Ipsy Glam Bag Plus MSA Early Access – Check Your Email!

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FYI – several MSA readers have let us know they just received this email from Ipsy confirming they will be receiving the October Ipsy Glam Bag Plus box! So check your email to see if you’re off the waitlist!

  • Email Subject Line: Order Confirmation: Monthly Glam Bag Membership
  • From: [email protected]

(Check out our full Ipsy Glam Bag Plus FAQ post to learn more!)

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I only want to keep the regular $10 a month subscription. Can l do that?

    • Yes you can! They aren’t getting rid of it.

  2. I received the upgrade email today too – I’m off the waitlist!

  3. I got mine! Woohoo!!!

  4. I got my email and I’m super excited!
    However, I’m trying to change my address, but EVERYTIME I click on my account settings to change it, it takes me to the shop page. I’ve tried it on my phone and laptop. Is anyone else having this issue?! Thanks in advance!

    • I’m having the same issue.

      • Glad it wasn’t just me, I really hope they fix it soon /: I want to make sure I get this box.

        • It’s doing the same thing to me as well. I was trying to change my payment info and couldn’t get to it. If I were you I would go ahead and email Ipsy Care with your new address. Wouldn’t want you to miss out on the first bag! 🙂

          • I hate to say this but I feel like in the waitlist email or on the app it said to be sure to update your card or address info prior to the billing to be sure you received the bag. I’m wondering if they aren’t allowing any changes now to make sure the first month runs smoothly?

          • I just saw the comment below yours and I’m wondering if that’s the case. I’m hoping they still allow changes to be made, I would have changed it sooner but I didn’t know I was moving at the time. Sigh, hopefully we both will get to update it!

          • You could be right! Although in the email I got today it said if you needed to update your account information at any time you could. I emailed them so hopefully I’ll hear something back.

          • Even if it’s not going to let you update, why take you the shop page without a notification. I just wanted to check and make sure I had the right card in that account, but I can’t get in either.

          • I got an email from them. I guess they are having an issue with the website and are trying to fix it!

    • I’ll be doing this same thing here in two weeks. I hope your able to change your address successfully

      • Thank you!! I really hope so too.

    • I’ve been experiencing the same problem! I hope they fix it soon

    • The site issue is resolved. Ipsy did an app update and it just took a lil bit to work out the kinks, I was having the same issues looking at my account but all is good today…. so happy to be off the waitlist

    • You should just email them directly.

  5. Yay! Just received my email that Im off the wait list. So excited. And it’s my Birthday month so, Xtra excited

  6. Just got it a little bit ago. I signed up on the msa list and on my ipsy account. So excited. Please be like that first box lol

  7. I got a email am off the Waitlist for Ipsy plus for October and if a spot available I’ll get it sooner. So hyped I cancelled Boxycharm.

    • me too. the combination of August + boxyluxe fiasco made my decision easy. I figure i’ll try ipsy + a month or so and drop down if i don’t like it. it’s still cheaper than boxycharm + ipsy.

  8. Is anyone else still waiting? 😔

    • Yes!! And not so patiently I might add!! I emailed support. We shall see. Really bummed I haven’t gotten an email.

      • Let me know what they say! Feeling excluded is such a bummer. 😫

    • Meet!
      I’ve successfully referred 4 people, done the MSA pre thing. And… Nope. No fancy email yet. Here’s hoping though.

  9. I got one too! Thanks for helping us with early access, Liz. 😉

  10. I got my Email an hour ago!!!!

    I wonder if we are getting the same one that Liz showed us. Does anybody know?

    So excited!

    • No that glam box she got it was only for influencers or bloggers basically to hype it up when you get your box it would be made from your preferences so it varies for everyone

      • Well that’s not true.

    • The bag will be the same one pictured. It shows it as the October, November, and December bag in my account. Ipsy has stated that the Plus boxes will be tailored using your preferences quiz, but has fewer variations than the $10 bag. So, it’s possible some items may be similar, but there are other items as well.

  11. Yes – I got this email today, too! I’m so excited for all the full size products, but will miss the regular ipsy bag, so I signed up for another account.

    • If I sign up will I be charged $10 for the regular bag PLUS $25 for the Glambag?

      • If you sign up for the ipsy plus it will be 25$. You will have to create a second account if you want the glam bag and the plus.

  12. Yup, got it too! I cancelled Birchbox and Sephora play, and sticking with Boxyluxe and glam bag plus. So stoked for it!

