BoxyCharm September 2018 FULL SPOILERS Box #1!

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We have the confirmed full spoilers for the September Boxycharm box!

Box Variation #1 will include:

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the September box will be your first box!

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. My box is coming in tomorrow and *most* of the time I receive box #1 but in the rare occasion I’ve received other box numbers. I know for sure the LG Blush is in my box.

  2. I only resubbed for the Alamar Ojitos brush set. I have been eyeing them ever since I received the palette. So either 25 dollars for the brushes (with shipping) or 21 dollars and extra makeup I can give my daughter. Probably going to cancel again.

  3. So tired of all the complaining about Boxyluxe. Sounds like a lot of people need to grow up. Boxycharm gives us 4-6 full size products for $21. Come on people, appreciate what you do have. I do.

    • Agree.

  4. This box is a good value, But I’m just not excited about anything. What does value matter for the sake of value? I think people would be happier if they included at least one really coveted buzzed about product each month that most people are happy to restock or excited to try. Then one item from an up-and-coming brand. Then if the rest the box was mediocre or didn’t appeal to all subscribers. they’d still be happy to get it …like the way I feel about Allure baby facial this month.

    • I completely agree and this box looks thrown together.

  5. I usually get the #1 variant, so this is okay. Hopefully the lip color will be deeper tone and the eyeliner anything but black.

    • I’d take that eyeliner off you in a second! Trade or buy.

  6. Based on IG some people will get Luscious Cosmetics Eyeshadow primer instead of Butter London.

    • I am absolutely so disappointed that I wasted 6 hours of my hard earned worked for time only to be on a waitlist. Not acceptable. I’m looking for another box. I have asked them numerous times “What are you going to do to keep me as a customer?” No reply. It is down right disgusting. They advertise the hell out of it and are not prepared. Doesn’t sound like a company I want to give my money to. Everyone takes money. They aren’t the only company around.

      • Agreed I am beyond mad about wasting my day only to get waitlisted👎👎👎

  7. I would prefer to try another brand lip and cheek since I have several lorac and LG. I enjoy them, but I’d love to try something new

  8. This month looks better than last, but I’m still reeling over the BoxyLuxe debacle. I was poised and signed into my BoxyCharm account by 5:55am (PDT) on Saturday. No email until about 6:10am but did see the “upgrade” link right at 6:00am. I tried to upgrade and kept getting a server error message. When the e-mail arrived, I started trying from a different device with the same server error message. I added my laptop and continued trying CONSISTENTLY — while a request attempted to load on one device, I would switch to another — until about 9:10am when, instead of a server error, I got a message that I was on Waitlist. I understand they had server problems – but instead of just “letting it ride”, they should have taken the site down until they were able to re-launch with equal access to all. I am less upset about missing out on the box that I am for suffering through a HORRIBLE August box to have the opportunity to upgrade and wasting more than 3 hours of my time!!

    • I had the same darn issue and im pissed!!! Only i never got a waitlist email or nothin. Just that stupid error!! I was signed in and ready mad early too!! And it was almost 6:15 by the time they sent the email!! So not right!!!!!

    • They weren’t expecting the site to crash because of overload though. Joe released a video on IG explaining what happened and he’s more disappointed than anyone about the way it all went down. I tried for Lux too and no dice this go around but it is what it is. It’s a steal of a deal for full sized products that are actually good quality I don’t think there’s much room for complaining when the boxes are valued over $100 every month and we get them for $20-$30 depending on where you’re from.
      I really enjoyed the August box personally. It was a nice change up and is giving me the opportunity to play around with products/colours I wouldn’t normally pick for myself. Isn’t that kinda the point anyways?

      • What did he say actually happened? I dont have Instagram

        • The message was on fb too.

    • Yeah I know how you feel. I heard to talk to customer service that they would help. Yeah right. Didn’t email me back til 5 saying sorry… but I’m done I’m canceling.. bc of rude customer service and wasting money, couldn’t use anything last 2 months.

    • I was waitlisted at 9:23. Later I got an email I was upgraded. Maybe you did to?

      • No, I got an e-mail on Monday saying they were trying to upgrade as “many as possible” but there was no “way to know where you are in the waiting list”(?????) Seems odd to me — they also said if I didn’t get upgraded (hasn’t happened yet), “they are working on getting as many as possible people off the waitlist for the December box. Didn’t Joe say they would be able to accommodate ALL for the December BoxyLuxe? Seems like more backpedaling – like I said, I continue to be disappointed at how unforeseen circumstances were handled and CONTINUE to be handled.

  9. Please, Boxycharm! No more concealer lips!!!!!

    • Agree. So sick of nudes I could scream.

