Ipsy Glam Bag Plus – MSA Early Waitlist Access UPDATE

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FYI – I reached out to Ipsy to get more info about the Glam Bag Plus waitlist for MSA readers. If you signed up for the waitlist we offered before 9/7, and you are eligible (meaning you are a current subscriber) Ipsy customer care will be reaching out to you within the next two weeks about Ipsy Glam Bag Plus.

If you have any other questions, let me know, and I’ll try to get you answers!

(Check out our full Ipsy Glam Bag Plus FAQ post to learn more!)

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I received an email from Ipsy titled “Your Glam Bag Plus Access”. I opened it and clicked upgrade now. Then I received an email confirming that I was now on the waitlist. I will be emailed when a spot opens up and billed then, but until that time I will remain on my $10 plan with the regular Glam Bag. My main question is, will the bag that everyone has been showing, receiving, reviewing, be the one I receive whenever I get the Plus bag? I only signed up because this is the bag being shown as the fist one you’ll receive. This is the bag I want.

    • FIRST*

    • If you were charged already for just the Ipsy bag, you won’t be charged again in the same month for Glam plus. It will be next months box.

      • You don’t know that for sure.

      • Ipsy bills your card on the last day of the month. So, yes I was charged for the September bag. But then again, it said that only current subscribers could have dibs on this first bag. It’s all confusing. Would you mind sharing where you read this information?

      • Hi Bella….NO Plus Bag was available this month, so no one got charged for it. We were still charged for a $10 bag.

        The Glam Bag Plus is being launched NEXT MONTH. There is a waitlist for it.

    • Most people are assuming and even Ipsy states that the bags themselves are “Seasonal” If that is the case, that bag should be the “Fall bag” and probably be received by anyone who gets their first Plus box in September October or November.

    • I got the same email, click on the link and nothing happens. It just takes me to my account. I’m so confused.

    • No, they will be using your profile to choose your products just like with the regular Ipsy subscription.

    • I really want this bag too but on youtube I found out theres still going to be variants but not as many as the regular Ipsy Glam Bag. Hope that helps.

    • I got the same message couple hours ago too. And, I do really hope that products in the October bag will be comparable to the one advertised/promoted. I do believe that we all will get same make-up bag though.

    • No it won’t. I emailed them and they said that while you can potentially receive some of these items the plus bag will be curated the way their normal subscription is with many variations.

  2. I got the same e-mail but I would like to see some spoilers before I dive in. Will we be seeing any spoilers and/or box variations soon?

  3. Did anyone get today’s email from Ipsy without signing up on the MSA link? Trying to figure out if they sent today’s email to everyone.

    • I signed up thru MSA link and recieved the email today

    • I have two accounts and only got an email to the account I signed up with through MSA.

      • Same

    • I got the ipsy email today on my newer ipsy email but NOT my older account email w ipsy. I signed up for the msa wait list on both email accounts.

  4. The received the email telling me that I’ve been selected to receive it too. Just like everyone else it took me to the waitlist screen. I emailed them (as I’m sure tons of other people have) to ask if this is just a glitch or if after Sept 19th we will automatically be removed from the wait list. I assume that since I received the email telling me that I will get the Glam Bag Plus that I should be good but who knows for sure.

  5. So today I got an email from ipsy offering to refund the rest of my annual subscription, change me to a monthly sub, and upgrade to Glam plus. I said yes because i can’t stand missing out on anything,

  6. I got the email too saying I was a lucky ipster and could upgrade. When I clicked on the link to upgrade, I was told I was on the waitlist along with 15,000 other “lucky” ipsters. Um, no. That’s not what I wanted.

    • Ditto so sad

    • I did the same thing… I think they add us to the waitlist for now, and then they will remove us from it afterwards. Idk why they would do it like that, and it’s probably just to get us to get others to sign up first. I guess we will see what happens? Hmmmmm

    • Yeah I feel your pain. Hopefully, when they do upgrade us, they won’t charge us for both the Glam Bag AND the Glam Bag Plus.

    • I got the email too. I clicked on the link super fast to accept the upgrade. For a brief second my screen flashed to the screen that shows its $25 and my credit card info. Then poof! I’m on a waitlist.

    • It says to upgrade and you will be taken off the waitlist but it still says I’m on the waitlist!! So annoying! I emailed them!

