BoxyLuxe September 2018 FULL SPOILERS!

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We have full spoilers for the September BoxyLuxe box! 

Each BoxyLuxe box will include:

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular Boxycharm box is $21 a month. BoxyLuxe is a once-a-quarter upgrade option you can add to your existing $21-a-month Boxycharm subscription. So for an additional $28.99, you’ll get the Luxe items, and be paying a total of $49.99 for that quarterly box. (This upgrade option will be available soon.)

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I got the Boxyluxe box but don’t understand why the butter eyeliner or primer variation that was included in the regular box wasn’t part of the luxe box. I feel cheated. Wasn’t the luxe box supposed to include everything that was in the regular box?

  2. So something to piss off people on the waitlist, at least it pissed me off. There are people on YouTube not only bragging about receiving multiple boxes, but there are people who are admitting to only getting the box to sell the items for profit. Now that just pisses me off more.

    • I seen that also! One girl commented how she was on disability and only wanted the box to sell the items. I had to reply to that one! I did get the box and I’m also on disability and am 9 months pregnant about to give birth in a few days (I was told I could no have children, then told it was too risky to hav them I deal with grammal seizures, lupus, photo something seizures and a smaller kind plus anxiety’s over it all), I get Boxycharm to make myself feel better about myself not for profit! It turned my stomach when I read that! I do feel bad for everyone who has been subscribers for awhile who did not receive the boxyLUXE, but I do not feel bad for those who subbed just for the luxe or the ones who only want to make a profit off of others misfortune, it really upsets and disturbs me that there are such people in the world.

      • Yes, that was one of the posts I saw. I screen shot it and posted it both on Facebook and on Instagram tagging BixyCharm in it. Seriously that isn’t cool with me, buying it purposely to make a profit. And I hate to say it, but I am glad K!tt!e Kat isn’t getting a BoxyLuxe. I get if you can’t use the products due to color or allergies and you sell them for a fraction of the price, but to purposely get to resell just sickened me.

        • I agree and I am so glad you screen shot it and posted it! I get boxy to feel better not to profit. I get it completely you do not receive a lot of money on SSI, I get SSDI because I worked enough before the seizures got so bad I couldn’t any longer. I’m hoping her “disability “ is legitimate as well. I’m no one to judge I just know people use the system ALOT , and she just struck a nerve with me as someone who does that. I’m so sorry you did not receive the boxyluxe you seem like someone who also deserved it. I wish boxy did things differently so the ones who should of gotten one got one. I know I’m all hormonal but on a normal day for me , I would still have these feelings. Praying the December box will be spectacular for you and worth ththe frustration and wait! KitKat is not deserving at all , and I should not say this , but hoping she also does not receive the December luxe box.

    • Then also the YouTube videos where the woman either complained about the products or was just tossing them around! Ugh it made me so mad watching some of them last night.

  3. My Boxyluxe showed up quite unexpectedly today but it’s missing the Tarte Chisel palette.

    • That’s disappointing. I hope customer service can take care of you.

  4. Has anyone received their boxyluxe or an email saying it’s been shipped? I received a spoiler email, but I really just want my box already lol

    • No email, but my box is in Dallas currently according to FedEx tracking.

      • No email, no tracking number, no box for me.

    • Recd my shipping info today, but you know, there is the 48 hrs wait for tracking etc.

  5. This was really frustrating. It’s not a one-off, so they should have been better able to handle this. Had they had enough so that all their loyal subscribers who wanted to upgrade (a perfectly reasonable goal) could, they wouldn’t have had to have this competitive feeding frenzy that crashed their site. I tried for about 7 hours until I got waitlisted. Before that, I only got the green screen.

    A better way to do this upgrade would be to email the first x amount of people who signed up for the waitlist, and give them a 12-24 hour window to respond, then however many they didn’t get, open that up to the next group. Site wouldn’t have crashed and people would have felt better about it, even if they couldn’t get it.

  6. So I was running into the same Gateway error that everyone else was getting until I turned off my wifi and ran on my data. I immediately got through after that, no waitlist or anything. If their code can’t handle that spicy, spicy, wireless connection, they have employed the wrong IT staff.

