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CAUSEBOX Fall Welcome Box FULL SPOILERS + Coupon!

We have the full spoilers for the Fall 2018 Welcome CAUSEBOX! Each box will include:

  • October Jaipur Vegan Leather Everday Envelope Clutch (Black or Nude) – Retail Value $54
  • Bloom & Give Malabar Scarf (Navy/White or Beige/White) – Retail Value $60
  • Soko Bow Earrings (Silver or Gold) – Retail Value $42
  • PF Candle Co. No. 32 Sandalwood Rose Candle – Retail Value $18
  • Zoya set of two Nail Polishes – Retail Value $20
  • RealHer Eyeshadow Palette and Brush – Retail Value $38
  • Scentuals Grapefruit Turmeric Hand Repair Cream – Retail Value $7
  • BONUS – Use coupon code SWELL to get a free 17oz. S’well bottle ($35 value) 

(FYI – this welcome box is for new subscribers. If you are already a subscriber, you will not receive this box.)

What do you think of the spoilers?

CAUSEBOX is regularly $54.95 a quarter. Click here and use coupon code 10WELCOME to save $10 off your first box! Or coupon code SWELL to get the free S’well bottle!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (66)

  1. Have been a Causebox gal for a long time … my first ever box. They definitely had issues with the cheeseboards, and felt like maybe they knew that sooner than they let everyone know, hence big push to get subscribers on board.
    I was very disappointed when box finally came. Tote is cheaply made, the scarf is ok. I would have liked to customize the color of Swell bottle seeing as I signed on for a year. Eye shadow colors are horrid for my skin tone. Moisturizer so think it won’t come out of the bottle.
    BUT … they are trying to do amazing things for a lot of people. All in, if I keep the things I liked I still made ok ok for retail. I just think they need to be more open with subscribers. That damaged shipment of cheeseboards had to have been a blow.

  2. Does anyone know what box I will be getting? I ordered on September 14th then the next day they said they were sold out of the fall box. So will i be getting the welcome box or the normal box? I really want the bag and thats the main reason I ordered the box! I have email them many times and no one will give you an answer back for almost 2 weeks!

    • Britney – you sound just like me! I ordered on 8/17, right after they released the spoiler for the tote bag. I emailed them on 9/19 asking which box I will be getting since I am a new subscriber. No response. I emailed again yesterday as a follow up to my original email. Then I messaged them on Facebook and got an instant reply telling me to email them (LOL)! Anyway – I am seeing on FB that many ladies have received their boxes – and I know they were supposed to ship last week – so I logged in to my account to see if I could find anything out. It looks like I have options to customize my box,, and the customizations are, unfortunately, for the clutch and NOT the tote bag. I am therefore assuming that I am getting the welcome box, even though I subscribed a month before the Fall box sold out. Also I think the Fall boxes shipped last week and the welcome boxes ship next week from what I am reading. I am not very happy about it – but maybe someone will swap the tote for the clutch once I receive it (hopefully!). The clutch looks cute, I just never use them. I am happy for CAUSEBOX that they are so successful, but hope they get it together soon in the customer service dept. I paid up front for a whole year so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s “smooth sailing” going forward. 🙂

  3. Do you need to subscribe for the whole year to be able to choose colors?

    • Yes, you have to have an annual membership to choose colors.

  4. I’m seriously considering getting a second subscription so I can get this box (I like it so much more than the main fall box!) and selling the duplicate scarf/etc items.

    • I did and I’m so excited!

    • I did the same. I can’t decide which clutch to get though. decisions decisions…

  5. Can someone tell me what mail carrier Causebox uses to ship the boxes and also anyone on the east coast know around how long it takes to get it delivered once it ships? I’m use to fabfitfun’s slow processing and shipping so I’m not expecting the fall welcome box anytime soon just curious to know which app to check for a shipping label lol

    • I’m on the east coast too (Maryland). My box is being shipped through the United States Postal Service. My box was mailed from Las Vegas, NV on September 26. My box made it to Annapolis at 6:08 a.m. If I’m lucky, I will get my box tomorrow.

