BoxyCharm September 2018 SPOILERS – Full Product List

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We have the confirmed full spoilers for the September Boxycharm box! (Thanks Savi!)

Here are all the items that could be included in your September Boxycharm:

Box Variation #1 will include:

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the September box will be your first box!

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. I just got my box and I got varient #1 and I’m so pleased. My blush is in Tropical Hues and my Lorac lippie is in orchid. I love the pallet and brushes!

  2. Just received my luxe box in the mail today! This is the earliest I have ever gotten my box and it was via fedex which was different.
    I received the Laura Geller blush, a violet Voss liquid lip in the color tryst (pink color), coconut smashbox primer, and the juice beauty moisturizer! I’m super happy with all these products

  3. My box just appeared today, I never even got a shipping email or anything. I got Laura Geller blush, I was praying for this!! I love their blush, it’s my favorite!! I got the Hank & Henry Liquid Lipstick, it’s a gorgeous shade; but not super matte. I got the Butter roll on eyeliner which I’m a little excited to try. I’m happy with this box, it’s very usable to me.

    • What shade is the Hank and Henry?

      • The shade is “Petal Pusher” and it is my favorite thing in the box! I have at least 30 different lip products between all my sub boxes and the last MAC Mystery haul, so I don’t usually get too excited about them, but Wow, the color, the lasting power, the smell, and the packaging all blew me away! I have been wearing it since I received it on Thursday. Lasts just as well as my Kat Von D and not quite as matte. It even has a bit of a shimmer. I LOVE it!

    • im getting the grlactik(wanted!), but that must mean im NOT getting the hank & henry 🙁 my boxes usually arrive saturdays, hope that its here tomorrow and not late next wk… i havent received any tracking info. i figured there was no tracking email bc BC is so backed up from BL promo/release.

    • Nice! I cancelled on the 31st and now have FOMO.

  4. Well, that’s funny! FedEx just delivered my Boxycharm! First of all, fedex instead of usps…and I hadn’t gotten a “your box has shipped” email. Plus I always get mine late in the month!

    Anyway, I am happy to have variation 2 which is the Laura Geller blush, stroke of Wow roll-on eyeliner, and Hank & Henry lip in Petal Pusher. Amazingly, the variations I was hoping for. And I almost always get box variation 1.

    • What variation number is on your card? I usually get 1, but sometimes will receive #2.

      • That’s why I mentioned it. I almost always get box 1, but this time it’s 2 according to the card. The only other time I didn’t get 1 was that time with all the colourpop variations.

    • My box as well and I am so happy! I needed a replacement blush for my Hourglass and the Laura Geller fits the bill!

  5. I’m getting the LG if someone wants to trade for the girlactick

    • I would! Do you know what color. I got the Laura Geller in Tropical Hues. I’m on the swap site

      • I didn’t know that there was anything called a swap site. Can you please tell me about it.

      • Hi! I haven’t received my box yet

  6. I’m a little bummed I’m getting the baked blush— I already have a small one from ispy I never used much of. But, hoping I get that eyeshadow primer because I just ran out and was wondering if I should buy the same stuff or try something new— perfect timing, I hope! As for the lipstick, I saw on IG they swatched this pretty Hank and Henry one and it was kind of a berry color. Fingers crossed for that one. :B

    • I don’t know what kind of eyeshadow primer you’ve been using, but I’ve been using the original Urban Decay ES primer it’s really great. It’s expensive, but you only need a very small amount of product.

    • Hey Chrissy 😊 I have never used this eyeshadow primer, and I got it, haven’t touched it because I watched a video on it and it doesn’t seem right for me. Typically I use white concealer.
      Anyway, if you get either eyeliner or just about ANY lipstick besides the GRANDE, I’m open to considering one of those instead of the eyeliner, or even something else. Please do let me know at Yahoo, capitals don’t matterit’s my name without spaces:

      Gemma Di Marco

      Thanks either way!