    • I did it on both my data and on wifi…still didn’t get through for 7 hours.

      Looking at this, the only thing I’m mad about is the Park Avenue Princess palette.

      • Same! I was trying to use data on cell and wifi on my tablet

  7. This was just sad how they did this. To claim they did everything they could to avoid this happening, saying it was more then they anticipated was just a lie. I literally tried since 9am I even emailed them letting them know I was trying. to be wait listed at 2pm. Literally 5 hours trying. Been a member since they first came out! Such a disappointment.

  8. Wish I could post a picture on here, but there were two emails sent out when BoxyLuxe launched. One was for current members, and the other was for past members who were no longer active. The email to members said Upgrade Now, while the one to non-members said “reactivate now to get BoxyLuxe”. Whether BoxyCharm/Josef wants to admit it or not, they failed by sending it to non-members which caused many members to get waitlisted, even after the original waitlist goof was fixed. Honestly, Medusa’s Makeup has items that are Members only products that you have to verify your membership before you can order, and other sites have sent members the email a day prior to the non-members getting notice, whether they want to admit it or not the chase for the almighty dollar outweighed the benefit of being loyal to their current subscribers. They blame this as an oversight of a goof on their part, and while I am not sending hate mail like some members that were waitlisted, I can’t say that I am not disappointed in this and it weighs heavily on whether I continue my subscription with them. Apparently I am waitlisted until December, which sucks because I had been talking highly of BoxyCharm until now, now they show their true colors. Seriously they should have counted on enough boxes for current members, and then waited a day or two before offering the others to non-members if there were any left, people who were not members a month prior to launch date should not have been given a box over members who have subscribed for months…guess I would just make different decisions if I was in his shoes and people’s jobs would be at stake.

  9. I was wait listed AFTER 6:30PM. I was trying do
    since 8:59AM! I knew that there very well might be an overload of people & the system may very well crash. I’ve seen it with many companies when they do a product/service launch & when I worked with various companies in the past. No matter how well a company can prepare, something can ALWAYS go wrong. I’m not happy I won’t get a September luxe box but, what can you do? It’s a GREAT deal. Once in awhile I may not get something I like or use so I give it away. But, just 1 item in the box is worth more than the subscription. We will NEVER get a better value anywhere else, especially in stores. If anyone has ever owned or managed a company,they can tell you that glitches & system crashes happen all the time. I’ll still be a boxycharm girl no matter what.

  10. They can keep their spoilers & their boxes. It’s absolutely DISGUSTING what they put their customers thru…not only on Sept. 1st, but the weeks leading up to it.

    They carried on and promoted that Luxe box like crazy…all the while severely limiting the amount available. Then they tell everyone to log in at 9 am because they were going to sell out fast.

    Yosef insisted the site was ready for the traffic load this time. Clearly it was not. NO server can handle that massive load all at once.

    Now he’s in his usual, tearful sorry after the fact mode in his follow up vids. “We’ll make it right” …..really????? How Exactly???? The boxes are gone. You know…the boxes you put out in a small quantity all the while hyping up this launch???

    If you’re going to own and run a company this size, then you need to learn how to treat properly your customers….and this isn’t it.

    Am I being negative? NO *** Am I stating the facts as they happened? 100% YES

    I don’t feel bad for him. I feel bad for all that paid for that Aug. box that they didn’t want, just to get the luxe box, only to be put thru the wringer Sept. 1st and got nothing but hours worth of trying to click on the upgrade button that went nowhere but Error mode. Many did without sleep, got up super early and kept trying. Only a very few got the very few boxes…some got on a waitlist that doesn’t say when you’ll be off it or for what box, and those that got on it after 7 hours of site insanity, are now on the Dec. waitlist. Do you really think they will have enough boxes for all of you? No…you have a better chance at getting hit by lightening. 😉

    • The problem was that non-subscribers were notified also and told to reactivate their accounts to get it. They did it that day and still got the box. This to me was poor policy and shows how much the dollar outweighs being loyal to current customers. I have pictures of the two different emails to prove it. Yosef is full of crap.

