sub. It’s similar to Popsugar or FFF sending box items super early to Liz so she can test/model them for us.

      • I’m excited to see the review! I’m not sure yet whether I want to pick up the sub or not but want to keep updated on it. And that Morphe Me palette looks surprisingly good!

    • Unfortunately I have to agree, I absolutely love Ipsy, And always receive the best bags that i am very grateful for. But I have noticed a lot of that lately, Just like the advertised Wonder Woman brush that turned out to be a tiny eyeshadow blender that was nothing like the spoilers posted. And you are right, unless they sign anyone else up besides influencers and bloggers before October, and with enough time to receive Septembers, they will be the only ones getting these products, because they are not going to be sending them out 2 months in a row.

    • Hey. I was dumb enough to open a second account in order to get both bags.

      • I wish i could afford to lol, but I’m sure Hundreds if not Thousands more people signed up for new accounts after seeing about Plus, All While Ipsy knew that none would actually be receiving it yet (except the select few) So they made a HUGE profit this month and coming months depending on how long it takes to get everyone off the waitlist, with paying out pretty much nothing. Most people will probably be paying the extra $10 a month on samples they don’t want, long enough that it will completely pay for their plus box when they finally get it.

  18. Liz,
    Can you show us photos of how you keep your products organized? I need some inspiration. Thanks!

    • yes, this!

  19. I’d rather a company roll it out slow vs. the way Boxy sent out emails saying “You’re one of the few to receive this special email” and than everyone including newbies were able to get Boxyluxe. Boxy handled the whole luxe thing poorly, and I’ve been with them a long time. As soon as I get an invite to join Ipsy plus, I’m pretty sure I will leave Boxy.

    • I agree. It’s probably a lot better for them to introduce this slowly, so they can have time to adjust to having two different subs. I really don’t understand why people are so upset about not receiving a box of STUFF. It’s just stuff. We’ll all get our chance to sign up. Y’all chill.

    • I can’t believe that new members were able to get boxyluxe. I’ve been subscribed to them for over a year and unfortunately the site crashes before I could even see if I could get it. I feel like they should’ve taken into account all of the members who have been subscribed for a year or more to receive that box, not “you gotta be on our site as this time to get it” blah blah blah. If I do end up being able to get Ipsy Plus though, I’ll probably cancel BC. The last 3 months were not for me. Bummer.

    • I knew it was going to happen so I didn’t even try to get it plus I kept asking BC for full spoilers before I would even try and of course got ignored lol. Anyway, I will treat these upgrades like new phone versions. I will wait for the 1st generation kinks to be worked out then purchase. Since ipsy glam plus will eventually make its way to all subscribers, I can wait until then. In the meantime, I’m cancelling BoxyCharm, I’m no longer excited about it.

  20. Thanks for the update Liz, it really stinks that we wont be able to get the Morphe palette. I really wanted that 1..hopefully there will be cute bags like the pink 1 and more exciting products.

  21. I’m honestly not upset about how Ipsy is handling this at all. They need to build interest and have obviously been successful in doing so by sending to the select few that they did. If this is going to be the first openly available Glam Bag Plus, that’s wonderful, if not I understand why they’d showcase these products as potential offerings of this subscription. After the absolute fiasco of BoxyLuxe supposedly being offered exclusively to the waitlisted interest list subscribers, then open to all subscribers at the exact same time, I’m relieved they’re rolling this option out slowly and selectively. I’m not going to spend 2+ hours refreshing/reloading/repeatedly clicking on an upgrade button or email link again. We knew BoxyLuxe was coming before Glam Bag Plus was even revealed so I understand the cautious approach. 1-Build excitement and interest. 2-Gauge demand and supply. 3-Offer through interest list. 4-Open option publicly. The reveal was that it would be coming later this year, AFAIK there was no promised availability date. This is a great offering so I understand the disappointment but at least I don’t feel heartbroken not getting it after thinking I had an increased chance of doing so like BL.

    • I totally agree, Chandra. ipsy has tried a lot of different features that are only available to some subscribers, like the chance to request a specific item that’s being feature that month, or opting out of a category of items for a few months (no mascara for me, yay!), or indicating preferences on a survey beyond just the profile (I didn’t get that on either of my subscriptions), and slowly rolling out ipsy shopper.

