Breo Box Fall 2018 FULL Spoilers + Coupon!

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We have the FULL spoilers for the Fall 2018 Breo Box! And this quarter, they are partnering with the NBCF:

brēō box has officially partnered with National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.® (NBCF) for our upcoming fall 2018 edition box! For each box sold, we’ll be donating, on your behalf, $5 to NBCF, supporting women through every step of their breast cancer journey. The fall edition brēō box starts shipping this September, pre-orders are live now!

If you haven’t signed up for Breo Box yet, use promo code MSA15 for $15 off your first box!

And here are the full fall box spoilers:

Breo Box Fall 2018 Full Spoilers

Breo Box Fall 2018 Full Spoilers

Breo Box Fall 2018 Full Spoilers

Source: Instagram user yayamathur

What do you think of the spoilers? 

More on this box:

The Subscription Box: Breo Box

The Cost: $129-159/quarter

The Products: Receive a handcrafted customized wood box each quarter with 5-8 essential products. Each box is also carefully curated to provide products that are fitting to the season.

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  1. I loved this box. And am even looking for extras of some of the items on swap so I can use as gifts and silent auction packages I am putting together for an upcoming event. Everything will get used. Sorry some are not as pleased. I sub to way too many boxes. For me, Breo Box, is always exciting to receive.

  2. My box was missing the Flint roller. I received the roller refill, but not the actual Flint roller.

    • Hi Carol!

      I’m so sorry about that. Please send us an email to [email protected] and we’ll get you taken care of!

      Aleks // co-founder brēō box

  3. This box was a total miss. I have a ton of subscription boxes and have actually never been disappointed. I’ve only cancelled/skipped when I’ve stocked up too much of the same category of stuff (see: Birchbox, Winc, all clothing boxes). I gambled on this one even though I wasn’t thrilled about the grill. Still, I see a bunch of overvalued, poorly rated items. Even before I had a chance to look them up, it was clearly a disappointment.

    The grill and bean bag game are things you’d find on the miscellaneous gift/clearance table at Home Goods. As others have mentioned, these are too heavy to make for a practical swap. Also, my boxes had water damage which only makes it worse. The lint roller and stain remover just seem like unnecessary/overpriced items when there are effective cheap versions of these available at any store. They’re easy to swap, but I doubt I’ll have any interest. The thermometer looked cheaply made, and like something I’d impulse buy at a grocery store. It also has a whopping 1 star on Amazon. But, at least its easy to swap. The hydropod is not my sort of thing, but it is really cool and I’ve already regifted it to someone. The Corkcicle and Tooletries are great items that I will actually use. But I need the Tooletries to air out because it stinks.

    On top of the disappointment of the package, I was also very disappointed in the service. More than once, I’ve contacted them and not heard back for many days. And, when I do hear back, it is minimal helpfulness or even friendliness. I had an issue with shipping and FedEx said only the sender could help me resolve, but I had no luck. My box was water damaged, but none of the stuff inside any of the boxes. I can’t imagine I’ll ever want another Breo box after this level of disappointment. I’d need at least 2 spoilers (and be blown away by them).

    • Hi Rina!

      I’m so sorry about your experience. We really pride ourselves on customer service, but have an unexpected high volume of inquiries and short staffed.

      Please bear us with, if you haven’t gotten a response yet you will soon.

      Any messages you receive thus far might be from the automated system, so fairly generic.

      Thanks so much for your patience.


      • Thanks! I just wanted to update here for the people reading these comments. Customer support got back to me by the time Aleks responded to my posted comment. They were ready to help replace anything damaged, but as I mentioned, it was just the box (not the contents) that was damaged.

  4. This box just made me cancel.

  5. My box just arrived. I stand by my initial reaction that everything will be useful. I don’t know if it’s 130 bucks useful but I think I’ll stick around for another quarter and see what other goodies I get 🙂

  6. I think this box is awesome! What I won’t use will make great gifts for family.

    Does anyone know what the platinum perks are for long-term subscribers? I can’t find it in the FAQ section.

  7. This was such a disappointment. The value has always been shaky with this box but this box didn’t have one single big ticket item or anything with a wow factor. A lint roller, A coffee cup, a flimsy meat thermometer. stain spray with terrible reviews, a toiletry case. beanbag toss and a portable grill also with bad reviews. Which was the high dollar item? Because if you look up the prices on the card that comes with the box, it is like three times the actual amount that this would cost if you purchased individually. The grill can be had at lows on clearance for $20. Most say it did’t withstand one grilling before it fell apart and the paint peeled off. I want my $140 back.