    • I don’t feel bad for people that only bought August to get Boxyluxe. Those people should have had later access than the loyal people who have subbed consistently. That’s who I feel bad for. This was supposed to be an upgrade for subscribers, but it turned into a dogfight that pissed people off. People that bought the August box just to get to Luxe aren’t the loyal subscribers who BC should be rewarding.

      • Exactly ! ! !

        I saw one girl post in one of the BS FB Groups, bragging how she just signed up in Aug. to be able to get a Luxe Box. She started a lot of accts. too. Said she had 5 or 6 of the luxe boxes coming…OMG…Really?????

        I don’t care how many different emails are used. They should have limited to ONE box per address. That would have put a stop to that.

        Then BC gave boxes to ALL the admins of one of the FB groups after they got so mad that none of them could get the box after 3 hours, that they archived the entire group. They put up one final post saying they were going to have to decide whether to keep that group or not. They had done so much for BC by having that group and couldn’t even get a box.

        Well guess what???? ALL of them got a box suddenly and they put that group back online. Within mins. one of the admins of a different group, said Yosef called her. Looks like we had to be admins of a FB singing their praises to get personally chosen by Yosef to get a box.

        This is not a company I want to be with any longer. They pulled a lot on us and had us jumping thru hoops, to even have a shot at getting a box. They had an entire month ahead of time after knowing the amount of interest in it, to get more boxes made. They chose not to.

        Then 2 days later, there is Yosef BRAGGING on Instagram how they just hit 1 Million followers. I think anyone that is following needs to go on Insta and un-follow them.
        They need to learn that we are NOT OK with them screwing us over. This is no way to treat your loyal customers.

      • I totally agree, that’s why I was pissed off. But someone on face book said I was being a spoiled salty B word and that the two separate emails didn’t prove anything. Yea maybe I am salty because I had signed up months ago, seriously didn’t know about BoxyCharm prior to then…and now I am a subscription addict with 20 Subscriptions, and was excited for the Luxe, I wouldn’t have been so upset if I got waitlisted because long time subscribers had gotten the upgrade, o am upset because people who had cancelled got the option to reactivate their subscription and get it at the same time I was trying to get it as well as long time subscribers were trying and we go waitlisted while they got it.

      • Totally agree, I have been with Boxycharm for 2 years now and have put up with a lot of bad palettes and brown lippies! They should have put out these email links in blocks starting with the oldest to the newest subs, IMO. I recd mine at 9.07am and it crashed on the first try. I tried a couple more time (5 times to be exact and then I gave up). But I did received an email around 12.00pm saying that i got the box after all. Only really wanted the Tarte Palette & Smashbox item.

  11. So I’m on the waitlist like almost everyone who tried to get the boxyluxe. When I looked at my account, I’m confused about the payment plan. I’d love some insight if anyone knows how this works. I am on a month to month for my regular box, but it shows 3 month prepay for the boxyluxe. Does this mean I will be required to pay 3 months in advance once I’m removed from the waitlist or is it just the extra price of the boxyluxe versus regular box for that particular quarter?

    • The Boxyluxe is 1x every 3 months so that’s why it shows up like that. You’ll pay the additional charge the month of the upgrade (next one in december). Your month to month charge stays the same, and the month that you have the upgrade is when you’ll be charged the two charges (21 +28.99). Hope this helps!

      • That definitely helps. Thank you so much!

  12. I have been a subscriber to BoxyCharm for nearly a year and I didn’t even GET the email about upgrading to BoxyLuxe. I was going to, but it slipped my mind. Oh well, there’s always next time!!

  13. I got put on a waitlist. I don’t see smashbox also. I’m glad I didn’t get this Boxyluxe. I’m going to take myself off the waitlist just in case I get taken off. I wouldn’t use most of the stuff. This is a total bust. I say no to Boxyluxe. It’s just a ploy!

  14. What happened to the Smashbox primer spray? Do you think they scrapped that idea ? They said the box would have 11 items & there’s 11 items in the photo. ?

    • It’s true! There are 11 items in the picture but no Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water! Liz, can you confirm if the Smashbox item is going to be in the Luxe box this month and please let us know?