  7. Yay, I am getting the blush! Sure I don’t always get what I want, but for $21 a month if I only get one thing I want it’s worth it. I give my family , friends and kids the things I don’t use…I love boxycharm! Can’t please all the people all the time.

  8. I am getting the Laura Geller blush. Anyone wondering if BL is giving sneak peak, I got in with Boxyluxe and I got the email for the blush. I would love to trade for the girlactik duo if anyone wants to swap I’m on the swap page!

    • Im also getting the laura geller blush. I never tried her products before. Hopefully it works very well. Im excited to try something new.

      • Same here so I am super excited!!!

  9. I’m getting the girlactik skin-glow-duo hope it will be good

    • Me too. I don’t have anything in those colors, I’m excited to try them on.

    • me too and it is what I wanted

  10. don’t think I’m going to like the blush much ( tropic hues) would anyone with the highlighter be willing to trade? And what color are you getting 🙂

  11. I’m getting the Laura Geller Baked Blush in Tropic Hues and was hoping for the other. Anyone interested in trading? I’m at grs357 at yahoo dot com.

  12. I’m getting the Laura Geller blush and would love to trade for the Girlaktic. I’m active on MSA’s swap site and have 100% feedback. (I can link to my profile when I’m back on my regular computer.)

  13. My response to this mornings spoiler email: ow do you always manage to give me EVERY variant that I DONT want? It’s happened every single time since I subscribed. I mean it defies the odds that EVERY variant would be the one I absolutely have no use for! Shouldn’t I get the one I wAnt 50% of the time or do you guys truly have little elves secretly working to screw me out of the Lux box and ensure I hate every variant item I ever get but tease me with ones I really do want so that I keep spending my money every month on boxes that I mostly give away? If so your business plan is brilliant if not I’ll just take it as proof I’m truly cursed.

    • Same! 🙁

    • I feel the same way, I get 2 boxes. One I tried to upgrade that I have had for over 3 years, and one I created recently so I could still get all the regular items since Luxe wouldn’t have all five. Plus I was desperately hoping to get something other than variation #1 which I have been getting 99% of the time I have been subscribed, Of course I wasn’t able to upgrade and now I have previewed both boxes and they’re likely going to both be exactly the same, both #1. So I am getting 2 LG blushes when I really wanted to try the Girlactik. I feel like I get the worst variations every time. I think variation #1 is the most common one, the one that has the biggest and oldest brands because they can probably get the best deal and the most inventory from them. I get that but why not give everyone to try the newer stuff frim the newer brsnds? Just rotate who gets what variation. So now with a second box I am getting double the products I will get rid of. I know the LG blush is a good product but it’s been around forever and I really wanted to try something new. I’m definitely canceling the 2nd box now, and if I don’t get the Luxe box in December I will cancel completely.

    • This is me 100%!! Screwed out of the luxe box, and I always get the one variant I don’t want! This time I am getting the blush in the only shade I already own! Maybe it’s time to call it quits…I renew in December

      • I made the hard choice to quit Boxy Charm have not been to impressed with the lasxt few boxes just subbed to get BoxyLuxe and then didn’t get I sent them message why.
        I also stated in email to Boxy that I personally think that those who got Luxe in Sept shouldn’t get a Dec.1 and it should be rotated until they get their sub together .I get life isn’t fair but I am guessing they had 2,000 boxes for a million people good luck ever getting Boxy Luxe

    • That’s funny. I’m okay with the LG but I don’t want more eye liner but I’m guessing I’ll get it. Also didn’t get the luxe box either, I don’t care anymore but still annoyed with the hype and the roll out. I like Boxy for the value but lately it’s been half the box I don’t want. At some point the value will no longer outweigh the disappointment.

      • Funny for me too! I got a sneak peek email today for my Boxyluxe and it contained the girlaktic duo BUT I was hoping for that LG blush, cannot win!

        • Selina, I have the LG blush and I don’t even WEAR blush! It is untouched and it would be amazing if you’d trade with me! My daughter wanted the Girlactik and it didn’t come in EITHER of our boxes 😕 You can find me at Gemma Di Marco at Y a h o o. Spaces and capitals don’t matter (just trying to avoid
          b o t s; my address is my name!). Thanks for the consideration!