  6. Does anybody know if the nude Zoya polish is the same color as in the summer box?


  7. I was debating getting the fall box or PSMH fall box but this made my decision easier. Definitely preferred the regular fall box so passing on this one.

    • I feel the same way. I am disappointed that the box sold out that quickly.

  8. im really not very comfortable with them. I giot my kimono from the summer box 4 days ago. they did eventually answer emails, but it took a week for reply’s. I don;t think they can keep blaming the supplier. It seems to be a theme with them.

    • How did you like the kimono, though?
      I wanted that second summer box but was too late.

      • I got the summer box, I ended up with the ivory kimono…It was really large and not very flattering. It looked and felt like i was wearing a hospital gown…I will only wear it around the house and when I’m not feeling well lol.

      • That’s what I felt like, too. It’s just not very flattering.

      • I’m 5’2 and 125lbs and I got the jade one and it fits like a kimono should, nice and airy…great over short or long sleeves. Have you tried wearing a belt with it? This not only gives you some shape but it dresses up the kimono. Of course lots of jewelry goes without saying!

    • I still haven’t received my kimono, but it’s encouraging to hear that someone has.

    • I had an issue with a product in my box and they sent out a replacement ASAP. They always respond to my inquiries within 24 hours. I think you just had a bad experience because I’ve had nothing but good ones!

  9. I just have a question – so if I just sign up for a quarterly sub, I won’t get to choose any of the variations?

    • Yes, you must be annual to choose.

      • If you sign up as annual, can you choose?…I do not see an option to do so and I signed up just for this option. If this is an intro box shouldn’t it be a given that it is your first?

      • New customers get the Welcome box, which in my opinion is better than the original Fall but I’m getting both because of my daughter so, we are splitting them up. If you are having issues, contact them, they are very nice. They actually held the Jade kimono, from the summer box, for me bc I’m an annual customer. Good luck!

  10. I might have rather had this box. Especially without the cheeseboard. That addition really rounded it out. It was unique unlike another water bottle. I have so many totes so, would rather have the clutch. And, i’d rather the candle than the face lotion or hair mask. I don’t like that they create a new box with possibly better stuff immediately after their “seasonal box” sells out. I think it’s unfair. I don’t like that FFF does it either. Kinda grimey.

    • I am really bummed about the cheeseboard too. The substitute doesn’t come close; not even in the same category. This is the 1st time I felt screwed over. I know there was a problem with the product but I highly doubt that ALL were waterlogged. They could have offered the rest as an option for everyone to pick until they sold out then, the rest just getting the bottle. If I hadn’t already been an annual member, I probably would have asked for a refund without the cheeseboard and wooden knife!

    • I ordered the the welcome box by mistake. I woukd trade you the clutch for the S’well water bottle. I haven’t received it yet, so I’m not sure which color I’m getting. Let me know if your interested.

  11. Ehhhh….not very exciting or appealing to me. I love the scarf and the candle, but I just wouldn’t use anything else in the box. Easy pass for me.

  12. Does anyone have a good contact info for Causebox? I’ve emailed them, reached out over social media, messaged them, and NOTHING over the past two weeks!! I could deal with the bait and switch (despite me already having 100 water bottles), but no customer service whatsoever?? That’s a really bad sign!

    • what bait & switch?? If you’re talking about the cheese boards, what do you want them to do if they arrived damaged ? They substitute a great item and they did it quickly.

      • There are quite a few people in this site who don’t really know the definition of “bait and switch”.

      • I think AAC was trying to say Causebox was never planning on sending cheeseboard. It was a ploy to draw people in.

      • I think that’s why people are saying it’s not really a “bait and switch” since Causebox just discovered the issue when getting boxes ready to send out. And then they updated everyone on the change once they secured the replacement product. It’s not like they’ve known about it for months and still advertised a product they knew they weren’t going to supply at the time.