  15. The site kept crashing and then it magically worked perfectly and informs you that you’re on the December waitlist. I’m too old for games. In the last few months, I’ve given away almost everything I’ve received in my boxes. It’s just not worth it anymore. I will be cancelled my subscription.

  16. My 2 cents. I’ve been with boxy over a year and I didn’t get the luxe box so I don’t have a dog in this race ( what a horrible saying by the way ) but used to explain – even though I would have most likely been cut off from being able to get it I think it should have gone by the longtime subbers getting it first they easily could have sent the invites to the 4 then 3 then 2 and so on just to give them some kind of thank you for being with the company through thick and thin. Not first come first serve. To think that people that just signed up specifically to get the luxe box and got one while the longtime customers got shut out is so upsetting and I don’t blame them for being upset that to me shows they value you this just seems like a money grab now to get new customers. This is totally different than a holiday limited edition box that every company and their brother comes out with and it’s been in the planning stages for quite some time. Look at allure for instance. They send out random gifts for anniversary’s so I CAN be done. Just a thought. Sorry for all of you that missed out on this that deserved to have the chance.

    • I agree with you, it’s all about how much money they can get and how fast not about loyalty. It doesn’t help the way social media puts out tips and tricks to get through quicker as opposed to waiting for the email from boxy charm either. I’ve been subscribed for years. I put myself on the interest list, waited for the email offer when it was available and used the link from the e-mail to try and get the upgrade. Following these instructions from boxycharms email did not help because there were other tips leaked by social media that bypassed all of their instructions. People were able to log directly into the bc website also and upgrade from there. People were also encouraged to sign up by the end of August to be eligible to get this particular Box so even if you were subscribed for years they were able to slide in and possible get one before you. I was wait listed after several hours of trying to get one starting at 9. Very dissatisfied with the way this went down.

    • I agree with everything you said. I’ve been a customer for almost 4 years, spent 4+ hours trying to upgrade (and I started trying at exactly 9:00), only to get waitlisted for December. But here’s the kicker—-I’m only in line for a spot in December. In other words, even though they have over 3 months to prepare and add inventory, I still may not even get the December Luxe box. I reached out to their customer service 3 times before I got a lame and canned response basically letting me know it’s pretty much true—they don’t value my business. The company just keeps lying. The CEO made an apology video saying their system had no way of giving long time subscribers first dibs. But the rep that emailed me today told me they designed it to be first come, first serve (which didn’t work at all since people that tried an hour after me got the box), so that “everyone had a chance.” So in other words I am of no more value at 45 months than someone that has only paid for 1 month. I was on the fence about canceling yesterday but today’s message from them made it easier to walk away. I will hold out for Ipsy Plus and hope they treat their customers better and more fairly. Sorry for the rant! 😊

  17. I kept trying yesterday and kept getting the gateway error. Tried this morning and got thru but got waitlisted. Oh well, saves me $29 this month!

  18. I came to appoligize for being immature and selfish just because I didn’t get the Luxe box. I sincerely appoligize if I hurt anyone’s feelings as well as the founder and Boxycharm. Good luck to all who are waitlisted and kudos to you all who were able to snag a box. I am taking a break for awhile as I realized I need to get my attitude in check.

  19. Well, I got waitlisted too for December and just got charged for my regular box keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll get activated for the September Boxy luxe but if not oh well I still get my regular boxy charm but sure feels sad to miss out! been reading all the comments here, and on IG and seems like BoxyCharm site crashed for hours I sent them an email and got a nice reply back and assured me that If didn’t get a boxy luxe this time that I’m the list for December

    OH SUGAR!!! lol

  20. $50 for this? I’m glad I overslept. This is far from luxe.

  21. I got in in about 6 minutes

  22. So, here are my thoughts. I tried this morning for over an hour. Two different computers and a phone. No getting through, no wait list, nothing. At this point, with all the people waitlisted, they have three months before the next one. Give it a week, get a total number of waitlisted, get some more product shipped, slap those goodies in some boxes and give people what they want. Simple enough.