      When I get disgruntled about receiving a product for oily skin even though I’ve marked my skin as dry, it’s easy to forget how amazing ipsy is: I’ve never seen a bag worth less than $40, so along with trying to go with our preferences and not sending, for instance, all eye products one month, they always bring the value. Their customer service is fabulous. I would guess that ipsy is in the top 5 of ALL subscription boxes worldwide. For ten bucks. That’s one lunch or two trips for coffee. And they do this for literally millions of people.

      I’m disappointed to not get in on this yet with either of my subscriptions even though I signed up on the waitlist here. OTOH, I’m really grateful that I found MSA and can swap for the products I’m dying to get my hands on. Thanks Liz and Eric and everyone else who makes MSA happen, including all the folks who have swapped with me!

    • Chandra, I agree with you 100% * I used the MSA link to sign up for the Ipsy waitlist fully expecting in might be 2 or 3 months before I get the new bag. I’m more than ok with that because they aren’t playing us for fools like Yosef did.

      They are telling us lie after lie like Yosef did. They are rolling the waitlist out ahead of time, not telling ALL of us to get up at the crack of dawn & all log in at the same time if we want even a tiny, tiny chance of getting it knowing the site can’t handle that load.

      And that gif, meme, whatever you want to call it he did during that launch was tasteless and heartless. For those that didn’t see it, it was posted all over social media after the box sold out and emailed to those that didn’t get the luxe box. It was of Yosef handing a girl her luxe box, then happily snatching out of her hands taking it back. So not funny for those that spent 3 hours trying to get their upgrade thru a site that crashed non-stop.

      AFTER that disastrous launch, then suddenly there were no longer 3, but 4 brand variations for everyone hoping to get the Hank & Henry lipstick. So many got the spoiler emailed to them that were supposed to get the Girlactik blush duo. When they got their boxes, they got the Laura Geller blush…and this was the YouTubers doing their unboxings for BOTH boxes.

      I am done with BC as soon as I get my box for this month. They already took my money for it and I don’t trust them anymore to know they will send me my box if I cancel before it’s in my hands. Then I am going to Instagram and unfollowing Boxycharm since in the middle of all this, Yosef posted super excited that they hit 1 Million followers. I’m not gonna be one of them. Anyone not happy with what they put us thru, should do the same thing and get them back under that mil. It wouldn’t hurt to knock him off his high horse for a few months. This is NO WAY to treat your customers.

      • Totally agree. I’m so done with BC.

    • Very well said.

    • I totally agree, Chandra. ipsy has tried a lot of different features that are only available to some subscribers, like the chance to request a specific item that’s being feature that month, or opting out of a category of items for a few months (no mascara for me, yay!), or indicating preferences on a survey beyond just the profile (I didn’t get that on either of my subscriptions), and slowly rolling out ipsy shopper.

      When I get disgruntled about receiving a product for oily skin even though I’ve marked my skin as dry, it’s easy to forget how amazing ipsy is: I’ve never seen a bag worth less than $40, so along with trying to go with our preferences and not sending, for instance, all eye products one month, they always bring the value. Their customer service is fabulous. I would guess that ipsy is in the top 5 of ALL subscription boxes worldwide. For ten bucks. That’s one lunch or two trips for coffee. And they do this for literally millions of people.

      I’m disappointed to not get in on this yet with either of my subscriptions even though I signed up on the waitlist here. OTOH, I’m really grateful that I found MSA and can swap for the products I’m dying to get my hands on. Thanks Liz and Eric and everyone else who makes MSA happen, and to everyone who has swapped with me!

    • 100% agree! I am so over the Luxe thing… If they were to send me an email today saying “you’re guaranteed a Boxyluxe box if you upgrade today” I would not sign up for it. I’ll wait for Ipsy Plus.

  22. When they will send the mail if i’m in a wait list?

  23. IPSY Plus is a little more shady than BoxyLuxe only few will be get this, limited numbers and only you tubers and Blogs got it

    the sign up for waitlist is closed.

    Only the few will get 1 and the waitlist is already closed so no chance to get to apply for it.they need new subbers verses trying to keep all the people who already are and have been members.
    Why don’t Ipsy be honest and say this is a reward to get new members.
    My next bag is very good I will use everything.
    Very upset that I would have to do their job and get them more subbers to move up on the waitlist.if I ever get a chance to even get on the waitlist.
    At this time my entire area of friends on FaceBook have been devastated by flash floods and have lost Everything !!!
    I am gonna put together a few bags of make-up from overload for friends who lost it all
    .I hardly think they will care to get a $10.00 bag of make-up samples .