      • Same thing happened to me.I emailed as well.

    • Same. Bummer.

    • Me too….I clicked so fast but then said I was waitlisted again. At least they are inviting by email and not having thousands clog their site by signing up. Kudos to Ipsy for being organized. I’m looking forward to Glamplus

    • I got this email as well. My understanding is that if I sign up now, I’ll be temporarily put on the waitlist, but as long as I sign up before 9/19 I’m guaranteed a Glam Bag Plus?

      As I said below, I’m going to be prudent and wait a couple of months before making my decision, but I can’t say I’m not tempted….

    • I got the same thing. The email does say that if I accept by the cutoff I will be taken off the waitlist and upgraded. Im also wondering if they are sending 15k boxes? It’s entirely possible… seems like that’s a small number relative to their total number of subscribers.

      • My email indicated there are only 10,000 boxes. So…if 15,000 (love that it’s a perfectly round number) people are on the waitlist, that would indicate that 5,000 people will remain on the waitlist. Of course, if you recruit more friends to sign up, you move further up the waitlist. However, that seems counterintuitive if there are only 10,000 boxes. If those 15,000 people on the waitlist each add three friends, it won’t create more boxes.

    • Thats what happened to me too. BUT I received an email today stating I was off the waitlist and would receive mine in October.

  7. So I get the email to upgrade saying “Congrats! You’re one of the lucky ipsters selected to receive priority access for Glam Bag Plus (5 full-size beauty products plus a deluxe seasonal makeup bag).

    In order to secure your spot for a Glam Bag Plus membership, make sure to upgrade before 9/19 at 11:59 PM PT and we will take you off the waitlist.

    • when I go over there to sign up I get put on waitlist? WTH That was misleading……..

      Glam Bag Plus Waitlist
      Why am I on the Waitlist?
      Since we’re just launching and have limited quantities, Glam Bag Plus is in high demand.
      How does skipping the Waitlist work?
      We’ll move you ahead of members in line who have had fewer friends join ipsy. For example, if you get 3 friends to join, you’ll move ahead of people who have 2 referrals or less.
      What if I don’t want to skip?
      Inviting friends is optional, but the wait will be longer for those without referrals. We’re working on adding more Glam Bag Plus slots every month.
      Have you charged my credit card?
      No. We’ll email you when you’re off the Waitlist and we’re ready to upgrade your account. Until then, you’ll stay on your current plan for $10/month.

    • Got the same one. I am already on the waitlist so we’ll see.

    • that was misleading to get put right on a waitlist, but I can get off if I refer others and get them to sign up

    • I just got this same email.

    • I just got the same email too!

    • I did too, but when I clicked on it, it just said I’m on the waitlist. So not really an upgrade. I’m so confused!!

      • Happened to me to. I feel like it’s a glitch with the hyperlink and that they just have to correct it

        • That’s what I’m hoping!!!

    • After clicking the email… anyone notice it says 10k, after clicking “yes” to the upgrade it says your on the waitlist with 15k (move up the waitlist with referrals). Ipsys probably have been spammed with ppl asking about Plus and asking about the waitlist/or stating they missed the waitlist opportunity, this is nothing more than a Plus “update” to quiet everyone. This is my 3rd time waitlisting…. so doesnt make any sense to me, just a reminder to do referrals. I signed up for waitlist via ipsy(i dont remember it asking for referrals), msa(i recall no referrals was mentioned), and email(today’s email asking for referrals). Ipsys regular oct bag looks good, not sure if I want the Plus anymore even if I was offered it. Today, I just clicked the link out of curiosity after opening the email for some time figuring I can always cancel later if I changed my mind. Im somewhat turned off by the whole referral thing.

    • Same here, i was so excited then it says ” congrats your on the waitlist… ” im hoping that when we actually do get the upgrade that they will let us change over and not charge for both subscriptions.. we will see .

  8. I just received an email with the update to the waitlist: Canadian subscribers will NOT be able to receive the Glam Bag Plus 🙁

  9. I signed up on msa and the website. I have a feeling Ipsy is just trying to get people to have their friends sign up to get bumped up!! I was waitlisted when I originally got Ipsy and two days later taken off. They were trying to get me to do the same thing at that time saying skip the waitlist by sharing and getting people to join….whatever, not that big of a deal. I’m sure most will be off the waitlist this month.