      • Hey Darlin’! I would so LOVE to trade with you for something you may want if you get an eyeliner, either one! I have 2 BoxyCharms, I also get Glossybox, ipsy, Yogi Surprise and a couple others, so I have a treasure of new, untouched makeup!
        Let me know please! Yahoo is where you can find me, no spaces and caps don’t matter, it’s my name: Gemma Di Marco


        • The one not addressed to anyone about eyeliner was for KristenKay, apologies! Wish we could edit!
          It’s 3am and my third night of insomnia. Anyone else
          Have Trigeminal Neuralgia Migraines and Cluster Headaches? Life just comes to a HALT. 😕

    • Lol same 😂😂😂😂😂 OMGOOOOOODNESSSSSS chica we are cursed!! 🤷‍♀😩🧟‍♀👻😉

  14. Just got my sneak peak, I’m getting the blush but would love the duo instead. Would anyone like to trade?

    • Do you know if there sending the sneak peeks for BL too?

      • There’s a full spoiler for BoxyLuxe n this site.

        I decided against getting it because I really didn’t want any of it.

      • They are Tanya.

  15. I’m getting the Laura gellar blush. Finally I got something I actually wanted. LOL…

  16. I’ll trade! Email me at randeesinbox at gmail

    • Emailed you

  17. I’m getting the Laura Geller blush in Tropic Hues, which I already own. Would really like the girlaktic duo. If anyone wants to trade, please email me at randeesinbox at gmail. Thanks!

    • Randee,

      How do you like the Laura Geller blush? It looks so pretty in the pictures!

    • I love LG blush, but I already have this shade, Tropical Hues 🙁 I can’t believe that I’m getting the exact same shade that I bought last year! If it had just been a different shade, I’d be thrilled.

  18. I’m getting the girlatik if anyone wants to trade for the Laura gellar blush.

    • I’ll trade! Email me at randeesinbox at gmail

    • I do! what’s your email?

    • I’m getting the blush, I would like the duo. Want to set up a trade?

  19. I’m getting the blush. It’s pretty, but I was hoping for the Girlactik. May try to swap it. I have a lot of blush already… Just hoping I don’t get another brown lip product.

    • Let’s trade😊 What’s your email and if your interested we can set up a swap👍

    • I am on blush overload thanks to boxy… I got a lot of weird shades too!

      i’m hoping the tropic hues is a wearable shade. I wanted the girlaktik or at least the blush in a peach shade. I have no idea what shade is “tropic hue” lol.

      One time BC sent me a BROWN ofra “blush”… needless to say, it makes great eyeshadow. lol. Not sure what to do with the neon pink blushes that they sent me… Hm. I don’t really wear much neon pink anywhere.

  20. I’m getting the Girilak if anyone wants to trade me for the Laura blush then please leave me your email and we can set it up❤️😊

    • Hi Jennifer, drop me a line at lmbeyer94 at gmail. Cheers!

      • Tried but that email didn’t work?

    • I will. Another Jennifer here I’m getting geller want gikacktik

    • Jennifer, if you were not able to make a trade of your Girlacktik for the LG blush yet, I have the blush, untouched! Yahoo is where you can find me! The e mail is my name, no spaces
      Gemma DiMarco
      My daughter would be thrilled! We each get a box 😊 Thanks!

  21. I’m done with Boxycharm! Time for a change😊❤️ I haven’t used anything I’ve gotten except a few skin care items and brushes! I always get the products I want least when there is a variation and the whole luxe thing made me so mad! I was on before the upgrade option was even there and tried for hours then got waitlist?? Any suggestions on another box in this price range to try???

    • Jennifer,

      Glossybox is also $21 a month, but I think it’s more skincare heavy. Hope this helps!

      • I would not suggest Glossy Box. Ever since they were bought out their entire system and everything went down the drain. Missing boxes. Awful customer service. Just terrible all around. Plus a lot of drug store stuff all of a sudden.