    • I agree. But much to my shock and horror I found out today that even though I am waitlisted for it (after 4+ hours and 2 devices trying nonstop), I still am not guaranteed even the DECEMBER box, which they have over 3 months to prepare and add inventory for. It’s some of the worst business practices and customer service I’ve ever seen. After four years I am canceling.

      • Shock and horror? A bit dramatic.

  23. Wow! This box isn’t even that great 👍 kinda glad I missed it. The boxes haven’t been that great lately already cancelled. Excited for Ipsy!!!!

  24. We may see more Luxie Pro brushes in the future. If you go to Luxie’s website, there’s a tab called “Boxycharm” and it features the one we are getting this month along with a set of three below it, possibly a future spoiler.

  25. I tried just once and got the error message. After awhile got an email saying that the September box was sold out and that I did secure a spot on the waitlist for December’s box

  26. Tarte pallete, geez I’m so sad I can’t even type lol😂

    • Right. Tarte palettes are so rare and hard to come by. Heartbroken to not get one 🤣🤣

      • I know I can go and buy one but it was the main reason I wanted the box, geez

  27. I tried so hard to get this box, been a sub for 3 years! Got wait listed, I wanted that t as re palette so bad. They let us down again, maybe they will make up for it somehow 🙁

  28. This box is so incredibly bad I’m surprised anyone even wants it unless it’s just to use as swap bait or sell. Nothing at all to get excited about let alone claim heartbreak and other dramatics.

    • Not really baitworthy for swaps. The RV per item isnt all the high. Unless people really really want everyone to know they’re a charmer with the tote.

      • 😂😂😂😂 epic comment Julie!!

  29. Instead of making myself crazy over not getting thru this morning- I headed to the mall. Not wild about the September Luxy Box, but pleased I’ll be on the list to get December’s. Maybe the winter box will be better than this one- not feeling the assortment of brushes or the Tarte palette…hopefully there will be enough boxes to go around for everyone who wants one.

  30. I am very upset that for months they built this box up to existing members. Only to be bogged down with tech issues and what do most of us get!?! NOTHING!!
    After this fiasco, I am debating keeping my account with Boxycharm.

    Ipsy Plus is looking better and better!!!!

  31. I wasted 3 hours of my morning only to be waitlisted. So disappointed.

  32. What a mess. That was one of the most frustrating experiences I’ve had in awhile. The email was late and I spent an hour trying to get through and finally got a waitlist message. Fortunately I was one of the lucky ones who got a waitlist message when they should have gotten the box, so many hours later they took me off the waitlist and I got the box.

    • At least you got the email!! I didn’t, and I’ve been subbed a year. Oh well!! A lot of that stuff will be on sale at Ulta or Sephora if it’s not already!!

      • You had to go sign up for the email. Sites like this one, plus their social media told you how to sign up. If you didn’t, you weren’t getting it. Supposedly that should have helped them gauge interest and prepare. LLLLLOOOOOLLLL

  33. I was wait listed this morning at 9.45 and just went on computer now and got an email that i scored a box and checked and i was charged for September. Looks like they are fixing the glitches. So excited that i am getting the upgrade. Hoping for the serum but wanted the sol de jenero and the tarte palette so super excited either way.

  34. I spent a half hour trying to get past the error message. Neither the products nor the games this company plays are worth any more of my time. Canceled subscription.

  35. Bahahaha this box is what they consider luxe?! Hilarious!

    • I agree! For $50 I’d rather have Causebox or even FFF.

  36. Wasn’t there supposed to be a Smashbox photo finish primer water? I was really looking forward to trying that and I was confirmed I will get the September Boxyluxe.

  37. Keep getting the error that we got with the limited edition box. Are they kidding me? They didn’t learn from the last time

  38. Set the alarm at 5:58am PST to make sure I can get to it at 6:00am. Email arrived at 6:07. Spent the next 2 hpurs trying to get past the confirmation page. Then I got a random email that I was waitlisted for December with a prepay of $28.99. Wondering since none of my attempts went through. Frustrating is an understatement.

    • I understand your frustrations. I even had my husband drive to the bank to transfer bank funds at 5:58 am to my subscription account when I noticed I forgot to transfer and I couldn’t get past the error page. Finally at 12:17 pm I was able to get waitlisted. I’m heartbroken.