    • Got mine too!! I’m canceling boxy…only so many pallets and mascara one can use and/or give away.

    • That’s exactly what I just did!! I feel like I’ve gotten all these tiny samples for SO long that I’m more than ready for just 2 boxes with all full sizes. (For the most part anyway.)

      • Is there going to be a ipsy Glambag every month? Or is the Glambag only quarterly?

        • Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is monthly, but you only get an actual BAG once per quarter. Monthly makeup, quarterly bag.

        • You’ll get a box every month with 5 full size products. Once a quarter you’ll also receive a makeup bag.

  13. I’m in to ! Also got my September bag today as well.

  14. I just got the email and I’m so excited!!! Thank you Liz!!!

  15. I gog my email and I am super stoked.

    Question though…are we still going to get the monthly bag or just a bag every three months now? I love my collection of Ipsy bags so I will have to have a 2nd $10 sub if needed. Lol

    • You will want to have a 2nd subscription – they’re two totally different bags and items.

    • You will get the $25 bag every month, not every 3 months (like Boxyluxe). If you want a regular Ipsy you will need to sign up with a 2nd account.

  16. Received mine 🙂 So excited !!
    I’ve canceled allure & play.
    Keeping boxy & Ipsy plus…..Two full size subs , plus boxyluxe every few months. I’m good to go.
    Now I just wish we had at least one confirmed spoiler.

  17. I can’t wait! I just saw the email that I’m getting it 😁

  18. Got mine, too! Thanks, MSA! Excited to see what this upgrade looks like in person.

  19. Just got mine. Yay!

  20. I still haven’t gotten an email. Should I be worried? I signed up through the link here as soon as it was posted and Ipsy confirmed I was signed up, not waitlisted…

    • Haven’t gotten it either… my theory is they send them alphabetically, and my email starts with a z.

      • Mine starts with an A and I got my email before I even saw this post so you may be right about alphabetized emails. Good luck, I hope you get the email any minute!

        • That’s so sweet! Thank you! I’ve been constantly reloading my email. It’s kinda sad. 😂

      • I got an email before this post and I’m a ‘W’, so I don’t think it’s alphabetical.

        • I still haven’t gotten anything.
          😢 maybe it’s just completely random.

  21. I got this email as well.

    Is there a way to just get the glam bag plus? I dont want the regular ipsy anymore unless I have to have it. My first email said I had to resub to ipsy in order to get the glam bag plus.

    • You have to be an active ipsy subscriber for them to upgrade your account. If they upgrade you no longer get the normal glam bag.

  22. I’m off the waitlist but I wasn’t an MSA early sign up person. Either way I’m happy

  23. I’ve already been charged for mine a few days ago

  24. I got that email. Also, when I go into the app it’s totally different now and when I click on “Glam bag” it says “The Glam Bag Plus”. I’m excited!!!

    • OOOh me too! Can’t wait to see what October brings

  25. Liz, think you could get them to give you a spoiler?!

    • Yes, please. I’m dying for spoilers!

  26. So wait, my email says $25 a month. I thought it was every 3 month’s like boxyluxe. So it’s a big box every month?! Well dang, if they’re all as awesome as the teaser box I will be happy! My guess is it’ll rock for awhile until they expand it then suck lol. I’m in for a few months at least!

    • Yes it’s monthly the only thing quarterly is the bag.

      • Well now it makes sense, lol. I’m really excited now after the email that I’m in!

  27. Yep!! Got mine too! Thank you MSA, bc I dont think we would be off the waitlist without being able to sign up through here!

    • I agree! Thanks so much Liz, for all you do for us!

      • Amen!!! Ipsy care just got in touch with me to make sure I’d get my plus bag!!!

  28. Yes! Happy dance, I got my email!

  29. Im on the waitlist but havent gotten my eamil yey… i hope that i get it hy tomorrow…

  30. Yay!! Thank you! so excited, i Love Ipsy i am always amazed at the value, I can’t wait 🙂 🙂 I made a second account too, the $10 Sub is just too good to leave in the dust. I used to be very good about staying on budget….But i’ve been living on the wild side lately teeheehee

    • Same here! I already had another account! I’m so out of control with sub boxes right now. It’s so hard not only to keep the number of subs down, but also to resist the other great deals I find on here like the one time or limited edition boxes!