        • Oh no! I had no idea! I didn’t even know they were bought out. I was wondering why I hadn’t heard much about Glossybox lately. I have never subbed to them so I wasn’t aware. Thanks for the heads up!

    • Hmmm… you could sign up for Ipsy and then their new Plus bag but you will end up on a waiting list there too for the upgrade. A lot of people seem happy with Beauty Fix lately but it is mostly skincare. Allure has some neat stuff too and it’s only 14/15.

    • Ipsy glam plus bag its gonna be $25 . And if you like skin care beauty fix its fantastic this month we are getting dr brand microderbaration a $79 value . I’m my opinion it’s one of the best ones out there . I canceled boxy charm . It was a waste of money ugly colors , made in China cheap products plus they mock their costumers with the boxy luxe fiasco .

    • Yes Oh Yas and Lola Beauty Box are beauty subscriptions. Both are good.

  22. I’m getting the Laura Geller in Tropic Hues. Looks really pretty, so can’t wait!

    • Me too. So pretty! I have been wanting to try that blush. With the palette, brushes, and the blush I am a happy camper. I don’t even care what else I get.

  23. I just got a “sneak peek” and learned that I’m getting the Laura Geller product. If that means I’m getting the box with the roll-on eyeliner, I’ll be so, so happy! I’ve been dying to try something new like that! Fingers crossed!!

  24. I got the spoiler email, and I’m getting the Laura Geller. I already have it. Anyone care for a trade?

    • I am getting the girlalik highlighter, I would live to trade!

      • Hi Kristina, I’ll trade! I’m at lmbeyer 94 at gmail if that doesn’t work could you drop your email?

    • Yes please!! Send me your info and we can set it up! I wanted the Laura but am getting he giralak

  25. I deeply regret asking for a 1 year sub to this box as my birthday present, this March. I’ve been really unhappy with most of the items I’ve received. It’s not that they don’t have items that I would like to have, it’s that I never seem to get those items in my box.

  26. I have been starting to feel like most of the sub boxes just push overstocked items that nobody wants with a 1 or 2 gangster item to get everyone excited. I mean there’s gotta be a reason why ten diff boxes all have grande lip plumper. It sucks because they really know how to use psychology to mess with you and keep you holding out for better boxes. Like if I cancel then I know every freaking box will have the norvina palette next month!

    • I agree with you 100%. And I’m starting to feel like a sucker. Lol.

  27. I am finding that I’m not using many of the products from Boxycharm. I’ve been putting them in makeup lots and trying to sell them on eBay. The products this month look pretty good. The Pretty Vulgar palette looks nice, but I’ve got plenty of eye shadow brushes from past boxes. I’d love either of the Girlactik or Laura Geller products. I hope to get the Violet Voss liquid lipstick and the Luscious Angel Eyes eye shadow primer. I don’t need anymore eye liner!

  28. I cancelled. I’m not using a lot of the products I get in my boxes. I’m still getting this month. I subbed to Lola Beauty box I like the palette from IBY this month.

  29. Boxy Charm…. might win me back if they stop sending such awful lip colors! Brown, peachy brown, pinky brown…it looks like they are giving us what mfrs cannot sell. Same goes for blush! The bright pinks that very few can wear comfortably (Pretty Vulgar for examp) and overly bright wild colors of eye shadow. These all appear to be cast offs that don’t sell. These may be great for those who plan to sell them on eBay but for those looking for wearable makeup…not so much. If I could skip a month I would stay subscribed.

    • Mary, first let me say that when I first read “mfrs” I thought you meant something not very nice…it gave me a good laugh! LOL

      I totally agree that these items seem like things that do not sell. Many of the colors of the items they send are not wearable colors for many people. Just look at the Laura Lee Los Angeles palette from last month! I don’t know anyone personally who would buy that palette!!