      • Heartbroken over a sub box? Mmmkay

        • Why are you even here? Leave her be. For some of us this is the only way we can get good products. Go on and take your snarky comment with you!

  39. It’s 2:00 eastern and I have been trying since 9:00 to upgrade. I keep getting a 502 gateway error so I can’t even sign up for the waitlist. Very frustrated and thinking that I’m done with Boxy and moving on to FabFitFun instead.

    • I know what you mean. I had my email account open and hit upgrade as soon as the email came in which wasn’t till 8:07 but could’nt even get passed the error code to even get on the waitlist. I kept trying for almost two hours with no luck. This whole process was seriously a joke. Can’t believe I got up at 7:30 for this lol.

  40. I’m ok with missing out. I’ll buy the Juice Beauty off of someone. That’s the only thing that really spoke to me anyway.

    • I’ll sell you mine!

  41. There are 12 items in the box. I think the tote bag and headband are extras.

    • the 12 items listed above are the items boxyluxe subscribers are getting, including the tote & headband. Not extras. Those are the full spoilers……

      • Not true, I emailed cutomer service and smashbox will be in the box despite not being shown in the upgraded spolier email

        • did I say it wasn’t included in the list above??

          • Imhilly no you didn’t say that. People don’t even read before jumping in to heroically correct people.

        • Good to know!! I was wondering if/when anyone would have some firm follow up info on that, I was really wondering, thanks!!

  42. I randomly got an email that confirmed I was waitlisted for December… I tried a total of 20+ times and none were successful. Very odd. Anyway I have 3 months to decide to keep boxycharm, upgrade to Lux, or cancel everything.

    I think I will see if they do something special for the waitlisted people and also if I can actually redeem my charms or rather get the products I redeem my charms for on the site without another apology (or no communication at all) that it isn’t available.

    I’m sad about the primer water and tarte contour palette but nothing else is that exciting and neither are necessary so I feel less angry than earlier… more mad about the time I waisted that could have been spent organizing my craft room (Labor Day weekend project) or getting ready for company.

    • Just an FYI, I got waitlisted for December after trying for 4+ hours, and today Boxy’s customer service rep informed me that I may not even get the December box. Depends on my position in the line for it, and she could not tell me what it was. So ridiculous that we can’t even be guaranteed a box over 3 months from now. I canceled.

      • That’s funny because my email said I was guaranteed a December Box…:’(

  43. There are 12 items in the box. I think the headband and tote are extras.

  44. Honestly I started to get so angry over this… as well as over not receiving an invite to ipsy plus yet… then I thought you know what? Screw this. I’ll go spend that money at Sephora for things I know I love and want. I am not giving such an ill prepared company my money any longer

  45. I was waitlisted, then got an email that I claimed a box. Seems like that’s happening to a few people…

    • same here, after trying from 9am-10.30am, with a busy message, i was wait listed and then recd message that I was in!

    • I got the same email thanking me for my order and it looks like they have taken the money from my card also. So happy I was able to get it ….. I think.

  46. I clicked on the link a few moments after getting the email and was not able to get a confirmation. It sounds like a lot of misinformation and disorganization and the bos is not free. After not being able to get through, I received an email from Bobbie Brown with a nice sale, so I purchased something I really wanted. I won’t deal with a company that is disorganized and didn’t prepare for the large influx of customers.

    • The box was never advertised to be free

      • People are acting as if it were free. I KNOW it was not advertised as free, rather an upgrade to an existing and already current subscription. I was pointing out the disorganization of the entire process.

    • It wasn’t supposed to be free. It was always advertised as 50.00 😂😂

      • Again she was pointing on the disorganization not saying it was supposed to be free. We are paying customers and the level of disorganization is treating us as if it is a free giveaway

    • I agree. I started trying at 8:08 AM when the email came in. I kept refreshing for HOURS. No luck. I finally got through and it was sold out.
      I’m not mad that they have limited quantities, but my God. They hype this crap for months and I, like many others I assume, were unable to purchase within a few hours of signing up. I’m annoyed af with this company.

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