    • 🤣😂😆Lol! That’s exactly what I call them too!🤣😂😆

  10. I would love this box, but I rarely get box number 1.

    • This box might not be #1. I hope it is, because I ALWAYS get #1 (and it’s usually my least favorite). Sometimes the first variation posted ends up being #2 or 3. Sometimes #1 isn’t posted until the last minute,

      So don’t lose hope yet! I really don’t think this is version #1 because imho, it’s usually the worst one, and this version looks great.

  11. Does anyone know if there are variations on the colors we’d be receiving for the LG blush or the girlatick duo? I have the blush the spoilers have been showing, so I’m hoping for the Moonlight duo, but if there were variations on the LG blush I’d be much happier with my chances.

  12. So happy I cancelled sub. Last straw was trying to get luxe upgrade and website crashed. Happened with the limited addition box also. Why did they send out emails saying we qualified for the upgrade if we wanted to accept but then expect us to go on their website when all it did was crash? they should have sent out a limited quantity for the upgrade and only they would have received it instead of the mess on 9/1 Very disappointing

  13. I’d love to swap for the palette!

    • I’ll swap with you or sell you mine! 🙂

      • Do you have a swap profile? Mines under Michelle with a pic of my black kitty, and I am one of only a few listings for the entire August box. That’s how you can find me!

        • I don’t 🙁 I usually do PayPal.

  14. Woof. I’m hoping I get some of the other variants or at least a different Lorac lip color. I love all of these brands but I would never reach for any of these in the store. A pizza roller eyeliner? Why Butter London, whyyyyy? They have so many great products and this is the one that they put in Boxy? It’s like this box is full of each brand’s least popular products.

    Also I’m still disappointed that I’m not getting the Tarte palette – that’s the only reason I signed up for Boxy in the first place.

    • Did you see Instagram today? The founder is celebrating with a huge cake on Million subs. He doesn’t care about the people who have followed him for years and didn’t get a luxe box. Shhhmmmm
      I canceled my waitlist too and cancelled my monthly sub. I’m done.

    • The Tarte pallet was only for BixyLuxe upgrade. The Pretty Vulgar pallet was for the regular Boxycharm subscription

    • Really? I was excited about the roller eyeliner because it’s new and a cool delivery system that you don’t see everywhere.

  15. I took myself off the waitlist for Luxe. I’m perfectly happy with the regular box this month. I’ll wait for spoilers for the next Luxe box to decide whether to go for it, but it would be a real shame if they can’t get their act together in 3 months to allow people who want it to actually buy it, as if they’re doing us a favor.

    • They had plenty of time to get their act today after the LE box disaster of nearly a year ago and it didn’t happen. So I’m not confident that December will be any better. I’m waitlisted for Luxe in December (whatever thst actually means because they’ve contradicted themselves about whether or not being on the waitlist guaranteed the next box) and I figure they will release spoilers in time to cancel Luxe if I don’t like what I see. So you might want to get back on the waitlist (very easy to do NOW.). I seriously doubt trying to upgrade on the day it goes live will be any better in 3 months.

  16. I’m still upset for getting waitlisted for BoxyLuxe after waisting 5 hours trying to upgrade on the early morning of Sept. 1st and all due to BoxyCharm’s Mess up. Not Cool at all. So I could care less what’s in my BoxyCharm Box this month.

    • I was super disappointed too. It didn’t work, and then I was able to get to the “confirm subscription” link several times and it would crash when I clicked “confirm.” I was there AT 9am, it was super frustrating. They did say that they’re working on getting as many people off the waitlist for December Luxe

      • I couldn’t even get waitlisted.

      • The same exact thing happened to me from 9:00 until half past noon. It would let me get all the way to the last step and would time out w/the error message.

        What I don’t get is that if you read the email we got it says, “you have secured a spot for the December box.” To me that sounds like we’ll get it but their customer service is saying what you said in your comment. I mean, they are a 10 million dollar company. Isn’t 3 months long enough to add to your inventory or whatever to make sure faithful subscribers aren’t screwed over AGAIN? I’ve tried to ask them to clarify but they won’t respond,

    • This same thing happened to me!! I signed up for the emails literally weeks ago, tried to sign up as early as possible, and their freaking website couldn’t handle the traffic. Y’all knew this would be popular, why wasn’t the website prepped?

      • agreed!

    • Same!!!

    • Agreed!

  17. Not overly thrilled by the palette, I do like Pretty Vulgar, but already have so many with the same colors..will probably trade/sell mine! Same with Blush ..eek..I just don’t wear blush..another trade/sell item. Still Love my Boxycharm , just hoping for more months of goodness! I have never heard of that eyeliner, looks like something I need to if anyone gets one and they want to trade/sell! I am so hoping for Hank and Henry, I have heard wonderful things, but don’t have any of his products! Was hoping for more skin care items, fall/winter coming skin craves more moisturizing!

    If anyone is new and wants to sign up..I have a referral link that gets us both moisturizer! I am dying to try this moisturizer by IT cosmetics! I am becoming an IT girl..I love their CC cream and their eyebrow pencil!