    • I agree those ugly brown lip colors are awful!!! But in the 4 plus years I’ve had Boxycharm I have only twice gotten a fun wearable lip color and only once gotten eye shadows that were fun and bright, every other time it has been nude nude nude eyes, lips, and cheeks, I want all the fun bright stuff nobody else wants but I always get boring stuff….they hardly ever send out brights at all….I think I could count those on one hand.

  30. This is the first month in a long time that I’ve been happy with my box! I’m looking forward to getting it, no matter what variations I receive! Yay!

  31. It sucks that Hank & Henry was a brand spoiler for months to then find out it was a variation between Lorac & Violet Voss, BUT then after people are billed the Grande product is also released also also variation (pretty sure anyone with subscriptions has received that ) .
    Eye shadow primer would of been also any great product for everyone to receive with all the shadow we receive, so why not make that a brand variation instead of more eye liner.
    Variations have been insane lately !

  32. I cancelled. I’ve been subscribed o Boxycharm for 3 years. I really wanted the Boxyluxe and not being able to get it because of a Error and being waitlisted after 8 hours of trying all day just made me sick. The picture of the women getting her box taken away just upset me a lot. Am taking my money to another subscription. I realized it was all the hype and I really am not interested in Boxycharm anymore or at least for awhile. Also am really interested in Ipsy Glam Bag Plus. I know a lot of my friends cancelled their subscriptions. I wasn’t using 90% of the products in the box anyway.

  33. Hmmm just got a Tarte lifted sweat proof mascara from Boxycharm today. Anyone else? I have no idea what it’s for. Apology for not getting on the Luxe box list?

    • Probably the extra item for sending same thing as in the limited 3dition box from last year in monthly box. Becca Primer I think

      • Oh Marissa you’re right! I forgot all about it, but I did get an email promising that.

  34. Didn’t they say something about doing something for the people who had issues with the launch over the weekend and were put on the waitlist? Then I thought I read somewhere that they were sending those people an extra item? Mine has already shown up on the FedEx app so I’m guessing there’s no extra item in the box so soon.

    • Yes, he said they’d decide something in a couple days to help make it up to those of us who were on the interest list but didn’t get through… a couple days has passed though and I haven’t heard or seen anything.

      • Good, we saw the same Insta video. Too bad they disappear, we can’t call them on it if they don’t follow through.

  35. Hoping for either the Hank & Henry or Lorac. The Grande will be clear and I have a sample that I wasn’t impressed with. The Violet Voss looks like a pink and I DO NOT need another pink.

    I’m indifferent to the other eye products. Hate liquid liner and generally do not use primer.

    Not sure about the blush or highlighter combo. The only Laura Geller I’ve tried is from her Spackle line and that stuff is nasty.

    • LOL! I ordered Laura Geller’s Spackle probably almost twenty years ago from QVC, and I returned it so fast. You are right–it IS nasty! I can’t even describe what it felt like on my face. It was awful!

  36. I cancelled on Aug 30, I was torn over the boxylux. I really wasn’t sure if I liked the products that were sneak peeks and I was worried about it turning into some sort of fiasco like last time. I have been with Boxy for 2 years now, I have been faithful and never strayed (lol). However they started this variation stuff, which I hate. I always get the junk I don’t want. Then the box with the Laura Lee palette came out, that month there was not a single item in my box I could use. I was very disappointed, but I stayed with Boxy. Last month I got the variants I didn’t want again. Some very cheap lashes, I don’t even wear lashes. At this point I was teetering toward cancelling and saving my money. When spoilers started coming out for the September box and the Boxylux I made up my mind. I was over this relationship with Boxycharm, so I quit them. It was a nice run, but I want consistency in my life, I have decided to take my money from my beauty box obsessions and go back to buying what I want and need at Sephora, at least then I’m not left feeling deflated and I satisfied.