    • I couldn’t agree with u more Misti.

      The BL debacle was not good. But considering at least it was a free for all & you had a chance (depending on ur connection-lol). Also, major corporations such as always crashes during big promos & highly anticipated collaborations. If such big corporations cant handle their server crashing, how do ppl really expect BC to not crash during the BL release? Lol. I woke up for the BL release but didn’t try, if I tried at least I would’ve been told I was on a waitlist (with BC wl is usually 1-2 months). BC was so backed up they were manually emailing ppl they’ve been taken off the wl for BL, and they did some good by sending those who had issues a free gift. Even I got an apology & replacement for the disturbing Laura Lee palette! Loving BC more than Ipsy right now.

    • I disagree. Boxy lied to us, over the last several weeks about several things. Ipsy has said, from the beginning information, that it will be a slower roll out to members, over the next few months. Would I rather be able to just upgrade to Ipsy plus? Absolutely. BUT – after going through that fiasco of BoxyLuxe, for over 4 hours and not even able to get onto the waitlist due to the site errors; I’d much rather them do a slower roll-out where the site won’t crash.

      • I agree 100% MzBev….Yosef himself has lied to us way too much for a month now. Just like he said he’d “make it right” during the horrendous launch. Has he done that??? NO…but what he has done is post pics of himself & brother on IG in a bar drinking, laughing & celebrating after saying he was going so spend those 2 days with his kids, but “wouldn’t be able to enjoy it”. Funny thing is….his kids nor his wife were in those pics.

        Then he posted one bragging on how they just reached 1 Million followers on Instagram….still doing nothing to “make it right” for us. He never will, just like he didn’t when this same crap happened with the LE box last year.

        It’s been a bait & switch with products in BOTH boxes, especially with the lip products.
        Many that got an email saying they were getting the Girlactik duo, got the Laura Geller blush in their box.

        And that mean, heartless gif of Yosef & that girl I got emailed announcing the luxe box was sold out…was the final straw….especially after 3 HOURS of non-stop trying to get that upgrade to go thru on an ill prepared, crashing site.

        Even if I have to wait a month or 2 in order to get off the waitlist for the Glam Bag, I will happily wait for it rather than have them jerk me and everyone else around with lie after lie for a month.

        I’m done with Yosef, boxy and most certainly will not be following boxycharm on IG any longer. I won’t be used again by being part of the 1 Mil. followers he’s so keen on bragging about.

  24. It’s almost like no one read the part where Liz typed:
    Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No, but current Ipsy subscribers may be eligible to upgrade their subscription with the October box. (If you signed up for the early access waitlist by 9/7, you will be among the first to receive a Glam Bag Plus box. The ipsyCare team will reach out to everyone individually about what to expect next.)

  25. I received nothing, no Emails no upgrade invitation, so I am canceling Ipsy AGAIN! They just Suck.

    • I went on site before 5th and couldn’t even find a form to get on waitlist

      • The waitlist sign up was posted on MSA.

      • Everyone is upset because it should have been sent to current subscribers to sign up for the list. Long term subscribers are upset because IPSY chose to send out for MSA readers who only subscribe to get it.

      • I agree subscribers should have at least received an email, what about the ones who don’t read msa, do they even know about this upgrade to sign up on a waitlist?

  26. If they can manage to do this without box variations, I’ll be all in.

  27. I believe that this is actually the October box but that they sent it out early to influencers for advertisement.

  28. I’m curious about Morphe shadows and how good they are. Also, those colors are waaaay too warm for me. I’m a cool tone chick! Having said all that, it’s worth 25 bucks without question. I’ll be interested to see how this goes in the future!

  29. I really like the contents of this particular box, however it seems like it was sent to various influencers to spread the word and promote a new subscription, and none of the regular subscribers have received it . I’d be curious to see how the future boxes will look like before I sign up. And it is unfortunate that nobody got any kind of notification about the updates. So many people liked the pink makeup bag.