  10. I think I want to see what the other glam bag plus end up offering before even considering paying more money for a bag. I mean, if you think about it, $130.68 (I’m in NY, I get charged an extra 89 cents per bag) vs. $300 (f they’re not charging the extra money for this one, unsure). I don’t know if I want to spend that much on a bag where I don’t know if the quality will be as good as the first hype bag is. I’ll wait for the spoilers and reviews for a couple of months, see if it’s cool then decide if it’s worth it.

    I’m a little annoyed because they made me do a quiz which was definitely hinting to this coming but they even mentioned like would you pay extra is you were able to choose a few items in your bag. Now that’s a concept I can get behind. I like trying new things as well so even like 3 things you pick, two things they choose would have been nice.

  11. I will admit to being pretty salty about this wait list on the glam bag page thing being yet another feature only available to SOME subscribers. It’s a waitlist on a web page, not exactly difficult to give to every current customer. I wonder at this point what profile flags or demographic you need to have to be able to get the features like wait lists and surveys and month skipping. Asking for them from customer service certainly doesn’t do it.

    Guess I won’t be signing up!

  12. So after I did the wait list on the Ipsy site it said:

    “Want it Sooner?
    ipsy is more fun with friends. Invite some! (Plus, you’ll get bumped up in line when you get them to join.)” unquote

    None of my friend are interested in sub boxes so I won’t be moving up the wait list.

    • From what I understand, there are 10k boxes offered and the waitlist is for 15k people. Since there’s no way to onow your place in the waitlist, you may be well into first 10k, so as long as you’re not towards the end of 10k (where it’s easy to go over 10k if someone is bumped up in line with referrals), you will get the upgrade

  13. Ok, so now the upgrade option was there when I went into my account. Perhaps they are loading the option now for those on the MSA waitlist. I don’t like the whole thing about jumping up the list for referring friends. Seems shady to me.

  14. Ipsy just put on the app a place to sign up for the wait list. It said there are only 10,000 available and when you sign up it says you are on the wait list with 15.000 other people, so I don’t see getting the glam bag plus any time soon. My question is, if we signed up for the wait list on here a while back are we higher up on the wait list? And if we just wait listed again on the app will that cancel out our place on this wait list??

    • I’m confused about MSA waitlist and waitlist on Ipsy. However, I noticed that all people mentioning this waitlist say 15k waitlist, so maybe that’s how many spots there are for waitlist and it’s not necessary you are towards the end of the list. I may sound confusing, so let me explain more clear.

      I checked Ipsy app today a few times and I only saw that option around 5pm though people who signed up around 3pm and 6pm still got message that they are on 15k waitlist. It would make sense that the numbers would be different for all these options. So maybe there are total of 15k spots, but only 10k boxes and it’s like an incentive for people to get others to sign up so they would move up the waitlist.

      Anyway, i really hope to get the Plus bag, but of not, i’ll be patient and get it in the future

    • Where on the app did you see to sign up for the wait list? I can’t find it anywhere!

      • It’s on the main page when you open the app. It shows your current bag contents and going down there’s an option to sign up for waitlist

        • Dang it’s not showing up on mine ): I signed up for the waitlist on here, so hopefully that means something.

          • Make sure to check on a desktop if you’re on your phone. Mine didn’t show up on my phone either (on the app or on the website)
            But it was on the homepage when I got on the computer.

          • Me too, and I have no email or a sign up option on Ipsy.

    • I’d like to know this as well; the option to sign up for the waitlist just appeared on the Ipsy site for me today, but I already put my name down on the MSA list. (For those wondering: September was my first month with Ipsy, so I have NO idea how they’re deciding who gets a chance to sign up for the waitlist.)

      I think I’m going to hang back for a couple of months anyway, and see what sorts of items I can expect with Ipsy Plus. The September bag was amazing, but it was also hand-picked for influencers, and thus probably isn’t a good representation of what a “normal” bag will look like. I’m waiting to see what they send us commoners.

  15. Not sure if anyone brought this up yet, but as someone who only uses Ipsy on their phone I imagine there’s gotta be others who do the same thing.
    I found a link to sign up for the waitlist on the ipsy home page, but only on a desktop. (I couldn’t even request the desktop site on my phone.)
    But doing this did get me an email confirmation that I’m on the list at least, more than the MSA page accomplished.