  37. Okay so the Boxycharm CEO explains to us that the Luxe box is $50 and that it supposedly contains items they could not put in the monthly box due to value… once the email invite is sent and the 11 products that we were told would be in the box are neatly arranged in a photo spoiler I noticed a serious problem. Over the past few months the Boxycharm monthly box has had some brands that I not only don’t recognize but some seem down right cheap. Some of the palettes gave me off-brand chalky bought it from some weird department resale store kind of vibes. Now when they released the Luxe box spoiler email ..the smashbox spray that was released as a spoiler prior to the email was missing. The luxe box looked in value very similar to a monthly box.. and to know the tarte palette was in a past box but this tarte palette was luxe made me start to think the value is going to plummet. The variations started with 1 to 2 variable items with the bulk of charmers receiving the same items (Why people leave ipsy for Boxycharm) and then they switch that up as we get through the year to 3-4 variable items with 1 item for all boxes… WOAH. I am a serious fan of Boxycharm and I can tell you I am absolutely disappointed. If they wanted to be more like fab fit fun ..they should have picked up on letting their customers choose the variable items they prefer. This box was so worth it 2 years ago … now I have a drawer full of giveaways that is just as full as my keeps. I don’t want to be mistook that I don’t like anything but brands because that is not the case. at. all. The fact is the box is losing value and is being filled with cheap products at marked up values or values that are not the product size that is included in the box. I will see how this month goes on spoilers but honestly really close to just canceling .. it makes me so sad… I’ve looked forward to this box every month for 2 years ..

    • I’m sorry for the people who signed up because they teased the Hank and Henry a couple of months ago, only for it to be a variation and in what we can guess is 25% of the boxes. That’s disingenuous to say the least. I’ve been loving Boxy, too, but I just can’t get behind some of this nonsense.

    • I’m sorry that you are bummed with the box. I am glad the website was jammed up when I tried to jump on my invite!! Wonder how Ipsy’s lux box is going to compare??!!

      • You can watch your Ipsy account for a chance to upgrade, if interested. I checked mine today and the option is not available yet. I, too am disappointed with the direction that Boxycharm has taken, I used to love it and got many to sign up. Unfortunately, just about the time my coworkers signed up is when the products started going downhill. I now have a full 10-ream paper box full of unopened items that won’t be used. 🙁

        • There are some FB you could try to sell in. Or EBay.

    • I’m not sure I would call most the brands included in the basic box ‘cheap.’ Pretty Vulgar is a nice brand (the disconnect between the name and the sweet vintage packaging aside, lol.) I’ve bought that same palette full price for a friend at Sephora, and ended up getting this box because it’s like getting the palette at discount plus a ton of freebies.

      A lot of boxes have to do variations – it makes sense as they may not be able to get large enough quantities from one supplier. The trade off is that these subs are generally cheaper than the subs that have set items. And as far as variations go, this month’s are pretty good. I’m more worried about getting shades I can’t use – but I generally pass on items I can’t wear to my sister.

    • I agree. I have been a subscriber for over 3 years and feel like they’re going downhill. I just don’t understand all the variants now. It really was not like that before. The Crown palette looked like very poor quality to me. When I opened it it looked like it might have been tested and there was loose shadow everywhere. It was also the first time I ever received a beauty product with an inspection sticker on the box. It seemed like bad stock they wanted to unload and justrefurbished. Honestly I was going to cancel until they announced BoxyLuxe, which of course I wasted four hours on but failed to get, If I actually can get the December one and it’s amazing I will stay. But if not I think I will leave Boxycharm altogether. And if I end up getting Ipsy Plus, I will likely go ahead and cancel sooner.

    • Omg, that is so true. If we could pick variations, we’d be much happier like FFF! I can’t wait for that box to come on Wednesday <3

      All we want is a right to choose what variation we get… Sometimes I love the brand, the product, but not the color… how am I to test I product i can't even wear?! I have discovered a few favorites but not much tbh. I discovered more faves and repurchases from the Sephora Play box that I cancelled. Boxycharm and FFF are the only boxes I sub to now. And idk for how much longer TBH…

  38. I’m ok with variations for September. Will be happy with every of them because they all kind a similar. I hated august because faux lashes isn’t similar to most people to becca primer or mascara, it’s just trash. All offers in Semptember looks tempting to me, so no matter what I’ll get

    • And the Becca, which I personally do like, was the travel size. Bummer. I never get the items in the spoilers I want. Thinking about canceling too.