  8. We have a cabin in the woods for summer vacations and this is the perfect box for the family! I have high hopes like other boxes that the products will deliver despite the negative reviews (that has been my historical experience with breoboxes).

  9. I am going to try everything in this box. One of the better boxes for me, I love it all, I always love their boxes because if I had thought I needed it or wanted it, I would of already bought it. I love everything corkcicle too!

  10. I should have unsubscribed a while ago, but they drew me in with the discounts for loyal customers! Oh well. It’s clear to me at this point that while they send more unusual sub box items, they have many low quality/badly reviewed things or something I could piece together for the same price as the box (or less). If that’s the case, then I’d rather pick my own items.

    Up until this box, they’ve been surprisingly usable for stuff I didn’t really need (stocking stuffers, a spare toothbrush in my office), but the unwanted items this time aren’t economical to ship so you are kind of stuck with them! I am keeping the laundry spray and the thermometer, on the fence about the lint roller and grow pod (because I will eventually need refills), and not sure where the rest will find its home yet.

    Maybe that’s overly harsh, but I can get almost 2 Robb Vices for the money and I’d much rather have that, even with all the crap they pull.

  11. I know we all like different things but I’m surprised by so many negative comments. Not everything is a hit for me but overall I like this box. I am setting aside a few things for Christmas gifts.

  12. I’m torn. I always enjoy receiving my Breo Box. It always has products that I likely would not buy for myself. And I am happy to receive most of this, because what I won’t keep, I can gift.

    But, to justify keeping a box, I always calculate what I would pay for each item. So, even though the tumbler is listed as $25, if I would only ever spend up to $20 in a store for another option, then the value counts as $20 to me. And, if my total count equals or exceeds what I spent, then it’s worth it to me. If it doesn’t, then I really need to reconsider. Breo didn’t “make its money back” this round. And while I enjoy the experience and curation (which is half the fun anwah), I don’t know if I can justify spending almost $600 a year, anymore. I’ll give it the Winter box and decide from there.

  13. Not there best box, for sure. But the best part was spending 1 hour this morning digging deep for a one inch bright pink splinter in my finger that I got from taking the wood box out of the regular box. Fun times. 😩

    • *their. Autocorrect needs to go.

    • Unboxing hack:

      – Open shipping box
      – Carefully turn box open side down
      – Lift shipping box to reveal wooden crate
      – Turn wooden box right side up
      – Slide top open
      – Enjoy contents splinter free! 😉

      • urg – wish I could edit my posts – wooden box, not crate 😉

      • Reality:

        -Lightly touch wooden box.
        -Get 1 inch splinter, bright pink.
        -Spend 1 hr with needle tip Tweezerman surgically removing said shard.

        You understand how splinters work, right?!? Lol. Best laid plans=1 inch bright pink splinter. This box is rough, looking at it even now. I’m a subscriber since day one, and this could’ve happened to any subber. Not my fault, but I am directly related to breast cancer treatment, so it was apropos. 😂 But thanks for your dismissive response.

        Post Response Hack:


        • azdesertgrl’s response was with intention to be helpful. I dug into the box last time I got it too. She is simply stating how she avoids getting her fingers ripped apart when getting the box out. No need to be catty. This is a subscription blog. Not Fox News Facebook page.

          • I didn’t dig into the box, I had to dig deep for the splinter. The response was listed instructions on how to simply open a box. That’s super condescending, be it intentional or not. No response was even necessary, geesh.

        • Definitely took that way too personally. In no way shape or form was she trying to blame you for getting a splinter. Seems as though she was just sharing a method that she uses herself. I’m sure she wasn’t intending to be ‘dismissive’ either, just because she didn’t word it to include empathy for your splinter and disappointment in the box.

          • It was condescending, and I didn’t want empathy. Just a comment. 😉

  14. When it’s a huge value for the money, I don’t mind getting an item or two I won’t use (like FFF). This isn’t a great value and none of these products are something I would purchase on my own, so it’s not worth it to me.

  15. These boxes always make me do my “happy dance”. With Christmas and birthdays around the corner, these items assists in my gift giving shopping list. The thermometer is a much needed tool in MY kitchen!

