Breo Box Fall 2018 Spoiler #1 + Coupon!

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We have the first spoiler for the Fall 2018 Breo Box! And this quarter, they are partnering with the NBCF:

brēō box has officially partnered with National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.® (NBCF) for our upcoming fall 2018 edition box! For each box sold, we’ll be donating, on your behalf, $5 to NBCF, supporting women through every step of their breast cancer journey. The fall edition brēō box starts shipping this September, pre-orders are live now!

If you haven’t signed up for Breo Box yet, use promo code MSA15 for $15 off your first box!

And here is the first fall box spoiler:

Oniva X-Grill Portable Barbecue

What do you think of the first spoiler? 

More on this box:

The Subscription Box: Breo Box

The Cost: $129-159/quarter

The Products: Receive a handcrafted customized wood box each quarter with 5-8 essential products. Each box is also carefully curated to provide products that are fitting to the season.

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  1. Spoilers!
    Oniva X Grill $62 rv
    Gefu Digital Thermometer $30 rv
    Corkcicle 16 oz Waterman edition tumber $25 rv
    Oniva Mini bean bag throw $45 rv
    Flint Linter roller & refill $11 rv
    Tooletries koby bag $35 rv
    Little red bottle emergency stain rescue $9 rv
    W&P Design hydropod $25 rv

    The grill, bean bag throw game and koby bag make great gifts for my bf’s b-day in November.

    My digital thermometer broke some time ago so I’m happy to have a replacement.

    Love Corkcicle, this one is a nice gray color. I got a flint lint roller in a past popsugar box nothing terribly exciting but they’re popular on swaps and good to keep at the desk.

    I can always use stain remover.

    I’m interested in how well the hydropod will work.

    Oh and a breast cancer pin and card with donation info. The actual pink breo box is rather small but a fun pink color. The bean bag and grill do not fit in the box.

    Hope everyone enjoys!

  2. Breo CS knew people had many concerns and questions about the quality and value of the grill, the only spoiler they chose to provide to subscribers.

    I cancelled my subscription because their CS never responded to my questions about the unit overheating, cracking, the paint bubbling up and rusting, none of it.

    Also, if this is the item they chose to ” spoil”, then is it representative of the ” best item” in the box?

    I had great faith and hope for this box but the spoiler released simply broke my trust in them, and nothing else was forthcoming.
    I hope with all my heart that those who kept their subscriptions active despite such a dismal spoiler get a wonderful, fun, and exciting box full of great things.

    I wish I’d kept my subscription in hindsight, but they really scared me with the grill and the seriously bad reviews of it everywhere I could find. Price not withstanding as I realize some things are on sale and so forth, I was all about the quality of the product, and the other products selected for this box.

  3. Mine arrives today. This will be my first time only having one spoiler before getting it. Hope it’s good.

    • That is the biggest negative to this box. I cannot understand why they do not do spoilers like most others do. I think it would make customers so much happier and would probably increase their sales as people would order when they saw something they liked. I just don’t understand the reasoning. Maybe they just like the surprise factor–but a lot of customers don’t.

  4. Ugh. I thought I had skipped this one but I guess not. I was billed for it waaay before the stated billing date on the website for the fall box so I am kinda confused now if I missed something or if they did. I have no use for this grill at all and I’m guessing it would be heavy to swap but I will try. Here’s hoping the rest of the box is not centered around grilling or tailgating or I will be very sad. Only good thing is I’m platinum now so I haven’t paid the starter price of $159 on this or I’d be pretty upset.

  5. I just adore Breo! This looks perfect for around my pool. It’s so nice having these guys pick out great items for me since I can’t keep up with tech and all the different things available. They reward long term customers with lower box prices and offer a “skip” option. I find it refreshing for a sub to care about existing customers as well as the new. Even their wooden boxes come from a company that plants a tree for each one sold. While I would appreciate more spoilers, it’s also nice to get a surprise. I have some major unexpected vet bills right now, and this is one of 4 subs I kept out of 27!

  6. Breo Box does an excellent job curating their boxes. The value is there! The customer service is excellent and I LOVE the wood boxes.