      • Yes, I was bummed it was travel size. It was only 5 items, right? So should have all been full size? I guess I’m happy I got to try it though, and that I got it instead of lashes.

    • Agree – lashes vs. primer was a much more disparate variation than various brands of lipstick. I’m pretty excited for this box! I am hoping for the eyeshadow primer over the liner because I don’t usually wear liner, but I can always pass it on. The main item I want is the Nightingale Palette anyway, and that one is guaranteed. 🙂

  39. Hoping to get an eyeliner and the Hank & Henry. But just the palette and brush set alone are great.

  40. I think it looks like a pretty good box to me, I’m not a fan of all the variations but I’m not really disappointed with any of them. I’m praying for the Laura Geller blush, they’re my favorite, but I wouldn’t be mad about the highlighter. I’d love the Hank & Henry or Lorac lipsticks, and hoping for the eyeshadow primer cause I need more. But I wouldn’t be mad about a liquid eyeliner either.

  41. Think this will be my last boxycharm for awhile… I haven’t been thrilled with the last couple of boxes, and this box looks like it’s no different.
    I would love to see some different makeup tools or more skincare from them in the future so I don’t end up with 12 blushes and 6 versions of the same eyeshadow brush at the end of every year.
    Oh well!

  42. This box looks good to me and very usable. I wish they would either do the luxe only during these months so no one feels left out or do the monthly box totally different from the luxe so that you can purchase one or the other or both. I also wish you could skip and sign up for just luxe if you are on overload and want to do quarterly. Just my thoughts!

    • Good ideas! I’m excited for this box though. Really excited for the palette, either blush, excited for lippie except GrandeLips( I’m really sensitive to lip plumpers), I want the eyeshadow primer but that’s because I always use that. I don’t really use eyeliner and if I do I use brown and a pencil. Overall still a good box

  43. I cancelled 3 days ago but had already been charged for the September box. My understanding of the cancellation policy is that I still get Septembers box. Does anyone with experience know if that is right?

    • If you’re charged for Sept. You will get the Sept. Box.

  44. Ugh. Why can’t I quit you, Boxycharm? I re-subbed after cancelling 2 days ago. My willpower is indirectly proportional to how frequently I check MSA.

    • I completely agree! If I could manage to not check MSA everyday I would likely spend a lottttt less on subs!!

      • I agree, my iPad has MSA as its home page. I’m hooked

      • Me too! I spend more time on this site than any other, including Facebook. And if definitely spend way more than I should because of it, But it’s so much fun and there are certainly much more destructive habits to have! 😄

    • I really need somebody to block this site for me, at least temporarily.

  45. Honestly, I’ve been a big fan of Boxycharm, and I didn’t have any issues signing up for Luxe. But this whole variation thing is really starting to annoy me. If they have too many subs vs how many products they have, I feel like they need to get more products, or stop showing spoilers as guaranteed items, and have it be random like Ipsy.

    First it was Violet Voss OR Hank and Henry OR Lorac. Now they’ve added a fourth variation that is arguably less sought after. Not even mentioning the Hank and Henry guarantee for months and the first product is a variation.

    Now the 5th item I won’t even be getting my Luxe, but it’s an eye primer and two eyeliners. Those aren’t even the same products.

    Last month the price variation in one of the variants (Becca primers vs HOL lashes) was DOUBLE. Those primers retail for $18 and the HOL pair I got is a $9 retail. I think the Tarte mascara was $21.

    I guess I’m just complaining to air, I haven’t cancelled Boxy and I’m excited for this Luxe box. But the 2 spoilers for October aren’t doing much for me already so I may pause for a few months after this.

    • I’m with you, 100%. The variations are getting ridiculous. I was really hoping for one of the Becca primers last month, and got lashes again.