  16. So now I’m confused. I was just on their website and was able to join the wait list but I also signed one with MSA. The website said I was on the wait list with 15K people (and they have 10K bags) but if you get people to sign up, you can move up in the line. So am I on the list twice?

    • No, the MSA list is more of an interest list. You are now on Ipsy’s official waitlist. Lucky you.

      • I hope that’s not true that the MSA List was just an interest one and not official.

    • Same thing just happened to me, and People can move up ahead of me if they get more friends to join?? And because of the MSA waitlist sign-up I didn’t even check the ipsy sight until today……Uggg. Hoping the MSA waitlist is actually “Early access” Like earlier than the other 15,000 people.

      • I was checking ipsy every day so I think they just posted this either last night or today so you should be good. Fingers crossed for all of us this time X!

    • Where on the site did you see to sign up on the waitlist?

      • I was able to see it on the main page where you see your glam bag picks but towards the bottom

      • Oh now it came up one my account I’ve had for over three years but when I went to my second account that I’ve only had a couple of months – it didn’t show up on that account. I’ve been on the Ipsy site almost daily (looking at the daily deals and whatnot) and I didn’t have that GlambagPlus notice pop up before – so maybe it just started on their site.
        I signed up (I had previously done the MSA one – never had a notice from that one) and just got a confirmation email saying I’m on the wait list-
        “You’re on the wait list for the Glam Bag Plus. But don’t sweat it–we’ll email you as soon as a spot opens up and bill you then. Until then, you’ll stay on your current plan for $10/month.

        • I wonder if that bumps us down the list from where we were originally supposed to have been added to the list? If so that sucks. I never received my email from the MSA list that was supposed to have been started so still confused. Hopefully they still keep our place though.

          • I don’t know… what we do know is if you refer people you do get bumped up (no friends of mine would be interested). This is at the top of my Ipsy account:
            ” Want it Sooner?
            ipsy is more fun with friends. Invite some! (Plus, you’ll get bumped up in line when you get them to join.)” unquote

          • From Ipsy: “How does skipping the Waitlist work?
            We’ll move you ahead of members in line who have had fewer friends join ipsy. For example, if you get 3 friends to join, you’ll move ahead of people who have 2 referrals or less.”

  17. Thank you for the update, Liz! That’s wonderful news! You take such good care of us fussy, subscription-addicts here.
    I’m thankful for you!

  18. I saw on Ipsy, Some ladies bag arrived this month empty..Poor thing, i would have cried.

  19. Is there a way to confirm that we are in fact on the list? I could see there being alot of “but you weren’t on the list” even if you were and they screw up. LOL

    • I know!! I’m so afraid I did it wrong or it didn’t “take”!! lol

  20. Hi Liz,

    Do you think there’s any hope they’ll open up the waitlist again for your readers? I missed it by one day! i’m so sad especially after the fiasco with Boxyluxe. hopefully they could extend it for a few more days.

    Thanks for your help!!

    • Same 🙁

  21. I got an email from Ipsy and was so excited. But it was a shipping notice 😭

    • Same here… Got 2 emails today, one for tracking the other was for a product advertising.😭

  22. I can’t wait for this! I really hope the Bum Bum cream isn’t a variant for this one! I really want it and don’t want to pay full price for it! I was gonna buy it on Ipsy shopper for the 25% cash back, but I want to wait and see if I get it in the Plus bag/box.

  23. I skipped September since I was underwhelmed, I still have a subscription and should be getting October. Would I still be considered “active” and thus eligible or not?

    Thanks Liz!

    • Most likely, not until you are active again. Since October is the first Plus bag, you might be okay but don’t count on it. You could email them to verify.

    • I actually just signed up on the waitlist and it had a FAQ sheet too. It said if youre paused when you are taken off the waitlist that you will automatically have your subscription restarted and will be charged immediately as well.

  24. Does anyone have anymore information on if and when this upgrade will be avalible to Canadien subscribers. I know I was initially said that it isn’t at this time but I was wondering if there’s been any new information.

    • Probably around the same time they will finally open up ipsy shopper to Canadians..

      So, never lol

    • The limiting factor is the Canadian customs/shipping rules and costs. It’s probably more trouble than it’s worth to ipsy (a customs form for each box, and setting up the agreement for a flat fee).