  16. So glad I cancelled. The beauty of subscription boxes is that you don’t get to pick the items-but they are worth a lot more than you pay. For the $ spent on this, you might as well go to TJMaxx and get more for your money! There is no value in this. This is what I would expect from a $40 Fabfitfun or PopSugar.

    • When they first started with these boxes they were mind blowing but the last few just seem like they put more items in the boxes with lower prices and values instead of less items that are expensive things you are happy to have but wouldn’t go out and buy. This is just my thoughts and I don’t mean to fluff anyones beautiful feathers. ❤

      • Oh wow! I agree with you. I was
        Looking at the spoilers and wondering why I was dissapointed with all the contents when I would actually use all of them. Then I realized that I would use all of them but nut necesarry it buying them.

        I dont do sub boxes anymore, except when I have 2 spoilers that I want and the cost of the box is less than total cost of the 2 items is at amazon. (Case in point, the box where they include the scale and the black watch). Hopefully they’ll be back to including Sur La Tab (dont rembember if what rosle or boos block). I did love the Alessi inclusion in Rob Vices.

  17. I love Breo. While this isn’t my favorite box I’ve ever received from them, I will still use/gift everything. I think it may have been better as a summer box with the grill/game, but I can’t complain. Also, their shipping is insanely fast…I received it one day after shipping notification.

  18. I am so glad I did not renew my annual subscription that expired with Summer box. I loved last boxes, but this one is a total miss for me. Happy me can now reallocate money reserved for this box to advent calendars that are popping up from everywhere 🙂

  19. This is my first box and I was so excited to sign up. The previous boxes I had seen were full of really cool stuff. I don’t know how the items for this box were picked but everything in this box is a miss for me. I am so disappointed.

    • Me too! No big ticket items and nothing I would ever buy or use.

  20. Although I don’t see much use for these items for me, I have three kids in college and they will appreciate these as tailgating gifts.

  21. 😮 not impressed! FabFitFun has such a high value over the cost of the box that it’s ok when something isn’t quite right I don’t mind giving it away.
    Last Breo Box was so much better! This box has a grill with terrible reviews and the value just isn’t there for the other items! I’m soooo glad I didn’t do the annual subscription!

  22. Looks useful… but the value is not there compared to previous boxes.

    • I agree. Very disappointed in this box and I am easily satisfied. To each his own I guess. This box is more complicated due to being unable to swap some of the items due to size and weight. The grill is much larger than expected and I’m not even sure who I can gift it to. I also find it comical that this box comes in a breast cancer awareness pink color and a 5$ donation to breast cancer awareness but the warning on the grill insert says something about causing cancer. The same with the game. It is huge and not something I need (even with 3sons) but I will be on the lookout for a gift giving opportunity. The thermometer is nice but I don’t know anyone that doesn’t have one. The corkcycle cup is an easily giftable item. I prefer a 32 oz travel cup myself. This is smaller. I might try out the hydro pod or gift it. The lint roller has been in numerous sub boxes before so I already have 3 or 4 in a drawer. Never used this particular stain remover before so that’s new for me and I’m highly impressed with the toiletry kit. It’s ultra nice. (Not enough to make the box worth the $ for me—but indestructible and very nice. Trying to decide whether to stay on for winter. Hopefully it’s a fluke. I looked to Breo to bring new and exciting things but lint rollers, coffee cups, and meat thermometers have been around awhile.

    • Agreed.. other boxes have totally wowed me… not this….bummer too Bc I was going to bite finally

    • Yep, value is only slightly over the price of the box. I’m better off buying the few items I want separately and saving the rest of the $.

  23. I have received this Hypropod in a LE Bombay and Cedar box. I grew some basil in it, but I had to buy replacement grow plugs on Amazon for the next crop. I love this little guy.

  24. The items don’t seem to be worth much more than the cost of the box. The bean bag throw is $25 on amazon and bed bath and beyond. And the grill and thermometer are both very low reviewed on Amazon, meaning they were probably bought at a steep discount. Sorry to say but I’m glad I cancelled. This box seems to be missing the high ticket item.

  25. I think they hit it out of the park with this one. The box was so heavy!!!
    I have already opened the hydropod trying to figure it out.
    And the box itself is very pretty. A darker pink than I was expecting.

  26. Everything will be useful. Hopefully the grill doesn’t suck that bad but all the other items look very useful.

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