  30. So upset, I was really looking forward to get this. I actually dis not even attempt to sign up for Boxylux as I was waiting for Ipsy Plus. Feeling cheated 🙁

    • I agree it’s crappy they’re only signing up select members. I thought it’d be open to everyone, it’s very disappointing that box looks amazing.

  31. There is no way they didn’t see how upset people were with the boxy luxe debacle so I’m not sure why Ipsy wouldn’t have tried to do better than this. I’ve been subscribed for years now and not feeling like they handled this right.

    • I feel the same way. I’ve been with Ipsy for four years, signed up to their early access list through MSA, and have heard nothing. Hopefully they are still contacting people to sign up for plus. Otherwise, I’ll be pretty disappointed (especially after falling victim to the boxyluxe fiasco, too).

      • I’m a 5-year subscriber and did not receive an email unless it ended up in rhe spam folder. I wish we had the option of getting both bags. I don’t understand in today’s age of technology why this should be a problem.

  32. I’m curious about the Bum Bum Cream. The info card says $45 value which would indicate a full-sized one yet you say its a mini worth $20. I thought the Plus bad was full-sized only.

    • I got this size bum bum cream from the New Beauty box that msa reviewed a few weeks ago and went to see what they said on that review about the size of this. Here’s what they said.
      “While this isn’t the biggest bum bum cream available, I still consider this smaller size to be a full-size product since it can be purchased in this exact size from Sephora.”
      For what it’s worth, it definitely seems like a full size product to me.

  33. I signed up via MSA as well and have not received anything.

    If Plus was made only avail to long term customers, ipsy would not be making money off of new subs trying to get in on getting the Plus sub invite. Therefore I see why ipsy is offering it randomly. I’m a new sub and signed up to get Plus which at this point i highly doubt I’ll get chosen since it just seems as luck right now. I really don’t like they are handling Plus since it seems like they just want u to sub & are showing these great items in Plus but u really have no chance at getting them. Seems like false advertising to me and gimmicky. I may unsub until Plus is readily available to all who wants it. Atm I don’t need a $10 bag every month not knowing when I’ll be chosen to get a Plus invite. Ipsy is making money while everyone’s trying & waiting to get a Plus invite. Not fun and not worth how many months I’ll be paying until I receive an invite.

    • I saw it advertised as a long time subscribers first thing not as a “sign up and get this” this thing. I’m pretty sure it was specified. Also it’s a wait list like ipsy is in general, when I signed up for ipsy I was put on a wait list. Testing a service out on those who you know give good feedback is smarter than putting a bunch of money into something that has a bunch of issues and not being able to trust the feedback.

  34. Really annoyed that this wasn’t made widely available. I really loved the products and wanted the bag itself most of all. Like some others, I’ve been an Ipsy subscriber for years and that apparently doesn’t matter.

    • It seems like they are already ignoring their long-time subscribers.

    • Yeah I was pissed about that too! How rude

  35. I’m in love! I can only afford one $20 box a month and Ipsy Plus is a clear choice for me.

  36. I’m actually not upset with Ipsy for rolling this out slowly. I actually respect it after all the drama with Boxycharm’s roll out of Boxyluxe which still bothers me.

  37. ive emailed ipsy and been set up on a waitlist that was offered to me on the app and said i would be bumped up more and more by getting referrals and people signing up on mh referral. yall i dont have friends so i guess ill be staying at the very bottom cause they said a person that gets 3 referrals will be at the top of the waitlist and will get a bag first versus a person who doesnt get referrals to me that is not fair at all! i have 3 ipsy accounts one not on a waitlist one on the MSA waitlist and one on the waitlist from the ipsy app. hope we get more answers and actually chances of getting the bag!

    • This is really disturbing… so basically what ipsy is saying: get us 3 subs if u want a “better chance” at getting a Plus invite, you’ll get an “even better” chance if u get more than 3 subs to us, but we still won’t guarantee you a Plus bag after u get us the 3+ subs we suggested. Why not just make this info readily avail on your site? Feeling ipsy is being shady. Ipsy is showcasing great items to get new subs, Im doubting ipsy will be able to continue with these type of products at such a low cost long term & they just need the hype right now to get more subs.

    • WHOA NO WAY. That is beyond shady and I’m pissed!! Nowhere did it say that. That’s pretty sneaky of them.