  31. Yay got mine too! Hope it lived up to the hype of the first bag 🤗

  32. Yay,, Thank you so much!

  33. YeS! I got mine about 6:30EST today. So happy and excited. Will feel like Xmas. I also to have 2 accounts so ill get the Glam Bag Plus and my regular Glam Bag.

  34. How can I get on the waitlist? I just signed up for the regular ipsy a few weeks ago and my September box is on its way. I only signed up because I wanted the opportunity to upgrade to plus. But it seems there’s no waitlist and no way to sign up.

    • I think they are going to invite more people each month. This will be the first one and they sent invitations to get on the waitlist a couple of weeks ago. There are 15k boxes for October. Don’t know how many will be added for November.

    • Liz linked the faq post above, the people getting emails about October were already on the waitlist for plus.

    • You can look in your account under membership it should let you sign up on the waitlist there.

      • Yeah it hasn’t ever let me sign up on wait list. I think maybe it was only certain accounts. I’m going to wait and see if it is actually good.

    • You will have to wait until more spots open up. Ipsy will gradually offer this to everyone.

      A very limited number of people got the October Glam Bag Plus!

    • If you are a Canadian subscriber, you wont be able to get the Glam bag plus.

  35. I got mine! Thanks MSA! <3

  36. I didn’t get one and I’m active but haven’t seen where to sign up.

  37. I got my email but does it mean I lose my ipsy points for the free items ? Can I still get points for reviewing items I received in my Ipsy Glam Plus ?

    • This is my question as well. Do we lose our banked points if we upgrade?

      • No, my points are still there.

    • I would assume since it’s still an Ipsy subscription we would keep our current points and continue to earn points for reviews. My question would more so be if reviews will be worth more points, since it costs more for Plus.

  38. How do I even sign up for the glambag plus?

  39. ya i also have a 2nd account so I can get the regular ipsy! i hope we get spoilers soon if its not the bag pictured…in the original posting

  40. Yup I got mine. Yay!

  41. I got my email! Soooo excited to see what we will get!!!

  42. Got my email! Super excited to see what I get in October! I was really worried because on the Ipsy app it says I am no longer subscribed.

  43. Got mine! So excited ti see what I’m getting! 😊

  44. Has anyone received the email but currently has their subscription paused? I’m wondering if because I have my account paused until October I won’t qualify for the upgrade in October when Plus is released.

    • You won’t. They have said you have to be active to get the Plus bag.

    • I have my account paused until November and got the glam bag plus email 🙂

      • Good to know. I knew Boxy lied about being a current subscriber but yet let people who had barely joined upgrade to Luxe. I didn’t think Ipsy would have done that too. At least now, if someone else asks, we know it doesn’t matter.

  45. Got my email! I’m really excited for this. 🙂

  46. I was about to say “Me too!” oops! But it is me too, just in a good, very different way! I’m so excited about this bag!

  47. I received this email as well. I was really hoping for this months ipsy plus glam bag (I really wanted that Sunday Riley moisturizer ) but I’m glad I’m off the waitlist and I’ll see if I enjoy what they have to offer 😉

    All my subs are really starting to adding up lol

    • I think the only people who got that awesome September bag (or any bag at all for September) were beauty creators and influencers. I’m hoping that all the rest of us will get that same bag as our October bag!

      • Oh that be great huh. Fingers crossed!!
        Do you know if we have to keep our regular $10 Epsie glam bags in order to continue getting the ipsy plus?

        • No, you don’t. Your membership type will change and they will bill you $25 per month.

      • Gosh, I hope not! The only thing I liked in September was the SR CEO! I so don’t want a palette – that’s why I never subbed to Boxy.

        • If we don’t get that one, we have to wait two more months until we get a bag? We only get a bag quarterly.

      • My account shows that the bag Liz reviewed is the October, November, December bag. So, whichever is your first month of Plus, you should receive that bag pictured.

        • I think she meant the products not the actual makeup bag.

          • Oops, this comment was meant for someone else.

  48. Got it! I also made another account to continue getting the small bag & samples too.

    • Hi Liz,
      How do I sign up for a second Ipsy account using a different email address?
      I have been trying to,but I could not find the prompt for it on the Ipsy site.

      • When I had a second account I’d have to log out then create a new accoUnt with a different email address.

  49. I got it too!!! Yea!! Thank you Liz for your work and your waiting list!!

    • Yay! Can’t wait to see what everyone gets! 🙂

  50. I got it a few minutes ago.

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