      It feels like they’re just pushing overstocked product when there are SO many variations. Especially when there are not only varying products, but varying colors of those products. Meh.

      • I am on board with not loving the variations… I’ve been with Boxycharm for some time now and it honestly seems like the brands are getting worse and now we have crazy variations and which means most of the time i’m not getting products I want. My giveaways are starting to look like the same amount as what I keep … honestly started looking at Ipsy plus bc I was afraid after seeing boxyluxe (NOT IMPRESSED) I started to think the monthly box is going to suffer more… UUHG!

    • I feel exactly the same as well. Not a fan of the variations especially the amount and inequality of them. This will be my last month with Boxycharm as the October spoilers do absolutely nothing for me and I found myself wishing I had cancelled for the last two boxes.

    • I tried to sign up for luxe on the day they said and did not get the option. I got it a day later and then was put on waitlist. GRRRRR customer service was no help. I really didn;t want to have to wait til Dec., wanted to do it only 1x for the JUICE Beauty item

      • If you are willing to send me pre-stamped envelope I can send you brand new, never touched Juice Beauty Stem Cellular moisturizer. For free. I got it few months ago from BeautyFix for. I have no use for it.

        • Barbara, if you don’t get a reply from Diann, and would be willing to extend that offer to me, I would SO LOVE to receive the Juice Beauty Cream! Had an issue with Beauty Fix and didn’t get the cream.
          I can’t afford that line, and was sad when I saw that they didn’t put that in my box that month. When I contacted them, instead of sending me the product, they calculated the value of that item based on the price paid for ALL ITEMS in the box, leaving me with a credit for under $3. I was NOT pleased.

          Please let me know, and thanks for being so generous, either way!
          Gemma DiMarco
          @ y a h o o . com
          (don’t put any spaces).
          Bless! Gemma

    • Personally I love Grande Lips – I know they aren’t ones everyone likes, though. I’ve loved both the ones I’ve gotten in subs prior to this. They are one of the few liquid lips (basically only Grande and some Tarte liquid lips) that actually a transfer-free on me but don’t dry out my lips.

      I’ll probably skip October too, though. I don’t need another mascara and I have so many palettes already. I’m only getting the September box since the Nightingale Palette is on my wishlist already.

  46. I suppose my ideal box would have girlactic, either Lorac or violet Voss, and the primer.

    • I got Lorac in my box. If you get Hank and Henry, please let me know if you’d like to trade with me 🙂

  47. Fingers crossed for Hank and Henry or Violet Voss! I missed out on the pretty Smashbox colors 🙁 **Thinking positive for pretty purple!***

  48. Thanks for showing all of products for this month. Hopefully they make this available to you every month. This is great knowing what to expect 🤗!

  49. I dont’ suppose there is a way to find out what we get before our box comes?

    • Not reliably. There is a little number in the bottom corner of the product card with a number. Most people that get box “1” usually get box 1 every month. So if you can find spoilers that show what number is on the card and you know you typically get a certain number box you might be able to guess that way. But note that when MSA posts they number by the release of the spoilers — so “variation 1” does not necessarily correlate with box 1. Also, for the past few months Boxycharm has been emailing some people with the option to see a sneak peak of one of their items ahead of time. That would at least give you an answer for one of the variations…

      • I received Box 2 for my entire sub (2 years). Then two months ago I received Box 1. Then last month I received Box 5 (didn’t even know the numbers went up that high). So now I just wait and see. Very odd.

        • but now with so many items, even if you know WHAT you are getting you still never know what color it will be . i just gave up trying to figure it out and wait till i open my box. that way i don’t get my hopes up for a pretty color and get a crappy one…sigh…

          • Exactly. I know I’ll get a lip product this month but I’m not hoping for any specific brand or color. It’ll be a surprise.

  50. I think as long as I don’t get red lipstick I will be happy with my box. I’d love the Galatic and the eyeshadow primer.

    • That is funny, I wear pretty much red lipstick everyday and all I want is a red lipstick… hoping that boxy has a heart after last month sending me an awful brown lipstick.

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