  38. So thoss of us who signed up for the MSA list are pretty much guaranteed to be offered a chance to upgrade for October?
    I would love that. If that is the case, I’ll cancel my Sephora play and birchbox and stay with ipsy glambag plus and boxyluxe.

    • I signed up using MSA waitlist link and haven’t heard anything yet?????🤔

      • Yeah, me too. Haven’t heard a thing. Didn’t get Boxy Luxe either even though I was “guaranteed” a chance for a spot through signing up for all the interest emails.

      • Me too. I’m hoping that we would be considered. Not sure of what other list to sign up on. I did what I was told to do thru MSA and was told I was on a list. Didn’t see one on ipsy’s website when I looked.

  39. Liz, I am very salty as to how ipsy is rolling out their glam bags. Randomly instead of waitlist/long term subscribers. I wish it was more fair.

    • I am too. I emailed ipsy and they just sent me a link to sign up not even acknowledging the issue.

      • Really? I e-mailed Ipsy too and they didn’t send me a link. They just gave me a form response thanking me for my interest and stating that the Plus is very limited and more spots will be opening up in the current months.

      • Oh wow that’s awful.

      • I got he same email from Ipsy

  40. I want this SO bad it’s not even funny. The other bag (I think, it was a ton of amazing products posted on the app) looks even better and it’s a crazy amazing deal for $25! Literally the best sub box I’ve ever seen in my opinion. But it seems impossible to get! I’m so sad. I even signed up for the list that MSA posted and I still haven’t heard anything. I emailed Ipsy asking for info too. I’ve been with Ipsy for over 4 years so I think it’s only fair they give their long time subscribers a chance st this bag! I want this one so bad for the morphe palette and that amazing Sunday Riley! I need it ugh

    • I emailed Ipsy to ask when MSA readers who signed up for the waitlist will be contacted. I’ll post as soon as I get more info! Hopefully, you get the next box!

      • Liz, I signed up with the original email. I haven’t received a single email. Who got this box? Just Beauty Influencers?

      • Right, I’ve only seen influencers get this! That wouldn’t be fair to tease us with all those nice products. Thank you Liz for emailing them. I saw products advertised on the app such as Mac fix plus, Huda easy bake powder, tarte palette, too faced blush, ALL this amazing stuff and I’m wondering if that’s the next bag? Or just possible future products? Either way I hope I can get it

      • I emailed ipsy and received email back stating that I would hear something very soon. And that was a few weeks ago, as soon as we first heard of peopled getting there glam boxes. I even asked if just influencers would be picked. They wouldn’t answer that only that I would hear soon. I assumed it was a generated generic response

      • how do I sign up I’ve been subscribed for Ipsy for a while now how do I sign up for the glam bag +? I haven’t received any link to sign up yet

      • They are sending out emails, I received one.

    • I feel the same way! I’ve been an Ipsy member since April 2014, never missed a bag and buy Ipsy offers regularly. I wish they would’ve offered it to long time subscribers first. I also signed up with the MSA link and haven’t heard anything back. This box is amazing and I’m sad I missed out on it.

    • Same! I would love everything in this month’s Ipsy Glam Bag Plus! I am hoping we’ll get a makeup bag with the first month available for us to subscribe. Kind of bums me out that they said once every 3 months, so we wouldn’t receive a makeup bag until December. Unless I misunderstood…

      • I was wondering the same thing about the bags…. if people in September already got a bag, and the bag is quarterly, then people who sign up to get October and November are out of luck on the bag for that quarter?

  41. I will be looking for the eyeshadow pallet on the swap site.

  42. So my questions are that since these weren’t available to almost anyone, does that mean that the October box will include a bag or will the subscribers have to wait until the next round of bags 3 months later and also will they preview the items because I’m concerned that since this “preview” bag was so amazing that the subsequent bags will be lackluster!

    • I will double check, but I believe that everyone will receive a makeup bag in their first box. Hope that helps!

    • Oops, I missed your comment before asking the same thing.

    • Wondering the same thing.

  43. Does everyone get the same thing, or is it sort of customized like the regular Glam Bag?

    • It will be sort of customized like the regular Glam Bag, but there will be fewer variation options.

  44. US only? 😩

    • Currently, it’s only available for US customers. Hopefully they expand to Canada soon!

      • No love from IPSY!! So sad!! This is an exciting box just when I thought I was about over the excitement!! Lol

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