      • I personally find it very hard to believe that the day before they ship, they realized the cheese boards were damaged. How many boxes are we talking about? They had cannot have the whole shipment damaged. And if it is water damaged as they said, there should be some indication on the box. I also find it very hard to believe that they secured S’well so fast. Anyhow, they eventually have to stop blaming the vendor. Maybe they need to move their deadlines up further to ensure there are no more delays.

    • I had an issue with them when I paid via paypal. It took the funds but didnt show that I had an active subscription. I emailed multiple times over a week with no response. Unfortuantly i had to make a claim with paypal and then the founder finally emailed me back an hour later and fixed my account showing I had an active sub. Frustrating.

  13. I signed up last week. Will I receive the welcome box or the Fall box? I’m confused.

    • I’m also confused. But according to the comments they made around 24 hours ago, you should receive the fall box. Which is odd since they said it was sold out. 🤔🤷🏻‍♀️

    • I believe you will receive the Welcome box. at least, that’s how most companies do things bc it’s only for new subscribers. You can double check by contacting them.

  14. I subscribed before this box came out but I will be receiving my first box. Does anyone know if this will be my box or the fall box. I prefer the fall box. Thanks

    • If you ordered your box before 5pm yesterday, you will get the original Fall Box, not the Welcome Box

      • Thank you

      • Not fair! If I don’t get the welcome box, I’m going to cancel. Don’t draw me in and then replace with something I may not want!

    • My understanding is you would receive the first box not this second welcome box 😋

      • In that case, it’s hardly fair that an annual subscriber can’t buy the “Welcome Box” since it’s only for NEW subscribers. Yet new subscribers got the original Fall box that other quarterly subscribers missed out on. So, the Fall box sells out and they make a 2nd box just for new subscribers?

  15. Are you able to pick the color of the swell bottle or is the code only good for the woodish looking one

    • I think colors will vary, and you won’t be able to pick. Hope that helps clarify!

  16. Wow. This is better than the Fall Box for current subscribers.

    • Agree!

    • I missed the “welcome” part and was super excited to think I was getting another pair of earrings. 😐

    • Agreed!

    • Yes, but still the made in China eye shadow ! I would love the clutch, I do not use vegan totes because I carry heavy stuff. 2 pound day designer, glass water bottle, iPad, kindle, notebook, vegan just do not hold up the weight. Ugh, and I am an annual subscriber too.

      • I already have 2 of those same palettes from other subs. I have all 3 from the line for myself. And no one wants them to swap.

    • Agreed

    • I don’t think it’s right they are showing favoritism towards new members by giving them a better box than the current subscribers. That’s not fair, and they even three in a coupon code for a free item??? Where the hell was my welcome box a year ago?? Not cool….

    • I don’t know. I really loved the tote, which is why I bought the fall box, so I still think that one is better. But I’m loving this clutch too. The earrings, nail polish, and candle are all nice too. Given that the box costs less than just the clutch, I’m tempted to jump on this one as well.

  17. Does anyone know when fall box is shipping? Thanks so much!!

    • According to Facebook, fall box ships mid to late September and the welcome box ships in October.

  18. Easy pass! I hope the winter box is better.

  19. I’m already getting the fall box and would get this one if I were guaranteed the gold earrings. I have the silver already and love them.

    • I saw the video on Facebook and they said you can pick the color of clutch I can’t remember if you could pick ratings as well 🤔

      • I meant earrings lol sorry about that.

      • Annuals can choose the clutch and scarf colors.

      • Oops, I watched the video again and annuals get to choose the colors of the clutch, scarf, AND earrings.

  20. Easy pass! Hopefully winter will be better.

  21. I like the October Jaipur tote better than the clutch

  22. Too beauty heavy and I don’t have pierced ears but I’m very happy to have signed up in time for the fall box.

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