  7. This will be my 4th Breo Box, I have questioned the RV listed as well ain the past, but I suppose Breo is not in the business of checking websites every day to see what is on sale. It does feel like most things can be found cheaper elsewhere but the overall value is always there. I love Breo because of all the new cool things I get introduced to. As for bad reviews, I was always wary but I have never had the experience as Amazon reviewers. I do love the interesting things Breo selects. OMG the TRX, that thing kills me!!! My Misfit watch and Body Scale is still going strong and in use every day. After owning several french presses and SO not excited to get another one from Breo, it turned out to be my favorite because it is the easiest to use and clean – great design. My spice grinders, I have been trying to buy more of these, the one touch non-electric grinding is genius (tossed that sh*tty stand, though). I also looooove my Tesla X lighter, which I had no idea about until the box. These are products I use nearly daily but there are others I have enjoyed as well.

    • Agreed, they are the best out there for finding unique and surprising products. I’m not that excited about this item, but oh well! That’s the risk you run with a sub box. I still love Breo 🙂

  8. Ugh….Nothing like a spoiler that makes me wish I wasn’t subscribed. One thing I have enjoyed in the past was the usefulness and the creativity of this box. I feel like they are slipping.

  9. This is terrible. Cheap poorly made product with abysmal reviews. This will be my last box.

  10. This is $24.87 at Lowes. I really hope that the rest of the box is worth a lot more or it will be my last. The value of this box has not been great. So far everything in my Breo Boxes have been about half of their breo value when I looked them up individually on Amazon.

    • Hi Matt,
      When listing a retail value we go by what is listed on the brands site along with major retailers. Amazon has not proven to be a consistent source of valuation due to price fluctuations along with the timing of when we research the retail value of our prospective products versus when they are checked down the line. Currently on the Lowe’s site this is being sold for $54.95 so not sure where you are seeing a price of $24.87.

      Breo Box

      • I saw it for $24 too! Just search “oniva” on the lowes site.

        • Hi Kashvi!

          I think I found product you’re referring to, however, it’s not an Oniva product, it’s completely different brand:

          I can’t speak on this product, but often knockoffs are less quality version of the product they’re mimicking.

          Please let us know what you think after receiving and using it 🙂

          Aleks // brēō box

  11. $24.87 at Lowes!!! I hope the box gets better from here.

  12. This will be my first box. I was really excited to subscribe because of products that were in previous boxes and also because I am a huge supporter of breast cancer research. I was very disappointed with the first spoiler. I was expecting something much different from a breast cancer box. My husband likes to grill so I hope he will like this but for me it is a total miss.

  13. Oh wow. A product that is designed to char your food is a really unfortunate choice for the breast cancer foundation partnership… am I the only one who noticed that??

    • I thought the same thing, doesn’t charring or grilling create carcinogens that actually cause cancer? Either way i have no idea what this would have to do with breast cancer at all.

      • They’re not making the box about breast cancer products. The box…the exterior box…is pink for breast cancer.

  14. Dear Breo,
    Please consider posting at least a spoiler or two a few days before the renewal date so people can at least skip if the items are personally unappealing to them. This item is a complete miss for me and as others have noted has TERRIBLE reviews. I didn’t manage to skip in time as I thought today was the deadline so I sincerely hope the rest of the box is filled with better quality items. :/

    • I concur. It’s also available to purchase at a major home improvement store for twenty four dollars.

  15. This looks really cool, I’m glad I forgot to cancel 🙂 Hope the rest of the box is a hit.

  16. Wow…the Amazon reviews are really bad for this item. I’m still excited because this is something I’ve never received in a sub box before. It looks really cool!

  17. While reviews are bad, I’m excited to have a portable grill.

  18. I like breobox but this is a big miss! I get wanting to tailgate and barbecue however tailgating is a time when charcoal is out! Too messy, takes too long! I love charcoal grilling but I can’t imagine the mess of charcoal and taking this around in my car. So disappointing.

  19. I don’t get this box but this is fun and different!

  20. I love to grill. This is really cool! I’m not familiar with this box but this definitely caught my eye.

  21. I have been a subscriber since the beginning. The variety and quality of goods has been excellent. I have used the items for gift giving events throughout the entire year. Whether for yourself or for your gift closet, I highly recommend this box!

  22. I love the idea of this but the reviews on Amazon state that it is very poor quality and that the paint peels off as soon as you use it. I am sticking around because the RV on this is only $56 and I hope that the rest of the box will more than make up for this item. I will probably be listing this for swap.

    • I saw the reviews in Amazon! They are awful! However, I am still getting the box. Some of the articles I have received in the past also have bad reviews but I have never have an issue with any of them. Perfect for tailgating if they could include the beer !

      • $24.87 at Lowes!

  23. This is interesting. I’m not a tailgater but if I were this would really come in handy. I switched to a gas grill when I had zero luck mastering charcoal but I’m going to give this little guy a try.

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