    Have a lovely day Beauties!

    • Same with blush – def not a fan.

      • I have soooo many blushes I am trying to get rid of..I wish you could say to not send them to me! Maybe I could donate them to a Clown College if no one buys them..haha!

  18. I am getting the lux box so won’t get that eyeliner. I really want it though so if anyone wants to sell or trade theirs, let me know!

    • Definitely don’t want mine! If you want to we can keep in touch!

      • Cool I’m at lmbeyer94 at gmail I don’t have an instagram 🙂

  19. Well I’m excited for this box for the Laura Geller alone, I’m praying that’s what I get!! It’s my favorite blush, I like the brushes and like the palette. I like this variation.

  20. I already have a pizza roller eyeliner , it is a drugstore brand though and idk if i want another one.

  21. I cant wait. I like this box. Im over the whole luxe drama.

    • Me 2!

  22. omgosh sorry for the dup posting!

  23. how do you know if you get box 1?

    • When you open it.

  24. how do you know i you have box 1?

    • We don’t know for sure Hanna but we have fun trying to guess! Anyway, there’s a number on the back of the card that comes inside the box every month. That’s the box’s number.

      • THANK YOU!! ps— can you be addicted to this site? I think I am:)

  25. 100% fail. Again. Boxy is on my chopping block.

    • This box is more of the same crap we keep getting (cheap palette, cheap blush, cheap mascara and cheap lippie). I’ve only been pleasantly surprised a few times. I want to cancel but my daughter likes the palettes. UGH!

      • That’s not a cheap palette. Pretty Vulgar is sold in Sephora and is pricey. Their stuff is great. I don’t think you know your makeup brands

      • My favorite subscription was Le Metier de Beaute…but I think it has stopped. Everything was so luxurious! I’m going to miss it.

      • And that LG blush is $28 and amazingly good. I got it in another box last year in a smaller size and I love it.

        • Good to know, since that was the variation I was least sure about getting since it was the one brand I wasn’t familiar with. I mostly wear Tarte blushes in a more neutral range, so if I get the LG blush it should be something a little different from what I have. And I could probably always use it as an eyeshadow or lip highlight if it ends up being too pink for me.

      • The palette isn’t cheap. Lorac is a good brand. Butter London is a good brand. Laura Gellar is a good brand. These products aren’t cheap. Subscribe to ipsy instead lol

      • Lippie isn’t cheap too. Why you so negative? This box is nice especially for that price

      • Butter London is good quality, too – not a cheap, no-name brand. Really puzzled by this comment.

      • Pretty Vulgar Nightingale is a very nice palette. I’ve tested it in Sephora and I bought it, full price, for a friend. The pigmentation is good and I like how it coordinates. I especially love the eye brightening top colors. I’d love another one for myself so I am probably going to get this box (even though really I have all the palettes I could ever need…)

      • Hmm it’s a steal at $21 and Laura Geller is not drug store cheap makeup the blush is beautiful I own a few it sells fur $28 is beautiful baked with several colors pinks golds bronze pearls I wouldn’t mind another the pallet is also not a drug store cheapy the lippies are also considered prestige I have Lorac awas bout 12 of them they Are$18 each there’s nothing in the box that is sold at drug stores it’s a nice box I was lucky enough to get in on the Luxe Box so stay on the waitlist til your upgraded this way you will automatically be billed in December for the next Luxe Box

      • Yeah, Laura Gellar has worked with celebrities and her make up is baked in Italy. She is not cheap, and the other brands aren’t either. Where did you get that from? The palette is from the cheapest brand in my opinion but better than a no name palette.

    • I have same feeling about BoxyCharm & BoxyLuxe. Waitlisted for BoxyLuxe because of BoxyCharm’s mess up is Unacceptable. BoxyCharm Boxes just aren’t as good as they used to be.

  26. I cancelled after 3 months. My August box is still intact, it was horrible. Now after I cancel, this box looks good!

  27. Hope that I get that eyeliner! I’ve been wanting to try the pizza roller for awhile!

    • Me too!

    • I got a revlon “pizza roller” (revlon calls it a wheel) and I really like it!

      • Haha roller does sound a lot better than pizza roller to me when talking about eyeliner.

  28. Good box, especially after previous disaster box. Can’t wait to get mine (+luxe box as well)

    • You don’t get both unless you have two accounts.

      • I’ll get both! Maybe not liner but I don’t count that since I don’t use that. All other stuff will be in my boxyluxe box

        • Boxyluxe does not have all these items.

          • Boxyluxe have regular box + additional “extra” items.

          • No it doesn’t. They have announced many times it only has 4 of the regular items and the full spoilers are already out. I personally don’t like that I think they should include the full regular box in the luxe, but they currently do not.

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