      • I hope they open up to us Canadians! Boxycharm and FabFitFun, along with other boxes are able to ship here.

  25. I don’t understand now! I don’t see a waitlist post for us MSA readers…so when will we be able to upgrade?

  26. I signed up for the waitlist so in theory, I should be good. Is there anything we should do if we don’t get an invite, despite being a current subscriber and signed up on the waitlist?

  27. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to hearing from Ipsy!

  28. I’ve been getting Ipsy for years, so excited. I’ve always wished they’d do this. 😉🤗😂😊

  29. Thank you, Liz!! I hope that means we’ll be able to upgrade for October.

  30. Wow, does that mean everyone who signed up on that Google sheet and is a current ipsy subscriber will be able to upgrade? I’m excited now!

  31. all i want from the “new Ipsy” is the cosmetic bag in the picture. i hope i can swap for it when it becomes available

  32. I would cancel my Alure for this. September and October don’t really have me excited anyways.


  34. That’s great news. Thank you very much for the update, Liz. 🙂

  35. Thanks so very much Liz for checking on this & giving us the updated info. ~Hugs~

  36. Wow, After not being able to get Boxy Luxe I decided to put my name on the wait list at the very last minute and luckily I did it before Friday. Now hopefully I get the
    e-mail like they say we should if we did it before September 7th.

  37. Liz,

    It seems like a lot of people missed the Everything You need to know post, maybe you can add it to the bottom of this one.

    • It’s already there Anna….she did post the link to the Glam Bag FAQ.

      • I saw the link I meant the FAQ’s since she’s getting so many questions about things that are in that post.

  38. Just a note: Canadians don’t get this opportunity.

  39. Thank you Liz 😁

  40. I wonder since Sept Ipsy Plus was sent out only to influencers, regular customers who signed up for waitlist and hopefully (fingers crossed) will be receving theirs in October, will receive same products as Sept bag? Or we will get drugstore (but not sample size) items?

    • I hope we get the same exact box that has already been sent out. I absolutely love everything in that particular box. I would use every single bit of it!

      • Ipsy said in an Insta story that subscribers would not receive the same items that the Influencers did, instead you would receive items based on your profile.

        • Well that’s crappy! I hate that Boxycharm sends out variations now. Ipsy keeps sending me the same kind of products that I don’t want, “based on my profile”. Meanwhile I can’t get a foundation sample, powder, primer or concealer to save my life. I keep getting hair products and I left that section blank, moisturizers, and eyeliners which I don’t want.

          • Sara,

            Not having checked won’t necessarily stop you from getting something. E-mail
            Ipsycare to opt out of 2 categories and they won’t send them anymore. Also, let them know the kind of products you are interested in so they can tweak your algorithm.

          • They stopped offering that service a while back, I think last year.

          • Oh really? I didn’t know they stopped the opt out option. I thought it was just the pick one item for your bag option that was cancelled.

        • Oh, geez. I don’t understand, what is even the point of that? They give out some of the most coveted items /brands to the influencers so that the latter talk them up all over the internet, and then what? What does that accomplish exactly when your actual paying members are disappointed?

          I’ll give it one or two months, we’ll see how it goes. I can only hope they do a better job matching my profile with Plus than they do with regular Ipsy.

  41. I have a question. If you have an annual membership that is through until April of next year, will they still offer it to me?

    Yes I signed up for the MSA waitlist and am current
    Thank you in advance Liz

    • That was worded horribly let me clarify:
      I paid for a full year in April. Can you reach out to them and ask if I will still be eligible for the upgrade? I did sign up for the MSA waitlist in time as well

      • Yes Jill, that means you are a current subscriber because you have the annual box and you did sign up for the waitlist in time. 🙂

        • Correct me if I’m wrong Jill. I think she’s asking if you can only get the $10 Ipsy Glam Bag OR $25 Ipsy Plus (not both), will she still be able to upgrade while receiving her annual subscription boxes? Or would she only get the regular glam bag until her annual subscription is up for renewal next April, then upgrade?

          • Please ignore, didn’t see the following comments before commenting myself.

      • Jill I reached out to Ipsy to ask what happens with my annual sub (ends in December) and they answered I get a refund for the months remaining before charging for the upgrade price.

    • I don’t remember who it was, but someone asked Ipsy how that would work. The answer was that they would refund the remaining balance of your annual and you would then be on the month to month upgrade.

  42. Welp. I guess I’ll just be an onlooker because I cancelled my Ipsy in July, but I was actually interested in the Plus.

    • Don’t worry. I’m guessing that this will not last long before the games start – loads of variations, varying value, super-pressure to follow ipsy on every social media outlet on the planet if you want any service, and so on.

      When a brand starts splitting itself, it’s a house divided by identity indecision. ipsy used to be about fun experimentation with makeup. Now it’s a company that’s all about hits on social media – the makeup is more of a sideshow excuse. The Kendall Jenner universe, alas.

  43. Liz, I have a question. I missed the sign up and didn’t receive an email from I pay. I’ve been subscribed for about 5 years. How can I get put on the waiting list? TIA

    • Ipsy

  44. Sweet! Thanks!!!

  45. Thank you Liz! 😊

  46. Sweet! Thanks Liz!

  47. I thought they already picked & sent emails to those who were chosen for this bag? And they were picking people at random………..

    • My understanding is that everyone who signed up before 9/7 will get an email from Ipsy within the next two weeks with next steps.

      • Hi Liz,
        If you can ask Ipsy for those who have skipped the month of September, but did sign up on the waitlist before 9/7, will we still be considered for this new box as well? I was upset with the things I’ve been getting lately and decided to skip prior to them announcing the new upgrade… If not then it would be nice to know that I’m not going to get that email from them so I’m not waiting for it? Thanks so so much Liz!

    • I think they mean we will be contacted for the October Ipsy Plus, not September. It is really confusing what their method for selecting who received this month’s and if they’re still sending them out or not. I just hope October’s box is as good as the one we can’t get and wanted!

      • I assumed everyone new since Liz posted the everything you need to know that says:

        When can I sign up for Ipsy Glam Bag Plus?
        The first Glam Bag Plus shipments will be delivered in October, and then Ipsy will be rolling it out more broadly in the near future. Currently, there is no way to sign up for Ipsy Glam Bag Plus, but it’s an upgrade option they will be offering to current Glam Bag subscribers over the next few months. If you want to make sure you get the opportunity to sign up for Ipsy Glam Bag Plus, you should be a current Ipsy Glam Bag subscriber.

        • ** knew the new info

          Don’t type with a doggo in your lap.

        • I did know that info, that isn’t what I was confused about. I also signed up for the early access waitlist through MSA and know there id’s not currently any option to sign up now.

          I was confused after apparently misunderstanding comments regarding selected Ipsters (who aren’t also influencers) receiving the bag reviewed above. Also, will this be the bag people will receive in October if given the upgrade option, or will it be completely different products and/or makeup bag?

          • My post shouldn’t have been under yours, I replied to the wrong comment.

      • Christine G….there was NO Plus Bag in Sept.

        Some bags were sent to the Influencers in Sept. as a way to announce the launch of the Plus Bag.

        *** October is the first month of the launch for subscribers.

        • Thank you, I thought they were selecting people who were interested until their stock was gone, not just influencers. I must have misunderstood.

          • You’re Welcome Christine.

            It seems there’s still a lot of people confused about it. I think some of the info wasn’t very clear when they sent those bags to the influencers to inform us about them.

            So many were saying it’s a quarterly subscription. That turned out to not be accurate. The actual makeup bag is being change each quarter, but the glam bags come out each month.

  48. Good, because I really want to unsubscribe from the regular Ipsy already. I re-subscribed a few months back mainly to have access to Ipsy Offers, but I haven’t seen anything I wanted this entire time.

    • You can get Ipsy offers without being subscribed, FYI.

      • Hmm, how? That page is not accessible if you are not signed in.

        • Even if you’re not a subscriber your log in is still valid. I’m not a subscriber, and I’m still able to purchase Ipsy Offers if I log into my account.

          • Interesting! Well, I suppose it still worked out for me because I just happened to resubscribe the month before they rolled out Ipsy Plus. 😊

            Btw, did you see my deodorant recommendation on the Target boxes page?

          • They changed that recently. 🙁

      • You used to be able to get ipsy offers without being subscribed, but they changed that a few months ago.

  49. Thank you Liz!

  50. Yay! How exciting

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